09:46:01 Rave enters this room
09:46:17 Rave ponders
09:48:37 TheMadHatter enters this room
09:50:23 [Rave] Hey Hatter
09:50:32 [TheMadHatter] Hey dude
09:50:42 [TheMadHatter] whats cracklelackin
09:50:43 [Rave] How are you?
09:50:55 [TheMadHatter] good and you?
09:50:57 [Rave] Nothing much, just Carth getting a X-Men rp going.
09:51:00 [TheMadHatter] Rave person lol
09:51:01 [Rave] I'm great thanks
09:51:06 [Rave] lol
09:52:33 [TheMadHatter] Who do I know you as?
09:53:26 [Rave] Lets see I was in Young Justice as Abby
09:53:44 [TheMadHatter] Oh yes, hello there
09:53:57 [Rave] Hello
09:54:08 Ego enters this room
09:54:09 >[Ego] Welcome to the Keep. Please try to be pleasant and polite. Forum. Also, beta-testing for Fallen Citadel here.
09:54:20 [Rave] Hey Ego
09:54:27 [Ego] sup Rave
09:54:29 [Rave] So what you been up to Hatter?
09:54:40 -Chris notices life.
09:54:46 [Rave] Nothing much Ego, just chillin right now
09:54:54 [Rave] lol oh Chris lives xD
09:55:41 [TheMadHatter] I've been working mostly, reading, playing Dragon age
09:55:54 [TheMadHatter] drawing of course
09:56:12 [Rave] Always fun to play DA, haven't play it in a while.
09:57:08 [Ego] so anything happen with you and Drac?
09:57:30 Bodae enters this room
09:58:08 [Rave] No we went our seperate ways since he couldn't recruite me for the brotherhood right away lol
09:58:13 [Rave] Hi Bodae
09:58:42 [Bodae] 'Ey.
09:59:00 -Chris snaps fingers.
09:59:05 [-Chris] That reminds me.
09:59:07 [Ego] ah well
09:59:17 [-Chris] I have a character in mind to be a 'good guy' as well
09:59:33 [Rave] Cool
10:00:04 [Ego] I read Chris' profile, i think im Chris lite version
10:00:18 [Rave] lol
10:00:20 [-Chris] Yeah. lol.
10:00:33 [-Chris] I figured it would be kind of cute for them to meet up… semi-awkwardly
10:00:58 Bodae met Quantum. Wouldn't suggest it.
10:01:16 Quantum enters this room
10:01:24 [Ego] lol
10:01:38 [Quantum] My ears were burning!
10:01:38 [Rave] lol speak a name and she appears xD
10:02:21 [Ego] huh weird, i put myself as X-men, but Carth has me under others
10:02:49 [Ego] slice of life time?
10:03:26 [Rave] Hmm now only if Carth was awake, and same go for Drac lol
10:04:46 ( Ego rolls 1d4 => 1 )
10:05:00 TheMadHatter exits from this room
10:09:00 [Carth] What about me
10:09:56 [Rave] Yay
10:10:14 Rave points to -Chris
10:10:18 [Ego] woot
10:10:19 [Rave] he wants to join too
10:12:03 [Carth] aight basically MM. No nproblem
10:12:09 [Carth] gotta eat.
10:12:11 [Carth] brb
10:13:11 -Mikey- enters this room
10:13:33 -Chris points to Mikey. The 'good guy'
10:14:33 [Rave] Interesting
10:15:14 -Mikey- keeps things interesting.
10:15:38 Rave lightly pushes Mikey to Ego to join her band
10:16:19 Asp enters this room
10:17:50 -Mikey- gets shoved to the band….. Woop!
10:17:51 [X-Men] Chris has been added.
10:18:06 [-Chris] Awesome.
10:18:15 Asp stretches slowly
10:18:23 [Ego] yay now we dont suck
10:18:45 [Rave] xD
10:18:58 [Ego] I dunno if I'm making like a weird Soul Eater music reference when i posted last night
10:19:06 [Ego] or the fact I was using the 3 man band trope
10:19:36 [Rave] lol
10:19:45 [Asp] Yes
10:20:14 [Ego] anyone wanna rp at the school?
10:20:56 [Carth] Ego are you a student? I put you under Other
10:20:57 [-Mikey-] I would…
10:21:04 [-Mikey-] but I'm not accepted….
10:21:14 [-Mikey-] aaaand I'm about ready to take the worlds greatest nap
10:21:29 [Ego] Affiliation: X-(wo)man Tier 2
10:21:37 [Ego] ^this be in my profile
10:22:03 [Ego] but i can run with just getting accepted or something
10:22:06 Sa enters this room
10:22:19 [Ego] gimme a sec here… i'll continue a little bit of last night's scene
10:23:00 [X-Men] Alrighty Then
10:24:06 Quantum is going to post to Bodae underground in the cells - is typing a post now. Will assume it's the next day?
10:24:30 [Carth] That's fine haha
10:24:49 [Quantum] Good stuff!
10:28:36 [Ego] Let it gooo~ was the cover song that inspired the rage of the lynch mob currently chasing the three women down the streets. The humans powered by their righteous cries of "Get those freaks!" and "Citizen's arrest!" as Red would have her clothes torn from the previous grapple attempts, while Green just looked like her usual uncaring self carrying three people on hanging off her form like some sort of football player, while Blue babe was just laughing and egging the crowd on with "Neener neener neeener! Can't catch us!". Others of the crowd has descended on their instruments and were smashing them apart, the fear of powered people turning that into hate for everything they were associated with… Or they really just hated the song that invaded your brainspace like some alien worm. Regardless the trio were running from the crowd.
10:30:04 [-Chris] Lynch Mob by Frozen Theme Song? …. That's sacrilegious or something, isn't it?
10:30:14 [Ego] heavy metal cover version
10:30:45 [-Chris] Ah. Makes a bit more sense.
10:31:42 [Quantum] Had slept like a dog. So exhausted that even after she’d regained her energy all she could do was crawl into bed and sleep. 6 hours later, she was wide awake as the promise of morning dawned on the horizon. She had a job to do, and one she wanted to start on right away. The winged prisoner was being held down below, in the cells. There was little way of an escape, due to the prominent surviellance and high tech security that was installed at the Mansion. It kept students in, but also prisoners and kept the bad guys out, unless they were to join their cell mate. Having been up, she’d gotten dressed into her X-Men uniform, for this was X-men related and not just a typical interview. Having eaten her fill of breakfast, she moved toward the elevator to take it down to the cell levels. Before long, boots creaked with her confident steps toward Bodae’s location, hips swayed in manner of certainty, shoulders held back, head up. Hair of a beautiful red
10:31:45 [Quantum] flowed freely down her back, over her shoulders, framing her face, pursed lips and glasses that aided eyes of a jade hue. Approaching the cell, she stood front and center. Close to the bars that were electrically charge, her body inwardly rippling to the energy exchange between her body and the metal. Eyes glided to the male while she merely stood and watched him for some time. He would know she was there - but she remained quiet. Observing. For now.
10:33:02 [Rave] I'll be back in an hour to rp.
10:33:33 Rave exits from this room
10:33:44 [Asp] To be fair, the song is really overplayed.
10:33:49 [Ego] maybe I should of named myself X-Gals
10:34:22 [Ego] yeah, still love it tho
10:34:33 [Ego] and the honest trailer of it
10:34:42 [Asp] Couldn't play Kansas. Nooope.
10:34:59 [-Chris] Justin Beiber. Never say never.
10:35:30 [-Chris] That'll get the crowd goin.
10:36:43 [Asp] I will kick your ass, kid.
