22:54:45 Minuet enters this room
22:55:12 [Carth] Hello, Min
22:55:24 [Dilan] Evening Minuet
22:55:24 [Dracarys] Hi Min!
22:55:34 [Carth] Send any questions my way
22:55:48 [Dracarys] Or send them to me, and I can send them to him!
22:56:01 [Minuet] …that seems like a convoluted way to do things.
22:56:07 [Dracarys] Whichever further complicates and confuses logic.
23:00:16 [Dilan] I haven't seen 'Days of Future Past' yet but is it worth it?
23:00:51 [Dracarys] Ish
23:00:53 [Dracarys] Purdy gewd
23:01:22 [Carth] It's a pretty average movie
23:02:14 [Minuet] It's a reset button that gives us back our X-men.
23:02:33 [Dracarys] Isn't that simliar to playing country backwards?
23:02:36 [Minuet] It's just a reset button, but it is SUCH A SHINY reset button. Also, Mystique's agency saves the world, which made me happy.
23:02:41 [Dracarys] Except you get your wife back…your struck…your dog…
23:03:00 [Dilan] Ahaa thank you guys
23:04:20 Myriad enters this room
23:04:21 >[Myriad] Welcome to the Keep. Please try to be pleasant and polite. Forum. Also, beta-testing for Fallen Citadel here.
23:04:31 [Dilan] Evening Myriad
23:04:46 Myriad gives a tentacle wave.
23:05:00 Dracarys twitch
23:05:12 [Dracarys] My first instinct from that photo is tenticle porn….
23:05:23 [Myriad] osom?
23:05:39 [Dracarys] Yes
23:05:55 [Myriad] heh, this is way old profile tho
23:06:50 [Myriad] how about Drac? Oldie or a newbie?
23:07:38 [Dracarys] …
23:07:45 [Dracarys] New profile, experiened player
23:09:35 [Myriad] cool cool. Used to use this profile a ton for school rp with powers, so good to see an X-men rp
23:11:18 [Myriad] any particular plot points you usually enjoyed as a pc?
23:12:35 [Dracarys] Exploding liquor stores mostly…
23:12:47 [Dracarys] Lots of comsbustive matierals with those….
23:13:00 [Myriad] I would.. probably be one of the bottles inside the store, and burn horribly
23:14:15 [Myriad] or maybe turn into whatever glass does when it burns… glass blob
23:14:29 [Myriad] Like one of those dragon quest slimes
23:17:25 [Myriad] so actiony scenes Drac? How about you Dilan? You got any modus operandi you enjoy?
23:17:53 [Dracarys] CArth, skype
23:18:12 [Dracarys] …
23:18:13 [Dracarys] Um
23:18:16 [Dracarys] A few days ago
23:18:32 [Dilan] I have my ways
23:18:53 [Dilan] -Taps temple- Keep it all in here
23:20:15 Myriad enters the Temple of Dilan and defeats all the nazis for the holy MO
23:21:06 Dilan Has no Nazis up there… Just nothingness
23:21:20 [Dilan] I've yet to make an entrance, so there's not a whole lot in storage
23:23:54 [Myriad] well, i could turn into a welcome mat
23:24:52 [Dilan] Perhaps… I don't like to step on people without a fight though so save it for the next new one ^^
23:27:27 [Myriad] hehe
23:30:30 [Myriad] speaking of which, i should prolly try to be that new one
23:30:52 [Myriad] i wonder if it would turn into a inception paradox..a welcome mat within a welcome mat
23:31:05 [Minuet] The welcome mat is literally Hitler.
23:31:15 [Myriad] WAAAH!?
23:31:35 [Dilan] "Welcome to mein house"
23:31:44 [Myriad] could it at least be mechitler?
23:33:09 [Myriad] whats the profile name here?
23:33:42 [Dracarys] afk snack time
23:34:02 [Dilan] /whois x-men
23:34:18 [Myriad] Mina… I read your profile
23:34:29 [Myriad] I would propose we team up, I will be your hat
23:34:40 [Myriad] thanks Dilan
23:34:49 [Dilan] All good
23:34:50 [Minuet] I do like hats.
23:34:58 [Myriad] sweeeet~
23:35:05 [Minuet] But before we team up, what is your general outlook on Truth, Justice, and punching Hitler?
23:35:19 [Myriad] uh.. tentacles?
23:35:28 [Minuet] …alright, let's do this.
23:36:16 [Myriad] Form of Hat, combines with… Minuet! Ubermensch-hat, activate!
23:37:11 [Minuet] Alright, let's go sock old Adolph in the jaw!
23:37:35 [Myriad] Build us a hot tub time machine.. except i will get super soggy when we go through
23:38:31 Switch‘ enters this room
23:38:34 [Minuet] I can do that if you provide a hot tub. We can also coat you with Hydrobead, if it’ll make you more comfortable!
23:38:39 Switch‘ skips in.
23:38:44 Carth enters this room
23:38:46 Myriad adds Bait?
23:39:13 [Myriad] Bait and Switch… oy.
23:39:26 [Myriad] sweet
23:39:46 [Myriad] Hey there mod man
23:40:13 [Myriad] Oh good, no one’s taken a shapechanger
23:41:44 [Myriad] I remember rping back on openrpg with a profile named InaMinuet… that you?
23:41:53 [Minuet] Nope!
23:42:36 [Myriad] oh wells… settles on her skullspace anyway, adds beads up her weave
23:42:45 [Minuet] My past noncanon superpower-y faces were Stigma, Dulcet, Livewire, and Tachyon. :)
23:42:56 [Myriad] nice names
23:43:10 [Myriad] Hmmm… Forget what I used here
23:43:33 [Myriad] think all I ever used was Myriad, haha, shapechanger is always funny enough when you become people's clothes or the like
23:44:03 [Myriad] any plot points I should be aware of Minuet?
23:45:25 [Minuet] In what sense?
23:47:34 [Myriad] In powered rps its easy to make what i call a cardboard character, you make the power, and the appearance, but forget to add plot… Myriad has suffered through this a bit as a tagalong shapeshifter personality
23:47:49 [Myriad] so, just wondering if Mina has plot points she wants to do?
23:48:17 [Myriad] usually, i just latch on to whoever's rp and then support them as my plot point
23:48:32 [Myriad] cuz.. tentacles
23:50:13 [Minuet] Ah! Understood. Mina is motivated by a strong desire to fix everything. I see her as a bit Stark-like or Pym-like in that sense - the author of all of her own problems. (Maybe she'll even build Ultron, natch.)
23:50:32 [Myriad] wah, mind blown (with the Pym reference)
23:50:36 Switch‘ ~*~ Misha was persume dead or MIA due to when her powers had boost that of another mutants, a few years back. It was as if she was wiped from the surface of the state itself. But it was perhaps that, she was knocked out and forgotten. However Misha was a girl you don’t forget easily. She is that heartache that last with a man that she is in love with. The flames the man possessed could do a lot more damage with her around. The woman was dressed simply, white halter, black slacks and leather jacket. (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/bb/80/ff/bb80ff3ca9079dd57a978a24563c47bd.jpg) Studded high heels often finished her outfits. But her just running her tongue over her lips, reveal a faint silver ball that rest in the center of her tongue. She had been damage before, but she had heal since then and here she was looking over the streets. Curious to what airheads were around, as she would slide her hands into her leather jacket. There was looks to where burn marks had perhaps been.
23:50:40 Switch‘ —But it was nothing new to her. For the time her eyes just held that Mocha tint to them, and she was calm and collected even then. It was how her powers seem to act, those that didn’t know they had powers would know the feel of them now. To bestowal upon them, to jump-start there powers. But that was as she travel down the street. The cool wind felt relaxing. Who was around, what had the Brotherhood fall to.~*~
23:50:46 [Myriad] I totally be whats her nuts, the wasp wench
23:50:58 [Myriad] whoops, sorry Switch (goes to whispers)
23:51:03 [Minuet] …Pym-like without the spousal abuse, 'cause that's not something I feel any need to play.
23:51:15 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] yeah, so true
23:51:39 [Myriad whispers to carth] wiggles tentacle
23:51:46 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] BUT YES, Mina is a futurist who is also convinced the future we are currently on course for is one of spiders and Hitler.
23:52:07 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] So she aims to build a better world that won't HAVE that future. Which, I think, creates lots of consequences that not even Mina could ever have foreseen. ;D
23:52:17 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] hehe, its fun, i think she has… causality perception or something, basically precog which is sweet
23:52:40 [Carth whispers to Myriad] hey Myriad. long time no see
23:53:20 [Myriad whispers to Carth] How do? Yeah, some names look familiar, but, my memory is going
23:53:47 [Carth whispers to Myriad] hahaha
23:53:49 [Myriad whispers to Carth] whats new with you?
23:54:20 [Carth whispers to Myriad] trying to get this here goin'
23:55:20 [Myriad whispers to Carth] fun fun, looks like you got a pretty nice roster.. would i be ok or do I need to down tweak a bit?
23:55:49 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] Btw.. she needs to say things like Princess Bubblegum
23:55:57 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] It is kind of that, yes! It's a matter of actually being good at grasping probabilities (which normal humans aren't) rather than actually SEEING the future…
23:56:08 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] Adventure Time!
23:56:13 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] hehe
23:56:32 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] Come on grab your friends, we'll go to very distant lands~ ♫
23:56:43 [Carth whispers to Myriad] don't see a problem with itttt
23:57:08 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] With Jake the Dog, and Finn the Human, the fun will never end~
23:57:29 [Myriad whispers to Carth] cool, I'll be Minuet's hat mostly
23:57:45 [Myriad whispers to Carth] we'll see, we're working on our teamup
23:58:16 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] THIS TEAMUP, IT IS MEANT TO BE
23:58:36 [Myriad whispers to Carth] Tho… any plotness you wanted to run and need a pc line to it?
