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17:58:53 [Reymund] "Rey, did you invite a witch into Rose Garden?" "Yeah but she was REALLY REALLY PRETTY."
18:00:28 SnowInHell Yeva couldn't help but smirk at her companion but shook her head softly. “I assure you, I intend on doing nothing of the sort….” Vesuvius sniffed at her side. Would you like to inform him of what you would like to do? Yeva shot the dog a sharp glance and followed Rey inside, silently walking behind him and taking in the layout of the place, in case of future night-time visits, though she did not think them likely. Once the door was shut and locked behind them, she smiled and looked around. “My! They certainly have set you up rather nicely, here…” She walked slowly and bent at the waist to observe his different set-ups, careful not to touch anything. “What is your exact specialty, Reymund? I don't believe I ever asked…” Looking around, Yeva took quick stock of the entire room before moving a few things from the center in order to begin drawing her chalk circle. “Do make sure to secure anything too fragile, as we wouldn't want anything to break….”
18:00:32 [SnowInHell] Daaw. xD
18:01:11 [WalterElric] Pretty, eh?
18:01:28 [WalterElric] So, where are you two right now?
18:01:44 [WalterElric] Still at the Garden?
18:01:46 [Reymund] Downstairs in Rey's lab
18:01:48 [Reymund] Yep.
18:02:01 [Reymund] In the process of moving out. I… have a log for Elsie. Hurr.
18:03:11 [Elsie] oh awesome!
18:04:27 [WalterElric] Mind if I jump on in?
18:04:41 [SnowInHell] SO MUCH.
18:05:10 WalterElric cries.
18:05:20 SnowInHell licks your tears.
18:06:30 [WalterElric] lol
18:08:19 [Reymund] “Biology… animal metamorphosis actually,” Rey tapped on the glass of the tank, watching the caterpillars munch away on the leaves he'd provided them. “That's why Professor Barnes suggested I help here. I'm hoping to develop something to help control some of the creatures that are out there. Perhaps something to help a werewolf to keep his human mind and emotions once the transformation takes hold. It could save countless lives.” The cat had hopped down off of Rey's pillow and was eagerly working his way between Yeva's ankles in a purring figure-eight, heedless of Vesuvius' glare. “That's Darwin.”
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18:15:03 >[Mayhem] » New Roleplay set in Victorian Gothic London. Steampunk, gothic horror - the Rp information can all be found on the website: http://roleplaystarz.wix.com/streamstrife — Currently we are recruiting. This is not intended to be a HUGE RP. But it is character driven, stories and plots. Setting has been prepared for you, with an wide available cast of character ideas for you to play. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask! /whois Steam&Strife will be updated as required. **Current setting: Sunny, but chilled with a hint of damp. Clouds in the distance, promising rain. || Background Situation - St James Park -Devastation. The terrible killings of close to 50 Walpurgis Members was a devastating blow. Penny Gardens is utterly destroyed though a new location for a new garden is being already prepared. Though, many are grieving as London comes to terms of a bomber, who for no reason, aimed to kill people. Of course, a cover story has already been told. 02/18
18:15:39 SnowInHell crouched on the floor, drawing away as she went. She smiled and scratched Darwin under the chin, much to the consternation of Vesuvius. “How intriguing! What have you been finding, exactly?” She watched the cat trot off, leaving blue paw-prints in his wake. She murmured a cant as she drew a few sigils, and crawled another few paces before looking up to meet his eyes. “Wait a moment, you're saying the Society doesn't have a curative for lycanthropy?” She tsked and shook her head. “What on earth are these people up to?” Vesuvius snuffed and batted an ear. “Parlour games, perhaps?” Yeva shook her head and completed her circle, speaking to it quietly. After a moment she stood and began to mark each wall. “I say, we will have to change that. Do you have everything you need, Reymund? All of the essentials?”
