11:01:43 Ketchum followed along, a brief stop at her shop to withdraw the funds as she walked with an exaggerated arm swing motion and bigger smile. Sure, Zero didn't accept the friend request, or was particularly sociable, but they both agreed on a couple things like the need to head to the valley, and basically teamwork. "Whatcha looking for anyway Zero?" would say after a bit of silence and strutting, a pause for the answer as she then continued to ask, trying to wear him down like Pinkie Pie vs Cranky Doodle Donkey, "So… you play many games before this? Or do you have a favorite anime?" pauses between each question, and listening cues with nods would ensue if he answered, eventually though, they'd arrive in the Town square to see something odd. One of the NPC guards would start hacking down the other NPC shop owners. Most of the PCs weren't there yet due to the relative early hours, but it really looked like the guard was hacking up citizens as they cried out in pain. "Uh… scripted event?"
11:06:20 ( -Zero flips a coin => Pass )
11:07:23 TheFool enters this room
11:07:43 TheFool exits from this room
11:08:44 [Ketchum whispers to TheFool] hmm?
11:09:15 [Ketchum whispers to TheFool] depends on who's attached to it
11:09:21 [Ketchum whispers to TheFool] do you?
11:15:39 -Zero shoved both hands in his pockets, taking a casual pace that Ketchum could keep up with and glancing her way when she spoke again. "Nothing in particular in regards to items, I'm looking to boost my stats through grinding and whatnot. Defeating certain monsters can give you boosts to certain stats and some of those monsters can be either really easy or really difficult to find." A roll of the shoulder to adjust the strap and his eyes were set forward again. "I played a few games, not many though seeing as I have this thing where I obssess with one game for a certain amount of time and move on when something else peaks my interest." Their arrival to the square was eventful already, Zero frowning and removing his hands from his pockets. "I'm not… Entirely sure." Picking up pace, the Sharpshooter approached the guard and allowed annoyance to wash over his bland expression before reaching out for one of the NPCs and pulling them out of harms way. "Say what's the problem here?" <C>
11:15:43 -Zero hated playing hero, it always brought too much attention, but if Katchum was right and this was an event then it was another chance to gain some levels… Or get himself killed.
11:16:05 TheFool enters this room
11:17:51 TheFool exits from this room
11:18:23 ( Ketchum rolls 1d20 => 19 )
11:21:01 [Ketchum] The guard's helmet would just grow red as it raised is two handed greatsword overhead to chop down in responses to Zero, as Ketchum seeing this would summon that zombie orc they had fought earlier to parry the blow. It amazingly stood up as their blade scraped together and sparked, giving the necessary breathing space as the thing magically appeared, but as Zero would see from the party invite that was hastily sent (or maybe it was already up?) the HP bar of the pet draining rapidly below Ketchum's.. And the POOF it disappeared into pixelated martyr-dom as she called out, "I don't know what it is, but it seems to be aggressive!" the aggro switching to her now as the armored suit made its way to the squishy support.
11:23:54 [-Zero] Evens: Attack | Odds: Speed
11:24:00 ( -Zero rolls 1d100 => 67 )
11:24:05 [-Zero] Sweet
11:24:25 [-Zero whispers to Ketchum] So possessed Guard correct?
11:25:42 [Ketchum whispers to -Zero] yep
11:25:48 ~Shion~ enters this room
11:27:16 [Ketchum] hey shion
11:27:21 [Ketchum] smt rp eh?
11:29:54 [~Shion~] hey but everytime i go to join it it freaken vanishes from existance
11:30:01 [~Shion~] This looks fun though
11:30:17 [Ketchum] it is so far, but, its only been a day
11:30:26 [Bastion] lol
11:30:30 [Ketchum] Hope ya join =)
11:30:42 ( -Zero flips a coin => Fail )
11:30:50 [-Zero] That'll do
11:34:34 -Zero Widened his eyes at the glow of the helmet, a flash suddenly appearing on his vision-screen and his body becoming lighter. Passive Skill in play, Zero leaped up whilst arching his back and twisting some distance away while the Zombie Orc's distraction gave him enough time to gain alittle distance. Swift movements was made and Zero found himself staring down the scope over at the Guard with data coming in. "A Possessed Guard, his Attack speed is slow but he's got power to his swings, go for the head and lower torso." A quick relay to Ketchum who was still close enough to be faced with close combat and squeezed the trigger once another flash indicated the buff from standing still. The bullet zipped close to the ground, striking the gauntlet's on the guard's armour and throwing his swing out of course while the piercing did it's damage. As the Guard lowered the sword to grasp his arm, Zero fired off another shot with this one striking the opposite arm but higher up close to the shoulder. <C>
11:34:37 -Zero "6 shots left." Ketchum had to either back up or take advantage that the Guard was momentarily disorientated from the bullets.
11:35:32 ( Ketchum rolls 1d20 => 3 )
11:35:53 ( Ketchum rolls 1d20 => 20 )
11:36:27 [Bastion] if ya got questions, Shion shot em to me
11:36:31 [Bastion] *shoot em
11:37:49 [-Zero] CRIT
11:39:46 [Ketchum] She was support, so wasn't exactly the greatest mover like Zero was, so she stumbled onto her bottom as the Guard rushed at her and due to the precise shots from Zero, was able to recover enough to get away with only a "minor" hit to her hp. Well, just about half in one of the glancing blows as her green meter dropped. It wasn't exactly pain you felt, but it did register the hit like your whole body shook, and for Ketchum this would be the first time she really felt such a heavy one as she backed up, eyes wide just to stare. She didn't act at all, obviously, stunned by the blow? No… no status effect, just stunned mentally. The zombie orc at least was on AI mode and wasn't held in a similar manner as it went behind the guard and scored a CRITICAL hit, cleaving the thing in two from the abdomen to its leg…. Of course, maybe in a horrible parody of the black knight, the guard would hop on one leg, and then backhand the summon across the square to CRASH into a fruit stand. The leg gone, as well as the>
11:40:08 [Ketchum] first bar of health meant it reached phase 2 of its strength… like a raid boss or something, gaining in power as it got more damage taken.
11:48:44 [Ketchum] (small brb)
11:51:26 [Ketchum] no mail yet, weird
11:55:02 [Starlin] brbrbrbbbb
12:10:36 ~Shion~ exits from this room
12:12:28 [-Zero whispers to Ketchum] Sorry Ketchum, just had an epileptic fit, Ill get typing in a moment
12:14:49 [Ketchum whispers to -Zero] ah.. take yer time
12:24:41 [Bastion] aaaaaand baccck~
12:25:48 [Ketchum] huzzah
12:27:13 [Dreadnought] WB
12:30:17 [Starlin] Thaaanks!
12:33:15 [Starlin] Anyways. I'll be watching on my phone before work. I gotta take care of some court issues
12:35:28 Maggie Snowe enters this room
12:37:07 [-Zero] Alright, sorry about that Ketchum I'm in a better state now
12:37:50 [Starlin] wb Zero. Hai Mags~
12:39:25 Shayo enters this room
12:39:37 [Ketchum] hey Mags and Shayo
12:39:51 [Shayo] Allo'.
12:39:56 [Ketchum] and no worries Zero, take yer time, my mail i was waiting for is not here yet
12:40:02 [Ketchum] so cant do much
12:45:26 [Starlin] Welcome Shayo
12:47:16 [Maggie Snowe] howdy.
12:53:38 ( -Zero flips a coin => Pass )
12:53:41 [-Zero] Boom
12:54:41 Maggie Snowe scoots away from Zero.
12:54:55 -Zero Is already far from Maggie, glares from his scope
12:54:57 [Shayo] Ah - thanks for the welcome.
12:55:15 [Shayo] Can anyone recommend me a place to find avatars? Because I swear I can never really find one.
12:55:27 [Shayo] Always takes me 4 hours to just find a damn picture.
12:56:18 [-Zero whispers to Ketchum] Mind if I kill it?
12:56:57 [Ketchum whispers to -Zero] go ahead
12:58:11 [Starlin] It took me a long time. I just looked for Assassin type characters till I found a good one
13:00:33 [Shayo] Yeah I usually just bash in keywords until I find something, hah.
