12:57:51 [Epitome] welcome back
12:59:19 [Jessa‘] Thanks.
12:59:31 [Jessa`] They messed up my order though so I have to go back in a minute. UGH.
13:00:24 [Epitome] ewww
13:00:46 [Jessa`] Yeah. I’ll be back soon. Again.
13:15:35 Jeffach enters this room
13:15:36 >[Jeffach] » Calling all SUPERHEROES! Check out /whois Epitome for information.
13:18:36 Fara enters this room
13:18:45 [Epitome] Howdy Fara
13:20:32 [Fara] Good Afternoon!
13:22:01 [Fara] Just reading through here.
13:22:16 [Epitome] cool, gimme a heads up if you got any questions
13:22:28 [Epitome] we just started today, so roster is a bit slim
13:23:11 [Epitome] nice, light manip is sweet tho
13:25:02 [Fara] Ha, Thanks!
13:26:17 [Epitome] anyway, hope you'll stay and create, please see my profile self for the basics needed
13:26:37 [Epitome] When you get back Jessa, you get 2 daily victory points
13:27:38 [Epitome] (goes to make some food, so responses will be slow)
13:29:25 [Jessa‘] Back again.
13:30:49 [Jessa`] Hi, Fara.
13:31:13 [Jessa`] Duly noted, Epitome. Will add them.
13:32:14 [Fara] Hello, Jessa!
13:32:54 [Jessa`] Also, is Jeffach my brother or sister, Epi? xD
13:33:04 [Jessa`] Ooh. I should add more complications.
13:33:08 [Jessa`] How’s it going Fara?
13:34:15 [Fara] It's going well, thank you!
13:34:19 [Fara] And yourself?
13:34:42 [Jessa‘] Pretty good. Excited to see an original hero RP for the first time in a while.
13:35:16 [Fara] Well, there was another, but it seems to have vanished.
13:35:18 [Fara] Oh well.
13:36:04 [Jessa`] They tend to do that pretty quickly here, but I’m going to do my best to be consistent in this one so hopefully it stays afloat.
13:36:16 [Jessa‘] Also, I just realized Jeffach is like Ranma 1/2. xD
13:40:12 [Fara] Hey, You’re right!
13:41:38 [Jeffach] yeah, originally started as a guy concept, then i was like, well, sister sounds cool with the mom dna
13:41:53 [Jeffach] so here i am, some sort of complicated chick/dude
13:42:39 [Jeffach] anyway, figure Jessa knowing his real identity will tease hm endlessly
13:43:15 Ana enters this room
13:43:26 [Jessa‘] xD I can handle that!
13:44:47 [Epitome] heya Ana
13:45:12 [Ana] Hello.
13:45:21 [Ana] Just looking for now… And thinking.
13:45:37 [Epitome] cool, gimme a heads up if ya got questions
13:45:48 [Epitome] cooking still, so responses might be slow
13:46:04 [Ana] Huh, no villains yet. How boring…
13:46:46 [Jessa`] You could break the mold.
13:46:57 [Ana] I’m around too often to be a villain.
13:47:32 [Jessa‘] I don’t think I've ever heard anyone say that.
13:47:44 [Jessa‘] Usually the problem is the villain not being online enough.
13:47:58 [Ana] Well, with how often I’m online I'd quickly run out of things to do.
13:48:13 [Ana] Not like I can just take a break from being evil to socialize.
13:48:22 [Jessa‘] Point.
13:48:32 [Ana] Unless…
13:48:35 [Ana] Hmm…
13:48:39 [Fara] Unless you had a good Secret Identity.
13:48:44 [Ana] I has me an idear.
13:48:55 [Ana] The best secret identity. Ignorance.
13:49:01 [Jessa`] Oh dear.
13:49:19 [Jessa`] I sense the arrival of the Sentry…and the Void.
13:49:22 [Epitome] Hyde/Jekyll it?
13:49:24 [Ana] A bipolar individual. Half hero, half villain and neither side is aware of the other.
13:49:43 [Ana] Damn it, stop reading my mind Epitome.
13:49:45 [Epitome] always a cool concept
13:49:57 [Jessa`] Called it.
13:50:00 [Epitome] lol (gains telepathy, gets bald)
13:50:11 [Ana] I read a book series called the Sleeper Conspiracy. I’m gonna go with that kind of idea.
13:50:27 BrockLee enters this room
13:50:34 [Ana] Basically, an artificially made personality that is brought on by a sleeper code and used by someone else.
13:50:54 [Ana] I'm gonna make a hero/villain sleeper agent.
13:50:55 [Jessa‘] That’s pretty cool actually.
13:51:16 [Jessa‘] By the way I don’t know if you know this guys, but…
13:51:20 [Ana] The best part is what happens during the book series.
13:51:22 [Jessa‘] I’m all about that bass.
13:51:41 [Ana] The two personalities start to become aware of one another and begin fusing together.
13:51:51 [Ana] Then it becomes a fight for control.
13:51:55 [Jessa‘] Becoming an antihero or antivillain? xD
13:52:02 [Fara] That sounds pretty cool.
13:52:14 [Ana] No, more like whichever one wins is the moral side.
13:52:33 [Ana] The other personality ceases to exist but the memories, power and skills are maintained.
13:53:02 [Jessa`] Complex.
13:53:07 [Epitome] yarrr
13:53:11 [Epitome] heya BrockLee
13:54:39 [Ana] The author of the Sleeper Conspiracy has actually done some work with Marvel and DC Comics.
13:54:49 [Ana] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_E._Sniegoski#The_Sleeper_Conspiracy
13:56:17 [Ana] Hmm… Just trying to think of the right wording to find a picture of dark and light…
13:56:40 [Epitome] I’ve used… Aurora or Dawn and Eve
13:56:45 [Epitome] Yin-Yang
13:57:00 [Epitome] Min-Max
13:57:35 [Ana] Because I saw this and have to share it…
13:57:37 [Ana] https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/fe/cb/51/fecb5196f97192ec5465f92df77e3f2d.jpg
13:57:40 [Ana] Rofl.
13:58:17 [Jessa‘] xD
14:01:02 [Epitome] lol ana
14:01:26 [Jeffach] I will Ana will play and build a snow man with me, even tho I have a photomanip picture
14:03:23 [Jessa`] Will you help me hide a body? Come on we can’t delay! No one can see him on the floor, get him out the door, before he can decaaaay! I thought you were my buddy, we won't get caught, just help me and don't ask whyyyyyy! Will you help me hide a body? It doesn't have to be in one piece.
14:07:05 Cadaver enters this room
14:07:21 [Cadaver] Someone say decay?
14:07:37 [Jessa‘] I…I did…
14:08:18 Cadaver grins at the admission and offers the lady a surprisingly elegant bow for an animate corpse. "The lady asks, she receives."
14:09:06 [Jessa`] At least you’re a polite zombie…
14:10:06 [Ana] A Gentlezombie.
14:10:09 [Cadaver] Well, just because I'm dead, doesn't mean my manners are. Oh, speaking of which, hello! I'd like to join you tasty… I mean, lovely people for some rp fun and shenanigans. Got a spot for lil 'ol me?
14:10:59 [Jessa‘] I wouldn’t be very tasty personally. I'm too bony and electrified.
14:11:20 [Epitome] dont look at me, I'm a city
14:11:42 [Epitome] please see myself for the profile reqs, and i'll review shortly cadaver, eating here
14:11:54 [Cadaver] Oh now, no need for false modesty shug. I'm sure you're… mmm…. zesty!
14:12:29 [Epitome] you ever slice a hard boild egg in half, and then place it yolk side up in your soup/noodles and then shape the noodles into a =O face?
14:12:42 [Epitome] so that its terrified you're eating it?
14:12:55 [Cadaver] I kind of did something similar with a steak and eggs breakfast.
14:13:10 [Ana] That's… Disturbing…
14:13:24 [Epitome] lol
14:13:51 [Jessa‘] I generally don’t like to anthropomorphize my food.
14:13:55 Ana offers Epitome a therapist business card.
14:13:58 [Jessa‘] Except those cute little teddy grahams.
14:14:01 [Jessa`] They had it coming.
14:14:20 [Ana] What about Gummie Bears?
14:14:25 [Ana] And Sour Patch Kids?
14:14:38 [Cadaver] Hell, I do. Sometimes I mess with my dear, sweet friends and issue forth tiny little squeals of protest and fear just as their about to take a bite or put a fork in their food.
14:15:19 [Jessa`] I don’t eat sour stuff really. And gummy bears aren't as satisfying to pull apart.
14:15:25 Ana takes back the business card. Now offers a business card for a mental hospital.
14:20:01 Jeffach debates on making a candy magic user
14:21:23 [Jessa‘] Majin buu? D
14:21:24 [Fara] I’m sorry- Candy Magic?
14:21:29 [Jessa‘] xD
14:21:35 Mario enters this room
14:23:35 [Quinn`] Back
14:23:57 [Epitome] wb Quinn
14:24:11 [Mario] Wee bee Quinn!
