02:59:57 Shayo enters this room
03:00:15 Shayo exits from this room
03:02:02 [Ketchum whispers to Krytus] lol.. yeah that shapeshifter turned into a child and tried to sleep with someone too, so i hear ya on the weirdness
03:05:04 [Krytus whispers to Ketchum] Hahaha. My demon snuck into an orphanage and the girls wing and spent the whole night raping them one by one utterly.
03:13:43 [Ketchum whispers to Krytus] ah, yeah, nothing so overt here, usually my char was the one getting freaky with other pcs
03:14:13 [Krytus whispers to Ketchum] Heh. Well, I'm a very straight dom, so I tend to be the one forcing the freaky action.
03:14:48 [Ketchum whispers to Krytus] fun fun
03:17:39 [Krytus whispers to Ketchum] OKay, I gotta ask. Are you a guy? XD
03:23:42 BrockLee enters this room
03:24:41 Ketchum eats Brock
03:28:38 BrockLee enjoys it.
03:28:46 [BrockLee] I mean… wassup?
03:39:22 [Ketchum] lol
03:40:16 [Ketchum] not much, just lurking, you?
03:41:42 [BrockLee] Thinking. Trying to decide what I want to be.
03:42:45 [Ketchum] ah for this rp?
03:43:05 [BrockLee] Yeah, yeah.
03:43:24 [Ketchum] if i can decide… i do the dice method and trust my gut instinct thing
03:43:35 [Ketchum] so for example, X classes.. roll 1dX
03:43:45 [Ketchum] if i like the result, keep it, if not, toss it
03:43:53 [Ketchum] and so forth via elimination
03:44:08 [Ketchum] kinda like a pro/con list, but using dice more
03:44:19 [Ketchum] can't* decide
03:44:53 [BrockLee] That actually sounds like fun.
03:45:19 [Ketchum] ayep, its cool dat way, done it for settings that had SO much
03:45:37 [Ketchum] so i would roll randomly through the races, locales, etc, for their origin
03:45:44 [Ketchum] and then would just stick with it
03:46:19 [Ketchum] personally, i thought a gamble class would also be cool that way
03:46:41 [Ketchum] where their actives were like… mimic one person's active 1dX again
03:46:58 [Ketchum] X = peeps in room
03:48:08 [Ketchum] then they could also have a cooldown where its double or nothing.. basically roll 2dX and if it comes up the same digits, they get nothing, but its on a long cooldown since it acts like a turbo magic
03:48:20 [BrockLee] That does sound pretty nifty.
03:49:17 [Ketchum] yeah, i like the gambling theme classes tho, anyway, its what ya like.. this place makes ya wanna start without personality a little bit, but in the end, i figure i'd just rp myself with the powers
03:49:53 [Ketchum] which is that whole cliche… you're stuck in the world as yourself, but i rarely see people rp themselves
03:50:51 [BrockLee] Maybe people find it boring RPing themselves.
03:51:28 [Ketchum] truly.. i just think its a good exercise if i took all my flaws and strengths, exaggerated em for a rp, and then react to the setting like myself
03:52:10 [Ketchum] because.. a lot of times, people rp to escape to being "cool" or whatever, but i find the sliding rule of cool to boring applies…. yanno, if your char is too cool, its also quite boring
03:52:15 [BrockLee] Other people problem don't put that much thought into it.
03:52:48 [Ketchum] i like char development, but my profiles, tend to be parodies, prolly overthinking it, just another way to play
03:53:07 [BrockLee] Well my perception of "cool" has always been different, so those deliberate cool characters have always been terrible in my eyes.
03:53:17 [Ketchum] IKR!
03:53:26 [Ketchum] its why i liked your profile
03:58:03 [BrockLee] Guess I'm a sharpshooter.
03:58:12 [BrockLee] Not normally my style, but it could be fun to do.
03:58:28 Yukio enters this room
03:58:30 [Ketchum] well, if you dont like it, roll again is the main thing to me
03:58:36 [Ketchum] hey Yukio
03:58:56 [Ketchum] basically, it just helps clear the clutter this dice method
03:58:58 Yukio falls into the room - faceplants the floor.
03:59:37 Ketchum planks on her.
03:59:50 Yukio is fallen on
03:59:51 [BrockLee] NOPE. The mighty dice have decided.