13:01:01 Feide enters this room
13:01:10 [Feide] o/
13:01:49 [Ketchum] hey soldier
13:02:08 [Ketchum] just dont type in ass asian by accident
13:02:09 Maggie Snowe has no idea why but sure, glares back at.
13:02:11 [Feide] Heyo~
13:02:14 [Maggie Snowe] Howdy Feide.
13:02:25 [Shayo] lel
13:02:47 -Zero Watched as Ketchum froze in the terror of the attack, refusing to shoot just yet and letting his accuracy and attack buff build up once again with a flashing light. Ketchum's HP bar was noted as health was depleted slightly and grin widened when the Zombie Orc rid the guard of a leg before crashing into one of the fruitstands. "Ketchum get up!" Zero shouted to the girl, hoping to bring her back to her senses and bullet whirling through the air to pierce the lower torso, straight through the armour and enough power to shoot through to the other side. The guard seemed determined however, stumbling and using his greatsword to keep him on his feet while his helmet continued its red glow. "Boom." Another shot fired, this one connecting with the greatsword and flinging it out of the guard's hand and a ping echoing throughout the square before the Action Skill: Suddenshot came into play to release another bullet. Stood in the same spot for all these shots, <C>
13:02:50 -Zero Zero had gain a fair amount of buff to Attack and Accuracy. As the Guard tipped to the side in a gnarly battlecry, the bullet pierced through the helmet and straight to the wall behind it for an impact that left a small crater where the bullet rested. Body thumped and slumped against the pavement, armour clattering while Zero exhaled slowly. "3 shots left." A habit, a prayer, it set his mind at ease and helped him keep it together. Lowering the barrel to the ground, he looked to the zombie Orc and back to Ketchum. "You alright there Ketchum?" Slow steps were taken towards her and a hand offered once the rifle strap was slung on his shoulder.
13:03:06 [-Zero] Hey Feide o7
13:03:11 [Feide] So what'd I miss? :o
13:03:14 [Feide] o7
13:03:16 [-Zero] Sorry for the longness, better now ><
13:04:00 [Ketchum] npc guard went zerk, beat it up
13:05:01 [-Zero] BOOM headshot
13:06:15 [Feide] Am I still in the dungeon with y'all?
13:06:35 [-Zero] Nah Dungeon was cleared and we're back in the city, early hours of the morning
13:07:40 [Feide] alllllrighty
13:07:55 [Feide] Did I get anything awesome? XD sorry I had to bail on y'all early in :x
13:08:09 [Maggie Snowe] two pieces of intermediate gear.
13:08:23 [Ketchum] Drew her knees up to her face, the hand unnoticed as the chaos of the fight's conclusion unfolded before her eyes. She would just not mutely at the pixelated items of the guard would appear in their inventory, as well as the gold. "I…t-t-thanks. I totally froze there," she would say in a subdued tone as she grabbed the hand with a tight smile, looking as strained as her short shorts on her wee bum. "I never got hit hard enough for the vibration effect before, it… threw me for loop." Most players were fine with it, because frankly, the sensation was pain or similar, but for Ketchum who didn't have the usual cues of people, and experiencing it for the first time, would just grip the hand tighter even after she explained it. Like it was a lifeline to the reality of what was happening in the virtual world now.
13:08:35 [Ketchum] would just nod*
13:09:32 [-Zero] Did you wanna jump in?
13:10:43 [-Zero] Wait, is that intermediate gear stuff go for everyone?
13:10:46 [Feide] You said everyone's back in the city?
13:12:43 [Starlin] yeah everyone got int gear
13:12:55 Shayo exits from this room
13:16:26 [-Zero] Yes Feide and shweeet :D
13:16:29 [-Zero] Uhhh
13:16:49 [Feide] -is just asking cuz…well…zombie orc XD-
13:16:51 ( -Zero rolls 2d6 => 1, 2 = 3 )
13:17:01 [Ketchum] I suppose Feide could just keep doing Feide things,but its next day
13:17:08 [-Zero] Got me some Gloves and Boots
13:17:17 [Ketchum] so I think she'd sleep
13:17:48 [Ketchum] zombie orc was killed by ya tho Feide
13:17:54 [Ketchum] i just took it as a summon
13:18:12 [Ketchum] or speaking of which
13:18:14 ( Ketchum rolls 1d20 => 9 )
13:18:22 [Ketchum] no guard, lol
13:18:48 [Feide] oooh XD
13:19:19 ( Feide rolls 2d6 => 2, 4 = 6 )
13:19:40 [Starlin] Dread is approved for plaaaay~
13:19:44 [Feide] Upper Body and lower body XD
13:20:12 -Zero Sliiiiides away from Dreadnought, waves a welcome banner from afar
13:20:16 Dreadnought flexes.
13:20:52 Dreadnought taunts Zero with mad aggro skills COME AT ME BRI LETS HUG IT OUT.
13:20:59 [Dreadnought] BRO*
13:21:06 Ketchum throws a pokeball at Dread
13:21:16 [-Zero] Nooooo
13:21:22 -Zero Hides behind Feide
13:21:39 Feide pats Zero X3
13:21:47 [-Zero] Also, should I wait for your post Soldier?
13:21:53 ( Dreadnought flips a coin => Fail )
13:22:00 ( Dreadnought flips a coin => Pass )
13:22:09 [Feide] I'm tweaking my profile for a moment, go ahead for now ^_^
13:22:13 Dreadnought watches the pokeball bounce off his chest. 8(
13:22:38 ( -Zero flips a coin => Fail )
13:22:41 [Dreadnought] Soo— warhammer or spear, y'all?
13:22:43 [-Zero] Dang
13:22:56 [-Zero] Either one as long as you're away from me ^^
13:23:22 -Zero Types
13:29:00 [Starlin] lol
13:30:22 -Zero Let go of Ketchum and gazed down the the guard. "I wonder what got into him though." With money and a few potions gained from the guard, Zero couldn't help but snicker as Ketchum composed herself from the shock. "Scary huh… Having your life determined by digits in a virtual world." He couldn't blame her, he was stuck in the game along with everyone else and everybody had their moments of panic. Panic. Zero's eyes removed focus from her and glared into nothing as a flashback of sorts began creeping up on him and disappeared with a shake of the head. "Not now." Zero muttered to himself through gritted teeth, taking a step back from the female and taking a deep breath. "I wouldn't recommend getting used to sitting still when the shock hits you though, I get that you're Support and your summons are handy…" A quick pause, a ponder almost while the merchants and NPC civilians adjusted themselves back into their routines. <C>
13:30:25 -Zero "Then again I don't think either of us were expecting that to happen in the City." Speculation aside, Zero reloaded his weapon once he watched the crater on the wall fix itself after a moment of pixelated blurr. "Here I was hoping to fire shots in a dungeon instead of the City." He'd done exactly what he didn't wanna do: Draw attention to himself and that's exactly what those NPCs who were watching seemed to be murmuring about. 'Damn AI'
13:35:05 [-Zero] Item list updated
13:35:36 Feide was removed from the ruckus that had been raised within the city; in all likelihood, it would take a little while for the news to circulate around to the idle soldier. Her time between jobs was spent elsewhere, doing other things…like in a tavern, perhaps engaging in competitions with other patrons for extra cash. Gold was gold, and more gold would ultimately lead to better and more equipment, which ultimately led to better jobs, and so on and so forth to the overarching point….survivability was increased. These gambling matches varied in nature; from mud-wrestling competitions to MMA-style beatdowns to the current method of…arm wrestling. Test your strength! Currently, she and her opponent (being fairly equal in stats) were in an expected deadlock; neither seemed able to gain an advantage…especially with skills being disallowed. Oh, whatever would occur?
