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14:19:49 [Dawn~Eve] Dawn: Seemed like it was morning, or the next day as Dawn was loaded up with groceries pulling a what looked like one of those carry ons to an airport. Spying the woman crawling out of the alley, she'd say, "Hey there girlfriend," a hand to her hip with the free hand, "You need some directions sugar?" all said with that slightly effected accent people had in the South. Dawn was ever a helpful street walker, not to mention believed that some sort of cosmic karma would smile on her if she made sure to help everyone that she could. The smile on her face was genuine, unlike…
14:19:59 [Dawn~Eve] Eve: "Ugh, like you look totally like something the cat dragged in, don't associate with her Dawn, you'll catch a bad hair day," she sounded like a typical mean girl diva from high school. As Dawn chuckled nervously as her look alike continued on, "So like, you should TOTALLY go back to that alley you came from." The taller woman would make a shooing motion as Dawn shook her head.
14:20:18 [Dawn~Eve] Dawn: Dawn, "Don't mind her darling… she's on that raging time of month. More than 'appy to lend a helping hand, after all, we're all about hospitality right?" Eve should make an eye rolling motion at this point and mouth ~whatever~ as she shrugged her hands. Dawn continued to smile back.
14:21:16 [Dawn~Eve] Dawn: ^to Addie

14:47:22 Romy ᛟ It was late. That was the first thing that registered in the back of Romy's mind. The thought was punctuated by a yawn she had initially tried to stifle. Work had been a long, and unassuming day. A library was never meant to be an exciting place, and Rosemarie hoped such a thing never started. Feet made a little hop over the scattered cleaning equipment as she padded on passed the custodian currently wrestling with a mop and bucket, pausing to give the girl a brief glance as she left - just a little late. Romy was a little on the side of short, arms wrapped around the heavy book-bag she was toting, her head of shorn hair dipped forwards as she took the steps down onto the street, the soles of her converse practically silent. A bit of a chill cut through the long, grey cable-knit cardigan that looked a little oversized, breeze passing her by as she hustled down the street. Blue eyes darted about, watching for nightly traffic and skirting around pedestrians. The need to get dinner -
14:47:42 Romy -
was starting to override the fact she had some work to do. Or at least, do some research. A hand wormed into the messanger bag at her hip, fishing around until she produced her phone, checking both the time and reading any messages - the light-blue light illuminating her face in the din. When her eyes lofted upwards, they were set upon a humble little diner, and the promise of something to eat after a long day's work drew her like a moth to a flame.She weaved between a few young women with an "'Scuse me" the traces of a former german accent all but gone in the wake of this very bland tone of voice - she was on a mission and didn't need to be stopped.

15:01:54 [`Addie] Fingers rubbed at her eyes. It had been a good chunk of time since she’d been out of that alley, and she must have looked like quite the sight. Still pretty, surely, though something about her screamed a bit ragged. She’d need to find a place to shower… Or something. So far this seemed like an alright city to settle down. She hadn’t run into any problems… Yet. But little did she know that hunters weren’t the only issue she might have in this neck of the woods. Magic was something she’d never had to deal with, and knew absolutely nothing of it. And Vampires? All the same - she was clueless! But her own scent? To other wolves and shifters, it would be easily recognized, though something of a sweeter overtone would be laid over it. Two women - twins? - were just outside her alley, so as she came out, she couldn’t help but to nearly run their little grocery pull-along off the road! Though, she managed to step aside and out of the way in time so that their groceries were safe and sound in the cart. Immediately,-c-
15:02:10 [`Addie] -c- one of them began to speak to her, and Addie blinked at the woman’s kind, extroverted nature. ”Uh…” She cleared her throat, the first girl asking if she needed directions. ”I guess I-“ Her words were cut off by the second, less kind-natured redhead. She was full of insults it seemed. The two bounced off each other, the first redhead coming back into the conversation to assure Addie that the latter was merely in a bad mood. Looking back and forth between the two girls, a third - not redhead this time - brushed her shoulder slightly as she passed. Frowning, she looked over her shoulder at the girl as she walked away. ”Well…” Addie, usually soft spoken, was not exactly feeling all that comfortable. Biting at the inside of her cheek, she looked back to the redheads as they catered to their groceries. ”I think I”m okay. But, um… Which way to the nearest strip?” She was talking about a strip mall, of course, though it could have sounded as if it were going either way.

15:09:01 [Dawn~Eve] none: Eve would perk up at the sound of strip, as she grinned, "Matter of fact, we work at The Strip… you a new girl there?" the more bitchy babe would say as she eyed Addie up and down, sure she was disheveled but without clothes, to Eve she'd make a good addition to the line up. Dawn would clear her throat gently, "Excuse us," would say nicely as Romy walked by, taking the small conversation between the new arrival at face value as she continued on, "Eve… I don't think she works at the Strip…" it was night time, so Eve had more dominance between the duo now so her kind nature seemed to be giving way. Eve would bark a laugh, or maybe more of a cackle thought still sounded somewhat throaty as she continued, "Nonsense! Look at her body and coming out of an alleyway smelling like, well, smelling like a walk of shame," another mean laugh as she pretended to pinch her nose delicately, "Come on sticky buns, we'll show you to the Strip, won't we?" Dawn would nod slowly, looking back at the>
15:09:31 [Dawn~Eve] none: cart like it was an important thing for them, but now the errand was forgotten to lead the other female along if she accepted.

15:21:59 Romy • There was a brief moment as the short-haired woman glanced back, her eyes giving a quick study of the three - as if there had been something she missed. Maybe, maybe not, but at the barest of looks, there was nothing out of place. Nothing out of the ordinary, save for one dishevelled individual. At least it didn't sound like a mugging. Romy shrugged it off, shoulders relaxing before she used one to nudge open the diner door. Immediately the warmth, and wash of odours spilled over the small librarian, filling her senses with strong coffee and whatever the choice of the day was. An empty booth was readily picked out, the customers a little lighter on the ground this time of night. Romy slumped onto the squeaky red-leather seat, both her bags deposited beside her as she tugged a book free from one of them - just some collection of short stories. Something nagged at the back of her mind, but she cast it aside in favour of putting in her order once a waitress swung on by - thick Cajun accent rolling -
15:22:23 Romy -
off her tongue. Romy gave a quick answer, and settled in for a quiet read as she waited on her food. That tug at the back of her mind caused a frown, head lofting to watch the small group of girls a moment longer - two of them she might've seen around before, but the third didn't seem like a local. Romy shook her head, eyes falling back to the pages of her book.

15:33:11 [`Addie] Eyes bright and wide as she looked towards the woman. ”A new girl there?” She asked, her brow crinkled in confusion as she mentioned working at The Strip. She glanced back and forth between the two redheads as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. Her body? Addie would look down at herself as if to see what the big deal was. Sticky buns? Fingers reached as if to hide her little rear just as the women would take hold of her arms. ”Wait, I…” Confusion etched over pretty features, she had no choice but to follow, really! She’d never been the dominant personality type, so she merely went along with it. The entire ordeal had really slipped right over her head. She didn’t realize completely just what the female thought she was. Addie? A stripper? Sure, she had the body for it, but the confidence? Not so much! Addie was the opposite of flashy! Though, something in the back of her mind had her thinking they might only be joshing her, -c-
15:33:21 [`Addie] -c- and truly taking her to the strip she was seeking instead of the strip everyone else was seeking so early in the night. The moon rising in the sky, who didn’t want some company? Especially company of half naked to fully naked women?

15:42:30 [Dawn~Eve] The scene was Romy watched would enfold as Eve linked arms with Addie, pressing her body very close as Dawn sighed, dragging the grocery cart behind them, now with her own eyeroll. "Excellent, so what's your name sticky buns?" she'd ask as the would grope and feel the girl around that same area, it was a really forward motion, but it almost seemed clinical in the way it was examining the curves and muscle tone. "Excellent fitness… are you a crossfit junky or something?" another of those smiles with eyes that were just weighing her options was given to Addie as they made their way by the diner at this point. Dawn would say, "One sec, I'm gonna see if they'll let us use the fridge here before the veggies go bad." Once inside, she'd be talking to the waitress, who went to go get her manager, but between that time lag, Dawn would look to Romy who was well, staring at passerbys or similar to her viewpoint, and once said gaze was on her, would give a small wave and brush of her hair with the »
15:43:10 [Dawn~Eve] other hand as she gave a timid smile. Maybe she thought Romy was into her? Who knows. Either way, soon, the Gemini's would show Addie a good time at the Strip.

16:05:11 [‘Addie] An arm was linked to her own, and her body was tugged into the second redhead. The one that hadn’t seemed too fond of her before. Such a sudden change of heart, huh? Well, sure, as she seemed to prod at the female. Addie jumped about, not quite used to such contact. ”Oh!” An exclamation before the female commented on her fit form. Brows furrowed, she cleared her throat. ”I uh… I’m a runner.” Nodding, she averted her gaze, just as they reached the diner and the nicer of the girls went inside. ”Um, Adara. Addie. My name.” She realized she hadn’t answered the girl’s initial question. She nodded as she’d answered, fingers brushing out her disheveled locks of hair so that she was more in order. She didn’t have any stunningly beautiful features, but as a whole Adara was fair and quite pretty. Soon enough, the girl returned outside, and the two followed along their way. Her nose wiggled slightly at the scents overwhelming her senses. She was rather good at blocking it out until she needed it,-c-
16:05:22 [`Addie] -c- though, following along with the girls as they moved down the street. ”And your names?” She asked, struggling to make the conversation as it was clear she had no idea what was going on.

16:13:34 [Dawn~Eve] "Eve, and that's Dawn.." she trailed off in thought, pursing her lips for awhile as she mumbled, "that won't do as a name…. " then normal tone, "Addie… what street did you grow up on, and what was the name of your first pet?" The woman would ask, though the tone was much more of a forceful one coming from Eve. Dawn would eventually catch up (in case Romy wanted a post in) otherwise, Eve would continue on as they reached The Strip… literally, it was full of hookers, night workers and similar who greeted Eve in a friendly and knowing manner. Kinda like Norm from Cheers really as some more girls would flock around Addie and her nose would probably smell the sex workers underlying stink as well as overlying perfume, as she went on, "Yes yes girls… she's new in town, not sure what preference or if she's been treated, but treat her nice, you hear?" murmurs of supplication would ripple through the sluts as they eyed the new fresh meat.

