12:29:10 [Lota] Yeup.
12:29:23 [Malum] I have no idea who they are.
12:29:35 [Malum] Because Crep and Obs are dead.
12:29:54 [Lota] Oh really? Huh.
12:30:16 Lota ponders if Malum is worth the trouble of trying to recruit.
12:36:03 Anzer enters this room
12:37:05 Anzer exits from this room
12:37:07 [Vilksen] o/
12:38:42 Abe~ enters this room
12:41:27 Teon The other bending backward was a peculiar sight, but it also creeped him out to the point that he shifted his right foot back to adopt a defensive stance. “What do I want? Isn’t it obvious?” When the other asked if he saw, his eyes shifted back toward the direction that the other came from before returning to face Malum as more questions came his way. Of course he saw! If he didn’t, then he wouldn’t have confronted him…or maybe he would have to see if he was another student. Either way, the situation wasn’t good and became grim when the other rushed toward him with a knife, which prompted him to take aim with his right arm as a gun barrel protruded from his wrist. ‘Madness…and a lot of it. If he’s reckless, I can probably take him alone.’ Fortunately, a confrontation didn’t happen as Malum’s mindset shifted to a state of fear and the knife he had dropped between his feet. “I’m Teon. If I wanted to hurt you, I would have already done it.” The barrel on his wrist vanished and he »
12:41:31 Teon » extended that right hand of his as a calm gesture for the other to take. However, Vilk came onto the scene and from the stance he took and his tone, Teon reviewed the situation in his mind. Either Malum was a good actor, or he was inadvertently set up, but logic could blow the circumstance out of the water. The weapon’s eyes closed and an eyebrow twitched with irritation. “Seriously? If you think I’m the culprit, then make that mistake, but why would I use a knife when I’m a weapon and why aren’t I covered in blood?” C’mon, Sherlock, put it together! Shifting his hands into his pockets, he didn’t have time for unnecessary questions and kept his attention primarily on Malum, since it was he that deserved the concern
12:43:06 Red_Novia enters this room
12:44:44 [Vilksen] Hey Novia.
12:45:08 [Red_Novia] Heyo, gunna shower and post Ichabod in. brb for a bit
12:45:47 Vilksen nods.
12:46:06 HustinSax tilts hat in greeting.
12:48:10 [Vilksen] Hey Hustin.
12:48:41 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] /Whois Lucifer* Tell me how you like him.
12:51:59 Malum looked up at Teon with relief and apprehension in a mix on his face, his hand did reach up for how, however, the stitches all over it bleeding a bit from the strain. His eyes then focused on Vilk and Kina and he shook his head to signal he was just fine. "He didn't hurt me, I don't know where the blood came from…I'm scared." His arms both wrapped around one of Teon's and he began to cry, his tears washing away some of the blood on his cheeks. "What is happening? I want to go home!" His personality from black hair to white hair was so drastically changed and he could understand some form of confusion in his actions or apprehension but he was being nothing but one hundred percent sincere.
12:52:41 Joan enters this room
12:53:06 [Kyra‘] So malum has Crona’s personality
12:53:40 [Malum] No.
12:53:54 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] Looks good, long as you think so =)
12:53:59 [Malum] Crona was influenced by madness and black blood, Malum is just fucked up because of things he has seen.
12:54:28 [Kyra‘] Crona’s personality was because of how medusa treated him
12:54:55 [Malum] It wasn't just that, he was also influenced by the blackblood madness inside of him.
12:55:11 [Malum] Although Crona would be Malum's cousin because of bloodlines…I forgot to add that.
12:57:00 [Joan] Everyone's related to the Gorgons.
12:57:12 [Kyra‘] Not Kyra
12:57:27 [Malum] I hate to be hipster here but Malum has been since the old rp.
12:57:39 Chaia is a witch/meister/weapon/kishin/deathchild
12:57:47 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] do you think he should know you?
12:57:57 Chaia fits in now.
12:58:03 [Joan] Hard to be a hipster when it’s always mainstream, Malum.
12:58:25 Vilksen looked over the scene before him and noticed that he did jump the gun but who wouldn't there was a kid bloody and another standing over him. Vilksen then rubbed the back of his head and Kina transformed back to normal and hit Vilksen on the back of the head. "Why were you blaming a student?" Kina said as Vilksen looked at her confused as she as well did think something was going on the Vilksen's attention went to the dagger as he walked up and grabbed it by the blade. "Whose dagger is this?" Vilksen asked holding it up to the two. While Kina stood back and looked to the sky.
12:58:27 [Malum] Fo shizzle.
12:58:33 Malum eats all the pussy.,
12:58:35 Nishiki enters this room
12:58:36 [Malum] Do I fit in now too?
12:58:48 Joan is hipster straight.
12:58:54 [Kyra‘] Nishiki! -glomps-
12:59:17 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] sure can, deputy, co-worker, whatever ya like
12:59:59 Nishiki goes to wave, but is then tackled.
13:01:50 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] alright then I guess deputy. By the way are you a graduate?
13:03:17 [Teon] Back from uafk, had to shovel.
13:06:18 [Red_Novia] oh shit
13:06:28 [Red_Novia] I gotta get to the dmv, like now. Ill be back in like an hour
13:06:32 Red_Novia exits from this room
13:06:46 Ciel enters this room
13:09:12 [Vilksen] Hey Ciel.
13:09:28 [Ciel ] Ello.
13:09:48 Teon Felt a sudden pressure around his arm when Malum clung to it and he sighed inaudibly. ‘That does it… no more walks alone.’ he thought to himself as he stared toward Malum with a softened expression. Whatever the other was going through, it must have affected him greatly and he was a danger to himself and anyone around him. Moving his opposite hand, he gently patted Malum on the head to calm him down. “I’ll take you home. You’re a student too, right?” If so, then he must have lived in the dormitories. When Vilk questioned them, a part of him really wanted to smack him over the head like his weapon did. “What would I need with a knife? Now’s not the time for questions anyway, can’t you see?” He gestured to Malum who clearly wasn’t in the right mindset to undergo an interrogation.
13:13:58 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] yeah, she’s old, or least rp wise i'm acting as such
13:14:10 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] compared to others, think like Stein from the anime
13:17:21 Malum looked over the teacher and his apparent weapon partner with a lump forming in his throat. His hand came to his chest, feeling where the dagger would usually be in his belt along his torso. "I guess it is mine.." He said almost inaudibly, his eyes closing when he felt a hand come to his black hair. It felt nice, the small gesture of kindness but for some reason he felt his stomach turning and he wanted to vomit. "A student? Yeah, I think so, maybe. I don't have a weapon yet but I am a student I suppose." Until he was done with what he needed to get done in the academy he had no choice but to attend, he needed a weapon before he could finish his father's work. "I am not actually sure where home is, to be completely honest. I don't know where to go right now, I just want to be away from here, something doesn't feel right about these streets." His eyes went to the alleyway that had the macabre circus within it, he didn't know what was down there but he knew it wasn't good."</I>
13:18:02 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] ah ok. Just wanted to make sure.
13:19:04 [Vilksen] Skip me Brb.
13:22:07 [Lota] Is the Talent Show over?
13:22:42 Noir enters this room
13:30:07 Ciel whistled while he worked, his apron being rubbed upon by his dirty hands that were just covered in icing and flour. "Valentines day is in just a few days, I need to get this done before then." His hair was up in a messy bun, his red and white dress was pinned up a bit to make room for his feet to move freely without catching and today he had an apron around his dress that was decorated in little sweethearts. He had at the current moment made more than a hundred chocolate snacks and was now working on the pastries inside of the Shibusen kitchens. His high heels clicked along the floor as he moved left and right, making more and more of the kitchen dirtier but smell so much sweeter. "I need vanilla extract…am I all out?!" The weapon just about had a tantrum as he opened every cabinet, he still had so much to make and he was out of vanilla! He was soon trudging his way into the storeroom to find vanilla extract when he stumbled across something even more magical…he found heart shaped —
13:30:37 Ciel - sprinkles! After grabbing both items he made his way back intot he kitchens to begin the task of making cupcakes.
13:32:18 Teon When the other admitted to the knife being his own, his heterochromic eyes turned downward as he wondered what would happen to the other. He knew that the instructor would discover the gruesome circus and the evidence was right in front of them, but what was done wasn’t particularly a crime as those animals were possibly strays and the only wrongdoing he committed was from a moralistic standpoint. Hearing that Malum was a student (or thought that he was) a bit of relief came to his face because it meant that he probably stayed in the dorms. Unfortunately, he couldn’t remember where his home was. “Well, I guess you can come back with me, then. You can stay in my room until you can remember.” This was probably a mistake, but he had plenty of room and it was better than leaving the other out of his sight.
13:33:51 Talion enters this room
13:38:48 Malum was an opportunistic type of psychopath and right now he truly was harmless, weird but harmless. "Really? That is really sweet of you." He said with a bit of a smile, his mouth stitches nearly ripping from the foreign movement. "I won't be much trouble, promise." He smiled again and began tugging on Teon to bring him to the main road to the DWMA. "You're a weapon right? Do you already have a meister? I bet he or she and you are super strong and could take down any witch you wanted, right?" Genuine curiosity, unbiased by his malicious intent washed over his face and he just about beamed up at the other, his lips pursed.
13:52:21 Teon is typing
13:55:40 Teon “Can’t leave you out on your own and afraid, you know.” Maybe he was too nice for his own good…or he was just suspicious of what the other did when he was alone. When he was tugged along after the other’s promise, he stared ahead toward the ever so distant DWMA in thought at the other spoke. “I’m not really partnered. I guess I could be considered autonomous and I’m pretty strong, but that came from self-training. There are many others stronger than I am and that just urges me to become stronger where I can make a difference.” He chuckled at the thought. “That and I hate being told to run away.”
13:56:11 Red_Novia enters this room
14:03:38 Skorrow enters this room
14:06:13 Skorrow exits from this room
14:06:26 Malum gave a little tilt of his head and scratched at his neck stitches before getting an idea. "Why don't you try to resonate with me? I need a partner and if we are gonna be in the same room anyway then why not? I MEAN…Only if you want to, I don't want to make you do something you wouldn't want to do." He gave a little rub of his cheek and pushed black strands of hair out of his face, looking up at Teon and trying his best not to look too eager. "What type of weapon are you? I can handle two weapons or two forms of one partner…I guess that is just my meister type."
14:06:44 Talion enters this room
14:19:53 Teon Resonate with someone he barely knew? Not to mention that the other had some issues with his mentality, but he had to admit that he felt an odd sensation of strength from him. a part of him also felt that if they were to resonate, he’d be obligated not to try anything unfavorable. “I guess we could. I shouldn’t be too hard to resonate with.” Giving a faint smile, he ran a hand through his hair and looked to see if anyone else was around. “Handguns…I transform into handguns—pistols.” Making gun firing gestures, he chuckled and turned to face Malum. “Alright then! Get ready.” With that said, a yellow light radiated from his person, enveloping it and shrinking into a small, singular orb of light that dispersed to reveal two yellow and black pistols for the other to take hold. If Malum were to grasp him, he’d feel the power of his Strong Soul adapting to accommodate his own for resonation.
14:27:07 Viktoria_Stein enters this room
14:27:48 Chaia drapes about Viktoria's shoulders.
14:28:12 Viktoria_Stein wears Chaia like a sexy scarf.
14:28:34 Chaia wins the Stein all the contests.
14:30:52 Viktoria_Stein drapes Chaia in silvers and awesome sauce.
14:31:17 Chaia is now worth a little bit more money and tastes a little more awesome.
14:32:16 [Red_Novia] ugh
14:32:34 Teon devours some devil's food cake.
14:32:34 Kyra‘ jelly
14:32:38 [Red_Novia] guys im having problems getting this car out. I gotta make a trip and I dont think ill have time before work when this is done
14:32:52 [Red_Novia] If we can just do Ichabods thingy tommorow, thatd help me out a lot
14:33:43 [Red_Novia] okay, tow trucks here. Sorry again guys
14:33:48 Red_Novia exits from this room
14:36:38 [Teon] Eh…
14:38:59 [Viktoria_Stein] Anything I miss?
14:41:44 [Teon] Not much. Just Malum killing animals and Teon talking to him before Vilk confronted them and now Teon and Malum are trying to resonate.
14:43:45 [Teon] Activity’s been low.
14:44:16 [Kyra‘] My hand hurts q.q
14:47:51 [Lota] Well quit spankin it.
14:54:23 [Kyra`] …
14:56:40 Chaia steals the Kyra.
14:56:42 Viktoria_Stein puts a sticker on Kyra’s shirt.