13:35:48 [Feide] -also created an items list-
13:40:31 [Ketchum] Nodded to the advice, taking it all in, watched the scene and NPCs fix themselves,even as some of them got an exclamation point above their heads now. They were odd ones, like, go tell X that Y person died, or bury my in Z cemetrary, like they were, well actually people who got killed. Ketchum debated if this was actually a game or not, but took the cemetrary one as she picked up the urn of one of the fallen merchants. "Well, I still need the xp to get stronger I guess… maybe I should get used to getting hit somewhere too later," she would nod numbly. The advice was sound, but for the first taste of fear for someone, it didn't seem to register as she was about to robotically go on the quest. The party notice window would dlash for Zero too [Accept? Y/N]
13:47:39 -Zero Blinked as his menu-screen popped up, finger hovering over the 'Y' and pushing down on it to accept the Party request. While Ketchum agreed to a minimal quest, Zero saw no need and figured tagging along wouldn't hurt. "I know a quick way to the cemetary, had a quest there not long ago and can lead you there." Hands once again residing in his pockets, the Sharpshooter walked slightly infront while Ketchum carried the urn and led her to one of the more narrow of streets. "Once you get used to seeing your HP drop, your fight or flight instincts will kick in… It did for me atleast." He even had a skill to prove it! The two would eventually be cutting through a shady part of the city, the whispers of his name stretching out but the male paying no attention and continuing onwards. The cheer of those in a tavern could be heard, turning his head to glance through the window he could see players hollaring out absurdities and encouragement in a group. "Tch." <C>
13:47:43 -Zero Clearly, Zero couldn't see that Feide was one of the two surrounded by cheering Players, the reputation of the tavern wasn't proving so hot either but alas the cemetery was in sight and the quicker the minor quest was done the better.
13:47:50 [-Zero] Brb, smoke break
13:52:10 [Ketchum] hmm, yeah, skip, i'll post to ya Feide in a sec
13:52:17 [Ketchum] after whatever post ya give
13:54:52 Kennith enters this room
13:54:54 Feide exhaled a moment, her eyes focussing upon the gaze of her opponent, who was clearly wondering why he had agreed to such a strange competition….especially in a stat-based environment, where the victor was easily determined. Feide would smile, her arm tensing as the two evenly-matched opponents strained….and then her leg lashed out under the table, sweeping her opponent's chair with a sudden and vicious kick, tipping it to the side…and bringing his arm with it. His hand slammed onto the table beneath her grip as she smiled, settling back in her seat and holding out a hand for a small pouch of gold. "You cheated, bitch!" The man snarled, rising aggressively…and prompting the mercenary to arch a brow lightly, the muzzle of her rifle lifting to level at the man's chest as she deposited her winnings into her inventory. <b>"Should have paid attention to the rules. No skills, no weapons, no directly interfering with your opponent's body. I only touched your chair. So, I'll give ya one <c>
13:55:52 Maggie Snowe exits from this room
13:56:24 Feide <c> "Should have paid attention to the rules. No skills, no weapons, no directly interfering with your opponent's body. I only touched your chair. So, I'll give ya one warning…get the fuck out of here and try not to piss yourself, hey?" The fuming male departed, grumbling curses under his breath as the mercenary relaxed, lifting her glass of what seemed some sort of alcohol from the table and tossing the contents back. Bleh. I prefered the wrestling.
13:56:43 [Starlin] Alright guys. Feel free to rp. I'm going into work so my responses will be delayed Direct new people to the profile! thanks~
13:58:05 [Ketchum] "Maybe… hope I don't have to rely on those instincts all the time," she'd turn in the pot quest (ugh, sorry, gotta afk a bit, so skip)
13:58:34 [Ketchum] assumes she comes to the tavern after and hangs out a bit tho if Feide and Zero wanna chat
13:59:12 [Feide] alrighty X3
13:59:17 [-Zero] Back
14:00:41 Ashrya enters this room
14:01:05 Ashrya exits from this room
14:02:26 -Zero Reads
14:02:54 [Feide] welcome back
14:03:07 [-Zero] Thank you
14:03:24 [-Zero] So lemme get this straight, Ketchum walks into a bar with an urn mid-quest
14:05:09 [Feide] no, she went to turn it in first XD
14:05:18 [Feide] and then if Zero goes back, she'll follow
14:13:46 [-Zero] Alright typing
14:16:40 Number-EIGHT enters this room
14:17:17 [Number-EIGHT] Feide. -Evolves a mouth, just for her. Licks her whole face.. ALL OF IT.. One pass. Hugs. Teliports away after.-
14:17:45 Number-EIGHT exits from this room
14:18:08 [-Zero] e.e
14:18:56 [Feide] o.o
14:19:29 [-Zero] I think he likes you
14:22:43 [Starlin] haha…
14:25:38 -Zero Made damn well sure the quest was completed, being in the party meant the EXP and gold was shared. Stingy right? and began heading back towards the square the same routet. On their walk past the tavern however, they'd be met with a group of sour gentlemen who were babbling about an Arm Wrestle and some Bitch cheating. Zero turned to gaze in and catch sight of the Soldier from the dungeon. "Hmm?" Ketchum didn't hesitate to enter and Zero felt somewhat inclined to tag along since being in her party.While the Support player scurried off, Zero took a slow walk to the table and nodded to the woman. "I get the feeling they won't be bragging about this any time soon." The Sharpshooter remarked with a nod and chuckling at the quick shot taken. "Does the winner get a free drink from the loser?"
14:26:34 ( Feide rolls 1d100 => 58 )
14:30:23 Feide looked up to Zero as he entered giving a small nod of greeting as she set the glass back on the table and relaxed, lacing her fingers together behind her head casually. "Nah, already had the drink. The real prize is the money in these things…though the arm-wrestling bit's not so great. Only real way to win is cheating because of the stat system levelling things out; so the winnings tend to be a bit less than in the wrestling or brawling matches." I mean, really….58 gold in winnings? With all those people around? Not much fun to bet on a dishonest game, after all. "So. What can I do for you?" Well, she seemed a bit more pleasant here, at least. Better mood? Or, more likely, she was under the impression that Zero might have work for her.
14:41:28 -Zero Kicks his internet, types
14:41:45 ( -Zero flips a coin => Fail )
14:42:44 [Feide] brb
14:45:56 [Ketchum] i can types after Zero
14:50:26 -Zero Could find himself sitting down just yet, the Mercenary seemed on the ball to explain the system and the Solo Player bringing up his Player menu. "Ketchum here needs abit of level grinding and I was thinking to take a sneak peak at the entrance to The Valley. The spoils are shared evenly and I'll even throw in 10% of my earnings for playing front with us two." Zero understood business, he didn't start as a Solo Player but adapted to the game fairly quickly and knew the system. Peripherals caught sight of a few men entering the bar, hearing skill catching the single word headshot in their whispers and looking to Feide once again. "Us two couldn't take a dungeon that lies in the way without someone in front."
14:56:52 [Ketchum] "Hey Feide-r!" would say, sending a friend request to the other female, maybe she'd accept unlike zero success rate with Zero. "Hey Listen! You hear that?" indeed, there was a weird buzzing sound coming from Ketchum as she brought up status window, "Oh!" and then her inventory one as she withdrew the pot and double clicked on it. The urn would glow brightly for a moment before an angel would appear in a praying motion, ~My ashes are spread to the hills, if you adventures will seek some thrills… My yearning for the sun beating briigght, for everything we do will make riiight~ the praying girl would disappear as the quest notification would pop up for various people. It was a timed request it seemed, and was located in the Valley entrance itself for it.
15:01:39 [Starlin] Ketchum. You're not gonna get anywhere near the Valley. lol
15:02:35 [-Zero] I was hoping to get lost and just peering in another dungeon anyway >.>
15:02:49 [Ketchum] ah ok, saves her pot quest for later
15:03:13 [Ketchum] no time, it just cons… purple or red whatever the beyond your level quest notification color is
15:03:13 [-Zero] I mentioned a sneak peak but that was my plan D8
15:11:59 [-Zero whispers to Ketchum] Sooo we wait til she gets back?
15:13:36 [Ketchum whispers to -Zero] its been 30 usually thats my cutoff
15:13:42 [Ketchum] Feide?
15:16:41 -Zero Prods with a shtick
15:21:15 [-Zero whispers to Ketchum] I'm not too sure where to go from here e.e
15:21:23 [-Zero whispers to Ketchum] IT'll be a short post sorry D;
15:21:47 [Feide] I'm back
15:21:51 [Feide] sorry about that XD
15:22:02 -Zero Slams the breaks on his typing
15:22:28 Ketchum bites Feide… of course her attack stat is pretty low
15:22:53 Feide is being nibbled by a pokemon trainer :o
15:23:11 [-Zero] A wild Trainer appears!
15:24:00 Ketchum uses BITE ATTTACK
15:24:11 [Ketchum] ITS not very effective.