18:26:23 [Mayhem] (yay its back)
18:27:21 Reymund watched her work, stooping to pick Darwin up in his arms. He cleaned the squirming cat's paws with his tie. “I would assume that we don't. Why else would they have hired me?” It would be plain how little Rey really understood of this organization, and his role. Wet behind the ears would be an understatement at best. Setting the cat down, he began to pull down notes and drawings from the walls, tucking them into folders and pushing them into his pack. “I'll only bring the essentials. I can come back for the rest.” One of the microscopes was hastily wrapped in a shirt and packed up. He gave the phonograph in the corner a longing look, then decided against it. That would have to be picked up later. “Come on, Darwin. Faule Katze. Time to go.” The cat miaowed and draped himself across Rey's narrow shoulders as he picked up his bag. A kindly smile was given to Yeva as she worked. Once she finished he began to lead both woman and dog back up the stairs.
18:27:29 [Reymund] “And no one's the wiser,” he chuckled, peering around the corner and down the plush hallway, toward the door.
18:27:49 [Elsie] Sat quietly in the Parlor of the Rose Garden. She had heard the door open and close several times, with Henri, their butler admitting others then seeing them on their way. The whole time she was not interrupted so assumed it was business that was required with other members of the Society. Sipping her tea on occasion, before her on a table were a pile of cards that were spread in out in a cross like manner. Some were over turned, others still lay face down. Eyes were focused upon the cards, then shifted toward the fire in the hearth that blazed with life, new logs having recently been put in. The palor was a quaint room, mostly used for interviews to put others at ease, or for one to find a quiet moment or two between calls. Earlier she had been busy with following up on the losses from the explosion, some positions were being filled by others, via promotions and the like. Yet they still had losses which were many. And it would take time to make up for.
18:27:57 [Elsie] wb Mayhem :) ))
18:28:23 [Mayhem] (gonna read back a bit, but someone mind giving the basic tod,location and recap if possible please?)
18:30:55 [Reymund] (Afternoon, sunny day, people are being paranoid and sneaky. <3
18:39:18 [SnowInHell] Anyone else hopping in before I post?
18:39:35 [WalterElric] I will be!
18:40:35 [Mayhem] and we're all at the Rose Garden?
18:40:42 [WalterElric] Appears to be :)
18:40:46 [Mayhem] kk
18:43:54 Mayhem had reported back from being out in the field, specifically, the undercover spy had been traveling abroad when she had been called back to the massacre of agents. Switching to the field side under new orders, the usual flirty, and flighty female was now assigned to the beat work London was known for. She had lent her aid as much as she could to the forensices department, but, she was a bit rusty not to mention untrusted by her peers currently, so as they were quite clique-y, she too clicked on the scene of the Rose Garden. Mayhem's face looked a bit tired from the airship lag she experienced from the time zone change, as well as her enthusiasm being crushed down by the various groups, wondering why the fear and paranoia led so hard when the Walpurgis should be working together. Thus she ended up by »
18:44:41 [Mayhem] Elsie, taking a seat by her as her robot butler clicked and clanked by her to bring the tea. "Hey there darlin'," would say to the other girl as she nodded to the automaton as it stood guard by her after serving.
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18:47:29 [Elsie] italics! -runs from them-
18:47:36 [Mayhem] lol
18:48:04 WalterElric had spent far too many days in bed. The healing would take the better part of a few more weeks, but he had made enough progress to stand on his own and he'd be damned if he continue to linger in the shadows of that room while work remained to be done. He entered the hallways leading toward the parlor, dressed in his uniform; from freshly polished boots to his buttoned up coat. Though his skin was a few shades paler than usual, he looked far better now than he had coming in. The bruising on his face was gone, and his ribs only creaked slightly behind their wraps. He marched with straightbacked dedication, slower than usual, the sound of his cane and boots clopping throughout the halls.
18:48:06 WalterElric needed a barber for his hair, but he had done what he could to at least slick it back, and trimmed and waxed his mustache to something resembling respectability. There was movement in the halls, people working. Good. The 'Purgists needed to press onwards. He entered the parlor, and noted Reymond coming up the stairs. “Good morning. Doctor, was it not?” he asked, his memory a touch foggy about Reymond, though he knew he recognized the man. The door to the parlor was pushed gently open, and Walter stood in the doorway, lingering between there and the parlor. He spied Elsie and another young lady, the robotic butler about with tea. “Miss Buchanan. Ma'am. Is there tea for another?” he asked, his voice still hale and strong despite his appearance. He smiled.