10:36:48 Sa exits from this room
10:37:21 [-Chris] Debating on whether or not it's worth it.
10:39:01 [Ego] i laughed out loud when the Honest Trailer guy said, "Luke.. I am your butthole"
10:44:15 Bodae had not slept well. The alcohol that had remained in his system after capture had cycled out after lulling him to a fitful and brief sleep. There had been much more thinking done, than sleeping. Bodae’s mind no longer raced, instead slithering along at an icy, calculating pace as he examined his situation; not just the cage, but the Brotherhood, and his ‘brothers’. Captured. Prisoner. The words hung like letters of fire in his brain until the creak of leather boots wiped them away like so many fingerprints on the glass. Quantum would arrive at the cell to find Bodae waiting with wings folded, hooded up over his shoulders in the cramped quarters as they worked to avoid the zap of the bars- a few feathers littered the floor, suggesting he had not been successful in this task for the entire night. His captor had come to see her prize, no doubt. The winged mutant mirrored her silence, goggles pushed up onto his forehead to allow them to spar gazes before Quantum began what she had come here to do.
10:52:41 Quantum Gazed upon the man’s face. Watching him as she did, meeting his eyes and locking them momentarily. Reading the energy around him as each body gave of a specific measure, she could determine the mood, to a certain level. He was angry. Which would be obvious to anyone, but it went deeper than that. Something further within was driving his manner, and it wasn’t just being caught. In turn it made her highly curious. Her nature being as such would allow for a small smile to play upon her lips. Not to mock the man but in hopes of learning something about the attacks last night. She still didn’t believe HE had caused the fire. She wasn’t even aware he was Brotherhood, for that was far deeper knowledge. Even though they know most of their enemies, the one before her didn’t stand out as a known one. “I am Quantum. Part of the —
10:52:52 [Quantum] X-Men, which you no doubt know. You are here, in our cells which, I would suggest to you not to try and escape from. It will only serve to do more damage than you’ve already sustained.” Her eyes lowered to the feathers, then back to his face. “I am not here to torture you. I do not believe in such methods, but - should the need arise, I am not without my skills. Just to make that clear. “ She inched a little closer to the bars, the energy manifesting itself around her, the invisible shield surrounding her so that should he try to make any effort to grab at her, lunge at her - the force field would well block him, if he made it through the bars. He wouldn’t see this however, unless it was an ability of his. “Perhaps we can talk. It would be wonderful if you were open with me. We’ll just get to the point, shall we?” Adjusting her glasses, pushing —
10:53:02 [Quantum] them up the bridge of her nose, she then spoke further. “Yesterday. What was your part? And just who was behind the chaos? Was it you? Or did someone leave to lay the blame on you?”
11:02:51 Bodae didn’t have a method nearly as effective as Quantum’s to gauge the mood of the woman opposite of him as she took a moment to size him up. She was confident, secure in her position on the outside of the bars…Above him. His features were haggard and dark, dark circles beneath his eyes, black rage just beneath the skin. Then, she smiled. A corner of his lip twitched, threatening a snarl as she moved even close now and he felt the nerves firing in his shoulders, his brain screaming- ‘Reach out and smash her head on these bars.’ But, he didn’t. Quantum made it through her introduction and suggestion without interruption, though when she mentioned that she didn’t want to torture him but could he gave a huff of gallows laughter. Finally, he looked away to the floor. “…do whatcha y’gotta do. Dead man if I get outta here, anyway.” Bodae mumbled in reply, fists clenching and unclenching as he unplanted himself, turning half-away from her with a ripple of his wings.
11:03:16 Resonance enters this room
11:10:50 Rocket_Girl enters this room
11:11:04 Rave enters this room
11:11:10 Rave returns.)
11:12:10 [Rave] Can I get locations?
11:12:41 [Asp] Earth
11:12:46 [Asp] Possibly America
11:12:55 [Asp] Maybe Canada
11:12:58 [Quantum] Every reaction was gauged. Noted in the keen intellect of her mind. The laughter was heard, though she understood it for what it was. He didn’t believe she could withstand herself against him. But that was okay as a lot of folks merely looked at her and arched a brow. Questioning her strength, her prowess and every day skill, without knowing her powers, and what she could do with them. She continued to let him laugh, then watched as he turned away, defeated in some regards. “Not if you have our protection.” The words were spoken with a significant force, though she maintained her tone which was pleasing to most ears. “We can help you. But first we need the story. The background. As long as you are here, you are safe. Perhaps if you earn our trust, you can be let free. But this all depends on you.” There was another pause as —
11:13:00 Asp hand wobble
11:13:09 [Quantum] she willed a construct to form before him. The lines and forms coming together in the way of a complete model of yesterday, with the buildings. Like a 3d map. The thoughts of her head transformed into matter, using the energy of her being, her very essence. “You should recognize the area. You where there, leaving. But witnesses first placed you over here, with someone else who had wings.” Little glowing ball moved along the map to show one area to the other. “So we know there was at least one other person. Plus another X-Men saw someone escaping from the Liquor store explosion on a bike immediately after it had happened. Witnesses also placed a third person.” She stopped a moment to give him time. “I know you weren’t alone. I don’t believe you are the one that started the fires. But you were involved. So again, I ask you to tell me what you know.”
11:14:20 [Ego] weeba Rave
11:14:38 [Ego] i think Bodae is in Quantum's Dungeon of Solace
11:15:00 [Rave] Thanks Ego
11:15:40 [Ego] I'm just running from the mob, think I'll end up in the mansion soonish since there was no interest in that scen
11:16:02 Jens enters this room
11:16:07 [Carth] Q and Bodae are in the underground restricted areas of the Mansion
11:16:20 Everleigh enters this room
11:17:21 Rocket_Girl wiggles her fingers at everyone and hurries off to finish her profile.
11:17:50 [Rave] Thanks Carth.
11:18:42 [Carth] New people. If you have questions whisper 'em to me on this handle or the Profile
11:19:06 [Ego] btw Rocket, love the Sakimichan
11:19:32 [Rocket_Girl] Thank you, thank you. I adore their work to the nth degree! ♥
11:23:29 Bodae whirled around to face her suddenly, eyes narrowed but blazing. When he spoke the volume was low, and every word was venomous. “You wanna know what I know? I know yer idea of ‘protecting’ will be th’ rest of my days in a cage like this.” He jabbed a finger at the electrified containment between them. The woman had whipped up a three-dimensional recreation of the city block where the attack had begun, using it as a tool to illustrate to him how much they already knew about the scene, including the existence of the other two mutants that had been present. The two who had actually did the deed. Bodae was at war with himself: he felt no loyalty to either group, but still couldn’t bring himself to just spill what little he knew. The winged mutant settled visibly now as he pulled his wings in close, and began rubbing his knuckles with one hand. “Tell y’what. You wanna know somethin’? Come in here an’ find out, kid.” Bodae flashed a dangerous, gambler’s grin to the floor beneath his feet. Would she take the bait?