23:58:40 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] hahaha
00:00:08 [Myriad whispers to Switch‘] I’m one of those airheads.. mew~
00:00:15 [Carth whispers to Myriad] uuuuh. right now.I'm just working on small things gonna try to get a thing going tomorrow for both sides
00:00:49 [Myriad whispers to Carth] oh yeah, just wondering, sometimes its nicer to have a pc help with some plot foreshadow rather than try to make it all as a GM
00:01:30 [Myriad whispers to Carth] anyway, will be a student/x-man… 2nd class? the non-original 5 here it seems
00:02:05 Dracarys In his room he remained, doors bolted with seven types of locks. There were various flammable chemicals in bottles in his room, some even held kerosene and gasoline. He was sitting in his bed smoking a cigarette, hood off and staring at a photo, of him and some girl. Mind you this girl in particular was Ex-Brotherhood, thought to be lost and forgotten, but he never forgot. He had to be dragged away by Magneto himself, and several other mutants mind you. Amazing the strength one has when it comes to saving a loved one…right? Putting the picture in his pocket, his cloak pocket, the hood came up and he put the cigarette out and dissipated the flames and smoldering ash. Locks came undone as he departed the room and began to vacate the vicinity. Whilest staring at that photo for countless hours, something in the back of his head told him to go, just go out. If the SpandeX-Men cause you grief, burn the city to the fucking ground. There was something there…something he had to claim…or was it [c]
00:02:13 [Dracarys] reclaim.[e]
00:02:20 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] anyway, working through the approval process then we can be joined
00:02:39 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] Lady, it'll be fine. We've got SCIENCE! <3
00:02:53 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] MATHEMATICAL!
00:02:56 Dilan Types
00:03:11 [Dracarys] ^Wonders how many people have the balls to break into his room now…
00:03:57 Myriad was already a ball inside his room.
00:04:00 [Carth whispers to Myriad] gotcha. you're good
00:04:07 [Myriad whispers to Carth] cool
00:04:27 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] alrighty, Carth says im good
00:04:39 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] Excellent!
00:05:34 [Switch‘ whispers to Myriad] *pets* There are only a few in the Brotherhood she counts as friends. Myriad can be one if you want :D
00:05:40 [Dracarys] Probably not the best idea, Myraid…
00:08:20 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] I am going to acquire some foodstuffs, but are you up to post for a bit perhaps? :}
00:08:28 [Myriad whispers to Switch`] Ah. Would’ve been fun to be your outfit. Sady Minuet and I are gonna be a thing, team M&M… candy crazy coating outside, gooey chocolate insides.
00:09:10 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] sure, how long? I'll go squeeze some ooc life stuff in too then
00:09:10 [Switch‘ whispers to Myriad] Lol well Switch been missing xD So many think she is dead too.
00:09:21 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] ~10 minutes?
00:09:40 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] wah, thats fast, lol, 1 adventure time episode then
00:10:00 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] I told Switch: Sady Minuet and I are gonna be a thing, team M&M… candy crazy coating outside, gooey chocolate insides.
00:10:21 [Myriad whispers to Switch`] hmm, would any students remember her?
00:11:24 [Switch` whispers to Myriad] Perhaps, due to her power can either jump-start/bestowal theirs to begin, boost/weaken powers or even cancel them out. She would of been teaching the students in Brotherhood to control their powers.
00:13:20 [Myriad whispers to Switch`] ah, hmm… best i could think of is a jumpstart for Myriad would make her tentacle, but ah wells, might be trying to link history stuff too much
00:13:48 [Switch` whispers to Myriad] True.
00:15:09 [Myriad whispers to Switch`] buuut your character is very cool
00:15:19 [Myriad whispers to Switch`] it would’ve been an honor to be your clothes
00:16:04 [Switch‘ whispers to Myriad] Maybe another time you can :P
00:16:41 [Myriad whispers to Switch`] haha
00:17:28 Corban enters this room
00:17:33 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] Sweet sweet candy~
00:18:22 [Myriad] ?TO Minuet Build this: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/079/0/c/main_presentationshot_by_bogdanbl4-d7awm83.jpg
00:18:28 [Myriad] whoops
00:18:44 [Switch`] xD looks cool Myriad)
00:18:47 [Minuet] -makes a list-
00:18:50 [Switch`] *slips back IC*)
00:19:45 Dilan | Survival. It didn’t matter who you were, what you were or how you did it. Survival was key to getting by in the world and only the fittest survived. Critters of all shapes and sizes could get by should they need to, humans barely survived. Mutants however acted as wildcards to the world's game. This very thought constantly ran in the mind of young Dilan, from the minute he found himself in the void and back out on the streets he knew that his card had been dealt. A chance tos tart again, a time to adjust and survive. 'The City that never sleeps' was just as busy during the day as it was at night. The young man that sported a beanie was busy sipping on the steamy black liquid presented in a paper cup, eyes flcikering from face to face while his every step seemed dragging and disorientated. How long since he ate or slept? One could only guess. Money was an issue and he felt himself getting desperate. <C>
00:19:52 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] other version is also cool, smoke free: http://th01.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/f/2014/127/1/0/irongirl_wallpeper_2568x1600_by_bogdanbl4-d7bxxae.jpg
00:19:57 Dilan So much in fact that when the sound of a healthy engine roared in an alleyway he was passing, the smooth paint and shiny bumper of the car was almost as if it was a toy straight out of a box. The owner entered the complex that was a few steps away and slammed the fire exit door loudly. Dilan drank the rest of his coffee while making towards the car, deep breaths taken as nerves began taking over and a tongue swiping over his lips that had suddenly gone dry with the idea of taking the car. He didn't know how to hotwire one, he never needed to or sought out learning for it. Instead, a finger ran from the back of the car, followed over the low roof and to the hood before he was standing in front of it with a gleam to his eyes. Head turned sharply, double checking if anybody was staring down and gently placing both hands on the warm hood of the car. His neutral gaze fell serious, <C>
00:20:06 Dilan pupils dilating over blue hues and pale complexion reddening with the mental strain that was taking place. It was as if there was a sudden shift to reality, the hood of the car swirling and dragging the rest of it inwards, like it was being sucked into a wormhole untill Dilan fell forward. The car was no longer there, blood was beginning to drip down his nose and his shallow breathing was easing up. "Fuck…" Dilan was definitely disorientated if he wasn't already before. It was the biggest item he had warped so far, warped to the void and he could only assume it would hurt even more dragging it out of there. For now, he wanted to fall against the wall and gather his mental bearings together, the car owner however could come out any minute and that'd be a problem. Pivoting on his heel and kicking the gravel behind him with a lazy step, Dilan continued down the alley in hopes to make it to the main street. <C>
00:20:09 Dilan A sleeve wiped the blood from his nose and top lip. Surely that'd raise suspicion no? Nose bleeds were no big deal unless someobdy saw the reason why he had one in the first place. |
00:20:14 Dilan Exhales
00:20:20 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] STAND BACK. I'M GOING TO USE SCIENCE! :D
00:20:36 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] WAAAH~ (finn scream)
00:21:04 [Dilan] Excuse the iffiness… Getting used to this skin -stretches cheek-
00:21:22 Dracarys pulls his skin back as far as he can. "hmmm"
00:21:48 Myriad replaces herself inside his skin… creates skinception.
00:22:00 [Minuet] …his skin is literally Hitler.
00:22:15 [Minuet] -writes a post-
00:22:34 Myriad waits a Minuet for it.
00:22:50 [Switch‘] *paints her font*
00:23:05 Dracarys aissts in painting it.
00:23:11 [Carth] olololol
00:24:16 [Myriad] sometimes, i troll deviantart for pics but none have as good tentacle reference as this one
00:24:38 Carth thinks of a post…
00:24:44 Giovanni enters this room
00:24:58 Myriad thinks of the post even harder…
00:25:56 [Myriad] so I swear this is my last bit of ooc for at least the next minute: If Xavier thinks of a post, does it become real?
00:26:30 Carth whaps Myriad
00:26:56 Giovanni exits from this room
00:27:21 [Dracarys] Can I incinerate her, please?
00:27:32 [Dracarys] Or lock her in my room and dare her to play with the pretty bottles
00:27:51 [Myriad] Drac, I already played with your balls, what more do you want?
00:28:12 [Minuet] So where was one Minuet "Mina" Solstice Kelley, also known as Majorana Fermion (it’s a subatomic particle that's also it's own antiparticle, and yes that's terribly pretentious, she knows), also known as Mina Kelley during all this excitement? Why, in her dorm room at a certain Institute of Higher Learning, of course! She half-hummed, half-sang as she worked on a thing: "And they'll be hm-hm crime, hm-hm to save the world, here they come hm-hm time, the POWERPUFF GIRLS…" What was she working on? Why, nothing much, just taking her daily readings on the small-scale accelerator-driven subcritical thorium reactor she'd built within her first couple weeks of arriving at the Institute. It was an exercise in proper protocol, that was all! Nothing seemed off, today, so she moved on to the next task of the utmost importance: she found her slippers (the fuzzy Cthulhu slippers her mum had given her last Solstice) and slipped them on her feet. For, you see, Mina had a plan, a plan most devious and —
00:28:41 Carth pulls out a bigger stick to hit Myriad with
00:28:58 Myriad watches the stick inside Minuet
00:29:28 Sapphire enters this room
00:30:14 [Minuet] — mathematical and scienterrific! A plan that could only be completed with the most important of all isotopes - the fabled, theoretical late-night sandwich. For good measure, she transitioned from half-singing to just humming. Wouldn't want anyone to think she was certifiably mad, or anything like that.