03:59:56 [BrockLee] Hot,
03:59:57 ( Yukio rolls 1d1000 => 89 )
04:00:04 Yukio takes 89HP
04:00:19 [Ketchum] lol
04:00:32 [Yukio] Whose'a whut now?
04:00:34 Ketchum slowly builds a mecha
04:01:01 Yukio wants to sleep.. But can't.. Has tried.
04:01:06 [Ketchum] actually, figure a summoner can be a mecha pilot if they get a subclass upgrade where they fuse together
04:01:33 Yukio is able to summon… Not that she wants to.
04:01:35 [Ketchum] but thats just me imagining the class changes or routes
04:01:55 [Ketchum] yeah, i gave up most of my normal support heal for the whole, summon bit
04:02:00 BrockLee summons cheese.
04:02:10 [Ketchum] delicious Brock
04:02:18 [Yukio] Ya don't need heal xD
04:02:19 [BrockLee] I didn't think support would be so popular.
04:02:20 [Ketchum] btw, if i friended Yukio, would she accept?
04:02:22 Yukio has heal =P
04:02:39 [Ketchum] its why I went that way, figure Enchanter/Bard support here
04:02:49 [Yukio] You'd have to ask her xD
04:02:58 Yukio is a little.. Well.. Y'know..
04:03:01 [Ketchum] mmhmm.. feel like rp?
04:03:05 [Ketchum] robotic?
04:03:08 Yukio is a loner - despite being in a guild.
04:03:36 [Ketchum] eh, support has summons Brock, and people always need a healer
04:03:36 [Yukio] Because it's you Ketchie I'll play for like an hour or so okay?
04:03:50 [Ketchum] o7
04:04:03 Yukio has always played a healer in any MMO she's gamed on.
04:04:16 [Ketchum] personally, i've played bards/CC a lot
04:04:21 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] Gonna say sorry now in case my posts suck.
04:04:42 [Ketchum] mage might be CC, but support seemed more likely to do it with their debuffs
04:04:44 [Yukio] Oh.. What did I miss yesterday?
04:04:55 [Ketchum] i think i got the log in my profile
04:05:08 Yukio is on her 360 - can't view profiles.
04:05:12 [Ketchum] recap.. Zero and Ketchum fought a posessed NPC guard
04:05:35 [Ketchum] Zero and Feide fought Bo'reap, lamb undead summoner
04:06:01 Yukio would have been awesome in that fight.
04:06:09 [Ketchum] Ketchum was just grinding during that time (had to go for a bit)
04:07:03 [Yukio] Want me to make up a post?
04:07:12 [Yukio] Or you know - try?
04:08:22 [Ketchum] go ahead, im not looking for deep rp or anything here =)
04:08:33 [Ketchum] so no worries on our quality or similar
04:08:37 [Yukio] Alrighty then.. I think I can manage that =P
04:08:58 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] Now would be your chance to asks if she can be friends =P
04:09:11 [Ketchum whispers to Yukio] ayep, will post to ya =)
04:12:07 BrockLee gets the popcorn.
04:12:55 [Yukio] ~~ After having cleared the dungeon, Yukio had seemingly disappeared from sight, as she did. In truth, she had been out by herself. Currently she was meandering through the merchant stalls to sell the items she had picked up after solo grinding in the wilderness.. Which was easier for her now due to the equipment she had picked up in the dungeon in that previous raid. Considering her money, the pirestess was quiet happy with the amount of potions she had stocked in her inventory, so she had little worry on that front. What had started bothering her, was the same old thing that occured whenever she entered Bastion.. Party invite after party invite.. Despite wanting to be by herself most of the time, Yukio often recieved flooded party mail from people she couldn't care less about - so with a swipe of her hand across the holographic screen - the party invites were trashed and she went on her merry way ~~
04:16:13 meeper enters this room
04:16:24 [Ketchum] Ketchum was crafting and stocking in the same market area, occasionally, going to gather carts to get the necessary mats as the little bar above her head metered down during craft tasks. Sure she couldn't really leave her cart area too much, so took to chatting and similar to people. Unlike Yukio, her popularity as a support was low, after all, what support didn't pick up HEALS? So upon seeing the nameplate of Yukio, she'd wave over and a window would pop up [Ketchum greets you] which was basically an emote command, as well as the animated emoticon face as it pinged on her HUD to where she was exactly in the crowd. Once she was paid attention too, the friendly merchant of mayhem would say, "Hey Yukio! Over here!"