15:24:21 [Feide] X3
15:28:11 [Feide] soooo….did the urn quest thingy happen, or are we just cruising?
15:29:34 [-Zero] We're just gonna go to some random dungeon I reckon, get a monster encyclopedia on the go
15:29:47 [Ketchum] Yeah, more critters
15:30:28 [-Zero] Got Zorc Guards, Zombie Orcs, Mace Rats,
15:30:41 [-Zero] Oh and possessed City Guard
15:31:23 [Ketchum] yeah, gotta catch em all^
15:32:01 [Ketchum] crap, i dont have my charger, blarg
15:32:28 [-Zero] Starlin, you guys fought a Zorc commander last night right?
15:32:30 [Feide] -begins posting-
15:40:35 Feide glanced up to Ketchum, arching a brow as the friend request popped up; her gaze shifting to the bouncy female as her head tilted in confusion. "…" She tapped the decline button lightly, shaking her head. For now, at least, she didn't really know anyone well enough to want them being able to find her so easily. Her attention shifted back to Zero, giving a small nod. Sure, she would accept the job. Why not? She would get some exxp, and make a tidy profit on the side. As long as nothing went horribly wrong, anyway.
15:46:58 [Ketchum] alrighty, pretty sure this thing will die soon, so consider me out for posting, sorry, wont be back home for a bit
15:47:27 [-Zero] Could I say you went to do Merchant stuff?
15:48:09 [Ketchum] sure, sounds good
15:58:08 -Zero Nodded and motioned his hand to bring up the menu. With Ketchum's friend request denied, Zero sent an invitation to join their Party which meant the spoils and EXP would be sent equally. "I'll be able to give you the 10% when we get back alive." Zero would turn to leave the Tavern and carry on down the shady street. Upon reaching the warp gate, the Player would open up a his Menu and scroll down on to a series of maps while reading up on a few side notes. Zero went to suggest a dungeon but was met with Ketchum's fairwell as she tended off to deal with her cart and Merchant duties. "Hmmm well that makes the contract alittle more interesting, still feeling to go on or do you wanna stick around to scout another member?" He was cool with either, be it venturing into a new dungeon or familiar one.
16:09:46 [Feide] and back after monitor retardation >_> <_<
16:11:18 [-Zero] Weebaa
16:14:42 Feide rose from her seat to follow the pair, her left hand rising to tap the accept button for the party request…though the trio was soon a pair as Ketchum ventured off to attend other duties, leaving the mercenary witht Zero. At his question, she only replied with a small shrug. "I'm just the hired help. Doesn't make a difference to me." Well, that was rather cut and dry. Still, she used the pause to begin inventorying her available munitions; an act which appeared to other players as her avatar pulling magazines from their respective pouches and inspecting them; occasionally emptying one to reload it manually; the same instance occuring with her grenades. An interesting idle for the action, to be sure….but the point was made. Whether it was just the two of them or a small army, Feide wasn't particularly bothered.
16:19:05 [-Zero] Hmmmm
16:20:15 [-Zero] Evens: Forest | Odds: Swamps
16:20:18 ( -Zero rolls 1d100 => 22 )
16:20:30 [-Zero] Forest it is
16:27:58 Wes- enters this room
16:30:55 -Zero Closed the maps and tapped away at his items for accurate equipping. He didn't need to change his current gear but moreso reloading his weapon before sparing a glance back to the Soldier. "Alright, I got somewhere we can go check out and it shouldn't be too much of a bother." Once she was set to go, Zero led the way to the warp gate, allowing them out of the city and unto the path ahead that was leading to the Dungeon entrance and frowned at the sway of the trees that waved at them once they enteredt he forest area. "I should be alright if I'm on high ground, I'll cover you from below and you take the aggro. If we take out time and swee the place clean it should be much more rewarding." Brainstorming for a plan, Zero throwing in the first idea and grasping the Crow's Claw in his hands.
16:39:24 Feide gave a simple nod to indicate she was ready as Zero finished his preparations and looked to her. In the same spirit of the matter, she would follow through the Warp Gate, hefting her rifle in her right hand, muzzle pointing towards the sky as her gaze surveyed the area. "….Sure." pretty bland response, but her outlook on the game wasn't exactly complex….especially where a contract was concerned. She understood her role within a group as the 'jack of all trades' well enough; and she was ready to perform. She lowered her weapon, catching the frame easily in her left hand as she proceeded towards the dungeon in a slow, meticulous manner; maintaining a high-ready position with her assault rifle, thumb rotating the selector switch to burst fire. She figured Zreo would follow behind at a reasonable distance, and therefore wasn't overly concerned about her flanks or back. She was on point; her focuse would be the area ahead.
16:47:29 ( -Zero rolls 1d5 => 3 )
16:51:24 ( -Zero flips a coin => Fail )
16:54:32 -Zero Nodded and slowed his pace to look at the trees around as they entered the dungeon. 'Vantage point'. While Feide continued on with her weapon at the ready, Zero found himself walking closer to the treelines to his right and took off in a short build up run to jump unto the top of a boulder and letting go of the Rifle that hung on a strap to catch the high trunk sticking out from a tree. Using the momentum, Zero threw his legs for a swing and released onto for the body to worm and upper body strength putting him at a high branch at the tree. With a swift movement, the Sharpshooter was staring down the scope just in time to catch the bushes ahead rustling and the snarl of a feline animal coming from the movement. "Watch out!" Just as he shouted, three peculiar creatures reaching jsut below waist height and shaking the bristle fur of leaf and wood. "Forest Lynx, particularly weak to fire and thick skin beneath that fur. You want the big bucks then keep their teeth intact." <C>
16:54:35 -Zero With the information relayed, Zero fired a shot that struck the back leg of one of the creatures, already injuring it and setting his sights on the next one before letting off another shot.
17:00:43 Wes- exits from this room
17:03:41 Maggie Snowe enters this room
17:03:44 Lookie enters this room
17:04:00 Dreadnought puts Maggie on his shoulders.
17:04:46 Feide opened fire as the felines emerged, the spent casings ejecting from her ejection port in sparkling groups of three as the first lynx was struck by the Sharpshooter's round. It paused, and the red marks of the Soldier's concentrated fire peppered its form until it fell to the ground, twitching in death. As the Sharpshooter lined up his next shot, Feide's weapon sweeped to the third feline…her burst of fire bit into the trees as she shifted to the right, however; evading the first attack. "Tch…" As it leapt again, she removed her left hand from the rifle's stock, balling her fingers into a fist as she caught the creature's bit upon her armored forearm; wincing a bit as the red pixels danced up and virtual blood spilled…but as the feline dug into her arm, she lifted it from the ground; right hand maneuvering her rifle's muzzle to place it lightly against the creature's chest as her thumb toggled full automatic fire…and she squeezed the trigger, letting the weapon do the rest as the bullets<c>
17:06:24 Feide <c>ripped into the lynx's body, shaking it like some kind of malfunctioning puppet until it went limp, jaws losing hoold on her arm as the body fell at her feet….followed by her weapon's empty magazine as sheslid a new one into place, letting the bolt ride forward to load a new round.
17:07:05 ( -Zero flips a coin => Fail )
17:07:13 [-Zero] Dang it
17:07:21 [Starlin] haaai Mags~. Haaaai Lookie~
17:07:37 [Feide] o/ heyo~ WB everyone~
17:07:49 -Zero Sliiiiide away from Mags and waves from afar
17:07:49 [Lookie] Hello.
17:07:58 [-Zero] Hello Lookie o/
17:08:19 [Starlin] pssst. Get the Husbando to join
17:08:46 [Lookie] XD I have no control over him.
17:16:11 -Zero switched the barrel of his gun to the second Lynx, shot fired and piercing past the top of it's neck. A howl came from the creature and amber eyes staring right up at the tree to directly at Zero. The fourth bullet from eight was shot and with increased accuracy he was able to shoot straight through the top of the Lynx's mouth and out the other side. By the time he aimed down at Feide, she was already reloading a new magazine and prepared to move on. As she moved forward it was clear that distance was being made and the trees ahead appeared to be getting thicker while the path narrowed. Zero found himself jumping down to a lower branch, no feet just arms catching the wood and swinging him forward to land on a boulder. In the real world, the odds of him doing it was low but within a virtual game where stats were easily increased besides appearance, Zero was merely looking to raise a few skills. The Sharpshooter remained at a distance but following slowly and eye staring down the scope. <C>
17:16:15 -Zero "Fork in the road ahead, clear on either side." It was oddly quiet even for the duo that had a decision to make ahead.