11:24:36 Everleigh exits from this room
11:25:37 Asp exits from this room
11:25:50 [Ego] if ya wanna post some place Rave, I'll come to ya
11:26:09 [Rave] I'm thinking on what to post xD
11:28:29 Ego continues to rock out then, someplace
11:35:13 [Quantum] Didn’t expect him to give away information. Not at first. It would likely take days. If not longer. But one thing Anna did not do, was lie. Yet, the male did not know her well enough to understand that what she’d offered, suggested was truth. Placing herself in his shoes, she fully understood his want to protect others, but, what they had done was wrong. This male - she couldn’t quite explain it, but she felt there was something more to him than he let out. His wings used to serve as a barrier, like blocking everyone else out. Anna was keenly aware of various personality types. She was a true intellect and had studied many fields. She wasn’t just a pretty face, if she was even that. His small attack only proved that she had at least spoken the truth about the electricity but he already knew that based on the feathers. “What -you- know and what is, are two different things and entirely incorrect. But I understand your lack of trust. If I were in your shoes, -

11:35:24 [Quantum] I’d be the same way. I do swear to you however, not that my word means much that it is the truth. If your were abandoned and left behind to face the charges and answer for them, they couldn’t be much of a friend. I would never leave a team member behind. That’s what you were, correct? A team?” She questioned again, though more in conversation than interrogation. “No one gets left behind. No matter what. Yet, they abandoned you for their own sakes. Left you to take the hit. And here you are, wallowing in a cell, not wanting to do anything about it, when we could, perhaps help you do something about it. But that requires working with me. “ She stopped, waited and then came the threat. Lowering her head a moment, she raised her hand to the electrically charged bars. Fingers circling around the metal while she showed no
11:35:34 [Quantum] reaction to the resulting electrocution that would occur. As if immune to it. But, she wasn’t immune, her body was feeding from the matter, converting the energy into something different that her body could withstand. Without giving any further words, she began to move through the bars, only because of the electrical charge that could give the very matter of her body the assimilation of tiny quantum particles that welcome the energy as she passed through, and was in no time standing on the other side, now within the Cell, with Bodae. “So now what?” She questioned, the hint of amusement playing in her eyes.
11:39:16 Rave had ate out in the town, and she had made contact with anothe mutant. Oddly not by choice, as she felt the memories, emotions and the physical hatred the man had for that of the human race. She had heard the mob and all against the others, but she couldn't help that well right now. Not without exposing the school of course, and it wasn't wise. So she was walking toward the mansion, pulling her hood up to shadow her appearance. Sliding her hands into her pockets after her hood was up. Rave would lift her gaze toward the school, as those hazel gray eyes had linger for the moment. "Time to relax at home I guess.." the girl was so use to the streets, to stay in a place bigger then she used to. It still bugged her. She had figured out the power that man had passed to her… deal with fire she would have to talk to the professor or one of the teachers there that perhaps knew more to control it.
11:48:08 [Ego] As things tend to be coincidence for the comic book genre, so too was the narration of the trio who followed the mind whispers to arrive where Rave had was, minus the delicious meal time due to the complications. One of the three, the red one was breathing ragged as she fell to a sagging sit, with the blue blonde would be skipping around the sitting one, and finally the green gal just folded her arms. Azuria would speak up first, "Hey like totally cool hair there~" the sing songy tone would seem to match her rather fluid movements toward Rave as she circled the girl. "So… did you totes get a mind whisper to come here too?" The other two watched from the short distance away, Red still breathing hard, and Green just standing guard.
11:51:02 Bodae was biding his time, working inwardly to stoke that fire back up. To be ready for it. There was no reaction from him as she began in again, pouring over him from every angle like water, searching for that one breach. He held his place and pose, turned sidelong towards her as he loosened his hand joints out with a firm squeeze as she began to lay it on thick again. That half-smirk remained as she went on and on until something changed. Bodae became still as a statue, even his hands stopped as she found her foothold. Quantum found the nail that stuck out the farthest. Nostrils flaring, his breathing quickened. There it was. The violence. Bodae wanted to hear more, to follow this line of thinking, but the part of him that the world had made did not. That latter part of him, it was the one that whirled on the woman with a whoosh of feathers and rushed over the two steps that separated them. It was heart-stopping fast…but it never connected. Throwing those feathered appendages out to -
11:51:04 Bodae - either side they bunched against the walls and crackled with electricity as he loomed over her, muscles under strain and pain leaving him twitching and breathing hard through gritted teeth. They were close enough to nearly touch now, and Bodae’s body said ‘murder’. But his eyes, they could not share in the ruse. Would the woman flee back through the bars? Or did she truly think whatever meager information he had was worth being maimed or killed over?
11:52:34 Leo enters this room 11:53:38 Leo yawns and waves. "Mornin folk"
11:53:52 Ego bites Leo x3
11:54:08 Leo‘` flail.
11:56:21 Rave had went to move when she heard a girl, and turn to look toward the blond now skipping around her in an odd way. "Thanks.." she had made sure no skin of her own was showing as she would twist and turn for the moment. "No… the whisper hadn’t came to me. But I know the place.. your heading toward the school. Xavier must of been calling to you." speaking lightly for the moment. Then she had noticed who the girls were… The band that had caused a rage of people to go after them. Looking pass the blond toward the red head and dark hair girl a moment. Before her gaze would soon look back toward the blond a moment. "Who are you guys anyways…" asking this lightly. As she would step back from them. It wasn't against them or anything, it was due to her powers she was very edgey with those she was around.
12:03:59 [Quantum] There were many things that Anna was, including smart, intellectual, friendly, peaceful and compassionate. Along with her powers her nature was personified in all she did, how she acted and how she spoke. She did not flinch as the man suddenly roared toward her with anger so bridled she could feel it palpitate through the cell. Rippling through her core. She knew it was dark anger and it wasn’t necessarily against her. But she was what represented what ever it was. The fact was though, she also knew she had touched a nerve. “That’s it, isn’t it? The fact they abandoned you. Left you behind. Someone else has done that to you before. This isn’t new for you.” Her eyes held almost compassion as she gazed upon his darkening features, like a beast he’d become as she remained standing there, a beauty of almost innocence, appealing to him on —
12:04:10 [Quantum] some level but knowing she couldn’t break through with ease. He still did not know about the force field around her. The impenetrable wall that nothing could break through. In terms of strength. “Killing me will not solve your problem or situation. Nor will it serve make you feel better. You <b>will</I> only live to regret it later. Don’t you think you’ve put yourself through enough pain already? What is it that you truly want? To shred me apart? Would that fix things? To escape and to what? Go back to those who already showed you their backs? To be alone? Isolated from the rest of the World. No contact with anyone? Or do you want to die? Do you feel so angry you want to die? So cheated against by the group you were with? Why let them do this to you.? I can -feel- your strength. You have power. You have gifts. They are yours. —
12:04:18 [Quantum] But most of all you have yourself and no one can take that from you. You only have to make a choice to decide just what it is you truly want. And let me help, if I can.”
12:06:45 [Ego] The other two would get up around this time, making there way over but the blonde Azuria continued to speak, "Well…. We're totally not going to eat you little red riding hood~ would make a claw hands and wolf face, literally, as she said this, and then started to howl in laughter depending on the reaction from Rave… scratch that, would howl in laughter anyway after the prank-change. Either way, the Green gal would clear her throat into a fist as Red aka Zigmund would speak up, "Uh hey there. Hope she didn't scare you too much.. Seriously, we're not dangerous, and were just trying to keep a low profile before things got bad." Overhearing the last bit, Red would ask, "So, Xavier.. helps people like us in the school? Its not like some weird brain washing or something is it?" the questions would have the pauses for the actual answer and similar, but now that Red was close enough to examine Rave's features more fully, there was a slight tint to her cheeks as she looked down and fidgetted. The »
12:08:23 [Ego] green Neon would clap a hand to Zig's shoulder and squeeze, as it to get her out of the trance as she said, "OW! Uh, this is Neon, here, the friendly green gal, blondie you already met, she's Azuria, and my name's Zigmund. Nice to m-meetcha," would say after the squeeze. Azuria would wave her arms like a cheerleader, "Yay! Friendship is magical, or mutational!", as Green would facepalm.
12:08:34 [Leo] .... 12:08:36 [Leo] YOU AGAIN!