04:17:32 meeper exits from this room
04:17:49 meeper enters this room
04:17:54 [Ketchum] hey meeper
04:18:04 [meeper] hi
04:21:30 [Yukio] ~~ In the time it had taken the young support to notice, she had aquired something to eat.. Hearing the notification, she set the piece of bread in her mouth and opened her interface before shaking her head and sighing. Removing the bread from her mouth, she slid her hand across the bottom of the interface to bring up the keyboard, and sent a message to Ketchum before passing off that same disinterested stare [ Oh… Hi… ] Sending the message she turned and looked towards her through the crowd. Without saying a word, the girl meandered her way through - some people moved out of her way, others she simply side-stepped past. It would be then that she heard the voice of the other support calling her over.. Why was she doing this again? Weren't they done or something? Raid was over.. Right? Shaking her head lightly she finally managed to make her way out of the large influx of people and now stood a few feet from Ketchum - the bread in her left hand - right arm dangled freely at her side »
04:22:28 [Yukio] « " Oh.. Hi.. Again " Certainyl, Yuki was quite the ray of sunshine.. What with her cheery demeanor and rather.. Disinterested expression… Not that she cared what people thought of her ~~
04:23:05 [Yukio] ?TO Ketchum I wish you luck in becoming her friend xD
04:23:15 [Yukio] Whisper fails xD ))
04:23:24 Yukio flails and rolls over ))
04:25:41 [BrockLee] ?To Ketchum Make her your friend by using the power… of friendship.
04:25:59 Ketchum uses the elements of harmony
04:26:40 Yukio stares at them both - with that oh so interested expression that is chock full of non-emotion. ))
04:27:42 [Ketchum] Like any story, there was a yin and yang to everything. Yukio, was like the impassive mountain of Yang, while Ketchum was the Misty of the fog Yin, least to give a scene as the girl creeped over and hugged Yukio to her form, unless actively dodged or similar… But since it was a game, those emotes were hard to avoid anyway, which would be another issue for another day. Anyway, the capped chick would then say, "Sup Yukio-chan!" the toothy grin on her face, as she beamed over to the other girl. "Just finishing up my crafts and stuff, still using the starter outfit costume?" she'd tilt her head in confusion, as Yukio didn't seem changed, though Ketchum, despite the increased gear, didn't also change due to her costume selection. "Or! Are you here to shop at my place?" she'd clap her hands in excitement. Not likely since they were a happenstance meeting, either way,Ketchum couldn't move and wanted to catch em all… for friendship time as she gestured to her store window.
04:34:43 [Yukio] ~~ Despite the whole situation and everything, Yuki meely stood there and stared out into distance as she was emote hugged.. She wasn't entirely sure what to do in the situation - despite having it happen to her before.. Still, she said nothing until of course, Ketchum spoke about her not changing, as well as attending to some crafting. " Because I like what I'm wearing " She spoke; that gentle melody sent out in almost a fashion of monotone. When the other girl spoke about Yuki coming to her place to shop - the priestess simply continued eating her bread in silence for the moment - until she actually wanted to reply; which she would, after swallowing what was in her mouth " Not really.. I was actually intending to see if I could rent a place of my own in the city - at least temporarily.. " She shrugged lightly and activated her inventory screen; which of course showed the amount of money she - Well, it seemed Yuki was better off than some merchants… Did she really dislike hanging »
04:36:06 [Yukio] « out with anyone THAT much? She knew she was good at these types of things, but no one else did.. Even Starlin claimed she was new.. Only because he hadn't seen her around.. Didn't mean she was a newbie like some of the idiots she'd helped ~~
04:41:19 [Ketchum] "Huh, always a bit of a cheapskate here so never wanted to get the player housing besides the default ones you get at the inn," would say as Yukio voiced her desires, seemingly, non pulsed by the demeanor. "If you want, I'll go halfsies with ya? Figure since we worked so well together in a party, and I'm pretty much never there out and about for merchant things, might be a good deal?" she spread her hands, and smiled over. Unsure if the girl would accept, since, the rent cut was hardly enticing. She would then continue, "Oh yah! Friend request…" she'd pull up the social window, which would make Ketchum pause as she scrolled down to the actual invite part…. Some of the names greyed out after the MASSACRE, not because they had logged out, or link died.. but were just dead for real. Despite this moment of gloom passing over her features she brightened her face and the window popped up to Yukio [FRIEND KETCHUM? Y / N] "But the least we can do is stay in touch right? Us supports gotta stick>
04:41:35 [Ketchum] together," she would thump her chest sternum area with a fist as she said this.
