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14:28:12 -Zero | Daylight. Virtual or not it was still a bother for the eyes and daunting for those who preferred dungeon raiding at night. One of those Players was Zero, who could be found sat outside one of the many little cafes of the city and slurping down ruthlessly on a mug of some warm liquid substance. Coffee? Hot Chocolate? Nourishment. His sleeves were rolled up, cloak open and the hood attached was turned inside out while bouncing with ever gulp. Zero wasn't often seen with friends or even a party. Some told him it was stupid while others told him that was no way to survive in Bastion. Zero survived, proving the odds wrong and venturing forward with the Rifle that hung on the strap on the chair. Currency taken from his savings, the male stood and flinged the strap attached to the weapon over his head to cross his torso. "Sorry… S'cuse me… My bad." A low tone muttered to the players that he walked past that brushed past him, a shoulder here and an 'accidental' barge there. <C>
14:28:15 -Zero While he was one for being active at night, Zero found himself sleeping like a normal person and had woken up to the morning sun with nothing to do but wait. Wait for another job to pop up, for the Adventurer's guild to return an- "Hmmm?" Train of thought cut off when he saw the group being dispersed by the well-known Starlin. His neutral face was met with a light knit between the brows and head turning to a merchant nearby at his stall selling off some sort of exotic treats. Destination in mind, Zero kept the Colonel in his peripherals as he moved to speak to the girl and an ear open for gossip even among the streets of the virtual city. |
14:34:52 [Yukio] ~~ The alone time she had was soothing to the girl - quite happy for the moment to go through her skill list, check the item list for things she could sell, and more important, her status screen; all the while she was slowly devouring the bread she'd brought before coming to this bench. In the distance however, she'd noticed the large group emerge from the portal, and judging from the emblem that was imprinted upon their attire - she knew exactly where from. Though she said nothing as the large group dispersed and went their seperate ways. Returning her gaze towards the holographic screen, she went to pull another piece of bread from the small amount remaining - until however she was interrupted.. Her right hand rose; pressing a finger lightly against the cross symbol in the top left of the inventory screen to close it, and then set the same hand upon her lap.. New face? Sure for him maybe " It's because I'm not new.. I tend to stay away from large groups… " She responded before turning »
14:35:59 Ketchum enters this room
14:36:00 >[Ketchum] Welcome to the Keep. Please try to be pleasant and polite. Forum. Also, beta-testing for Fallen Citadel here.
14:36:55 [Starlin] 'Lo~
14:37:21 Ketchum tilts cap in greeting
14:37:31 [Yukio] « her head letwards and discarding the rest of the bread within the bin at her side. She'd noticed the other - who was staring at the male beside her " Can I, help you with something? " She questioned; returning her attention upon him now with a bored countenance on her face.. It was one thing to deal with small, unimportant groups - but another thing to deal with a guild.. It's not that she didn't like guilds.. She just… Okay so she didn't much care for guilds either, despite having been in some during other games she had played.. Still.. She waited for his response to her question, and depending on what he asked; would depend on her answer ~~
14:38:50 -Zero Points to Ketchum. "You're friggin' awesome." Returns to his tea
14:41:00 [Ketchum] (hope this works, obvious references, but tried to keep the mmo theme, and costume overlay = pokemon trainer so can change)
14:43:34 [Yukio] Ketchum has a new admirer xD ))
14:43:54 [Ketchum] (hehe)
14:43:56 Yukio carves Zero ♥ Ketchum in a tree somewhere ))
14:44:12 -Zero Slinks away from the group, tea included and red faced
14:45:31 Starlin : “You do? My mistake then” he said with a shrug. Starlin wasn't afraid to make himself look like an idiot. That was part of his deal. He got to where he was because of his bravery, which bordered on pure stupidity. Not necessarily the best combination for an Operative, but he lasted this long, didn't he? He had quite a reputation, but he didn't really seem to care about it. Starlin did what he wanted to do and things just came along with it. Known to many as 'One of those suicidal idiots' who actually wanted to go into the Wilderness and Beyond. “How much you know about what lurks out there in the Wilderness?” he asked. “Before Humans can move forward… we have to take out a series of nests out there. Which means I'm going to need allies of all sorts. Not just the Guilds but every player that wants out of this game…”
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14:47:01 -Zero Types
14:47:15 [Ketchum] (Stalin isnt around to approve tho right?)
14:47:27 [Starlin] Reading you right now lol
14:47:38 [Yukio] Oh my! ))
14:47:49 ~Lilith~ exits from this room
14:47:59 [Ketchum] Starlin*
14:48:13 Yukio carves Starlin's name under Zero's, on the same tree.. Figures she is gonna add to that list ))
14:48:30 [Starlin] I have to read a profile to approve, Yukio >O
14:48:44 [Yukio] I know that xD ))
14:50:05 [Ketchum] lol
14:50:17 [Starlin] Looks good, Ketchum. Just need to put what guild you're affiliated with, if any
14:50:43 [Ketchum] hmm, i'll start unaffiliated, tbh… just wanna be where the rp is at
14:51:12 [Ketchum] so as people goto one guild or another, i'll move there.. tho, i guess merchant might be best
14:51:42 [Ketchum] so where you all at?
14:52:14 Yukio is on a bench - bein proposition for a suicide run xD ))
14:52:53 [Starlin] Won't be suicide if everyone works together >O
14:52:59 [Ketchum] just put me in Merchant Guild Starlin.. since i got crafts
14:53:12 [Ketchum] most my buffs/debuffs are all item based
14:53:26 [Yukio] I'll need some equips xD ))
14:53:48 [Ketchum] cool
14:54:50 [Starlin] Just an affiliate or do you want to be one of the Council members?
14:55:14 [Ketchum] hmm, doubt she'd wanna lead, plus she has crappy starter stuff, so not yet
14:55:37 Yukio isn't the only one with starter stuff. Yey's ))
14:57:34 -Zero Continued his walk over to the cart, not making much of an effort to turn his head and only doing so when spoken to. Zero hadn't been staring such as the tone implied, sure his eyes flickered somewhat to keep them in sight but not as directly and he was playing eavesdrop on their conversation… But he wasn't that stupid. "You?" Eyes took a brief glance of the female's face and imbedded such image in his head. "You can't help me with anything but thanks for the offer." Zero responded sharply, almost defensive but the lack of care clear on his face. He was set to turn his attention to the merchant until Starlin's question caught his attention and he edged close but still at a distance from the two. "Those nests you're talking about vary depending on the path you take, getting beyond the Wilderness can be as easy and as safe as the path you chose to take." This was to Starlin, who's wits weren't sharp enough to catch Zero and his curiousness. <C>
14:57:38 -Zero "Not only that but it's a matter of picking the path that'll be worth to grinding levels, players have been working hard and weeding out the good farming spots." A know it all by tone but being observant and knowing your playing strategy was valuable in a party. After all, Stats play in your favour regardless of 'willpower' and all that jazz should they be trained correctly. Still, Zero was likely to be called on his snooping and remained silent to see the response.
15:01:43 [Ketchum] In front of the cafe, a squirrel and rat were pulling a cart full of merchant items. Sure, most merchants just left the stand on auto display or similar for people to purchase, but they also moved them to the new locales at Ketchum called out from her steampunk styled cart, (http://tinyurl.com/l3hgnqc) "Grenades! Git your grenades here! Fire element AoE for cheap when you're fighting undead, plant or just need a way to start a fire!" The hawking could be heard as some people milled about her cart, popping up inventory windows as the money was exchanged or similar She would leave the cart as well as two summons to do their thing, as she went inside to get a coffee. Sure Ketchum was in a coma in real life, and the whole immersion tech was actually a way to give her a semblance of real life living, so tasting things like 'coffee' for the first time was met with, "Blech~" as she spat the thing near the gatherings feet,"Uh, sorry there!" maybe it splashed someone, or more likely, it just ended up as >
15:02:07 [Ketchum] pixelated debris. Either way, her first encounter with coffee and potential companions appeared.
15:03:20 [-Zero whispers to Ketchum] You go with the Ash Ketchum in a coma thing don't you?