00:31:56 [Dracarys] SAPPY!
00:32:03 [Dracarys] My least favorite fire bug…
00:32:15 [Switch‘] lol
00:33:13 Switch` had stopped for the moment, those eyes lingering around. To listen to the surrounding within her surroundings. A gaze linger as well, washed over the streets and soon toward the alley. It was perhaps due to her power she could sense just a tad bit. But she kne that wasn’t one of her abilities, what she could do was far more dangerous around other mutants. Especailly around one she had been nearly killed around. She had a scar to prove it but it was cover by her hair now. The doctors didn't know she was a mutant when they were treating her, but that was perhaps a good thing. It was the life she was dealing with. She gave them a false name, social secruity number, so the real one would be billed for it. That was the way of life. It wouldn't take long before she was walking again, turning down the business district area. Within her pocket she would take out a zippo, flicking it open and closes. Playing with the fire of it, it was perhaps that signal she was use to giving.

00:33:16 Switch‘ Misha was alone right now, but her mind was on those she was returning to.
00:33:27 [Switch`] *keeps to herself for the moment.*
00:37:09 [Sapphire] Sappy? Really Dracarys?
00:37:46 [Sapphire] You hardly know me and already you are saying I am your least favorite *tsk tsk*
00:38:14 [Myriad] Unlike the polarity of magnetism…genius, and madness went sort of together like sugar, spice, and everything nice as Myria Dee, aka Myriad, aka Solstice Kelly’s roommate aka Majorana Fermion's bunk (and sometimes other clothing articles or furniture) would say as she was slipped on to Mina's feet. "Cthulu greets you~" and wiggle the tentacles on the fuzzy slippers, "I must have your orifice," the deep voice impression would stop. "Or least I can like see up your valley, girl," the accent vaguely reminding people of the movie Clueless. "Narf! So what are we going to do today Minuet?" would ask. "Get some shiny purple spray on pants?" After all, there was a reason these two got along so well, one, because they kept each other warm at night like a Brokeback Mountain reference without well, two dudes spooning. And two, well, the shapeshifter was probably just as crazy as her companion if not more so, either way, the slippers would hum the rest of the theme song to match now as she awaited the reply…..
00:38:21 [Myriad] Not crazy sounding at all.
00:38:29 [Minuet] Well, if he knows two and one of them's him, it's not exactly a strange place to land…
00:38:38 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] THE SAME THING WE DO EVERY DAY, MYRIAD.
00:38:47 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] mwahahha
00:39:02 [Dracarys] oka ywtf…
00:39:34 Carth : Carth. It it suggested that you eat another Five Thousand Calories. The computerized voice said to him. “Yeeeesh. You have my late night snack calculated too?”. Of course. I have been programmed by the Professor and Rocket to monitor everything. Including your health. “Yeah yeah yeah…”. The Asain kid gave a dismissive wave of to the voice as he made his way through the mansion. Another night reading through an entire series. Today? All of Descartes Meditations of Philosophy, Being and Time by Heidegger several times, and a lot of other 'Suggested' works of various philosophers. It was okay. But it only took him a few minutes to get through the most dense materials, so it was well spent. Then of course, Carth powered through several Mangas. Cased Closed? More like, Almost a thousand Chapters and nothing is anywhere close to being closed. How disappointing. Of course, the kitchen always tended to be the gathering place of everyone. -C-
00:39:36 Carth : From the Older students to the newbies. Walk walk walk. Eyes would look at one of the younger students, Mina. “Oooi~” he greeted her with a slight two finger salute before he went about using his super speed to prepare himself a giant potluck snack of everything he could. That really stinky cheese? In. That meat that had been sitting in the back for a while? Totally in. Anything he could find from the pantry? In. He had a quota to meet… and he was going to meet it alright. He wouldn't bother whoever else was there. But he smiled and did his best to be friendly while he did his thing. Attire? Simple. Pajama Pants with pictures of DC Comic Characters and a black tanktop. Simple simple simple.
00:40:13 [Sapphire] True
00:42:57 Dracarys Lightning a lighter around a pyrokinetic, is like putting metal around Magneto, he can smell it, almost taste it. He’d been walking down the streets in his normal attire, hooded cloak as his hands hidden in the confines of their opposing sleeves. Why the fuck was he out here! Bodae probably ratted him out! He’d find out soon enough if that little cunt did, and would burn him alive… He could tell someone was playing with a zippo, actually about a dozen people within a four block radius were, but only one of them was playing with one in a specific manner. Was someone…signaling him? Was this some sort of trap by the SpandeX-Men? He’d have to go find out, if it was? They were probably going to burn, using a stupid method to draw his attention…using fire. Did he think they were that ignorant? Yes, point in fact…he did. That’s when he saw it, a figure passing through the crowd, caused him to step back three times in [c]
00:43:06 Dracarys shock and awe. He’d brush past her, right behind her and headed toward an alleyway, the moment she flicked it again, it didn’t even light up. Maybe she got her answer? Boy’s got balls using his powers after the fiasco the other day…[e[]
00:43:12 Dracarys now waits for Cerebro to go off….
00:44:09 [Carth] honestly I'm too tired to deal with that right now
00:44:12 Dilan Types
00:44:14 [Myriad] -must not insert innuendo-
00:44:15 [Carth] You get a pass
00:44:23 Dracarys cackles
00:44:36 [Dracarys] Awwh yusss
00:44:51 [Dracarys] I know Carth had a heart…um somewhere?
00:45:12 [Minuet] "Cthulhu is losing his edge, speaking in languages mere mortal minds can comprehend!" Mina wouldn't have minded staying warm at night with Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal spooning, actually. Minus the part of that that was slightly full of necrophilia, anyway. But! She had a bit of a crush on everyone, ever, so… "…I'd ask you to stop looking up my valley, but I appreciate the pun too much. Today, Myri? Today we do the same thing we do every day! Try to take over the WORLD!" Unlike Myria, Mina couldn't alter her voice without some sort of technology to facilitate it… she was beaten to the kitchen by one Carth Biznar, and she blinked a bit as he raced about, stacking foodstuffs upon foodstuffs upon foodstuffs. "I suspect, my most delightfully unsettling companion, that today will be a very good day. I wonder how much energy we could generate by attaching Carth to a treadmill? Is it worth experimenting? Should I engage the science machine?!" She didn't engage any Science Machine, —
00:46:48 [Minuet] — though. She stayed just out of Carth's way until he was done raiding the icebox-pantry-icebox-pantry-icebox again-pantry again, and then made herself a peanut butter sandwich. (But, like, in a DEFIANT and BADASS way. Yeah.) "…initial calculations suggest he could serve as the power source for the hot tub time machine. Sandwich?"
00:46:59 Dracarys imagines Carth dressed in a Pinky suit running on a giant mouse wheel….
00:47:13 [Myriad] haha
00:47:36 [Dracarys] We should look into this…we could capture him to power the Brotherhood base…
00:47:39 Dracarys chin taps….
00:47:56 [Minuet] No! Stop using my SCIENCE!!! for evil!
00:48:34 Dracarys leers at. "I calculate you won't last long if you continue to give me orders…think about what I've done fora moment…now do your own calculations."
00:50:34 [Minuet] ♥ Your science is flawed. Why would you eat off a plate when you have a perfectly good tummy?
00:51:12 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] …I think Mina is a troll… D:
00:53:14 [Myriad] "Oh yeah! Um, wiggle my schwiggles," would say in a deeper voice that cracked like a pubescent teen. Then laughed along with the world domination reference as she extended a tentacle up to slowly slink toward Carth's pile of goodies. Why? Well, like a speedster this shapeshifter stored calories to use her powers, and one of the many reasons she kept herself in clothing and similar low energy consuming items. So when Carth made such a lovely high caloric snack, the little tentacle would continue to snake and grow along until it formed a giant mouth like a Malboro reference from Final Fantasy ans try to eat his snack! Dum dum dum~ All the while, Myriad would respond, "MATHEMATICAL! sounds like a totally good time to hook him up! Oh yeah, we should get him one of those balls like that hamster from the Miley Cyrus Bolt movie and he can generate the power, protect himself, and become even more powerful!" this multitasking would try to end in a CHOMP rather than a whimper, as the sandwich question was —
00:53:16 Dilan Reached the end of the alley, one end of his sleeve smudged with blood and a light tinge on his lips still remained but he looked normal for the most part. Normal. The poor lad looked paler than initally and his nerves were still shaken from the intensity of brainpower used. There was slight twinge of guilt striking him at the back of his mind that held him a couple of steps before he made it to the sidewalk. His lips dried up, the sound of cars and busy pedestrians passing by was washed over by white noise while his eyes lost focus. Balance was lost and Dilan stumbled tot he wall on his right and puked a combination of bagel, coffee and blood on the ground next to him. How long had it been since he escaped the hospital? 3-4 days? A week maybe? It didn't matter, he had to keep moving and the desperation for safety was still on the mind. He made sure to spit up the random bile left in his mouth before wiping it with the same bloody sleeve but on a cleaner side and made for the sidewalk. <C>
00:53:18 Dilan Oddly enough, he was feeling better and hungry at the same time. Looking one side, the sight of a woman and man with a hood peaked his interest but brushed off quickly when the beep of an ATM on the other side of the road struck an idea. "I could do it…" Although he wasn't too sure it was safe, he was confident and with wavy footsteps he strolled to the traffic lights to ensure a safe crossing. He may be a mutant but he didn't wanna die thanks to a road accident.