04:42:44 ( Yukio flips a coin => Pass )
04:42:55 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] Lucky =P
04:43:03 [Ketchum whispers to Yukio] hehe
04:49:04 [Yukio] ~~ Why was she offering to pay half the rent if she wasn't even going to be there? Yukio saw little point in the whole thing - unless of course, the other support girl was trying to be nice… This perplexed the girl in some way… First Zero and his blushing at her - then Starlin and his.. Suicidal, 'I'm so great' attitude.. And now this? Yuki hated this kind of behavoir… However… When the friend request came through - Yukio simply allowed her gaze to linger upon it a moment " I should have explained myself better.. I have upgraded my equipment, but I've taken the custom dress slot off of the beginner gear I got.. And replaced it onto the equipment I have now " She responded - finally pressing her thumb upon the Y letter and shutting the screen off " Not exactly.. I'm fine by myself.. I've gotten this far.. Despite the raid I helped with " She lowered her head slowly and stared at the ground — clearly she was thinking, or troubled about something ~~
04:50:24 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] Now try getting through her thick head xD
04:51:59 [BrockLee] (Ooooh cold…)
04:53:12 Yukio has her reasons to be ))
04:55:50 [Ketchum] "Ah cool, I do that too, some of the cosmetics are pretty rad," would nod along as Yukio explained things. And then at the housing thing, would say, "Okay, so you like totally respect strength, blah blah… I bet you can't even beat me in a duel!" After all, Ketchum knew there was a huge gap of untapped min-maxinng when you had a summon as well as her steampunk gear. "Sooo.. how about this? I win, you let me stay with you, first month on you." This statement seemed to imply they were going to already live together despite the 'bet' but Ketchum was clearly for a pokemon battle as the screen would pop up [DUEL ACCEPT <KETCHUM> ? Y / N]. "Plus, it'll break the monotony of crafting here."
04:56:50 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] And you started so well =P
04:57:08 meeper exits from this room
05:00:20 [Ketchum whispers to Yukio] hehe
05:00:35 [Ketchum whispers to Yukio] Ketchum figures she wouldn't take so many words
05:01:58 [Yukio] ~~ For the moment, Yuki simply looked at her after rising her head slowly and taking another bite from the shrinking half loaf of bread in her left hand. Even as she spoke, Yuki simply stared at her with that same disinterested expression before turning away " If you thinking resorting to that will make me think any less of you.. You're wrong.. I don't duel.. And besides.. We might end up killing each other " She spoke before tossing what remained of the bread in the trash " I should go " With that Yuki declined the dual and started to walk off - seeming less fascinated by the other support type who had recently become her friend. What was she thinking by pulling a stunt like that? Such a thing really got Yukio mad, despite not showing it ~~
05:04:45 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] Tasty Coma Girl really does have a.. well.. A BIG personality for someone in her position xD
05:05:32 [Ketchum whispers to Yukio] hehe
05:06:43 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] Though if I can make a suggestion - Don't try steamroll over her xD It won't work.
05:10:03 [Ketchum] "Nah, duels you can't… now those crazy pvpers, they can kill… its why people don't travel alone typically," she'd explain a little more as the duel invite was declined. "Hey, wait up Yukio!" the trainer would say as she rolled her steam cart along to follow a little ways, though, as usual her clumsiness got the better of her it got out of her hands, "Look OUT!" and indeed, stumbled on a knee with hand out, the cart was looking to STEAMROLL her if Yukio didn't get out of the way. Whether avoided or not, the impact wouldn't really cause any damage except to register the object to object-like person displacement in the world. "Uh sorry!" she'd say, finally getting up from her stumble. "Where you going too anyway?"
05:10:56 ( Yukio flips a coin => Fail )
05:11:16 Yukio puts Ketchum's piece on the game board back to square one ))
05:11:26 [Ketchum] lol
05:11:52 ( Yukio rolls 1d500 => 111 )
05:11:59 [Yukio] oO ow… ))
05:12:14 [Ketchum] did i kill you with a cart?
