17:33:04 [Angrak] Crickets.
17:33:58 Basara enters this room
17:34:43 Valkyrion enters this room
17:35:58 [Valkyrion] Hello again Angrak ]
17:38:13 Ketchum enters this room
17:38:14 >[Ketchum] » /whois Bastion. Looking for all types! Mod is Starlin! Have fun! Ask question! Read the Profile!
17:38:39 [Valkyrion] Welcome back Ketchum ]
17:38:42 [Ketchum] o/
17:39:42 [Ketchum] so anything up?
17:39:53 [Valkyrion] No. I've just got back ]
17:40:35 [Ketchum] cool, should we go do something?
17:41:04 [Angrak] Hey guys.
17:41:18 [Ketchum] Yo The Hunter
17:41:34 [Valkyrion] Well we did just defeat a manticore - extremely easily. Angrak, you wish to join us? ]
17:41:50 [Ketchum] feel like guiding us to a sweet spot in the Wilderness?
17:44:23 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] Did you get your errands done?
17:44:34 [Angrak] Sure.
17:44:48 [Ketchum whispers to Valkyrion] yeah, got some cleanup at the house, but nothing major
17:45:12 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] Training then =3
17:45:14 [Ketchum] wanna start us Ang, or shall I or Valk?
17:46:50 [Angrak] Uh, you guys. I have no clue what happened earlier but chances are Ang isn't in civilized areas XD
17:47:02 [Ketchum] sounds good.
17:47:07 [Valkyrion] Neither are we ]
17:47:20 [Valkyrion] Ketchum, would you like to start us off then? ]
17:52:48 [Ketchum] <Post Manticordum> The beast was dead, while the fight seemed brutal and quick t was actually a long dragged out one, only culminating in the defeat of the beast with a severely damaged summon that held on to a sliver of life, much like the amalgam had done before. Thus when they got the loot, and similar items, there was also a notifcation [Accept QUEST? Y / N] She'd hit the Y button, and the details would pop up. [THE MANTICORE MAYBES: Into the darkness of the Wilderness, there was more manticores, as well as the wizard who makes them. Defeat him, and gain XXX XP and YYY items. (Mini map will be disabled near area, recommended tracker skill)] "Huh.. well, I'll be darned, totes looks like an awesome quest we got Valkyrion, but I don't have the track skill, since all mine are devoted to crafting… do you?" Earlier that day, Angrak would get a notice of [Party with <Ketchum> ? Y / N ] because she was working for mats and had spammed her recent contact list, including Angrak… so maybe the duo>
17:52:51 [Ketchum] would luck out.
17:54:45 [Ketchum whispers to Chaia] Mewww
17:55:08 [Chaia whispers to Ketchum] Meow!
17:55:20 [Ketchum whispers to Chaia] Nyah~
17:55:35 [Ketchum whispers to Chaia] whazzup cool person?
17:57:13 [Ketchum whispers to Chaia] Not sure if Maggs wants in, but we're going to defeat a wizard that makes manticores and other chimera beasts
17:59:15 [Valkyrion] - Having collected her loot, Valkyrion would sigh lightly before turning to face her partner once the quest was accepted. Passing a small nod of approval, the female soldier would listen to her words before inclining her head somewhat " I don't. Mine are all devoted to keeping people alive and finishing the enemy quickly " She offered before looking towards her summon " You should let her rest a while Ketchum. Manticore's can make short work of summons, and even the most prepared fighter if given the oppertunity. Though perhaps she will learn some humility in the future " Spoke the woman in a cold fashion - most of her words had been directed to the summoned one. Both arms rose to fold within each other; hands pressing upon the armor plating of her upper arms. " Still, what concerns me is the talk of a wizard. We should be careful when advancing - make sure you have potions on hand just in case. I will do what I can to take as much damage as possible " -
18:00:08 [Chaia whispers to Ketchum] Urgh. I would if I could but I'm at work right now. It's the Friday before Valentine's too so we're busy as can be. Otherwise I'd probably be in there right now. :x
18:00:19 [Ketchum whispers to Chaia] QQ
18:00:21 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] Well, this might be.. Troubling… Perhaps.
18:00:22 [Chaia whispers to Ketchum] Thanks for letting me know though. I really appreciate that. ^ ^
18:00:30 [Chaia whispers to Ketchum] I know, right? QqQQQQqqqqq
18:00:32 [Ketchum whispers to Chaia] alrighty, good luck tho, just thought i'd give ya a heads up
18:00:40 [Chaia whispers to Ketchum] o7
18:00:50 [Ketchum whispers to Valkyrion] hehe, we should be cool
18:01:12 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] We can hope - no sense in not doing so right? xD
18:01:23 [Ketchum] thinking Ang is posting, least i hope so, maybe he heard us fighting too from the previous Manticore, whatevs for intro
18:01:44 [Angrak] Yes, I'm posting.
18:01:51 [Ketchum] XD
18:03:56 [Ketchum] i always wanna make a serious alt for rps.. since i tend to make one silly char, and one serious
18:04:15 ( Ketchum rolls 1d6 => 1 )
18:04:18 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] You've given me a very good idea for an effect for a later weapon =P
18:05:03 [Ketchum whispers to Valkyrion] oh? care to share?
18:05:09 [Ketchum whispers to Valkyrion] or big reveal later
18:06:07 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] An ability called Einharjar's Call - Enables her to summon three celestial warriors to fight beside her for a short time.
18:07:03 Angrak reaches up and rubs at the back of his neck as he tries to relax his body. There was that nagging friend invite from Ketchum and apparently another party invite from her earlier spam. As a solo player, he tends to avoid actually getting involved with groups and friends, but he did tell Ketchum that he'd help her out later on. So he hits accept to the party request and then the hud displays the fact that Ketchum is already grouped with Valky. He remembers them both from last night and sighs a little bit. Since they are a good distance away from him, he swaps his chat to /P. "Hello." He speaks with a low yawn rolling over his voice. Perhaps he's just woken up or maybe he's just bored as hell. He wasn't there for the quest pick up and has no real idea what the two of them are doing. That wont stop them from sharing the quest and filling him in though, he's sure of that much.