12:08:54 [Ego] Me again
12:08:59 Leo flails and hides behind Rave 12:11:20 [Rave] why hide behind me! 12:11:30 [Ego] He wants to touch your bum 12:11:38 [Leo] S/HE SCARES ME!
12:11:55 Ego watches Leo get drained and say, "Worth it…" before fainting.
12:12:15 [Ego] why Leo?
12:12:34 [Leo‘`] No clue, just thought it fit
12:16:30 Evienne enters this room
12:16:44 Bodae was so frustrated he felt as though he may simply explode. That the vein in his neck would run up like a fuse to his brain, and paint the inside of the cell and Quantum with bits of Bodae. She didn’t even flinch, didn’t make to defend herself. Intimidation was a tactic he fell back on often and was rather good at, having learned early on that not every fight, is worth fighting. But here it was doing him no good. His interrogator was slowly but surely peeling back the layers, thin and red as they were, and finding the scab beneath. The pain he was taking on his wings became too much and he brought them down once more, the points of contact smoking as feathers smoldered from the exchange. Bodae seemed to shrink a size or two. “…there ain’t anything to tell, I’m just’a grunt.” The winged mutant rattled out a sigh that seemed to rob his body of its tension, rubbing those scar heavy knuckles much slower now.
12:17:21 Evienne exits from this room
12:17:21 Rave didn’t seem to flinch when Azuria had continued to speak to her, as she would smirk. "Your not that scary, nor would I fear someone like the three of you." she would be honest about it. But she hadn't moved for that moment. For Zigmund had moved toward her and it caused her to wonder about them. "Not very good at keeping a low profile, with so openly showing what you cacn do. It can cause some chaos within its wake." still she hadn't brought her hands out to view of the girls. She kind of wish she had brough her gloves with her of course. As she would give a faint smile again. "Its a school to help manage what you can do. If you don't have full control and unlock what you don't know what else you can do." speaking this of course. She lean back faintly to noticed how Zigmund was examing her in a bit. But she would step back as well. "Nice to meet you all." and slowly she would move to turn to walk toward the school again. "You guys can walk with me if you like."
12:17:44 Leo inserts self here 12:17:53 Leo body shot up, sheets tossed aside, beads of sweat dripping down his face and chest as he panted. It was the voices again, the voices were driving him bonkers. It had to be at least one hundred fifty voices spinning through his head right now. All together it was like nails on a chalkboard, enough to give him a splitting headache. Hands moved up to clasp his skull as his breathing became labored as he panted trying to do as he was instructed by Xavier, push the voices out. It took several minutes before he was able to push them out. His heartbeat was racing about a mile a minute, figuratively speaking as he closed his eyes and tried his damndest to relax. Nightstand drawer pulled open, he pulled out three bottles of pills and took two of each, gulping down the water. Eventually he became to calm down as he grabed fresh clothing and headed straight for the showers.
12:20:31 [Quantum] Brb!
12:22:59 [Leo‘`] k!
12:23:46 [Ego] Maybe loudly because they were PSYCHIC constructs, Leo’s mind would hear the conversation or least personification of the images in his head.. If not, well, he was just that good at pushing the mind maidens out of his grey matter. Back on the ground, the trio plus one would be walking down the field. Zigmund, still a little shy as she rubbed a bicep with the opposite free hand as Neon, always quiet and on guard would glare like some tough thug at anyone trying to get in their path. Azuria would speak up, "So hey! Totes awesome the school can help manage our powers and unlock potential, BUT!!!!! she would point to Rave's ass at this point and then nudge Zigmund who would immediately just get as red as her outfit. "How do we unlock
Neon would smack Azuria on the back of the head, making her face plant into the ground briefly and spit dirt as she recovered Zigmund would seem to break out of the trance of watching Rave from behind at this point and say, "Uh, so… like it here?"
12:28:28 [Rave whispers to Ego] Just curious Ego taken a liking to Rave?
12:28:28 [Leo‘`] Wtf are you on about ’mind maidens'
12:29:12 [Ego] psychic constructs, figure the personification of psychic energy might do something he can rp too
12:29:38 [Ego] otherwise, continue on, no worries
12:30:03 [Ego whispers to Rave] ayep, but yanno, teen boy and all
12:30:16 [Ego whispers to Rave] so crushing, no real feels yet
12:30:33 [Rave whispers to Ego] xD just curious, cause of the posting and all.
12:30:42 [Ego whispers to Rave] mmmhmm
12:31:25 [Quantum] back. Typing! )
12:31:40 [Leo] Weba Qq! 12:31:56 [Ego] weeb Leapfrog 12:36:08 Aliss enters this room 12:37:31 [Leo] Welcoe Aliss
12:38:05 [Aliss] Ty ^^
12:38:08 [Ego] Welcoe Alism
12:39:01 Rave glanced back a moment as she would look toward the three again. Due to the blue one being so preppy and well the other two seem level headed of course. But it was the flush of Zigmund that caused her to be curious at that. "Its different that what I'm use to." speaking this lightly as she went. Those hazel grey hues would watch them once more curiousity for that moment. But she would look away as well. Thinking as her hands finally came out of her pockets to fix her hood. "So where are you three from?" asking as they got closer to the gate of the school. Pressing the buzzer, as the gate would soon open and she would push against it. At least Rave knew how to keep her thoughts clear of somethings, due to telepaths within the place. It bugged her so much.
12:40:27 [Carth] If you have questions, Aliss whisper me or the profile. I'll do my best to respond. I'm about to head into work. Rave and Leo are also capable of reaching me through skype.
12:40:51 [Aliss] Alright thanks ^^
12:41:15 [Quantum] For a moment she was fearful he may just burst. Her eyes widened at the range of anger soaring through the man, yet, she wasn’t afraid. Strangely she was pulled toward him in some manner, wanting to give his soul a hug. Shaking her head slowly, she wouldn’t reveal her emotions through her eyes or features, though she wanted him to stop the pain he was bringing himself. About to tell him to stop, he seemed to do so himself. Willingly settling down as the scent of scorched feathers filled her olfactory senses. Eyes shifting to the soft laden fluff, she focused on the matter, the very build up of them, and as she had the day before with the fires, suck the oxygen from within, dampening the feathers so that what burned was put out. She couldn’t heal him as she could herself for he wasn’t born of the Quantum Force, as she had been but, she did at least ensure his wings didn’t singe further or set full aflame. The tension in the room was still palatable, oozing
12:41:20 [Quantum] of the man despite the essence of his power had lessened. Anna remained where she was, then inched closer toward him, bridging the distance. “There is more to you than meets the eye. More to you than you let yourself truly be. I don’t think you caused the flames or the chaos yesterday. I don’t sense true evil intent in you. But I do feel the blockage you are trying to put up. I may take time, but I can spend days, limitless energy and time to break through. Or you can simply give in now and tell me what happened yesterday. Let me help you.” She reiterated her words, repeating them every so often as to re-affirm what she wanted to do, in his mind. “They cannot harm you while you are here, but if we were to set you free, they would, wouldn’t they? They’d hunt you down. Kill you. It seems to me your choices are limited. But I’m not —
12:41:24 [Leo] Dracarys too, if I decide to use him today 12:41:31 [Quantum] killing you. No one here is. People died yesterday. Many people died. Their families, children, husbands, wives, while you may not think much of that, it still happened. And for what? They were innocents in all of this. Perhaps even you were. Or did you enjoy seeing the destruction?” 12:42:02 [Ego] Gonna type more Leo, or c====|:::SHOWER TIME?::::> 12:42:20 [Leo] Um…yeah…
12:42:51 [Ego] (where is the school again, New York?)