16:38:47 [NOLA] The night had grown deep behind the gauzy veil of the city lights - one could almost forget that time was passing outside the constant booze fuelled six-o-clock that was the French Quarter. But night had fallen and tonight had been ordained by some musty, muddy power to be one of those… Events. The first warning sign was a sudden closing up. With their usuals safely within, bars flipped their signs, and above their doors, the windows of old brick flats were shuttered. From their lurking spots at corners, behind signs, squad pulled out and vacated. Idlers on the street gradually ceased their milling, tourists casting about for some new brand of excitement, unaware that they were in for more than they bargained for. The next sign was the distant thrum that grew louder - many growling mechanical voices as the nightmarish fleet decended upon the city. The first to actually appear were the howling youngsters. Tricked out jeeps with fans, vents and home-paint jobs tore into the narrow street,
16:38:49 [NOLA] monopolizing the width as the drivers gunned it beyond natural, legal speeds. In the back of the vehicles, other teens stood, armed casually and free hands occupied with water balloon bazookas. It had to be a game the way they were hollering and yelling to each other in backwards French. At random, unsuspecting citizens were pelted with the balloons. Early Mardi Gras? Maybe. Unless one happened to have a weakness to the wicked oils those colorful liquid bombs contained. Vervain oil, small amounts of silver nitrate and ash dust had been mixed into the water. With their payload, the youngsters would speed on, leaving their victims to the next wave. More jeeps thundered along behind, but these slowed down, only enough for their occupants to leap free, a gaggle of various sorts, but all very equipped with rowan batons and silver chains wrapped around their throats and wrists.

16:56:32 [`Addie] Overwhelmed, at first, by the overpowering scent of women and sweat and, well, sex in the air, she was swarmed by the lot of them. Some ran fingers through her hair, others were touching over her body. Her brows furrowed, hands trying to push at some of the intrusive hands. What was this? Dawn and Eve were nowhere to be found of course. ”Hey, back off, okay? I don’t-“ She stumbled slightly, and the girls were beginning to pull her towards the strip joint, itself. No… She nearly cursed aloud, though… Then everyone stopped. It was as if there had been some alarm. Something? Horns blaring, the revving of engines somewhere in the distance heard. Adara felt an odd shiver ripple up the length of her spine. The tingling continuing on along her jaw and at the nape of her neck. Something bad was going to happen. Something was urging her to find… Shelter? Eyes bright, she looked down the street as the girls dispersed around her. The Jeeps were moving down the road, -c-
16:56:47 [`Addie] -c- closer and closer to her spot on the side of the road. And at that point, it was quite clear that this werewolf had no idea just what kind of city she’d walked into. Expression confused, the girl was out in the open, just able to see the balloons smacking into the ground. And that’s when she smelled it. Nose scrunched up like nothing else. She’d never smelled something sopotent before. Only once… She remembered it vividly, the scarring memory of her brother’s attack. That smell. Though the memory had her in a trance. Her breathing ragged now, the girl was lone and on the curb. Few around her. Nostrils flaring, and the Jeeps were upon her. The balloons cascading just in front of where she was. And as they crashed upon the pavement and exploded, everything seemed to slow. Slow motion in her eyes as the liquid breached her pants, brushing her smooth skin which had her scrambling backwards. It BURNED! What was that! A hiss escaping her lips, a look of horror on her face as her hand -c-
16:56:59 [`Addie] -c- caught the brick wall behind her, and she’d merely turn, darting off down the road and away from the Jeeps. And was she fast. Not even moving at her full speed, her jogging equivalent was a full spring to a human. And fast enough to get her just past the balloons that seemed to lick at her ankles. Fear. That was set on her pretty features. What was this mess?

17:20:09 ‘James` was urged out of the club with a half ass grin on his face. "No man, come on." But he was left standing there by himself for a few moments as the other men walked off, a pretty girl latching onto his arm and whispering something into the tall man’s ear. He looked momentarily confused by the words she said before the hooting and hollaring of the boys in the Jeep came along. He didn't have that sense of danger that Addie did, but he knew something wasn't right. The girl pulled from his arm to lead him away and, like a cock blocking demon straight from hell, at the same time a water balloon would splatter at the wall b eside his head, splattering his cheek and his hand in the woman's grip. His fingers unlatched from hers and he pulled away, hissing under his breath from the oil on his hand and cheek, which now produced just a little bit of smoke. The next jeeps were runing along and letting out gaggles of teens like it was Summer Vacation and hell if he wanted to stay here long enough. Turning, he
17:20:10 [‘James`] started the opposite way from the Jeeps where and towards Addie’s direction without realizing it. He wasn't jogging, he was full out running and in no time caught up to Addie and even began to pass her, rubbing the oil off of his face and hand into the rag he had pulled out of his pocket. "Fucking shit." He hissed out, nearly tripping over his feet.

17:30:04 [NOLA] Not many remained on the sidewalk as the jeeps tore through. Some did, milling, confused and then a little peeved at being soaked. A few others still - like Addie - reacted, realized their error… and ran. And hot on their heels, a flock of hunters. In Addie's case, a man who was riding over the rear wheel of one such monstrous jeep was the one to notice her bolting. In the now somehow eerie light of the narrow street, he was illuminated greenish gold - blond. His face was hidden by a gray and red mask that seemed like a skull face, adorned with rows of pearly white fangs all around the eyesockets. Likewise, his bare chest was draped with rows of teeth and claws, twisted with the odd feather and clump of fure. More than kitchy decoration, they seemed to bear the weight of trophies. And living up to the impression of that ruthless hunter, one able fist grasped the barrel of a sawed off shotgun. Somewhere behind the mask, keen eyes had spotted Addie run and he quickly leapt from the moving vehicle.
17:30:08 [NOLA] As he took up the pursuit, he gave a loud whistle. The werewolf certainly had speed on these mortals, but "mere" might not be the best way to describe them. Answering their ring leader's call, the city seemed to suddenly bristle with willin participants in the hunt - most seemed to be members of that first flight of jeeps, the youngsters, now toting their weaponry to assist in herding their prey. As Addie and James came almost colliding together away from the main strip, the sound of the fleet of jeeps had dulled to eerie background noise. But the rapid footfalls of pursuing hunters persisted. Shadows sped along the skyline above the two and a clamour of voices echoed amid brick and iron in a baffling cacaphony. In adjacent blocks, one or two engines took up the chace, speeding along where they could in an effort to hem the shifters in. Their ringleader cropped up again between two buildings, having ostensibly hopped a block over the rooftops to fire two silver rounds at the fleeing shifters.

17:42:55 [`Addie] Was this a sick joke? What kind of city did she come to that there were these public hunts? And it seemed - even though it was months ago - that she’d fled from the hunters that killed her brother. And here she was, caught in something she was completely unfamiliar with. Running right along, she could hear the clacking of the man’s trophies around his neck. This was sick. Nostrils flared as the fear truly began to find her blue eyes. The whistle rang in her ears, bouncing off the back of her skull and reverberating in her ears. This was no joke. He knew what she was. A mere reaction with the run, and he simply… Knew! Her heart nearly leaped from her chest as another man began to catch up to her, though it didn’t take her long to catch a whiff of him, herself. Eyes staring, deer in headlights, over to him… ”What is this?” She was shouting, the pretty girl running alongside him as she heard the engines on the adjacent streets. ”Faster!” She nodded towards him. -c-
17:43:12 [`Addie] -c- ”We need to run faster! Come on!” And she would take off. Faster than a human. Faster than a shifter… That was clearly the only ‘Magic’ she had. A blur. The girl was weak, sure, but it was clear to these other hunters that she was different. She didn’t have any magical powers, or other… Tricks up her sleeve. All she had was that innate speed that was unlike other beasts. And she still managed to stay on her two feet. The silver bullet ricocheted off the pavement, having caught a pace and a half behind her after she sped up. Brown locks of hair flowed behind her, and she would only slow in the slightest to shrug from her jacket, dropping it somewhere on the pavement to be left in a soft olive green tank top. Hopefully the other shifter that had been running with her could keep up - at least remotely. She could only hope that she could outrun those adjacent vehicles.

18:08:46 [Wyck] You remind me of my grandson. He’s a great kid. Sighing inwardly, Shannon reluctantly raises his head and stares at the geriatric leaned against his counter. “Uh. Thanks?” He’s met with a grin that he politely reciprocates before returning his attention to the magazine splayed out in front of him. He’s also quite handsome. “Reeeally,” he replies; he doesn’t bother looking up. Yes, very. An awkward silence follows and he’s about to ask the elderly man if he needs some help finding the video section in the back when—Ah, there’s actually this diner I take him to all the time that’s not far from here. I was wondering if you’d like to go sometime? Swoop, there it is. If Shannon had a dollar for every time he’s been asked on a date-thing, he wouldn’t have to work in this goddamned store—hell, he could probably retire at the ripe old age of twenty-two. Common sense dictates he should just kick the guy out, but he figures he’s probably just alone. Plus he’s >
18:08:57 [Wyck] > old, and it’s bad enough being old without having some kid yelling at you. So, he plasters on his broadest grin while rounding the counter and placing a friendly hand on the old man’s shoulder. Slowly, he nudges him toward the back of the store. “See, that sounds super fun but I’m so busy with work and school, and y’know, I think my girlfriend might end up having an issue with me if she saw us.” Does he have a girlfriend? Fuck no. “But y’know, we do have some books and videos that might tide you over until you meet that uh, special someone.” Assuming he lives past this week, of course. The old man looks somewhat disappointed but nods all the same and offers Shannon a grin before disappearing into the back. Well. That went pretty okay!