18:13:29 [Ketchum] P "Dude, turn on your voice chat," would let the text scroll, and then once the 'mic' part was on for his name, would to the entire party, "Good idea Valkyrion, may as well try another one anyway," hitting the unsummon command as the gold wrapped ninja woman would bow to them before pixelating away. She let her MP recharge as she said, "Hey Angrak, thanks for joining us, hopefully you can see the quest on your minimap," as she hit the share button for it, Angrak would get [Accept QUEST? Y / N] and then continuing on, "We'll meet you at the start huh? Aaaaand, don't suppose you have the track skill?" Thus the pair of partied women would start to make their way as Ketchum would think along with Valkyrion, "Its a good strategy, but most casters are huge on AoE, especially boss ones, so might be impossible to avoid the big attacks. Worst case, we'll have to do a kiting technique around a wall corner, Line of sight the poor fellow to death, though…. might take a bit longer clearing out a good spot for us>
18:14:55 [Ketchum] I figure its a lot safer if we do it that way… Whatcha all think?" At this time, she would finally recover enough MP and summon her purple caster Vanity, who would flick her hair as she appeared, staring at the mirror and not bothering to talk quite yet to them, though did seem to follow. "Uh hey there, Vanity," would say to her summon, who looked at Ketchum, but again, said nothing.
18:21:03 [Valkyrion] - She would stay silent for a time, allowing the mic symbol to appear upon the status screen as Ketchum decided to use the time to bring out another summon. When she spoke of the boss resorting to AoE attacks, she nodded lightly " I have dealt with enemy boss wizards before. I know what they are capable of doing. However, the best way of dealing with them is for the attackers to rush the boss and keep them pressed. If they are able to interrupt his casting time, it will turn the tide in our favor. The others make sure the enemies with the boss are removed from the equation swiftly. " Considering Vanity was too busy looking at herself, and Ketchum had seemingly missed the point of explaining the situation, Valkyrion - who had set her chat to party before the manticore incident would explain the details as quickly as possible " We recieved a quest after destroying a manticore. We must venture into a dungeon and slay the manticore within - then we must finish off their creator. " -C-
18:22:32 [Valkyrion] -C- She paused a moment in her words - short strides made to keep pace with Ketchum " A simple request, but a dangerous one if not handled with the right level of care " Valkyrion felt the forewarning was indeed necessary. She had of course; completed a quest similar to this one before her shift at the fort -
18:34:48 Angrak shakes his head slightly as Ketchum tells him to use the voice chat. "Yeah, yeah. I was just waking up." He gives a little grumble and shakes his head as he reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. Catches the shared quest and hits accept to go ahead and deal with it. He might as well do whatever they're doing since he's already joined their party. "Sure, I'll meet you at the marker… and I have a tracking skill. Yes. What kind of hunter would I be if I couldn't track?" Though they're a good distance away from him and can't see it, he's perking an eyebrow slightly at that. Still, he moves away from his current location and begins the walk towards the meeting marker. The two girls seem to be talking about a strategy or something. Valky seems to explain the situation a little bit more than Ketchum does and he nods a bit. "So, a dungeon huh? And I'm guessing the actual location isn't listed which is why you wanted to know if I could track. Got it." He seems to pick up on the situation quickly. <C>
18:34:50 Angrak scans the quest log along the way too. He makes sure to read things over and see if there are any hints dropped about the quest that the other two didn't really mention. He licks his lips slightly and waits for the two of them to come to the begining area. Aspect of the Wolf is already active, so he's not worried about swapping aspects in order to track and he makes sure to keep Camouflage activated to limit the amount of unintentional adds along the way.
18:44:05 [Ketchum] The buff effect of CRESCENDO would come up, as she swapped the EQUIP to resistance gear, after all, they were going to face a mage and had dealt with the manticore easily enough. Thus Valkyrion would lose her previous buff, but everyone would get [You gain a bonus to all stats, under the effect CRESCENDO. Your RESISTANCE is increased] as she adjusted buffs. Vanity would watch this occur, and, perhaps it was a bit of narcissim or the fact they might be getting into the danger zone, she'd add her own buff, [MIRROR MIRROR: 20% of damage taken is reflected back at the source] "Well, that's really nice," as the purple dressed summon would smile, and just flick her hair. "Alrighty then Valkyrion, let's go with your tank and spank strategy, maybe we'll try to engage right after a manticore or a chimera to keep the crescendo buff eh?" And then as Angrak appeared, he'd be easily able to guide them through the misty forest area that disabled the mini map to a pit area. "Totes awesome you got the track skill," >
18:45:43 [Ketchum] she'd grin over to the Hunter, "And thanks for joining again Angrak." The thing with the pit? It seemed like it went on forever except for some floating rock platforms and similar, basically, their first puzzle to continue their ingress. After all, those little floating rocks that you could land on were sort of disappearing and reappering to their visual as quickly as they manifested, and who knew what else was inside that dark foggy pit besides that.
18:52:22 [Valkyrion] - She continued on in silence; allowing Vanity and Ketchum to switch buffs accordingly, which would help limit the elemental damage they would take. When they finally reached the entrance and Angrak appeared, she nodded in greeting before looking between the pair " Despite how prepared we are - we should be careful, I doubt this will be easy. However if that is the case, I would suggest trying to eliminate the enemy as fast as possible, in order to keep our buff bonus up as high as possible. The higher it is, the easier this will become " She offered before entering with them. " I agree - thank you for joining us " She spoke. When they appeared inside, Valkyrion would look around while thinking, deciding to leave this up to the tracker to help them navigate the area -
18:57:26 Starlin enters this room
18:57:43 [Basara] Star-lord is here ]
18:57:52 [Starlin] Ayeee
18:58:01 [Valkyrion] Hello Starlin ]
18:58:11 [Tahlara] Haha, Starlord.