05:12:33 [Yukio] No.. It hurt though. ))
05:17:51 [Ketchum] awww
05:18:04 [Yukio] ~~ The girl continued on, despite the words offered; seeming to be less inclined to respond as she went on.. She knew what the PvP'ers were like - she'd encountered some, and avoided them just as much. Still, when Ketchum warned her, Yukio didn't listen - thinking it was some childish -
She turned in time to see.. Well she did see - the side of it, as the cart impacted her fragile frame and knocked the priestess clean off of her feet to land back first upon the ground. She landed with a squeak as some of the crowd turned and managed to stop the runaway cart before looking between the girl, whose cart it seemed to be, and of course the fallen healer.. She laid there a moment; staring into the sky before her brow furrowed " Are you INSANE! " She spoke; finally sitting up and looking at her - that usual voided expression now mixed with annoyance and anger as Yuki stood up and marched towards her " I'm going somewhere by myself - so a cart won't run me over " She yelled before passing »
05:21:00 [Yukio] « Ketchum and pacing in the opposite direction. The crowd whispered amongst themselves - though some of was seemingly audible [ Geez, she pissed Yuki off… But I've never seen her get angry before? She's usually so calm? I thought she was dead inside actually ] After a minute, Yukio had slumped upon the same bench she'd been at before being invited to a guild.. Back then thins were simple-ish… She was left alone most of the time and didn't need to worry about little things like cart hit-n-runs… The priestess tried to calm herself down.. ~~
05:22:37 [Yukio] Wait aww? You wanted to kill her? ))
05:24:23 Ketchum burst out laughing.. You know when people get really stressed about something, they just laugh sometimes? That was Ketchum as she held her sides from the comical pratfall the normally poised and perfect Yukio had done. The peals of laughter would finally stop after the outburst, though it still seemed a bit wheezing. This would in turn of course let her not pursue for a bit, as she tried to have a serious face of atonement to the priestess. After a small pause, and composing herself as well, Yukio would probably feel the warmth of a hot coffee drink on her forehead if Ketchum wasn't spotted right away due to her introspection. And once, looked up, the capped chick would say, "Sorry again about the cart, forget there's an auto follow command, and kept trying to manually control it, and well… here we are," a more normal smile given, and if the drink was accepted would sit by Yukio on the bench, trying to keep quiet. "So.. got any quests?" nope…. Ketchum really couldn't keep quiet long it seems>
05:24:27 [Ketchum] even in apology mode.
05:25:36 ( Yukio flips a coin => Fail )
05:26:28 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] Lucky =P
05:28:16 [Ketchum whispers to Yukio] =)
05:29:24 The_Eye enters this room
05:32:03 [Yukio] ~~ Having set the book at her left side, the priestess really wasn't in the mood for any more stupidity to follow her - and yet it appeared the second round was about to commence. Rising her gaze slowly; the young girl huffed - still seeming to be frustrated, despite taking the drink and discarding it " I don't even like coffee… What're you thinking? " She moaned - not bothering to tell her to go away.. Because let's face it… She couldn't exactly stop her now could she? When Yukio was asked if she had any quests still unfinihsed, the girl simply shook her head slowly " No… Tch " She finally turned her attention upon the other and slapped her in the back of the head softly " You're an idiot you know that! " The young healer scolded the merchant " You're a stupid idiot and I… Hate you for it… " And then, something strange happened… The girl burst out laughing - right in front of the other girl… Which was definately strange; considering Yukio had shown no hint »
05:32:20 [Yukio] « of emotion thus far - until now of course. ~~
05:33:27 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] 2 for 2 - Anger and laughter xD
05:36:53 [Ketchum] "Eh heh," would stick out her tongue, and scrunch her face as she put a knuckle to the top of her head like she was getting scolded and laughed along with Yukio for a bit. "Ayep, totally can't raise my intelligence stat, no matter how much grinding you do," would say after the laugh. Standing up, she'd offer a hand to Yukio to help her from her seated position, and if so taken would say, "Well, let me treat you to whatever drink you like, I just remember you were at the cafe, so figured, coffee, right?" maybe it was going to be a rerun of their reunion time as she continued on. "Aaaanddd… I got this quest for undead, figure with your holy element, we can totes take em dead… er down… er alive?" wasn't quite sure with the reanimated. "Whatcha think? Drink break, then break dem monsters?"