12:43:28 [Leo] Weschester NY 12:44:56 [Ego] my geography is bad, and kinda glazes over when i read wikis about em, is that a burbs or more like a city? 12:45:31 Leo After the shower and he was fully dressed, it was time to go on out into the halls and see what the goings on were. He hated waking up like that, but by now he was used to it. Down to the kitchen first and foremost, just to grab an apple and shine it all up. Now he wanted to go outside, and he was quite dressed for it. Opening the front door, he stepped out and closed it, biting directly into the apple, chewing then swallowing before he noticed Rave with three…women. “Er…” he spoke just gawking at them. A shake of the head to clear his thoughts he turned his attention toward Rave and offered a friendly wave. “Hey Rave, who’s your friend?”
12:45:34 [Leo] Middle of nowhere 12:45:41 [Carth] Jens is approveddd 12:46:18 [Jens] Wooo. 12:46:20 [Leo] Welcome Jens!
12:46:29 [Ego] yay Jens
12:46:40 [Jens] Thanks. =] Now I just gotta catch up on the reading.
12:46:44 [X-Men] Free to post in with things, brah.
12:49:36 Carth exits from this room
12:49:36 Carth enters this room
12:49:36 Carth exits from this room
12:49:57 [Leo‘`] hax
12:52:14 [Carth] lol
12:52:52 [Ego] Azuria and Neon were more or less fighting, you know the kind, girl fights, pulling hair, and catfighting… Literally, as Azuria turned into a catgirl and hissed and tried to claw at Neon, who just held her up like some small child with one hand and stuck her tongue out. Zigmund would use this backdrop to continue talking, "Around here actually, just came to the middle of town to rock out but, we were less then well received," laughed nervously, pulling up the tattered part of her shirt up to her shoulder as she said this. "How about you? Around here too or considering the cool rocker look, maybe the big main city?" would ask as well, trying to maintain eye contact with the other girl, but obviously, a bit nervous as pupils dilated and then the welcome interruption of Leo would come in as she said, "Heya, I’m Zigmund, thats-" would gesture as Azuria and Neon both stopped fighting at once to semi pose, "Sugar and spice, and everything niiiice~ I'm Azuria, and this is Neon, and together us three-"
12:54:20 [Ego] OOF wind was expelled from the catgirl as she was hit in the belly and a groaned out, "…catastrophe…" and a nervous chuckle from Red as she said, "Uh yeah, new here, nice to meetcha… and I don't think we're friends quite yet, though would like to be," and looked to Rave shyly, before exclaiming, "with everyone!" clarified and looked to Leo.
12:54:21 Bodae was tired. So damned tired. The past few months had spent working for the invisible Magneto, nothing more than a dog on a chain that he set loose on anyone who displeased him. The mutant was fodder. And if he’d ever had a doubt about his value at all, last night had erased it entirely. He wasn’t of the Brotherhood anymore- they had made sure of that the moment Drac the General made his call: they’d made him into a distraction, marked him as disposable, a stepping stone to their goals, not his own. Still, Quantum did not relent in her calm, reassuring dialogue that ached to drag something out of the man. It wasn’t until she mentioned the Brotherhood hunting him down if the X-Men were to release him that his body language against shifted, pausing what he had been doing to fix her with a squinted look. Then it was onto the innocents, the death roll from the fire and explosions. “If I give y’what you want, you’ll leave me down here to rot.” Bodae rumbled quietly in her direction, clearly still suspicious.
12:57:28 [Leo] I should have DRac actualy come get Bodae....no ones seen his face :P so he could quite easily infiltrate the place. *Chin taps* 12:57:48 [Rave] *has seen the face!* 12:58:06 [Leo] You've seen what was his face at 14….
12:58:20 [Ego] Dude should update his facebook
12:58:30 [Rave] Um Leo he was facing her last night so shush)
12:59:09 [Quantum] You should be aware of the high security around the X-Mansion. And that they don't just let anyone in, OR downstairs in the lower levels. He'd not get close enough to break in without seriously getting damaged. ))
13:00:11 [Rocket_Girl] And if he does… remind me to work on that security system. =3
13:02:23 Rocket_Girl slithers shyly back into the ether.
13:06:24 [Rave] skip me this turn place. Just state I head into the mansion.)
13:08:22 Ego bites Rave x3
13:10:32 Quantum held still for a moment as the notions seemed to rattle through his head. The walls still there, but almost penetrable. She was correct in everything that was being said and he had to know that. She didn’t know it was the Brotherhood yet, of course but she knew the actions of others. And how it felt to be left behind. To take the blame. In some ways she could relate, but this wasn’t about her. It was about the male before her. “Look, why don’t we start of with a name. As I said, I’m Quantum. But that’s my alias. My name is actually Anna. Anna Vaughn. Now you know that, I’ll have to kill you.” She paused a moment before her lips curved into a smile that was softened by her features, though she held herself strong, dominant in some ways, despite the male being larger. It was confidence that exhumed from her, but also empathy. An —
13:10:37 [Quantum] understanding and a want to take a wounded being and fix him. Not that he was just an animal that needed his wings braced, but something deeper. A sense of loneliness that no one would ever feel was evident in the way he didn’t trust her. How he was so weary, so angry with the situation. How he’d been abandoned. “I know you don’t trust me. Yet. That it will take time. I know they left you behind. That you were ’sacrificed’ so they could get away. Dying though - that would just make you a Martyr and why would we want to do that? Why make you more powerful than you already are. Whoever it was who left you behind would use it as a means to go against us. Against the X-Men and their cause. Using your death to wage a war. But that is the keyword, isn’t it? Using. “ She paused a little, the map was still up beside him, she didn’t need —
13:10:46 [Quantum] to pay continual attention on it, unless she was animating it. Once it was there it would remain there until she was done with it. “They’ve set you up. Used you. While I will admit that we will use YOUR information to seek vengeance and stop them attacking again, you yourself will not be used. “
13:13:11 Leo‘` already had the splitting headache, but once Ego began to speak it got a lil worse watching the actions of the…three. Stepping back a bit, he’d clear his throat. “Right, okay…” he spoke his voice trailing off. It was…just creepy to be quite honest as he watched the three. “Try not to use Powerpuff Girl references anymore.” He spoke, not wanting to be rude, but he’d rather not deal with a further splitting headache. Watching Rave walk right past him without so much as a hello. Blinking but twice, he rubbed the back of his head searching his memories. Had he had…a socially awkward moment with her the other day? He ewasn’t entirely sure, he didn’t remember if he’d insulted her. But it was quite possible, due to the level of his I.Q. he wasn’t that…good with conversation. “So umm….come on in?” he spoke.
13:15:30 Aliss exits from this room
13:19:27 [Jens] Posting in.
13:19:35 Jens overslept. Full out snoozing-well-until-noontime… or was it still morning? It felt warm all the same as sunlight filtered through window blinds. After a wrestling match with wrinkled bed sheets, from which he stumbled victoriously off the mattress, he prepped himself. Skip details about his lightened bladder and squeaky cleaned body and fast forward twenty minutes to present time where Jens throws on yesterday’s pair of jeans and a fresh button down shirt. Sleeves rolled up and damp hair ruffled, the young man was ready to tackle another day. Breakfast time was missed but that didn't mean food wasn't available in the kitchen. He toed on worn shoes and took his personal express straight down. Next stop, the kitchen. Virtually instantaneously, his room emptied with a crackling puff of smoke and Jens reappeared in the kitchen
behind another student who tried to sneakily drink milk straight out of the carton. Besides giving him a startle and a white mustache as a result, the teleporter cackled a laugh and -
13:19:46 Jens - gave the choking friend a good pat on the back to ease his embarrassment. "I'm starved. Anything good in the 'fridge?" Jens didn't wait for a particular response and ducked his head inside the magical cold box of food to scavenge what he could. Leftover sandwiches would suffice. Plus a drink that's not milk. Then he'd see what else was on today's schedule.