18:58:49 [Ketchum] aaaw yeah~
18:59:29 [Ketchum] small recap: Going to hunt down a wizard making chimeras and manticores. Ketchum sent an area invite beforehand, if you wanted in.
19:03:52 Valkyrion has strangely pulled a muscle in her back… ]
19:06:42 [Ketchum] ewww
19:06:50 [Ketchum] did a hammy stretch it out?
19:07:07 Monster enters this room
19:08:08 Angrak feels the effects of Ketchum's buff and smirks slightly. Though this time around he doesn't plan to do the tanking since his tracking skill is only available in wolf aspect. "Well, I have to track my food and other things in the area…." He gives a small grin of sorts before he looks towards Valky again and nods. "No problem… No more people need to die, right?" He shrugs his shoulders slightly and reaches up to rub at the back of his neck. "Just.. watch your aggro range. With this skill active mine is much smaller so I'll be able to move places you wont be." There was a lovely forest full of mist that was going to make it difficult but even through the mist with his tracking skill he can see better and can tell where the enemies are as they have a faint red glow to them that shines through line of sight. He glances around here and there and then looks over his shoulder towards the two. "Well then… Here we go. Let me know if something toggles combat so we can group up and take care of it." <C>
19:08:09 Angrak doesn't have much else to say at this point, rather he works on getting them through the mist and hopefully without things aggroing onto them. If things do take a turn for the worst, he's more than ready for the fight that'll take place. Also, it's worth noting if either of them are still suffering in their HP, his Gift of the Wild passive will heal them for 2% of his maximum HP. So, a decent little heal to get them back on their feet.
19:09:01 Tahlara moved through the forest, her sword holstered for the moment, but her eyes and ears alert as always. Very few of the Knights left the city and even she didn't leave it much, but patrolling the area was necessary if they were going to keep the city safe. She sometimes doubted the strategy, and she definitely doubted their ability to keep the city safe after Coronation Day, but in spite of her doubts she wasn't going to leave the city defenseless and strike out on her own; that was an unacceptable outcome to her. So she focused on keeping the city as safe as she could, while occasionally venturing out into the wilderness, killing two birds with one stone: 1) keep the outskirts of the city as safe as possible and prevent damage to the wall; 2) look for any clues about Kegorrehow to find him and defeat him. It had been a slow day so far, but it seemed that was about to change. An invite flashed on her HUD, making her arch a brow curiously. "Looks like I'm not alone out here after all…" <c>
19:09:12 Tahlara murmured to herself before hitting the accept button. She hit the mic button so she could talk to the other players in the party, none of which were familiar to her. "Hello everyone. Going on a quest I see? Give me a second to catch up and I'll help out."
19:12:50 [Starlin] Starlord. Starly. I got namesssss
19:13:11 [Ketchum] Nodded along to the conversation, still staring at the puzzling entrance, and how to get by, after all, the mist was just one aspect, the fact that the had to basically platform jump from rock to rock was the big issue. "Hey listen~ I don't got wings, nor super movement like you two, so if I follow whatever path you're taking, I'm liable to have the rock come from under me and just fall into the pit forever!" would call back from the entrance area, and as the party chat came up, "Yep, cool of you to join us, name's Ketchum, totes pokemon reference, and nice to meetcha Tah-laura," said it haltlingly and then a brief pause, "Did I say that right?" Either way, the support who didn't have MARIO LIKE JUMP SKILLS stayed at the edge of the pit for now, trying to think of a solution to her mobility issue.
19:13:43 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] I have a solution xD
19:13:53 [Ketchum whispers to Valkyrion] hehe =)
19:14:32 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] If you wanna take it that is?
19:14:46 [Ketchum whispers to Valkyrion] post it up =)
19:14:59 ChickenHead enters this room
19:15:38 [Starlin] Almost off wooooork. Yay me
19:15:53 ChickenHead exits from this room
19:15:55 [Ketchum] \o/
19:19:29 [Ketchum] Also some relevant bits Tahlara, you get the crescendo buff, an increase to all stats that gains more as combat wears on, and an increase to resistance upon getting closer
19:20:12 [Valkyrion] - She would listen to the words offered, before another had decided to join up.. Suprisingly enough.. She wouldn't complain about the extra combat damage, but the extra body increased the difficulty, and further enchanced the risk of injury - which for the soldier would be a slight problem. As for a solution to Ketchum's movement issue. Well, that she could assist with " Allow me to carry you. I can move swiftly enough so that you are in no danger of falling " She would offer as a compromise; though she wouldn't act on it, unless Ketchum agreed with the idea. When the other spoke. Valkyrion would incline her head yet again before responding " Yes we are.. The extra help would be welcome " She'd heard the name Tahlara before.. one of the Generals of the knights guild.. She had seen them around before.. Though they hardly came out this far did they? if at all -
19:20:27 [Valkyrion] Also in battle, you will get another buff from myself as well. ]
19:22:40 [Ketchum] also, here's a good video reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnM6DVrtliM
19:22:42 [Angrak] You get nothing from me!
19:22:55 [Ketchum] just get to stare at his bum
19:25:20 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
19:27:07 [Angrak] I knew it. That's the reason you want to play support. So you can sit back and stare at my ass!
19:27:40 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] Wanna hear Valky's fight theme?
19:28:47 [Ketchum] hehe
19:29:05 [Ketchum] isn't that the reason we all play support?
19:29:16 [Ketchum] to support everyone's ass-ets?