05:43:46 [Yukio] ~~ After laughing, and calming down, the priestess would take the hand, and the offer of being helped to her feet. Her left hand scooped up the book at the same time " Just uhm… Don't tell anyone about this okay… The last thing I need is a thousand friend requests because people have figured out that I'm… God forbid.. Nice " She shivered at the thought before shrugging lightly " I'm actually not that thirsty… And while I'd be happy to help you out.. You think we can take a rain check? I really haven't slept since running that dungeon with you and the others… Though " She spoke, passing the merchant " If you can wait till we see each other next.. I'll help you make them not-quite-so-undead " Yukio passed off a little wave and returned the book to her right hand; bringing up her messaging screen before typing something and sending it to Ketchum. When it arrived, she'd be chimed, or beeped; or you know.. Something.. The message read as such »
05:46:53 [Yukio] « ' Uhm, thanks…I know I'm probably not the easiest to get along with but..Sometimes it's good to just vent… I really didn't mean to get angry at you before… Next time we meet though, I'll definatly help you, unless you find some other's help, in which case, go ahead and run it.. If you want, once I'm feeling a little better, we can discuss maybe finding somewhere that doesn't cost much to rent for a while.. I really hate inns… Want my own room -.- .. Anyway… See you next time… > Yukio Nakise < ' ~~
05:47:54 [Yukio whispers to Ketchum] Congratumalations dummy xD
05:52:48 Ketchum nodded along, just listening to her talk for a bit as she said, "No worries, friend, I'll totes catch up with you after you sleep. Ni ni," would say as she waited for Yukio to depart or similar with a cheerful wave. Once back at her cart to finish the last crafts she'd read the note with a smile, and like the typical gamer would just send a series of cheerful emoticon faces back. =^_^= O.o =) and so forth, before the actual text read ~Your friend Ketchum. The nonsensical ascii art sent, the merchant settled to making sure her wares were ready for the next day, watching the small meter drop with a stifled yawn as she crafted. Maybe at the same time, she'd go take a nap to recover from her boredom, either way, they had a raincheck for ruining the undead soonish.
05:52:58 [Ketchum] sorry short, and prolly a good time to stop
05:53:05 [Ketchum] good scene tho =)
05:53:36 Yukio nods ))
05:54:01 [Yukio] I'll be on later so.. You know.. Undead bashing? ))
05:55:50 Yukio yawns as the player and the priestess are very tired ))
05:56:13 [Yukio] Whelp… I'll be seeing you later ))
05:56:27 Yukio barrel rolls off ))
05:56:30 [Ketchum] PAT PETS
05:56:37 [Ketchum] cyas
05:56:52 Yukio exits from this room
05:57:50 [BrockLee] Well that was enjoyable.
05:58:41 [Ketchum] =)
06:18:39 [BrockLee] Ketchup, I'ma brb and pop to the shop.
06:27:11 [Ketchum] sounds cool Brock… imma gonna take a nap here, so, cyas later
06:27:17 [Ketchum] leaving it up tho
08:50:18 Bastion enters this room
08:50:47 Starlin enters this room
08:52:41 Dreadnought enters this room
08:53:05 [Starlin] Heyaaa~
08:54:14 Dreadnought gives Starly a double-fist-bump-extraordinaire!
08:55:54 [Starlin] O;
09:00:51 Hepner enters this room
09:02:26 [Starlin] 'lo
09:03:48 BobRoss enters this room
09:04:42 [Starlin] 'Loooo~
09:05:46 [BobRoss] Hey!
09:07:58 [Starlin] Look over the profile and ask me whatever questions you has
09:10:15 Maggie Snowe enters this room
09:11:01 [Starlin] Haaai Mags~
09:11:12 [Maggie Snowe] hiiiii
09:13:14 [Starlin] Last night. I played Sneak Rat ADC. My supp kept stealing my kills |:
09:15:19 [Maggie Snowe] almonds always does that to me, so don't feel bad.
09:23:15 [Starlin] That's evil ;-;
09:24:08 [Maggie Snowe] she's evil.
09:24:49 [Maggie Snowe] Gonna shower then I might post somethin.
09:28:18 [Starlin] She does sound evil
09:39:55 [BobRoss] I never realized how hard it is to think of a name for a character
09:40:14 [BobRoss] I have class, picture, guild, and position already but no name
09:40:47 [Starlin] D:
09:41:42 -Zero enters this room
09:42:03 [-Zero] Evening everyone
09:42:25 [Starlin] Yooo
09:44:40 [-Zero] How goes it?