00:53:34 [Myriad] answered by either the food theft, or the need for another sandwich.
00:53:37 [Dilan] My apologies Myriad
00:53:49 Dilan Buys her dinner for such intense post rape
00:53:51 Dracarys drops his theme song on everyone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhSKYtE9Clo
00:54:07 [Myriad] no worries, my tentacles will just want backsies
00:54:29 [Dilan] You can give 'em my leftovers
00:54:56 [Myriad] well, they do go around where things are leftover
00:55:13 [Minuet] (If Mina has a theme it is either this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6ljFaKRTrI or this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df-XFM3JK2I and I have no idea which~)
00:55:22 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] hmm?
00:55:46 Carth had heard of these two students. They certainly were interesting. Then again, it wasn't like Rocket was the most normal girl in the world. Or Q for that matter. Sad when the pop culture Junkie is the normal one of the original five. And he uses his powers to speed watch TV shoes and speed read comics. All of Superman till 1999? In the bank. Darkest Night and Brightest Day? Bathroom reading material. Oh well. “Hello to you two…too…” he said. Blinking. The whispered plots and general strangeness. Then. One of the slithering tentacles tried to eat his food? What occurred next was a flurry of eating. The thing wouldn't manage to get a lot. “Well…” he said looking at it. “You certainly are… interesting…” he said to it before looking back at the pair. Is this what goes bump in the night for the Second Tier students?
00:56:34 [Dracarys] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ftve6Acwkec <
-his second one…
01:00:13 Switch‘ had been flicking the zippo open and close for sometime, and it had stay lite the times she had done so. However as she moved she had felt someone brush pass her, not catching a glimpse of the figure of course. But it was when she flick the zippo it wouldn’t light, and it caused her to look down upon it and stop. Only one person toyed with her zippo, and she hadn't seen him in a while one could say. "Drac… I know that is all you." as she would stand there a moment. Closing the zippo slowly, she would look to the sky. She was smirk a bit as well, she had a feeling she was being watched. It wasn't anything new either. As she would take a deep breath and moving out of the crowd that walked pass her. To lean lean the alleyway, against the wall as she would glance to the side toward the darkness. "I know you haven't behaved due to the Brotherhood, its not in our nature to. But death has yet to fine me." as she would give a smile toward Drac right then.
01:00:17 [Minuet] Carth's quickness in evading food theft, unfortunately, was not a trait Mina shared… and her sandwich was lost. "Lackady! Tucker's gone! Eat Mr. Biznar, lackaday!" She threw her arms up in the air, letting out her lament, and then made another sandwich for herself. "Interesting! Yes, I do believe I am interesting. Sometimes. Other times I'm sure I'm dreadfully boring, like when I get caught up in the peculiarities of scalar mechanics. I mean, I find it very interesting, but most people don't seem to. Would you be amenable to lending your particular talents to science, Mr. Biznar? I promise Myri and I shan't use it for evil. I'm about as not-evil as not-evil people get, and Myri is, um, a pair of slippers right now, and everyone knows slippers can't be evil." Even pairs of slippers with tentacles and the faces of Great Old Ones, so far as Mina was concerned. This second sandwich, she did not let out of her sight. She would not be foiled again so easily! (And much nomming ensued.) "If not that's
01:00:55 [Minuet] — okay too, but the potential discoveries for the benefit of all mankind are rather impressive. Also we were thinking about building a hot tub time machine, and I'm pretty sure you could generate enough energy to casually violate causality."
01:01:01 [Switch‘] find*
01:03:04 Corban exits from this room
01:04:59 [Myriad] "YES WE ARE NOT EVIL, WE ONLY SEEK YOUR ORIFICES," the mouth tentacle would boom out as the slipper voice would speak at roughly the same time, "Hey, you stop that!" the mouth would finally retract back, bowing its form before -squelching- back inside Myriad’s slipperness. She would just eat the rest of the peanut butter jar with another appendage that look suspiciously like a giant bubble tea straw. "And you could totally make all the bubbles! Imagine how good your mouth bubbles would be on our backs!" would call out from below, probably reinforcing the weird and interesting, and possibly innuendo nature for a teen speedster to blow the two girls.
01:05:54 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] she's only trolling for SCIENCE
01:06:19 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] …she probably does have an extensive log of the results of her trolling…
01:06:31 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] Hypotheses, structured trolling experiments… ;D
01:08:36 [Myriad] Myriad's theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JVwfJGfins
01:10:47 Dracarys he leaned against the wall. “Six…” he spoke, glancing toward her. Weather she asked what six meant or not, he’d light a cigarette up and blew out a billow of air from his nostrils and snorted. “Six people it took…to drag me away from you, seven if you count magneto using his magical mystical metallic abilities to pull me back by my earrings and belt…” he spoke. “Thirty people…thirty people I killed….for you.” He spoke walking up to her and pulling her in and pressing her up against a wall. “I Would of burned the eworld to the ground to find you…I kicked over every rock, turned over every stone…nothing. Leaning forward, he’d press his head againsgt hers, pulling her head into the hood. “I gave up a year ago…orders.” He spoke brushing his nose against hers. “Where were you, my Switch.."
01:11:22 [Carth] i'll wait for Sapphire
01:12:03 [Dilan] Right… Pass: It works | Fail: It doesnt
01:12:08 ( Dilan flips a coin => Pass )
01:12:18 [Dilan] My lucky day it seems
01:12:20 [Minuet] Kanpai!
01:13:22 [Dracarys] Why the fuck does it take my vape pen three and a half hours to charge…yet doesn't last longer tan 24 hours?
01:14:46 [Minuet] I don't know. (Also, this: http://poorlydrawnlines.com/comic/smoking/ )
01:18:58 Sapphire Sapphire has been in her room most of the night looking over her cirriculum for her class the next day but decided to take a break and wanders out of her room wearing blue jeans, an Evanescence t-shirt that is form fitting around her chest and toned stomach, and a pair of black steel toe hiking boots. Her hair is up in a ponytail with her bangs on the right side bobby pinned on the side of her head so she doesn't have her bangs in her face. Her tattoos are of course semi-visible but not all of them just the one on her face and some on her arms. She wanders down the hall of the first floor where her room is to the kitchen and notices 3 people are in the kitchen already " Hey everyone. I see some people are still up but not surprised at it in the slightest ". She needed coffee and lots of it since she planned on staying awake for a few more hours before finally hitting the hay so she could get some sleep for the class she has to teach in a couple of hours.
01:19:46 [Myriad] I don't think Carth will team up with us Minuet, cuz.. http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6926235/batman-and-superman-team-up
01:20:00 [Myriad] You're Batman, and I'm your shoes
01:21:13 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] Added to checklist. Mina needs to explain how something works with "Because I'm BATMAN" at some point…
01:21:28 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] haha
01:22:34 Dilan Flicked his eyes to the ground when he reached the traffic lights, raising his hood over his beanie and crossing along with the crowd. Whether he looked suspicious or not he couldn't care, it'd only be a concern should the authorities come for him and even then he knew he could get away. He picked up pace once he made for the other side and walked back towards the ATM that faced the alley, standing patiently behind a man who appeared to take his sweet time on the machine before Dilan stepped forward and pulled out an old leather wallet from his back pocket. The card within would have no money, probably cut off by now but he'd try regardless and rest both hands either side of the metal digit pad. A deep breath was taken, a woman standing behind him waiting to use the machine raising a brow while the solidity of the machine began getting sucked in and nose running bloody yet again. "Nrrghh." It was heavy of course, <C>
01:23:00 Dilan the machine itself was attached to the safe that held the money and Dilan was attempting to rip it from reality to the void. The wall around the machine began cracking, crumbling even on the inside as more strain was applied until it suddenly disappeared in once go and the wall crumbling around the hole that the ATM once sat in. An alarm was going off somewhere on the other side of the hole, the woman behind was screaming and attention was definitely attracted. 'Run.'I</> Blurred vision, Dilan brought up the bloody sleeve yet again to his nose and disregarded road safety to stagger across the streets. Horns beeped, a mixture of panic and confusion hit the public. Did that young man just take an ATM from the wall and was now running away? <I>Mutant attacks weren't uncommon and he was probably attracting alittle too much attention than he would've liked. Money was money and he needed to survive. Reaching the alley, he found himself puking again while the owner of the car came out of the <C>
01:23:03 Dilan building on the other side and began raging about his car being stolen. His luck was getting better apparently as he attempted to brush off the white noise to see if he could hear the sound of sirens int he background of the city.
01:23:49 [Dilan] Now that I have a car and an ATM… Time for a coffee
01:24:03 [Dracarys] lol!
01:26:06 [Dracarys] Hey Dil, I'd like to make a withdrawl
01:27:24 Dilan Throws BIC lighters at him. "There's your withdrawal."