13:20:47 [Leo‘`] Sorry JEns, logan drank all teh beer…
13:21:04 [Jens] What a party pooper.
13:23:36 [Ego] "Thats just Azuria, she thinks we’re some kind of weird personification of the psyche's innermost desires into damsel form… also known as the powerpuff girls," Zigmund would say as the other two were more or less back into their mode of mangling each other. Zigmund would get a little bit red as Leo invited her in, "Um, not to say you're not cute or anything, but even if we act crazy, doesn't mean we're gonna be a freak in the sheets on the first meeting, bro," still not knowing either of the two's name despite, well introducing themselves twice over. "So.. who is she anyway? Rave?" would ask to make sure what she had heard in the side conversation. "And I think I missed your name, especially if you want to come on into your room," would tease a little to his line before, then more listening for answers as she asked, "Sooo… everyone looks like supermodels and gets superpowers here?"
13:24:38 Rocket_Girl flails and plunges ahead on her powery stuff.
13:24:42 [Ego] btw Jens
13:25:02 [Ego] when you teleport in… could you yell, "LEEROOOOY JENSKIN!"-?
13:25:20 [Leo] nO 13:25:20 Carth whaps Ego with a stick. 13:25:27 [Leo] You're no longer permitted to say that ever
13:25:31 [Leo] Alliance scum >> 13:25:43 Ego snickers and nurses her bump. 13:32:49 Bodae would have taken the joke in stride any other time. Literally, almost any other time than when he was locked in a super-max security facility that he could only assume was likely tucked off into a mountain in Tibet somewhere, or buried under a baseball stadium in the States. A deep, dark hole where no one would find him. A tiny huff out of his nose marked the passing of his amusement. He knew he could give his name, it was a useless thing; the government had little records for the baby boy who vanished from a small-town emergency clinic in his mother’s arms so many years ago. “M’name is Bodae.” The winged mutant began, adjusting his bunched wings slightly to ease the discomfort of the embers she had put out moments ago. “An’ I was in the Brotherhood, up until last night.” Here he paused, turning his attention to her and letting the full weight settle in. “Priscilla has the wings, Dracarys is th’ firebug.” And just like that, he’d played all his cards. Tossed them on the table with empty pockets. - 13:32:52 Bodae - “And I’m the chump. S’all I got.” 13:33:56 [Ego] so to clarify.. did we watch marvel movies? 13:34:22 Leo cleared his throat and just began walking toward the kitchen for a glass of milk. “Ummm right then.” He spoke up. Yet the moment they mention freak in the sheets, he turned around and stared at both. “Listen up. I would rather cut off my own dick than sleep with either one of you possible STD infested bitches….you may think that the world revolves around your vagina, but understand this…that’s only going to make you a social outcast, and a prostitute. So do me a favor? Fuck off.” He spoke. Back to the kitchen. She’s right…she did miss his name, but that’s because he didn’t give it, nor would he confirm her question about Rave’s name…he’d just met the trio five minutes ago and already he was wanting to go jump off a cliff….
13:34:23 [Ego] but not the x-men ones?
13:35:51 [Rave] afk)
13:37:40 [Leo‘`] brb(
13:37:57 [Ego] At the swearing, Neon would get all business, frankly, no one talked to her charge that was as the green giant strength’d gal would move over and attempt to grab Leo for breaking society protocols of niceness and basically beat it into him. Ironic huh? Azuria would stand by the side and yell, "No pussying around with dat comment, woohoo!" and fist pump. As Zigmund would scrunch her face in anger, and say, "Dude, what the fuck," not bothering or noticing the super-ego about to try and smack down Leo due to her own anger making the blood pump to her head and drown out the noticing of things. Either way, if Neon was successful in her slow grab, Leo would be hung upside down until he apologized or Red noticed.
13:46:16 ‘Kay enters this room
13:47:22 [Quantum] The Brotherhood. There is was. Deep down she knew it was them, but Magneto and those hadn’t show as much presence lately. Until yesterday. The names given were familiar to Anna and the other X-Men, they were on the list of those to watch. Her facial reactions didn’t change - although there was a slight surprise that he had given her the information as he had. She imagined it would have been days. Maybe weeks. But, she had appealed to his better nature. And she had promises to keep. “Bodae..” She repeated his name. “You have done the right thing. We will stop at nothing to stop the Brotherhood from killing innocent people. Our war with is them. Not you.” She paused a moment reaching over toward him, her hand held out in an attempt to shake his. She kept it there to see if he would take it, while she spoke further. “ You aren’t a chump. They view you that way. They were the ones to treat you that way. But that —
13:47:32 [Quantum] isn’t who you are. So you need to stop thinking like that. The Brotherhood are self serving. Each member has their own goal, despite being behind Magneto. Anyone of them would take the man on, if they could to grasp hold of his power over others. They would stab each other in the back, the minute they got. It’s happened before and it will happen again. Here, it’s different. We are family. We treat each other with respect. Students are raised to learn their powers for the benefit of good. To help others like us and mortals who are weaker than us. We do not dominate.” Her hand remained outward before she smiled some more. “It is nice to meet you, Bodae. Other than the wings, what else can you do?”
13:49:06 Jens gathered what was presumably a plate of leftover turkey sandwiches and two extra oranges. He closed the refrigerator’s mouth with his foot after he spun around and hopped over to an empty seat. A glass of water would have to sate his thirst after the meal. Hints of the earlier shower licked the nape of his neck and he made a mental note to dry his hair more thoroughly next time. Crunch went the lettuce as he took his first bite and half saluted, half pointed at the friend who left after returning the milk carton. Munch, munch, chew, chew. His second and third bite were enjoyed to its fullest before he heard unpleasant background noise from not too afar. Assuming Leo never made it to the kitchen, the consequence of mouthing off lady Hulk sounded quite unpleasant. With his breakfast in hand, Jens took the long way to investigate
by foot. An eyebrow shot up over a puzzled expression at what he, supposedly, saw. He dared not approach too close, not when he had a sandwich to finish, but he hunkered over and -
13:49:15 Jens - twisted his neck to meet Leo eye to eye at the uncomfortable angle. "What's going on here?" Insert his signature grin. [But if Neon was unsuccessful in her earlier grab, just leave Jens at the kitchen table to finish his meal.]
13:49:19 [Leo] You ratted??!?! YOU RATTED?!?!?! 13:51:08 Quantum is that good. 13:53:31 Rocket_Girl high fives Quantum. 13:53:32 [Leo] brb again, sorry)
13:56:56 Bodae thought he may have caught a flicker in her facade for the first time when he dropped that name. That must be what it took to shake her. She said he’d done the ‘right’ thing, but it didn’t feel that way. He hadn’t felt ‘right’ since the first time he’d shook Magneto’s hand, those years ago. They’d kept him around as a goon, a lackey, keeping him pinned firmly to the bottom rung of the latter and away from the opportunities he needed to move anywhere at all in the organization. Then, she stuck out her hand. Bodae looked at it for a few long seconds, listening to her talk about ‘family’ and ‘respect’. Someone should let the two old timers know how similar their recruitment pitches were getting these days, because he’d heard these promises before. They were what got him here. The winged mutant took her hand with a firm, calloused grip and gave it a single shake before releasing. Quantum wanted to know what he did besides fly, and he gave a slight shrug. “I fight.” -
13:56:59 Bodae - A quick once over what skin was exposed- including that crooked nose –would solidify his claim with varying shades and shapes of scar tissue.