14:25:29 [Epitome] animated candy, candy body, etc, basically, they’re weak to water/heat
14:25:35 [Jessa‘] Welcome back, Quinnie the Pooh.
14:25:38 [Epitome] but you can use jawbreakers for hardening etc
14:26:17 [Epitome] and heya Mario
14:26:21 [Jessa`] Sociopath Mario.
14:26:34 [Jessa`] The only true Mario.
14:26:35 [Epitome] also, if you dont like the nickname in the roster, please tell, i’ll change
14:26:54 [Epitome] but try to keep it with your power somehow in it, and 1 or 2 other words at most
14:28:45 [Quinn‘] Thanks ^.^
14:28:53 [Jessa`] Heh, a shocking schoolgirl. I’m a future porn star.
14:30:03 [Mario] Indeed. ^.^ Sorry, was doing something.
14:30:43 [Ana] What's the opposite of Decay?
14:30:59 [Mario] If you're Robin, then it's "Cay".
14:31:16 [Ana] What?
14:31:32 [Fara] Well, Decay is Entropy, and the Opposite of Entropy is Creation.
14:31:41 [Fara] …I wanna hit you for that one.
14:31:55 [Mario] I would say Flourish or Growth.
14:35:01 [Quinn‘] yeah probably growth, full on creation is another step up I guess
14:36:09 [Ana] Entropy and Creation sounds good.
14:37:02 [Jessa`] You mean omnipotence? Lol
14:39:10 [Ana] Can only take on one half at a time.
14:39:34 [Mario] Like Hel from Smite.
14:40:55 [Jessa`] You should totally go the inverse direction then and make the villain have creation and the hero have entropy. Just to mindfuck him even more.
14:40:59 [Jessa`] Him/her.
14:41:52 Ana just read Mario’s profile… Wants to murderize him now.
14:41:52 [Epitome] yeah, the hero who wants to be good decays things, while the villain just plays an Elsa clone by "Let it grow~"
14:42:12 [Mario] …XDD Awesome.
14:42:17 [Ana] Thanks for ruining my childhood, bub…
14:42:41 [Mario] That's what I'm here for. ^.^
14:43:06 [Mario] Also, I would totally play a Villain with the powers of life. It would actually make for a very charismatic platform.
14:53:26 Quinn‘ takes mario’s candy
14:53:53 Mario takes them back!
14:55:12 [Ana] Brb.
14:55:17 Alisaie enters this room
14:55:30 [Alisaie] Oh, forgot to log it off…
14:55:46 Ana exits from this room
14:55:52 [Alisaie] There.
14:57:50 [Alisaie] I think I covered all the important stuff.
14:58:11 [Mario] Well, you can still see some of her collar bone.
15:01:27 [Mario] I may return here sometime. ^.^ It looks interesting.
15:01:30 Mario exits from this room
15:01:30 Mario exits from this room
15:02:58 [Alisaie] Why's everyone so quiet?
15:03:28 [Jessa‘] I’m just waiting to know when we're going to start.
15:03:44 Serci enters this room
15:04:28 [Jessa‘] Hi, Serci.
15:05:20 Alisaie will have to find a controller eventually…
15:05:22 [Epitome] gotta duck away for work time all
15:05:39 Serci waves.
15:08:20 [Epitome] hmm, Offhand Alisaie, and this is just a clarification to everyone, Drawbacks are like power issues, not just like personality ones, for example, your power shorts out or has a weakness of some sort ie. fire loses to ice will make it a drawback. I’ll award Alisaie 2 VP, 1 for (unable to access the other powerset due to sleeper/ignornace) and 1 for the pesonality issue of each side
15:09:09 [Epitome] everyone, feel free to rp as you want, i'll be back in 3 hours or so
15:09:11 [Alisaie] Technically not being able to access the powers of the other personality has to do with powers too.
15:09:43 [Alisaie] Oh wait, you said that. Misread.
15:10:33 [Jessa‘] I’ll put up a post momentarily then, if I can think of one. Have some things to handle first.
15:10:47 [Alisaie] I don't wanna take off the Sleeper Code though. That's a huge thing. I'll just take off the point for it.
15:14:35 Cadaver twitches.
15:15:00 [Serci] Rigor mortis takes its time, eh?
15:16:24 [Jessa‘] Just a few more minutes and I’ll see what I can do.
15:16:53 Cadaver chuckles lightly and shrugs. "Just finished the tweaks to my profile so I can join in on the fun with you kind morsels."
15:18:05 Quinn‘ steals Cadaver’s candy
15:26:50 [Jessa‘] Alright. Typing now. No guarantees how good it’ll be. Lol
15:29:32 Alisaie wondered how well Cadaver's regenerative abilities are.
15:29:45 Alisaie could try to decay him and find out…
15:35:46 Cadaver snorts. "She could try…"
15:36:32 [Alisaie] You're already half decayed. That makes it easy.
15:36:58 [Jessa‘] I had never learned how to swim. I never could - it was too dangerous. Sitting at the edge of the pool watching the other kids in the water, my legs folded and my mind distracted by envy and the terror of being pulled or pushed in, was as intimate with a swimming pool as I was ever allowed to be. Even bathing was a special process for me, more of a steam cleaning than an actual shower. Sitting closest to the window in class, watching a thunderstorm roll through the city reminded me of how different I could be even compared to the rest of the metahumans on the island. Sometimes I wondered if they rounded us all up and put us here as some kind of joke or entertainment; sometimes I wondered if other kids on the mainland countries ever felt as alien as I did. It was an apt description for my feelings given where my brother and I had come from. The raindrops dotting the window were like crystals falling out of dark quarries in the sky; the crack of lightning and clap of thunder relaxed me, which I supposed was -
15:37:10 [Jessa`] was weird considering how many of the other girls in class seemed - whether genuinely or not - harried by the din of it all. But my gaze was long and thoughtful out into the storm, the storm that bathed the city in water that I wasn’t allowed to play in. Rubber coat, rubber galoshes, a dome of an umbrella - I felt like some kind of New England sailor that had been placed on the wrong boat, like I was Captain Ahab or something. I had long since finished my test and was waiting for the last bell to ring so I could head home. Jeff wouldn't want me to be out in the storm tonight, but I was tired of sitting on my butt and with the weekend coming, I had nothing to study for the night. That is, except for the patterns of the criminals that made a habit of trespassing Epitome City - the only home that I had ever really known. When it finally did ring, I gathered up my bag and beelined for my locker, where my veritable prophylactic of an outfit was hanging in awkward stillness. I pulled it all on, fastened everything
15:37:23 [Jessa‘] up tight, and made for the rain to catch the metro home.
15:45:37 Serci exits from this room
15:56:49 [Quinn`] Alrighty, full fed, lets work on a post)
16:06:45 Quinn` exits from this room
16:14:35 [Jessa`] Guess everyone died…
16:21:20 Jessa` exits from this room
16:34:25 Cadaver enters this room
16:34:30 [Cadaver] I’m back!
16:48:51 Phineas_Bowe enters this room
16:51:41 [Phineas_Bowe] Hey all )
18:17:22 [Epitome] whew back
18:17:27 [Epitome] heya Phineas
18:32:58 [Epitome] -
18:46:58 Dite enters this room
18:48:45 [Jeffach] hey there Dite
18:48:52 [Dite] Evening. <3
18:49:49 [Dite] Is this like the old Hero RP?
18:50:35 [Epitome] I think I took some aspects of the hero RP, but this is an original based off Mutant and Masterminds, City of Heroes/Villains, and all the classic 'golden' age hero stuff
18:50:56 [Epitome] i made this rp in another chat format like 10 years ago
18:51:08 Dite wasn't sure, what with the brackets and all. But schweeeeeeet.
18:51:09 Cadaver enters this room
18:51:28 [Epitome] tho we used a lot more dicing and ruleset, this is the TK rp version =)
18:51:35 [Epitome] wb Cadaver, also, good to go
18:51:42 [Cadaver] Schweet indeed.
18:51:44 [Epitome] 2 victory points daily for his bad undead self
18:51:59 Dite can revamp a character if that would be okay?
18:52:02 [Cadaver] Nice! Thanks! I'll add that to the profile.
18:52:11 Dite shall add the necessities.
18:52:27 [Epitome] of course Dite, i'm here to do the mod duties and some clarification, but origin and your pc is all yours
18:52:49 [Dite] Hang on, lemme switch skins!
18:52:52 Dite exits from this room
18:53:01 Peindre enters this room
18:53:07 [Peindre] Huzzah!
18:53:11 [Epitome] hmm, for the initial rush of PCs… would you mind approving Cadaver? I remember ya from other rps as pretty level headed
18:53:36 Cadaver blinks. "You remember me?!"
18:53:54 [Epitome] yeah, been awhile tho, and forget what rp, just remember you were pretty decent
18:54:07 [Epitome] (is getting old here)
18:54:09 Peindre remembers you, Cadaver.
18:54:36 Cadaver blinks further, somewhat flustered at being remembered.