18:52:47 [Mayhem] (is digging through pics for profile, so open to suggestions)
18:54:39 [WalterElric] Ooh!
18:54:43 [WalterElric] http://charlie-bowater.deviantart.com/art/Sketches-XI-163819768
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18:58:01 SnowInHell smirked and shook her head softly. “I meant in here, Reymund. We're taking the room with us.” She chuckled and brushed chalk dust from her hands. “I'll be right behind you.” As she drew the last sigil on the wall, Yeva and the dog both stepped into the center of the circle. “I do hope there aren't any grounding incantations on the building…..” Murmuring softly to herself, the woman drew a circle with her fingers that lingered in the air, and after a moment the space in the room began to vibrate. The woman blinked and light flared from the circle on the floor, and with the barest of rumbles the room fell through a void of flame, of endless canyons, of faces in smoke and a black abyss. Vesuvius flickered in form, though Reymund was not there to see it. Moments later the light extinguished itself and the seal disappeared, leaving Yeva and the hound standing in a completely empty room. The dog wheezed contentedly and the two followed up the stairs after Reymund, Yeva wearing a perfectly contented smile on her
18:58:09 [SnowInHell] face, and a smudge or two of blue chalk as well.
18:59:48 [Mayhem] huh nice one Walter, tho prefer a real one, that way i dont have to describe the hair color and face so much
19:00:16 Elsie hadn’t been expected anyone to enter the room, but was never-the-less smiling as Mayhem passed the threshold and took a seat close by. “Welcome home.” Elsie spoke in her usual tone, a slight firmness to it though she was friendly enough. Being Lead, meant she held an upper position to most, if not just a few hands down from the Uppers who were not known to most. Her usual attire of a black gown fitted comfortably, the skirts flowing down to dainty ankles that were hidden in laced up boots. While the corset and upper torso gave precedence to her fine feminine form, and shapely figure. “How was your return trip? You look quiet exhausted, but well none the less.” Spoken to Mayhem before her attention was pulled toward the door as the Doctor had appeared. Taking in the sight of him, noting how much better he appeared, but still the slight aches and pains that possessed his form, she immediately invited him to sit, —
19:00:31 [Elsie] standing to do so while gathering some tea and pouring it into a china cup for him. “Here Doctor, you are looking more healthier today. Each day seems some veritable progress.” Kind eyes smiled his way, the inky darkness beseeching him to sit however and to take it easy. Obvious concern. “This is Agent Mayhem. Marigold Mayhem. She’s been away, out of the Country for some time, working in the field and has just recently returned. You may have heard of her before. Marigold, this is Walter Elric. Doctor Elric.” As she introduced each other, she would move to take her seat, bringing tea to her lips, while voices in the background were heard with the door being askew.
19:07:14 [Mayhem] Nodded to the introductions as Elsie gave her concern, and as the Doctor voiced his concern for some tea. She gestured to Cogsworth, who would open his chest cavity to take out a small cup filled with tea time for the pale man, setting it beside him with a slightly rattle of the set along with the honey, and cream on the side if he so pleased. "Pleasure to meet you Doctor Elric," and then the slightly tired smile back to Elsie, "I am good, wish the circumstances were a bit different. That said, even if I bitch about it, rather turn that into a dog-like attitude to figure out who was the perpetrator…." she trailed off, taking another sip of tea as everyone was now served properly. "Any more leads I can get with my clearance level? Or I still gotta wait for all the paperwork to clear yet dear?" a pause for answers and similar as she then would speak to Walter more directly. "Get hurt in a hunt? Or was it the massacre?" her eyes would sweep over his form, trying to figure out what the injuries were>
19:07:53 [Mayhem] and depending on his answer would raise the cup and say, "Physician, heal thyself… Hope you feel better darling.. but if there's anything else I can do, please do tell."