17:16:45 -Zero "Fork in the road ahead, clear on either side." It was oddly quiet even for the duo that had a decision to make ahead.
17:17:05 Maggie Snowe sliiiiides closer to Zero.
17:17:57 -Zero SLaps his double post and sliiiiiiiides away from Mags
17:18:11 Maggie Snowe chases him into a corner. >:T
17:18:37 [-Zero] O.O;;
17:18:47 [Feide] o.o;;;
17:18:58 [Maggie Snowe] > <;;;;
17:19:06 -Zero Makes a run for it, better Speed and whatnot
17:19:10 ( -Zero flips a coin => Pass )
17:19:28 [-Zero] Quick! D100 and above 75 you can stop me
17:19:29 Maggie Snowe goes for the tackle.
17:19:33 ( Maggie Snowe flips a coin => Pass )
17:19:38 [-Zero] OR that
17:19:46 -Zero Tumbleflails
17:20:47 -Zero Claws the ground towards Starlin. <S>SCAR! BRUTHA! HALP MEH</I>
17:24:02 [-Zero] No? Nothing? Thanks ;-;
17:25:44 Maggie Snowe wildebeests him.
17:28:02 [Starlin] lolol. sorry. work randomly gets busy.
17:28:38 Feide maintained a high ready posture as she moved forward, lowering the weapon to a more relaxed position as she paused at the fork, awaiting her employer's decision on the direction (sorry, got distracted by an RL debate with someone >_>)
17:29:29 [-Zero] x.x
17:30:03 [-Zero] Odds: Forest Clearing | Evens: Spooky shiz
17:30:10 ( -Zero rolls 1d100 => 30 )
17:30:18 [Ketchum] scaaarrrry~
17:30:27 [Ketchum] I mean.. Gaaaaarrry~
17:30:47 -Zero Types
17:31:01 [Feide] -licks someone-
17:31:14 [Starlin] o.o
17:31:18 Maggie Snowe wipes soldier slobber off her cheek.
17:31:23 [Ketchum] Its super effective
17:31:34 [Ketchum] Maggie, let's catch up to the others
17:32:29 [Feide] X3
17:32:34 Maggie Snowe is still at work.
17:33:35 [Ketchum] darn, wanders back to the craft hall
17:37:31 [Ketchum] color test
17:37:38 [Ketchum whispers to Ketchum] test
17:37:47 [Ketchum whispers to Ketchum] test
17:41:30 [Ketchum whispers to Ketchum] test
17:42:17 -Zero Caught up with the female to stare at both paths. One appeared to be revealing the most light and a reward breeze while the sound of clattering metal was faintly heard should your listening skill be high enough. The other however appeared to get darker, trees going from a healthy brown to a withering grey and a chill that would pierce through the skin right to the bone in seconds. "Well, I'm stumped and we haven't got all day soo-" A quick dip of a hand in his pocket and a silver coin rested in his fingers. "Heads says we go the way that smells like least death." With the hand positioned, the thumb placed itself beneath the coin and flicked to send it spinning upwards. Upon it's decent, the Sharpshooter would catch it and slamming it ont he back of his free hand. With a lift of the hand, Zero sighed at the tails and shoved the coin back in his pocket. "This way it is, same plan as before only it may be best if I stayed on the ground instead of venturing off." <C>
17:42:23 -Zero With that said, he began dropping back behind the Soldier and watch her back aswell as raising the scope to his eye to check the road ahead. Zero was prepared to call it safe when the falling of leaves of the trees above and a sudden change in the wind had him taking in a sharp breath. "Watch it!"
17:42:26 [-Zero] SWEET JESUS
17:42:28 [Starlin] jesus
17:42:30 [Ketchum] i burst out laughing
17:42:35 [Ketchum] from dat color
17:42:36 [Feide] oh jeebus X_X
17:42:38 Maggie Snowe lol'd.
17:42:49 -Zero Slams down a fist
17:42:53 [-Zero] Good christ
17:43:04 [-Zero] Sorry about that… The Keep decided to fawks with me today
17:43:17 [Feide] I…I can't even read that XD
17:43:37 -Zero Caught up with the female to stare at both paths. One appeared to be revealing the most light and a reward breeze while the sound of clattering metal was faintly heard should your listening skill be high enough. The other however appeared to get darker, trees going from a healthy brown to a withering grey and a chill that would pierce through the skin right to the bone in seconds. "Well, I'm stumped and we haven't got all day soo-" A quick dip of a hand in his pocket and a silver coin rested in his fingers. "Heads says we go the way that smells like least death." With the hand positioned, the thumb placed itself beneath the coin and flicked to send it spinning upwards. Upon it's decent, the Sharpshooter would catch it and slamming it ont he back of his free hand. With a lift of the hand, Zero sighed at the tails and shoved the coin back in his pocket. "This way it is, same plan as before only it may be best if I stayed on the ground instead of venturing off."
17:43:40 -Zero With that said, he began dropping back behind the Soldier and watch her back aswell as raising the scope to his eye to check the road ahead. Zero was prepared to call it safe when the falling of leaves of the trees above and a sudden change in the wind had him taking in a sharp breath. "Watch it!"
17:44:00 [Feide] Thanks :)
17:44:29 LookC enters this room
17:45:36 [Ketchum] wow, two Look profiles, heya LookC
17:45:37 [Starlin] lol
17:46:00 [LookC] Yo.
17:48:24 [Starlin] Senpai and his waifu think they are sneaky
17:48:39 Feide advanced carefully; her walk unhurried but not particularly slow, rifle low but at the ready as the Sharpshooter fell behind her….her advance and a silent nod the only signs of her acknowledgment of his insturctions. Her left hand reached up, into the top most pouches on her vests to withdraw and prepare a grenade, right hand thumbing the selector back to burst fire. As the air shifted and the leaves above shifted, she reacted quickly; dropping to her back as her rifle swung up, triggering a single three-round burst into the movement's location in the trees before going still; spent casings glittring beside her as she waited for the reaction, if any….
17:51:56 LookC does not notice Starlin.
17:53:00 ( -Zero rolls 1d6 => 6 )
17:53:14 ( -Zero flips a coin => Fail )
17:53:19 ( -Zero flips a coin => Fail )
17:53:30 [-Zero] Flap nuggets >.O
17:54:07 [LookC] I wonder if that could be considered a critical fail…. Feide's gonna get shot in the back!
17:54:26 [Feide] O.O
17:54:35 -Zero Shakes head. "No. of enemies."
17:54:49 [LookC] I figured. Was just being silly.
17:55:05 [LookC] I think a riffle jam and a misfire would of been more fun though.
17:55:06 Boon enters this room
18:00:55 [Ketchum] If I combined a pikachu, a zombie orc, and my steampunk knowledge, could i get a http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/336/a/c/lms___judge___by_adonihs-d342k8m.jpg ?
18:03:01 [Feide] Holy crap that would be awesome xD
18:03:07 -Zero Watched the Soldier prepare herself and standing still as soon as she dropped to her back while the shots were fired into the trees. It was silent for a few seconds, Zero holding his breath and the Action Skill: Suddenshot coming into play to strike a bullet in the two leading creatures that swooped down. Striking the two scared the others off course, Passive Skill taking toll and the creature information flashing on Zero's vision-Screen. "Bat-O-Lanterns, body is fairly frail but they're agile and harmful should they attack together." Information was relayed on the head-sized pumpkins that were flying around with thin yet rapid wings with their carvings on their stomach illuminating and screeches coming from their tiny heads at the top. While the cooldown was in play, Zero stood still and posed his scope once again to try and keep tracks of the little pests. The buff he gained from sitting still aided him in finding the two bats he shot who<C>
18:03:14 -Zero were flying wonky and slower than the rest. With the cool down finished, he'd fire off a last two shots before arm moved to reload for a fresh mag.
18:06:02 [Maggie Snowe] Does Zero have a Pokédex? I want a Pokédex.