18:54:42 [Cadaver] Well, ok then, no problem!
18:55:05 Peindre is just going to slink and add stuff to her profile.
18:55:16 [Peindre] Because… I'm not gonna' be that awkward cat.
18:55:26 [Cadaver] Oh, and I love the nickname E.
18:58:56 Peindre is going to slip in necessities that she doesn't have somehow.
18:59:06 [Peindre] It will fit and work.
19:01:05 [Epitome] hehe
19:01:43 [Peindre] The profile format for this in particular is definitely a new one for me. xD Usually I'm much… stricter.
19:02:23 [Epitome] its why i made the rolling system, kinda like how Batman can give a good fight for Superman due to Golden Age rules
19:02:39 [Epitome] and even in the animated series, he basically fights better than the boy scout, so takes him down with throws and such
19:03:08 [Epitome] basically, giving a recourse when mods aren't around
19:03:37 [Peindre] Hrrrm?
19:03:58 [Peindre] Wait. Are we on the same subject?
19:04:03 Jessa‘ enters this room
19:04:24 [Jessa`] I HAVE RETURNED!
19:04:27 Cadaver shrugs. "Eh, kinda a subjective thing."
19:04:32 [Jessa`] After dinner, because it was delicious.
19:04:34 Peindre throws confetti on the stranger.
19:04:56 [Jessa`] I’m no stranger. I'm just a friend you haven't met yet.
19:04:57 Cadaver slaps self over Jessa‘ like a face-hugger alien.
19:05:05 Peindre was…. talking about her own profile. O.o Not the room profile. I swear.
19:05:38 [Jessa`] Also, Epitome - Batman can only give Superman a good fight (aside from Golden Age rules) due to the fact that Superman isn’t allowed to death blow him.
19:05:40 [Cadaver] Oop, brb, gotta turn off my pet's lights.
19:05:52 [Jessa‘] Otherwise you know…Heat vision…freeze breath…or a simple infinite mass punch.
19:06:05 [Jessa`] AH! DEAD BODY GET IT OFF!
19:06:09 [Epitome] yeah, agreed, its why it all works, but i still think its cool
19:06:24 [Jessa`] No I do, too.
19:06:30 [Jessa`] But I’m a Superman fan girl.
19:06:42 [Jessa‘] So it pisses me off when people say Batman can beat Superman, because no.
19:07:28 [Jessa`] He can’t. There's no earthly reason in this dimension or the next that Batman could ever beat Superman one on one no matter how much prep he did, because Superman could just push the Earth a couple thousand miles closer to the sun and cause it to incinerate.
19:07:31 [Peindre] It isn't…. logically possible. O.o
19:07:38 [Epitome] Alrighty, in case I'm not here Jessa and Cadaver can approve
19:07:54 [Peindre] Batman couldn't even win…
19:08:16 [Jessa‘] No, but Batman fanboys will argue to the death that Batman can beat Superman, especially because in virtually every representation where they’ve gone head to head Batman wins.
19:08:17 [Epitome] hehe, its why i say golden age rules
19:08:31 [Jessa‘] But I don’t think any of those are considered canon.
19:08:40 Cadaver clears throat. "I have a way."
19:08:46 [Jessa‘] Oh I’m definitely with you, Epitome. When it comes to RP, there shouldn't be absolutes. Ever.
19:09:00 [Jessa‘] What’s your way, Cadaver?
19:09:19 Cadaver Grins. "Friggin kryptonite pneumonia!"
19:09:22 Peindre can't see how….. Superman can fly, could crush Batman in one hand like an accordian, can use heat rays, freezing rays…. WTF.
19:09:50 [Epitome] lol
19:09:59 [Peindre] Bruce Wayne has enough money, though… he could pull that kryptonite pneumonia.
19:10:06 [Jessa‘] How would Bats infect Superman if Superman were going all out, Caddy Shack? I mean - Superman CAN move at or beyond the speed of light.
19:10:08 [Epitome] just reminds me of Injustice: Gods among us
19:10:21 [Jessa`] ^
19:10:28 [Epitome] Batman made a device that basically did that, in case Superman went nuts
19:10:29 [Jessa`] So much deus ex machina in that game.
19:10:39 [Epitome] so much!
19:10:40 [Jessa`] And the "durability" pills.
19:10:42 [Cadaver] True, but you’re forgetting his number one weakness, and it isn't kryptonite or magic my friends.
19:10:49 [Epitome] i only watched the youtube thing
19:10:58 [Epitome] for all the cutscenes and dialogue
19:10:58 [Jessa‘] Like - if they had that kind of technology, why hadn’t Bruce been using it for…I don't know - EVER?!
19:11:14 [Jessa‘] I played it and it was incredibly frustrating. I hate 2D fighters.
19:11:17 [Epitome] personally, if I was Bruce, I’d totes were the mecha suit like Luthor
19:11:24 [Epitome] wear*
19:11:34 [Epitome] and just punch villains down
19:11:45 [Jessa‘] Yeah, but Batman is insane.
19:11:52 [Epitome] hehe
19:11:54 [Jessa`] Think about it - what’s the definition of insanity, colloquially?
19:12:02 [Jessa‘] Doing the same thing expecting different results.
19:12:08 [Cadaver] Whatever most people don’t like as a behavior?
19:12:21 [Jessa‘] He keeps throwing Joker and Bane and Penguin and his entire rogues gallery in jail instead of just killing them.
19:12:40 [Jessa`] Bane and Penguin and some of the others like RIddler I could understand simple incarceration.
19:12:52 [Jessa`] But the Joker is more than willing to commit genocide just to prove a point.
19:13:16 [Jessa`] And with the capacity he has for premeditation, he’s clearly not criminally insane - he's just a great actor.
19:13:25 [Jessa‘] Like all psychopaths.
19:13:30 [Jessa`] Sorry…rant over.
19:13:56 [Cadaver] Yay!
19:14:07 [Cadaver] So… rp?
19:14:22 [Jessa`] I posted WAY earlier.
19:14:29 [Jessa`] Nobody ever replied. :’(
19:14:41 Peindre ohshits…
19:14:48 [Cadaver] Yeah well I didn't even exist as far as the rp was concerned at the time, lol. Don't blame me!
19:14:50 Peindre has a paper, dammit.
19:15:06 Cadaver gives Peindre a sideways glare.
19:15:15 [Jessa‘] Do you guys want me to repost or does someone else want to start?
19:15:32 Peindre pats Cadaver.
19:15:43 [Cadaver] Hold that thought, we may not have enough for a solid rp scene. Whats the verdict Pein?
19:16:27 [Jessa`] Enough = 2 in my world. xD
19:16:47 Peindre nods. Two is enough. I shall be back!!! Tomorrow.
19:16:57 Peindre can’t believe she forgot about her papers.
19:17:25 Jeffach switches to sister mode
19:17:50 Peindre will be back to do… hero-villain-whatever-have-you stuff tomorrow. ♥ I apologize, guys.
19:18:05 [Jeffach] good luck with the paper Peindre =)
19:18:11 [Jeffach] papers*
19:18:22 [Peindre] Thank you! ^ ^ G'night! o/
19:18:25 Peindre exits from this room
19:19:36 [Jessa‘] So repost or…?
19:19:37 [Jeffach] wanna repost jessa? or i can try to scroll back
19:19:41 [Jeffach] lol
19:19:58 [Jessa`] I had never learned how to swim. I never could - it was too dangerous. Sitting at the edge of the pool watching the other kids in the water, my legs folded and my mind distracted by envy and the terror of being pulled or pushed in, was as intimate with a swimming pool as I was ever allowed to be. Even bathing was a special process for me, more of a steam cleaning than an actual shower. Sitting closest to the window in class, watching a thunderstorm roll through the city reminded me of how different I could be even compared to the rest of the metahumans on the island. Sometimes I wondered if they rounded us all up and put us here as some kind of joke or entertainment; sometimes I wondered if other kids on the mainland countries ever felt as alien as I did. It was an apt description for my feelings given where my brother and I had come from. The raindrops dotting the window were like crystals falling out of dark quarries in the sky; the crack of lightning and clap of thunder relaxed me, which I supposed was -
19:20:09 [Jessa`] weird considering how many of the other girls in class seemed - whether genuinely or not - harried by the din of it all. But my gaze was long and thoughtful out into the storm, the storm that bathed the city in water that I wasn’t allowed to play in. Rubber coat, rubber galoshes, a dome of an umbrella - I felt like some kind of New England sailor that had been placed on the wrong boat, like I was Captain Ahab or something. I had long since finished my test and was waiting for the last bell to ring so I could head home. Jeff wouldn't want me to be out in the storm tonight, but I was tired of sitting on my butt and with the weekend coming, I had nothing to study for the night. That is, except for the patterns of the criminals that made a habit of trespassing Epitome City - the only home that I had ever really known. When it finally did ring, I gathered up my bag and beelined for my locker, where my veritable prophylactic of an outfit was hanging in awkward stillness. I pulled it all on, fastened everything up -
19:20:23 [Jessa‘] tight, and made for the rain to catch the metro home.