15:00:21 [Kyra‘] o.o
15:09:08 Collin` enters this room
15:09:26 [Collin`] Hoy
15:09:47 [Viktoria_Stein] Heeeey, hey, hey!
15:18:16 Niiro enters this room
15:19:21 [Collin`] Hoy Niiro
15:22:42 Kyra` whines and flails
15:24:56 [Viktoria_Stein] O.O
15:26:36 [Teon] >_>
15:28:50 Chaia releases the feline.
15:38:08 Ciel enters this room
15:38:18 Ciel wriggles back in.
15:42:05 [Teon] Webah
15:43:35 [Viktoria_Stein] o/
15:44:25 [Viktoria_Stein] If anyone would like to pick up where we left off last night, lemme know. ♥
15:44:28 [Ciel ] Hello everyone.
15:44:48 [Viktoria_Stein] I have the entrance post - unfortuantely not Hitoshi’s. But…
15:44:50 Ciel inches closer to Vik and pushes up her dress to sit under it.
15:44:53 [Ciel ] Yes, this is my home.
15:45:10 Viktoria_Stein is wearing surgical scrubs and a lab coat.
15:45:16 [Collin‘] Hoy Ciel
15:45:39 Viktoria_Stein only wears the uniform when it suits her.
15:45:43 Ciel hides in her lab coat then. Yes.
15:45:53 [Ciel ] Collin.
15:45:59 [Ciel ] You left me Q_Q
15:46:04 [Ciel ] With a creepy guy and his puppet.
15:46:22 [Teon] Last night was pretty disappointing.
15:46:29 [Collin`] Sleep is very important to me
15:46:39 [Ciel ] You brokoro my kokoro.
15:46:45 [Ciel ] Now you only get one valentine cake.
15:46:53 [Collin`] So is not failing lit
15:47:16 Teon shudders at Valentine’s Day.
15:47:25 [Ciel ] Oh! how did that go by the way>?
15:47:38 [Joan] Doki doki
15:47:46 [Viktoria_Stein] I had to leave early, and not many were here.
15:48:19 [Collin‘] I wrote 8 pages of pure bull in two hours. I wound up getting a 79 on it.
15:48:23 Viktoria_Stein is willing to let everyone whom wants to participate in the actual show go, but the final act is what I need everyone around for.
15:49:16 [Joan] DOKI DOKI DOKI DOKI
15:49:23 [Ciel ] too bad it wasn’t 69
15:49:28 [Ciel ] :^)
15:49:32 Teon is wondering if peeps are gonna actually participate. >_>
15:49:39 [Joan] final act?
15:49:43 [Ciel ] I wouldnt mind being part of a talent show.
15:49:49 [Collin‘] Too bad indeed
15:49:56 [Viktoria_Stein] Yes. The final act.
15:50:11 [Collin`] WELP, time for us to die
15:50:19 [Collin`] Everyone have a will drafted?
15:50:27 [Viktoria_Stein] And…. well… Huzzah!! :) I want to get everyone who would like to in. It’s supposed to be fun mixed with a plot point.
15:50:33 [Ciel ] please dont kill me i havent even been kissed desu -blushu sugoi sparkle-
15:50:39 [Teon] Everyone will bear witness to a Soulnado
15:50:42 [Ciel ] I just vomitted in my mouth a little typing that.
15:50:50 [Teon] Liu Kang will be our only hope.
15:52:05 Lota Is here for it.
15:52:20 [Viktoria_Stein] Fuckl. I didn't save the entrance post. BUT! If necessary, I shall retype a middle of the road thingy majig.
15:52:23 [Teon] That so reminds me of that video, Ciel.
15:52:23 [Kyra‘] I wanna take part but it hurts to type q.q
15:52:24 [Teon] XD
15:52:41 [Ciel ] Konnichiwa senpai, please notice me.
15:52:48 [Ciel ] I watch asian cartoons…i’m a weaboo.
15:52:49 [Chaia] all the fuckls.
15:52:57 [Ciel ] I will sing that song for the talent show.
15:53:03 [Ciel ] please dont fuckl
15:53:22 Collin‘ will be there at least to spectate
15:53:39 Teon should have sang the Booty Song.
15:54:09 [Teon] Look at the booty, show me the booty, huntin’ the booty, chasin' the booty.
15:54:25 [Teon] Huggin' the booty…… kickin' the booty.
15:54:38 Ciel has no booty to speak of.
15:55:27 Viktoria_Stein knows that feel.
15:56:33 [Collin‘] Dat Lord Death fight. (been rewatching the show)
15:56:36 Teon is cursed with bootilicousness
15:56:52 Ciel bakes for everyone but collin.
16:05:53 Viktoria_Stein is just…. a scrawny person. ;_;
16:11:30 Ciel is actually really bara irl…like it’s scary.
16:12:15 [Viktoria_Stein] Bara..?
16:12:43 [Ciel ] Muscular and uh, you seen free? like Makoto or Sousuke shapped
16:13:04 [Collin‘] /me enjoyed Free more than any straight man should have
16:13:09 Viktoria_Stein ….isn’t.
16:13:19 [Viktoria_Stein] Free!
16:13:23 [Viktoria_Stein] ♥
16:13:39 [Ciel ] I have to cosplay both Makoto and Sosuke this summer actually for our Free! Meetups.
16:14:49 Alexander‘ enters this room
16:14:56 [Viktoria_Stein] o7
16:15:02 [Viktoria_Stein] What’s shakin'?
16:15:09 [Alexander‘] Ooooooooh. Cosplaay.
16:15:28 [Collin`] http://i.imgur.com/2x2HWpi.jpg
16:15:40 [Ciel ] Collin, no.
16:15:41 [Alexander`] My friend and I are doing a Big Windup for AKON. He’ll be Mihashi. I'll be Abe. And we're going to be super cute
16:16:11 Teon enters this room
16:16:23 [Ciel ] I'm gearing up for anime boston im so psyched.
16:16:41 [Alexander‘] and I have all my other stupid cosplays done, too. Rock Lee, Bon Clay, Shunsui. All done. Then Frosch from FT is also just about done. bahahaha
16:16:45 [Lota] Excalibuur~ Excalibuur~. -hums the song-
16:17:37 Teon needs to cosplay Hitsugaya again.
16:18:24 [Alexander`] It’ll be my first time around Bleach Cosplayers. I wonder if they are all like I am. Tired of Kubo's shit. Just wanting the series to end. Tired of being trolled every other chapter.
16:18:27 Viktoria_Stein isn't sure who'd she cosplay.
16:18:50 [Viktoria_Stein] .. who she'd…
16:18:53 [Collin‘] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNPvUmQ56t0
16:19:10 [Alexander`] Naruto cosplayers were so catty and cringey. One Piece people are awesome. At least in Texas
16:19:14 Joan flops
16:19:23 [Joan] cosplay in general is pretty cringey
16:19:37 [Ciel ] Cosplay is fun!
16:20:14 Collin` wishes he had the moola and time to cosplay
16:20:24 Viktoria_Stein likes it when the people actually look fabulous.
16:20:37 [Alexander`] Collin. I spent very little on any of my cosplays
16:20:58 [Alexander`] It helps when you know how to make things or how to make what you need
16:21:04 [Collin`] It’s mostly the time thing.
16:21:25 [Collin‘] I spend too much time in the studio
16:21:28 [Alexander`] It does take time and energy. That’s true. I just graduated. So I have a ton of time for the moment. bahahahaha
16:26:01 Lota hasn't met any cosplay people that are 'cringey'
16:29:23 [Teon] I've met catty cosplayers.
16:29:43 Teon ponders what to post
16:30:42 [Alexander‘] I didn’t. Until there were a ton of Naruto people in one place. They were super catty towards eachother about how things were made. mad that they weren't the center of attention sometimes. And the jokes they made. My god. They. Were. Awful.
16:31:32 [Ciel ] Hetalians are pretty bad to each other up here.
16:32:45 [Collin‘] I live near the San Deigo Convention center, come comic con the town goes a bit to shit. Doesnt take many toxic people to ruin an event
16:34:03 [Alexander`] I’ve never been to Hetalia shoots. From what I've heard. Homestuck people have also been nasty to eachother sometimes
16:42:14 Hitoshi enters this room
16:42:26 [Kyra‘] Hitoshi bby!
16:43:05 Hitoshi wave
16:43:13 Hitoshi waves as well
16:43:28 [Collin`] Hoy
16:43:39 Ciel gives a pastry to Hitoshi.
16:43:48 Malum enters this room
16:46:11 [Collin`] Hoy Malum
16:46:18 [Malum] Yo.
16:48:35 Lota enters this room
16:49:48 [Collin`] Hoy Lota
16:51:25 Viktoria_Stein still has her offer up if anyone wants to be talented.
16:51:52 [Ciel ] I can try a little something with a pretty assistant.
16:52:44 [Viktoria_Stein] Collin’s pretty.
16:53:19 [Alexander‘] He is
16:53:22 [Ciel ] Collin is very pretty.
16:53:50 [Collin`] I’m gorgeous
16:54:14 [Ciel ] Ten out of ten.
16:54:19 [Ciel ] But can you dance?
16:55:52 [Collin‘] Like a white penguin with three left feet
16:56:02 Teon is up for rp if it’ll happen
16:56:14 [Ciel ] I shall have to teach you. Le sigh. If you have a little time for rp?
16:56:34 Malum tugs on Teon. Lets enter the talent show.
16:57:10 Teon leans on Malum. Maybe I can do another act.
16:57:40 [Collin‘] I’d love to but I have work in not too many minutes. I should be back on in only like, seven hours
16:58:08 [Joan] Brb
16:58:24 [Ciel ] My poor kokoro.
16:58:38 [Malum] We can do a shoot em up show.
16:58:55 Viktoria_Stein tells everyone in the first row to duck.
16:59:52 [Collin‘] Eh I teach Tae Kwon Do, it’s not a bad job
17:00:19 Viktoria_Stein eats Tai Pei.
17:00:21 [Ciel ] Oh, that actually sounds really fun.
17:00:49 [Viktoria_Stein] Or as my mother likes to say, "TEEEEEYEEEE PIIIIIIIIIIE."
17:00:54 [Hitoshi] ^
17:00:59 [Collin‘] It’s great fun. And great exercise
17:01:53 [Ciel ] Speaking of that, I have a lot of exercise I have to do. I do it before bed and when I wake up…hopefully by summer I wont be so pudgy.
17:02:45 Viktoria_Stein is like a hundred pounds. O.o
17:02:58 Viktoria_Stein wishes she had motivation to exercise.
17:03:59 [Alexander‘] So tinnnyyyyyyy
17:04:03 [Viktoria_Stein] Teon and Malum, d’you want me to post, or are you jumping in the talent show?
17:04:31 Hitoshi is so phat.
17:04:35 Viktoria_Stein mentioned that she was scrawny!
17:04:48 [Viktoria_Stein] Pretty Hawt and Tempting.
17:04:53 [Ciel ] I am 206 right now ever since i started Testosterone I just keep gaining muscle weight but i was chunky before so I have a lot of toning to do. ._.;;;
17:04:59 Viktoria_Stein wiggles her eyebrows and concurs.
17:05:13 [Malum] I dunno, i know i still gotta do this resonate thing with Teon.
17:05:24 [Viktoria_Stein] Do eeet.
17:05:52 [Viktoria_Stein] Ain't nothing wrong with being chunky. No one wants to cuddle a rock.
17:06:18 [Viktoria_Stein] Unless you're Patrick. Rocky was probably his best pet to date.
17:06:27 [Ciel ] It makes it hard to cosplay my free boys.
17:06:48 [Hitoshi] Twinkle Twinkle Patrick Star, I made myself a sandwich!
17:06:58 [Alexander‘] Be a buff Free Boy
17:07:42 [Viktoria_Stein] My mommy made the bread.
17:08:18 [Ciel ] I just have a tummy.
17:08:26 [Teon] So what’s going on?
17:08:45 Collin‘ is off to go teach. Catch y’all in a few hours
17:08:49 Collin‘ exits from this room
17:10:47 [Viktoria_Stein] Well… Malum still has to resonate with you, Teon.
17:11:23 [Malum] Aw yes.
17:11:27 [Malum] Make you crazy.
17:12:11 Viktoria_Stein pokes Ciel. Shhhh, it’s okay.
17:18:53 [Kyra‘] I got nothing q.q no booty, no tummy, no bosom Q.Q -is fucking tiny-
17:19:27 Viktoria_Stein has a bosom! For the win!