13:58:21 [Leo] Back, posting) 14:01:28 Leo paid very little attention to either of them, but as he was grabbed her just stared her down. “Okayyyy then?” He spoke before blinking twice as the voices came back. FUUUCCKKKK he thought to himself as the migraine came back. Gripping his skull, he’d grumble in pain. Granted she hadn’t even laid a finger on him yet, but he wasn’t going to apologize, due to her…comment about him apparently wanting to get into her pants, which was no way, no how even remotely close to anything he’d said. Apparently the woman thought he wanted to fuck the shit out of her? Which made him think she though the world revolved around her vagina. The voices were getting worse and worse, it was now like screaming banshee’s as he rived in agony. Taking short deep breaths, he panted and pushed them out, unable to hear Jens’ comment.
14:02:01 Vibrato enters this room
14:06:09 [Rave] -is back with a changed picture xD-
14:06:18 [Ego] The mind attack seemed to paralyze Leo into inaction, so Neon would find him easy prey to her mitts as she lifted the man, probably exasperating his migraine even more. The upside down position was anything but friendly looking as Neon would shake him up a little more. Azuria would take out her phone, snapping pictures as Zigmund would call out, "NO! Stop!" holding up a hand to all of the scene unfolding, but she was only human, and with only human reflexes/emotions as things unfolded for the mild mannered mutant who wanted to fit in, rather than be a misfit like this misogynist was implying. "Just apologize and she'll stop," would plead to Leo, wondering if his pride was going to be stronger than pavement if Neon followed through with the next course of action and maybe hoped the newcomer Jens would figure this scene out.
14:07:07 [Ego] cool Rave, and welcome back
14:07:54 [Rave] Thanks)
14:08:05 [Rocket_Girl] Huzzah!
14:08:13 Rocket_Girl is finally done with this profile.
14:08:20 [Leo‘`] I’ll let Carth know
14:09:00 [Rocket_Girl] Thank you, doll. ^ ^
14:11:19 [Rave] So I take it you guys are still in the hall way to the kitchen
14:11:57 [Leo‘`] Ish
14:12:10 [Carth] gimme a sec
14:13:09 [Quantum] Trust wasn’t born in a day. It was gained over time. Anna was well aware of this. She didn’t trust the man before her, but he had done as she asked. Now was the test to see if he would stay. At least for the time being. She would grip his hand in a firm shake noting the features of the fighter before her. It was evident from before that he had physical strength from how he’d towered over her svelte form, knowing he would likely crush her if not for her Q-field that protected her from such things. “I am going to open the cell. You have given us the information that we need. We know who is behind the attacks. I would ask you to tell me more. Locations and such. But I am a woman of my word. I told you, you would not be a prisoner if you gave me what I asked for, and as such, you are free to go.” She turned around and moved toward the cell, sliding through the bars with ease as her molecular structure allowed for the current ridden bars to do so. —
14:13:21 [Quantum] On the outside now, she hit the wall, releasing the bars and the electricity so that there was open space for him to walk through. “I will remind you that you are safe here. No one can reach you. No one can get at you. Out there, you are alone and vulnerable. I do not think you stupid. Therefore I believe you will not return to the Brotherhood. Allow us to give you protection. Help us, as a way of bringing down the corruption that is the Brotherhood. You will have a room of your own. Others like you, surrounding you. People you may one day call friends. Who will not treat you as dirt, but as one of their own.” She paused, knowing that he’d likely heard this from others, in various factions. “Food, water.. Whatever you request will be brought to you. You have only to speak out loud and the System will pick up your voice. You will be provided a means of comfort.” Anna held her gaze momentarily on the man. “If you leave, I am sorry —
14:13:32 [Quantum] you couldn’t find it in you to want to stay. Whatever reasons are driving you, I hope you find peace.” With that, she stepped aside so he could exit if he so wished. What she didn’t tell him was that she had placed a small device while shaking his hand. A locator. She would know where to find him, whenever. So that if he did leave, she could keep an eye out for him. Anna could not send him out there alone. Perhaps she was expecting to much. But she always believed in treating someone with respect. Unless they were stone cold killers. Like the ones that Bodae had named. There would be no offer of freedom for them. Only capture, and imprisonment stood ahead of them. For a lifetime and longer.
14:18:03 [Carth] Rocket is approved c:
14:18:24 [Ego] \m/ rock on Rocket.
14:18:47 Rocket_Girl throws her hands in their air like she’s a true playa'.
14:18:47 Quantum high-fives Rocket.
14:18:58 [Quantum] Though I think Binary would have been a cool name for your char too :)
14:19:17 Rocket_Girl wasn't planning on going this route until after the name.
14:19:26 [Bodae] BoomBoom. ]
14:19:35 Rocket_Girl had something else in mind, so it's subject to change. ^ ^
14:19:37 Quantum understands that
14:19:37 Niv enters this room
14:20:06 Rocket_Girl wiggles…. JUST REMEMBERED she should add weaknesses and the likes. Because no one is invisible.
14:20:10 Rave had went upstairs to change real quickly, and of course fix her hair for the moment. So the light red of her hair was beginning to show through more. Her eyes begin more light as she was relaxed. It seem she had left Leo to play host that wasn't going to well from the moment she left her room. Her attire was plain one could say, a plaid long sleeve top that was over her tank-top, with black gloves on, hip hugger jeans and ankle boots. As she came down her fingers curled into a fist. "Put Leo down now!" she could feel the heat flowing against her right hand as se would step down the stairs as she would glare at the girls for that moment. "One can only be nice if one is kind to them, and if comments are rude, rude ones come back." she spoke out in annoyance of course. And she had noticed Jens too, as she would look between them all.
14:20:16 [Rocket_Girl] Invincible.
14:22:30 [Ego] Mmmhmm
14:26:04 Rocket_Girl also belatedly thanks Carth! ^ ^
14:26:11 [Ego] for tech heroes, i like… power source issues.
14:27:03 [Ego] besides the usual emp, water, etc stuff
14:27:42 [Bodae] Maybe her wifi is unprotected. ]
14:28:08 Rocket_Girl laughed harder at that than she should have.
14:28:12 [Ego] or has that annoying 'buffering' thing for bigger devices
14:28:22 [Rave] *waits for Ego, Jens and Leo's post now*
14:28:31 [Ego] waiting on Jens
14:28:31 [Quantum] XD
14:28:42 [Quantum] Where are you kids? Still in the kitchen?
14:28:52 [Ego] and then Leo, then me
14:28:59 [Ego] close enough, yeah
14:29:04 [Ego] halls to the kitchen^
14:29:40 [Quantum] Alright. I will be posting in soon to you all.
14:30:47 [Quantum] Going to have a bite to eat. Then you best all be on your best behavoir! )
14:31:12 [Carth] uh oh. big momma Q coming to boss you around
14:34:15 Leo wasn’t going to apologize, period. She could hang him upside down for an entire month(Grantd probably don’t want to do that since logically it’lll kill him due to lack of bloodflow throughout the body), but he still wouldn’t apologize, now when she flat out thought he wanted to sleep with her, damn all that. Getting that voice within his head…he knew who’s it was, it was Rave’s, she was…she was pissed. Pushing out the voices but all but Rave’s. Still hanging upside down, his migraine only grew worse as he gripped his skull. Want to know what happens when you put a telepath under extreme duress? WElp…you’re about to find out. The migraine was becoming too much as a blast of psyche was force from his mind, in about a five yard range… It was a blast to the mind. Hopefully Rave ewasn’t within five yards…otherwise they’re going to have major pain in their head. 14:34:19 [Rocket_Girl] Test! 14:35:08 [Leo] ROCKET GIRL!!! BURNING HER FUSE UP HERE ALONE!!!