19:34:07 Angrak looks at the jump puzzle and tilts his head to the side. Usually he's pretty good at these things and can even manage to glitch his way into locations that he's not technically supposed to reach. Like that time he got under the Iron forge throne room. Nothing but a giant platform and a bunch of lava down there! Still it seems that Ketchum is having some kind of meltdown about it. "Can't you summon something to carry…" Before he finishes that statement, Valkyrion is already offering to do just that. So that takes care of that problem. Yet another person joins the party and it makes him sigh just a little bit. More people means more challenging dungeons but it also means more people who could die at this. Well, whatever! The situation is what it is and arguing about it isn't going to change anyone's mind or anything. So he decides to go ahead and start this show off. He leaps quickly to the first platform and gives himself just a few seconds to see if it's stable or if it's going to fall. <C>
19:34:09 Angrak knows that the first bit is always the 'easy part' more or less and the more dangerous twist and turns come later. But he's seen more people die from getting to the Asura jump puzzle in GW2 than from the actual jump puzzle itself! Mostly because if you fall from there, you don't die. You just have to get back to the first portal again! Still, it seems the first one is safe so he makes the leap to the next one.
19:38:38 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] We're in a forest right?
19:40:34 [Ketchum whispers to Valkyrion] yeah
19:40:52 Ketchum pets Angrak
19:40:53 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] Good xD
19:43:14 Tahlara chuckled when Ketchum asked if she had said it right. "Tuh-la-ruh." She pronounced for Ketchum. "Nice to meet you, Ketchum." She followed the minimap until she had caught up with the motley crew. Rallying Cry would give all of the party members a 10% boost to their HP, which hopefully would help the supports to be less squishy! Of course, the platform jumping was not within her particular purview of skills. Taking damage like a boss? Yes. Lithely jumping from one place to another? Hell no. "Oh for fuck's sake. If I wanted to play a God damned jump puzzle I'd play Catherine. At least that game had tits and I didn't get killed when I made a misstep." She heaved a sigh as she looked at the jump, trying to assess if there was any way she could make it without getting herself killed.
19:43:18 Angrak is in an aspect, isn't actually shapeshifted into a wolf! :-P
19:44:17 Valkyrion seems to be quite well equipped for this ]
19:44:18 [Ketchum] alpha…
19:44:22 ( Ketchum rolls 1d4 => 4 )
19:44:32 [Valkyrion] I'm starting to think that Ketchum did this on purpose now xD ]
19:46:25 ( Ketchum rolls 1d7 => 5 )
19:46:50 [Angrak] She wanted to snuggle into your breastplate.
19:47:36 Valkyrion informs them that her feathers are not to be used a material for weapons or armor.. They would NOT work! ]
19:48:24 Tahlara 's going to use the feathers to make a pillow.
19:49:27 [Ketchum] As Ketchum was being picked up, and Angram was jumping, Tahlara was left alone at the edge, a cry of a MANTICORE as it came from the fog, triggered by the fact well a group was there. Maybe it was lucky that it made a beeline for the protector, because floating helpless in the air held by another woman wasn't Ketcum's idea of a good time, not to mention, Angrak was out of position. Luckily, she had an aerial view of the bomb run from the Manticore as she said, "Look out!" she'd chuck her long range attack from her handbag weapon, which, again, looked suspsiciously like a pokeball as it clattered on Tahlara's head [You have gained MP, COOLDOWN REDUCED]. "uh Vanity, go protect her or something!" the summon, purple caster, would just continue to stare at the mirror she held as the manticore tried to maim Tahlara.
19:50:01 [Ketchum] i dunno, metal boobs aren't the best
19:50:07 [Ketchum] its truly like a motorboat then
19:50:14 [Ketchum] clank clank clank
19:50:20 ( Valkyrion rolls 1d10 => 5 )
19:50:45 [Valkyrion] Tahlara is a very lucky woman xD ]
19:55:53 [Basara] fft gtg for the night ]
19:56:01 [Basara] i'm sure i'll be able to do the RP thing tomorrow ]
19:56:08 [Ketchum] cya Basara
19:56:20 [Tahlara] Later Basara.
19:56:24 [Valkyrion] - At the moment that Valkyrion began to ascend, after picking up Ketchum, that Manticore came from the fog - it's vision focused upon the Protector. The moment that the female support had thrown the object and activated the MP cooldown for Thalara, Valkyrion adjusted her grip on the girl. Sliding her in a tight one armed grip. Her wings pushed her form downwards and folded behind her as the Manticore began to charge, though Vanity merely stared at herself rather longingly. As the Manticore went in for a strike, the Valkyrie's frame shot passed the beast; pulling her free arm around Thalara's waist and clutching the other woman in her arm before landing upon the ground and extending her wings to form a shield as the Manticore's swiping claws hit her for a critical. The Valkyrie wince and pushed from the ground to get them both out of the way; ascending upwards to set them upon the incline above the floating rocks. The moment she landed however. her arms let them both go and Valkyrion dropped to her knees.. -C-
19:57:28 [Valkyrion] -C- The strike had inflicted quite a bit of damage upon the soldier it seemed, having been a critical.. Yet it was damage voluntarily taken " Are you both alright? " She mused before noticing the blood drip from her wings " That was mildly unpleasant " -
19:57:38 [Valkyrion] Take care Basara ]
20:00:05 ( Ketchum rolls 1d20 => 19 )
20:00:19 [Ketchum] I stay in the arms, huzzah
20:00:35 [Valkyrion] Arm ]
20:00:58 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] I had totes faith it'd work ~_^
20:03:23 [Ketchum whispers to Valkyrion] hehe
20:06:04 Valkyrion is just going to eat something ]
20:07:17 [Starlin] byah. Hooome. Finally
20:07:31 [Valkyrion] Welcome home Starlin ]
20:08:49 Angrak hears the cry of the thing and watches as the situation begins to dissolve. It seems that Valky manages to take care of Tahlara and Ketchum, getting them out of harms way. Of course it also seems that Valkyrion took a good amount of damage from the attack and since his gift hasn't triggered yet he quickly toggles Aspect of the Turtle which boosts his HP even further. Between the buffs from Tahlara and Ketchum and his own aspect bonus his maximum health hits good numbers and with Turtle activated, he decides to manipulate the jumping puzzle a bit too and activates Charge which lets him leap from his current position to a targeted location. He considers leaping onto the Manticore but chances are that it might follow the group anyways, so instead he targets the area where Valky, Ketch, and Tah all are and leaps from his spot. His form rapidly jumps upwards and then slams down onto the ground near the three of them. The force emits a shockwave, but there are no enemies in the area. <C>
20:08:51 Angrak rises to his feet and looks at the three of them. Since they don't have an actual healer and he is at full health at the moment, with that high maximum HP that he has with the buffs, 2% of that is transfered into a direct heal to Valky's HP this round, and will again next round if she doesn't heal with a potion or something. "I doubt that thing is going to just stay there. Valkyrion, stand back wtih Ketchum until your HP is up again. Tahlara… get ready for a fight and pray this thing doesn't call for help."