17:19:36 Hitoshi pats Kyra
17:19:47 [Kyra`] My bosom be small
17:20:06 Teon Resonate with someone he didn’t know? Well, considering the circumstances, he thought that it would be more beneficial than detrimental and he assumed that the other would be obligated not to do anything unfavorable if they were partnered and he seemed all right despite what happened to the animals in his “circus” of gruesomeness. Moving to stand in front of the other, he grinned and placed his hands on his shoulders. “Alright then! Let’s do it!” With that said, he stepped bac and his form exuded a brilliant light of yellow before he shrunk into a singular orb that dispersed to reveal twin black and yellow schemed pistols. Should Malum grasp the pistols, he’d feel the power of Teon’s Strong Soul adapting and adjusting in order to accommodate Malum’s own wavelength where they could resonate successfully.
17:20:27 [Viktoria_Stein] Size isn’t what matters. ^ ^ You can control an army with a smaller bosom, because MOST guys like boobs. Most. Not all.
17:20:37 Niiro obviouslly ha the best bosom here.
17:20:42 [Niiro] has*
17:20:59 [Viktoria_Stein] Puh-lease.
17:21:18 [Malum] -gropes Niiro's sweet boobage-
17:21:54 Niiro make slappy hands at Malum. Stoppit.
17:23:14 Kyra‘ Is jelly of everyone having bigger boobs than her
17:23:34 [Alexander`] lol
17:23:46 [Teon] Boobs aren’t everything. I don't see how girls fight with massive chests.
17:23:58 [Viktoria_Stein] There's a limit, I do agree.
17:24:04 Ciel pokes his non existent boobies.
17:24:38 [Viktoria_Stein] But those girls with MASSIVE boobs are usually heftier, so they fight with their weight, not really.. skill..
17:24:40 [Kyra‘] I’m glad I don't have boobs that big. Girls with boobs that big have back problems
17:25:01 [Hitoshi] ^
17:25:17 [Viktoria_Stein] HEY.
17:25:25 Viktoria_Stein doesn't actually have too many problems.
17:27:04 [Ciel ] Big boobs do cause a lot of issue which is hy i dont understand characters with big boobs in a fighter role.
17:27:10 [Ciel ] Seems like they would just make it harder.
17:27:27 [Viktoria_Stein] It depends on the actual boob size.
17:27:45 [Viktoria_Stein] Characters that roll up in here with triple Z's… errr..
17:27:50 Viktoria_Stein doesn't get it.
17:27:58 [Ciel ] I get confused as fuck.
17:29:15 [Niiro] Hey!
17:29:22 [Niiro] Don't talk about my Triple Z's like that!
17:29:39 Malum gave a little smile and nodded, he got into position and pushed his hair from his face, his own soul finally being released from his soul protect and growing larger. Once the guns were formed he took hold of both of them and closed his eyes, standing still and letting their energy combine. Once his soul protect was down his hair went white and his real wavelength began to dance and surge around them in a red and black array of dazzling light. His Madness wavelength began to surge more and more until it took over the both of them, his grin growing into an all out fit of laughter. "This feels amazing! Amazing!" White locks whipped around his face as he looked down to the guns in his hand, the souls of he and Teon nearly dancing together as he began to sway back and forth, gripping his guns tighter and tighter in his hands. "It has been so long since I had this feeling…lets go, lets go take a mission! A mission! I want to hunt, I want to kill something, don't you want to kill?"
17:31:09 [Malum] Niiro uses his boobs to fight, they are his weapon partner.
17:31:27 Viktoria_Stein pictures a pair of chest canons… dies…
17:31:41 [Malum] Me! Me! Me! style boob guns.
17:32:08 [HustinSax] Milk dat gun pun
17:32:20 [HustinSax] Your foes will be udderly defeated
17:32:38 Viktoria_Stein snorts.
17:32:38 [Alexander‘] Ugh. Puns.
17:33:02 [Malum] Boob puns.
17:33:20 [HustinSax] Lactose overdose on dem puns… they’re practically spilling out.
17:33:27 [Viktoria_Stein] Alex, are you the one who hates puns?
17:33:32 [HustinSax] Least they didn't go tits up
17:33:32 [Kyra‘] You mean like Meiri
17:34:14 [Viktoria_Stein] No.. sorry.. wrong RP.
17:34:23 [Viktoria_Stein] Someone else hated them. Hmmm..
17:34:55 [Malum] Like half the girls in the rp xD
17:34:59 [Malum] Boobs for days.
17:35:08 [Malum] Gotta push them all together and make a water bed.
17:36:02 Viktoria_Stein looks at her chest ICly… isn’t sure what she's supposed to be seeing.
17:36:44 [HustinSax] exchangeable boobs
17:36:53 [HustinSax] requip C cups!
17:37:14 Viktoria_Stein likes her negative A cups.
17:37:17 [HustinSax] (due to stitching soul wave)
17:37:25 Teon types.
17:37:35 [HustinSax] but wouldnt you use.. BOOB BARRIER?
17:37:44 [Teon] is anyone else going to rp?
17:37:46 [Kyra‘] Kyra has B ^^
17:38:02 [Viktoria_Stein] Yes.
17:38:06 [Kyra`] Kyra has more boob than I do! Q.Q
17:39:44 Viktoria_Stein just… hushes ’bout RL boob size.
17:41:03 [Joan] ft ft ft
17:41:18 [Joan] 17:33:32 [Kyra‘] You mean like Meiri
17:41:20 [Joan] I saw that
17:41:52 Joan exits from this room
17:41:58 Meiri enters this room
17:42:12 [Malum] Haha busted.
17:43:20 Meiri informs Kyra that she dominates maids monthly!!
17:43:25 Renfield enters this room
17:43:36 Teon When their wavelengths combined, it felt invigorating and he felt that he could take on the world; the fear of stronger enemies no longer apparent. The strange meister definitely had some strength to him and if he dual-wielded, he must have had some unique, high-level skill. However, the other’s Madness soon became apparent and enveloped him with its influence. Fortunately, with a pulsation of his strong soul, a minor physical alteration occurred that shifted his hair to black and his eyes to red and his mindset became more…aggressive. “A mission would be cool right now. But do you really think they’ll let us go with this stupid talent show going on?” It didn’t take a genius to know that with the deaths that occurred in and around the school, the show was to take students’ minds off of it and let them unwind with a good, social time.
17:43:56 [Renfield] ’Lo all.
17:44:20 [Viktoria_Stein] 'Loooooo!
17:44:44 Renfield waves!
17:44:52 Viktoria_Stein shrugs. Boobs are boobs.
17:45:01 [Renfield] Hooters!
17:45:02 Hitoshi waves to Renfield, and goes back to typing….stuff.
17:45:07 Renfield wiggless fingers!
17:45:08 [Kyra‘] …
17:45:11 Kyra` Gropes Meiri
17:46:12 Meiri is groped!!
17:46:31 Lota wonders if anyone has come by with the boobs madness yet.
17:46:45 Kyra` Does things to Meiri >:L
17:47:08 [Viktoria_Stein] So publicly, too..
17:47:29 [Kyra`] I’m a kitty. Not shy about such things :P
17:47:30 Renfield dominates ladies/people with his hervorragende Reden Fähigkeiten and schrulligen Spaß Persönlichkeit!
17:47:50 Renfield brow waggles, shit eating grinaccompanied!
17:47:59 [Chaia] You just said something dirty, didn't you.
17:48:11 [Renfield] Oh yes.
17:48:15 [Renfield] Very.
17:48:22 Renfield licks lips.
17:48:29 [Viktoria_Stein] He's exaggerating.
17:48:53 Chaia pulls Renfield's head into her boobage. Smothers him.
17:48:53 [Renfield] Viktoria would know most of all.
17:48:55 [Malum] Ren, first of all. I will bend you over a table if you try to dominate me.
17:49:01 [Malum] Second of all, respect the ladies.
17:49:17 Renfield has accomplished SE RP achievement one; boob smothering.
17:49:29 [Renfield] PArdon….WILLING boob smothering.
17:49:42 Niiro accomplished that a <I>long<I> time ago. You're late R.
17:49:46 [Viktoria_Stein] He's overcompensating!! Don't let him lie.
17:49:51 [Niiro] I'm done with tags.
17:49:55 Renfield will use those great things he mentioned to make it not so, oh Malum!
17:50:16 Viktoria_Stein pets Niiro.
17:50:19 [Teon] Can the OOC chill?
17:50:38 [Renfield] Well, now we have the same accomplishment, Badger!
17:50:41 Renfield shuts it.
17:50:48 Ciel enters this room
17:52:49 [Viktoria_Stein] o/
17:53:11 Akiba enters this room
17:53:31 [Viktoria_Stein] \o/
17:54:08 Malum felt his neck crack as he gave a little jolt of it, his eyes going from Teon to the school where he ran quickly, his feet nearly leaving the ground. "Fuck the talent show! I want blood on my hands, I want to see the life leave something's eyes! I need to kill!" Malum's grin became much too large for his face as he reached the board, looking over each mission and sighing. "This isn't fun…we should go kill a person! Right? A personw ould be super fun to gun down and watch bleed out!" He chuckled and began to skip, holding Teon tight in his hands. "We could eter the talent show and shoot everyone else in it and then we could win be default! That also sounds really fun, what do you think?" The deranged child just about turned his head a full 180 before staring at one of the guns, pulling it really close to his face and pointing the barrel at the space between his eyes. "Or I can blow my head off, that also sounds fun.."
17:58:37 HustinSax tilted her hat and watch the talent show from the corner (legit post, just observing, but feel free to skip, won't post til action occurs here).
17:59:19 [HustinSax] (tho i can add a para of watching things, just, seems a little overdone)
18:00:37 [Akiba] Am I alive yet…? D=
18:00:59 Ciel shall heal you.
18:01:09 [Ciel ] Is Aki still injured?
18:01:14 [Viktoria_Stein] NO.
18:01:17 [Renfield] Hm…Would soon/now be a good time foR Rens act?
18:01:31 Viktoria_Stein is making him a zombie, backoffCiel,youbeautifullyandrogynousbitch.
18:01:37 [Hitoshi] If you want to, go ahead.
18:01:48 [Viktoria_Stein] ^
18:01:52 Renfield can wait, doesnt have the post types, atm.
18:02:01 [Ciel ] Q_Q
18:02:17 Viktoria_Stein still loves you! ♥
18:02:29 [Renfield] typed*
18:02:44 Akiba is ded.
18:03:39 Viktoria_Stein is going to reanimate the hell outta' him.
18:03:54 [Viktoria_Stein] Or into him, depending.
18:04:08 Teon just sees talk
18:07:04 [Akiba] >_>
18:12:18 Teon When their wavelengths combined, it felt invigorating and he felt that he could take on the world; the fear of stronger enemies no longer apparent. The strange meister definitely had some strength to him and if he dual-wielded, he must have had some unique, high-level skill. However, the other’s Madness soon became apparent and enveloped him with its influence. Fortunately, with a pulsation of his strong soul, a minor physical alteration occurred that shifted his hair to black and his eyes to red and his mindset became more…aggressive. “A mission would be cool right now. But do you really think they’ll let us go with this stupid talent show going on?” It didn’t take a genius to know that with the deaths that occurred in and around the school, the show was to take students’ minds off of it and let them unwind with a good, social time.
18:15:07 [Teon] Darn copy/paste
18:15:10 Teon “Going out and looking for something won’t really get us anywhere, especially when we don’t know where to look yet.” Closing his eyes, he crossed his arms as he floated in the dimension of his weapon form. “Do you really think that gunning down a random person is a good idea?” Considering that he wasn’t a death scythe yet, he really couldn’t guarantee victory, but he didn’t know Malum’s capabilities just yet. When another suggestion came up, Teon scoffed and practically shook in Malum’s hands. “Does your loose screw affect your brain too? You do that and you’ll have the whole school after us, dumbass!” His personality really took a turn and he chuckled from the other’s last suggestion. “What would be the point of us resonating then? Shooting yourself doesn’t seem all that fun.”