15:03:42 [Ketchum whispers to -Zero] heh, read that article, fun times, and also psych major, so funny times
15:04:13 Ra exits from this room
15:06:39 [-Zero whispers to Ketchum] Dope!
15:06:40 [Yukio] ~~ Despite the fact her question wasn't to the other, it was helpful he didn't want anything from her. When Starlin spoke to her, the priestess merely sighed whimsically a moment and leaned forwards; scooping up the book set on her lap and then finally stood up " Me what? " She first responded to Zero; who had inched closer to hear what Starlin said before responding in his own way.. Despite this she actually agreed with him on the matter " He's right.. I've been there with a small party.. The route we took was pretty easy.. We managed to get a ways in before the people I was with decided to take another route.. " She shrugged and huffed lightly " Look.. If you want my help " She spoke before another appeared and spat coffee on her shoes. The girl turned her focus upon the one responsible and shook her head before sighing " You want my help, you better make it worth my time… I don't want to end up in another party who decides to drop dead from lunacy.. " »
15:08:31 [Yukio] « " You help me get better equipped to deal with that place, and I'll make sure you and whoever else we travel with gets through in one piece.. " She spoken her proposition, and all that remained was his response to it. The girl who'd spat coffee on her shoes was given a second glance, as was Zero; before she reset her gaze upon Starlin again ~~
15:12:16 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] I had too xD
15:12:26 [Ketchum whispers to Yukio] hehe, it works
15:13:40 Starlin smiled at the new person who spoke up. A man he knew of, but wasn't in his Guild. “You can certainly avoid them. But there is one in particular that you can't avoid…” he nodded. “The one that prevents us from moving into the Valley. The capital is in the North. And Taking the Valley is going to require a lot.”. The Adventure Club had a pretty good map of most of the Wilderness. They knew locations of old cities, but they were nasty to get to. Guarded by large swarms and nests. But, They needed to get to the valley first. Clearing that nest meant that Fort Redd wasn't a constant target for large waves. Of course, Zero wouldn't know this. This was information only officers of the Guild would know. Of course, His guild didn't have the resources or manpower to take these Nests out by themselves. They would need the Backing of the Merchants, the Resources of the Knights, and the bravery of the general population. In short. They needed everyone. Then the girl spoke and he smiled. -C-
15:13:42 Starlin : “You want better gear? That won't be a problem…” he nodded. The Adventure Club held onto some of the best gear. Their members were well equipped. “You keep us alive when push comes to shove and that's all I ask” he nodded. Looking at the Merchant who spat something on Yukio. “'Lo Ketchum. Anything good for us today?… Outside of shoe coffee?”
15:19:32 [Yukio] Be right back ))
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15:23:10 [Starlin] 'Lo, Feide
15:23:18 [Feide] o/
15:23:39 [Yukio] Hello ))
15:23:47 [Starlin] Ask me any questions you may have
15:25:07 -Zero Typing
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15:39:17 -Zero Raised a brow, the female questioning his comment towards her and a sharp inhale restraining the red that was brought along with the embarassment of misunderstanding the course of her question. "Nevermind." He was off the hook when she agreed with him and shifted his gaze to Starlin. The man knew him yes, as a solo player that turned up for the odd job or two when he wasn't out levelling and sleeping. The Colonel's words however were taken in and his expression turned more serious up until the point the sound of spewing liquid dragged his attention away. A merchant with such an odd cart and casualness tugged a grin on the edge of his lips. Zero was brought back however when the proposition for help was made and the agreement was set. Zero suddenly debated walking away, he didn't need to put his life at risk and could focus on sharpening up his Stats. Then again, the movement on The Valley could just be what he was looking for. <C>
15:39:20 -Zero Another step, clearing his throat he narrowed eyes on Starlin and adjusted the sniper on its strap. "If you have room for a Sharpshooter then I'd like to join your cause, I have somewhat of a wide encyclopedia on monsters all in here…" Zero tapped the side of his head, hand digging into his pocket and stepping back as the female with the cart drew closer. Starlin greeted the female as Ketchum and Zero found his eyes scanning the cart that brought another grin to his serious face. "H-how much for those Grenades?"
15:44:09 [Ketchum] The name plate read above her head <Ketchum - Merchant Guild - Steampunk Summoner> so it was pretty obvious from her public setting she was one as she responded to Yukio first by pulling up her window from her short vest. It was merely a gesture, as people could make it pop up whatever, but it would display the ragdoll cutouts of the various support gear as well as display the items to her as she flung the window over for the girl to look over. "Well, sorry fer the accident there," a tilt of her cap was given, "I'll give you an additional 10% discount off any item set, along with buying your caffeine clods at a very fair price… always use those for base materials," she'd give a toothier grin over. Starlin would then be addressed, "You know I need more levels before I can craft anywhere near what the standard Adventurer Club gets.. yeesh, y'all drive my business down as it is, and the few newbies who don't join you aren't exactly rich enough to afford the good stuff," she made a circle motion of he
15:44:15 [Ketchum] "Ah enough complainin' from me, just wish I wasn't so squeezed for ruppees, is all," she'd flick her hat up with a finger as she grinned broader. "Only thing I could see you buy are some consumables from me and maybe the Overdrive Injector? Basically lets you use potions and other alchemy items with a squeeze of the arm, rather than having to chug it or get to the inventory window." she held up the weird arm device from her inventory window, the FWOOSH! sound as it came from nowhere. It looked like one of those steampunk exo arms: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/b3/30/76/b33076dfbc52e6e9d77aa5c726d717ba.jpg "Other than that, you know we Merchants sell most of the good stuff anyway to the Adventurers.">
15:44:25 [Ketchum] Around this time, the Pikachu and Nutzy would return dragging the cart to the crowd as she said, "Plus I hate traveling alone, no offense to the solo'ers who can brave the Wilderness, but I figure since we're in a something something Multiplayer something game, we'd all work together but no one wants to drag a support without heals," she'd roll her eyes. "Even if the Equip skill can give just as good defense, everyone's afraid of dying rather than trying something new." Finally, a smile was given to Zero as she said, "Well, you're in luck, you buy 5, you get the 6th one free, I call it the revolver special, so it comes too…" she'd explain the pricing, "Quite fair, and the quality is good enough to give some casters envy." The animated rat and squirrel would jump on either of her shoulders as this point, nodding along to the special pricing. "So you forming a group then Starlin darlin'?… Color me interested, I never did get the grinding down like everyone else without a party… >
15:44:31 [Ketchum] especially if this here monster expert can lead me to some better tameables." The critters on her shoulder would pull her hair, "Ow."
15:44:39 Lookie enters this room
15:45:33 [Ketchum] monster expert refers to Zero, not sure if i was clear enough
15:47:12 [Ketchum] she made a circle motion of her hands (got cut off)
15:53:16 [Yukio] ~~ Despite the crowd that had joined her in her relaxing time, Yukio seemed far less inclined to simply run away, perhaps because she saw the oppertunity in this.. She was tired of helping people that thought they knew what they were doing and simply ended up dead; risking her life in the process.. She'd noticed that Zero, who she knew was something of a recluse like her - had the preference of doing things on his own, and yet even he must have seen the potential of the partnership. When the merchant apologised to her for the coffee incident, the priestess simply shook her head slowly and sighed " It's fine.. I'll be okay for the moment.. I've gotten this far without needing better equipment, and besides.. I don't exactly have much money to begin with, considering I've purchased the potions I need to keep myself alive. They are equally as important as better equipment " She responded before now, turning her head towards Starlin. So, he could provide her better gear, for her help.. And of »
15:57:41 [Yukio] « course, the prospect of progression did cause the young girl to seriously consider his offer. Not to mention she was bemused at the fact Zero, who was thinking of buying some grenades, had blushed at her response to his comment earlier.. Why did he even do that? Shaking the thought free she rose her left hand and activated her contacts list - which was bare.. With a swipe of her finger she brought up the small keyboard and typed something upon it, then sent the message.. In a moment Starlin would be hit with a small beeping alert - and if he should bring up his contact list - there would be a new addition; despite how popular he was ' Yukio would like to be your friend ' She never made friends with anyone, she joined parties sure - but friends? Yukio had weighed the benefits of the act against the disadvantages and came to the conclusion that it would be best for her to do it " Invite me to your guild and party as well " Well this was certainly rare for the girl who usually did »
15:57:53 [Yukio] « everything by herself for the most part ~~
16:03:50 Starlin : “That's good. Ever since the King sealed off the Wilderness from everyone but my guild, there aren't a lot of people with that knowledge around these parts. When the time comes, we're going to need anyone brave enough to risk their lives to get out of this place. You my friend, will be welcome to join us when the time arises…”. Ketchum went off on her little tangent. Yeah. The Adventure Club had a lot of equipment stored up for themselves. This was true. But they did sell a lot of good equipment to the merchants. Better than a lot of the gear around. The problems were pricing. Which the Merchants were supposed to help with, but there was scarcity is some places. But it didn't help larger groups didn't raid larger dungeons for better gear and gold. So, she decided she wanted to be his friend and join the guild, eh? “Awesome” he said with a smile. He pushed a few buttons and BAM. Invite sent to Yukio for his Party. BAM, Invite to the Adventure Club. -C-
16:04:04 Starlin : If she accepted, she would be placed on the Guild Roster. She would be privvy to the Guild Chats and Messages. And, she would be able to place the Guild Emblem on her equipment if she chose to. “Ketchum. You interested in something? My boys found a dungeon on the edge of the Wilderness, that didn't exist before… It would be a good way for you to scav out some gear to sell” he said to her. Then turned to Zero. “Also. It could give you some more practice”. Yeah, Starlin just got done with the Wilderness, but part of his Madness was that he was always willing to go back there.