19:09:55 [Mayhem] (I really like Kato from steampunk coutoure, but dunno)
19:10:14 [Mayhem] (seems a bit too much to have her pic)
19:12:18 Reymund had already started up the stairs before Miss Winter had begun working her magic (literally), and thus completely missed the show. The noise made the hairs at the back of his neck stand on end, but he thought the better of turning around to look. Darwin hissed and spat at the commotion, his yellow eyes round and moon-like. “Relax, Dar,” Rey reached up to scratch at the cat's ear. At Dr. Elric's voice, the young scientist stopped in his tracks at the top of the stairs, hopefully blocking Yeva and Vesuvius from view. Rey blanched. Darwin miaowed at Walter and continued grooming the side of Reymund's head. “… Dr. Elric. Hello.” Oblivious to how rude it may seem, Rey slammed the door closed behind him, right in Yeva's face. “Not quite Doctor yet, I'm afraid. Give me time!” He smiled nervously and forced a weak, strangled laugh. As Walter moved past him and into the parlour, Rey was suddenly keenly aware of the sound of voices from the very room he'd need to pass through to get out of the building.
19:12:28 [Reymund] Why, oh why couldn't the earth simply open up and swallow him whole? After a long moment of catching his breath and going over the pros and cons in his head, Rey steeled himself and opened the door to speak with Yeva. “This isn't exactly going as planned. I'd hoped to get us out of here without anyone noticing, but… well, you know what they say about tearing off bandaids?”
19:22:19 WalterElric meandered his way to take a seat near the ladies after leaving Reymund with a rather suspicious glance. He offered them as much of a courteous bow as his aching ribs would allow him before sitting in the chair, leaning his cane against his old, injured leg. “It is always interesting to note what people call me, be it Doctor, Agent, or Lieutenant. There are others, of course, but those are reserved for docksides and card games with less genteel and sophisticated company,” he said in his usual dry sense of humour, his neutral expression betraying nothing. The quirk of the corner of his mouth on the other hand did give it away some. He bowed his head to Elsie's words and gratefully accepted the tea. “My thanks. Yes, I am feeling much better. Thank you.”
19:22:25 WalterElric turned his gaze to Marigold, his squinting gaze searching before they opened wide. “Oh! Ha! Of course. Heard much about you, Agent. Your name and reputation precedes you. Welcome back, and we couldn't be more grateful for your return. About time our enemies had a taste of your brand of havoc, I say.” Walter considered her other words and smirked. In regards to either the massacre or the hunt, he couldn't help but just answer “Yes.” As for the healing himself, well. “Would that I could. I would have found the cure for my sarcasm. I am afraid it's rather terminal, you see. I've often been told it would be the death of me.” He sipped the tea and noted it. “We can start with answering what tea this is, and we can go on from there.” Walter smiled again, pleased to be amidst people again.
19:24:40 SnowInHell startled back a step as the door was promptly slammed, and stood quietly to listen to the engagement going on on the other side of it. V turned to raise his furry eyebrows to Yeva. “A house of secrets after all, hmm?” Yeva shrugged and smiled softly. “I suppose we will shortly find out….” As the door opened again, producing the tired face of the young Reymund, Yeva smirked and ran a hand over her hair, dusting it finely with powder-blue hand prints. “Not to worry. Why not simply introduce me? I believe it shall be less painful than you think, and if they decree to burn me at the stake, well…I've seen worse.” She smiled a knowing smile and winked a midnight blue his way, stepping up and out of the door. “Shall we?” She snickered. “Or shall we simply run and see if they can catch us?” Vesuvius batted a disapproving ear and eyes Reymund with his shiny gaze. “Well I can run faster than both of you…”
19:30:16 [Mayhem] lol, steampunk Anna: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/90/e0/bf/90e0bf9c050c1b2c9fbc69711b4e0f9a.jpg
19:30:31 [Reymund] Daaaaaaamn
19:31:21 [WalterElric] …
19:31:23 [WalterElric] http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/17q6muh3zqq2rjpg/original.jpg
19:31:44 [Mayhem] haha
19:31:46 [Elsie] Argh.. I'm sorry. Skip me for now if you can? I'm not getting my thoughts together. Unfocused and not able to type a decent post >< ))))
19:31:59 Elsie loves Jayne
19:32:12 [WalterElric] The man they call Jayne?
19:32:29 [SnowInHell] We all do a Firefly RP next, yes? =D
19:32:42 [WalterElric] Shiny.