18:06:53 -Zero Is in the process of writing out an Encyclopedia of monsters
18:07:51 Feide gave a small grunt as she put the grenade away, taking hold of her rifle with both hands and thumbing her selector back to full auto. Dammit…. So much for ammo conservation, but it was better to kill the enemy fast than to wait and let them do more damage. She would sight in on the two that were already damage, depressing the trigger and unloading her magazine into the two; utilizing a wall of fire tactic over precision shooting to cut down the effectiveness of the enemie's evasiveness. Combined withZero's follow-up shots, the two would fall to the ground, twitching their lives away as the Soldier dropped her magazine, sliding a new one iinto place as her eyes tracked the remaining creatures.
18:08:30 [Ketchum] Its a sharpshooter feature
18:11:03 [Starlin] Don't worry, Mags. Our Guild basically has one of those anyway
18:12:13 [-Zero] ^ Yeah you don't need mine!
18:13:15 Maggie Snowe is gonna catch'em all.
18:13:16 [-Zero] Anyhoo
18:13:21 ( -Zero flips a coin => Pass )
18:13:25 ( -Zero flips a coin => Pass )
18:13:27 [Feide] ./me just works here X3
18:13:30 [-Zero] OOSH
18:13:36 ( -Zero rolls 1d4 => 4 )
18:14:09 Feide messed up her action D:
18:14:23 -Zero Just gets lucky with crits
18:20:28 -Zero While Feide finished off the wounded two, the two shots fired before the reload struck two bats that exploded on impact and sent pumpkin guts flying everywhere. The final two switched their course, swirling in a circle towards him and flames within their Lantern-bodies flaring a brighter red. Exhaling, Zero pulled the triger for the bullet to zip out and recoil jolting his shoulder back slightly. As they crossed each other over in their flight, the shot passed through the first and straight through the second to shower Zero in hot orange glob of Bat-O-Lantern insides. Lowering the barrel, a wild smile took over his face and a nervous laugh escaped. "That… Was close." Wiping his hair, clothing and sniper from the goop, Zero motioned forward. Deep breaths were being taken as the mist around them began getting thicker and the screech of a rusty gate ahead soon became audible in their walk.
18:23:59 [-Zero] Say Ketchum, wouldn't it be cool if one of your subclasses could be sorta mad scientist-ish and make steampunk type summons with whatever you had to fuse?
18:24:20 -Zero Is great with words, husheses
18:24:34 [Feide] Ooh, do we get subclasses/specializations later? :O
18:26:15 [-Zero] Just talk for the time being I believe
18:27:10 Feide pushed herself to her feet as the Sharpshooter finished off the remaining Bat o' lanterns, waiting until he was ready before turning to resume leading the way along the path. Her left eye twitched slightly in irritation at the recurring screech of the gate somewhere in the vicinity, thumb rotating her rifle back to burst fire as her index finger tapped the trigger guard restlessly. So far, at least, it didn't seem as though the dungeon carried anything that would force her to resort to melee combat; that meant that the two of them should be as safe as was possible while finishing as long as they worked their roles right….but then, why should the rest of the monsters follow the established pattern?
18:31:29 [Starlin] Things happen once they break through the valley.
18:32:01 [Starlin] there are reasons why There is nothing about the entire second half of the Map
18:35:03 [Ketchum] yeah, figure i can use all these steampunk pics i got of cool things if we do get secondary classes
18:35:32 -Zero Wants a perma-familiar with his Hunter class
18:35:38 [Ketchum] but for now, it makes sense she uses just small cute summons, besides zombie orc
18:36:01 [-Zero] Zombie Orc is her Charizard
18:36:24 [Ketchum] can only have him out as 1, rather then 2 like the others, due to toggle drain
18:36:25 [Feide] XD
18:36:46 [Ketchum] least thats what i figure for balance stuff
18:36:50 [Feide] Is Zombie Orc the one I beheaded? :o
18:37:26 [Ketchum] Yeah, but like everything, it scales down to level
18:37:37 [Ketchum] basically, not as cool
18:38:06 [Feide] hehehe. Headless Orc as a summon X3 (not really, but sounds funny XD)
18:38:18 [Ketchum] that would be hilarious
18:47:36 [Ketchum] https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/cb/e7/6f/cbe76f10e14c7734f9d2b7bcbc54623c.jpg
18:47:44 [Ketchum] whoops, er, headless^
18:48:07 [Ketchum] placed in profile now
18:48:39 [Feide] XD
18:48:49 [Ketchum] Skillset: Gear x3 (Humanoid shape) Special: Can't wear helm Killed by Feide
18:49:24 [Feide] 8D
18:51:29 -Zero Continued onwards, keeping the Soldier in his peripherals but eyes fixed ahead at the gate aswell as wall came into view and stopping to gave at the Gargoyles with the head of rams at either pillar that highlighted the entrance. "We've come this far so we might aswell carry on." Although calm in demeanour and monotonous in tone, Zero was peculiarly worried. As they ventured forward, graves upon graves could be seen surrounding a high hill where the a tomb rested at the top. Already this was a problem and Zero would be the first to admit it. "Considering we're in a graveyard we should keep an eye out for anything that pops up from the ground and get rid of it quickly." So far however it was quiet and the two would be able to venture up to the hill safely. Upon close inspection of the tomb, the engraved tombstone was merely a picture of a woman tending to a flock of sheep. Tiny words were barely readable and drew the Sharpshooter to move his head closer to read the writing outloud. <C>
18:51:32 -Zero "Meyla missa smali." The words must've triggered the gates to shut and heavy thump of stone to draw his attnetion. Coming up the path were the Gargoyles at the entrance and with a fast glance downt he scope would soon be identified. "Ramgoyles, high in defence, taking out their horns or stiking them dead in the chest should do the trick, it's the hollowest point of their body."
19:00:04 Feide gave a silent nod in affirmation to Zero's words; continuing forward at a calm and controlled walk, rifle sweeping side to side to scan for danger….unlike the Sharpshooter, the Soldier was fairly relaxed. Well, until the gates slammed closed and turning around revealed the gargoyles approaching. "…Well, shit." She reached up, drawing her grenade out again and priming the fuse, tossing it in a lazy arc to land at their feet….the detonation would inflict heavy damage, reduced by the creature's high defense but….still able to trigger the second effect, knocking the monsters to the ground. "Concentrate fire. Take one out fast so we don't have to worry about watching for both." On cue, up came her rifle, spitting out it's groups of three shells as she began firing bursts into the gargoyle on their left, the impacts kicking up dirt around the monster as well as sending up puffs of stone where they impacted the chest and torso area.
19:01:40 ( -Zero flips a coin => Pass )
19:01:57 -Zero Types
19:04:26 Kwai enters this room
19:05:04 [Ketchum] Lo' Kawi
19:05:10 [Ketchum] Kwai*
19:05:28 [Kwai] Helloo, helloo.
19:06:30 [Starlin] hiiiiii! Finally off work#
19:06:37 [-Zero] w00t
19:07:03 [Feide] o/
19:07:06 [Kwai] o/
19:07:06 LookC calls Starlin pretending to be his boss and orders him back to work.
19:08:33 -Zero Belated waves to Kwai and returns to typing
19:08:39 [Ketchum] welcome back to the living Star
19:10:03 -Zero caught sight of the grenade exploding once rolled to their feet, explosion attacting the NPC'd attention of the wildlife outside the cemetery and vision on his scope clearing up at the boost of the Crow's Nest. Finally, Feide was coming out with some orders which was a relief for Zero who wasn't used to calling the shots and more to the point of following them himself. While she dealt with the one on the left, showering it in bullets and leaving it in distress, Zero switch to the other. He appeared pissed and was smashing through gravestones with a lowered head. "Boom." Shot taken, the Ram raising its head and the bullet piercing through the top of its maul right through to the chest. The impact caused it's top half to explode but leaving the head to fly to the air and dig into the dirt upon landing. The short pause gave him time to aim at the second Ramgoyle but preventing himself from pulling the trigger, Feide semi-blocking his shot and the risk of friendly-fire undesirable. <C>
19:10:06 -Zero "Kill it or move dammit."
19:11:22 [Starlin] Thanks yall.
19:11:29 [-Zero] Weebaa
19:11:36 [Starlin] Bad Senpai. don't do that
19:12:46 [Starlin] Kwai. If you have any questions ask meeeeeh
19:12:57 LookC does what he wants.