18:20:55 Hitoshi The Shibusen Talent Show was well under way, and there were many participant willing to go up on stage, to humiliate themselves wow the crowd with many spectacles and tricks to perform for the masses. It looked to be at least a hundred students, wanting to show Shinigami-sama what they had, in hopes that he would notice them. Senpai notice me uguu. But, it appeared the judge was pretty strict this time around. For it was none other than Alexander-san, and he was pretty rough on the judgingto ay the least. "Two out of eight." Is what he gave the last performance, and somewhere off in an alternate dimension, one would think there was a British judge for a tv show, that judged the same exact way Alexander did, but what were the odds eh? Anyways while this went on, a yawn would escape the lips of one of the spectators of this performance, as an annoyed groan passed by his lips. The butler like male sat..or rather stood in the back of the audience, with Stein Sr. and his family, next to the giant
18:21:05 [Hitoshi] mirror that housed the man himself, Lord Death or a people liked to call him..Shinigami-sama. "This is so boring. If you don't mind I'm just gonna blow this popsicle stand. Go and find something else to do." he'd wait for a response from the Stein family, but it appeared they were too absorbed with the showings to pay attention to the male's comment. That was good enough of a confirmation for him to leave, so he would turn on his heel, and begin to leave the area of Shibusen where they were hosting the talent show, arms going behind his head and a permanent scowl on his lips. Where was he going? He didn't know! Shinigami-sama himself would take note of the boy leaving, and a slight turn of his head would indicate this. From the way he turned his head, it almost looked like he would just pop out of the mirror any moment now! A few minutes pass, and Hitoshi would be seen moving down the long staircase that led to the school. "Guess I'll go check up on their "project" if that's
18:21:24 [Hitoshi] what they wanna call it." To the Stein residence he'd go! "I thought Stein-sama told you to stay out of the Laboratories unless you're with him or Miss Viktoria? They know of your…destructive tendencies." A dismissive wave of the hand would be presented to himself. "Bah. I'm not gonna touch him. If I did he'd probably like…explode or something?" What was this project? Well…they were tasked with retrieving a certain something, and for the past few days both Steins were working on this project, hellbent on completing it. Hitoshi wasn't allowed to reveal the details on this, but this project would probably put Viktoria's experiment on Wilbur to shame.
18:21:36 Hitoshi goes back to doing Hitoshi things.
18:24:09 [HustinSax] (will post after Malum to them)
18:24:24 [Viktoria_Stein] That Simon reference.
18:26:06 Renfield is close to getting his stuff doooone…
18:30:30 [Akiba] Is Hotishi about to wake me up?
18:30:43 [Akiba] Do iiiiit.
18:30:44 Viktoria_Stein is about to appear from the aether to mess with you.
18:31:07 —Noir enters this room
18:31:36 Malum sighed and nodded a few times, swaying side to side before giving a bit of a huff. "You're right, maybe we should just crash the talent show?" His fingers gripped along the triggers on both of Teon's gun forms and he just about began to dance on the spot. "Lets go laugh at the people in the show, right?" He shrugged and began to skip down the hallway, his eyes going wide and his grin taking over his face, he didn't look right in the least bit. "I like you, you sure are smart, we could have just lost everything back there." He chuckled and then rose both of Teon's pistols to his face to look them over. "I never had just one weapon before, what kind of powers do you have, anyway?" Malum became curious, his madness wavelength was still seeping all through the school, he was just waiting to be approached, there was no fun in attacking someone who didn't come to him first, was there?
18:31:40 [Akiba] >_>
18:33:24 Viktoria_Stein facedesks.
18:33:31 Viktoria_Stein goes to type …. something.
18:33:38 [Renfield] Hooter!
18:33:44 Renfield hands a mouse, gets it doneeee…
18:33:52 [Akiba] ?
18:33:56 [HustinSax] The cowgirl had been watching the Talent Show from the corner, and considering she agreed with Hitoshi's stance on the manner, and no attacks were going to come to such a large gathering, would step away from her corner to sense the trouble on the wind. Call it soul perception, call it a hunch, whatever it was, for the Scythe Marshal Sax, the unnatural and madness laden resonance would make her shoulder blades itch as she got closer to the gunning pair, stepping in front of them as the dull glint of her badge gave notice to Malum she was part of the law, a sheriff in the wild wild west of the lawless Death City, her hand was hovering over her revolver's handle as she said. "Pardner, something be a might off with you, so, why not come with me to the local saloon and take a load off?" The other hand would raise the brim's tip, so her eyes could be seen more clearly by Malum, her stance and position indicating she was ready to do a quickdraw to incapacitate the man before he got loose like a greased pig in >
18:34:02 [HustinSax] a rodeo. Dramatically, a tumbleweed would pass between them in the hallways (despite being indoors) as they got to this more stand still moment between the mad man and his weapon versus the solo marshal and her weapons.
18:36:03 —Noir devours mouse in one bite.
18:36:06 [Renfield] Incoming excess.
18:36:23 Renfield “Ok.” Renfield said to himself, yawning and stretching a bit as he moved. Truth be told? The day after hangovers usually made him sleepy, but that was fine, his talents were more pronounced when his mind was sleepy, as was his ability to give a flying fuck about his well being. An act or two, good ones, went off and Renfield clapped, being 'dark and mysterious' among the crowd like before, despite not being dressed for a 'honorable' part (tank top, baggy black pants and just socks on his feet, not any shoes), but it was what it was. “My turn.” He grunted after it appeared another act wouldnt go on, stepping forward, to the side, then up and up until eventually he was center stage. For a moment, he let his visage get soaked in by the gathered crowd, that lazy tired uberly-underdressed frame of his, a hand coming up to block off another groggy yawn as his eyes scanned the crowd then for a split second, peered up. Where to? The distant powers that be, of course! He couldnt see them to well, but-
18:36:34 Renfield - he saw them good enough and thus with a sigh, and a slightly frowning and glaring crowd (because really, who would want a 'bum' like Renfield on stage when he looked like that?) the act began with a click. Voices were hushed at the loud resounding click of Renfields swiss army knife being drawn from its pocket, the largest 'blade' on it sticking out of its body, twinkling lightly as Renfield held it up in his left hand. He looked over the crowd and suddenly, he poked the sharp tip into the palm of his hand, the action causing it to bleed a bit without much pressure, Renfield emphasizing how sharp the damn thing was in that moment before nodding and suddenly began pacing back and fourth. The kicker to this little motion? The Swiss army knife was twirled in a small blur inbetween his fingers, not his hand. As he moved, he was sure to keep the moving blade on the side the audience could see, constantly 'slow-moving', on direction then the next, before he-
18:36:45 Renfield -suddenly stopped and holding the inbetween his pinky and ring finger, suddenly tossing it up and over the air in an arc and capturing it with the same fingers of his other hand, in the same way; inbetween them. He repeated the walking and blade twirling motion, only with his left hand and whenever the blade was moved on the opposite side of the crowd he held said blade above his head, only to move it back down while moving the thing. Suddenly he stopped again, turned towards the crowd, smiling faintly before tossing the thing higher in the air. At that moment, the same arm he had been using to twirl it moved down to the bottom band of his shirt, to which, it snatched and yanked up. A sigh had to be done as the blade descended back down, right to Renfields head, only for his right arm to suddenly snatch up, while his eyes were focused on that portion of shirt removing, and grab the knifes blade inbetween his ring and middle finger. Silence, hopefully awe, hopefully entertainment-
18:37:04 Renfield -and Renfield smirked, repeating the motion only with his left hand and finally, just as he was removing the shirt over his head, he tossed the knife up again and took the shirt off over his head (nifty little scrawny scarred German pale torso on display after that, ogle I say, OGLE!), the blade nearly on his head Blade first before both arms came up and caught the blade just an inch from his head, inbetween both middle fingers. Renfield was all smiles as he lowered the blade to his chest level (at one point stopping, motioning the blade to his lips to politely 'hush' any rowdy or about to cheer crowd members), intaking another breath of air before tossed it up, in front of him, an odd arc like throw while he suddenly lifted his left foot up to his left hand, said hand swooping and removing the sock to whichthe foot on cue would shoot forward, the sound of flesh 'thunking' against metal going off as his big toe and second biggest toe caught the thing blade first, the sharp side-
18:37:27 Renfield – pointing in towards the skin of said toes. Renfield kept the post, his foot a foot and a half or two above ground before he lowered it and swung it up. He released the blade in the grasp of his toes and did the same motion with his right foot/sock, catching it in the same fashion and standing completely still as he flexed all the muscles in his legs, shut his eyes and flung the blade in a straight line up in the air, the thing spinning wildly, circle after circle being down before it began to descend. Eyes gradually opening, Renfield opened his mouth a bit, body tensed as he took one step forward. There was a hard sound of metal meeting something like 'bone', and Renfields head turned, a gasp going off as his face was hidden from the crowd, the tension thick as blood as Renfields foot seemed to slide forward against its will, some in the crowd rising, as if to assist the German before finally his had turned. There was a smile on his face, but it was obstructed some by the blade of the swiss army-
18:37:30 Renfield – knife held inbetween his teeth and gradually, oh so gradually, the very top of the blades point sticking out of the right side of his face. He spat the knife into his right hand, did a little twirl, then clicked the blade back into place, bowing. Boos? Cheers? Demands to put his shirt and socks back on (or strip further, never know!)? Renfield didnt know, but…He put his well being on the line, surely, and if anything at that, maybe his daring and risk would win a pair of eyes or two and maybe a smidgen of respect. None the less, when prompted, he'd pace off the stage, if anything, happy with himself, despite the small hole in the side of his face which was bleeding a little but, aw well!
18:38:06 Viktoria_Stein won't be doing anything like that tonight.
18:38:32 [HustinSax] wow
18:38:34 [Hitoshi] This is where Alex pops in and says 2/8.
18:41:03 [Alexander‘] That’s too high
18:41:25 Ciel enters the competition with baked goods.
18:41:46 [Viktoria_Stein] Ciel will win because Alex wants to eat him.
18:41:52 Renfield had the idea in mind for a bit!
18:42:08 Viktoria_Stein was actually thinkking of having people role a 1d20.
18:42:19 [Renfield] ?
18:42:31 [Viktoria_Stein] .. I meant 10, but… to get their score.
18:42:33 ( Kyra‘ rolls 1d20 => 9 )
18:42:36 [Kyra`] XD
18:42:40 [Ciel ] I am not food Q_Q
18:42:46 ( Kyra` rolls 1d10 => 2 )
18:42:48 [Kyra`] Q.Q
18:42:52 Teon Uncrossing his arms, he reclined as he floated and heard Malum’s idea. “Wouldn’t be much of a crash. The place is lame, but it’s an idea.” He shrugged and thought that it was better than just taking out their aggression on something. When the other complimented him, his eyes widened and he averted his gaze with a somewhat shy expression. “D-Don’t say things like that, but thanks. We have to think about what we’re gonna do first before we do it; each action has a consequence.” As for his powers, he had to think because he hasn’t had a meister before. “Well, I can alter your perception and I have “trick” shots that are normal or have electrical effects. And my resonance…let’s keep that a surprise.” Chuckling afterward, he heard a familiar voice and groaned. “Oh great. Just tell her that we’re headed to the talent show.”
18:42:52 ( Renfield rolls 1d10 => 10 )
18:42:58 [Niiro] Poor Kyra.
18:43:02 [Kyra`] Fuck you ren >:L
18:43:09 [Renfield] Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee…
18:43:09 [Kyra`] -Huffs and goes to her corner-
18:43:15 —Noir sits on niibro’s head.
18:44:15 Niiro has become one with the owl.
18:44:29 Teon thinks better, neutral judges could be more reliable.
18:45:08 [Renfield] FOR GERMANY! Das komplett bedeutet nicht ALLES ANDERE ALS SIE ALLE denke, es wird!!
18:45:19 [Alexander‘] I’m as Neutral as it comes. For you talentless kids.
18:45:25 Ciel covers Ren's mouth. No.
18:45:44 Renfield also scratches down 'One with the owl' as a title for something.
18:45:50 [Renfield] Mmmmmm!
18:45:53 Renfield is silenced.
18:45:53 [Teon] Or three rolls that can be added for a total score.
18:46:29 [Viktoria_Stein] Ren, du Schlampe!!
18:47:02 Kyra‘ Scratches Renfield >:L
18:47:11 [
Noir] ¯_(ツ)_/¯
18:47:40 [Renfield] Nein du!
18:47:47 Renfield was scratched! "Gah!"
18:47:56 Malum has a piercing fucking migraine, why this.
18:49:31 [Malum] Brb i need pills.