19:32:43 [Elsie] oh yes
19:32:54 [Elsie] so pretty! we're all so pretty
19:33:03 [Mayhem] i changed Cog's picture to this: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/07/61/29/0761291f565e4ff9ef763756d717e3eb.jpg
19:33:09 [Mayhem] steampunk ironman
19:35:04 [SnowInHell] I apparently need to get mroe with the steampunk program…
19:35:26 Reymund was soothed by Yeva's calm, easy demeanour. Would it really be all that bad? If Madame Buchanan dismissed him, he would be in exactly the same situation he was currently, only without the security of the Society to protect him. The worst she could do was put him into protective custody… which would more than likely mean he would be committed. On second thought, perhaps it could get worse. “All right. Come on, the two of you.” Rey quietly stepped into the parlour and rapped his knuckles on the ornate plaster moulding. “Ahh, Madame Buchanan? Do you have a moment?”
19:37:29 [Mayhem] here's a decent dark haired one Snow: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/0f/35/30/0f353082a5a4f79ee3e228366c46ec75.jpg
19:37:47 [Mayhem] and her: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/8e/c4/32/8ec432538cbf2ab1510fb954816d0166.jpg
19:38:41 [SnowInHell] Eh, I"m super picky when it comes to art. I'll just draw one.
19:38:46 [SnowInHell] Thank you lots though!
19:40:44 [WalterElric] Mayhem, you posting in?
19:41:10 Mayhem chuckled along with Walter's sarcasm, "Darjeeling, darlin'," would say to the man as she leaned close to gently press her form close as to not injure him further. "Cure would imply there's some disease you need to fight, the only infection I could see possible is you'll wear away at a woman's sense with that fine silvered tongue of yours, doctor." After the slight lean and flirt, Cogworth would make a -brnng brnng- sound before detaching his gauntlet with his other hand as it was held up like a phone. "Hello… I see…. Mmmhmm… well, then." She hung it up with a slight -click-. "Don't suppose you're field ready good doctor?"
19:41:19 [Mayhem] yeah, sorry, tried to speed it
19:44:01 [Mayhem] Rey knocked to us… small addon.
19:44:23 [Mayhem] Addon: Cogsworth would then be sent to the door to open it, upon being gestured by Elsie or similar.
19:46:53 [Elsie] posts but this will be my last post. Sorry » I suck atm. ))
19:47:17 [Elsie] The door to the parlor was opened as Reymund made his presence known, though Elsie was already aware of him being out in the hall due to hearing the voices. Her eyes flashed his way, while Marigold spoke to Walter. Rising to stand, she began to walk toward Rey, eyes questioning with curiosity, though there was no look of malice or anger upon her features. Though suddenly, she stopped. Her movements became completely still as a hand motioned quickly toward her head. In particular her temple. Swaying on both legs, she began to shake, her body quivering as eyes rolled back in her head. “Ah.. No… Not.. “ she tried to get words out, the tension in her body taut as the vision or whatever strange occurrence was happening. Her body began to convulse further. Those that knew her, like the Doctor would be aware of this behavoir, —
19:47:20 [Elsie] perhaps never seen it but had heard of the bizarre accounts of when the “episodes” occurred. They attributed it to her being a witch and the things she could see. Indeed it was quite catastrophic to watch, discerning to anyone in the room as she was ready to fall to the ground, “Help…” she managed to grind out through clenched teeth before her legs started to give way.
19:47:50 [Reymund] Well that's an exit. :x
19:48:09 [Mayhem] awww, cya Elsie
19:48:16 [SnowInHell] Now we can't get in trouble, ha!
19:48:33 [Elsie] I'll lurk in the room. My mind is just not focused and yes, now you can get away with things xD))
19:49:01 [Mayhem] alrighty, pic changed
19:50:23 Reymund fistpumps. Scott free! Yush!