19:25:38 [Jeffach] It’s a raining… The soft pitter patter would echo through the roof of his beatup car as he drove to pick up his sister. Jeff squinted a bit, as the rain was coming down rather harshly, and when one particular car hydroplaned in front of him, he'd slam on the brakes, and bump his boobs against the wheel, as well as the now much tighter seatbelt strap. "Ow, fuckin'," and then forgetting the stress of things activated her power would rip the a chunk off the poor duct taped steering wheel, as well as the fact the floor of her car had well, a hole in it. "Damn religious pope-mobile," she'd grumble as she finally got the small hatchback to her destination, and the hole-y pun in for putting her foot through the floor. Once there, she'd step out, the rain, unlike her sister, bouncing off her form like so many bullets or similar the night before, getting the oversized umbrella from the back, she'd unfold it and get to the doorway where her sister was exitting. Waiting to hold it above her head, along>
19:26:34 [Jeffach] cheerful, "Hey there sis," and tried not shove her super boobage into her sister's face or similar, after all, one whack of those and it wasn't a motorboat, and more like a motor maiming.
19:26:42 [Jeffach] along with a*
19:27:23 [Jessa‘] "bump his boobs." The Oscar goes to you.
19:27:30 [Jeffach] hehe
19:34:04 [Jessa`] Expecting to take the metro home, it was a surprise when I heard one of Jeff’s voices speaking to me as I crossed through the front double doors of school. I looked up, and in all his magnificent transsexual glory he was there with blonde hair and boobs twice the size of mine. I was going to have to teach him how to wear a bra or something at this rate. "Je…" I stammered, trying not to laugh at him with red cheeks. Considerin my get up, I didn't have much room to make light of him, but better him than me. "Uh, hey. I like your new um…outfit. Where did you find this one?" Rolling my lips in, I followed him under the bold umbrella that he'd brought from his car, his car that was sputtering on the curb in front of my school. It was always a 50-50 shot whether that old thing was going to hold up, but I was glad that I didn't have to catch the metro and deal with all of the strange looks that I always caught on rainy days. "What's the occasion?" I asked, lowering myself into the car and slamming the -
19:34:12 [Jessa‘] metal door shut with a rattle.
19:40:02 [Jeffach] Once her sister was in the car, the thing landed on the bad half of 50-50 as it sputtered to dead just as Jeff got into the drivers seat. "I like this outfit too, except, my shirt was originally made for a guy, and not some, well, blonde bimbo," the key would -snap- due to her harsh turning at this point. "Oh COME ON!" and you know how people hit the wheel sometimes when they got frustrated, well, the boob touched from Jeff’s little transitive tantrum as the well bent, and there was a distinct CRACK sound. "Fuck it!" would say as she drove her feet through the floor now and literally started to peddle flintstone style to get the car moving. Sure there was no noise, but the lack of noise in a rainy place was the usual for a car. "The occasion is…" trying to regain some semblance of dignity as she peddled on, "that I was going to be dressed normal for my male size until I got these giant mammaries that despite their relative fluffiness to me, seem to swing and break everything around me, but it won't »
19:42:22 [Jeffach] break up a good time with my sister! Else I'll be udderly defeated by them… like that time we face-" CRASH! a car was flung in front of them and Jeffach had to skid to a halt. Giant robot attack? Sure was another one of those issues in Epitome City as the 2 story tall goliath of a gizmo was causing traffic, "You have got to be kidding me, rush hour is bad enough without this whacko!" was just commenting as she watched the scene unfold for now.
19:50:55 [Jessa‘] Jeff’s tantrum would have been comical if not for the fact that he had the strength of Atlas. With a simple turn of his wrist he'd snapped the ignition like a children's toy, and then stomped his feet through the floorboards effortlessly. His pedaling method was less than technological and I assumed that with the kind of horsepower he was generating to move us, and the car, at speeds matching the flow of traffic he was melting the bottom of his shoes. The car rattled and shook every time his feet pounded the pavement during his untoward description of his expanded mammary and then slam! My head smacked against the dashboard and immediately I felt a bruise spread across it. My eyes watered from the sudden impact and I rubbed the fuzz out of them to figure out what was happening. A car teetered on its roof in the middle of an intersection, where now panicked motorists slammed on their horns and their gas pedals trying to escape the wrath of the rust bucket that had been programmed to cause havoc in the middle -
19:51:03 [Jessa‘] of the city. I sighed, still wearing my whole rubber get up. "We’re gonna have to handle that thing aren't we?" I lingered on the words, glancing down self-consciously at myself. This was certainly nothing for a superhero to wear into action.
19:55:44 [Jeffach] "Yeah, we are, maybe after this job we'll afford you one of those cool spandex suits that can help channel your powers to not be defeated by bad weather," she'd grin, because despite the rather unfortunate circumstances of the crash, being a chick, and general issues of being a hero, Jeff loved being a hero. "Okay, you wanna check on the crashed car while I try to take down our little roadblock?" This plan was twofold, mainly because Jeff wanted her sister to stay out of trouble, and because the rain would make Jessa short out or similar, so like a considerate companion, he gave her a task to do that was important, but not as dangerous as what he was about to do. Waiting for a confirmation, Jeff, would power up more fully, reality bending briefly around her as the skirt, supergirl outfit, and similar all came into view. "No domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!" would call out as she leaped from her spot and then WHUMP landed onto the robot like a mimic of spiderman. Once there, she would try to pound and grapple»
19:56:05 [Jeffach] the thing down to submission…. Relative success to come as she could only make her way currently over to combat.
19:56:59 [Jeffach] (small add on, what remained of her male clothes flew off at this juncture*)
19:58:21 [Jessa‘] xD Jeff is a riot.
19:58:59 [Jeffach] Thanks =)
20:00:30 [Jeffach] I like Jessa too, kinda gives a good serious foil to his rather dumb as bricks nature, so they got a good balance
20:00:40 [Jeffach] even posting style wise
20:01:02 [Jessa`] :) Yeah it’s a good combo. Like salty and sweet.
20:01:21 Jeffach wonders if he is he sugar and spice and everything nice now.
20:01:29 [Jessa‘] xD
20:02:02 Sanada enters this room
20:02:25 [Jessa`] Welcome, Sanada.
20:03:29 [Sanada] Hello
20:03:48 [Jeffach] heya Sanada
20:04:24 [Jeffach] i think i read your profile before, really got the Mitsurugi Soul Cal vibe
20:04:37 [Jeffach] very cool
20:10:10 [Jessa`] "Oh yeah, there’s nothing like being a superhero that melts when it rains." I rolled my eyes, climbing out of the car much less heroically than Jeff. Off he went, whimsically springing into battle. There was a childish joy that he got from fighting giant robots, sewer monsters, and all manner of miscreant that I couldn't altogether understand. As I dashed toward the overturned car, my mind raced along with me, calculating all of the variables of danger within the scene. I had to get the occupants out of the car without shocking the car, because one jolt of energy and the gas tank would combust. The problem with that was the fact that with my hands wet from the downpour, I also couldn't touch anything or anyody without conducting a life-threatening surge right into them. I slid to the ground next to the car, surveying the two small children and mother trapped inside. The mother's eyes were desperate, her head gashed open, and her children were in the backseat both unconscious. "Ma'am, can you move?" She tried
20:10:21 [Jessa‘] to shake her head, but flinched from the stiffness. Her jaw looked to be swollen, a deep purple bruise already spreading across it: broken. "Okay, I’m gonna figure out how to get you outta there. I just need you to blink once for yes and twice for no when I ask you questions." I stole a fleeting glance at Jeff as she handled the robot, now in full Supergirl regalia. She was handling things well, but I didn't want to tarry here either and let the situation get worse. "You're not pregnant are you?" She blinked twice, her eyes pleading with me to save her children. I nodded knowingly. "I'm going to get the kids. Do you think you can hold yourself in place? Just press your arms to the ceiling." She blinked once, hesitated, and stuck with it. As I crept toward the back windows, her arms slowly moved toward the roof of the car and she held her head away from it, though I could hear her whimpering from the pain of the exertion. I gulped, not sure how this was going to work.
20:11:27 ( Jeffach rolls 1d20 => 5 )
20:12:20 [Sanada whispers to Jeffach] Thanks I actually based him on a mix between Samurai X and Miyamoto Musashin
20:15:11 [Jeffach] The super leap was SUPER EFFECTIVE as the poke-from-a-man, well woman, attack ensued, the robot was unable to really take the punishment as the chest plate was ripped off with one hand, as another went to grasp the wiring inside BZZZTT! remember the complication that Jeff was dumb a bricks? Well, grabbing a bunch of live wires, in heavy rain, and holding up a metal sheet wasn't a great idea as she was struck by lightning from two side, and FWHUMP! hurled away from the bot to skid by Jessa, twitching slightly from all the static inside her form. The hair stood up on end, as the now half destroyed bot was making its why toward the two siblings, though Jeff was down for the current post due to all the current passing through her body. Twitch-twitch-twitch.