01:28:13 [Myriad] Hmm drowsy.. if i pass out, just slip by me for posting
01:29:23 Switch‘ heard him, six people to get him away from her laying on the ground. Looking to be covered in blood and burns. Barely even a breath of air to count she was alive, when she was. To be pulled into the alley with Drac she was press more into the wall. Those eyes of hers darken for more then one reason, and he knew her powers. She was the strenght that could make him dangerous then what he was. Her head press against his own as her eyes met Drac. Letting him speak, "After what happen, I was blown blocks or so away from the explosion. Covered in blood and ash, the EMTs found me. I was barely breathing, they thought I wouldn’t last the night. They saw me with broken ribs, my left arm and right ankle. The doctors wonder how I survived. My eyes paled as I felt lost and depressed. I wouldn't been able to be picked up on any radar for mutants like usual. Once I was able to move again, and get stronger, a false name and social secruity number was given with insurance. And I was free to go." —
01:29:28 Switch‘ —speaking this lightly as she was talking to him. Her nose brushing Drac, "I had to get my full strenght back before I could come this far, to reunite with the ones I trust." speaking this, she would bring her hand up along the inside his hood. Caressing his cheek gentle, "You felt something was off over the year didn’t you…?" asking this curious of him. It was the moment she heard alarms that her attention was drawn away from Drac, and her dark eyes turn. Didn't help the anger within her pushed her powers to boost others in a five yard ratios. And Drac was the closest to her, and Dilan was perhaps the farther of the two, and he would feel a change in power level for sure. "Drac you hear that…. something new…" glancing to him.
01:31:28 [Dilan] A boost in power? -Ponders on taking a hostage-
01:32:15 [Dracarys] You're coming with us…
01:32:27 [Dilan] -Nods- Aight
01:33:21 Carth blinked. A lot. “You… seek… my… orifices..?” he asked and blinked. Then turned to Mina and smiled. “Iiiiiii caaan't right now. Strick regiment from the Professor right now” WHAT THE HELL DID HE GET HIMSELF INTO. Late night snack turned into weird Innuendo fest with two of the students. Should probably take your food up to your room… Watch Netflix and avoid this awkwardness. Of course, sense of reason didn't matter. Carth was too nice to just get up and run the fuck away from this madness. They were nice. Just strange. Carth was used to strange. Buuuuuuuut this may be pushing his levels of what he was used to. “But. You should talk to Rocket. I'm sure the two of you could come up with terrifying creations..”. Rocket pretty much build the computer that ran this place, anyway. Sure the two science people could come up with an army of Cyborgs by now. Then the new teacher entered. “Aye, Teach!” he gave her a friendly wave and greeting. -C-
01:33:24 Carth : Welcome to this madness. Carth got up to clean his dish then back to the fridge to grab several cans of soda. Then he was back to where he was sitting in no time.
01:33:46 [Dracarys] She wants to stick somethin in your orfice, bro.
01:33:46 ( Dilan flips a coin => Fail )
01:34:57 [Switch‘] lol
01:35:15 [Switch`] Carth you just fell down the rabbit hole with no way out.
01:37:07 [Myriad] Hey Minuet.. Let’s make Lentils
01:37:17 [Myriad] Reverse Sentinels
01:37:36 [Minuet] …well yes. That's already the plan.
01:37:50 [Myriad] or bean soup
01:38:39 [Myriad] alrighty, much as i wanna keep rping, just gonna leave this up to record the funnies and do my bed routine
01:38:43 [Minuet] "I definitely don't seek your orifices. Myria might, but fortunately she's busy being my slippers right now." Pause, reflect, add a comment just to make sure it didn't sound too creepy. "She also definitely wasn't trying to look at my valley earlier." With that, Mina blew a kiss to Carth, spun about on her Cthulhu-slippered feet, and left him with that… entirely not comforting thought. It wasn't a proper day if she couldn't leave at least one of the original X-men thoroughly snookered! Half-eaten sandwich in hand, Mina made her way back to her dorm room, singing and chewing intermittently. "I still long mmmf be in a nommmom beside the sea, making up nom numbers…" She had very important SCIENCE to do. It was going to be both MATHEMAGICAL and SCIENTERRIFIC. But now her player needs to wander off to sleepytime funland, so you don't get to KNOW what magical things Mina is doing. (Although it would probably be safe to assume that Myri was seeking her orifices. That seemed to be a common theme —
01:38:58 [Minuet] — for Minuet Solstice Kelley's dorm mate…
01:42:45 Myriad assumed she knew the professor and said, "Burning the midnight oil too?" PUN-TENDED as she responded to Carth, "No no… that wasn't me, just don't mind them, its all a bad dreaaam," and waved the little appendages around like the Wayne's world people as she said, "Doodoo~ doodoo~" or whatever sound they made and I can't type out this late. Eventually, another goodbye wave was given as the pair of women totally didn't act out any of the innuendo they implied and just spooned magically as they explored the land of sleep and Ooo~ between them for the night. Thus the candy-coated craziness of M&M would end for the night.
01:44:33 [Myriad] Sleep time
01:44:35 Dracarys he nodded. “Every day…Honestly didn’t’ feel right.” He spoke up. That’s when he’d heard it…sirens. Had someone called the police on him!(We discussed via whispers!). That very special lighter a very special someone gave to him? Well that was lit instantly as he watched a man run by, puking…puking and being chased. He heard the words freak, mutant, and various other racial slurs against his kind as a man with a gun came toward him. With a glare, he gripped the man’s hand, yanking him right into the alleyway and slamming him against the wall, hand against his throat and lifting him up. Other hand against his stomach, heat was forced through the mans body, raising…and raising..and raining until eventually a fire started within the pit of the man’s stomach. From there, it was alllll downhill from there. The fire was built, the blood began to boil….you oculd hear the near ear piercing screams of agony as the man was [c]
01:44:41 Dracarys burned alive from the inside, boils forming along his skin and popping as his bones….his muscles..and his flesh all began to melt until nthing ws there but a piece of fabric…and a pile of ooze. Glaring toward the man. If he’d paid attention to what just happened, he as looking at him, to which point a police car arrived on seen only to have a rather large fire ball launched to ust benenetah the hood. And a massive BBBBBBBOOOOOOMMMM the fire controlled and shoved outward away from them, but the concussive force was something he couldn’t’ stop. The car was thrown backwards as the man’s doors welded shut from the heat…to burn alive within the very vehicle he drove to protect! Arm wrapping around Switch, he turned toward the man and rolled a shoulder. “We should go…”[e]
01:44:46 [Myriad] thanks for the RP
01:44:57 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] =)
01:45:34 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] ;D G'night!
01:45:55 Minuet exits from this room
01:46:50 [Dracarys] Awh….I was about to ask her calculatiosn on death toll…
01:46:54 [Dracarys] tsk.
01:47:22 [Dilan] Question is… Is he a bitch or not?
01:47:26 ( Dilan flips a coin => Fail )
01:47:30 [Dilan] Not a bitch
01:47:33 Dilan Types
01:47:34 [Dracarys] Who Carth?
01:47:57 [Dilan] Nah… Dilan's reaction to seeing a man roasted alive from the stomach inwards
01:48:09 [Dracarys] *Cackles*
01:49:08 [Myriad] Drac's theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGJuMBdaqIw
01:49:57 [Sapphire] Types as well
01:50:03 [Dracarys] Writes her name on the list
01:50:30 Myriad is the list he writes on.
01:51:34 [Switch‘] >.>
01:51:43 [Dracarys] A class four, with a new augmentation vs Sapphire. Who you think will win »
01:54:37 [Dracarys] test
01:54:39 [Dracarys] There
01:55:27 [Dracarys] Test
01:55:30 [Dracarys] Nope, this
02:00:20 Dilan Could only count the number of times the police actually made it to the crime scene on time and the times they couldn’t. Hilariously enough, they decided it was a good day and be snappy with their arrival. Dilan was thrown into an alley, finding no more puke and a pulse beating in his head. Where was the nausea? The disorientation? All gone apparently and sense taken over by the smell of cooked flesh. Dilan stumbled to view the man's fiery hand burning through the mans gut and eyes widneed in slight horror while his lips tugged in a grin. 'Justice.' Dilan couldn't help but watch as fireballs were hurled and an explosion brushed off so easily that the prejudice against his kind was brushed off. 'Could humans do that?' Highly unlikely. Once the chaos had passed, Dilan was sure that more officers would be back for more and now the Hothead was suggesting they'd leave. "I can help." Dilan backed up alittle deeper into the alleyway and turned before holding both hands infront of him<C>
02:00:25 Dilan and focusing on the empty space before him. It felt sudden, the burst of energy and he couldn't put his finger on it. His clothes were blood stained from today's reapings but no blood came out and from a shift in reality, a small swirl could be seen in the space before them that expanded untilth ecar fell on all four tires. Dilan dropped his arms, letting them swing idly before looking back and motioning to the car. "I can't get it started…" Again he was never initially a criminal but he hoped that either of them would. With haste he'd make for the back seat, ignoring the rules to strap down and hoping the two would hurry up before the police caught up to them.
02:04:40 [Dracarys] Wait…isn't Crackle free on Xbox?
02:05:09 Sapphire It seemed like to her that she came in the kitchen in the middle of a conversation between Carth and two students but stays out of conversation till Carth waves and acknowledges her presence " Hey Carth. Nice to see you are up so late. How are you doing? " she asks as she watches Carth move to the sink to clean his dish and then watches him move to the fridge to grab several cans of soda before he returned to his seat " Planning on staying up late tonight huh? " she yawns a bit and says " I was thinking of making some coffee but if some is already made then I can sure use some right now " she says as she takes a seat next to Carth and cracks her neck a bit. She then asks " Are you doing alright? I am just wondering and also if you ever need me to do you a favor then please all you have to do is ask alright? I would happy to help you ".
02:05:24 [Switch‘] I know it is for the Playstation, but then again xbox usually has to have xbox live to be online.