19:52:18 WalterElric quirked an eyebrow in her direction and chuckled, smiling despite himself. “Oh, to be young again,” he said, leaning back into his seat. “Perhaps her common sense, where I am concerned. It seems my manners have left me a perpetual bachelor and envy of my married brethren. I weep for them.” Walter's sarcasm and deadpan humour was still healthy, it seemed, and Elsie was beckoned by Reymund. He sipped more of the darjeeling, evaluating it as Mayhem took the phone. “Prefer an oolong myself, these days b…Field?” His eyes flickered towards Elsie, but he worked his jaw a moment before answering. “Not good for a fight, I'm afraid. Broken ribs. My good leg's still healing, but if you need a physician or Senior Agent, I am at your service. Need to get back tot he field and gauge the situation myself, besid…”
19:52:23 WalterElric noted Elsie's halting motions and the bottom of his stomach dropped down into his feet. “Shit,” he hissed, lurching upward and hobbling along as quick as he could manage, perhaps less cautiously than he should to grab Elsie as she began to shake. “A little help! Let's get her to her room. Someone get the maid, she knows what to do,” he said, his voice stern, commanding and calm as he eased her slowly down. He snatched out a pen he had in his pocket and gave it to her to bite on while the vision worked it's way through her. “Easy, Elizabeth. Easy. We have you.” Walter cradled her head in his lap for now, eyes flicking over her to make sure nothing worse was happening.
20:04:13 SnowInHell stood quietly and politely a few steps behind Reymund as she waited, tentaively, to be introduced to his superiors….though not nervous for herself, she was a bit nervous for the boy. Poor chap didn't need to be put under any more pressure than he was currently experiencing. She leaned her head in once she heard Elise stand and smiled a dark-eyed smile, but her greeting got caught in her throat. “Oh dear!” As she saw the woman topple she stepped past Rey and knelt at the fallen woman's side, taking her wrist in a cool grasp and placing another curiously thumbless hand on the woman's cheek. “Is she prone to this? Visions?” Looking around the room for the first time, Yeva cast midnight blues to the strangers standing around and recognized Elric, giving him a quick smile. “Oh! Well hello again.” Reaching a hand into her small side-sachet she pulled a tiny glass vile of some sort of root out and, shaking a leaf into her hand, placed it under Elsie's tongue with deft precision. She placed a cool kiss on the
20:04:21 [SnowInHell] fitting woman's forehead and whispered a word that left in a cool steam of bright green and settled in a fine mist across her scalp. “That should calm her in a moment. Dissipate the force of it without dulling the vision itself. Is there a bed we can get her to?” For a complete stranger, the woman had no problem striding into a situation, so it would seem….
20:14:56 [Reymund] “Madame, Doctor, I wanted to introduce you to someone who… oh no.” Rey had never seen one of Elsie's fits, but he'd heard tell of them. He flattened himself closer to the moulding as Yeva pushed past him. Well. That was one way to break the tension. Darwin leaped down from the young man's shoulder and padded past the action to settle down beneath one of the overstuffed armchairs and clean his face with a paw, as unimpressed as any cat ever was. “Is she all right?” Rey asked softly, dropping down to one knee beside Dr. Elric. “How long should…?” The scientist's voice cut off abruptly in surprise when Yeva went to work. The Madame began to calm and the room became quiet once more, save for the crackling fire on the parlour's hearth. He made a low, impressed sound when he met Yeva's eyes.
20:18:47 Mayhem aided as best she could, using Cogsworth as a stretcher or similar. (sorry, distracted, so skip me as needed)
20:24:32 WalterElric recognized the young woman who came to help him with a start, blinking. Another agent? It had to be. And one of Elsie's persuasion, it seemed. He nodded, letting her do her own work on the woman before speaking. “Hello again,” he responded. “And there should be. She is prone to these things. Reymund, a hand if you would. Mayhem, you too. Between my ribs and my leg, I won't be much use carrying her. I'll lead you to a room so we can deposit her.” Gently, he eased himself away and got back onto his feet. “She is. And it shan't be the last time either, I think.” With that, he began to move to find a room to put her in.
20:30:29 SnowInHell stroked Elsie's head once and with a short nod, smiled again. “There we are.” Once they managed to get the woman to bed and tucked away safely, Yeva brushed her hair back and smiled to the two strangers in a second attempt to introduce herself. “So sorry about the poor timing for intrusion.” She held out a hand and shook gently with the both of them. “I remember you from the train but I'm not sure I caught your name, sir?” Smiling as pleasantly as any well-fed cat, the woman's eyes sparkled. “I am Yeva Winter. Reymund has been, hm, assisting me, as of late. Speaking of assistance, you seem in poor repair. Would you like some assistance yourself?” Looking Elric over, she drew her brows together and smiled.