09:45:04 [Starlin] Just waking up and enjoying my day offfff
09:46:31 [-Zero] w00t
09:46:38 [-Zero] I just got back from the pub
09:46:48 [Starlin] wooooo!
09:49:26 [-Zero] Mhm, just need to drink a pint of water and I'll be good for the evening
09:50:33 [Starlin] Get to drinkin!
09:51:47 [Maggie Snowe] o:
09:55:24 [BobRoss] O h. Before I can come back into this room with my character (just pic and name), I have to give my demanding cat some attention fft
09:55:27 -Zero Sliiiiides away from MAgs
09:55:51 Maggie Snowe rolls up her sleeves. She warned him.
09:56:23 -Zero Will make damn sure to keep his distance
10:00:18 Maggie Snowe has moves for that.
10:00:23 Maggie Snowe cracks knuckles. Gets to typing.
10:01:17 -Zero Nudges Starlin. "She's gonna kill me." ;-;
10:01:50 [BobRoss] Gonna come back in with my W.I.P profile!
10:01:53 BobRoss exits from this room
10:02:01 Basara enters this room
10:03:59 [Starlin] Woooo!
10:12:11 [Maggie Snowe] We Were Soldiers is totally on AMC.
10:16:25 [Starlin] No Cable for Matt :c
10:30:01 [Basara] Whoops.
10:30:06 [Basara] I got distracted by cat videos
10:30:26 [Starlin] haah
10:30:54 [Maggie Snowe] yeh. war movies op distractions.
10:31:39 Dreadnought will be back in a couple hours.
10:34:06 [Starlin] Later!
10:35:33 -Zero Edges away from Dreadnought, comes closer when he goes off
10:38:16 [Maggie Snowe] "Keep moving, Hamlet! Go!" The broke from the trees like birds to a shotgun shell. There were five of them altogether and the moment they were free from the foliage it became apparent which were what. Amongst them were consistencies that not only painted the party as Adventure Club members but as stressed. Weary eyes and tight lips stuck to faces whose bodies were making a break for it. She was at the rear, long strides keeping pace with another member whose armor made him look like a tin can with limbs. They party ate up the grass beneath them, covering the short distance to sanctuary within minutes. Sanctuary. In all its fortifications the general populace still wouldn't have called it that. To them it was a beacon, a flag to mark the front lines and the official Not-In-Kansas-Anymore point. To go there was danger and to go beyond was ballsy. For the time being it was the best hope any of them had. Fort Red. ยป
10:38:20 Maggie Snowe didn't slow until they had made it through the fourth gate. Off came her helmet and a beckon of her arm brought her party members back. They looked haggard— things hadn't gone well. "We're out, we're alive." Maggie's voice was even, merciless and cold. Most found her character name entirely too appropriate. "Gills, get those traps to Supply or get a party to put them along the East wall. Hamlet I want you and the rest to take a break. That was close, get your head back on before you try again. Understood?" Gamers didn't like taking orders but this crew was on tilt. What didn't nod stared off into the dirt, more than one expression was sullen. Maggie gave it a moment before disbanding the party. They floated away, most towards the Warp Gate. That would take them back to Bastion, back to relative safety. The protector didn't let herself linger either, turning on her heel and marching towards one of the Fort's main structures. She had a report to deliver.
10:46:59 Starlin : Fort Red. The Adventure Club's furthest base. Nestled deep in the Wilderness. Surrounded by all manner of creatures. Starlin was on duty yet again. Between Starlin, The other Colonel, and the Major General… the three of them took shifts, leading different groups to man the fort and keep it from being destroyed. There was time before the next wave was due to spawn from the nearby nest. Even still, stray monsters would still wander near the walls, where players on the ramparts were responsible for taking them down. Starlin would be standing outside of the main Barracks of the fort, directing some members to various duties. In the back ground, one could hear gunshots of men on the Ramparts, explosions, and other things like that. Though, everyone learned to tune these things out, as they sort of just 'came with the territory'. As Mags approached, Starlin waved to her. Was she due to report? He could have sworn she wasn't due for a little longer. Perhaps it was something important? โ€œOi, Mags!โ€ -E-
10:52:02 Ketchum takes some popcorn from her inventory screen.

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