02:05:44 [Dracarys] » I have Xbox live
02:06:18 [Dracarys] Carth: Yes, you can. Press your boobs agaist my face
02:06:23 [Sapphire] All depends really but it seems you have it out for me Drac)
02:07:01 [Dilan] He wants the ’V' :P j/k
02:07:27 Switch‘ seem to smile as Drac taken hold of the man’s hand and yanked him in. This caused Misha to move back and watched him at work, feeling the warmth coming up within that moment. It was then the flames burn bright as she would see the fireball fly toward the police car and sending flying back. It wasn't something new of course. But Drac's arm slide around her, to insure that she wasn't going anywhere now. That she was back to where she belong, and that was with him. The boy however spoke saying he could help. It caused a smile to curl upon her lips. Seeing the car coming out of nowhere, she would laugh. "Oh I can get that started, don't you worry." as she would move get in the driver seat. Moving to slide down a moment, she would work on the wires. A spark here and there, and soon a roar of the engine coming to life. Wrapping the wires together she slide back up. Once Drac was in, she would hit the gas pedal and they would be off. Curling her hands along the steering wheel,

02:07:31 Switch‘ she would focus on driving to get them out of there. Heading back toward the Brotherhood sound good right now. "What’s your name kid?" glancing in the rearview mirror toward Dilan.
02:09:41 [Dracarys] bio then posting
02:12:42 Carth : Late night? Caffeine didn't do much to him. He just liked the taste and it was just throwing more calories into the pot so that the computer wouldn't yell at him again. “Oh no. Just late night snacking. Not I'm washing everything down with a soda. Yaaaknow” he said with a nod. He didn't really know this teacher. But she seemed nice enough. “Doing fine, thanks for asking” he nodded. He was about to just start talking her head off, buuuuuuuut everyone told him he talked to much anyway. Plus, there was the whole 'sometimes you talk faster than anyone could actually understand' thing he sometimes did. “Thanks, Teach. Buuuut I'm probably the least of your concerns. The other kids are the ones you need to be worrying about”. Nod nod. “But sure. If anything ever happens, I'll let ya know”.
02:21:23 Dracarys That could be easily resolved. It was a good thing that Dil here had a strong constitution, because when it came to the team of Switch and Dracarys, he was far more violent, the eway he killed people, more sinister and vicious…Sliding into the hemi Cuda (fuck yes, because! And this one? ‘yep, has an intake on top, BOOYA!) Wonder where the SpandeX-men were right about now. They were late for the party! Generally it was the police arriving dead last, but no the silly boys and girls in skin tight clothing! WHAT WAS THIS WORLD COMING TO! Eh, maybe Cerebro was offline for repairs or a system update, who knows? “Dracarys, most call me Drac.” He spoke, lighting up another smoke as they drove off, right on past the cops whom were…none the wiser. As much as he would just love to cause more hell for the humans, he’d much rather not. He’d rather get home, and get Switch safe. “This sexy little devil right here is Switch…I have a [c]
02:21:30 Dracarys proposition for you, little bank rober….how would you like to fight for our rights?” Jesus Drac, just jump right into it…[e]
02:22:13 [Dilan] System Updates
02:22:36 [Dilan] Prof. Xavier rocking Windows 7
02:22:39 Dilan Types
02:22:59 [Dracarys] Fuck no..he's rockin Pissta
02:27:48 Dilan Sat eagerly on the seat, eyes glued to the female that tweaked with wires and fell back when the car came to life. "Thank fuck." The words, pleased in tone came out with ease as he looked back and fixed himself on the seat as they began to drive. Dilan used this time to focus on his breathing, scrubbing off blood from his top lip with the opposite sleeve and swallowing what little saliva he had in his mouth to soothe his dry throat. His eyes met the woman's when shse spoke up, adjusting himself in his seat while digits dug under the beanie to scratch the side of his head. "Dilan… Dilan Peterson." The boy's hands began clamming up, nerves taking over at the realization of being in the car with mutants much more dangerous than him but face striking defiance and a rage that easily covered the confusion in his eyes. "What about you g-" The question was answered before he could finish and he suddenly felt rude for interrupting. <C>
02:27:50 Dilan This was short lived when the introduction of the woman was just as brutish as his actions back with the police, no complaints or anything but the man had firepower while he had his own space. "Rebelling against oppression with violence?" An assumption of course though he figured any 'good guy' would've handled that situation without roasting anybody. Then again, Dilan wasn't feeling jail and these two had helped him. "You… Saw that?" The young mutant wasn't much of a bank robber but an ATM was guarenteed to bring him some of the money he wanted and eneded. "Our rights being what?"
02:32:36 [Sapphire] Posting then off to bed ok guys?
02:32:50 [Dracarys] Sure
02:33:09 Dilan Nods
02:35:31 Switch‘ would let Drac do the introductions as she would hear Dilan’s name. "That is a slaves name actually, the ones they give you. What is your mutant name? Or don't you have one?" asking this of him within that moment. A laugh teased her lips, as she rolled her shoulders as she turn down another street. She was quicker then she looked when it came to losing people in cars, trucks or motorcycles. She knew what she need to do after all, "We see a lot of stuff, and our right is to be free. Not put down by the mortal beings that humans are. They fear us and want to enslave us to control." speaking this as they were getting farther out to head toward the Brotherhood.
02:42:22 Sapphire She nods and asks " Anything good to snack on Carth? " she asks kind of interested in eating pretty much anything right now. She knows how that can be you eat something and pretty soon you are washing everything down with soda or water because it either tastes bad or you are just that thirsty after eating your food. She gets up from her seat and asks " Want a cup of coffee if I make a fresh pot? " she asks then turns to look to Carth waiting for some kind of response. She nods and says " That's good to hear I am tired but still hanging in there at least for a few more hours " she really wouldn't have minded if he did start talking her head off but then again she barely knew him so him coming off as annoying to her probably wouldn't be her initial reaction to him talking her head off. She then asks " Want to talk my ear off? Really I don't mind much since I got nothing better else to do " she says with a shrug then hears his next comment " Oh? The students here that bad already? I just got here -C-
02:43:04 Kiefer_Godhand enters this room
02:43:09 Kiefer_Godhand exits from this room
02:43:37 Dracarys For now he remained quiet, as quiet as one could be anyway, of course there was the occasional shift and grunt. He’d have to assure the young male he had little to nothing to be afraid of…at least for the moment, and as long as he didn’t piss off the fire bug. When he gave his name…his slave name, he just cleared his throat. If that was the boys name, they’d need to get him a new one…Drac refused to refer to anyone by their birthname…their fucking slave name…but preferred to call them by their true name. As Switch began to correct the boy, a sly smirk crept up along his face as he turned to glance at the side of his face. See? This is why he loved her, even she understood that concept. “You’ve a lot to learn, portal jockey.” Okay no, that was too demoralizing, he wasn’t that short. “What about Void?” he suggested. “Our rights…Our rights are to be the true rulers of this world, the[c]
02:43:49 Dracarys hierarchy if you will… My question is this…A war is brewing, there is going to be a point to where they will resort to such desperate measures that will lead to machines aimed to wipe us out…so I ask you this, would you rather die on your knees…be forced to shackles…or would you rather give your last breath, killing the mother fucker who wants you dead[e]
02:43:54 [Dracarys] ."
02:44:32 Sapphire Yesterday " she says rather sarcastic but joking as well too. She nods and says " Alright gotcha. Thanks for letting me know if anything happens I appreciate it Carth ". -E-
02:44:45 [Dracarys] This is why I'm the dominate one
02:44:59 [Sapphire] Thanks for the major post rape Drac)
02:45:14 [Sapphire] That is my cue to log off ttyl guys!
02:45:19 Sapphire exits from this room
02:46:53 [Dilan] Portal Jockey
02:47:05 [Dracarys] LOL
02:47:51 [Dracarys] If you were 4'3"-5'0" yeah…Portal Jockey he'd call you
02:53:32 Dilan 's eye twitched to thewoman's question. "Mutant… Name?" Dilan had to think for a minute, eyes falling to oblivion before shaking his head witha defeated sigh. "No I don't… I've only discovered this power a week ago, maybe less even." While Switch explained which side of the coin they were on, Dracarys explained who was flipping the coin and why. It left him wondering, he could in fact stay in his little pocket dimension and occasionally come out to grab supplies but even so that'd be risky. The Firestarter put it to him fairly bluntly and straight forward to which point he could only sit up in his seat. "I'd rather kill whatever fucker wanted me dead and still be alive to tell the tale. If I have to die one day, I'll die for me and not some cause." Dilan smirked in his seat, reminding himself that the very man he replied to sharply could incinerate the car he was sat in but stood true to his ideals. "Regardless… I'll help." <C>
02:53:34 Dilan looked to the rear view mirror, nodding his agreement to whichever of the two looked and slumped further in his seat. "Void is alright… Alittle blank but it could work."
02:57:21 [Switch‘] brb skip me please
02:57:41 [Dracarys] Alllrighty then.
03:02:39 Dracarys listened to Void intently. Well, it was official, the boy had his true name now. So, the boy intended to help did he? That was all well and good, eventually he’d succumb to their ideals, just as Drac had many years ago. Originally he too was in it for himself, but eventually he grew upon the idea of saving his fellow man. “Good.” He spoke. In the rearview mirror was exactly what’d you’d expect from a clean get away, nothing. Scratching his chin, he watched as she returned them to their home base. “You remembered…” he spoke with a condiment smile before stepping out of the vehicle and pulling the seat forward. “You’ll have to pocket the car.” He spoke, turning toward him. “Cannot have it tracked…so either pocket it, or I’ll burn it.” He spoke, giving the boy an ultimatum.