16:10:46 [Ketchum] (small afk, gotta cook.. starving)
16:11:12 [Ketchum] (just assume she sends a friend invite as well, and was interested in the lead tho)
16:11:43 [-Zero] Sorry! Laptop died unexpectedly >.O Typing now
16:12:24 Yukio holds a small ceremony for his laptops temporary death ))
16:14:19 Maggie Snowe says words.
16:14:27 [Starlin] Maaaaaaaags~
16:14:33 [Maggie Snowe] Howdy.
16:15:27 [Yukio] Hello Mag ))
16:15:51 -Zero Waves and returns to typing
16:15:57 [Feide] -is still alive, working on profile-
16:16:21 [Maggie Snowe] ^
16:16:35 [Maggie Snowe] It's been busy here for me. On a frackin' Tuesday of all days.
16:17:00 Yukio offers Mag one of her cookies ))
16:17:08 [Starlin] Good to hear Feideee~
16:17:33 [Starlin] It's fine, Mags. Work as you can :P Today is a 'set up as much as possible' kind of day. Since I don't work.
16:17:43 Maggie Snowe devours said cookie before shushing her OOC.
16:24:24 -Zero Took a brief moment to ponder on the offer, hand bringing up the player menu and looking at his current money status. "Perhaps… After another bit of levelling I'll be able to afford them." Truth be told, he could already afford them and decided against them for the time being. While Yukio and Starlin sent their friend requests to each other, Zero glanced at his menu before the same hand that brought it was up and swiped it away. Guilds were one thing, benefits could be reaped from being part of a clan (if you will) and was probably the easiest way out of the game. Friends however, would only cause heartache and distress should their HP reach down to zero. With such a mindset, any requests to Zero would be met with denial and merely accepting only the party request should it be sent to him. The talk of a new dungeon caught his attention, <C>
16:24:27 -Zero brushing aside any thoughts on how the cart worked or how Yukio was so willing to join after expressing the stresses of a party and pulling Zero from his oblivous glare from a daydream. "Practice huh?" He could only imagine what kind of monsters could be lurking, if any would be familiar or some brand new. With his gear already checked and HP set to its fullest, the black haired male would only nod and adjust to stand without a slouch. "Ready when you are."
16:30:37 Ketchum would join up, You caught a wild Ketchum! (sorry eating, so, any friend requests would also be accepted) She would also pout, "Aw, come on borderlands 2 reference, accept my friend request." And she would also give Yukio some better stuff she had on stock, "Well, if we're gonna be adventuring together, may as well make sure we got everyone in a shape to not need potions." and similar merchant friendly support before the party set off.
16:33:34 [Yukio] ~~ After listening to everything that was said, the girl accepted the party invite, showing those how were now in his party. And then, she accepted the guild invite, which brought her on the roster of the people within. When the guild symbol appeared; the fingers on her right hand rose upwards, revealing the leather bound cover of the book in her possession. With her left hand, she pressed it upon the guild symbol and pulled it from the holographic screen to set it neatly in the center of the cover, marking her as one of the guild. Upon removing her hand, she rose it and set her fingers upon the cover to once again grasp the book in it's entrety. Her gaze rose towards her own equipment screen; which was not exactly filled with anything.. In truth, most of the equipment she had picked up was for other classes, and was simply sold upon her frequent returns to the town. This had allowed her to keep her potion count quite high considering. The gear she had equipped however was the basic staring »
16:36:52 [Yukio] « equipment; which might have come as a suprise; considering she seemed very confident in her own abilities. This was partly because she'd done this numerous times before now. Though she was seemingly suprised at being given items from the merchant, why did she do that? Yukio would check them over later, when she had a need of them. Closing down her screen, the priestess looked towards Starlin and nodded slowly " I am ready to go.. You keep me alive and I'll make sure you all stay alive " She mentioned before allowing Starlin to take the lead, or someone else. She wasn't going to do it ~~
16:37:24 [Yukio] Be right back. ))
16:42:58 Yukio is back now ))
16:43:06 [Maggie Snowe] weebee.
16:43:06 [-Zero] Welcome Back
16:43:23 [Yukio] Thank you kindly =P ))
16:43:54 -Zero Sliiiides away from Maggie, glares cautiously and sips tea
16:43:56 [Feide] o/
16:44:23 Starlin : More party invites. One to Ketchum and another to Zero. Starlin tapped away at something else for a moment. A message to others in his guild about something. Nothing super important. Just minor business. Reports from various groups. The ussual, it would seem. A member of the Merchants, a new recruit, and one of the many independent players. Of course, the party did lack some things. Notably something that could tank the blow or at least someone with more health… Oh yeah. Message Feide: Meet at enclosed coordinates. Usual fee: Gold or Equipment was sent along with a party invite . “Alright, Folks…” he said and motioned for them to follow him. “Lets gooooooooo~” he said and started off. They would take the West exit and travel north west towards the edge. The walk itself shouldn't be much trouble. Since the Knights and Adventure Club took out the major nests on the plains, they would be unhindered in their travels.-C-
16:44:38 Starlin : “I have an associate meeting us there. Should balance out our composition better” he said with a nod to them. Approaching the Cage. A sunken in area with a door near the edge of the Wilderness forest.
16:46:58 [Feide] (I'll post after Zero :3)
16:55:35 [Feide] oorrrr I guess I'm ready now XD
16:55:59 [Starlin] Go go goooo
16:56:18 Feide was….nowhere special. In an alley within the city; face masked by shadows as she leaned back against the wall of the building behind her. She looked like some kind of shock trooper from a sci-fi movie; her equipment skinned into an infantry-style combat armor with a decorative camouflauge pattern applied; accented by leather and light cloth. A series of pouches were organiced across her chest and waist; ammo and grenade pouches, further enhancing her future-soldier aspect. Handle down over her left shoulder hung her combat knife; dangling by her right hip with a single-point sling running from her left shoulder and across her body was her rifle. Overall, her gear was realy nothing all that special…but most of the work was being done by the guilds, so a freelance didn't really get much work. A small toine indicated that her thought had come a little too soon…opening the message, she found coordinates and a payment offer. Well…damn. Didn't expect to actually get hired. Fingers typed out a <c>
16:56:28 [Feide] /me <c>simple response before she pushed off the wall and proceeded towards the indicated point. Request accepted. She pinged the party invite, accepting it, and would ultimately arrive at the designated point roughly at the same time as the main group, lifting one hand in a wordless greeting as she fell in beside the rest of the party.