18:49:40 [Kyra`] My hand has been hurting all day q.q
18:50:42 [HustinSax] ewww Kyra… try a tennis ball rolling over the forearm area
18:50:54 [HustinSax] soft tissue breakdown as well as tendon relief is awesome
18:51:44 [Kyra`] Why did you say Ewww >.>
18:52:20 [HustinSax] Cuz… I dont like pain… soreness is good… pain means theres a loss of muscle mass, and other issues deeper lying usually
18:52:35 [HustinSax] nor for others to experience it
18:53:04 [Kyra`] It’s cause i've been playing on my ps3 all day
18:53:50 [Kyra‘] I think it’s just cramping cause i've had it set in that same position all day playing Thief q.q
18:54:19 [HustinSax] yeah, game hand.. try the ball thing if ya got anything similar
18:54:41 [HustinSax] i had that issue too, after some pullups and gaming a day, was super painful, till i snapped it out, you can stretch about everything
18:54:47 [HustinSax] but the hand muscles i noticed like that
18:55:14 [HustinSax] you can strecth everything.. but the hand muscles need the ball*
18:55:20 [Kyra‘] I don’t have any tinnes balls or anything like that q.q
18:55:44 [HustinSax] hmm, roller pin, pvc pipe, even a round rock could be ok
18:55:45 [Kyra‘] I have a drier ball but that has the little spokes things on it o.o (There blunt and plastic though so no pain)
18:56:02 [HustinSax] yeah drier ball totes works, some of the roller stuff is spikey
18:56:14 [HustinSax] just roll it a lot, try to use your bodyweight on it, like on a carpet floor
18:56:36 [HustinSax] or just do it by hand if you’re super strong at pushing things
18:57:01 [HustinSax] forearm is usually hand tho, hope it works (crosses fingers)
18:58:09 [Kyra‘] thanks
18:59:37 [Kyra`] Do i roll it around in the palm of my hand or on my forearm
19:01:13 [HustinSax] you can do both, i usually start forearm tho, depends on what part is pained, but the palm is good for the last relief
19:01:37 [HustinSax] all connected usually, if you need get the bicep area too, but if its hand, usually just forearm
19:01:43 [Kyra`] Most of the pain is on the ball palm part of my thumb
19:02:00 [HustinSax] yeah, prolly forearm then, and heel of palm usually
19:02:17 [HustinSax] the spots that connect to it basically need release
19:02:53 [HustinSax] usually its like blinding pain for a moment when ya roll over it, and then it feels squishy/smooth after, or should for the correct release feel
19:03:43 [Kyra`] I think what i really need to do is just let the hand sit flat for the night, and maybe take a break from the ps3 t omarrow
19:04:17 [Kyra`] I’ll try the ball thing though. Thank you.
19:04:22 [Kyra‘] With that. Goodnight everyone
19:07:05 [Renfield] Night!
19:08:47 [Teon] Later
19:12:43 [HustinSax] cya Kyra
19:15:32 [Chaia] nini kyra
19:16:04 Chaia also scoots out for a bit,. got some work to do before heading home. bbs~
19:17:01 Renfield nods.
19:17:05 [Meiri] tuk tuk
19:19:00 [Renfield] ?
19:19:13 Viktoria_Stein applauds Ren.
19:19:18 ( Viktoria_Stein rolls 1d10 => 4 )
19:19:23 Viktoria_Stein gives him a four.
19:20:30 [Renfield] …
19:20:32 [Renfield] -_-
19:20:47 [Viktoria_Stein] It was the dice!
19:20:51 Viktoria_Stein swears!
19:21:30 Renfield grumbles, kicks a stone and goes off losing!
19:24:00 ( Viktoria_Stein rolls 1d10 => 5 )
19:24:37 Renfield growls, huffs, sad-struts off.
19:24:38 [Viktoria_Stein] .. Better?
19:24:46 ( Viktoria_Stein rolls 1d100 => 36 )
19:26:19 Renfield is fine,w asnt serious, was jsut glad to post that, really.
19:26:44 [Viktoria_Stein] Good… because that becomes a 3.6…!
19:26:51 [Viktoria_Stein] ♥
19:27:16 [Renfield] 'K!
19:29:28 [Viktoria_Stein] Shh, I'm kidding. I don't know how to judge these.
19:29:40 [Viktoria_Stein] That's why it's left to our charming Alex.
19:30:07 [Renfield] <_<
19:30:09 [Renfield] Perfect!
19:31:15 [Alexander‘] <3
19:31:40 Renfield grumbles.
19:32:56 [Akiba] Aaaand I’m back from uafk
19:33:12 [Renfield] wb.
19:33:14 Viktoria_Stein stabs something in their contractile vacuoles.
19:33:28 ( Viktoria_Stein rolls 1d10 => 5 )
19:33:44 [Kyra‘] -beat Ren- WOO!
19:33:53 [Akiba] Thankya
19:33:57 [Renfield] o_o
19:33:59 [Viktoria_Stein] Weeebeeee.
19:34:06 [Teon] >.>
19:36:01 Viktoria_Stein is going to need you.. tomorrow… I do believe… Akiba.
19:36:44 [Kyra`] Nuu dun use Akiba!
19:36:48 [Akiba] >_> Me…?
19:36:53 [Akiba] For what?
19:36:55 [Kyra`] I’ll help! -hisses at akiba-
19:37:08 [HustinSax] guessing Malum is out, so am I then
19:37:36 ( HustinSax rolls 1d20 => 12 )
19:37:49 HustinSax knocks him out, takes him to the nurse's, the end.
19:38:06 [HustinSax] so we're not rp locked
19:38:38 Niiro feels like he missed something.
19:38:57 Alexander‘ always feels like that
19:40:17 [Niiro] Oh by the way I forgot to mention Alex. I now know what true insanity is. I finally caved and watched that video from like this morning.
19:40:43 [Renfield] o_O
19:40:51 [Alexander`] Piece by Piece
19:40:57 [Alexander`] Your mind falls apart
19:41:14 [Alexander`] So at the very end. You feel like you’ve accomplished something
19:41:32 [Viktoria_Stein] Or…. you die.
19:41:47 [Meiri] »
19:42:08 [Renfield] …?
19:42:40 [Alexander‘] http://youtu.be/8qMtsir0l9k
19:42:52 Nishiki enters this room
19:43:22 [Viktoria_Stein] <.<
19:43:25 [Viktoria_Stein] >.>
19:43:28 Kyra` Pulls Nishiki’s ear. Were you been mister >:L
19:43:45 Nishiki has been places.
19:43:58 Kyra‘ Tugs on the ear
19:44:00 [Renfield] …No thanks.
19:44:05 Nishiki flails
19:44:32 [Kyra`] You owe me the finest fish dinner death city has to offer >:L
19:46:12 Nishiki waves a hand. Minor details.
19:46:28 [Kyra`] !!!!!!!!
19:46:34 Kyra` Yanks on the ear
19:46:55 Nishiki cries
19:46:56 Kyra` Infact Drags Nishiki back to there dorm by his ear >:L
19:47:01 Teon flips his hair behind a mic and shakes his torso. "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT" -end of act
19:47:03 [Nishiki] Fine geez fish dinner!
19:47:14 [Kyra`] yay!
19:47:22 Kyra` Curls up in Nishiki’s lap and enjoys the fish dinner
19:47:26 [Niiro] Teon please. Don't make me relive the pain.
19:47:39 [Noir] Teon, you're gonna trigger Alexander's ptsd.
19:48:11 Alexander‘ curls into a ball
19:49:10 [Renfield] <_<
19:49:15 [Renfield] To mny alrights to be…alright.
19:49:21 Viktoria_Stein tackles Ren.
19:49:58 Renfield was tackled!
19:50:02 [Renfield] /floored!
19:50:09 [Renfield] Wutyouwantswedish!?
19:50:27 Viktoria_Stein isSwiss,youhingerdingerdurgen.
19:51:17 [Renfield] …
19:51:25 [Renfield] My mistake!
19:51:43 [
Noir] hey niibro if we play league again tonight let’s all be twinsys and do something exciting like be bean sprouts and then we'll all play a plant/tree
19:51:53 [Noir] which i think that's only mao and zyra
19:52:19 [Niiro] I call tree.
19:52:34 [
Noir] i call slut plant
19:52:58 [Noir] or we could do something more exciting like lets all be in a gang
19:53:20 Niiro is already in a gang.
19:53:44 —Noir knew something was off about him.
19:53:56 [Akiba] Oh, Leeeaaague.
19:54:34 Niiro throws up gangsigns and tries to gangsta walk, but falls on his face and cries.
19:54:46 [
Noir] i read that as an aspirated sigh
19:54:54 [Noir] LOL
19:55:04 [Renfield] >_>
19:55:09 Renfield pats Badger.
19:55:20 [Renfield] That'll do, Badger, that'll do.
19:56:34 [Viktoria_Stein] Fun Fact: In Uzbek, "Dinga" means "Religion."
19:56:53 [Teon] OMG
19:57:06 Renfield squints.
19:57:14 [Teon] That video actually sounds sooooo cool at 0.5 speed.
20:00:32 [Renfield] Woosh.
20:00:57 Heili enters this room
20:01:08 [Teon] The vid Alex posted.
20:01:21 Renfield knows!
20:01:26 [Hitoshi] o/ Heili.
20:01:27 Heili exits from this room
20:01:48 [Teon] You jerk, Hitoshi.
20:01:58 Hitoshi sits in a corner.
20:02:09 Viktoria_Stein pets her Weapon.
20:02:38 Kyra‘ Gives Hitoshi lots of love and attention so he feels better
20:02:43 Renfield points and laughs!
20:02:55 Viktoria_Stein turns Ren into a brautwurst.
20:03:18 Renfield is now a sausage.
20:03:21 [Renfield] Weeeeee.
20:03:24 Renfield does sausage things.
20:03:37 Viktoria_Stein guttered out with that statement.
20:04:06 Renfield sausages up the town!
20:04:31 Renfield can now ask. "Hey, wanna see a sausage!" and not have people snicker and be like: "Tee hee…Possible dick joke."
20:04:35 [Viktoria_Stein] You will not soil the innocence here.
20:04:36 Kyra` Scratches Rens sausages for being a gutter person >:L
20:04:47 [Viktoria_Stein] …
20:04:52 [Viktoria_Stein] Kyra, noooooooo!
20:04:56 [
Noir] soiled it
20:05:01 [Noir] SOILED IT
20:05:05 [Renfield] You only have yourself to it!
20:05:08 [Renfield] …To blame for it!
20:05:10 [Renfield] *
20:05:21 Kyra` Dusts hands and walks away
20:05:23 [Renfield] You made me this way…
20:05:37 [Hitoshi] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfiGyhfQeLI
20:05:37 Renfield was the sausage, gets scratched again.
20:05:42 [
Noir] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfiGyhfQeLI
20:05:45 [Noir] YES
20:05:49 [
20:06:02 [Renfield] …Theres a pun in there, but I dun think I’ll sa it.
20:06:04 [Renfield] say*
20:06:15 [Viktoria_Stein] ERMAHGERD.
20:06:26 [Kyra‘] 20:05:37 Renfield was the sausage, gets scratched again. <— see He got it.
20:06:33 [Renfield] Spongebob is looking into my soul O_O
20:06:46 [Renfield] Well at least I can say a…
20:06:52 Renfield rubs eyes, nope, cant do it…
20:06:54 [Teon] http://youtu.be/GHEzgW_esTk
20:07:57 Renfield transmorphs back into normal self.
20:08:02 Renfield goes to wash the scent off.
20:08:57 Viktoria_Stein blanches.
20:09:35 [Renfield] Belching while turning into a branch
20:09:39 [Renfield] For those who didnt know.
20:10:56 Teon flails; wants to fight something
20:12:05 [Viktoria_Stein] Take on a mission, yeah?
20:13:16 Viktoria_Stein has a Parisian mission idea to add, too.
20:13:55 [Renfield] NEat.
20:15:46 Renfield exits from this room
20:16:52 [Viktoria_Stein] Was going to center it in the metro and the Catacombs. Maybe go around to some kickass museums.
20:16:56 [
Noir] I might be down for a fight in a bit.
20:18:34 [Noir] "you could be the king, but watch the queen conquer" sigh nicki is great
20:21:37 [Viktoria_Stein] I saw "with the queer conquering…"
20:21:45 Viktoria_Stein was really befuddled.
20:21:50 [
Noir] LOL
20:22:37 Chaia enters this room
20:23:12 Noir headbutts chaia.
20:23:35 Chaia blacks the fuck out.
20:23:49 [Chaia] here I was hoping Akane would be on.
20:23:56 [Chaia] and instead it’s just fucking Hooter.
20:24:08 [
Noir] looks like you were abandoned.
20:24:12 [Noir] like a dog.
20:24:21 [Meiri] wow rood
20:24:21 [Chaia] don't say that it was probably true. T_T
20:24:28 [
Noir] LOL AW
20:24:29 Chaia cries.
20:24:31 Teon yawns
20:24:42 Noir shoves a sock in his mouth.
20:25:29 Teon swallows it.
20:32:02 [
Noir] i should make a weapon that is a pair of scissors
20:32:20 Viktoria_Stein has a weapon that is a Crucifix.
20:32:25 Viktoria_Stein nodsnods.
20:32:33 [Chaia] I'll make that KLK bitch to hold you.