18:16:23 ‘James` gave her a lop sided grin. Faster? No problem, she was fast as shit though and He had been about to shift onto all fours when the sudden round of silver slammed into the back of his shoulder and he growled, steps slowing for a moment before starting back up. He whistled lowly to her, hoping he’d get her to look, if she did, he'd tilt his head to the left, indicating the next street. " TURN RIGHT!" he shouted, would it give even a seconds distraction? Hopefully. Even if she didn't turn left, he was. The sounds of the fangs rattling on the mask was more than enough to get him to get the fuck out of there. His hand dived into his pocket as he ran, slamming into the butttons for speed dialing Wyck, wasn't this about a bitch. Whenever he picked up, or not, James was growling into it about kicking everyone out of the store, set up closing shit and wait for James to run in there because hell, maybe he could run though the store, which would give him a bit of time. His phone was shoved back into his pocket
18:17:58 [`James`] and if she had followed with, his good hand grabbed her wrist, dragging her through an alley way and out the other street, looking back and forth. Fuck it, he started forward again, running as fast as his legs would take him.

18:22:22 [NOLA] The City around the French Quarter is flooded with Lloyd hunters. They are firing off water balloons with vervain oil, ash dust and silver nitrate in the water to detect shifters and vamps. Hello! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! 8D
18:22:32 Wil will disprove both of those comments.

18:26:19 Daria wasn’t yet in the vicinity of the chaotic water balloons, or other assortments of attacks made unaware to the general public. Those that reacted to the sprays and ejaculation of whatever concoctions had been fondled together were ultimately setting themselves up for a hunt. The best thing was to go unnoticed in situations like this, be a watcher, stay on the sidelines and peer in. Many fledglings had gone ahead, approximately twenty newborns that had been changed simply to use as fodder were sent into the hunting ground, while Daria and several others remained where they were, peering on to the scene with mild curiosity. Not bothered in the least by the influx of silver ingested or inhaled - because well, they didn’t breathe. Non of the noxious smells bothered them, and they were far enough away from actually being hit by water for the time being. Daria’s blood pushed through her veins, imbuing her power of —
18:26:24 [Daria] obfuscate, giving the illusion that she wasn’t even there. Some may look her way, but as long as she remained within fairly still and didn’t cause attraction to herself, no one would notice her. However, her eyes were working furious as she scathed the crowd with a look of lust. Hunger. Wasting 20 newbloods was not a good thing. On any day, but let the hunters feel they’d damaged the Vampires in some way. It would give them a sense of doing well, and Daria wasn’t going to robbed them of that. No, she had bigger plans for the Hunters of New Orleans. Far bigger and better. Those around her scattered to wander through the crowds. Night, and chaos made a fantastic situation for the Great Feed. The Archon had called it earlier when informed of what was going on in the French Quarter. This was a veritable feast for the Kindred and —
18:26:33 [Daria] many humans would / could be changed this night. All in all, the hunters were doing her a favour. So much, her lips curved into a cocky smile that emphasised her innocent features. With their speed, it would be hard to stop, with their viciousness, hard to attack. Things were just getting interesting, to say the least.

18:44:54 [NOLA] James's injury seemed to have been noted by their pursuers, as there went up a whoop from somewhere overhead. But the man on the ground - the one in the skull mask was set to his task and when the two shifters took off, one at speeds almost unheard of, he ducked back down into the dark with another sharp whistle. Now it was up to the two jeeps that had broken off from the main fleet. They gunned it, the whine of engines escalating for a time as they tore down streets, trying to keep the shifters between them. More directions were called ahead and when the two shifters outran one pack, they seemed to just run under the noses of another. Bullets were exactly flying. In fact, the two that the masked man had fired were, as of yet, the only two rounds that had sounded amid the hubbub of the hunt. More, they hounded their quarry like a pack of wolves running a beast to exhaustion. Though two shifters weren't likely to tire even as quickly as an elk, were they?
18:45:01 [NOLA] When the two took that sudden turn, another shout gave a signal behind them and all pursuit seemed to stop… or at least the sounds of it. Even the engines of the two jeeps cut out and the dark portion of the city to which they'd fled went quiet…. Perhaps it was that the vampires had inadvertantly provided the shifters a cover - or perhaps they had simply fallen to waiting. Back towards the strip, the newly initiated vampires would soon discover that the crowds through which they wandered were not the milling herd they hoped for. Certainly, they were dotted with pockets of damp and irritated tourists, but for the most part, those who remained on the street were armed, dangerous and had a keen eye for new vampires. A second flyby by the younger Lloyds doused the crowds again, aiming for those who had remained dry through the first pass. And unfortunately for those who don't draw breath, silver nitrate is indeed a liquid. What resulted was a veritable bloodbath,
18:45:08 [NOLA] smoking targets crowded into dark byways by gangs silver-chained hunters.

18:51:20 [`Addie] Hearing the growl present as day, she dared look back, seeing that he’d been hit though continued running, even nodding to the next street. Turning with him, she knew that he was her only shot at survival in this city. His scent was at the back of her mind, for now, though knowing he was a shifter made her feel a bit better. She was almost completely oblivious as she passed by a woman that merely stared into the crowd. The bullets kept up, and a shot grazed along her ribs. She let out a yelp, nearly tripping over herself before she saw the street coming up that the man had nodded towards.She struggled to pay the bullet graze no mind as she turned with the shifter. Her breath shaking, but not from fatigue. Instead, fear. Fingers moved around her wrist, and suddenly, she was tugged through an alleyway. A small huff, and she’d slowed to keep up with him. ”Are you okay?” She asked, her voice a bit breathy as she stared towards him, that crinkle in her brow showing as much concern about his back. -c-
18:51:36 [`Addie] -c- She could help with that, surely! But just like that, they were off again, and she was running right beside him, having pulled her arm from his grasp. He had shelter, surely? Is that were he was going? She could only hope that this was no trap, though somehow she doubted those aggressive hunters would work with shifters to capture shifters… It seemed a bit dangerous with the balloons and silver bullets being given out so generously. The entire time she’d figured staying on two feet would be a better idea. Shifting into a wolf would only bring her more attention, right? Besides, she could run more quickly on two feet than most shifters could on four. And on four? Forget it. She felt the burning in her side by her ribs, just as things went silent. This was weird… No engines could be heard. The gunfire seemed to stop. She could only hear the balloons hitting the pavement again, and she grunted, slowing down as a hand moved to her side where her tank top had torn slightly, -c-
18:51:47 [`Addie] -c- the beginning of her flesh wound dripping with a bit of crimson blood. Grunting, the female’s nostrils flared. ”Tell me you know somewhere safe nearby?” She asked, eyes holding way too many emotions to decipher as she took off again in a slower run than before.

19:03:27 ‘James` muttered something like a ’Yeah, sure, peachy fucking keen" to the question of him being okay. He had just turned onto another street when the sounds stopped and his feet went to a slow, he was breathing hard, shoulder burning. He looked behind him, only catching a last glance at the streets behind them. "Yeah." He started in a jog, it wasn't far, a block or two and when he hit the door of his Naughty Nights, he slipped inside, letting her follow in and locking the door, he instantly moved to sit behind the counter so he was out of view of the glass doors. "Piece of shit. Shannon, get me the first aid." He began to shrug off his jacket, letting it drop on the floor behind him and pulled up his black shirt, dropping it behind him too and twisted his body a little to look at the wound in the back of his shoulder. "Fuck, man. That was my good jacket." He didn't even look up to see if Shannon was around, knowing the boy he was too busy reading his magazine, like he always was.
19:03:33 [`James`] Brain fart on that one.

19:13:43 [Daria] Well, it was a pity it hadn’t quite worked out according to plan, but then again, this things did happen. There were plenty others in New Orleans to add to the fodder list. After all, that’s what the new bloods were created for. To guide the Hunters away from the elusive inner circle that ruled tight within the City amongst the Vampires that were older, wiser, and more developed. Everyone had to have an army these days, so why not use the children, the progeny created only for one thing. With her ability to control minds, she could train any man, woman or even child to act for her willingly. The Horde she’d brought with her today were well under her control. Fight until death. While in the background, the elders and such were off and about doing their own things, finding progeny worth keeping. The Hunters were naturally all assembled, it would seem in one place. Remaining where she was for jut a moment, (which was noted previously - was away —
19:13:50 [Daria] from the actual balloon throwing activity and such), she watched as things escalated then seemed to calm as the throes of dying supernatural filled the air. One might be affected by such things, if they cared. But Daria wasn’t in the position she held because she was impassioned with the motherly affection for her Kind. She was their to survive as were the others. Survival of the fittest even reigned among the immortal. Turning with out further adieu, she spoke to the minds of others who were currently scouring the City, connecting with them like a network, using that tepid hold upon them to wish them well with their progeny. All understood if they were being watched by Hunters, or others to not return to the Lofts. Not for a few days. Their haven had to remain hidden at all costs. Their Archon safe. Moving down the sidewalk, she barely noticed anyone else, remaining to the obfuscate of shadows and lack of presence that made her unseen to many, barely noticed — just as casual passer by. Before long, -
19:14:09 [Daria] , she approached the shop where Wyck worked, then entered in.
19:17:33 Daria edits the last of her post to NOT entering, but knocking on the door. »

19:26:59 [Wyck] Shannon actually is in the middle of reading a magazine when Addie and James collapse into the shop. “Welcome to Naught Nights, it’s like regular nights, only naughti—oh, shit.” Climbing over the counter, the young witch scrambles to the front door. “Dude you can’t lock the front d—keep it quiet, we’ve got people in here.” Luckily it appears as though James’s groans of pain went by unnoticed (orrr they could’ve been mistaken for something else which, y’know, is possible). “Did you get shot? Who fucking shot you? Christ, I keep telling you you can’t just go around insulting someone’s cooking, man. Not—” In the middle of his ramblings, there’s a knock at the door. Pausing, he turns to Addie and begins making sweeping motions with his hand. “Take him to the employee break room in the back while I handle shit up here. I’ll take care of him in a second.” Hopefully he can endure the agonizing pain for a couple of minutes. He scrunches his nose at his >
19:27:11 [Wyck] > wounded employer/friend. “Come on man, suck it up. At least try to impress your girlfriend.” Approaching the front door, Shannon peeks through the blinds and sees a fairly innocuous woman waiting to be let in. He’s tempted to tell her that they’ve closed shop for the night, but something prompts him to chew on his lower lip before tentatively unlocking the door and allowing her inside. Once she walks in, he quickly leans out and surveys the immediate area. Hopefully she wasn’t followed—hopefully she wasn’t the one doing the following, either. Assuming Addie’s managed to haul James’s useless ass into the back room, he’d move to stand by the register and clap his hands together. “Hey, hi. Are you looking to buy books? Because I’ve got some uh, great books available for you. Yes. Please. Buy something.”
19:27:52 [Wyck] Naughty Nights, even.