16:56:56 [-Zero] Skip me, IRL hitting me
16:57:31 [Ketchum] (i'm still eating slowly, so i'll post in again later, skip too)
16:57:57 Yukio drags Zero with them - clasps her book within her teeth and drags Ketchum too ))
16:59:18 Ketchum plays ketchup as a Ketchum… throws tomatoes at the pun.
17:03:54 [Yukio] ~~ The priestess remained with the group as they set off at a steady pace out of the west exit. She'd come here a few times, before the knights and the guild had seemingly purged the area of monsters. Still, it was good to at least have a party that knew what they were doing - though she didn't show it. Upon the travelling on the plains, Yukio gazed around in silence, and despite her rather short stature, she kept up easily enough; her clothing ruffled by the simulated breeze as she thought back on her real life - well.. What there was of it.. Despite wanting to return and see her parents, there was nothing out there for her to miss, she had no friends, no hobbies; aside from gaming, it was the same boring routine day in and day out for her - not that she showed much care over the matter. When Starlin spoke about having someone meet them here; Yukio give him another disinterested stare before shurgging lightly and rising her left hand to push a few blonde locks from her face.. She was going to have »
17:05:09 MasterChief enters this room
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17:10:08 [Yukio] « her work cut out for her it appeared.. Not that she minded.. The tougher things were, the more focused she was.. Passing a small sigh off in some direction, her attention shifted towards another, judging by their appearance.. Yukio sighed and shook her head; not wanting to voice her concern, despite someone must be having them as well.. The girl sniffed and looked upon Starlin before canting her head " Give me a minute " She spoke; as her left hand moved to pry the cover of the book open and allowed some of the pages to turn of their own accord. Adjusting her right handed grip on it, she set her index finger between the pages and spoke a few quiet words. Upon this actions, those in the party would be surrounded in a blue light - this light signified the defense increase spell that Yukio had seemingly used " If we have no one who can effectively take the damage, then make sure you are careful.. " She spoke before motioning towards the next area ~~
17:18:29 Ketchum toggled on her Crescendo buff, which would appear as little musical emotes around them as it basically made a background music due to her relatively lower level that sounded, well, 16 bit at best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZgE67ZjU-U still, it did give a stat buff to everyone, however minute and if observed, would give an even bigger one once combat actually started. "So, I know we all got fancy nameplates, but name's Ketchum, obviously, modeled after all those fun pokemon games," she'd tilt her hat to Feide as she got close. "Say, Yukio-chan, if ya wanna wear the items now, its not like we get naked by accident swapping them," she would shuffle a few gear around, considering they had a tank from Feide, or least someone that looked the part, as she removed the items from Nutzy, and then placed the 3 backup ones on the squirrel. Once done, she would toggle on EQUIP skill to Feide who got the notice of [Your defense has risen]. "So uh, Starlin, this is gonna be okay for us rookies? »
17:19:23 [Ketchum] Not that I don't mind the chance for extra scav, but its a big loss if we spend too many resources getting through it," she'd voice her concern and let the music settle to the background again.
17:22:36 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] Gear equipping is going to have to wait till I can effectively re-do my profile without having to leave the room. That way you can tell me exactly what they got on em and I can re-amen my profile at the same time xD Will save a lot of time that way =P
17:22:47 Starlin : “I have that taken care of, do not worry, Yukio”. Eyes looked at the new member of their party, Feide. Someone who The Adventure Club hired on occasion. When they needed a soldier for various quests or missions, they did hire her. A good record of helping missions. Nothing has failed with her in it. They've yet to convince her to join them. But they did have the money to hire her. Which was almost as good. “Feide. Good to see you again. Simple dungeon raid. Stretching our legs. Mostly raiding for better gear” he said to her. “Don't worry, Ketchum. You and Yukio will keep us alive. Zero will shoot them up. Feide will help tank. And I'll deal the deathblows”.
17:25:59 [Yukio] Is Zero posting this round? ))
17:26:07 [-Zero] Yup
17:26:16 [Feide] Should I wait?
17:27:05 [-Zero] Please
17:27:56 [Feide] Alrighty :3
17:29:01 [Yukio] Give me a few minutes. Migrating =3 ))
17:29:54 [Ketchum whispers to Yukio] yeah, would just be a rank up at most, yanno, starter gear plus 2 or whatever i figure
17:36:09 Yukio enters this room
17:36:20 [Feide] Welcome back o/
17:36:28 [Ketchum] weeba Yukio
17:36:39 Yukio is now on her computer ^^ ))
17:37:57 [Feide] <(^_^)>
17:39:40 [Maggie Snowe] oh hello red light.
17:40:04 -Zero kicks his laptop and resumes typing
17:40:07 [Feide] welcome back, Maggie X3
17:40:14 [Feide] Welcome back, Zero X3
17:40:22 [Maggie Snowe] thanke.
17:40:28 [-Zero] ^
17:40:39 [Yukio] Welcome back both of you ^^ ))
17:42:09 [Ketchum] weebo Zero
17:42:12 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] Mhm I got it
17:47:43 [Ketchum] I read Feide's profile more fully, pretty cool
17:48:36 [Starlin] She is cool isn't sheee
17:48:47 -Zero Followed the group, moreso at the front but veering off moreso to the grass as soon as the plains began getting wider with greenery and NPC'd wildlife. Trees, rivers and hills were all noted and accounted for by the Sniper. While Starlin layed out the plan to them, the music from Ketchum and additional boost to defence from Yukio was noted under flashing lights under his HP bar. It was the Merchant that reminded him of his rudeness or lack of introduction though, now with a party form, his name was there for all to see and savour. The path that sliced along the plains were beginning to drain the player of muse until the road began going downhill and the ground around the grass ahead began losing it's colour. Without warning, he brought the rifle to his hands, strap still entangled around the body but weapon posed for Zero to squint an eye down the scope and standing still while the group caught up. "Dungeon entrance found, seems to be fairly safe ahead." <C>
17:48:50 -Zero A dabble of the scope and Passive Skill in play, the scope focused on the entrance. A sunken pit, dark and creepy with the faint outline of a door within. Keeping alert, the Sharpshooter continued moving but slower with the rifle now held at a neutral stance and head turning to look back. "Do we have a formation plan at hand or is that going to be one of those 'in the moment thing'?"
17:48:58 [-Zero] Sorry that took awhile, IRL hit me real hard
17:49:00 [Feide] Thanks ^_^
17:49:11 [Feide] No probloem, Zero. Everything alright? :x
17:49:12 [Yukio] That green is going to kill my eyes -.- ))
17:50:35 [-Zero] I'll survive
17:50:51 Ketchum changes the track to, "I will survive"
17:51:20 [-Zero] Ketchum knows ^
17:51:38 [Ketchum] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jyvmFyxm8E
17:51:47 Feide observed the icons as Ketchum and Yukio's buffs came into effect; also noting the message of her increased defense…this was met by a tapping motion to close the message and a nod of acknowledgment and gratitude towards Ketchum. Her introductory response was predicatably short; her voice impassive and almost disinterested…but carrying a background note of unmistakeable aggression and violent tendencies. "Feide." Her attention shifted to Starlin as he breifed her, listening in silence before giving a short nod. "Understood." She lifted her weapon, sliding a magazine into the bullpup-styled magazine well and reaching forward, pulling and releasing the bolt to chamber the first round; readying her weapon. "I'll keep the enemy busy, no problem." As the party progressed through the land, Feide was predictably quiet…well, unless anyone came up with specific inquiries for her. Just as the Sharpshooter veered off to a more concealable/unnoticeable position, Feide remained slightly <c>
17:53:35 Feide <c>ahead of the main group…mostly keeping pace, but also placing herself wher the aggro of the monsters would find her first. Her rifle was held in a relaxed low-ready stance; head shifting to turn her gaze side to side, restlessly scanning their surroundings. Only when the Sharpshooter called for a halt as he scanned the Dungeon did she pause, glancing back towards her employer to await his instructions.