20:14:23 Tahlara arched a brow as Ketchum tossed a pokeball at her head. "Uhm…I don't think I'm catchable." She replied flippantly before drawing her sword as the Manticore came at her. She was prepared to strike at the creature when Valkyrion interceded, sweeping her into the air and managing to get hit in the process. Tahlara held on to the woman with one arm and her sword with the other, waiting until they landed and then moving into a protective stance as Valkyrion dropped down to the ground. "I'm perfectly fine, but you're clearly injured. Do you need a health potion?" She would toss Valkyrion an intermediate health potion if she needed one before she turned her attention towards Angrak, smirking as he told her to get ready for a fight. "I'm always ready for a fight." She tossed him a wink before looking back towards the manticore. She wasn't in a position to go chase it down at the moment, but if it pursued them she wouldn't hesitate to subdue it.
20:17:12 Valkyrion wonders if she should activate Battle Fluidity ]
20:18:24 [Tahlara] ((For a little manticore? Naaaaah, we've got this. XP))
20:18:51 ( Ketchum rolls 1d4 => 2 )
20:19:13 ( Ketchum rolls 1d20 => 7 )
20:21:25 ( Ketchum rolls 1d4 => 4 )
20:23:00 Ketchum was being held one handed, and the Manticore seemed to be aggravated by the support skill as it was the first one, so even though she was held okay, it would suddenly make a breaking bank and CATCH KETCHUM in its claws. Irony? Maybe, but the support girl was flailing in the air above the pit as she was tossed into it, just like she feared. "Aiiieee!" could be heard and then on everyone's respective HUD as there was a dull THUD sound from her impacting on something in the mist, would see her life bar go down to about 30% full from the drop. The manticore would then circle above the group, seeming sticking at the further ranges as it shot down toxic spikes to those gathered. As for Ketchum's summon? Well, it didn't seem to be doing anything, after all, it wasn't very effective being so Vain. [++
—] HP bar, and no LoS.
20:24:02 ( Valkyrion rolls 1d20 => 1 )
20:24:25 [Valkyrion] Damnit.. ]
20:27:41 [Ketchum] hmm, gotta do some quick chores, should be done before my next rd, else, skip me
20:27:51 [Ketchum] say i got stunned or whatever
20:30:00 [Valkyrion] - It appeared that there was little time before things really became worse.. Shaking her head slowly she rose her left hand and pressed it gently upon her right wrist - using a quick heal system she'd picked up a while ago. With an intermediate potion used, Valkyrion would look towards the other soldier and the protector " Hold him off. I am going to get Ketchum " With that she pulled herself up; having sufficiently healed and slipped from the ledge to outstretch her wings; allowing her to glide down to where the girl had fallen. Slowly, after pushing through the mist, she found her a little dazed, but other wise alright.. As the valkyrie hovered there, she would check her over to make sure there were no lasting injuries " I will be back for you.. " That beast had earned her ire it seemed, as the woman shot from the mist like a missile and slammed into the side of the beast - causing it to drop from the sky and land behind the two upon the ledge. After landing before them, Valkyrion -C-
20:31:00 [Valkyrion] -C- drew her sword and directed it at the beast " Prepare yourself for a pain like you have never witnessed.. " The weapon was lowered and her form stepped back a single pace to stand between the soldier and the protector.. -
20:39:37 Angrak can't rush in to catch Ketchum at this point, but the fall damage shouldn't be enough to kill her. His passive targets the party member with the lowest HP, and that means that Ketchum gets that heal this time around! Which might give her a little bit more breathing room for the moment. Valkyrion seems to be going after Ketchim, which sounds good considering she's the one with the wings right now. The Manticore seems to be keeping it's distance at the moment, which means a change is in order! Aspect of the Hawk is activated quickly, which changes stats a bit and gives him a little bit more range. Since the Manticore wants to play from a range, he'll do that too! He raises his pistol with his left hand and fires his auto attack, which lowers the enemy's speed, and then follows through with a Maim shot that allows him to find the vital area on the Manticore and hit it hard, doing an additional amount of damage and causing a debuff to appear on the target increasing all damage it takes by 30%.
20:41:05 [Valkyrion] I knocked it on the floor xD ]
20:41:59 [Angrak] Yeah I know. I had half of it typed already. XD It's still not right next to us… so.. ranged attack and debuff FTW. KILL IT FASTER NOW! :-P
20:42:20 [Valkyrion] True ]
20:42:44 [Angrak] And it's slowed so it can't run from you melee types!
20:43:12 [Valkyrion] True =P ]
20:43:39 [Angrak] So, shush and accept the fact that I'm awesome.
20:46:02 Valkyrion thwaks Angrak due to his ego swelling ]
20:47:00 Angrak whacks back, with a riding crop.
20:47:24 Valkyrion watches it bounce off of her armor ]
20:50:46 [Starlin] lololol
20:51:08 Tahlara grimaced as Ketchum somehow managed to fall. Jesus Christ these people were getting hurt left and right! She couldn't do a thing to rescue Ketchum though, so for now her focus had to be on the manticore. She turned to face the manticore that had fallen from the sky thanks to Valkyrion's slam, letting Angrak fire off his attacks before she lifted her massive flaming sword and ran towards the manticore. <b>Intercept</i> was activated the massive flaming sword struck out at the manticore. Unless she somehow missed, the manticore would receive 200% weapon damage and be stunned for the next two rounds
that is, assuming that the knockback didn't send the beast spiraling down into the pit and kill it on impact.