20:16:32 [Jeffach whispers to Sanada] very cool =) if youre interested in joining, feel free to ask me any questions, Epitome is the rp profile, but not checking it currently
20:18:25 [Jeffach] wow so many typoes… sorry, my caffeine intake must be wearing thin
20:22:57 Quinn‘ enters this room
20:23:30 [Quinn`] Yes! interwebz again!)
20:23:33 [Sanada whispers to Jeffach] /whois Wei can I use that character?
20:24:21 Njal enters this room
20:24:23 [Jeffach whispers to Sanada] should be fine, but please note the golden age rules and profile parameters
20:24:30 [Jeffach whispers to Sanada] dont see anything off so much
20:24:33 [Jeffach] weeba Quinn
20:24:38 [Jeffach] and hello Njal
20:25:01 [Njal] Heya
20:25:12 [Jeffach whispers to Sanada] so basically, looks good.. except needs the profile parameters stuff
20:26:08 [Sanada whispers to Jeffach] Okie Dokie
20:26:56 [Jeffach whispers to Quinn`] small recap, traffic is stopped by a 2 story tall robot, car is overturned, Jeff got flung to where it was along with his sister trying to save the mom and 2 kids inside
20:27:23 [Jeffach] (is also the mod, please direct any questions to me in whispers or similar)
20:27:42 [Jeffach] (not checking the profile tab currently)
20:28:03 [Njal whispers to Jeffach] Sweet. Glad you said that. So! I have interest in joining your awesome Rp.
20:28:14 [Jeffach whispers to Njal] ah augment rp? coolio Njal
20:28:21 [Quinn` whispers to Jeffach] Gotcha! thanks ^^
20:28:46 [Jeffach whispers to Njal] used to play there, feel free to brush up the profile with the other parameters, and shouldbe good to go
20:29:06 [Jeffach whispers to Njal] or make a new one =)
20:29:11 [Jessa`] There was no mistaking the sound of a lightning rod being brought to life, except that I didn’t know that lightning rod was my "sister" until her body thumped on the ground beside me and skidded across the wet street. I looked over at her, body twitching and hair fried. My attention went over to the mother and to her children, but there was no time for me to decide who was most important as the robot's feet smashed apart the street one step at a time. Though its chest was torn open and its wires were exposed, it advanced menacingly and crushed water mains so that the pipes burst and even more water spouted into the air. I pressed my rubber-insulated back to the car. There was no way I could flip it over myself, and with Jeff apparently immobilized, I couldn't risk touching the children without electrocuting them. I resolved to take on the iron giant myself. "Ma'am, I promise I'll be back." I rolled from one side of the car, both palms raised toward the robot. "Hey you giant fuse box!" I shouted, flailing -
20:29:14 [Njal whispers to Jeffach] Long, long ago. And I didn't get to Rp in it much before it disappeared. :/
20:29:20 [Jessa‘] about to get its attention. "Yeah you!" Its head turned toward me and a large reticle appeared around me on the ground. A salvo of rockets fired from the shoulders suddenly. I darted to one side, expecting for them to hit the ground, but they had locked onto me and the pursuit was on. Leading the ballistics away from the car and Jeff, I zapped simple bolts at the robot’s feet to keep it dancing while I lead the rockets on a hunt, weaving in and out of parked cars and around light posts until I was able to bring all of them full circle. My legs burned, my lungs seared as I heaved myself toward the robot. I cupped my palms and blasted the exposed wiring with a jolt of power; it thrust me backward through the sheet of missiles and as it did, they were unable to redirect and peppered the robot with its own munitions.
20:29:53 [Sanada whispers to Jeffach] Does he need a secret identity? Because he's not really from earth and doesn't have a reason for one.
20:30:00 [Njal whispers to Jeffach] I may make something new. Or similar but not exactly. First question: Obvi I'm in love with super strength, right? I'd like to have a secondary power of regeneration or healing or whatever you want to call it. If not, no biggie, if so, awesome.
20:30:14 [Jeffach whispers to Sanada] nah, I just have one as trying to play the true blue tropes and civ identity stuff
20:30:33 [Jeffach whispers to Njal] oh yeah, totes fine to have more than one
20:31:04 [Jeffach whispers to Njal] i just have the classic flying brick package here… super strength/durability, speed, basically superman lite
20:31:29 [Jeffach whispers to Njal] no flight tho, just jump/glide for now
20:31:38 [Sanada whispers to Jeffach] Okay….
20:31:56 [Jeffach whispers to Sanada] but yanno, whatever makes the rp fun for ya
20:31:59 ( Jeffach rolls 1d20 => 13 )
20:32:28 [Njal whispers to Jeffach] Which I can dig. I usually either go with flat out super speed, or the super strength / regen combo. If you're cool with the super strength / regen combo then I'll do that. He'd be a super powered pit fighter / strong arm for some crime dudes.
20:32:54 [Jeffach whispers to Njal] both sound cool, so whatever you enjoy more
20:33:09 [Njal whispers to Jeffach] Sweet dealio. I'll get to fixin up this profile, then.
20:33:22 [Jeffach whispers to Njal] if he has super strength tho, would be fun to duke it out with him, me being a boy scout vs his pit fighting skills,
20:33:46 [Njal whispers to Jeffach] Dude, super strength battles are always awesome.
20:34:03 [Jeffach whispers to Njal] I like using subway nunchuks, that is all
20:34:26 [Njal whispers to Jeffach] Hahaha, nice. And also ouch.
20:35:15 [Jessa‘] brb
20:35:33 [Sanada whispers to Jeffach] Just trying to think of a complication for him
20:37:05 [Njal whispers to Jeffach] What fame do we start at?
20:38:33 Jeffach recovered at this point, as her sister drew the fire and then rebounded it back to the robot. Of course the crying from the kids and the mom’s pleading look would activate the code of heroes, as well as adrenaline rush to Jeff's form. You know how even true blue, dumb as bricks type pulled through in the end? Well as the robot was blasted to bits, Jeff would get up, and peel the car in half to free the kids and mom. Even though the limbs were painfully damaged from the previous attack. Once done with this tuna can opening, she'd slump to the ground as people got out of their cars and the rain stopped just then. Figures…. the complication and drawbacks would make stop just when the fight was over for the pair, as people took out their phones and snapped pictures or recorded. "Hey isn't that supergirl?" and another "I think I see her panties! woo!" though Jeff was too tired to move from her slumped position, waiting for her sister to get back and save her from all the 'publicity'.
20:38:39 [Jeffach whispers to Njal] whatever rank you like
20:39:21 [Jeffach whispers to Njal] best way to describe it… its just fame and sometimes ability. Like Superman is S rank, world known, world problems usually… Batman is A rank, usually known for being able to protect a city… etc
20:39:58 [Jeffach whispers to Njal] Just starting out is a D ranker, may not have any fame, but say, you're as strong as superman or similar could be possible even at those 'low' ranks
20:40:32 [Jeffach whispers to Njal] aka, higher rank = people recognize ya
20:44:38 Sanada exits from this room
20:46:47 Quinn‘ There really wasn’t much missing the panic, chaos and confusion that a giant robot stomping up the town caused but it had still taken her awhile to get there…couple of reasons, transport was a major one… you couldn't exactly just take the subway when you were loaded for bear and dressed like someone at a convention… the other more pressing reason was.. well, she has been busy! She landed atop the closest building that still overlooked the scene of carnage and still blazing fires from missile explosions … she had no idea who the two ass kickers were but they seemed to know what they were doing, well alright maybe not so much the semi concious one getting papped but by the look things it was all said done save the bill. Which was irritating because she'd traveled all the way and not even gotten to punch something, could of stayed..busy. Ah well, one way she might still get to punch somebody… she threw herself from the roof, the line launcher fired with a puff of nitrogen slowing her fall only
20:47:01 Quinn‘ — only to release it’s grasp on the building about ten feet from the ground, letting her land in truly dramatic fashion right infront of the gawper snapping panty shots. nothing but her blue eyes visible and they didn't look happy as she swiped his phone quicker than he could think to move… her free hand slipped one half of the naginata from her back sheath to brandish the evil looking blade…."All of you… phones, now.."
20:47:07 [Jeffach] hmm, Jessa, i'll leave this up, I gotta go for a little bit to finish something, sorry Quinn
20:47:40 [Quinn‘] Is that something a cake for me?)
20:47:54 [Jessa`] back
20:48:05 [Jessa`] sonuva…
20:48:06 [Quinn`] wb
20:49:00 [Njal whispers to Jeffach] Okay. I think I got a profile finished now.
20:49:06 [Jessa`] Thanks. I’ll go ahead and start typing.
20:52:57 [Jeffach whispers to Njal] cool, sorry i gotta duck out
20:53:10 [Njal whispers to Jeffach] No worries at all.
20:53:21 [Jeffach] sorry Jessa, I gotta duck out, if you can give a quick glance over to Njal in case he wants to rp, feel free
20:53:30 [Jessa‘] Can do.