17:53:38 [Ketchum] If you had this in game tho for status effects… would be terrible ^.. especially the petrify effect
17:54:10 [Feide] XD
18:01:29 [Yukio] ~~ Was she worried? Did she look worried? Not quite; in fact she.. Didn't look anything. She'd taken note of the other buff granted her by Ketchum and closed the book upon her index finger; saving the page as it were. The girl proceeded on with the group until the closed in on the dungeon entrance. For the most part, she wasn't sure what to make of their new party member, who obviously done this type of thing before.. She carried herself with confidence; though she wasn't entirely sure whether to shake her head or send her condolences in a message or something? Either way she remained silent and as disinterested as she usually was.. For now, the Priestess waited silently as Ketchum spoke to her " It's fine. I usually do that type of thing in town - however, considering we have a semi-decent party then we should be fine " Well, at least she wasn't one for mincing words - despite how unbalanced this party was, not that she'd say that… Or would she? ~~
18:02:51 Yukio is glad party forming isn't based on personality xD ))
18:03:46 Starlin : “Depends on what we meet. But for the most part, Feide will lead. I'll follow up and hit them hard. Yuki and Ketchum. I need the two of you to keep up with the buffs and heals. Zero. You point out weaknesses and hit whenever you can… Easy enough…” he said and motioned for them to follow him. “Alright, Feide. Lead us in” he directed the soldier. The first room would be empty. Once inside, several small creatures stirred and ran towards them. They were like rats, but with giant fangs and tails that had horns on the end. About three of them in total. “Alright. Lets goooo~” he said. Waiting for everyone to spring into action.
18:04:08 [Ketchum] ah thought i was after Yukio
18:04:50 [Starlin] oh shit. Then ignore that
18:05:14 [Ketchum] no worries, i'll post after ya
18:05:19 [Ketchum] adjusting slightly
18:05:39 [Starlin] From now on. Ima make shorter posts to keep things flowing a little faster
18:08:27 [Ketchum] "Cool," would say to Yukio, and Feide for both their statements, but as Zero pointed out their formation she would say, "Maybe a little pulling? Not that I don't have confidence in Feide here, but she might not have all the taunt skills and we got a bit of dps from range right?" would gesture to Zero and then to Feide's guns respectively, before, pointing to her rat thing with goggles, who would put them down as it sparked a bit of ozone smell as well as electrical yellow pixels. "Uh, roger dodger! Except, I already gave mine ouuu" she would cut herself short as she ordered the cousin version to start the assault to try and paralyze the advance. "Pikachu! Para-THUNDER NOW!" The rat goggles creature would get a CRACK of the whip as it attempted to aoe paralyze the advance, maybe getting some success.
18:11:41 [Ketchum] Figure support are good at CC, but yanno, not much damage usually, hope thats ok
18:12:19 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] Glad I ain't the only support xD
18:14:00 -Zero Types
18:15:44 [Ketchum whispers to Yukio] yeah, its fun, different focuses.. seem more like a paladin for Yukio, and just going for the enchanter from Everquest back in the day when i used it
18:16:12 ( -Zero flips a coin => Pass )
18:16:15 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] Based mine from my battle priestess from Ragnarok xD
18:16:26 [-Zero] Boom
18:16:30 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] Just without the needed skills… Can't use them all yet =P
18:16:51 [Feide] Headshot? :P
18:17:00 [-Zero] Nope
18:17:08 [Feide] Awww. X3
18:18:00 [Ketchum whispers to Yukio] ah yeah, RO.. I made a punching priest back in the day when it was ok, but stopped playing it a long time ago
18:18:58 [Ketchum whispers to Yukio] no wonder Angelus looked famliar
18:19:53 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] Hehe - I'll get much better skills than that =P
18:24:10 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] Well, we'll all get much better skills =P
18:24:22 [Ketchum whispers to Yukio] hehe, yeah
18:25:35 -Zero Followed suit once the Soldier led the way, instantly turning to the left and running along the side of the Dungeon walls while the quick scurrying of rats made their way twards them. With the gun aimed, the scope zoomed in to the rodents and his usually brown eyes lighting up a serene green. Passive Skill in play, information about the creatures would begin running in his mind via text before his eyes and with a clear of the throat he'd prepare to rely information. "Mace Rats, somewhat bigger than expected, go for the eyes and keep their tail-tips intact if you wanna loot!" Eyes shifting back to normal colour, Zero sucked in air sharply through gritted teeth, catching sight of the Merchant advancing with an attack and shifting the barrel to aim for one of the rats who was prepared to swing a spiked tail towards the other Party members. With a quick exhale, the trigger was squeezed not once but twice, <C>
18:25:43 -Zero both bullets piercing through the swinging tail with power and the other blowing the spiked ball of a tail completely off. Action Skill: Suddenshot! The rat snarled and briefly stood in its hind legs, revealing it's belly and a flashing sign coming up on Zero's vision. "Go for the bellyside too!" With one of the rats without the use of their tails, Zero had to wait for the cooldown but decided to switch positions and dashed along the wall to climb up on a pillar that had fallen. Part of the ruined dungeon he suspected and aimed his barrel down to the group from a higher viewpoint.
18:28:41 Feide reacted with the calm one would expect of a mercenary established enough to be actively hired by the guilds…as the things stirred to life, her left hand tossed a grenade into their midst; the explosino thunderous as it kicked out a cloud of dust and debris. While not itself enough to kill the creatures, it did something much more significant to add onto Ketchum's paralysis….namely, the concussive wave flattened the opposition as she glanced to Zero, giving the Sharpshooter a nod as her own rifle came up. She thumbed the selection to burst; singling out her opponents one by one and firing into the twitching forms even as Zero began dismembering them with well-placed sniper rounds. As expected given her armament, she wasn't in a rush to close the distance with them….but her weapon, firing three bullets at once, should keep her in the aggro envelope for DPS, even if Zero did more damage per shot. Those that survived their momentary helplessness and paralysis would, hopefully, gravitate towards the <c>
18:30:33 Feide <c>Soldier as the most immediate threat. Still, it would be a little bit before she could toss another grenade; with the heavy damage inflicted by the first blast, however, this initial 'greeting party' would hopefully not prove too much of a challenge….though further within would prove a different matter entirely. For now, Feide would focus on staying ahead of the support group, laying into the enemies they weren't taking care of already.
18:30:59 -Zero Changes his color because he's a cool guy who's not that attached to grey. "Better Yukio?"
18:31:09 [Ketchum] lol
18:31:13 [Yukio] Thanks muchly Zero ))
18:31:19 Yukio Works on her post ))
18:31:19 [-Zero] S'all good
18:33:44 [-Zero] Just realised I've gone nearly 4 hours without a single smoke… -Thanks RP for dis-
18:34:18 [Feide] ^_^
18:35:25 [Yukio] ~~ Well, they were being welcomed already it seemed. Yukio, despite the fact they were being assaulted, saw little interest in such things; as usual. However when the initial attacks had sounded off, the priestess slipped into a combat stance and pushed her book open. Her left arm rose; palm directed towards the one who rose upon it's hind legs to reveal one of it's weaker spots. As the page turned within her book, the same hand rose upwards as a white, celestial sigil appeared above the enemy. This sigil was quite elaborate; the strange inscription between the dual circles, and within them was that of a cross; which, when her hand pulled itself down; the rat was slammed with a barrage of holy light causing the enemy, not to simple recoil - but due to the damage from the shot, and the grenade; as well as the paralysis, it would collapse and squirm on the ground before laying still " Be gone " Was all she would say before flipping the page back to it's previous, and the repeating the same »
18:35:26 [Ketchum] nice
18:36:05 [Yukio] « action to ready herself with some healing should the party need it - her buff was still in effect, which would remain so for quite some time yet ~~
18:36:12 [Ketchum] sorry Yukio
18:37:11 [Ketchum] feel free to go Starlin, I'll post after ya
18:37:15 ( Ketchum rolls 1d7 => 7 )
18:37:39 Yukio forgives the MMORPG trainer ))
18:40:37 Starlin : Ketchum's thunder strike would succeed. The Some of the rats were paralyzed and open to an attack. Zero sprang into action and managed a successful move as well. Feide's actions would drag the other rats to her. Bringing them towards her was working. Meanwhile Starlin took off also. The goal was to get in the middle and hit them with a top. Doing damage to everything around him while Zero laid down cover fire. Starlin moved to the middle of the group His plan was to hit and get the hell out. Weakening the group long enough for the others to finish off the rest. “Zero. Lay into them when you can” he said as he circled around to come at the group from behind. With good timing, the group of rats would all die soon enough. And they did! As Yuki hit one rat with something, he darted into the middle. Daggers in hand, he used his Spinning Blade Top. Massive AoE damage occurred as Starlin span in the group. Tesla blades sparking out. The health bars dropped fast. -C-
18:40:40 Starlin : Then Starlin used Jump attack to send himself hurling away from the group. “Should be easy picking for the rest of you guys”. And they would be. The rats were weakened. Everyone else should be able to finish them off now, as Starlin was in cooldown.