20:32:52 [Noir] are they constantly eating garlic bread and carrying about holy water
20:33:06 [HustinSax] Noir Scissorhads
20:33:18 [Teon] Those saltine crackers are good.
20:33:29 [Teon] And the punch.
20:33:47 Viktoria_Stein carries around holy water and grape juice for comunion.
20:33:54 [Viktoria_Stein] Communion?
20:34:02 [Viktoria_Stein] Circumlocution.
20:34:05 [Chaia] oh so obvs she ain't catholic.
20:34:14 [
Noir] or or
20:34:22 [Noir] i could face claim clippy
20:34:42 [
Noir] http://www.satnat.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/tumblr_inline_momy9ngu5D1qz4rgp.jpg
20:34:51 Viktoria_Stein just really wants grape juice.
20:34:55 [Viktoria_Stein] Religion be damned.
20:34:55 [Noir] and in the middle of exams i could be like
20:35:02 [
Noir] hey fucktards u spelled this wrong
20:35:19 [Chaia] lol
20:35:35 [Noir] why can't you have grape juice..?
20:35:38 [Chaia] almonds.
20:35:54 [
Noir] hey
20:36:01 [Noir] hey
20:36:12 [Chaia] ur kids won't ever know who clippy was
20:36:15 [Chaia] unless you teach them
20:36:19 [
Noir] yes they will
20:36:24 [Viktoria_Stein] Hey…. It's Faaaaaaaaaat Albert.
20:36:29 [Noir] ill make them use microsoft word 95
20:36:40 [
Noir] they will live life off windows 95
20:37:07 [Noir] james and i are giving our kids our pokemon games since we have all the original games and stuff
20:37:16 [
20:38:48 [Chaia] lol
20:38:52 [Chaia] yesplz.
20:39:13 [Teon] >_>
20:41:06 [Teon] I fear for those kids' sanity when they use Windows 95.
20:41:33 [Noir] the only games they'll be able to play on there will be like minesweeper
20:41:49 [Viktoria_Stein] FUCK MINESWEEPER.
20:41:56 Viktoria_Stein always lost.
20:42:02 [Viktoria_Stein] Always.
20:42:11 [
Noir] LMAO
20:42:14 [Teon] Watch them age in the span of 10 seconds
20:43:21 [Viktoria_Stein] Toddlers going on twenties.
20:43:28 [Viktoria_Stein] Yep yep.
20:44:20 Hitoshi is reminded of Duckie from Land Before Time
20:44:25 [Hitoshi] Yup yup yup!
20:46:15 Noir acts like spike. eats a tree star.
20:47:03 [Akiba] Fuckin' tree stars.
20:47:25 —Noir yawns and stretches.
20:47:31 [
Noir] I'm down for some rp if anyone else is.
20:49:04 [Akiba] I'm watching SaO.
20:49:08 Viktoria_Stein has become her favorite character.
20:49:34 [Noir] I'm actually in a SAO rp on Gaia ;p
20:49:47 [Akiba] I love SAO
20:49:54 [
Noir] Same
20:50:03 [Noir] Are you up to date with everything?
20:50:16 [Akiba] For the most part, I am.
20:50:26 [Akiba] I wish another SAO-style rp would show up on tK.
20:50:28 [Akiba] I love those ones.
20:50:36 [
Noir] The last part of season 2 breaks my heart. And same, I'd totally join it on here.
20:52:12 [HustinSax] There is one Akiba
20:52:17 [HustinSax] check out Bastion
20:52:25 [Chaia] ^
20:53:12 [Akiba] Hmmm
20:53:22 Viktoria_Stein heads out.
20:53:27 [Viktoria_Stein] G'niiiiiiiight!
20:53:30 Viktoria_Stein exits from this room
20:53:32 [HustinSax] cya Stein
20:53:57 [Niiro] I'm in love with the CoooCooo
20:54:23 Noir got it for the lowlow.
20:55:13 Akiba stares at Bastion. Hard.
20:56:13 [Teon] Probably why it feels like activity is dwindling here.
20:56:45 [
Noir] Is the room for Bastion open? I'd be interested in joining
20:56:55 [Noir] yeup
20:56:57 [
Noir] i see it
20:57:00 [Noir] hrm
20:57:30 [Akiba] I dunno 'bout it…
20:57:32 [Meiri] OH for fucks sakes
20:57:34 [Akiba] It looks…slightly complex.
20:57:35 [Meiri] Another Sword art online.
20:57:57 [
Noir] the characters look dumb as shit holy fuck ketchum gave me a tumor
20:58:20 [Noir] IM KIDDING BTW
20:58:40 [Niiro] No you aren't. You're as serious as shit.
20:58:42 [HustinSax] -is sad- was totes going for the parody of a summoner in a mmo that had anime references
20:58:58 [
Noir] LOL IM JOKING. It made me giggle that you used a Hilda cosplay
20:59:01 Chaia pats Sax on the bax.
20:59:15 [Teon] I looked at the profiles and it does look complex.
20:59:23 [Noir] if i joined i'd have to be a fedora wearing gamer who tries to swoon all the ladies
20:59:25 [Chaia] I'm still just excited that I'll always and forever recognize you on tK, Sax.
20:59:29 [HustinSax] i copy pasted just about everything
20:59:30 [Meiri] I would have joined it if it wasn't 'UR STUCK IN THE GAME'
20:59:34 [Meiri] Done for 100th time
20:59:44 [Chaia] Meiri wants to be able to log out.
20:59:46 [
20:59:48 [HustinSax] eh… all the sao rps died out
21:00:07 [Meiri] Why not just make a medieval/fantasy RP
21:00:07 [HustinSax] so glad there's another iteration blend of Log Horizon/SAO
21:00:10 [Noir] Meiri has shit to do
21:00:20 [
Noir] i love log horizon omg
21:00:21 [Chaia] Yep.
21:00:25 [Chaia] She got dem places 2 b
21:00:25 [HustinSax] because.. Meiri… using status screens and trading via computer windows is more fun
21:00:29 [Meiri] All of those RPs I dislike because it's…"Why do I want to make a character who is RPing as a character in a game"
21:00:34 [HustinSax] and then we have nameplates above our heads, etc
21:00:49 [HustinSax] and can make modern references
21:00:50 [Noir] yeah when you can just go play an mmo and rp in it >3>
21:00:58 [Meiri] If i was able to actually RP as the character outside of the game I think it'd be more fun.
21:01:02 [Akiba] I'm kind of disenchanted by the fact that it's medeival fantasy with assault rifles and rocket launchers.
21:01:07 [Meiri] Then you get to experience the other players, actually have interaction.
21:01:07 [Akiba] I mean…Two words: Balance issues. xD
21:01:09 [
Noir] i'd totally join as a fat fedora man wearing white knight armor and go and save all the ladies
21:02:00 [Akiba] I do agree, Meiri. It'd be refreshing to see a version of that RP where you could log out.
21:02:11 [Akiba] Maybe something akin to a large social experiment, where all the players lived in the same community
21:02:28 [Akiba] So that interaction was easier, and in-game and in-real-life were more manageable.
21:02:38 [Meiri] Instead
21:02:42 [Meiri] "WE"RE STUCK IN THE GAME"
21:02:56 [Chaia] such passion.
21:03:06 [Akiba] Obviously you couldn't do a normal MMO with the log-out option. Otherwise people half way across the world would never interact. But if you could group 'em all, it could work
21:03:08 [Akiba] And be interesting.
21:03:08 [Meiri] "No point in writing up a character because these RP's never get to the point where we're actually able to log out!"
21:03:12 Chaia drags Meiri off to the broom closet.
21:03:16 [HustinSax] I remember one rp did that, was ok, but typically, it died out… kinda like it was trumped by Persona or SMT rps at the time
21:03:40 [Chaia] bring that fire wit u bby.
21:03:47 Chaia closes the door behind them.
21:03:55 [HustinSax] lol
21:04:02 [Akiba] Y'know what roleplays I miss? The Matrix, man.
21:04:05 [Noir] they should just do one based on new aincrad
21:04:13 [
Noir] so like you have all the races of alfheim and be able to log off
21:04:17 [Akiba] I mean…In a Matrix roleplay, you could be ANYTHING. There were programs based on anything.
21:04:20 [Chaia] uhhhh yesplz. Matrixu.
21:04:44 [Chaia] or something more cyberpunk in general.
21:04:57 [Akiba] Maaaai Shadowrun fix.
21:05:11 [Chaia] ^
21:05:19 [HustinSax] Mmm love cyberpunk
21:05:26 [HustinSax] so many pics to it
21:05:50 [Akiba] My Elven Street Samurai. Former Lone Star.
21:05:52 [HustinSax] if it was SR, I'd make a rigger with some matrix skills
21:06:07 [Meiri] I want to make a fantasy adventure RP.
21:06:08 [HustinSax] meatworld.. got dem drones/driving… matrix stuff for fun if the group went to it
21:06:21 [Chaia] my first SR character was a fucking field medic 'cause I'm a nerd. -.-
21:06:34 [HustinSax] i made a fairy driver one time Chaia
21:06:41 [Akiba] Medics are awesome.
21:06:42 [Chaia] LOL
21:06:43 [HustinSax] she rode a customized ramming droid basically
21:06:53 [Chaia] I just think of Dane Cook's monkey impressions.
21:06:59 [Chaia] "WE GOTTA GO. WE. GOTTA GO."
21:07:02 [HustinSax] just broke down doors and crap, played like a street sam with more speed on the ground
21:07:45 [Akiba] I love Street Sam.
21:08:11 [Meiri] If I were to make a fantasy adventure RP.
21:08:14 [Akiba] I've bounced between my Elven gunslinger-type and a man who follows the path of bushido, and wields a mono-filament katana.
21:08:22 [Meiri] Who would join. Just…rehotircal. x:
21:08:23 [HustinSax] nice
21:08:46 Noir frantically raises hand.
21:08:50 [Chaia] Not me. 'Cause you didn't join me in the broom closet.
21:08:53 [
Noir] I would.
21:08:55 Chaia puts Noir's hand down.
21:08:59 Chaia covers her mouth.
21:09:07 [Akiba] Depends. What kind of Fantasy Adventure?
21:09:08 Noir puts up other hand.
21:09:15 Chaia hatesu
21:09:16 [Akiba] Like…a D&D campaign? Or more open-ended? Or more close-ended?
21:09:29 [HustinSax] is it more like dystopia fantasy, fighting impossible odds? or are we just like, adventurers?
21:09:40 [Chaia] Wait. Jokes. u don't have another hand.
21:09:42 Renfield enters this room
21:09:53 [HustinSax] or is it a big war time?
21:10:02 [Chaia] weebee renfield.
21:10:04 —Noir squacks.
21:10:10 [Renfield] HELLO!
21:10:13 [Chaia] as you can see, we're talking srsbiz here.
21:10:15 Ciel enters this room
21:10:16 Renfield pats Hooter.
21:10:32 [Renfield] Very serious.
21:10:43 Renfield shouldnt get involved, is not serious in the slightest.
21:10:44 Teon feels pretty saddened and disappointed.
21:10:47 [Renfield] …At least, not until five.
21:10:57 Renfield also needs to be stupid somewhere else at that time.
21:11:10 [Meiri] I don't do D&D
21:11:16 [Meiri] I'm not going to do dice and stats.
21:11:24 [
Noir] thats for nerds
21:11:36 [Akiba] I don't mean dice and stats. Moreso, like…adventuring party?
21:11:39 [Renfield] Four*
21:11:39 [Akiba] Or, like…more people
21:11:46 Renfield didnt do the reference right X_X
21:12:04 [Akiba] You said "Fantasy Adventure RP". The thing is, it's never an adventure when you have a half a dozen people sitting around a tavern.
21:12:17 [Renfield] Oh oh oh!
21:12:22 [Renfield] Lemme be the DM! :D
21:12:30 Renfield can make things adventurous in the sickest of ways!
21:12:34 [Renfield] That tavern?
21:12:34 [Meiri] Adventuring RP.
21:12:37 [Noir] thats why you make it a tavern on wheels
21:12:39 [Meiri] It's not going to be based in a tavern.
21:12:46 [Renfield] A living beast made of chaos which eats people by trapping them in its 'abode'.
21:12:50 [Meiri] Towns will be loosely described upon arrival, the most detail will be in the caravan.
21:12:51 [Renfield] That harmless tree?
21:13:01 [Renfield] Cursed by people who were hung on it!
21:13:02 [
Noir] ren what are you on
21:13:04 [Renfield] …That rock?!
21:13:06 [Renfield] …Is a rock.
21:13:13 Renfield is on STFU BADGER.
21:13:19 [Akiba] Sounds interesting. I'm in.