20:53:37 [Jeffach] should be back in an hour or so, ty ty
20:54:20 [Jessa`] Okies.
20:59:03 [Jessa`] Landing safely some distance back, I tipped my rain hat forward as the robot was blown apart by its own payload and clattered loudly to the ground. Its components were all laid out bare, some fried and others intact, but the sum of the parts was destroyed. I was left to ponder who could possess the technology to create such a monstrous marvel, and worse yet, who would do it and send the robot on a rampage? But there was no time for an investigation yet. Another person made her appearance, though with a blade that looked less than friendly and an arsenal on her that was something akin to a one woman army. Carefully I approached Jeff, gingerly - and with a healthy dose of elbow grease - lifting her from the ground. A thought crossed my mind. "That’s not how we do things," I intervened with the woman on behalf of the viewing public. Perceiving all of the electrical signals that the cell phones emitted was easy enough; what was hard was wiping them clean with an electromagnetic pulse. A harmless ripple of
20:59:13 [Jessa‘] of electricity thrummed in the air like a plucked guitar string, and just like that the phones were formatted - if I had calculated things right anyway, which I usually do. "Could everyone just kind of…you know - skiddadle?" I requested, hefting Jeff onto my shoulder again. "The emergency services are on their way for anybody who needs help I’m sure." My attention snapped over to the newcomer with the piercing blue eyes. "I hope you're on our side though." Jeff, even as a girl, was heavy for me and I didn't want to have to drop him, drop this woman, and pick him up again.
21:05:56 ( Quinn‘ flips a coin => Fail )
21:07:50 [Jessa`] Njal is approved!
21:11:56 Quinn` Some would hand over their phones, others cling preciously to the one single strand of technology that commanded their lives reassured by Jessa’s arrival more than they feared a meeting with her blade. She dropped the ones she had collected onto the asphalt and followed it up with a heavy stomp from her boot whilst Jessa was trying to keep up relations so to speak by preaching their goodness. She was of course oblivious to the subtle EM interference with the phones, as were those standing by… the guy she'd swiped the phone from looked from the broken scraps to her with a fire in his eye that she sorely wished he'd act on… but alas he just turned and headed back for this car. She unclenched her fist and turned to Jessa trying to heft the other woman away…"Sides? This isn't a football game" she shook her head as she walked over sheathing the blade as she went…"Let me give you a hand…" unless stopped she'd take some of Jeff's weight by looping an arm over her shoulders.
21:13:22 [Jessa‘] Letting Njal post before I go again.
21:16:33 [Njal] The pit was slick with sweat and other, less savory fluids. A dark, dank room stank of booze and blood and vomit. Crowded bodies were wild, yelling insults and praise and exchanging cash like it was an airborne disease. But above all the sights and smells and sounds was the wet smack of flesh smashing into flesh and the disgusting stench of burnt hair and skin. The two men in the ring had been going at it for several minutes already. One fluttered about, wreathed in flames that he used to shoot out at the other.. Who was a brutish thug with an amazing beard. Njal’s skin was blackened and charred in many places, in others it seemed to be getting better. Most of his clothing had long since burnt away, but being naked didn’t seem to stop him from wanting to smash this other guy. Flames licked out at him, bubbling and melting the spots that weren’t yet crispy even as Hammer slips his finger into the other man’s eye socket, and then uses that to launch him out of the ring. And into a wall.. then through the -
21:16:45 [Njal] wall. There’d been a helluva ruckus outside, some blocks up the way. It had piqued his interest, and so he made a hole to escape. On the street, a man who once was on fire but is now dead or unconscious is tossed through the wall with a crash and much flare, and is quickly followed by another man who is naked. Naked with flesh that is still probably bubbling and gooey, but quickly seems to fix itself. There are people somewhere up the way, as well as a giant robot. “This thing, is it giant robot?” His words are bellowed out at the people down the way, but mostly to the three who appear to be the center of attention – Jessa, Jeff and Quinn. “You beat giant fucking robot?” Bellowed again as he starts his way towards them.
21:25:51 [Jessa`] "No," I answered her. "It’s not a game. That's why I need to know whose side your on." For her part, despite her recalcitrance she was willing to help me with Jeff's size. Protective, but mindful of my shortcomings, I let her. "Thanks. She kind of caught the bad end of a lightning bolt. Not one of mine." Motioning my head toward the car, I figured that at the very least we could lay Jeff across the back seat until he was good to get going again. The ignition had been destroyed and he'd punctured two holes in the floorboards with his feet, so there was nothing I could do to get the car moving even if I knew how to drive. As we moved toward the car though, a naked, boiling man ran out into the rain with us and elected to join the spectacle in his own way. I shielded my eyes, flustered and blushing. My mouth sealed itself shut as if by the very static that I wielded; the first time that I had ever seen a man naked in person and it was a bubbling psycho.
21:38:22 Quinn‘ Ignored the not so subtle probing for the answer the same question she’d already dismissed, though up close now she took a double take to Jessa… just how old was she?…"Lightning huh?" that was worth keeping in mind but did at least go some way to explaining the carnage she'd arrived to. Helping as best she could to settle Jeff on the back seat her attention would be drawn back to the street as a wall was caved in and two figures barreled through the debris. Taking note of Njal and the kind of leading questions she'd heard before, at fight clubs… she slipped Jeff's hand over her head and straightened her back as she faced him.. eyes drifting to the blackened mangled form of what had once been a person…."And if we did?".. as she slid her hands to her back taking a grip of both pieces of her naginata but not drawing yet as she lowered her tone to Jessa…" You wanna ask him whose side he's on too?" <e>
21:43:15 [Njal] At least he got their attention, though not quite in the way he’d been hoping. At least not from all of them. One looks like she’s about to pass out, so that’s understand. Before answering Quinn’s question, he poses one of his one, pointing a finger in Jessa’s direction as he continues to close the distance. At some point he stops when he’s close enough to not have to yell to be heard. “She is okay, yes?” With an arched up brow and a perplexed look to accompany it. Sure, Jessa may be young, but where he comes from seeing naked men on the street is pretty normal. Probably. Then he finally answers Quinn’s question. “If you kill robot, you better fight than him.” Thumb jerk in the direction of the guy he’d thrown through a wall. The guy who hasn’t moved, and is most definitely dead now. “If so, I fight you. Friendly fight.” Offered up with a quick, friendlyish smile. As they talk, he continues to heal. The bubbling flesh stops bubbling, the blackened flesh peels away from his body to fall to the ground with -
21:44:10 [Njal] fresh, pink flesh to replace it. He can’t regrow clothes, though, sorry Jessa. He also seems to be oblivious to Quinn reaching for a weapon. Given his thick accent and poor grammar, its safe to assume he isn't from Epitome City.
21:51:08 [Jessa‘] It didn’t take me saying anything for it to be clear that our foreign friend was less than concerned with becoming an ally. Epitome City was a place of polarization, a place I've learned there's no such thing as neutral. There were good guys and bad guys, and if he wanted to fight the good guys, that made him a bad guy. "I'm fine." I shifted uncomfortably; the storm was finally beginning to subside, though the brittle winds still whistled through the street. Overhead a few scant rays of sunlight began to peek through the dense cloud cover and as they did, fog rose from the demolished pavement. In the distance, where the naked guy had come from, a body lay broken and smoldering. I felt my jaw screw tightly. "We don't fight for fun." I shook my head, still unable to look at him. "Fighting is something we do because we have to. I'm sorry but we'll have to refuse and please, put some clothes on."
21:51:22 [Jessa‘] [Sorry my posts are getting short. My brain is starting to slow down.]
21:51:56 [Njal] No worries. They’re great :)
21:53:01 [Jessa‘] Thank you. ^_^
21:59:20 Quinn` Glanced between the still closing Njal and Jessa who seemed distinctly uncomfortable with the scene… what kind of irresponsible person even let a kid fight, giant exploding robots no less! Still here they all were.. Jessa answered for herself whilst she was still trying to guess just what exactly was in front of them clearly build for a rumble and he could heal himself…just great. She took a step forward so there’d be no risk of catching Jessa with an edge accidentally as she drew both halves of the naginata and in one swift fluid action brought them together, a deft twist locked the now double bladed staff weapon into a whole…"What about him huh Conan*she'd motion with a free hand as she let the staff drift in one hand to her side* He also friendly fight you?" Her new companion may not get anything from fighting but she certainly did and with Njal apparently having already killed someone what more justification did one need? <e>
22:05:02 [Jeffach] (is back)
22:06:05 [Njal] Welcome back. Want me to wait to post?
22:06:41 [Jessa‘] You guys go ahead without me. My head is pounding so I’m going to take a little break.
22:07:17 [Njal] Hope your head feels better :/
22:08:51 [Jeffach] yeah, feel better Jessa =)
22:09:06 [Jeffach] (was reading back, feel free to post, i'll insert in a bit)
22:10:43 [Njal] Erg. Crap. Actually, I also have to jet. :/ Something RL important came up quick. I'll post my post, which also has a brief, crappy exit.