20:47:54 [SnowInHell] AFK! Stuffing my face.
20:48:13 Reymund gingerly picked Elsie up, the older woman hanging quite limply in his arms. He winced a little at the weight, certainly not used to hefting around other human beings on the regular. “Up you come, Madame. Let's get you somewhere more comfortable than the rug, hm?” Elsie was laid in bed and left in the care of the maid, and once the door was closed behind them Rey turned to listen to Miss Winter and Dr. Elric as they made their second introductions. “You know one another?” he asked, gesturing at one and then the other with one hand while guiding his glasses back up his nose with the other. “Dr. Elric was injured in an attack a week or two back. I'm sure you're familiar with what happened… Miss Winter and I have been working on something of late. We were actually just about to speak with Madame Buchanan and yourself about it… and about something that happened last night.”
20:52:12 [WalterElric] Mayhem, skipping again?
20:54:20 [Mayhem] yep yep
20:58:25 [Mayhem] I'll just post in later, figure everyone wants a bit of chatter, and not sure where to go for the rp besides some action oriented scene later
20:58:54 [WalterElric] Well, feel free to mingle when you want. She seems like a fun character to have around :)
20:59:04 [WalterElric] Besides, who can say no to banter? ;)
21:00:42 [Mayhem] hehe
21:01:05 [Reymund] I'll be bowing out in a few posts, JSYK!
21:02:19 WalterElric stood aside as Elsie was brought to a place to lie down, at the careful attendance of the house staff. Once he was certain of it, he departed the room and closed them behind him to stand among his peers. “Senior Field Agent Walter Elric, at your service,” he said. A promotion, it seemed, since the massacre. He regarded Reymund. “Miss Winter and I met several days prior to the massacre on one of the trains. A mission that turned violent rather quickly. She aided us in succeeding with greater success than we imagined possible. You have my thanks. I will see that debt repaid, Miss Winter. My ribs were injured then. The rest was from the massacre.” Walter leaned against the wall, having forgotten his cane in the parlor. “I shall survive this, Miss Winter. Butt hank you regardless. You can speak to me, Mister Reymund. What is the matter?” With that, Walter began his slow limp back towards the parlor, bearing it with usual stubborn stoicism, hands clasped behind his back militantly.
21:03:49 [Mayhem] wow, dat corset, or perception, or she's missing a rib: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/24/d3/45/24d34546c577c0e7ff639b3366cec77f.jpg
21:04:30 [Reymund] Nuuuupe, that's a combination of angle and some INTENSE corset training. It's pretty scary,
21:07:35 [WalterElric] O.O
21:08:01 [SnowInHell] Whoa.
21:08:04 [SnowInHell] That' sawesome!
21:08:14 [SnowInHell] Ain't nothing wrong with it.
21:08:51 [Reymund] I totally admire the dedication but I just think about all the cookies I wouldn't be allowed to eat if I tried that.
21:09:20 [SnowInHell] xD Your tummy doesn't actually get that tiny.
21:09:31 [SnowInHell] I mean, your torso is a lot of empty space.
21:10:37 [Reymund] I dig corsets but I dunno if I'm found of how dramatic that is!
21:10:44 [Reymund] *fond
21:11:18 [SnowInHell] Each to their own.
21:11:40 [Reymund] Awww yeah. :D
21:14:49 [Mayhem] Yeah, she's nuts, must be really fit to be ok
21:15:28 [SnowInHell] You don't have to be that fit. And the angle of that picture makes it look more severe.
21:15:43 [SnowInHell] It's really just persistance, honestly.
21:19:18 [Mayhem] yeah… she looks hyper slim already, but then looks like a Kim Kardashian due to the waist thing
21:24:56 [Reymund] Is it my post?