21:13:50 [Akiba] I just don't want another fantasy-style roleplay that amounts to a bunch of people sitting around eying each other.
21:13:52 [Noir] you should just not have any taverns in this adventure rp
21:13:59 [Teon] Well this rp is dead.
21:14:25 [
Noir] everyone is obviously in the new orleans rp.. roleplaying..mardi gras?
21:14:31 [Renfield] <_<
21:14:49 [Chaia] yesplz.
21:14:57 [HustinSax] in the defense of Bastion, they posted maybe like, 2 about meeting up, and then went on ADVENTURE TIME
21:15:14 [HustinSax] its why i like it, they didnt just dink around in a tavern
21:15:20 Renfield lives by the four F's.
21:15:25 [Meiri] fuk fuk fuk fuk
21:15:26 [Akiba] Eh, I'll wait for another swords-and-sorcery version.
21:15:28 [Renfield] Friends, fun, fighting, and fucking.
21:15:34 [Renfield] Close, Mei.
21:15:37 [HustinSax] hehe
21:15:46 [Noir] fucking as in
21:15:50 [
21:16:01 [HustinSax] i voted doing the cowgirl Noir… but sure
21:16:03 [Akiba] ^
21:16:03 [Renfield] Exactly.
21:16:07 [Renfield] About to have a weading?
21:16:15 [Meiri] When it comes to RP.
21:16:17 [Teon] Pretty ironic.
21:16:19 [Meiri] My favorite thing is GRAND SCAALE
21:16:21 [Renfield] I've convinced your brother to fuck the brides sister…In public.
21:16:25 [Renfield] Out on a hot date?
21:16:26 [Meiri] So bam: World map
21:16:28 [Meiri] http://i.imgur.com/28ZmylP.jpg
21:16:45 Renfield switched names so you incidentally go out with Gay-Bob.
21:16:48 [Akiba] All of my 'Yes'
21:16:49 [Renfield] About to buy a new car?
21:16:53 [Noir] whoa hey that looks so familiar meiri
21:16:54 [
Noir] LOL
21:17:04 [Renfield] Fucking sucks to be you, 'cus yer new hot sports rod is an Aztec.
21:17:14 [Chaia] … renfield what the fuck are you on?
21:17:27 [Noir] thats what i asked earlier chai
21:17:33 [Renfield] <B>I DONT KNOW</B<!
21:17:37 [Chaia] i know but really.
21:17:41 [
Noir] and whats wrong with an aztec
21:18:08 [Renfield] Well, Noir said I fuck shit up, I agreed and gave examples!
21:18:14 [Renfield] Excuse me, not Noir; Hooter.
21:18:16 Renfield nods sagely.
21:18:30 [Meiri] what
21:18:37 [Noir] ^
21:18:56 Ciel enters this room
21:19:19 Renfield has been told once or twice he sounds like he is drunk 24/7.
21:19:27 [Renfield] Which is nott rue!
21:19:36 [Renfield] …One week out of the three and a half to four >_>…
21:20:31 [Renfield] Also to answer, Aztecs were inefficient, crappy, and crappy looking vehicles!
21:20:35 Renfield answers that, nods.
21:21:08 [
Noir] i think aztecs look nice >_>
21:21:39 [Noir] Are we doing this adventure rp?
21:21:59 [Akiba] I'm still down.
21:22:07 Teon wonders why there isn't talk about trying to improve this rp. >_>
21:23:12 [Akiba] Does this roleplay need improving…?
21:23:27 [HustinSax] cool pic Meiri
21:23:39 [Meiri] Thanks
21:23:41 [
Noir] I think the only 'improving' I could see is a few people need to know the boundaries between 'op' and.. actually read the fuckin' lore for Soul Eater.
21:24:02 Renfield is OP, totally!
21:24:08 Renfield wrestles a fucking Alligator.
21:24:15 [Niiro] coughmalumandlotacough
21:24:16 [HustinSax] i just roll everything, its because we're all op in this types of games usually
21:24:49 [HustinSax] except for obvious advantages, like being above students or some such
21:24:52 [Renfield] German alligator of course.
21:24:59 [Noir] OP is cool and what not, like we all wanna be the best we can be, but there's definitely a line. When you could be mistaken as a super saiyan, and not a student, then.. yeah.
21:25:06 [Renfield] Which totally exists, looks like a normal on, only, it has one oft hose silly WW1 Helmets.
21:25:21 [HustinSax] not sure the power level of over 9000 is whats the issue
21:25:25 [
Noir] Witches thinking they're stronger than Lord Death, etc etc
21:25:27 Renfield should dye his blonde hair black? Or never spike it?
21:25:31 [HustinSax] more like, everything started seems to end badly
21:25:41 [HustinSax] like.. i tried to fight Teon and Malum earlier
21:25:45 [HustinSax] and Malum just left
21:25:48 [Teon] And maybe this rp not suffering so much from cliques.
21:26:10 [HustinSax] and same for Joan, she just responded real slow, or just said, she was done for the night rather than try to work it
21:26:13 [Renfield] o_o
21:26:25 [Noir] Unfortunately, that's why chat rp is so unstable. lol.
21:26:45 [Akiba] I think…it's been a long time since I've won a fight in rp.
21:26:48 [Akiba] It's why I'm dead.
21:26:51 [Teon] I've seen a few people become too reliant on their partners that they barely rp when they're not on as if they can't rp with anyone else.
21:26:55 [Akiba] I like losing. It's more fun to get beat to shit and stuff.
21:27:08 Chaia remembers Akiba winning some fights.
21:27:16 [Renfield] ._.
21:27:33 [
Noir] The whole.. 'I'm a witch and I'm also a meister' or 'I'm a hybrid between every fucking villain and can shoot fucking lazer beams outta my ass' can.. be an issue.
21:27:33 [HustinSax] anyway, no blame, just my observation, sometimes I ended things because it didnt make sense for Hustin to hang arond a bunch of kids or after quetioning, but it wasn't like, no rp because of disinterest, or just leaving it hanging
21:27:41 [Akiba] Nope!
21:27:46 [Akiba] I've only run away/lost fights!
21:28:00 [Chaia] as Akiba, maybe. c:
21:28:09 Renfield 's only good thing so far IC is his melee.
21:28:11 [Noir] The only time I ran away from a fight costed me my arm and a formed a plot. lol
21:28:12 [Meiri] Hey Sax.
21:28:15 [Meiri] I'm Joan.
21:28:21 [Akiba] ….What do you know…?!
21:28:22 [Meiri] »
21:28:24 [Renfield] Like, grappling kicking and punching, woosh, no mercyyyyyyy.
21:28:33 Chaia know all.
21:28:35 Renfield flexes!
21:28:37 [Chaia] gurl.
21:28:53 Akiba stares.
21:28:57 [Akiba] Who have I won as?!
21:29:21 [Meiri] Frankly your posts didn't make much sense, and most of the time the 'slow responses' was to try and make sense out of what you write.
21:29:24 [
Noir] "Bring on the school girls!"
21:29:31 [Meiri] Especially in something as important as a fight scene.
21:29:33 Chaia keeps secrets.
21:29:42 Renfield lsitens to Berserk starting themes, 'cus…fuck ya.
21:29:52 [Noir] Not to specifically pick on you, HustinSax, but there's a lot of flaws involved in your character that could make role playing with you difficult.
21:29:55 [Akiba] T-Tell me!!!
21:30:25 [Chaia] don't stutter at me that's not fair. D:
21:30:51 [Renfield] Inb4 'Senpai!!!!!' moment.
21:31:03 [HustinSax] cool Meiri, and appreciate the general heads up Noir/Meiri, as I said, no blame, just my general observation. Wanted a pc with purpose, did the silly thing quite a bit for the many rps
21:31:21 [HustinSax] and we seemed to have enough of that slice of life here.
21:31:43 [Alexander‘] ’Soul Menace is a gift that very few people have' Everyone and their dog has it
21:31:50 [Meiri] "BLACK BLOOD"
21:31:57 [Chaia] BLACK BLUD
21:32:15 [Meiri] BLUK BLUD
21:32:22 [Akiba] xD
21:32:22 [HustinSax] only comes once a month, or every 20-25 days?
21:32:23 Renfield is actually the Jinkairike (SP).
21:32:30 [Renfield] In German form.
21:32:45 [
Noir] im asura's dumpster baby
21:32:56 [Chaia] LOL
21:32:59 [Renfield] Hooter!
21:33:06 [Renfield] We'll bang, 'K?
21:33:09 [Akiba] I'm Demon Armor!
21:33:11 [Renfield] ;D
21:33:15 [Akiba] Oh, wait. I am Demon Armor.
21:33:18 [Noir] wgat
21:33:21 [
Noir] im a bird
21:33:27 [Noir] the only thing i can bang is my head into windows
21:33:36 [Renfield] Exactly!
21:33:41 [Renfield] The Birdemix will begin!
21:33:43 Renfield flails!
21:33:49 [
Noir] what the fuck are you on
21:33:52 [Alexander‘] I’m surprised everyone doesn't have Grigori Souls
21:34:02 [Renfield] Jesus,
21:34:07 [Noir] <3
21:34:10 [Renfield] …Its a lemonaid drink, really good.
21:34:50 [Chaia] that surprised me too.
21:34:55 [Chaia] I don't think we have a single
21:35:02 [Chaia] grigori soul. do we?
21:35:27 [
Noir] there's not that many witches this time around, is there?
21:35:27 [HustinSax] But I think the root issue(s) might be: People don't wanna rp without the partner » Solution: They can npc their partners a bit more. People are too much of hybrids, or whatever lore breaking thing> Solution: ??
21:35:31 [Noir] last time there was like 20
21:35:58 Renfield thinks his PArtner ran out randomly.
21:36:01 Renfield will last butttt…bleh.
21:36:02 [Chaia] ^
21:36:12 [Akiba] The most special thing I've done is die and get turned into a zombie.
21:36:14 Renfield was — that close to the secs.
21:36:23 [HustinSax] People who do wanna rp are left without their rotation randomly > Solution: at least say afk, or something so we don't wait 30+ minutes or whatever
21:36:32 Chaia still RP's while Akane isn't here though.
21:36:39 [Renfield] Seks*
21:36:41 [Renfield] There, better.
21:36:49 [
Noir] chaia
21:36:56 [Noir] i think akane abandoned you
21:36:58 [Chaia] noirbby
21:37:03 [Chaia] shut up. ;
21:37:10 [Chaia] i'm trying to be a better RP'er okay
21:37:12 [
Noir] every time you are here and i'm here there is no akane is that your imaginary friend
21:37:14 HustinSax pats Chaia
21:37:17 [Noir] IS AKANE MADE UP
21:37:21 [Chaia] OMG QUIT.
21:37:31 [Niiro] Noir is so rude xD.
21:37:35 [
21:37:38 [Chaia] r e a l t e a r s
21:38:00 [Noir] I'M NOT RUDE D:
21:38:04 [
Noir] I'm a sweet heart
21:38:07 [Chaia] she isn't made up! she's a real meister!
21:38:07 [Noir] i'm an angel
21:38:16 [Akiba] t e a r s
21:38:22 —Noir one wing sprouts, other is ripped out
21:38:35 [Niiro] Fuckin' beansprout ass angel.
21:38:37 [
Noir] sure she is.
21:38:46 Renfield eyes the other wing.
21:38:48 [
21:38:51 [HustinSax] why… Seph-Noir-roth? why?
21:38:54 Renfield loosens the strings, it falls off.
21:38:56 [Renfield] Liar!
21:39:05 [Meiri] So should all races be allowed?
21:39:08 [Chaia] LOL
21:39:12 [Niiro] WE FUCKIN WITHERED
21:39:15 [Niiro] LIKE SUSAN WITHER
21:39:22 [
21:39:24 [Noir] IM FUCKING CHOKING
21:39:27 [
21:39:29 [HustinSax] hmm Meiri? for the fantasy rp?
21:39:33 [Renfield] <_<
21:39:35 [Renfield] Lol?
21:39:47 [Renfield] All races except Ponies and Twighlight Vampires.
21:39:48 [Chaia] #insidejokes
21:39:49 Renfield shudders.
21:39:50 [Noir] Hey Chaia wanna drink and play league
21:39:54 [Alexander‘] Anyways. I’ll play. I'll just be NPC'ing Retsu
21:39:55 [Renfield] Nifty!
21:40:01 [Chaia] Yeah I still have 4 of those 99 Apples shots left
21:40:21 Niiro will NPC his mei- oh wait.
21:40:22 [Akiba] Let's get drunk and ARAM, people!