22:10:50 [Njal] “Clothes burn.” As if that were the appropriate response to that. Impossible to get new clothes. And just like that, the idea of getting dressed has been tossed from his thoughts. These three took down the giant robot, which means they must be worth his attention. The rain seemed to be dying down, though the wind continued unabated. None of that really mattered to him – in fact the cool water and the wind felt amazing on those parts of his body still healing. Quinn’s blades draw his attention to her, and he immediately drops down into a light, fluid sort of crouch. Hands form very loose fists and are brought up to protect his face. But there isn’t any real form or fashion to the way he stands. He’s a brute, not a trained warrior of any sort. “No, was money fight. I win. We have friendly fight, I will not kill you.” No pointing or gesturing now. The woman with the swords seems to want to get in on this action, and Njal is more than happy to oblige her. But this not being a money fight, he won’t be starting -
22:11:01 [Njal] starting it. Criminal though he may be, he hasn’t been paid to hurt either of them. And, as if on cue, it is this very moment that a rather pudgy man comes through the hole in the wall and shouts down the street. ”Hey! Hammer! Get your bare, Viking ass back in here. Got you another fight.” And thus exit post. :(
22:11:14 [Njal] Sorry, y'all. I'll be around again tomorrow…
22:11:15 [Jeffach] aww, sorry to see ya go Njal
22:11:17 Njal exits from this room
22:11:20 [Jeffach] o/
22:12:20 [Jeffach] gimme a sec Quinn, i'll type, was trying to speed read the past posts to catch up
22:13:37 [Quinn‘] No worries ^^
22:23:00 [Jeffach] First off, you do not talk about fight club, secondly, you do not talk about fight club, and thirdly, if it was your first night seeing a naked viking man departing, you MUST talk about it. Thus Jeff would arise with the afro like hair after being electrocuted, and then recovering, to see her sister mostly hiding from the FLASH, er NJAL! "Wha the fu-," would cut herself off as she gazed on the cutting edge of Quinn’s naginata split into their duo dirk-like mode. "Ow, I must've gotten shocked into some movie references, because I swear I just saw a naked fight club reference, and now a ninja girl who looks to be like one of my wetdreams… Or wait, was the guy my wetdream because I'm a girl now?" Jeff would say aloud her confusion, as well, she, was a he normally, either way, the contemplation would end as she stepped out of the backseat and said, "Hey there dreamgirl ninja, whazzup?" like a typical dumb as bricks freshman male, but with the female tone of voice directly juxtapositioning it as the afro »
22:23:10 [Jeffach] bobbed and Jeff grinned over cheesily. A slight spark left over from the electrical attack would make her teeth sparkle briefly in the coming sunlight.
22:32:30 Quinn‘ There and gone again, damnit was she going to get to punch anybody tonight? With the brute abandoning his position at the call of the other she had her attention taken by the voice behind her though it really what she was expecting when she glanced over her shoulder…"Woah.." she was just thankful that her outfit covered most of her face so the expression of surprise wasn’t so apparent, she could only guess what being hit with a lightning bolt might do but Jeff was messed up. She unlatched the naginata and in a flurry motion and flashing of steel she returned them to their sheaths at her back…sure the practice had it's purpose but effective was rarely theatrical and she enjoyed the flare as much as the art itself when there was time for it. She couldn't guess if the oul' brainpan had taken most of the volts or if Jeff was just a touch strange but it didn't feel she was hearing and seeing the same person…"Hey there….you, maybe you should sit down"
22:36:14 [Jessa‘] I need to call it a night, guys. I’ll be back on tomorrow. I'm sorry.
22:36:23 [Jeffach] cya Jessa
22:36:31 [Jessa‘] Good night.
22:36:45 [Jeffach] was very fun o/
22:40:23 Jeffach wondered if she should listen to her spirit guide ninja as she spoke back to her, Jessa having left the scene to do something. "Alright, cya laters Matrix," and then putting hands to her hips would pose like a true blue paragon and say, "No need to worry miss, I am a trained hero," a long pause, as then the words were mumbled "skirting danger." before the voice continued on, "Is here, so never fear!" a finger pointed to the heavens would get snagged on the afro hair and then, "Ow! What the heck, bullets bounce off, but pulling my own hair hurts like…" a series of muttering before Jeff seemed to remember that she was talking. "So, whats your codename? Or still working on one?"
22:41:41 [Jeffach] (eating here, so brief posts, if ya wanna punch something, Jeff is gonna have a tech nemesis, or could make something up for Quinn)
22:53:15 Quinn` Was kind of mesmerised by the surreal scene unfolding before her and she actually had to take a double check glance around that there were no rolling cameras or a live audience… unfortunately there was only the conclusion that the spectacle was for benefit…"Skirting danger? Just how hard did you hit your head in that fight?" The kid had always taken the moment to dissapear, something they should probably do before long the streets would be packed with workers and the services coming in to clean up the mess soon…"I’m Quinn… we need to get off the street, you walk okay?"
22:58:14 [Jeffach] "Well, its not like I picked it," would rub the back of her neck as she settled the bones back into place with the slightly -snap crackle pop- sound. "Kinda got it for the short skirt and my dangerously dynamic dame self," would nod, jerking a thumb to her sternum. "And I don't think my head took much damage, kind of a brick here in terms of toughness," a fist was made and knuckles rapped against the skull.. which oddly sounded hollow as Jeff opened her mouth to mimic that knocking sound. "See? Nothing to injure!" a grin given after the mini trick as she finally answered, "Sure, I can walk okay Quinn, but I'm about to go on patrol, maybe get some leads on whoever sent that giant robot, if you don't mind?" would then try to sweep Quinn off her feet, like a bridal style, and whether she accepted or not, a powered leap to a nearby rooftop to get a better vantage point was the next thing to do.
23:09:15 Quinn‘ Nodded to the explanation, even a wry grin to the hollow knock on the head even if it was lost beneath the face covering…"Skirting danger it is then…" there would be an accepting nod to lend some finality to it. Involuntarily she glanced to the debris and remains of the robot as Jeff mentioned it along with heading out to patrol… she’d had a few ideas about that already.."I'm not su.." she'd be cut off mid sentence when she was suddely scooped up and then flying through the air as Jeff literally leapt a tall building… alright that was pretty cool. She righted herself on the roof and took a good full pace away from Jeff…"I was just going to say I don't think we play by the same rules if children of the corn back there was with you…. however I've been thinking about the robot… not really something that you just drop off in a truck and it'd take space to build.. the industrial district is worked twenty four hours so couldn't be there… only other place wih the space to build and store»
23:09:31 Quinn‘ « something like that is the dock warehouses…. assuming it didn’t just come from some private offshore nightmare factory."
23:14:25 [Jeffach] The pace back, and then Jeff would ponder all that Quinn said, nodding along to it. Maybe she truly didn't comprehend all the reasoning except for the, ~let's go to there~ as she said, "Soooo…..soooo….." another long pause as thoughts were gathered, "We go to there?" The question once answered would be met with the same bridal style attempt, or Quinn could travel on her own power. Either way, the scene change would have them appear at the docks. Which true to an island city was a huge place with many many warehouses, ships docked, and similar as Jeff would scratch her head. "I don't like to use it, but if you wanna stand behind me, I can try using X-ray vision? Wouldn't wanna hurt your baby making factory trying to find whatever factory is down there," and once more, that cheesy grin as she STARED at the various areas from their rooftop… unless of course, Quinn had a better idea, because Jeff didn't except to use powers.
23:19:35 [Jeffach] (maybe i should've made Jeff's intelligence a drawback)
23:19:48 [Jeffach] (but it wasnt power related)
23:19:59 [Quinn‘] still works)
23:21:49 Fara enters this room
23:23:53 [Jeffach] hey there Fara
23:25:01 [Jeffach] small recap, about to bust down on a warehouse making giant robots, roughly 2 stories tall in the dock district
23:25:13 Quinn` Had that lonely feeling you got in conversations sometimes and for once was glad that she’d actually come up with a solid plan of action rather than her usual scope of lots of ideas that need to be wittled down and debated…"Yup, we go to there" This wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, her own personal Lenny from Of Mice… This time when Jeff stepped forward she was at least expecting what came next and couldn't really offer a faster way to travel, after all her own method had left her late to the robo-kill party!… maybe she should get a bike. A mix of random thoughts as they covered the distance in but a few leaps. She'd not been to the docks for sometime and the scale in her memory did little justice to the truth… oh yeah, go to the docks and find the robot factory, so simple…"X-Ray away Lenny, we'll be here a while otherwise…. if you see something promising we'll sneak in, okay?"
23:28:25 [Fara whispers to Jeffach] Sounds like fun!