20:51:24 [Tahlara] Fail tag…Intercept
20:54:43 Valkyrion will post, unless Ketchum gets back before she is finished ]
21:00:36 [Valkyrion] - The manticore had been debuffed to the point it was sluggish, with thanks to Angrak - and the attack of the knight caused it quite a bit of damage. The knockback did not knock it off the edge, but the stunning worked as Valkyrion stepped forwards and drew the weapon back in her right hand before running towards it. In only four bounds, she advanced right past Tahlara and decided to add to the suffering of the bestial creature [ Heavenly Combo ] With a single, swift uppercut she launched the manticore up in the air and soon followed it's course. Another strike to it's head. She circled around it and struck it's midrif before another two strikes were made that had her above the creature. he weapon was risen above her head before the entirety of the weapon was slammed against the bulk of the beast; causing it to plummet towards the ground and slam into the floor, kicking up a large dust cloud as Valkyrion landed beside Tahlara and extended her sword towards the dust cloud - wondering what fate had -C-
21:00:45 [Valkyrion] -C- befallen the beast -
21:01:53 Tahlara exits from this room
21:01:59 Tahlara enters this room
21:02:20 [Valkyrion] Welcome back Tahlara ]
21:02:34 [Tahlara] Thanks. Redlight.
21:12:20 Angrak smirks just slightly as Tahlara rushes the Manticore and Valkyrion follows through. Gift of the Wild triggers again, and since Ketchum seems to be the one with the lowest HP still, that heal goes to her. Well, he can't let the girls have all the fun now can he? Aspect of the Wolf<B> is triggered, followed by that Aspect's version of <B>Charge which causes him to rush forward at blinding speed and slam into the downed Manticore, dealing a minor amount of damage and stunning it further, stacking with Tahlara's previous 2 round stun with another 1 round stun for 3 rounds. His Auto attack triggers, causing him to lash out at the Manticore with Flame and set the creature ablaze for a fire damage DoT and just to be sure he triggers Wolf's Maim which activates another instant attack that not only does his normal damage and trigger's Flame's DoT, which adds to the current damage over time effect, but also slices the creature open and causes it's blood to start spilling out for another DoT.
21:12:22 Angrak smirks slightly and slides his weapons back into their sheathed positions and turns. If the Manticore isn't dead yet, the flame dot and bleed will most likely finish it off before it can even move. "So, we getting Ketchum out of the hole or are we leaving her there?" He grins a bit and looks towards Tahlara and Valky, figuring that Valky will be the one to go grab the fallen support!
21:12:45 Angrak tag phailed. Thanks OBAMA.
21:15:39 [Starlin] lol
21:17:20 Valkyrion will go and save the day she thinks ]
21:21:50 [Starlin] Get to it then
21:22:04 [Angrak] Starlin, come play with your pet birdy.
21:22:21 Valkyrion has to wait for Tahlara ]
21:22:28 Tahlara was pretty sure that the manticore was dead at this point, but just for good measure she gave it another whack with her sword. When she was certain that it was dead she resheathed her sword and rolled her eyes as Angrak asked if they were gettin Ketchum out of the hole. "Of course we're getting herout of the hole. I don't know about you, but I don't leave a man behind. Of course, I'm hoping Ms. Angel over there can fetch her for us, because I sure as shit don't have wings. If I have to climb down in that hole and climb back out it's going to take a long while for me to get back up, especially if I have to haul her out with me."
21:22:29 [Angrak] That speed and agility will get you over the jumping puzzle easy!
21:26:59 [Valkyrion] - Her sword had already been sheathed by the time Angrak finished his assault. In the time it took them to agree that she was to go down. Valkyrion was already back with the stunned Ketchum in her arms. Setting her down slowly, the woman removed her helmet and sat down near the ledge; her wings folded slowly against her back while the helmet was set beside her " We should wait until she comes around. Then we can decide whether to go on " Her left hand rose to slide metal encased fingers through blonde locks of hair; ruffling them slightly as she stared at the pair with her two toned orbs, one of them blue, and one of them red <u>" The last thing I want to do is put her through anything more than being thrown in another hole.. -
21:27:17 [Valkyrion] Tag fails all round it seems ]
21:29:11 Valkyrion sighs at Angrak's bird comment ]
21:29:25 [Valkyrion] I swear to the king I will punish you Angrak ]
21:30:47 ( Angrak rolls 1d100 => 66 )
21:35:10 Angrak reaches up and pinches the bridge of his nose as Tahlara whacks the Manticore again. By now the battle is definitely over and the body is fading away, gold and experience being awarded for the fight. Nothing special though, at least not for him other than a fairly decent amount of gold. Maybe one of the others were lucky enough to get a good drop. Either way, the gold is added to his current purse and it seems Valky is already back with Ketchum. "Probably a good plan. I'm going to alter it just a little bit though. I'll go scout ahead in stealth while you guys stay here and protect Ketchum until she wakes up." With that said he activates Aspect of the Viper and shifts into Camouflage which puts him into a state of stealth and allows him to move around undetected. With his stealth he moves away from the group and begins to look around for the entrance to the dungeon they're looking for. If nothing else, maybe knowing where their actual enemy is will be useful for when Ketchum wakes up!