18:44:02 [Ketchum] Stats would increase as time wore on during combat mode, giving better bonuses to all due to Crescendo. Considering the grenade, the sharpshooting, the holy magic and the slashing, the rats were more or less all going to go down by the next assault, and with the mind set of that she would reach into her handbag and toss a treat to the rat-caster. Pikachu would snag the small item out of the air and into its mouth as its ACCURACY/RANGE was upped dramatically from the food item and then, BZZZZT! Lightning would mimic the attack Starlin did to try and finish off some of the weaker foes that had just got hit from the aoe previous. Probably SUPER EFFECTIVE with 2 lightning stuff in a row. Cooldown for the treat activated though.
18:48:31 ( -Zero flips a coin => Pass )
18:51:28 ( -Zero flips a coin => Fail )
18:51:36 [-Zero] I'll take it
18:54:08 -Zero Kept himself perched high on the pillar, scope catching sight of the action and smirking at every movement. An electric-style attack from a rodent brought nostalgic memories into the mind, holy lights that illuminated the caves and explosions with the sweet, familiar sound of bullets penetrating flesh for gnarly damage. The wildcard was Starlin who shouted up to the Sharpshooter that sat perfectly still while his own Passive Skill began buffing his Accuracy and Attack speed. '6 shots' and the order to kill was in place. Zero took a chance to be daring, squeezing the trigger and a single bullet proving to carry enough power to remove the tail from another Rat. It was only when Starlin jumped up that another shot was taken and this time, the bullet zipping straight through the eye of a rat and piercing through the jaw to the ground below. One solid kill, 4 left and the next one going for the tail of the last rat. The shot was made and the final tail was blown off, <C>
18:54:13 -Zero leaving two tail-less rats for the rest of the group to deal with while Zero slid down the pillar and jumped from an adequate height. '3 left.'
18:56:06 [Yukio] Tail-less rats are friggin creepy =P ))
18:57:59 [Yukio] Anyone mind leaving the last one for me to deal with? ))
18:59:20 [Ketchum] 6 total?
19:00:11 ( Feide flips a coin => Fail )
19:01:37 [Starlin] there were 3
19:02:29 Feide lay a few more bursts of fire into the rats, finishing the last two off before fropping the spent magazine and sliding a new one in place, thumbing the rifle's bolt release to reload as Yukio dealt with the third and final rodent. The soldier moved forward, stepping over the bodies as her rifle swept side to side, boots steady upon the ground as she advance towards the entrance…stopping short to tilt her head and listen….hearing no other signs of enemy activity within the immediate vicinity, her next statement was cold and clinical; strictly professional in it's simplicity. "Clear." The Soldier relaxed a bit, though she remained in a posture that indicated she was at least prepared for trouble while she waited for the rest of the group to prepare to advance.
19:03:08 [Yukio] Thank you Feide xD Love ya lots ))
19:04:22 ( Ketchum rolls 4d20 => 15, 9, 6, 3 = 33 )
19:05:17 [Feide] XD o/
19:07:17 [Yukio] ~~ At the current time, the party seemed to be doing an effective job - much to Yuki's suprise, again, not that she'd show it. At the death of it's two counterparts however, the third rat turned it's frame to face Yukio, choosing her to be the target of it's wrath. Despite the fact that the priestess stared right back within some form of disinterest. Her left hand rose once again; index finger flipped to the page required and began to mouth words rapidly. The outline of her frame began to resonate as the rat charged and leapt; closing the distance and opening it's mouth to reveal the razor sharp front teeth it possessed, and yet. As the sigil formed in front of her hand and the rat impacted it. It became stuck within " Ashes to ashes " She spoke, opening her eyes before her hand flung up, causing the holy energy to propel the rat upwards, it's form impacted the cave ceiling before she spoke again " Dust " Her arm pulled down; causing another bolt to sweep aound and slam the rat »
19:08:33 [Yukio] « back towards the ground " To dust! " She finished, as the third and final bolt impacted the enemy when it was in mid air; causing it to be flung through the air and land upon the ground; only to roll towards the pile that Fiede was looting. Yukio closed the book and sighed lightly as the sigil wore away " Waste of time " ~~
19:09:01 [Yukio] Rawr xD ))
19:10:02 [-Zero] ^ Daz purdy coo' yo
19:10:07 [Yukio] Rat Tennis anyone? ))
19:18:17 [Feide] <(^_^)>
19:20:01 Starlin : A few seconds after everything had been dealt with, items appeared as the rat corpses evaporated. Items and Intermediate level gear dropped. However, not just anyone would grab all the gear. Each item would be marked and could only be picked up by a certain member of the party that was designated. Once the gear was gathered, Starlin nodded. “Get everything in order. We're gonna move out soon” he said and waited. Once Fiede was ready, they would proceed into the next chamber. A long hallway. At the end were several Orc'ish creatures who would roar and charge at them, brandishing swords and shields. “Hit them while they run the hallway…” he stated the obvious.
19:22:36 ( Ketchum rolls 1d7 => 6 )
19:23:38 [Ketchum] Out of all the rats, only one would be left to be captured by Ketchum by her passive, {You have gained a new summon} and as she continued to read the window, {Mace Rat: A common rank 2 monster found in dark places, known for its charging speed as well as hard exterior} reading it like some pokedex screen as she said, "Guess since you're female, you can be Macey?" Terrible naming sense, but the rat thing they had just fought, devolved into the lower level version, a cuter more chibi one as it nodded up. {Unlocked: Rat Swarm, when 2 or more Rat family summons work together, their speed increases}. "Huh, now that's cool," she would let Nutzy go back to the ether, to keep the two rats out as her active ones now. She would salute briefly to Starlin, tossing a treat to Zero this time around, as she held the summons back for the tunnel attacking they would do later. The treat would increase ATTACK SPEED for the sniper as it was randomly chosen.
19:25:07 [Ketchum] (the d7 is just the stats listed in Bastion profile from top to bottom)
19:26:41 Lookie exits from this room
19:28:48 [Ketchum] wasnt sure what they exactly looked like, so here's the devolved version: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/28/9f/5b/289f5b7f4991fabde4147826fed1e066.jpg
19:29:24 [Yukio] A Raichu - You're Poke-nutz xD ))
19:29:37 Yukio snuggles her support buddy xD ))
19:29:42 [Ketchum] hehe, thought the tail fit for a mace
19:31:15 [Feide] XD
19:31:44 ( -Zero rolls 1d6 => 3 )
19:34:00 -Zero Typing
19:44:10 -Zero Blinked as his vision-screen revealed that a mere 3 of his 5 shots were retrieved and a Mace Tail was also obtained in the process. Zero decided he could deal with this, particularly with the group that was impressing him by each minute in his company and even grinning as opposed to when he's soloing. A nod of approval was tossed to the Yukio, who made somewhat of a show by brightening up the place and reflexes snapping him to reality to catch the treat that disappeared upon touch. Attack speed was raised and with swift movements his sniper would be reloaded. Walking towards the next chamber, Zero glanced at Feide and chuckled from the seriousness of the confirmation of safety. "You're free to smile, they won't pay you any more or less for doing so." While she was there on a job, Zero was there for the EXP and while he was usualy the serious one, party raiding proved to be much more simple. 'Hit them while they run in the hallway.' <C>
19:44:13 -Zero Orders were set and Zero ventured to position himself withn the next chamber. Sight down his scope, he stayed clsoe to the wall and gritted his teeth once his skill had taken it's course. "Zorc Guards. Their swords aren't much but their shields are a pain. Go for the head and the back." As they charged, Zero released a shot that dug into the foot of the creature in front and sent him tumbling in front. This was to disorientate them in the corridor, close them off while allowing his self-buff to take place before firing another shot.