19:37:12 [‘Addie] A small huff of relief would escape her as she realized that he had somewhere to go. Somewhere they might be safe, that is. They continued in their jog, reaching some place. Naughty Nights. A brow perked up in curiosity, she didn’t spend too much time thinking about what exactly this shop was. Instead, he was in the door in a second, shutting it and locking it behind her. She was in pain, too, though she didn’t exactly have a wad of silver stuck in the back of her shoulder. Brows furrowed, she heard him shout for a Shannon. Huh. A lady frien- Her thought cut off as the man approached. So Shannon was a…? Blinking a bit in surprise, she shook it off, averting her gaze almost immediately to return her eyes to the man stripping in the front of the store. A bit embarrassed, she looked away, as if she shouldn’t have been looking at the man half-naked. Get a grip, Adara. Shannon turned to her, and those big, blue hues flickered over his features, -c-
19:37:32 [`Addie] -c- her heart pounding and that blood of her own just barely dampening the fabric of her tank top just at her ribs of her right side. He was telling her to take him to the employee break room, and she immediately followed instructions the best she could. While fast, though, Adara was certainly not strong. The delicate woman struggling to get the man off the floor. Though, after a while, she would struggle to get his arm over her slender shoulders, grunting a bit as she used her lower body to lift him. ”Okay, come on.” She murmured, and if he’d give her some assistance in standing, she would lead him off in the direction that Shannon had motioned. And through the door she went. ”Where’s the first aid kit?” She’d ask, looking over her shoulder at him as she moved to check some of the drawers. She’d have found some chair to sit him in, assuring that he only sat at the edge of the chair. ”I can get the bullet out.” Would he trust her to do that, though? -c-
19:37:48 [`Addie] -c- She didn’t exactly look very threatening. From the other room, she could hear Shannon greeting another customer.

19:50:19 ‘James` growled. "Man! If you actually answered your fucking phone, I told you to close the store! Get them the fuck out." Was he Joking? Like, there was a bleeding pair of folks here and he wanted to whine about people in the store? "Do I look like I k now who shot me?! I didn’t insult shit! Hunters dude, I have no fucking idea but there are fucking hunters out." And then there was the knocking at the locked door, what the fuck? "Do not let them in!" Go to the back room, whatever. Though Addie's help wasn't needed, it was taken just a little bit to help him stand up. He also guided her towards the employee room and when they had to pass though the beads and there was an old man reading some of the mags, James raised a brow. You didn't freaking read them in the store, what? Wyck letting another in only got a death stare, though he was sure Wyck couldn't see. What the fuck was he doing?! Didn't he just say to not let that person in?! Onto the chair he went instead of the couch and he
19:50:22 [‘James`] rolled his back, pointing towards the bookshelf of normal books where it would be wedged standing up at the end of some of them. Whenever she opened it, she’d notice it wasn't exactly a regular bandage and all first aid kit but some roots, for Shannon's healings, and tweezers and shit to get things out of his own wounds. "Yeah? go for it." Because right now anythign was better than leaving it in his shoulder. He leaned down so his head was on the table and his shoulder was steady here, his eyes squeezed shut.

20:00:51 [Daria] Heard the chaos from behind the closed door, along with the voices - a vampires natural senses were heightened and what had happen within was very apparent even as the others took to the backroom. Yet, the woman, as she entered acted panicked herself. “Oh..please. Thank you thank you..” She spoke, her words flowing from her lips in a rich, husky tone, the hint of French accent lingering to them adding a certain sensuality to them. “It is so kind of you. Things - they are crazy out there.” Taking a fake breath, she inhaled then exhaled again, not requiring it but to emphasize a hint of humanity. Blue hues were enriched by the darkened night and highlighted by the overhead lighting in the store. Her face, flawless was an innocent guise of a young woman in her 20s or so, perhaps not much older than Wyck himself. Perceptively reading auras, she could see him for being human yet a magic user of sorts evident in with the —
20:00:55 [Daria] sparkles. Witch perhaps. She could even hear the beating of blood pump through his veins, but her lips parted into a slight smile that was demure and kind as she glanced around the area. “I.. haven’t been here before. “ Effectively widening her eyes to some of the material, she pushed the blood through her veins further to mimic a blush upon her cheeks. While inwardly she inhaled the smell of animal. Or something more - the blood was not human, but ultimately a shifter or two. There was a distinct scent that sung from other creatures blood. Along with auras, that from most were-beasts had a vibrant bright aura. It would tell Daria at least what the others were from peering in through the window before knocking on the door. Chest draped in a corset top, with a skirt that hung to her thighs, and scarf wrapped around her shoulders, her pale skin was a silk as moonlight, while her breasts were pushed together by the top, a hint of cleavage well seen, —
20:01:07 [Daria] if one looked. A bounty of beauty, for she was a perfectionist. Even her looks had to be just so. “I.. Well, Maybe you can help me look, yes? Just until I feel a little safer. Do you know, they were shooting people out there!? Can you imagine !? Just shooting and throwing water balloons.!” Her words were quipped with the hint of fear that she displayed just for him. Her acting ability was something she favoured and did quite well with. There was very little to give her away to the human, for what she was. In fact, as she gazed at him, she allowed her luscious hues to rest upon his eyes, just staring innocently for a moment, or so it would seem. Gazing into the depths, if he kept eye contact. Almost making it difficult for him to pull away. “Show me..“ She commanded. The tone retaining the same presence as before. No threat. No fear. Just a simple command uttered for the male to join her. The others for now, were ignored. But definitely not forgotten.

20:18:31 [Wyck] Prior to Daria’s arrival, Shannon’s all frowns. “Oh la-di-da Mr. Big Bad, you’re the one that’s always telling me I can’t have my phone on the sales floor, remember?” He’s just covering his ass, mostly because he’s full of shit—his cell phone’s actually in his back pocket. On silent. Whoops. “Hunters? Wait, now? And you came here. Holy shit, does all your sense of self-preservation fly out the window when you’re being shot at, or?” In retrospect, maybe Shannon should’ve helped Addie haul James into the back room. That’s what a gentleman would’ve done. He half-hears James’s command and again, whoops. Man, he’s just breakin’ all of the rules tonight. “Uh, give me one sec,” he says, raising an index finger to Daria. Fortunately for all of them he greatly overestimated the amount of customers in the store, and he really only needs to ask two of them to leave before the shop is void of visitors, save for Daria. But man, he’s watching her now and she’s like… >
20:18:49 [Wyck] > really gorgeous. Like, ‘take-you-out-to-dinner-and-treat-you-like-a-princess-gorgeous’, jesus christ. “Whaaat, shooting people?” He feigns surprise, a palm pressed to his chest in abject horror. Her request is met with a small, uncertain nod. “Actually, if you could give me like, five minutes. I need to,” he pauses, blinking, “I need to, uh.” Wait, what does he need to do again? He’s pretty sure it’s something important. Holding the young woman’s gaze, he calls out, “Hey James, uh, you’ll be fine back there right?” He sounds distant, strange, and what he says is definitely not consistent with what he’d promised Addie and James a few minutes ago. He grins, motioning for her to follow him. “Yeah, he’ll be fine. Come on, I’ll give you a tour.” Holy shit.

20:33:36 [`Addie] Her eyes followed his point, and with a quickened step, she was at the bookcase, fingers taking hold of the first aid kit before returning to the table beside him. ”I’m sorry, hang in there…” Her voice was oddly soothing, soft and almost tired as it was. As she cracked open the first aid kit, her brow furrowed. What in the hell is this? Fingers picked up some odd little bottles, random charms… She looked curiously over the… Trinkets? Pursing her full lips, she leaned the front of her hips against the table before putting the items aside. ”Something tells me that Shannon can do this better than I can…” The words were merely an utterance, barely audible as she took hold of a pair of tweezers, rubbing a numbing cream around the wound as she’d lean into him. Bearing her weight onto his back, elbow at the center and her arm across his spine, she’d hold him in place. ”This probably won’t feel too pleasant.” -c-
20:33:49 [`Addie] -c- A bit of a grimace rounding the corners of her lips as she went in to extract the bullet. Jaw clenched as she kept her wrist perfectly steady. Ever aware, ever neat and quick, she would dip the tweezers to grab hold of a niche in the bullet, beginning to pull. She would push down on his back, knowing that most would jerk up towards her. If he allowed it, it would come out smoothly, the bullet rather shallow in his skin. ”Almost there, okay?” She grunted, and she’d continue to tug smoothly, in one swift motion before she basically tossed the bullet across the employee break room. Eyes stared down at the hole left in his back, with something of a disgusted look on her face. ”Okay, just…” Her fingers, now - after the work was done - beginning to tremble. She dropped the tweezers, fingers raking through her hair as she wandered to grab a rag, getting it a bit damp with some warm water and bringing it back to him, placing it gently and firmly both, against the wound. -c-
20:34:01 [`Addie] -c- ”Hold that there, yeah?” It was more of a statement than an inquiry, and before he knew it, she was pushing into the main room. ”Uh…” Lips perking up in a smile, she remembered the name of the shifter’s friend. ”Shannon?” She called out into the store, her face having paled from the gouged out bullet hole. She would wander back into the store room, finding the pair wandering towards the back. ”Shannon.” More of a declaration this time as she approached the pair, little Addie barely breaching the height of the shelves as she moved to Shannon’s side. ”Sorry, ma’am, but I need his, uh… Assistance.” Her nostrils flared. There was something about this woman’s scent. Her brows furrowed as she let her gaze flicker over her. The thing was, Adara had never heard of Vampires. Or Magic. Or any of that. But something was certainly not… Perfectly alright here. Ignorant, though, her hand found the shoulder of Shannon, and she’d nod back towards the break room. ”Please?”