21:36:53 [Ketchum] sorry, took a bit longer than i thought, still busy
21:37:00 [Ketchum] feel free to make the next encounter tho
21:37:24 [Ketchum] offhand was thinking some terrible amalgam of wilderness beasts in a lab area tho
21:37:59 [Angrak] This is your quest. You get to DM so we'll improvise till you get back. :-P
21:44:04 [Ketchum] hmm
21:46:01 KiaStorm enters this room
21:46:48 [Ketchum] The mist sort of cleared out, maybe it was a scripted event to hide the manticore within, and the drop was pretty steep as Ketchum had blacked out from the damage. Maybe it wasn't 'real' but it certainly had a real effect on the support, even though her buffs were still going and no status effect was under her name. As she was lying on the floating rock though, it was good thing as the PIT literally led to more sky line and floating rocks.. Like some sort of weird upside down skyworld. On one of them in the distance, they;d see an upside down wizard tower, as the quest arrow would point to it, as lightning shot upside from the 'top' to its bottom ground. KRAKATHWOOM!
21:47:26 KiaStorm exits from this room
21:48:34 ( Ketchum rolls 1d20 => 12 )
21:49:16 [Ketchum] Seems like Angrak was not noticed by anything, but he did notice on the Tower's base, the gargoyles seemed to be on watch, literally, the eyeballs would move ever so slightly to track things like a bird or similar.
21:49:35 [Ketchum] There was 4 at the base, and 2 at the top.
21:49:44 Tahlara moved towards Valkyrion as she landed with Ketchum in her arms. "She'll be okay, thankfully." The death of the manticore would have boosted Ketchum's HP a little as well, so hopefully she would awaken soon. As Angrak said he would scout ahead Tahlara frowned. "Be careful and report back. If you get into trouble, let me know." Soon after the mist started to clear and the tower in the distance became evident. "Weird." She murmured. "Angrak, maybe you should wait. The mist is clearing, I don't want you to get caught out in the open exposed and alone." She cautioned him. Whether or not he heeded the warning, well, that remained to be seen.
21:49:44 Valkyrion yawns a little and sighs. ]
21:50:30 [Valkyrion] I'm sorry. I need to get some sleep. If that's okay ]
21:50:43 [Ketchum] no worries Valk, pat pats
21:50:47 [Tahlara] ((No! No sleep! j/k))
21:51:14 [Ketchum] well, sadly, i go on a trip tomorrow, so will be out for a week
21:51:14 [Valkyrion] It's almost 6am for me ]
21:51:17 [Angrak] Blame it on Starlin.
21:51:26 [Ketchum] so cya Valk
21:52:00 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] See ya in a week yeah?
21:52:22 [Ketchum whispers to Valkyrion] totes :)
21:52:47 [Starlin] 6am?!
21:52:56 [Valkyrion] Yes, 6am ]
21:53:08 [Ketchum] crazy europeans
21:53:29 [Valkyrion] That I am. ]
21:53:43 [Ketchum] actually, considering the hour, and stuff, i think i'll pause the quest too
21:53:59 [Valkyrion] Anyway… I must be off.. Tired.. My left arm hurts as well oO Strangely… I think I'm faling apart =P ]
21:54:15 [Starlin] what part of the world are you in?!
21:54:19 [Ketchum] cuz, i dont think i can get through 2 more without needing to cut it short anyway
21:55:00 [Ketchum] and have to fly tomorrow, so, yeah
21:55:12 [Valkyrion] I live in the UK Starlin ]
21:55:17 [Ketchum] can still rp tho, just not lead more encounters is all
21:55:22 [Tahlara] Maybe we should just cut the quest short period? Might be difficult to get everyone together.
21:55:40 [Tahlara] Just call a retreat since Ketch went and got herself knocked in the head.
21:56:13 [Ketchum] ayep… time lapse GO
21:56:17 Valkyrion notes that the wizards tower magically explodes due to a mistiming in it's calaculations. The wizard is then absorbed into a hellish dark world for eternity - Quest success. ]
21:56:27 [Ketchum] lol
21:58:00 [Valkyrion] If only right? ]
21:59:13 [Ketchum] might be good anyway for rp to say ketchum is out for a rl week
21:59:29 [Ketchum] her codition in the rl world worsens
21:59:32 [Valkyrion] Anyway. I shall see most of you tomorrow - Ketchum, I shall see you in a week - we cannot leave the game world xD ]
21:59:47 [Valkyrion] Oh my… ]
21:59:48 [Ketchum] hence doesnt wake
22:00:02 [Tahlara] Later guys.
22:00:06 Angrak doesn't heed Tahlara's warning. His stealth skill is usually quite effective and lets him get in and out of places rather easily without causing a battle. He's like a Rogue from WoW, able to get in and out while other people have to fight. As long as he doesn't do anything stupid, he's usually just fine. Of course as he stands there he notices quite a bit of enemies. It gives him pause and he stares and lets his eyes scan the place for a moment. There were at least six guardians, and chances are the moment they showed their face all six would be upon them. With Ketchum's HP already down and the current events he decides that this isn't quite worth it. He heads back towards the trio of women and looks them over. His form fades from the stealthed version and lets them see the look on his face plain as day. "So… Tower. Six guardians that all look fairly tough. I couldn't swap to hawk to inspect them, but they look rather nasty. My advise is that we call it quits for now." <C>
22:00:08 Angrak licks his lips slightly and shakes his head. "Ketchum is obviously hurt still, and without a healer this could be.. Well." He shrugs his shoulders slightly. "I think we should get out of here, form a more balanced party and come back later."
22:00:11 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] I could try to help her once we get out of the game?
22:00:16 [Angrak] There. That should help take care of it!
22:01:05 [Angrak] We're not retreating. We're advancing in another direction!
22:01:23 [Ketchum whispers to Valkyrion] heh… bckstory is shes in a coma
22:01:29 [Valkyrion] Agreed Angrak ]
22:01:41 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] [ Will change that ]
22:01:59 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] [ Will be her supporter in the real world ]
22:02:02 [Ketchum whispers to Valkyrion] so theyre using the immersion tech to give her a semblance of life
22:02:46 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] I'll think of something… Something great =P
22:02:58 [Ketchum whispers to Valkyrion] hence why she was in the closed beta.. medical tech
22:03:01 Valkyrion is now actually gonna go to sleep now.. Tired ]
22:03:09 [Ketchum] cyas
22:03:18 [Angrak] Sleep well.