19:53:03 Feide eyed her skills, noting the only face that mattered to her…her grenade was ready again. The mop-up of the rodents and the brief rest to lloot were enough for the 15 second cooldown to reset, and as they moved in the hallway and Starlin gave his instructions, her left hand moved in an underhand motion; sending her grenade sailing down the hallway to clatter against the floor and roll up to the first Zorc's feet…exploding as he looked down at it. Unfortunately, this wouldn't be enough to knock all of them down; only the front two or three would be knocked to the floor as the Soldier moved forward; assuming a kneeling position as she thumbed her rifle to full auto and held the trigger. Empty casings rained from the ejection port, clattering upon the floor around her as she moved the rifle in sweeping motions across the front-most enemies; ensuring that she held their attention at the cost of her overall damage….after all, she was spreading the lvoe evenly here, and had positioned herself about <c>
19:55:04 Feide <c>midway between the group and the enemies; ensuring that in this hallway, they would have to come to her before they reached the others. As her fist magazine ran dry, she dropped it from the weapon's buttstock, slapping a new one in and thumbing the bolt release to resume firing as smoothly as a professional. She doubted her grenade would be ready again before he enemies closed into melee range; her best bet was to whittle them down to make the sharpshooter and support group's attacks more effective…as well as keep the heat off of them.
19:57:54 Yukio rolls for gear placement ))
19:58:01 ( Yukio rolls 1d7 => 3 )
19:58:22 Yukio got herself a new robe xD ))
19:59:28 ( Feide rolls 1d7 => 5 )
20:03:09 [Yukio] ~~ Once the group of rats had been dealt with, and Ketchum had aquired herself a new pet; so to speak. Yukio retrieved her loot - which happened to be a few potions and a better robe; which she would look at when they had time to rest and organize. Returning to stand, the priestess would remain behind the three main attackers; ready to assist if need be. The cooldown of her defensive buff had reset - which meant it was no longer active now. So with that in mind, the girl would perform the buff again; enhancing their defense for as long as the skill required the cooldown needed to reset itself. Instead of using her holy light; Yukio allowed her mana to begin regenerating; thanks to the regeneration skill that had just activated once she hit the threshold. The ground below her had brightened with a warming green light as this light flowed throughout her form and pulsed occasionally, replenishing her mana reserves and remaining active for the duration of the dungeon they were within. She said nothing »
20:04:13 [Yukio] « for the mean time and observed the soldier Feide do her work, as well as Zero trip up one of the front enemies, which she took advantage of by smacking him in the face with her holy light skill to knock him off balance ~~
20:12:15 Bastion : The attacks of Feide and Zero did a good job of weakening and slowing the group down. This was good. However they were still coming. “Okay. Here I gooooooo” he said and started to run towards the group. “Yahooooo~”. This was the madness of Starlin showing its head again. Just charging in. He ran and continued to run, gaining speed till he was able to use that speed to run along the walls to get behind them. Luckily for him, the Zorcs were aggro'd towards the main group as Starlin ran towards them and came to a sliding stop behind them. Starlin twirled his daggers around as he charged at the group. Aiming to hack and slash at their backs with his high attack speed. None of them were dead, but they dropped down significantly and Tesla's electric effects kicked in. Stunning several of them. Next he used his jump Ability to shoot towards the lead Zord and stab it in the back. Killing one. “Waaaaaste the rest!” he said using his speed to continue leading them towards the pack.
20:12:23 Bastion : The attacks of Feide and Zero did a good job of weakening and slowing the group down. This was good. However they were still coming. “Okay. Here I gooooooo” he said and started to run towards the group. “Yahooooo~”. This was the madness of Starlin showing its head again. Just charging in. He ran and continued to run, gaining speed till he was able to use that speed to run along the walls to get behind them. Luckily for him, the Zorcs were aggro'd towards the main group as Starlin ran towards them and came to a sliding stop behind them. Starlin twirled his daggers around as he charged at the group. Aiming to hack and slash at their backs with his high attack speed. None of them were dead, but they dropped down significantly and Tesla's electric effects kicked in. Stunning several of them. Next he used his jump Ability to shoot towards the lead Zord and stab it in the back. Killing one. “Waaaaaste the rest!” he said using his speed to continue leading them towards the pack.
20:12:50 [Starlin] Wrong tab. But oh well. Double post. Weird.
20:13:15 [Feide] X3
20:15:35 [Ketchum] Considering their brief combat time, Crescendo would reset on the next encounter, and the stats would rise ever so slowly again as the Zorcs were tripped up, or blasted by the other 4. Not much crowd control necessary as Feide seemed to take to her tank role well, and Zero/Yukio/Starlin started their assaults respectively, she would send the electrical rat Pikachu forward to absorb some of the ambient energy from Starlin's weaponry as he sped by, as RUMBLE. The passageway they had just came from had a slow moving boulder coming now like some bad Indiana Jones parody, "Uh guys! I think we're stuck between a rock and a hard place!" The Pikachu would start to cast its electrical attacks forward as Macey would rush forward to SMASH into one of them that Starlin hadn't finished off or similar. Behind the operative's peripheral vision (aka Stalin) he'd see the yellow glow of the HP bar of a mid-boss monster. And to all the others, it was apparent as the big hulking Zorc was much bigger looking than the »
20:15:45 [Ketchum] others it was more than the flimsy foes they had passed before. Thus the scene would continue with some of the minions still around, the boulder coming at the party, Starlin right next to the big guy who was blocking all of the party's egress.
20:18:45 [Ketchum] (figure we should add more hard times, a timed event before you get crushed in a dungeon vs a midboss is a good dps test for groups)
20:19:11 Yukio flails ))
20:19:22 [Yukio] I'm too pretty to be squished x.X ))
20:20:43 [Ketchum] hehe
20:20:46 [Ketchum] agreed
20:20:55 [Ketchum] same for the rest of th party
20:22:08 [Feide] X3
20:22:16 [Ketchum] Pic reference: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/39/c6/d6/39c6d6b2470cd8e649cb748d82952843.jpg
20:22:23 [Ketchum] for Zorc Commander
20:22:37 [Feide] Was not expecting to be too pretty to be squished X#
20:22:40 [Feide] X3
20:22:48 [Yukio] xD ))
20:22:49 [Feide] Oooh. Ugly mofo :o
20:24:52 [Ketchum] i thought it looked cool, but yeah, fun times
20:27:43 Yukio just found a better picture for Yuki ^^ ))
20:29:33 [Feide] :o
20:30:29 Yukio has changed her piccy ^^ ))
20:31:35 [Ketchum] nice
20:31:42 Maggie Snowe enters this room
20:32:10 [Ketchum] lol: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/033/1/2/priestess_by_puyoakira-d74f3jl.jpg
20:32:28 [Ketchum] its like the 4th result on deviant for priestess
20:32:55 [Maggie Snowe] I'd worship it.
20:33:37 [Feide] X3
20:35:35 [Feide] Zero still here? :o
20:36:36 Yukio backs away from the picture. Will never look like that xD ))
20:38:18 [Yukio] I dunno.. Think he mighta redlighted. ))
20:42:05 [Ketchum] the underboob is typical of high level mmo armor tho
20:42:16 [Starlin] Sorry laptop died and my roommate is dragging me to play smash so I was a little delayed.
20:42:20 [Feide] I have to go soon, so I guess I'll go :x
20:42:26 [Starlin] did I miss anyting after Ktechum's post
20:42:29 [Feide] ahh, no problem XD
20:42:37 [Starlin] Sorry Feide :C
20:42:49 [Ketchum] nope, we were waiting for Zero but i think he's out or something
20:42:57 [Feide] no, I think Zero poofed so I'll do my last post for the night :x sorry to leave y'all hanging
20:43:13 [Yukio] We're gonna die xD ))
20:43:46 [Ketchum] lol
20:43:53 Yukio gives Feide a hug, cause that boulder ain't gonna give her another chance ))
20:45:05 ( Feide rolls 1d100 => 93 )
20:45:10 [Ketchum] no worries, its kinda late, sorry for introducing the new element, figure Starlin will pull off a moment of awesome like a Kirito thing
20:45:12 [Feide] holy crap.