03:04:30 [Dilan] Welp.. Imma have to add that to the profile now :’D
03:04:42 [Leo] Eyup. 03:04:50 [Leo] I think it suits you
03:04:56 [Leo“] Oh, hi I'm Leo
03:04:57 [Dilan] 'Ello again Leo o7
03:05:01 [Dilan] Thank you muchly
03:05:06 [Leo] I lurk frequently >> 03:05:23 [Leo] Course Portal Jockey
03:05:34 [Dilan] Yeah I had a feeling that'd stick
03:05:51 [Dracarys] Don't mind the socially awkward genious.
03:06:01 [Carth] Gonna pass out
03:06:16 [Carth] Don't do anything stupid.
03:06:18 [Carth] etc etc
03:06:19 [Carth] night
03:06:24 [Dilan] Later carth
03:08:46 [Dracarys] Okay Carth…I promise I won't touch the Earths Core
03:12:36 Dracarys begins to stroke the Earth's core.
03:12:41 Dilan Nodded slowly. A silent agreement was now set in place and for once he felt like he was a part of something. His role would be questioned but for now he'd accept it as Void. As he stepped out the car, Dilan would use the strange surge of power, a surge he assumed came from the silent driver and placed both hands flat on the roof of the car. The awkward shift in what was and wasn't could be felt as the car sucked itself inwards to the roof until it was completely gone. Mild dizziness but aside from that, Dilan would proceed to follow the duo to their base and begin to ponder. "So I assume that there are those of our kind that wouldn't approve with your approach on 'rights' correct?" He didn't live completely under a rock, he heard of mutants that protected humans and fought for them. A concept he couldn't grasp. As a human at one point, he failed to understand how such a race could look down on each other as if they were animals and now as a mutant he could definitely feel the difference.
03:12:49 Dilan Strokes the moon
03:12:55 [Leo‘`] Logically you’d melt before you got even a quarter way to the core…
03:20:00 [Dracarys] I think her net crashed.
03:20:04 [Dracarys] She poofed off Skkype
03:20:30 [Dracarys] Hello Niv.
03:20:47 Dracarys His role? Soldier, hopefully he’d make a better and follow orders better than Bodae, whom had been MIA since the assault on the protesters…The General was going to have to ring that boys neck relatively soon. This was utterly and irrevocably unacceptable! With that in mind, he snorted. “The X-Men, more commonly known as the pain in our asses. I’m surprised they didn’dt show up, generallyi they’re there five…ten…sometimes fifteen minutes before the worthless police officers.” He spoke watching the car simply vanished. That was a neat trick. “We have a few rules we must discuss. First and foremost. Never rat, about any of us, our names, especially our home location, trust me. It will not end well for you. Secondly, don’t piss off the boss. Thirdly you’ve complete freedom of the compound, treat as you would your own home, with respect and care.” He spoke up before placing his hand upon a panel beside the doors and stepping inside once it was opened, and boom. They were home! [c]
03:22:14 Dracarys "Follow me, I'll show you to your quarters. Oh, anda personal rule, breaking into my room is hazardous to your health." he spoke, glancing toward him. With a kiss to Switch, he'd smack her on the ass and wink at her. "Go lay down, babe." he spoke hading her the keys to his room and motining in the opposite direction. "You'll be staying down here."[e]
03:27:33 ( Dilan flips a coin => Fail )
03:27:46 [Dilan] Correct me if I'm wrong
03:28:02 [Dilan] But is there no other rooms in the Keep other than ours with people in?
03:28:03 [Dracarys] ?
03:28:14 [Dracarys] Um…
03:28:24 [Dracarys] I've not seen any other X-men ones
03:28:28 [Dilan] Either my browser is fucking with me or that'd be true
03:28:31 [Dracarys] oh…wait
03:28:32 [Dracarys] wait
03:28:34 [Dracarys] WAIT
03:28:34 [Dilan] Not X-men
03:28:36 [Dracarys] WHAT
03:28:39 [Dracarys] WHAT THE FUCK
03:28:50 [Dilan] e.e
03:28:56 [Dilan] It's like RP Purgatory
03:29:15 [Dracarys] Screen shotting this…
03:29:30 [Dilan] So I'm not the only one losing the plot
03:30:03 [Dracarys] Nope…
03:32:21 [Dracarys] Annnd it's all back
10:29:46 Switch‘ enters this room
10:29:54 [Switch`] hmm
10:30:29 Dilan enters this room
10:30:43 [Dilan] ’Ello everyone o7
10:31:23 [Switch‘] They never left the room xD
10:31:40 [Dilan] That doesn’t surprise me x3
10:32:32 [Switch‘] lol
10:33:54 [Switch`] so what’s up?
10:34:54 [Dilan] Not much, just got back in and doing some laundry… Not very exciting stuff ^_^;; and yourself?
10:35:47 [Switch‘] honestly just woke up
10:36:36 [Dilan] Ahhh fair enough
10:38:01 [Switch`] sleeping schedule messed up and working tonight >.<
10:38:46 [Dilan] ruh roh
10:38:52 [Dilan] Long shift?
10:39:10 [Switch`] I work overnights so 11pm to 6am
10:39:53 [Dilan] Ouch
10:40:15 [Switch`] well I’m the manager so yeah >.< it gets tiring.
10:42:27 [Dilan] Ahhh I see
10:45:02 [Switch‘] So what did you and Drac do after I went brb and end up passing out
10:46:26 Avery Moore enters this room
10:46:57 Avery Moore exits from this room
10:48:18 [Dilan] Welp.. I passed out but I ended up taking Drac into the Void, showin’ him what its all about
10:48:55 [Switch‘] oh lovely, you didn’t get him lost in there did you?
10:49:18 [Dilan] Well I passed him out before we actually got back.. But I'm sure we can say I pulled him back into the real world
10:49:39 [Switch‘] lol
10:49:47 [Carth] No. Leave him there.
10:49:58 [Switch`] Carth that isn’t nice.
10:50:00 [Dilan] xD He'll torch my ATM!
10:50:18 [Carth] The world will get a thousand times less annoying
10:50:37 [Switch‘] xD
10:52:29 [Switch`] Hmmm what to do
10:53:57 [Dilan] ^ Same predicament here
10:54:33 [Switch`] Well Drac needs out of the void and in his room a sleep -nods-
10:55:14 Dilan Can suck him out
10:55:54 [Dilan] Of the void that is >.O
10:56:15 Dilan Also needs coffee
10:56:19 [Switch`] well there is the starting point -pushes Dilan to post-
10:58:45 [Dilan] Hmmmm
11:02:53 Dilan Types
11:04:08 Evar enters this room
11:12:16 [Carth] Alright. I gotta eat. Sooo bbrrrrrrrrrb. Once more of the gang is on I’ll try to get some things going for everyone
11:13:49 Dilan Was now a 'proud' member of the Brotherhood. "Hmph." What exactly did that mean? He'd be fighting the Law Enforcement that despise his kind? The 'X-men' that Drac warned him about? The two didn't share much conversation after the previous day, Dilan had shown Dracarys the inside of the Void and returned pretty much without a word. Wtihout the strange boost in power however, bringing the two back had done some damage to the young Mutant and at various points of the night he was puking into what had been a trashcan but was now a sick bucket that consisted mostly of blood than puke. Dilan spent the majority of the morning on his bed, one arm propping his head up and the other playing with the strings of his navy blue hood. He managed to get a change of clothes, sporting a grey t-shirt, black jeans and white sneakers that he held no shame in having on the bed. He was thinking about getting food, of exploring the compound but it may have been fear that kept him locked away in his room.<C>
11:13:52 Dilan The lad suddenly sat up in his bed, feeling his stomach growl but a slimey draw of saliva conjuring up in his mouth. "Fu-" More sick into the bucket it seemed.
11:24:21 Switch‘ was kind of glad that Drac was getting along with the kid, cause it was different and it refreshed her trust in some around the Brotherhood. The woman was within the kitchen area, dressed in what looked to be a sage green satin tank-top, hip hugger black jeans curving against her frame. Her leather jacket finished it off, besides her black ankle boots. She had been cooking some breakfast for those that were up and around the Brotherhood. There was pancakes, scramble eggs, bacon and sausage cooked of course. Orange Juice, Milk and Coffee set out for those that drank it. Misha didn’t often cook, but she she did it was usually in a large mass. Once she had everything shut off and in the sink. She would move and sit at the table, to get some of the food and drink.
11:25:02 [Dilan] Bacon?! -Types-
11:25:40 Evar exits from this room
11:30:04 Minuet enters this room
11:32:16 [Carth] eya Minuet!
11:32:30 [Minuet] Hullo!
11:33:00 [Switch‘] *waves to Minuet*
11:33:15 [Dilan] ’Ello Minuet o7
11:34:38 [Minuet] -settles in with some Rachel and Miles-
11:35:01 Dilan Had finally emptied the contents of his stomach, falling back on the bed and a closed fist slamming against the wall next to him. His breathing was heavy and his vision was becomming blurry from dizziness though none of this was by choice. He needed to calm, exerting himself was dangerous and a hand over his left side confirmed his irregular heartbeat. Dilan would've fallen asleep, dozed off to a dreamless scape if it wasn't for the smell of cooked meat seeping through the door and his stomach now producing a different type of growl. 'Eat… Go eat.' His mind demanded and he couldn't exactly ignore it for much longer. Locking his bedroom door behind him, Dilan fixed the beaning on his head and shoved both hands in his pockets while he trusted his sense of smell to guide him tot he kitchen where his first gaze fell on the table full of food before looking to the woman. "Morning." Short and sweet, the Mutant cautiously approached the table and reached to pull out one of the chairs <C>
11:35:04 Dilan before slowly sitting down. With the table edged closer to the table, his hands ended up together and resting on his lap while his eyes fixed on the woman with a rather empty gaze. Not like he was trying to be edgey or anything, it was simply the look of tiredness and defeat. Clearly Dilan was still getting used to being a Mutant at all.