20:35:17 [Math] After a disturbing night prior, Math indulged himself with a rather lazy day. The most ambitious thing he'd done all day was call home to arrange a few things for the home he'd purchased and discuss his funds with his (unreasonably annoyed) grandmother. He'd taken a nap in the bare courtyard after getting in and slept there until the sun had faded and the warmth had faded from the brick. He bothered a shower after that, redressed himself, and decided on a walk around the town to get himself familiar with the neighborhood. Normally, his wardrobe might have been far bolder and more colorful than most would have dared to touch. New Orleans didn't seem to give his lime-green trousers and yellow boat shoes a second glance. They DID, however, seem to think the presence of what he thought was the LEAST offensive item in his wardrobe was an absolute sin: who would have thought a white tee would earn so many stares? Later, he might come to realize it was the thought of the cold that earned him the stares he
20:35:35 [Math] received—but, for now, it was one of the smallest things to worry about. More important and pertinent was the familiar, sickly-sweet smell that permeated his nostrils and made a home on the roof of his mouth. Math had, moments ago, heard the commotion a few streets over (from which he had been graciously spared by moments in space and time) and stopped to text his (probably, only) friend to investigate… but, in the end, the familiar scent lifted his nose from his phone and saw it tucked into his back pocket to drive his feet around a corner like a hound nosing around for anything to chase. He'd never been where he ultimately arrived – pulling the door open to step inside without a second thought. That is, until he was able to look AROUND inside and a couple things dawned on him. Naughty Nights, for one, was certainly a strong implication of what the store was intended for… and number two: there was more than just a vampire in here.

20:51:46 [Math] After a disturbing night prior, Math indulged himself with a rather lazy day. The most ambitious thing he'd done all day was call home to arrange a few things for the home he'd purchased and discuss his funds with his (unreasonably annoyed) grandmother. He'd taken a nap in the bare courtyard after getting in and slept there until the sun had faded and the warmth had faded from the brick. He bothered a shower after that, redressed himself, and decided on a walk around the town to get himself familiar with the neighborhood. Normally, his wardrobe might have been far bolder and more colorful than most would have dared to touch. New Orleans didn't seem to give his lime-green trousers and yellow boat shoes a second glance. They DID, however, seem to think the presence of what he thought was the LEAST offensive item in his wardrobe was an absolute sin: who would have thought a white tee would earn so many stares? Later, he might come to realize it was the thought of the cold that earned him the stares he
20:51:58 [Math] received—but, for now, it was one of the smallest things to worry about. More important and pertinent was the familiar, sickly-sweet smell that permeated his nostrils and made a home on the roof of his mouth. Math had, moments ago, heard the commotion a few streets over (from which he had been graciously spared by moments in space and time) and stopped to text his (probably, only) friend to investigate… but, in the end, the familiar scent lifted his nose from his phone and saw it tucked into his back pocket to drive his feet around a corner like a hound nosing around for anything to chase. He'd never been where he ultimately arrived – and attempted to pull the door open to no avail. He'd put his whole arm into it the first time, resulting in looking a little silly and feeling a little stupid. Either refusing to understand or refusing to believe that the shop was shut, Math tried again with another strong arm and locked elbow. Frustrated when it didn't get him anywhere new, the scent that drew him there in
20:52:11 [Math] first place became a backdrop to aggravated assault on the door handle in the form of two-handed shaking and rattling.

20:56:58 ‘James` waited for Addie to do her thing.. She was not heavy so the elbow and arm on his back was totally fine. "I’ll be fine, just go with it." He nodded and pushed his free hand through his hair, jaw clenching as he pulled out. "Fuuu-" He hissed and his hand grabbed the end of the table, nails digging into it as she pulled out the bullet. When it was tossed, the hand let go and he slowly came to sit up, grabbing the rag and pressing it against his back. "Yeah." but then the voice sounded out. No, he was not fine! "NO! No I am not!" But…why did he sound so weird. Pushing himself up, he scratched at his stomach and followed Addie out and into the main room where some lady was getting really friendly with his employee, he leaned against the door frame of the break room and stared at her before at Shannon and then back at her. "Apologies, ma'am, he can't show you around. We're actually closed. We open tomorrow at noon if you're interested in anything." Simple.
20:56:59 [‘James`] Simple. He looked to the door though as another tried to open it and he stepped forward, whispering something into Shannon’s ear before disappearing into the break room again but not before a little look at Addie that said 'Please, watch him.' because fuck if Wyck wasn't pussy whipped around a cute woman. The door was shut and he was putting everything back into the first aid kit, shoving it back into his place. He began to scour the room again and took the rag from his shoulder, picking up the silver round and dropping it into his pants pocket before starting towards the back door.

20:57:12 [Grayson`] [[ ”Do you have no desire to get involved?” He swung his legs up and over the ledge, his hand clutching the chilled neck of a ladder as he easily vaulted himself up, settling with boots grinding against gravel as a gun loosely clipped against his back and brushed along his shoulders with every step. ”No.” His other gloved fist closed around the handle of a suitcase, setting down on the ground in front of him as he crouched and snapped it open, revealing the essential pieces to pull together a sniper rifle as the base was pulled from his back and he mindlessly started his work, a labor that he’d done countless times and at this point, it was a matter of muscle memory. ”How uncharacteristic.” He paused and looked up at nothing, a breath being pushed from his lungs, ”Is it?” A magazine was caught between his fingers, reaching back into the case to draw a handful of ammo, runic symbols carved into the surface of their shells as he quietly dropped them into place, and he -
20:57:36 [Grayson`] -
wasn’t satisfied until he heard the sharp click of the magazine being loaded firmly into place. The suitcase was closed and he stepped forward, laying himself on the ground as the gun was raised, being a good distance away from Naughty Nights as he caught in his sights through the rifle’s scope. ”You’ve been following the chase since it started. If not to get involved, then where do your motivations lay?” ”Scouting.” ”For?” ”To know who I want later.” An embodiment of knowledge not understanding the virtue of patience was …disturbing, at least for a man in his position. ”Finished asking questions?” No response. Good. ]]

21:08:25 [Daria] The male walked toward her, following the simple command she’d given. If he maintained his look, she could up the power to memorize which would make him do essentially anything she wanted him to do. He’d be her willing puppet for a few hours at least. It wasn’t that she needed to feed but perhaps she’d make a connection with the male, seeing he was a magic user. Maybe powerful enough to be of service to the Vampires, against the Hunters. Or, working for her secretly in some given way. There were many things she could do with a boy such as him and she was thrilled with his response to her thus far. His heart had quickened - he had noted her beauty. Her innocence, and her appeal. Her actions had lead this far, and would continue to do so - that was until the interruption of the beast that arrived at the witch’s side. Hand on his shoulder even as Daria spun around. Her gaze landed upon Addie, her eyes flashed momentarily but so fast, it was almost as if it didn’t happen. The only thing about
21:08:31 [Daria] Daria’s scent was there truly wasn’t one. Perhaps an earthy smell that lingered, but it was covered by the use of a simple perfume, laced with lavender to relax the scenes of others. Her own hand reached toward Wyck, grabbing his arm as she “jumped” as if surprised by the woman’s arrival. “Oh.. I’m still so jumpy from outside.” Holding on, as long as he let her, she let her gaze settle upon Addie. Her head canting as glorious curls danced around her face, over the shoulders where the scarf draped in a fluid manner around her slim form, a delicate being if ever there was one. No match for a beast. Or so it would seem. Without a moment’s notice, the Vampire stepped forward, her arm reaching to Addie in a fluid, fast motion - boom, there without giving the creature chance to react. Fingers aiming to curl around the girl’s neck, Daria kept her head canted for the moment as she spoke. Her voice so lulling, so charmingly sweet, like a resonate song by a lark that chanted of spring and romance. Her grip however

21:08:47 [Daria] would aim to remain firm. Just enough to hold Addie in place. “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not here to hurt any of you. Believe me, with those outside, you’ll need me to help.” She turned to Wyck, who by now was probably breaking free from his spell. Aiming to capture the male’s eyes again, she looked toward him. “In this world we live, it’s dog eat dog and the strongest survive. The top of the food chain, just as the scientists say. I suggest we look at meeting together. “ Her voice was loud enough for James to hear too, knowing he was in the back. Inching closer toward Addie. “And you, you are the weakest link here. To survive what you just went through? You’re going to need to toughen up, love. Do you understand?” Slowly, she let her fingers relax their grip from the girl’s neck, then moved back, standing enough away near one of the shelves as she pursed her lips just as James came into the room. Reaching into her skirt, she pulled free a card. On it was a phone number. “This is the number —
21:08:58 [Daria] you call. We will work with you, and others like you. Stand together and stop the hunters in their own game.” She then turned, ready to leave the shop. Almost considering to erase their minds and forget this ever happened. But, she had started something, and this was just the very beginning of her plan. The door was busy jingling, so instead, she motioned quickly toward the back, window or door would do. It was night, and in the seclusion of the shadows that she controlled, she should be able to make it back to the Haven in time before sunrise. No one would see her. Or even know she had left.
21:09:34 [Daria] Bah.. SUE! -injects him with WITCH JUICE for experimentation reasons-

21:12:30 [NOLA] The man on the roof wasn't the only one watching the shop with interest. The chase that had very suddenly dissolved around the two shifters had only really regrouped. Nor was Grayson the only one using the skyline as his stomping ground, though in a clot of old city like New Orleans, it was difficult to see every nook and cranny of even the rooftops from just one. So as the lithe figures ghosted along on their way towards the Naughty Nights, they didn't zero in on any other… Watchers. One by one, they quietly dropped to the street level from a scaffolding of fire escapes and closed in on the shop - nine figures in all. They drew up short when Math was spotted having an Event at the front door. Nine sets of eyes, ranging from pale to almost black fixed ont he scene… waiting.