14:35:11 ( Ego rolls 3d20 => 2, 20, 17 = 39 )
14:35:53 [Leo] Sure? 14:38:13 [Ego] think Jens is out, typing 14:38:33 [Ego] least not on list 14:39:21 [Rave] I think he timed out. 14:39:28 [Leo] prolly
14:44:57 Priscilla_Blake enters this room
14:45:05 [Ego] As Rave come down to the rumble next to the tummy grumbles, Red would try to exert some control as her desire to look cool in front of the girl she liked tried to assert herself. The problem? The id was not so easily controlled as the psychic wave started from Leo's epicentre as the catgirl would literally take a catnap after being hit in mid air from the mindwave ripple. Still, Zigmund was grounded in reality, even as the wave was coming out, it was blocked by Azuria's now sleeping form. FLIP! The super-ego was taking over Zigmund like some Jekyll and Hyde thing as the flipped was switched to hyper order. "This place, lacks SYMMETRY!" Zigmund would cackle out, "Now apologize dirtbag for women everywhere, you NEVER call someone a walking STD, bitch, or other ungentlemanly like things. I don't care if no one raised you right and your mom didn't love you, or you're just a mutant with a chip on their shoulder.. It just ain't MANLY to insult the fairer sex with those words!" lectured out as she waved her>
14:45:33 [Ego] fingers in a tsking motion, as Neon, who just took the mindblast, being a stoic mind construct, would wave him back and forth like a metronome as this occurred.
14:45:43 [Priscilla_Blake] Hello everyone :)
14:46:02 [Leo] PRISSSYYYY 14:46:10 [Priscilla_Blake] Leo!!!!! 14:48:12 [Leo] Um…
14:48:19 [Leo] What are your mental defenses, Ego? 14:48:44 [Ego] rolled above^ 14:49:02 [Leo] um…this isn't a rolling rp
14:49:06 [Ego] figure i had a 50/50 shot being a psychic construct user, so, 10+ = success
14:49:18 [Priscilla_Blake] TOD? Locations?
14:49:24 [Leo] unless you have defenses stated in your profile, which you have zero defenses listed in your profile. 14:49:32 [Leo] Xavier Institute
14:50:20 Dracarys enters this room
14:50:31 Dracarys tugs on her wing.
14:50:50 [Priscilla_Blake] -Leans into Drac-
14:51:00 Dracarys pat pat.
14:51:18 [Rave] sorry my mood is killed on posting I'll be back later.
14:51:21 Rave exits from this room
14:51:29 [Priscilla_Blake] ??
14:51:59 [Priscilla_Blake] So are we starting a new day since I had to sidestep out?
14:52:37 [Dracarys] yes, which means we have someone to make squirm
14:52:56 [Priscilla_Blake] Bodae are you joining?
14:53:04 [Ego] So lemme get this straight, I use psychic constructs, rolled for the results because i didn't wanna seem like a dick, but if its not explicitly listed in my profile, i can't 'defend'?
14:53:54 [Dracarys] Bodae was captured because he didn't listen to the orders of getting the fuck out XD
14:54:10 [Leo‘`] It’lll be handled in a moment Ego, getting a mod ruling
14:54:11 [Quantum] I think people should be entitled to roll. If they wish for outcomes.
14:54:16 [Priscilla_Blake] So he is at the Institue winning at life?
14:54:43 [Priscilla_Blake] Institute?
14:54:43 [Ego] nah its cool Leo, I dont really wanna rp anymore
14:54:51 [Ego] say it worked, they leave with a headache
14:56:06 [Leo‘`] k…
14:56:38 [Quantum] There needs to be a solid ruling about this.
14:56:50 [Quantum] What Ego did was fair in many situations.
14:56:52 [Dracarys] I completely agree
14:57:02 [Quantum] And not everyone lists EVERY weakness.
14:57:22 [Dracarys] What they should do is list the ’rolling' in their profile
14:57:22 [Priscilla_Blake] Should there be a limit?
14:57:42 [Quantum] The fact that Ego is a mind concept power alone, denotes he/she could have power against it.
14:57:46 Jens enters this room
14:57:53 [Quantum] No, they shouldn't have to list it either.
14:58:04 [Quantum] If people want to roll at certain times, they should be allowed too.
14:58:05 [Jens] My power went wonky for a bit, sorry about that.
14:58:13 [Quantum] that is RP.
14:58:27 [Priscilla_Blake] Welcome back.
14:58:35 [Quantum] it keeps things active and going, and allows for situations to occur that usually wouldn't.
14:58:37 [Jens] Thanks. =]
14:58:45 [Priscilla_Blake] You're welcome.
14:59:14 [Quantum] Rather than have them just say …"This this and this.." They show the outcome with their roll. So you couldn't argue against it. Instead you still argued against it. »
14:59:50 [Leo] Apologies. 15:00:01 [Leo] But however, it says they're all psychic constructs, correct?
15:01:07 [Quantum] What are YOUR weaknesses Leo?
15:01:14 [Quantum] I don't see them listed on either of your profiles.
15:01:45 [Bodae] This debate is about four replies away from a full derailment. If it hasn't been settled by now, everyone move along and bring it up to the mod.
15:02:12 [Ego] Aye, I take the blow, leave with a headache, end our scene.
15:02:19 [Dracarys] Let's just end the subject so we don't all start yelling at each other…and derail the rp
15:02:37 [Quantum whispers to Ego] I just want you to know I agree with you. And what you did.
15:02:43 [Dracarys] Ego, you don't take the hit.
15:02:55 [Ego whispers to Quantum] thanks, i try to keep it fair
15:02:59 [Dracarys] Just move on, let Leo post, blah blah blah
15:03:04 Quantum isn't yeling, is simply asking since it was brought up in terms of listing weaknesses.
15:03:24 [Dracarys] Oh, I completely understand Q, but I want to end it before it escalates to that
15:03:57 [Quantum] I suggest you update both your profiles then. Before you question someone else next time. :) -hushes-
15:04:11 [Ego whispers to Quantum] i appreciate the backup
15:04:16 Dracarys duct tapes Q's mouth. "Don't make me spank you »"
15:05:21 [Dracarys whispers to Ego] I've seen them in several different rp's, always acting sexual and bitching out once they're called on it
15:05:40 [Ego whispers to Dracarys] who?
15:05:49 [Dracarys whispers to Ego] So just…meh, Leo's a lil awkward, leave him be for now. Sorry for that
15:06:53 [Dracarys whispers to Ego] So just take a deep breath, go take a break if you need it.
15:07:37 [Ego whispers to Dracarys] I've played a few double or trio concepts, but I don't remember bitching at anyone for a rp. And Drac, I'm cool man, I know I did the right and fair thing, just don't wanna rp anymore cuz of the derail
15:08:01 [Ego whispers to Dracarys] appreciate the concern tho
15:17:41 Leo`` Okay so it didn’t work all that well, and he was still hanging in there…kinda. “No…” he said bluntly. He refused to apologize since she lashed out at him for no apparent reason stating that he wanted to get her in the sheets, damn all that. He had a legitimate reason for what he said, and if she has a problem with that, than it’s her own fault. As she waved him back and forth, he just continued to grip his skull. Torturing a student probably wouldn’t look good on your part, if you can see they’re in constant agony, see they’re in constant pain, probably best to halt such actions lest you wish a professor or higher student to get involvled, right?
15:19:17 [Ego] Not the way they wanted to start their first day at school, or any impression to people they wanted to impress. They got hurt from the head blast and retired to whatever room assignment until they felt better.

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