20:45:20 [Ketchum] or Feide will, hehe
20:45:26 [Feide] I can't believe I rolled what I needed @_@
20:45:34 [Yukio] Hehe xD ))
20:45:50 [Feide] -apologizes in advance for the anti-climacticness. Will try to make this awesome.-
20:46:07 Yukio cheers her on ))
20:46:07 [Ketchum] nah, its funnier if so
20:46:43 [Ketchum] btw Feide, should totally use the electrical element we got going as a rail gun excuse
20:47:18 [Ketchum] basically tunnel + magic electric + bullet = rail gun
20:47:56 [Maggie Snowe] dat ooc doe
20:48:28 [Ketchum] hehe
20:49:30 Feide felt the rumble, glancing back as Ketchum mentioned the boulder. "Tch." No time to wait. Rising to her feet, the Soldier continued to fire as she advance at a run on the boss, her bullets peppering the minions around it. Mid run, she dropped her magazine and loaded a fresh one, resuming her barrage as she advanced steadily. Eyes narrowed, her magazine running dry as she slung the rifle, closing into melee range. Her right hand reached up, grasping her combat knife and sliding it free as she slid in, underneath the mini-boss' counterattack and between it's legs, backflipping back over the hulking creature as it turned to confront her. She landed, it turned again to face her as her blade flipped into a reverse-grip and sheslid past, blade flashing out as she triggered her second skill….Lethal Strike. The system's numbers aligned in the RNG, and the entire scene froze for a heartbeat…..and then blood sprayed from the creature's neck as flesh parted, the main obstacle falling to its <c>
20:50:21 Feide <c>knees behind the Soldier as its head rolled backwards, seperated from the body in one clean strike. FATALITY.
20:50:49 [Ketchum] hhe
20:51:15 ( Ketchum rolls 5d20 => 15, 7, 13, 19, 7 = 61 )
20:52:56 Yukio is going to need a shower ))
20:52:57 [Feide] That's probably the only time I'll roll what I need for that in this RP, too x_x
20:53:22 Feide is -really- going to need a shower. And a bath. And another bath. XD
20:53:44 [Ketchum] haha
20:53:58 [Ketchum] aren't they just hp? would there be that much blood? who knows
20:54:20 [Feide] Might as well say I get ganked and knocked out by the remaining enemies for now XD Gonna have to go for tonight, sorry :x
20:56:54 [Ketchum] i think its a good enough time to end myself
20:57:03 [Yukio] ~~ The young girl turned her head to… Could it really get any worse than this? Shaking her head, she steeled herself and pressed onwards. This time she advanced onwards; rose her right hand and paused… Why did she stop? She was close to helping clear the " Eyyuuckkk… " She grimaced as blood splattered over her robe and on her face -
It even got in her mouth too…. Stupid buffering…. Yukio huffed and took her unshown frustration out on the group of enemies. Firing blasts of holy energy at them in order to drop their HP so she wasn't squished by the boulder incoming from their rear.. She really did not want to die to a damn boulder ~~
20:57:14 Yukio points to Feide ))
20:57:19 [Yukio] She made me do it! ))
20:57:37 [Ketchum] lol
20:58:17 [Yukio] It's in my mouth! Guys, it's IN my mouth! xD ))
20:58:31 [Feide] XD
20:58:42 Feide exits from this room
21:05:22 [Starlin] Guess that's it for tonighttt hahaha
21:05:37 [Yukio] But! Boulder!
21:06:11 [Starlin] we can't solo thiiiissss
21:06:50 Yukio flails rapidly and looks really funny - Boulderboulderboulderboulderboulder! ))
21:07:34 [Ketchum] hehe
21:08:03 [Ketchum] The boulder puzzle stops when the mid-boss is killed, because, they can just walk by atter that easy
21:08:38 Yukio stops.. Looks at the headless corpse.. Looks at boulder in pause mode.. Blinks and blushes stupidly ))
21:12:15 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] You like Yuki's new pic?
21:13:36 [Ketchum whispers to Yukio] mmhmm very nice
21:14:00 [Ketchum] good enough time to stop, fun =)
21:14:53 [Starlin] hahaha
21:15:17 [Starlin] We completed the dungeon. Everyone gets two pieces of Intermediate geaar
21:15:37 [Yukio] Oooo… Hold ups xD
21:15:46 ( Yukio rolls 2d7 => 6, 6 = 12 )
21:16:11 [Yukio] Should have done that once per piece. ))
21:16:16 ( Yukio rolls 1d7 => 3 )
21:16:36 Yukio is just gonna pick -.- ))
21:17:26 [Ketchum] lol
21:28:34 [Ketchum] was a lot of fun, hope we see everyone tomorrow
21:29:04 Yukio will be about ))
21:30:58 [Starlin] me toooo
21:33:19 [Yukio] Well, if that's all for tonight =P I'll be around later on.. After sleep..
21:33:55 Yukio curls up in the cave tunnel and snoozes.. Has lost interest in the paused boulder ))
21:35:15 [Yukio] Laters ^^ ))
21:35:26 Yukio exits from this room
21:43:53 [Ketchum] -
21:44:32 [Starlin] Aaaaaye
21:44:43 [Maggie Snowe] heeeeey
21:44:51 [Starlin] Hey Mags~
21:44:55 [Ketchum] yo
21:46:18 [Maggie Snowe] Starly I can't get anything done with the goofiness in the other room.
21:46:30 Maggie Snowe is Chaia, btw. Hi Sax.
21:46:37 [Maggie Snowe] Or should I say… Moxie.
21:46:51 [Maggie Snowe] Or Zombo… Or… Whatever other comedic characters you have on here. :3
21:46:57 [Ketchum] lol
21:48:01 [Ketchum] I can't recognize people's styles anymore or stopped trying too
21:48:10 [Ketchum] so glad ya gave me a heads up Maggie
21:48:28 Maggie Snowe also played Sol.
21:48:32 [Maggie Snowe] From a long time ago.
21:48:47 [Maggie Snowe] … Just so you know who you'll be kicked ass with. ♥
21:49:56 [Maggie Snowe] Kicked.
21:49:58 [Maggie Snowe] Oh dear.
21:50:00 [Maggie Snowe] Kicking*
21:52:09 [Starlin] :D
21:53:00 [Ketchum] ah Sol, love him
21:53:32 [Ketchum] been awhile, not nearly as crazy for some of my rp nowadays, tho i still try for silly, rather than, i dunno what some tk peeps strive for
21:54:03 [Starlin] I like My Energetic Guys. Like Starlin and Tenji
21:55:19 [Ketchum] yeah, its good that way, ah Tenji
21:56:07 [Starlin] In that RP. I disliked one of my teammates so much. But it was fun to have someone who was more grounded. Compared to Tenji's "That thing is huge. Lets kill it"
21:56:45 [Ketchum] yeah, you need the serious to silly ratio for sure
21:57:13 [Ketchum] personally, and this is why i like ya Tenji/Sol… always like a rp to be going some place.. i guess my main peeve
21:57:19 [Ketchum] is when i see 4+ paras
21:57:25 [Ketchum] and they have just woken up at the end of it
21:57:32 [Ketchum] or similar style
21:57:41 Kampfer enters this room
21:58:04 [Starlin] hahaha. I'm not much for huge para posting. I'm not that creative and fluttery
21:58:23 [Starlin] 'ello Kampfer
21:58:38 [Kampfer] Hello.
21:58:41 [Ketchum] i dont mind the 4+ paras describing things, dont get me wrong… just, when all it leads to is a closed scene other chars cant acess easily
21:58:48 [Ketchum] thats the rub
21:59:01 [Ketchum] heya Kampfer
21:59:06 [Ketchum] watch the anime?
22:01:55 [Kampfer] Used to, but not as much now.
22:13:10 Kampfer exits from this room
22:41:06 Ketchum throws a pokeball in the room.
23:30:53 [Ketchum] .

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