21:19:57 [Wyck] Hearing his name, his full name, is enough to snap him out of his trance, albeit only for a handful of seconds. Scrunching his nose, he calls out, “Please don’t call me that.” He can barely stomach it when James uses it, let alone someone he barely—wait. Wait. Isn’t there something he’s supposed to be doing right now? He’s pretty sure he’s needed somewhere. He turns to Daria and oh that’s right, the pretty girl needs him. Yes. Of course. “Well, we cater to all kinds of interests and—” Reaching for a book, he’s interrupted by Addie’s abrupt intrusion. “Uh?” Again, he falls out of his haze and wow, that needs to stop happening or else he’s going to get a raging headache. His attention falls on Daria, and oh wow she’s holding onto him and damn, if he weren’t such a chicken shit he’d totally ask for her number right about now. And then James is at his side and “Holy shit, you’re bleeding. No, wait. I knew that.” That’s right, he did know that. >
21:20:20 [Wyck] > “Wait, what am I even doing?” Christ, it’s like the last five minutes have been a complete blur and he’s got next to no idea how he got from point A to point B. “Okay, enough’s enough. We’ve got enough problems without having to worry about who’s wh—okay, seriously?” Daria’s got Addie by the neck now, and wow when did dealing with supernaturals become akin to herding a bunch of three year olds? He’d in the midst of vigorously rubbing his temples when they’re presented with a card, and wait, now he’s fighting for the resistance? Dude, he’s just friends with James and he practices some magic on the side, when did he become a champion for the supernatural? Hell, he’s pretty sure he’s weaker than Addie—she’s got like, fangs and shit. He’s only mildly surprised that she’s leaving so soon because as dumb as he is, he’s about ninety-nine percent sure they’ve been followed right to the shop. “So, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starting to think it’s time we close >
21:20:38 [Wyck] > up and get the fuck out of here.” Speak of the devil—the door immediately begins to rattle prompting him to turn to James and Addie and draw a finger to his lips. Approaching the door, he peeks through the blinds and sees Math—and the mess of shadowed figures behind him. Immediately backing away, he starts ushering them toward the back room, “What did I fucking say, they’re already here.”

21:27:43 [`Addie] The shifter had followed her out to the main shop, though after his words to the woman, had gone back to the break room. She’d shot him a frown as if to say that he should still be in the other room, laying down and putting pressure on his freakin’ bullet wound. Though, her attention was soon pulled back to the other pair. She could smell the blood in her, and that earthly scent… And even that perfume. But there was in fact something missing. Flesh, for goodness sake! It just… It was unlike anything she’d ever experienced. And yet, there was something so fake about her. The acute observations made by said beast… Beast? Far from it! Adara looked anything but, even in her shifted form! And it was all so fast. Her eyes wandered from the woman, to Shannon, and then back. But before her eyes could completely travel back to the woman that stood before them, a hand was at her slender neck. The boy was babbling, and her eyes wide, the uncomfortable hold on her neck had her heart pounding, -c-
21:28:02 [`Addie] -c- fear screaming loud and clear in her expression. Fingers rose to the woman’s wrist, and she couldn’t help but to feel her body’s natural defenses picked up slightly, sprouting the fangs from her gums and the claws from dainty hands… It seemed out of place, and the girl’s eyes fixed on the woman’s as she pointed out what Adara already knew. She was the weakest link. The least necessary piece of the puzzle. Her breath quivered slightly until the woman had let her go, at which point she stumbled back a couple steps. Fingers rose to her neck where the finger prints had left just the slightest mark. Eyes dropped to the floor, an odd mixture of humiliation and fear swarming her insides as she handed off a card to Shannon. She hadn’t paid any attention, and she certainly wasn’t about to. She was barely ripped back to reality when the woman was moving towards the door, followed by Shannon mentioning that they were already here. She was shell shocked, just about frozen in place as the woman’s words echoed -c-
21:28:13 [`Addie] -c- through her head. Toughen up… It sounded so similar to what her brother wanted. Her lips pressed together, jaw clenching as a small huff of air escaped her lips. She stood with her back to the corner of where she’d been standing, merely standing there… Looking, well, much more stupid than she did when she was pulling the bullet from James’ back.

21:45:39 [Math] Two eyes peering back at him through the blinds caused the man on the other side to pause in his half-mad shaking and quaking on the other side of the door. He blinked owlishly in return and stepped back from the door. “Hey! Yes. Hello! Yes! You! The door—” A few seconds later, Math became aware of the people dropping in behind him. He turned a quarter to glimpse at them until he got a better glimpse at them – and their… effects. “Hmmm…” Math studied them from toe to head and focused on their… masks. Their mark. “Oh.” He uttered and exhaled a long, deep thing through his nose. It took a second of staring and head-swiveling to figure the swamp-people out before Math spoke up again. This time, it was an almost-irritated prying when he leaned in and put his hands in his rear pockets. “Yessss? Do you need something?” He didn't know this bunch. None of them were familiar by sight or by scent and no one he could readily identify was in sight… so he wasn't sure how he should feel, being stared down by a
21:45:49 [Math] gaggle of skull-faced hunters looking to start trouble.

21:48:46 [Cassidea] Just outside on the street, an all-black SUV draws up as quiet as death and stops just opposite tonight's grand hotspot of activity. To say the night's been naughty is perhaps an understatement, at least for a certain group of terrorists to be sure. Not wasting much time, one of the heavily-tinted windows of the backseat slides down and away and, from within the depths of the interior, a chauffeured silhouette speaks. "Tell me, Mr. Popovich: are there no doors where you come from or are you simply unable to fathom one being shut to you?" Not clinging to mystery long, the stern and mirthless voice is soon to be given a face (and the whole body, in fact) as the door opens and a woman emerges. Prim to a tee and not looking to entertain any (further) nonsense, the Watchtower captain tarries her ever-appraising gaze on the Russian mage for but one condescending moment before dragging it across the scattered expanse of waiting hunters. "And I suppose a Mr. Godefroy's to thank for the wonderful
21:48:58 [Cassidea] mess," she relays, her educated assumption carried on a voice raised just well enough to reach them all. There's the mounting tidal wave of a scolding inherent in her tone, and little boys who've been up to no good will recognize it as the perfect time to tuck their tails and quit it.

21:59:30 [‘James`] Oh shit well, fuck. A card. Let Shannon hold that shit because James was about to GTFO. He gave the card over and shook his head. Daria was being weird as shit, even though she was super pretty and everything was kind of not…well…He absolutely should not of come running here, years of being a safe haven, with dildos on the racks, was suddenly not one anymore. "I am not a smart man." He muttered and was about to yank back Wyck for looking out the window but the better idea was ABSOLUTELY not being in sight. "What are you doing? Who’s out there?" It was a little louder than a whisper. He was so not going to be in sight, so he wasn't when he looked and the voice from the other side of the door was talking about the door being locked? Because they were closed. He slipped back into the employee room and grabbed a shirt off of the couch, only three people worked here so it wasn't like it was a big deal if there was clothes around. He dropped the rag to look at the wound which didn't look fucking
21:59:46 [‘James`] horrid, it looked bad but whatever…He pulled the shirt on and dropped onto it, groaning. He peeked up at Addie, rubbing his face. "What can you change into?" Simple question, he couldn’t leave quite yet…

22:02:25 Daria exited the building, but stopped, allowing the shadows to pull in around her, keeping her visual from being scene. Just another shadow that paved the side walks, like plenty did with street lamps and buildings around. The darkness clouded her from others, but not the other way around. It wasn’t a visual she needed however, if was foot steps. The sound of boots upon the ground, marching, moving closer. Inevitably she’d gotten out in time, but those stupid folks were still inside. While she didn’t care for them in any fashion, she could use this to gain their assistance for down the road. It was a connection that had to be made, use them while you can, then kill them off when they’ve done you well. That was the way the World worked. Everyone was a stepping stone to that ultimate level. So, the hunters were coming for their prey and Daria needed to act swiftly. Reaching the network, her mind pouring to the elders with whom she’d formed a bond with for Council were sent notifications to unleash more fodder —
22:02:31 [Daria] and to send them directly to the store where the hunters were located outside. It wasn’t long before a loud howl was then heard in the distance, resonating through the air, palpitating through the solid force of buildings. Werewolves? Who knew! (not really, but then again, the mimic should be enough to draw attention in the opposite direction from where the Fodder were coming from. The night call had been established and the ruffians were on their way. The howl should alert the hunters to something coming in their wake. In all 28, which left the Vampires dangerously low from their original 70 New bloods that they’d started out with this evening. But, again, this was their purpose. To cause, attract and hopefully pull others away from the scene. Meanwhile Daria remaining in her shadows, leaned back against the wall then slipped back to the back door. Listening in, she could hear the chaos inside while she shook her head. “You need to get out now. Understand? They are —
22:02:47 [Daria] going to start firing on this place…” She hoped that the brief connection to Wyck was enough to make the man hear her clearly, while the others might hear a muffled voice from the back. Her nails in the meantime grew, her body rippled with the blood that imbued her strength, her prowess and her abilities. Speed would be of the essence. The shifters would run faster, better in their animal form. The Witch - he was simply human. Would the Hunters kill him too? “SHIFT and do it now, then out the door here. No one can see me, Stay close to me as you can.” Listening acutely to all sounds from every direction, a simple click of the gun would be recognizable or a bullet sailing through the air. If they could make it in time, they could go in the separate way of the frenzy that was arriving fast. “Go in that direction, three blocks if you can make it. There’s a building, old, run down - it’s number 88. The corner of Boyd and Booth. Not far from here. Tell them Archon sent you. If that is questioned, then tell them
22:03:00 [Daria] them this. Mauvais beau. Now go if you wish. The diversion has been set. Either way, I’ve got to leave.” And with that, she left them there, clinging to the shadows, letting them decide what to do as 28 vicious attackers were streaming in on the Nine men that stood outside the door. Possibly even some food for Math!
22:03:38 [Daria] seen*

22:29:15 [NOLA] Math got a moment of silence from the group. The foremost hunter moved forward by a pace or two. This one also wore a skull mask with fangs lining the upper jaw where it cut off. Under that and the hunter's gear, it was very difficult to tell just who or what it was sizing Math up. When the Russian seemed to stand aside for them to proceed with their task, the leader would give a curt little nod to the others. Shotguns were pulled up into waiting hands and they began to spread out to surround the storefront. Those further upt he street, however were very quickly blocked from formation by the arrival of the (apparently) very unwanted newcomer to the scene. They regrouped and once again, the leader witht he fang mask took a stand before the sharp whoman who exitted the vehicle. When she saw to address the group, guns were, at least, politely slung back to shoulders and hips. Then the leader spoke - the raspy voice barely decipherable save that it had to belong to one no more than fifteen years old.
22:29:18 [NOLA] "We ent done' no'in astray! Dey's vamps out tonight forra Feed, mayn! An' this 'us a shifter den. Saw two run in dere already!" The kid flung a skinny, bare arm out to gesture to the shop. Meanwhile, the others has stalked around the car, utterly content to let their leader handle the situation with the "cops" while they stuck to their business of keeping an eye on the doors. Unfortunately, the conversation was a little upheaved for everyone when the howling pack of meat shield began to pour through the streets, trailing a small fleet of roaring jeeps in their wake. Lacking subtlely of their elders, the fledglings were likely to have every Lloyd in a ten block radius converging on this spot in a matter of minutes. "Lady, arm up or geddown!" the kid shouted, pulling the gun up to ready position again.