23:29:56 [Jeffach] Well, the search actually went on for awhile, because Jeff wasn't that great with the X-ray despite trying to practice on the girls locker room back in the day. This led to many things like seeing flesh organs instead of flesh, or similarly, x-raying vision past them to the outside, or similar. Basically, 'his' eagerness always made it not work correctly. BUT giant robots were easy enough to spot especially their perch as she pointed down to the structure. "There it is… most of its below the surface though, the top side seems to be a normal ship repair dock," that helpful hint given, "Uh… looks like there's about 30 workers up top, so.. sneaky sneaky? Or maybe call more heroes?" would raise her forearm and gesture to the Hero bracelet that could, well, basically ping heroes near the place for 'backup' like a group invite to a raid, or tindr app.
23:38:18 Quinn‘ Took in the structure that Jeff pointed out… getting in shouldn’t be any massive stress, though the underground portion was likely to be behind at least some security if not lots. She rose from the half crouch she'd adopted whilst waiting and drew the line launcher from it's holster at her thigh, taking aim and firing with a distinctive sound of the nitrogen discharge. The hook imbedded in the dry dock's roof and she drove a piton into the roof they were on, the end splaying out into the material to grip like a skyhook before she detached the line from the launcher and affixed it to the piton…"Sneaky sneaky" she threw Jeff her spare runner and took then to glance over her again…."You do sneak right?" she'd smirk behind the mask and attach her runner as she threw herself from the rooftop, ignoring the bite of the leather loop around her wrist and hand as she drifted silently down the line towards the roof below. She rolled lightly with her landing and started on a skylight whilst waiting for Jeff»
23:38:32 Quinn‘ « to arrive… assuming the world hadn’t just ended in the metaphorical sense when Jeff landed she'd drop in through the skylight to the raised walkway beneath.
23:40:19 [Jeffach] wanna post in Fara?
23:41:29 [Fara] Oh, no, actually. I was originally just here to apologize for my disappearing act earlier today, and then I just sort of got caught up in reading.
23:41:44 [Jeffach] no worries x2
23:42:14 [Fara] Thank you! Have a Nice Night! I'll definitely try to join in tomorrow.
23:42:33 ( Jeffach rolls 1d20 => 15 )
23:42:47 Fara exits from this room
23:44:43 [Jeffach] "Sure I can sneak but a true blue hero
-" watched as Quinn zip lined down and landed like Batman, "Always announces their presence, but, geeze being a ninja looks cool." Would say to no one as she contemplated the zipline, instead like a totally OP mimic she was mimicking, she'd simply take a leap off the roof and gently land in a gliding fashion. Featherfall spell, eat your heart out, as she looked to Quinn for direction on which way to sneak. After all, this was more her department, and Jeff was just the muscle, who had if used the zipline was more likely to crash a hole through the roof previously, so the fly/glide was a better option that she thought of just in time.
23:59:34 ( Quinn‘ rolls 1d20 => 8 )
23:59:46 [Quinn`] phew, that was close.
23:59:51 Quinn` Just like the first leap, this new delicate approach was equally impressive.. still focus on the task, she’d vanish into the skylight and wait for Jeff to follow. From their vantage the space could be seen the mostly vacant a tiny raised office for the foreman and the rest left open for the different sizes of boat and a few crates of parts and equipment. Bonus for the owners was it would be hard to move around freely unseen, bonus for them it wasn't difficult to spot the rather erroneously placed double door recessed into what couldn't be the external wall judging the length of the roof outside compared to the floor space. It seemed heavily trafficked so they didn't need to wait long before someone who'd come out of the doors to speak to some of the workers was heading back. Now this was the bit she had a gut feeling her new friend wasn't going to be all smiles about…"Watch my back Lenny" with that she'd vault the safety rail of the walkway to run along the narrow lane of a support beam to get her»
00:00:12 Quinn‘ « above the guy headed for the doors and when he passed behind a large stack of TIG weld bottles she dropped, landing with her knees set for the soft spot either side of his neck and immediately brought both hands, slightly cupped, down in a forceful slap over his ears. The over pressue would burst eardrums and render a person immediately unconcious. So far so good… but then this was the easy bit. She’d beckon Jeff to follow her down whilst she searched the guy for id card, swipe pass anything to defeat the inevitable security measures on the lift beyond the doors.
00:03:10 Wei enters this room
00:04:07 [Jeffach] typing
00:04:13 [Jeffach] and hey Wei
00:05:16 [Wei] Nin Hao
00:07:19 [Quinn‘] Hen hao, ni ne?
00:08:19 [Jeffach] Well, that definitely looked cool, was the internal thoughts, but since Jeff’s extent of sneaking was Metal Gear Solid games that didn't apply to real life, she'd eventually land by Quinn with the same glide and float. "Wow that was cool~" would whisper out. And true to her orders was watching Quinn's back, no seriously, Jeff was the typical freshman male by day,so staring at a chick doing kung fu moves was super fascinating, and distracting from the actual guard work she was supposed to be doing. Still, nothing happened, and Skirting Danger would follow along.
00:08:34 [Jeffach] (sorry, short, wanted to keep it going)
00:11:13 [Wei] Hao, xianzai zhege juesèeshì bianjí
00:11:24 [Jeffach] Added ya to profile Wei, but didn't see any drawbacks, so 0 VP
00:13:35 [Wei] I couldn't think of any so I'm okay with 0 points and I wanted to ask what kind of rank would you make him… I was confused a little
00:14:14 [Wei] I love how you called me an Alien Jedi XD
00:15:10 ( Quinn‘ flips a coin => Fail )
00:15:26 [Quinn`] fun
00:16:51 [Jeffach] thanks Wei, I try,,, rank is just… popularity
00:17:31 [Jeffach] or recognition, basically, S rank is Superman, people recognize him all over, A rank would be like Batman (sans Justice league) as he’s a symbol of hope for an entire city
00:17:58 [Jeffach] prolly with his complication, he'd wanna be E rank
00:18:17 [Jeffach] but as he shows off more of ihis powers, would gain ranks quickly or siimilar
00:18:58 [Wei] Well I dunno how many godzillas wi'l be fighting
00:19:06 [Wei] we'll*
00:19:09 [Jeffach] speaking of which, forgot to geek out about Quinn here, she's a B ranker
00:19:49 [Jeffach] ranks doesn't equate to power, for example, Bizarro, is not really recognized and would be considered like a C rank villain a best, but he gives Superman a S rank a run for his power money
00:20:21 [Jeffach] and Jeff vs Quinn is another example, Jeff is more powered, but Quinn is just better skilled or similarly recognized
00:21:28 Quinn‘ Pulled the access card from the guy’s pocket and glanced to Jeff as she appeared just a subtle nod given the compliment as she took a moment to let her heart rate settle and focus on her breathing when she felt a faint buzz behind her eyes would be the best way to describe it. The moment passed as quickly as it had appeared and she was spared the worst fear that feeling usually meant. A healthy reminder of the risk her brand of amusement and justice entailed, she exhaled slowly and was back with it …"Let's go"… all they had to do was get across the vast open space of the warehouse between here and the door, terrible plan in retrospect. Waiting for probably as good as it was going to get she'd move, motioning for Jeff to follow… almost at the door itself….'Hey! you!' . She straightened to her full height as she turned on the workers that were signalling for friends and grabbing their heaviest tools. She handed off the access card and slipped the the rope dart with it's lethal point and»
00:21:40 [Wei] Well E rank is the choice lol
00:21:51 Quinn‘ « distinctive red tassel from the pouch on her belt…"Go, get it all started I’ll follow on!" .. she'd step towards the encroaching semi circle and take the rope in both hands letting the excess spill out and the dart drop, the barest of touches from the outside edge of her foot as it fell with a twisting flick of her wrist set the weight spinning, gaining speed as she evaluated the group. The rope and dart cutting through the air making a low rythmic howl which she really hoped would be intimidating enough for the short time they needed… at least in thoery these guys were just stooges with no idea of they'd been slipped a little extra to keep secret.
00:24:38 [Wei] Sory Quinn
00:25:05 [Quinn‘] That’s alright, I like South African wine and steak, take notes.
00:25:08 [Wei] Sorry*
00:25:43 [Wei] what kind of cut?
00:26:33 [Jeffach] Rushed to the double doors as Quinn made work of the mooks, the keycard was swiped as the low ~rumble~ of noise from the ~creaking~ of metal on metal ensued. "Hey, something doesn't sound ri—-" FWHUMP! The gate was opened with a kick from one of those 2 story robots as Jeff overhead pressed the stomp as she fell into a crouch. Atlas like, and pinned beneath the weight of the bot, she couldn't make any movement in her current crushed and crouched position. The workers around Quinn would then start to RUN in opposite directions as fast as humanly possible unless knocked out or similar, as little red laser dot sights would be aiming her way now, and if they locked on, well, the RATATATATA of the machine gun would start to ring its staccato of fire on her form, even if she was trying to mouse around and away like a rat pokemon.
00:39:06 Wei waits for a good entrance
00:54:55 [Jeffach] .
00:55:07 [Wei] ^_^
00:59:12 [Wei] Well maybe she fell asleep <.<
00:59:51 [Jeffach] hmm sounds good
01:00:15 [Jeffach] think i was on a long time here today, whee,spinny room

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