19:13:12 [Ketchum] I C what you did there
19:13:18 Kwai waves a hand. No worries, dear. Will do! o7 Just readin' right now.
19:15:27 [Starlin] Such a cruel Senpai
19:15:50 Feide dropped her spent magazine as the Sharpshooter spoke, her own target going still; failing to have even stood back up before her fire finished it off. Her head turned slightly, just enough that he might notice her glare as she loaded a fresh magazine into her rifle. "……..Tch." Alas, no verbal response was given as her gaze shifted back towards the still-closed gate, eyes narrowing as she released her rifle's bolt. "….Too easy." No trap should be that easy, especially with the two of them spreading their efforts out like they had. High defense, but they went down without any problems….So what's next?
19:16:31 [Ketchum] Maybe someone joined the summoner as she got a little bit in the denial phase of not being scared after her near death earlier that day. Loading herself up on grenades, and then heading out to just beyond the starter zone, she'd use her Headless wonder, courtesy of Feide, Zero, Starlin and Yukio the other day to pull/kite monsters. Just a bunch of low level zombies that slowly shambled around as the head(less) zombie orc summon would lead them into a figure 8 before BOOM! she'd just a grenade in the midst of the clumped up group. Sure, it was way below her level, but it was safe grinding for xp, and she sighed wistfully, pinging Feide, Zero, Starlin and Yukio respectively to break up the tedium of her pull/plosion technique.
19:18:31 [-Zero] Hmmmm
19:19:09 [-Zero] Odds: Angry Shepard | Evens: Vengeful Bo'peep
19:19:22 ( -Zero rolls 1d100 => 96 )
19:19:42 -Zero Types
19:21:49 Feide has more grenades than Ketchum! XD
19:23:28 [Ketchum] yeah, mine are just consumables, lol
19:24:07 [Ketchum] only suitable for these low trash mobs, unlike your scaling active one
19:28:39 Feide P
19:28:48 Feide pats Ketchum :P
19:32:27 Maggie Snowe exits from this room
19:32:43 ( -Zero flips a coin => Fail )
19:32:49 ( -Zero flips a coin => Pass )
19:37:28 -Zero raised from the crouched position he found himself falling beforehand, nodding in agreement and staring back at the tomb. "Way too easy." Zero could feel an odd vibe coming from the words, absurdities suddenly heard coming from the gate and head turned quickly to gaze at the clearly angered fellow on the safe side of the Cemetery. "WADDYA DOIN' HERE? FIRST SHE LOSES HER SHEEP AND NOW SHE CAN'T REST IN PEACE?" The barbaric shout of the man, who upon gazing down the scope could be seen with a shovel in one hand while arms moved and incantations in an unaudible language would be made. The ground beneath them shook briefly, air pressure hissing behind them and the lid tot he tomb cracking open for a rotting hand to shoot up holding a long shepard's staff. The next sound was an unhuman screech, rising in pitch as the glowing body of rotting woman began sitting up in her stoney grave. It was a blue flame that engulfed her, <C>
19:38:03 -Zero Necromancy bringing about life to the undead sheep tamer and giving her the strength to step out of her grave. "Shit." Zero took off, down the hill as he didn't need a complete scan to know that thing could easily damage him enough to kill him and gaining some distance. "Keep her off me, 10 seconds!" It was enough for him to place himself several yards, away, crouching behind a tombstone and barrel pointed at her while his Passive Skill activated. "Little Bo'Reap, Typical undead only she can summon-" He couldn't get halfway through his explaination before the dereanged zombie slammed her staff on the ground, two creatures rising in the form of rotting skin and bone but standing on all for and a gurgling 'baa' to come from them. "Undead lambs… Get that Staff away from her and take her head off!" With that said, two squeezes of the trigger and bullets would head for the minions summoned. <C>
19:38:07 -Zero The bullet connected to the hip-bone of one, blowing the back legs from the top hands and the zombie minion changing its crawling course to the hidden sniper. The second shot found it's mark at the back of the second Lamb's head and bringing the body to slump as if the bones were never together in the first place.
19:39:56 Kwai exits from this room
19:41:50 [LookC] The Walking Sheep.
19:42:03 [-Zero] ^ You know dis
19:45:27 ( Feide flips a coin => Pass )
19:45:31 ( Feide flips a coin => Fail )
19:45:33 ( Feide flips a coin => Fail )
19:45:35 ( Feide flips a coin => Fail )
19:45:39 [Feide] bah
19:46:49 ( Feide flips a coin => Pass )
19:46:51 ( Feide flips a coin => Fail )
19:46:54 ( Feide flips a coin => Pass )
19:46:55 ( Feide flips a coin => Pass )
19:46:56 ( Feide flips a coin => Fail )
19:46:58 ( Feide flips a coin => Fail )
19:46:59 ( Feide flips a coin => Fail )
19:47:00 ( Feide flips a coin => Pass )
19:47:04 [Feide] hm.
19:47:07 [Ketchum] lol
19:48:24 Feide turned as the Sharpshooter took off, her reaction quick but calm; backpedalling away from the summoned Bo'Reap to get a little distance as the sheep rose from the ground. one was taken out with a single well-placed shot, the other…began crawling towards the sniper. Can't have that. With a casual, disinterested motion, Feide's rifle rose, aimed to the side, and a single squeeze of the trigger sent three rounds through the back of the undead sheep's head, stilling its motion as it slumped. Even as the casings continued to fall to the ground, Feide's weapon swung around, levelling upon Bo'Reap, a quick series of trigger pulls lancing her rounds into the zombie's body, tracing up towards it's shoulder to try and take the arm off….and succeeding, each burst firing scoring at least one critical out of its three bullets. The arm bearing the staff burst from Bo'Reap's body in a spray of blood, falling to the ground as the boss-type screeched, Feide continuing to carefully move back to gain a little <c>
19:49:20 Feide <c>more distance while still keeping herself between the Sharpshooter and the newly-summoned Bo'Reap….while she did have her combat knife for close encounters, it was far safer to rely on the assault rifle.
19:51:24 ( -Zero flips a coin => Pass )
19:51:42 [-Zero] Hmmmm
19:51:58 [-Zero] Anything under 50 and we have a problem
19:52:07 ( -Zero rolls 1d100 => 41 )
19:52:40 [-Zero] e.e
19:52:45 -Zero Types
19:53:15 [Feide] x.x
19:57:39 ( -Zero rolls 1d20 => 10 )
20:06:01 ( -Zero flips a coin => Fail )
20:06:05 ( -Zero flips a coin => Fail )
20:06:09 ( -Zero flips a coin => Fail )
20:06:13 ( -Zero flips a coin => Fail )
20:06:15 [-Zero] e.e
20:06:22 -Zero Stabs the keep and returns to posting
20:08:36 -Zero Flinched ever so slightly at the aim of Feide's gun cominginto view and relaxing when the crawling sheep returned to it's slumber. 'Mercs and their contracts.' It made sense, they wouldn't get paid if their employer was to be out for the count now would they? The sight of Bo'Reap in her movements to pick up the staff with her spare hand drew his attention and with the quick pull of the trigger, the bullet was fired with a loud bang. The sound of cracking wood and sight of splinter fling from the staff sent the Zombie Shepard into a frenzy. Her body began glowing brighter and the euphoric aura around her gathere above her disintergrating body before exploding out into seperate orbs of light that scattered around the cemetery. The staff fell to the ground, broken and the sudden appearance of hooves popping fromt he dirt randomly. One appeared next to Zero and sent the Marksman back up the hill and turning once he was stoop on one of the broken lid-slabs from the tomb. More undead sheep, <C>
20:08:44 -Zero More undead sheep, these ones looking o carry alittle more meat on their and coming up from various directions surrounding the hill. "I count ten!" With only 4 shots left, he began firing shots in what could be called a slight panic as he switched targets after every squeeze of the trigger. Four shots made connections to either limbs to blow them off to the the body to slow them down and magazine sliding out only to be replaced by a new one. The Sheep were getting closer and the duo were running out of time.