22:03:20 [Valkyrion whispers to Ketchum] [ Nods ] I'll think of something fun =3
22:03:28 [Valkyrion] Later everyone ]
22:03:39 Valkyrion exits from this room
22:08:28 Aladraiontwo enters this room
22:26:23 Tahlara nodded to Angrak when he said that they should get out of there for now. "I agree. The little one doesn't seem to be waking up. We should probably take them back to the fort. Seeing as they're both Adventure Guild I assume that's where they were before they decided to set out on this expedition. Speaking of which…what are you doing with them?" She lifted an eyebrow towards him curiously. "You're not with that guild." She grumbled as she realized she was going to have to hop across the void. "Fucking jump puzzles…" She gave a small hmph. "You gonna' be able to get back across with her?"
22:33:49 Angrak looks up as Tahlara begins to speak and he shrugs his shoulders. "Ketchum is actually with the Merchant Guild." He looks at the trio for a moment as Tahlara asks what he's doing with them. "Met them yesterday during an event. Got an invite earlier. Accepted. Usually a solo player… but they seemed alright." He moves to pick Ketchum up and look towards Tahlara. "Hop on my back… I can get us across easily enough." He activates Aspect of the Turtle again so that he can use charge to leap over most of the pit. Obviously Valky is capable of flying so there is little to worry about in that front. "So… Which one did you go for? Chaos or Order? Judging from your guild symbol… You seem more like an order person." He smirks slightly at her and shakes his head. Assuming that Tahlara hops on his back, he activates Charge and clears almost the entire pit, landing on the platform that's not far from the edge. "One more round. I can swap to Hawk and do a backwards leap to get over what's left."
22:35:44 [Ketchum] (jealous of the movement skills, but didnt seem like a support would have em)
22:36:02 [Ketchum] (imma build a grapple gun tho, just you wait)
22:36:09 [Ketchum] (aka hookshot)
22:36:28 [Angrak] (Haha.)
22:43:08 Tahlara gave a soft ah as he said that Ketchum was with the merchant guild. "My mistake." She replied before nodding as he explained how he had met the two. When he told her to hop on his back she paused for a moment, but eventually acquiesced, climbing onto his back and holding on tight. "Sorry, I know I'm heavy." She wasn't large herself, of course, but she was definitely muscled and once you added on the weight of the greatsword…well… "Which one did I go for?" She questioned. "I don't think that's a formal classification, but I suppose order. I just want to keep as many people alive as I can. Judging by your judgmental tone, I'm guessing you're more of a chaos person."
22:46:26 [Ketchum] In the real world…. Doctors and nurses were scrambling to bring life back to one of the kids trapped in the game. Well, the kid's body would spasm as the electrical volts were put in over and over again. Bzzt… Bleeeep… Bzzzt…Bleeep… As parents watched sobbing from the observation area. Finally, a spark of life? But no brain activity? Life support would be given, but as medical bills started to pile up, and a month had gone by, the father and mother who had such hope, now had to decide if they would pull the plug for real. In the game… Ketchum would sleep, occassionally stirring like she had a bad dream, or a nightmare, but not awake or similar. Eventually, she would be placed in the Merchant Guild's care after not waking up, carted over to the guild house like so much inventory. A window would pop up a week later on her sleeping form, [9…8….7…Continue? Y / N…6….5…4…3…]
22:49:15 [Ketchum] Figure something like that, not really good at writing darker pieces
22:52:43 Angrak shakes his head slightly and gives a little laugh. "I don't think weight works the same way in the game, and I'm a Soldier class so my stats are all balanced anyways. You're not that bad." A little grin is given as he listens to her. "Well… that went right over your head, didn't it? Catherine… you mentioned it earlier. The main thing in the game is the choice between chaos and order or Catherine and Katherine respectively." Since it's a new round he activates Aspect of the Hawk and turns his back so that he can use Charge again and leap from the platform to solid ground once more. He turns back around so he's facing the direction of the fort. "Alright. All good, you can get off now." A small grin. "But yeah… I definitely went for the blonde.. so chaos." Assuming Tahlara hops off his back he begins the trek back to the Fort so that they can take care of Ketchum who hasn't woken up yet, even though her HP has pretty much refilled. Meaning she'll be taken care of by her guild.
22:57:27 Angrak pats Ketchum. "Sleeping for a week. You gonna be hungreh when you wake up!"
22:58:50 [Ketchum] Imma gonna eat all your animal Angrak
22:58:58 [Ketchum] (aka Aspects)
23:00:29 [Angrak] I'm a guy. Geeze. You don't eat me. Eat Thalara instead.
23:01:11 Ketchum does it wolfy (doggy) style instead.
23:02:24 Tahlara gave a small oh as he explained he was referencing Catherine. "Sorry, I get it now. I didn't realize that you had bounced back to that." She chuckled softly. "Chaos, actually. Katherine is a bitch." She slidoff of his back once they were back on solid land and frowned as she looked down at Ketchum. "It's really weird that she's not waking up." She commented before shaking her head and pressing forward, walking purposefully towards the Fort. "So…if you're a solo player, where do you stay? In the city?"
23:04:05 Hepner enters this room
23:06:33 Angrak shakes his head slightly at Tahlara. "I do that sometimes. Going back over the pit made me think of it." A small shrug is given before he nods to her comments about it being weird that Ketchum isn't waking up. "It is. Could be she was unplugged and is running on battery power. You lose a lot of functions in that situation. Guess we'll see… She'll either disappear or wake up. That's the way this 'game' works, right?" He sighs slightly at that thought, but continues the conversation. "No. I tend to avoid people for the most part… I live in the wilderness, with the animals and monsters. Occasionally I pop out and help someone who's bitten off more than they can chew, but I tend to keep to myself."

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