21:25:17 SnowInHell nodded and smiled politely at Elric and followed as she was lead towards to parlor. “Indeed, it seems only fate has brought us together once again, though I am not entirely surprised….” Brushing her hands clean of nothing in particular, Yeva tilted her head with the smile that never left her lips. “So it seems the strange do indeed find the strange…..Would anyone like to offer me a drink?” Following quietly, Yeva winked at Reymund and sighed softly. “Oh do hold still, sir Elric.” And without letting him object the woman took his hand in hers and grasped his chin softly in her other four, cool digits. Placing a cool kiss first on his forehead, she murmured a quiet, alien phrase and breathing deep, placed a lasting, cool kiss on his lips that had the faint glowing aura of green, and tasted of electricity. Exhaling as she opened her eyes, she smiled and patted him on the arm. “Give it through day's end, you'll be right as rain. I do imagine if there was one massacre you shall need all the help you can get?
21:25:25 [SnowInHell] It is now!
21:26:21 [Reymund] Whoo!
21:40:21 [Reymund] “I must say I'm quite relieved. Once again, I'm the last to know anything.” The fact didn't seem to bother him at all, in fact he smiled when he said it. The young man crossed his arms and they walked back into the parlour. “I was attacked last night by a vampire. I was on my way to Miss Winter's manor. We've been working on decoding some of the Voynich Manuscript and found some connections with vampiric activity in the city. In fact, I visited Rowan Garden yesterday morning to interrogate one of the vampires held there.” Rey eased himself into one of the armchairs and forced himself to let his body relax ever-so-slightly against the cushions. “The vampire who attacked me called himself Crowley. Aleister Crowley. He knows about us. And seeing as he attacked me the very same night that I'd interrogated one of his fellow leeches makes me wonder if there isn't someone at Rowan who might be feeding this Crowley inside information. How else could he have known who I was?"
21:40:31 [Reymund] Rey paused to take a breath, resting his chin in one trembling hand. He looked so very tired. “He said that he wanted me alive. The vampires are clearly looking for information on R&D, Doctor.”
22:00:00 WalterElric made his way to the parlor where his cane remained and had been about to pick it up when Yeva planted that sorcerous kiss upon him. It caught him more by surprise than anything and before he knew it, it was over and done with. He blinked, and looked between her and Mayhem. “Perhaps I am not as venerable as I had assumed I was,” he muttered, equal parts surprised and amused before looking to Yeva. “But you owe me dinner. Or a drink.” That tidbit of humour aside, he listened to Reymund's words gravely and his expression darkened. “There are traitors in our midst. Be they willing or coerced. Rowan Garden is a place to start while our fellows investigate the bombing. Reymund, I am allowing you special dispensation to have agents look into this Aleister Crowley. I want a dossier compiled on him as quick as possible. As well as information on this Manuscript.” Walter clasped his hands behind his back, standing tall.
22:00:11 [WalterElric] “It could be many things they desire, Reymund. They struck at one of the Gardens with enough force to cripple it significantly. We are still sifting through the pieces and attempting to take stock. God above knows what is missing from there. It could very well be they seek you to discern what it is they have in order to use them proper. Travel during the day. Never alone. Stay in one of the Gardens or a place you deem safer at night. You know the precautions. And while you still recall, I want an account of this attack as quick as you can. I know you're tired, Agent. We all are.” He looked to them all. “But we cannot falter now. To do so would mean our demise. Or worse. I have one bit of business to attend to, but come find me in the next hour. You're one of us, Reymund. I'll be damned to lose another if I can help it.” He clasped the man on the shoulder and gave the other two ladies a slightly deeper bow now before limping off with his cane, and with purpose. Seemed that leg injury was an older.
22:00:44 [WalterElric] Needs me some sleeps.
22:00:59 [Reymund] Same, yo. I think this is a good spot to stop.
22:01:35 [WalterElric] Hope you had some fun ^.^
22:01:51 [SnowInHell] IT was nice to play with eeryone!
22:01:57 [Reymund] Yeah!
22:01:59 SnowInHell rubs face on Reymund.
22:02:00 [WalterElric] :D
22:02:14 Reymund dies of Victorian shaaaaaame
22:02:18 [WalterElric] Awww. Adorbseable.
22:03:20 [WalterElric] Alright. Night folks! Thanks for letting me tag in :D
22:03:23 WalterElric exits from this room
22:03:28 Reymund squeals. Senpai notice hiiiiim
22:04:15 [Reymund] All right, night, lovelies!
22:04:49 [SnowInHell] Night night!
22:05:00 Reymund exits from this room

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