22:30:51 [Wyck] “Uh. Not sure. I mean, the one guy trying to pull off our door looks… normal. Ish. The people behind him? Not so much.” But considering he’s yet to hear any gunfire, he’s probably not who they’re after. Math should consider himself lucky—at this point, he’s probably safer out there than they are in here. Briefly ducking behind the counter, Shannon procures his phone from his back pocket. Small blessing, his battery’s more than half full. “Okay. Okay, okay. Okay.” So, they’re about a handful of seconds away from being ambushed, and even if he’s human he’s fairly certain he won’t be looked upon favorably. “So, we might die tonight. No big. Hey, no big!” Yet, he’s panicking. Standing upright, he takes the card offered to him—Daria’s card—and pockets it without giving it much more thought. He turns to Addie, the girl looking like she’s torn between abject terror and absolute humiliation. God, he can sympathize. “Chill out. We’ll—we’ll get through this sure.” >
22:31:17 [Wyck] > He’s not a very convincing liar. “But you’re going to have to listen to what I say. Even if it sounds really fuckin’ weird.” He’s not sure why he’s doing this, he’s probably the least powerful of the three—and the most inexperienced. It’s not a great combination. “We need to get out of here. There’s an emergency exit at the end of the hall in that direction,” he whispers, preferring to point rather than give any potential eavesdroppers more information. Motioning for them to follow, he pauses mid-step when he hears a voice. He’s certain it’s loud enough for the others to hear and if they do hear it, he’ll nod once before continuing to usher them toward the exit. “We’ll split up. Worst case scenario, at least one of us will make it to wherever the hell we’re being told to go.” He offers Addie and James a small grin. “Do me like, the biggest favor and try not to die, alright?” Right on schedule he hears the shouting coming from the shop front, and now’s a good a time as >
22:31:34 [Wyck] > any for him to quietly crack open the exit door. Off they go!

22:45:49 Math didn't enjoy any of this. He hadn't REALLY even started enjoying himself since he'd woken up from his nap earlier, but now he was sure: tonight was horrible. He didn't get to introduce himself to the vampire he kept smelling around the place, a door barred him simple passage, he was forced into interaction with Lloyds he did not know, and now he was face-to-face with a face he'd hoped to keep his familiarity with to pictures only… and now a picture was saying his name and stringing together some unbelievable sass. Math wrinkled his nose and knit his eyebrows together to show his objection, but didn't utter a word to the nosy Watchtower captain. He was eager to fade, for once, into the background—and it was something he did when Cassidea turned her attention to the gaggle of young terrorists. They were no longer the ones that deserved Math's attention, however. No—he turned his eyes back on the shop and the door and… the howl far beyond the buildings.
22:46:02 [Math] It wasn't long after that the vampires showed up – a whole team of them. It was entirely too overwhelming… and Math wasn't about to get involved in any of that either… unless he had to… so, instead of immediately engaging the rabid fledglings, Math stepped back and pressed his back against the shut shop to wait… and observe… and maybe step in if things started taking a turn southways (as long as none of those vampires came at him.

22:49:36 [`Addie] For but a moment she was left in the back to fend for herself. The odd woman had gone outside to deal with whatever else was out there. Though, soon, her nose was overcome by the overbearing stench of an entire grouping of shifters. Of animals. She grunted, arm rising to rub at her nose as the girl sighed. Eyes flickered up to the man as he asked her about what she could change into… Jaw clenched slightly as she looked at him. ”Werewolf.” The reply was simple. The moment couldn’t last too long, though. And why? Well, there were more pressing matters. And while Shannon might have been panicking, he seemed to be doing a bit better than Addie at that point. Her brow furrowed as she still stood in something of a trance. Given a few more moments to herself, she was ready, and she nodded at Shannon’s plan. ”Yeah, I… I’ll meet you guys there.” The words were quiet. Maybe she could be a diversion? Weakest link… Brow crinkled still as she wandered towards the exit with the two other men. -c-
22:50:02 [`Addie] -c- ”My name’s Adara by the way… Addie.” Those would be her last words before the door was cracked open and she was transforming into the rather endearing, yet stunning white wolf that she was. Stunning, with the beautiful coat and strong face. Endearing, because she was not fully grown. Not a pup, either, but somewhere in her adolescence. Eyes bright in the moonlight, she’d give a last look to the men [http://www.deviantart.com/art/The-gardener-423620629] And out she went, keeping to the alleys to head for their rendezvous point. She moved at a brisk jog at first, her paws finding the pavement and pushing her forward. It was clear that she wasn’t an adult yet. Hadn’t found a mate, with her fur still relatively fluffed up instead of the glossy coat adults had. And it might seem silly to others, but as soon as she started running? Her speed took over for anything her appearance might have given up. Faster than the human eye could follow, she was off down the road in search of the building and -c-
22:50:12 [`Addie] -c- any kind of escape from the woman’s clawing words.

22:53:16 [Wyck] “You already know my name,” he says, giving James a look. “But for my own sanity, let’s just go with Shane. It’s… only a little less girly.” And he’s gone, already sprinting off in the opposite direction. Shannon could have studied teleportation, if he’d wanted to. He could have learned how to draw a fucking chalk circle or some bullshit that would have them in Puerto Rico, but no. No, he had to learn about healing and becoming a goddamn handy-dandy human shamwow. So now he’s running, and he’s got fuck else to do but run into his lungs burn and his legs ache. He’s able to get a couple of minutes of solid running before he slows to a jog, and only when he’s certain he isn’t being tailed does he pause, if only to catch his breath. Dipping into a long alley, he props a hand against the wall to keep himself steady, his chest rising and falling rapidly as he struggles to catch his breath. Jesus christ, this sucks.
22:56:27 [‘James`] "No big? Dude, I have a a python at home that requires his rat today." No big, hello, what about that pet? James only heard Daria’s muffled voice and his head tilted, twitched like a dogs would..Though faint, it was good enough, stay near the shadows. But alas, if you trusted no one else, trust the other supernatural, right? So, he stood and began to follow Wyck, man did the kid deserve a raise. "Seriously, salary, raised. Boom. Don't die." He nodded and moved towards the emergency exit. The door was opened and Wyck was running off in the opposite direction, he noticed Daria off to the shadows and his own body shifted and because he was in a rush…he went straight to his most comfortable form, a red panda and took off running in the shadows for the building Daria had said to go.

22:58:03 Cassidea wants to scoff the moment she sees the type of figure the masked crew's 'leader' cuts and hears the voice he comes equipped with. Honestly, those youngling cords are more likely to crack than command any real authority. Nonetheless quelching the expression before it can actually breach the stony stoicism of her facade, the hard-boiled captain is nigh about to reply when a feral howl is loosened some blocks away, its echo bounding through the night air and against old building walls. In reaction does a belabored groan come first, followed near immediately by a right royal rolling of the eyes. "Stupidity is certainly catching tonight," she laments to herself before invariably rehardening her gaze and throwing a glance to the Argent mage closeby. That stance — he means to spectate, doesn't he? She supposes that should be expected from one of his position. Very well. All these Lloyds will have a field day mowing down this oncoming troupe and, for once, she can say they have the right of it. As for her,
22:58:07 [Cassidea] she'll lend her support if it's needed or, more aptly, if they should miss a target and it comes straight for her. "What's gotten you so riled up, New Orleans…?"

23:09:35 [Grayson`] [[ There was a rumor. That he was more boogeyman than he was human. And unfortunately, he had decided his target. As Wyck stood there and caught his breath, the alleyway was consumed by darkness, but the shadow beneath his feet – his own – had grown unnaturally dense for what was probably only a fraction of a second. He’d feel as his knees were forced to collapse underneath a sudden rush of force that apparently dropped from the sky, knocking him to the ground and forcing his cheek to smack against the pavement as he was pinned by something that was heavier than he was. In his daze he would hear a voice, ”Look up,” and when he did, Grayson would be staring down at him with an apathetic look in his eyes, clutching the neck of his rifle in such a way that he would slam it against the other man’s temple with force that probably wasn’t human, hopefully knocking him out cold and leaving him laid flat at the hunter’s boots. -
23:10:33 [Grayson`] -
This one would have to do. ]]

23:12:23 [Dawn~Eve] "That's a good girl, swallow it all," Eve would say as she stroked her 'sister's throat. Dawn, would be gulping down at the wine bottle, her eyes red from crying recently, as she choked back another sob and then took another swig from her seated position on the GROUND. Eve would be looking through a wallet in her hands, the pale fair skin, sort of a juxtaposition to the crack leather billfold that was obviously a male one as her sister drank some more. Maybe Addie or James, or whoever passed by them, but they looked like two normal party goers. One being the crying drunk, one being the mean drunk right? "After all, that's all you're good for at night little sis," Eve would say, squishing Dawn's cheeks with the other free hand, leaving a slight indent of reddish blush, though nearly impossible to tell with the sobs, before letting go. »
23:12:28 [Dawn~Eve] "Now clean yourself," the slightly taller redhead would say, patting the cheek gently for a moment as Dawn remembered all the 'cleaning' she had done being it was night time, and then drew her knees to herself, giving a shudder as she rocked back and forth. Sure there was plenty of creatures that went bump in the night, but the worst creature of all was yourself, not to mention the usually intimate affairs of working johns had turned into a much more abusive one that evening. Maybe it was just the adrenaline filled night, or they had a bad run in with a supernatural? Either way, they didn't stand out that much, looking like a couple girls on a good (bad) night of New Orleans partying, even some wet t-shirt for one of them, though it might be tears as well. <i>"The man was being way too rough
23:12:53 [Dawn~Eve] "The man was being way too rough."^

23:22:32 [Wyck] God, Shannon’s just a fucking magnet for trouble tonight. “Okay, take a deep breath Shannon. You’re not dead yet.” Keyword being yet, obviously. He’s about to check in with James by way of a quick text when he pauses. He’s not a perceptive individual, but even he can feel the vaguest hint of Grayson’s presence. It’s imposing enough that he’s already backing himself up against a wall, certain that someone’s about to turn the corner and shoot him. He glances down and only just begins to notice the strange shape of his shadow when he’s forced to the ground, hands splayed out in front of him. Gravel cuts into his cheek and he’s immediately rambling. “Dude come on get off, I’m not a fuckin’—I’m not a—” Is all he’s able to get out before he’s knocked out cold, the butt of rifle impacting his temple. And that’s it. He’s dead, he’s totally dead. There’s no way he’s coming out of this alive.