21:40:25 [
Noir] I have some wine, some vodka, some of those frozen drinks you put in the freezer, and my mango-rita
21:40:29 [Noir] YES
21:40:30 [
Noir] RAM
21:40:32 [Noir] ARAM
21:40:33 [Chaia] fuck me, not more ARAM.
21:40:36 Akiba will be Niiro's meister. OH YEAH!
21:40:37 [Chaia] NO PLZ.
21:40:49 [Renfield] You know what I thought Jello shots use to be?
21:40:50 [Chaia] it doesn't help that that's the only game we won.
21:41:04 [Renfield] Whiskey on either the back or bellybutton on someone you had to slurp up.
21:41:08 [Niiro] I tried to carry, I really did.
21:41:09 [Renfield] Go figure.
21:41:09 [Niiro] q.q
21:41:25 [
Noir] Oh my gosh the mang-o-rita is delicious
21:41:32 [Noir] And I was so burnt out on alcohol from tennessee
21:42:22 [HustinSax] I've made fun of twilight… my other profile is /whois Vampy, basically a vampire who is starring in a parody of teen vampires with powers hunting down aliens. Mix of X-men, Gantz Gunz, and Twilight references
21:42:28 [Meiri] 21:39:47 [Renfield] All races except Ponies
21:42:34 [Meiri] Yeah
21:42:42 [Renfield] And twighlight Vampires.
21:42:44 [Renfield] Pls.
21:42:44 [
Noir] darn i wanted to be a pony
21:43:02 Renfield once drank so much he thought he flew to satturn in a German convertable.
21:43:17 Renfield fought space vikings, aliens that looked like kanaroos, and a muppet dwarf names Frek.
21:43:27 [Renfield] …Ah, 2012…You weird fucking year you.
21:43:28 Alexander‘ would play League with y’all if you play
21:43:41 [Noir] let's get this all set up
21:44:09 [Alexander‘] gotta see if my client needs to patch
21:44:37 [
Noir] so we’re in the rping spirit we have to rp as our champion
21:44:44 [Noir] i call being ahri and seducing everyone
21:45:02 [Akiba] Noooo, I main Aaaahriiii
21:45:03 [Renfield] Oh my!
21:45:11 [
Noir] Ahhhhhhrrrriiii
21:45:12 [Alexander‘] uuuuuuuh… I’ll be Jax.
21:45:16 [Noir] I main Lux and Ahri >3>
21:45:21 Alexander‘ hits things with a Lamp Post
21:45:25 [
Noir] niiro mains garen
21:45:29 Chaia will be the space goat.
21:45:44 [Noir] if chaia is space goat i have to be the mute becuz heals
21:45:44 Renfield will be the one with the jelly gun and white wale holy grail.
21:45:52 —Noir slams against keyboard thing.
21:45:56 [Alexander`] SPIN TO WIN, NIIRO
21:45:57 [Alexander`] SPIN
21:45:58 [Alexander`] TO
21:45:59 Chaia baaaa’s.
21:46:00 [Alexander‘] WIN
21:46:16 [Akiba] I’ll play FIora.
21:46:40 [
21:46:49 [Renfield] ._.
21:46:55 [Akiba] Are they…?
21:46:58 [Akiba] I want DJ Sona
21:47:06 [Chaia] ^
21:47:08 [Niiro] 21:45:25 [Noir] niiro mains garen <-What the fuck is this?
21:47:12 [Noir] I have almost all the Kat and Nid skins, goodbye 20 dollars.
21:47:15 [Chaia] LOL
21:47:17 [
21:47:27 [Renfield] o_o
21:48:07 Niiro has all the Kat skins as a side note.
21:48:33 [Renfield] Do you have the back ones, though?
21:48:36 Renfield derps.
21:48:39 [Noir] Niiro, akiba, alexander? league?
21:49:17 [Niiro] Play like a game or two without me. I forgot I had a fuckin' paper to finish writing.
21:49:25 [
Noir] Mkay c:
21:49:49 [Alexander‘] Client is updated.
21:49:56 [Renfield] <_<
21:49:58 [Alexander`] Jesus. 7 requests unanswered
21:50:00 [Noir] Whats your username?
21:50:07 [Alexander`] It’s been this fucking long
21:50:09 [Alexander‘] JihadMatt
21:50:23 [Akiba] Volkein1432
21:50:26 [Akiba] Invite meeee
21:51:03 [Alexander`] Okay. Just remember these things: I haven’t played in EVER. I'm not fully leveled.
21:51:43 [
Noir] Whats your username?
21:53:09 [Meiri] XxxXxCuntfaggot69xxxXxxx
21:53:13 [Meiri] whats urs
21:53:27 [Noir] YES
21:53:32 [
Noir] LMAO
21:53:39 Chaia pulls Meiri back into the broom closet.
21:53:45 Renfield spits his drink out.
21:54:13 Meiri is pulled into the broom closet!!!
21:54:28 Chaia HAS HER AT LAST
21:54:37 Chaia slams the door.
21:54:44 [Alexander‘] I got a Dynasty Ahri. For some reason..
21:54:49 [Renfield] Watch out!
21:55:09 [Chaia] i got noir that in a mystery skin lolol
21:55:57 [Renfield] <_<
21:56:25 Meiri is in the closet
21:56:35 [Renfield] Come out then.
21:56:49 [Renfield] … ’Waits for it…'
21:56:52 Collin‘ enters this room
21:57:05 [Akiba] Wooooop
21:57:14 Renfield waves!
21:57:22 [Collin`] Hoy
21:58:34 Renfield salutes.
21:59:31 [HustinSax] well, night folks (tilts hat)
21:59:35 HustinSax afks
21:59:39 [Chaia] nini
21:59:48 [Collin`] By Hus
22:00:07 [HustinSax] and welcome Collin
22:00:29 [HustinSax whispers to Chaia] i’ll stick check up the Bastion tab, just need to not respond to the others
22:01:03 [Renfield] Night.
22:01:14 Renfield doodles about.
22:01:21 [Chaia whispers to HustinSax] roger dodger. we're about to play some league though so I dunno how talkative I'll be. o7
22:01:33 [Meiri] »
22:02:32 Chaia blindfolds Meiri.
22:02:47 Renfield isnt doodling that stuff!
22:02:53 [Renfield] Gawd, and people say I am gutered!
22:03:13 [Collin‘] Kinky Chaia
22:03:57 [Chaia] shh. you can’t be watching, we're in the closet.
22:04:13 Renfield flops.
22:04:18 Meiri is blindfolded
22:06:26 Collin‘ knocks down the adjoining wall. "carry on ladies"
22:07:28 [Renfield] Butts.
22:08:58 [Renfield] Swish.
22:09:01 Renfield flings arms.
22:13:10 Kampfer enters this room
22:13:44 [Collin`] Hoy Kampfer
22:14:15 [Kampfer] Hello.
22:16:57 Meiri tihnks.
22:17:44 [Renfield] ?
22:17:48 Renfield belatedly waves.
22:23:42 Kampfer exits from this room
22:24:00 [Renfield] Or not…
22:24:20 [Collin`] Goodbye then
22:24:48 [Renfield] Hello goodbye!
22:26:49 [Teon] I give her points for using the Razgriz poem.
22:27:52 Noir squacks.
22:28:17 Chaia gags Meiri.
22:28:30 [Renfield] Hooter!
22:28:33 Renfield pats the owl.
22:28:46 Renfield cant tell if…closet time or kidnapping time.
22:28:56 [Niiro] Poor Meiri.
22:29:07 [Renfield] Right?
22:30:14 [Teon] Cum historia mutat valde Razgriz.
22:33:43 [Renfield] Hurm.
22:40:57 [Teon] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvwMtWkfkJ8 …lawl
22:44:01 Renfield loves Cinema sins.
22:46:24 [Niiro] Lol that video.
22:46:46 [Collin`] Cinema sins and Cinefix are two of my favorite youtube channels
22:47:06 [Teon] "The guard sees obvious suspicious activity and instead of checking it out, he’s all "Fuck it."
22:47:21 [Teon] "How can they climb a roof that steep?" Lmao
22:47:27 Renfield loves what they did on Birdemic.
22:48:32 [Collin‘] "Scene doesn’t contain a lapdance"
22:48:49 [Renfield] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvkZ8sCd5EI
22:51:56 [Teon] OMG
22:53:39 Malum enters this room
22:53:44 [Renfield] >_>
22:54:02 [Malum] -Stares.-
22:54:16 Akuma enters this room
22:54:32 [Collin‘] Hoy boys
22:54:41 Renfield once gut busy in a burger king bathroom.
22:54:43 [Renfield] got*
22:56:26 Niiro yawns
22:57:18 Malum apogizes for being too op.
22:58:28 Renfield is a carrot, the most OP thing in the world, so its ok!
22:59:20 [Malum] OP club bro.
22:59:52 [Renfield] Yes!
23:08:44 Renfield doodles about.
23:10:27 Teon sips chocolate milk
23:15:39 Collin` exits from this room
23:15:49 —Noir enters this room
23:15:52 [Niiro] rip Collin
23:16:06 —Noir rolls up in the club.
23:16:11 [Niiro] gtfo
23:16:16 [Niiro] jkplsdontleave
23:16:19 [
Noir] niiro eat shit nerd
23:16:21 [Noir] jkiloveyou
23:16:38 Renfield was expecting Noir to say: "Waddup, I got a big…Owl."
23:16:41 [Renfield] Or something like that.
23:16:48 [Niiro] Did yall rek scrubs?
23:16:52 [
Noir] aw i missed my chance
23:16:55 [Chaia] ya
23:17:01 [Chaia] we even said gg ez.
23:17:08 Renfield contemplated eating a lemon.
23:17:11 [Niiro] Good job. Have a cookie.
23:17:12 [Alexander`] I did Jax things once
23:17:19 [Alexander`] Like spinning a club
23:17:20 —Noir i want the whole cookie.
23:17:22 [Alexander`] and jumping
23:17:50 [Akiba] Schooled nerds.
23:17:53 Renfield thumbs up.
23:17:54 [Niiro] wut no you didnt earn the whole cookie
23:18:15 [Akiba] Dat Jax/Ahri in mid, doe.
23:18:21 [Akiba] They were scared.
23:18:36 [Alexander`] They barely defended. That’s how scared they were
23:18:37 [Niiro] Duo mid Jax/Ahri?
23:18:41 [Niiro] Op
23:18:56 [Alexander‘] haha. Laning Phase was over so I pushed mid with Ahri
23:18:58 [Akiba] xD Nah. Jax top, Ahri mid, but we were both pushing mid.
23:19:00 [Renfield] Should of done barrel roles.
23:19:03 [Akiba] We knocked over two turrets.
23:19:14 [Akiba] They were standing there like, "…Can we even defend these…? Naaah."
23:19:18 [Niiro] Pft. Shouldve duoed mid.
23:19:19 [Akiba] Just left the turrets and went bot.
23:20:05 [Chaia] we duo support bott.
23:20:08 [Chaia] does that count.
23:20:45 Niiro gives Chaia the cookie
23:20:47 [Alexander`] 5 person Mid Lane?
23:21:01 Chaia devours the cookie.
23:21:05 [Alexander`] Boots and Pots only?
23:21:10 —Noir looks off into the distance, remembering the cookie and all its glory.
23:21:47 Niiro stuffs a cupcake in Noir’s face. Eat nerd.
23:22:08 —Noir smears the cupcake all over face. how 2 eat.
23:23:17 [Renfield] ._.
23:23:34 [Renfield] That is not how you eat a cupcake, its how you defile it…BLASPHEMY.
23:24:05 [
Noir] niiro you're missing out
23:24:11 [Noir] we're all bean sprouts
23:24:12 [
Noir] growing
23:24:16 [—Noir] except u
23:24:29 [Niiro] If you guys are playing again
23:24:36 [Niiro] I shall grow with you
23:24:42 [Chaia] omg.
23:24:47 [Chaia] we can't play fours though.
23:24:50 [Chaia] ur not invited
23:24:55 [Chaia] unless you hug me.
23:25:00 [Niiro] fien geez
23:25:09 Niiro hugs all up on Chaia.
23:25:41 [Niiro] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FzL67Mv1sk
23:25:48 [Niiro] I have a fucked up sene of humor
23:25:52 [Niiro] sense*
23:26:25 [Renfield] DOnt we all/
23:26:28 [Renfield] ?
23:37:42 Akuma enters this room
00:32:24 Renfield exits from this room
01:14:04 [Niiro] Why am I still here
01:14:08 [Niiro] q.q
01:14:26 Beansprout enters this room
01:15:58 HustinSax eats beansprout, bites Niiro… that is all.
01:16:02 —Noir enters this room
01:19:29 [Niiro] Why are we biting me?

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