20:10:03 [-Zero] Looking to*
20:12:01 [Starlin] aaaaaaaaaand hoooome
20:12:32 ( Feide flips a coin => Pass )
20:12:34 ( Feide flips a coin => Fail )
20:12:35 ( Feide flips a coin => Fail )
20:12:36 ( Feide flips a coin => Fail )
20:12:37 ( Feide flips a coin => Fail )
20:12:43 ( Feide flips a coin => Fail )
20:12:51 [Feide] well…bollocks. XD
20:13:03 [-Zero] Welcome home Starlin o7
20:13:12 [-Zero] Christ sakes Feide :'D
20:16:42 Feide paused as the zombified Bo'Reap was destroyed…only to be followed up by a series of hooves and more sheep rising from the dirt. "Tch." Her thumb rotated the selector switch to semi-automatic; burst and full auto wouldn't help as much against these enemies. With her grenade cooldown completed, she tossed one in a high arc over Zero's position; the skill's blast dealing critical damage and turning the sheep barring the Sharpshooter's path of retreat into little more than a red mist. Meanwhile, she began taking pot-shots at the sheep surrounding her, firing a single round at each sheep before shifting to a new target. Not so lucky here; without a single critical to be seen, five shots only eliminated one sheep as the round pierced its eye and blew the back of its head out. The rest jerked a bit, but the gunfire really only served to draw the aggro to the Soldier.
20:19:18 roygeebiv enters this room
20:19:49 [Starlin] 'looo~
20:19:57 [roygeebiv] o/
20:22:20 [Starlin] profile should be in the Desc. If you have any questions send 'em muh waaay
20:23:18 ( -Zero flips a coin => Pass )
20:23:25 [-Zero] boom
20:23:31 ( -Zero rolls 1d6 => 6 )
20:23:35 [-Zero] e.e
20:25:34 [Starlin] so Zero rolls good.
20:25:40 [Starlin] Feide rolls crap
20:26:45 [Feide] XD
20:28:55 [-Zero] Starlin! What goodies can we get from Clearing Bo'Reaps Cemetery?
20:29:33 [Starlin] hmmmmm
20:31:17 [Starlin] Blueprints… Foooooor… More advanced Grenades and a Heavy Machine-Gun type thing
20:32:09 [Starlin] Along with Lots of gold and better potions for health and mana
20:32:31 [-Zero] w00t
20:32:41 [Feide] Heavy machine gun…. >:3
20:33:04 ( -Zero rolls 1d7 => 1 )
20:34:57 -Zero inhaled calmly. 'Eight fresh shots.' Zero thought as Crow's Nest took place and his vision cleared as he raised the barrel towards one of the sheep once again. "Boom." A swift headshot, brains flying everywhere upon impact and aim moving swiftly to the next target to repeat the process. Only one more headshot was accomplished, making it a total of three before another 3 shots brought the undead sheep without another set of limbs and holes blown through their bodies. Two shots remained but he held them off and kept his sight down the scope just in case and hopped off the slab once Feide had dominated the remaining Sheep. The gates to the cemetery opened and a ghoulish looking chest rising up from Bo'Reaps tomb. "I think… We're finished here." Dungeon Complete. Zero was already working out and seperating her share of the money w/ goods to avoid any hassle when it came to parting ways back at the city. <C>
20:35:01 -Zero "Take what you want from the chest and I'll have whatever is left." Zero remarked, looking at his stats and grinning at the slight increase in the health stat he gained from the dungeon. "Fighting undead has it's perks." Once Feide had seperate it all, it would be time to head back to the city, silence probably taking over as neither of the Solo Players were one for small talk and more focused on the action at hand.
20:35:31 -Zero Goes to update his Encyclopedia
20:37:21 [Feide] do we both get all of that, by the way? :o
20:37:55 [Starlin] There's only one for the Gun. But the gold, potions, and Grenade blueprints are in multiples
20:37:59 ( Feide rolls 1d100 => 32 )
20:38:20 ( -Zero rolls 1d100 => 2 )
20:38:22 [Feide] :o
20:38:25 [-Zero] e.e
20:38:34 [-Zero] Fuck this dice… forreal
20:39:32 [LookC] TK dice are evil.
20:40:18 -Zero Shall name this dungeon Shepard's Hill
20:42:43 Feide could hear Zero's gunfire, her own shots a sharp crack in comparison to the Sharpshooter's rifle….but the end results were the same. Of the three sheep remaining to her, the two farthest were brought down by quick controlled pairs to the head, while the third drew too close; inciting the soldier to draw her combat knife and slam it between the creature's eyes, giving it a twist just for good measure before ripping it free, sliding it away as she let her rifle hang casually, approaching the chest. Shit load of gold, some pretty nice potions, blueprints for grenades….these things seemed to split between both of them….but then there was another blueprint; some kind of machine gun. Not really Sharpshooter material, and she was due her pay regardless. Holding it up, she commented calmly "Some kind of machine gun. Not much use to you anyway, so this will suffice for my payment." And so, the dungeon was cleared and they were on the way back. yaaayyy~
20:44:35 -Zero Fistbumps. "Nice questin' with yuh Feide."
20:45:03 [Feide] what quantity should we say for the gold and potions? :o and I'm guessing Medium quality for the blueprints? -isn't sure-
20:45:11 Feide fistbumps Zero. :3
20:46:35 [Starlin] Yeah. Medium Level Blue Print
20:46:39 [Starlin] uuuuuuuuh
20:46:47 ( Starlin rolls 1d400 => 318 )
20:46:51 [Starlin] That much gold
20:49:55 [Feide] alrighty
20:50:21 [Feide] would 5 of each potion (listed as intermediate quality) be about right?
20:50:30 Maggie Snowe enters this room
20:50:34 [Feide] -defaulted to 10 as a placeholder, but eh XD-
20:51:00 -Zero Sliiiiiides away from Maggie, waves and hollers "Welcome Back!"
20:51:20 [Starlin] yeah. Sure. haha
20:51:24 [Starlin] wb Mags~
20:51:33 Maggie Snowe is going to hit Zero the next time he does that.
20:51:35 [Maggie Snowe] Thanks.
20:52:02 -Zero Hides behind Starlin. "Ruthless leader, save meh D;"
20:52:35 [Starlin] Mags won't hurt you thaaaaaaaaaaat bad
20:52:46 [Feide] Already, updated Inventory listing. And now, I am off for the night o7 goodnight, everyone!
20:52:51 Maggie Snowe is a tank, damage output is low.
20:52:53 [-Zero] Later Feide
20:53:01 [Maggie Snowe] 'Night, Feide!
20:53:11 Feide exits from this room
20:54:14 [LookC] Going to Starlin to be saved is like a horse going to a glue factory to get away from being branded.
20:54:57 -Zero Points to her discreetly. "She's a Protector though D;"
20:58:00 [Maggie Snowe] I'm a wat? ☼__☼
21:01:36 [Starlin] Hey hey hey hey! Bad Senpai :C
21:02:05 -Zero Runs from behind Starlin and hides behind LookC. "Alright, you help me then!"
21:02:55 [Starlin] Zero. You know not who you hide behind
21:03:03 LookC helps Zero by knocking him out, stealing his gear, and selling him to slavers for a little bit of profit.
21:03:18 [roygeebiv] Peter Stormare from Constantine will protect you.
21:03:21 [-Zero] X.X
21:03:52 [-Zero] Welp… LookC is worst than a Protector
21:04:11 LookC is a rogue at heart. Always looking for the money.
21:04:29 [-Zero] Take everything and give nothing back eh?
21:04:48 [Starlin] He takes from the Rich and gives to himself
21:04:54 [Starlin] Hell. He takes from the poor too
21:05:01 [Starlin] He's all Egalitarian and shit.
21:05:07 [roygeebiv] thuglyfe
21:05:27 LookC believes in equal rights…. you all have the equal right to give him all your stuff.
21:07:09 [Starlin] A true Visionary
21:07:18 [-Zero] Inspirational
01:42:31 [Ketchum] .
01:48:09 [LookC] dot dot
01:50:01 [Ketchum] lol, stil here?
01:50:21 [LookC] Yup. Been workin on my character and stuff.
01:50:28 [Ketchum] cool
01:51:04 [Ketchum] if ya wanna link up histories at all, or take a rp spin to test out things, feel free
01:51:26 [Ketchum] well, cant approve, but yanno, least we can work out the history part a little if wanted

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