23:26:01 [NOLA] Those monstrous jeeps pulled up lengthwise across intersections as the vampires converged on the cluster of young guns who occupied the street in front of the shop they'd been scouting. Several of the Lloyd kids cocked their guns and the next few moments saw the surgical removal of twenty-eight vampires from the land of the living. It couldn't even be said to be a blood bath. There was no chaos. A few shots were fired and the rest could be either taen down or finished off with stakes as the rest of the hunters, unloading from their jeeps closed in and flung snaring chains into the flailing melee of fledgling vampires. A few drew up when there wasn't anything left to do, hesitating with irritated stiffness when they noticed the WatchTower vehicle in their midst. Some on the periphery even left, but the burly blond in the gray and red skull mask waited, his weight slung onto one leg and his hands in his waistband as he simply waited for the young ones to clean up.
23:26:04 [NOLA] Pale eyes rested on Cassidea, waiting for the inevitable confrontation that he'd field with his usual callous attiude. For a man so effective on the veritable battlefield of supernatural hunting, Baxter Godefroy was a very predictable person sometimes.
23:28:04 ( `James` rolls 1d156 => 49 )

23:36:23 [Grayson`] [[ ”Doesn’t matter,” he spoke to the now unconscious man at his feet. He had been involved with them tonight, and that was all that did matter. That was crime enough. Grayson reached into the folds of his jacket and let his fingers run across the lining, reaching into a pocket as he removed a small case. ”Why did you choose him?” ”Weakest link. They’re usually drawn to his type. Some want to nurture and protect him. Others will see him as a quick source of nourishment or entertainment. Works for me either way.” From the case he pulled what was apparently a seed from its contents, and already it sensed the heat of life that came from Grayson’s fingers, small roots already beginning to sprout in a feeble attempt to latch onto his skin, but a quick twist of his digit pried them off. He crouched down to Wyck’s level, his hand coming to grasp both sides of his face and he applied pressure to force his jaws open. The seed was dropped into his mouth, a harsh slap -
23:36:40 [Grayson`] -
to his throat causing the muscles to flex and relax so he could swallow and it was sent down his gullet. He stood up, his eyes looking to the front and to the back of the alley, still not a single soul in sight. ”And now,” he said, reaching towards a holster hidden by his jacket and casually unveiling a pistol from its contents. There was a loud BANG as he shot Wyck one time in the shoulder, intentionally choosing a place where he wouldn’t lose too much blood, not bothering with a silencer, knowing that the shot would ring out and get someone’s attention. And whenever someone did arrive the only person left in the alley would be an unconscious, bleeding Wyck. ]]

23:46:47 [Dawn~Eve] Another forced swallow, maybe empathy for his plight? Not really, the night wore on, and Dawn had some sway to the altruism around this time as the shot that didn't sound like fireworks, or any other Katy Perry reference rang out through the night. Eve would say, "Oh baby, that's not a firework…" as Dawn would more or less rise up and wipe her tears around this time. The pair would approach where Wyck was laid out and bleeding, as Eve would bend over to pick his pockets and form clean. Dawn would finally stutter out, "He's s-still alive." Eve would just give a low chuckle, "I don't think he'll get better." The other girl would look down at her feet at her 'sister's crude talking, but a bit tired of doing the bad stuff, and as said, the night was finally wearing on that Dawn got some semblance of control adjust her ring. The MIMIC magic would flow from it, she thought she was going to duplicate some of his cells for healing, but upon sensing he was of the magical bent, the weave would»
23:47:48 [Dawn~Eve] copy pasted over the wound, using the innate talents that Wyck had to the healing arts. He'd probably wake up with a pair of hands in his pant pockets, and similar around this time, as Eve was crouched over his prone form, looting.

00:03:41 [Wyck] Shannon wakes up to a scream, and it’s a couple of seconds before he realizes that he’s the one screaming. He rolls onto his side and holy shit that’s a terrible idea and he’s on his back again quickly enough. When he does, he sees not the man that had initially gotten the drop on him (literally), but a set of young women, one of them already reaching toward him. Unaware that she’s in the middle of healing him, he immediately pulls away from her with a startled gasp. “Don’t,” he gasps out, his chest heaving. He doesn’t even acknowledge the ache in his jaw—instead, he glances down the alley for a sign, anything that might prove he didn’t just hallucinate everything. Unaware of the knot on the side of his head, a blistering headache has him press his head to the brick wall. “Fuck. Fuck, fuck, shit,” he murmurs. His entire body aches, feels like it’s on fire. Suspicion eventually dawns on him, and he clutches his half-healed shoulder while glaring at the young women >
00:03:55 [Wyck] > still kneeling off to one side. “Did you—did you see a guy here? At all?” Tugging on his shirt collar, he exposes the half-healed bullet wound and immediately pales several shades. “He shot me. He fucking shot me,” he says, then turns to Dawn and Eve. “Wh-what do you guys want. I don’t—I’m not a fucking shapeshifter or a, or a vampire.”

00:05:34 ( Dawn~Eve flips a coin => Pass )
00:10:15 [Dawn~Eve] Eve had got his wallet it seemed around this time, and was basically taking the cash or whatever else as she said, "Well loverboy, after you got shot by the mystery man, you took advantage of my poor girl here, and then we had make sure you paid up," she would then say his name (assumes its on id, if he doesn;t have fake ones), "Shannon.. pfft…" Eve couldn't keep a straight face as she burst out laughing, the cruel mean kind only a diva could give to a less popular person in high school. As Dawn would say, "We're the Gemini's, and I s-saved you… We didn't see a guy here… and guess…." she trailed off, as she adjusted her ring a little on her hand, obviously, magical mojo for Wyck's training or similar. As Eve would add, "Least all he did was shoot you, sometimes, surviving being savaged is much much worse, pfft… Shannon," again that snickering that led to bigger laughs as she pocketed the stuff. Dawn would then ask in a more concerned and genuine tone, "Are you o-okay now? »
00:11:42 [Dawn~Eve] I used what magic I could, and us Geminis are good at copying, but, I think, you shouldn't move around too much," and then held up the wine bottle in her offhand for Wyck, "Drink?" after all, she could sympathize with being taken advantage of. Eve would finally finish pocketing whatever cash, or similar items of value at this point she had rifled.

00:26:00 [Wyck] Uh, sorry Eve but Shannon makes like minimum wage at best. She might find a dollar and some spare change, if she’s lucky. Upon confirming that he’s been shot, Shannon’s tempted to just lay on the floor and let exhaustion take him. He’s done with today, he’s so fuckin’ done it’s ridiculous. His head is still throbbing and he can’t be arsed to mutter more than a disapproving groan as they have a small laugh at his name. They’re not the first to laugh at his name, and they won’t be the last. Also, he’s just been shot so, y’know. There are worse things. “Wouldn’t really call it saving, seeing as I still got shot—wait, did you do this?” He’d also been fed something, but luckily (?) it hasn’t yet affected him. He gestures toward his half-healed injury and he’d feel worse about thinking so poorly of them except Eve’s still having a jolly laugh at his expense. He seems adamant on ignoring Eve’s orders, Shannon shifting so that he’s sitting with his back pressed against the wall. Rummaging through his >
00:26:14 [Wyck] > pockets, he manages to tear off a piece of paper from his roll that he proceeds to scribble on with his black marker. When he’s done, the white paper with apparent gibberish on it is pressed to his wound. Closing his eyes, he quietly sets to mumbling, his voice practically inaudible as the letters take on a faint glow. It’s nothing spectacular or showy, but by the time he’s done the effects are clear—his skin, when he removes the paper, is almost spotless, save for a faint mark. Tentatively rolling his shoulder, he bites down on his lower lip. He’ll have to get the bullet lodged in the removed eventually but for now this is good. Motioning for Eve to return his wallet, he’d quickly lean forward and seize it—along with the bottle of wine—before she could pocket his things. “Fuck it.” If he’s gonna die, it may as well be drinking and in the company of two smoking hot (and only slightly bitchy) twins. “So do I get the names of my two saviors, or?” He’s being sarcastic—not so much >
00:26:25 [Wyck] > about the names, but.

00:32:20 [Dawn~Eve] Eve handed the wallet back with a look of disdain for the empty contents, but her eyes would perk up as she observed the magic, taking it in for later as one of the knuckle tattoos lit up briefly.. Five fingered discount maybe? Well, least it was their specialty to mimic things for later as she said, "Why? Don't get me wrong, love to shoot some men dead, but you really didn't do anything to poor Dawn here," as the other half would nod along. "Um Yes, I'm Dawn, this is Eve, might have heard of us.. Lot of the magical items around the place are made by Gemini's, well, the copies after the original is found," figuring it was a good time to advertise their main profession during the day and all. "And, uh, Eve, I think he meant did I heal it? The answer is… sorta, I can only copy things, so, was lucky you had healing magic was all." Eve would lick her lips at this time as she smiled down as the man drinking, "Very lucky indeed," she leaned forward, giving him more or less an eyeful>
00:34:44 [Dawn~Eve] of the clothes that a typical New Orleans Mardi Gras crowd wore, before, she said, "Got any more spells? Consider it payment for your… saviors, and maybe I'll make you savor this moment even longer," the eyelashes would flutter. Dawn would get a bit flushed to the face, as she said, "Uh! So yeah, Shannon, hope you're okay, if you need a place to crash, we live in a shoebox, but the couch at least can give you a place to nap."

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