11:40:50 Leo groggily looks into the room 11:41:40 Dilan Waves to Leo 11:41:43 [Leo] Braiiiinnnssss
11:42:16 [Minuet] Zombie eat brains, but zombie cannot swallow this injustice…
11:42:56 Switch‘ would relax as she had pour herself some orange juice by the time that Dilan had came into the kitchen area. Those yes of hers the neutral mocha in color as she would smirk. "Morning." speaking lightly as she did for that moment. A roll her shoulders as she could tell the boy was tired and worn out from the use of his power. "Go a head and eat, and get some rest. Oh and if you need it, I can cancel out that power of yours so you can sleep." as she didn’t say how she could do it of course. But she would move to pick up a fork, to begin to eat some of her pancakes she had cooked. The food was always good when it was made from scratch of course. As she would shift in the chair and take a sip of her juice as well.
11:43:17 [Switch‘] *pats Leo’s head*
11:47:32 [Dracarys] Mother fucker steps into a void…and all I get is this T-Shirt
11:49:24 [Dilan] xD
11:49:30 [Dilan] Morning to you too
11:52:16 Dracarys crackles knuckles and gets to work
11:56:56 Dilan Hesitated at the idea of grabbing breakfast but with Switch already digging in, he figured that the worst she could say was 'Piss off' at the idea of him helping himself. Dilan made a grab for the Orange Juice, pouring himself a full glass before loading a nearby plate with bacon, eggs and some bread that was left on the table. The woman offered to help him sleep but the Mutant shook his head, fork now in hand that aided him in putting the bacon and eggs on the slice of bread and placing another slice on top of that. "Thank you… But it isn't my powers exactly that are affecting my sleep." No eye contact was made, instead he focused on the sandwich that he raised fora big bite of and chewed thoroughly. It gave him time to think, washing down the dryness of the bread with juice and placing the makeshift breakfast sandwich back on the plate. "As far as I can tell.. It only affects me when I take big objects or people through but I sorta have… Health issues." <C>
11:56:58 Dilan A quick pat tot he heart before sitting up in his seat and going in for another bite of his sandwich. It wasn't like he was avoiding conversation, but the build up to his powers coming to be was alittle uncomfortable and it could be visibly clear by his face that it bothered him still.
12:01:16 Dracarys slept with his girl all night long. How good did that feel? Great! Everything felt normal again. Last night had to be one of the most eventful as of late, getting Switch back, and even picking up a new addition to their tight nit little family, a man with a nifty ability to hide shit, named Void. Currently he had been off elsewhere. He couldn’t exactly tell the love of his life where he was going this morning, only that it was a surprise, right? With a roll of the shoulders, he finally sauntered on into the kitchen hood covered face as he dropped flowers into the vase on the kitchen table, lilies. “Morning everyone.” He spoke, stepping toward the counter to make his own breakfast. Wait for it….waaiiit for it…[annnd shooty post go!]
12:09:15 Switch‘ listening a moment as she would glance up for that moment, to the idea of the boy having health issues was different. "So normal health issues on top of your power… interesting and rare… do you know exactly what is wrong?" asking this of him for the moment. It was then she would noticed Drac com in and place lillies within the vase. A blush coming to her cheeks, he hadn’t forgotten her favorite flower. "Morning Drac and thank you, the flowers are lovely." speaking this as she would watch him go about making his plate for that very moment. Taken a sip of her juice within that moment. As she would cross her legs under the table then and lean back against it. Smiling once more.
12:18:58 Dilan continued powering through his sandwich, unsure of how this one would be staying down but persisting through and through. "They told me it was something called 'Myocarditis' and that it normally lasted a week or so but it lasted longer than that." Honestly, Dilan couldn't absorb all the details after hearing that there was something wrong with his heart and the very thought dried his throat. 'More juice.' Chugging down the rest of the citrus goodness, flowers appeared on the table and a brief glance to Dracarys brought a smirk to his face. "Morning." Back to his food now and he realized that he was almost done, biting down on the bread while a napkin was brought to wipe the crumbs and greaase of the bacon from his lips. "I couldn't stand the way I was living with this new health condition and things at home were't getting better so I-" dilan choked on his words, the subject still touchy and a deep breath taken as if to skip the finer details of the story. <C>
12:19:01 Dilan "I ended up in hospital and started seeing these weird lights in my dream. I just wanted to get out and next thing I know I'm in the Void."
12:22:25 [Dracarys] back
12:22:27 [Dracarys] posting
12:22:30 [Dracarys] that shit
12:25:24 [Dilan] Welcome Back
12:26:10 [Myriad] hey all
12:26:28 [Minuet] -wave-
12:26:39 [Switch‘] wb Drac and Hey Myriad and Minuet
12:27:09 Myriad glomps Minuet, and waves tentacles back to Switch
12:27:44 [Dilan] ’Ello Myriad -Belated-
12:28:05 Myriad inserts another greeting into Dilan
12:29:33 [Myriad] so we all at the kitchen?
12:30:02 [Myriad] nah wait, they're at their bro-kitchen
12:30:14 [Switch‘] Dilan, Drac and I are in the brotherhood kitchen lol)
12:30:18 [Dilan] ^ Exactly
12:30:33 [Dilan] Because Bacon
12:30:59 [Myriad] http://www.truefd.com/davidlovephotography/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/20150103_Heather_Danica_Danielle-14_web.jpg
12:31:05 [Minuet] Mina will post in the near future. Rachel and Miles are X-plaining the X-men right now, and it is filling me with amusement.
12:31:06 [Dilan] I need to make a quick store run, just skip me if I’m not back in time
12:31:31 [Myriad] only got 40 mins, so, yeah
12:33:57 Dracarys smirked as he fixed up his plate and glanced back toward her. "Morning love, any time." he spoke moving back toward the table with a hot plate of bacon, sausage, eggs and toast, top that off with an Irish coffee and you're set. "Morning." he spoke, sitting at the table and sipping on the coffee. "So, how is everyone this lovely morning." he spoke, the generally sociopathic sounding General sounding a might bit chipper this morning, and for good reason! "Well, your condition is permanent, Dilan. happily stated in fact. You've been chosen to evolve into something more than some….ape."[boom sorry got distracted]
12:36:17 [Switch‘] I’m getting a bit to distracted and hungry so I'll slip off here I"ll still be on messager. Sorry guys.
12:36:20 Switch‘ exits from this room
12:40:09 [Dracarys] Myr, Mutt, try keeping the ooc down from now on, ya?
12:40:46 Morphea enters this room
12:43:26 [Carth] Ey, Morph
12:43:35 [Carth] Any questions send me my way.
12:46:12 [Carth] ’em*
12:46:15 [Dilan] And Im back
12:48:36 [Myriad whispers to Carth] Uh, is Drac usually a mod here?
12:50:15 Dilan Types
12:51:11 [Morphea] Will do. Profile is done, just lookin' for the right image atm? )
12:51:38 [Myriad] wait Morphea
12:51:43 [Myriad] i got one… sec
12:53:32 [Myriad] http://37.media.tumblr.com/cb7277ab9cd04c1d0e9e7bcaf0b79ef9/tumblr_n0zco1ugi51rgdjn8o2_1280.jpg
12:53:44 [Myriad] assuming you dont mind the references^
12:53:46 [Carth whispers to Myriad] he's not. He's just asking y'all to keep it down so they could post
12:56:06 Dilan Chowed down on the last bits of sandwich before sitting back in his seat, satisfied with a full stomach and brushing any thoughts of being sick to merely savour such content. Dracarys sat down and began loading his own breakfast while the woman fell silent. Dilan was beginning to think it was a recourring habit of hers but decided to keep silent on such thoughts and pushed his chair back. "I'm alright I su-" Once again, the Pyrotechnic spoke up of him being part of an evolved race, frowning ever so slightly and feeling his heart rate pick up. "Not so much Mutant condition but rather human conditions… It's a heart problem." It appeared that the General had no understanding of medical conditions as rare as his… Then again why would he? Fire was a destructive element in the hands of the rebellious type and Dilan didn't need to be in the Brotherhood to know that the group were rebellious by nature. <C>
12:56:08 Dilan "I don't plan to sit around today, until orders are thrown my way I wanna keep stocking up on whatever I can get my hands on." It wasn't like he had a plan of action but he didn't exactly like sitting around and twiddling his thumbs.
12:56:29 [Morphea] Hmm. thanks. She is blond, but I'll take it into consideration. Thank you! )))
13:01:57 [Myriad whispers to Morphea] also, this one is cool, albeit not blond: http://allday2.com/uploads/posts/2014-10/thumbs/1413804249_elfen_lied_by_truefd-d83cwij.jpg
13:05:40 [Morphea whispers to Myriad] awesome!
13:09:44 [Dracarys] HEY we got a mystique!
13:09:59 [Carth] Husk
13:10:16 [Myriad] <
Toaster Oven
13:10:28 Dilan Snickers
13:10:57 [Dracarys] Husk…mystique
13:10:59 [Dracarys] Same shit
13:11:29 [Dracarys] No, sober bro
13:13:03 [Morphea] actually she isn't Mystique at all
13:13:10 [Myriad whispers to Carth] Understandable on the ooc front, just a little weird since we seem to be roughly the same for the ooc lines
13:13:16 [Morphea] Very different.
13:14:09 [Myriad] Ayep, very cool style, Myriad and her could be training buddies, but I totally slack off compared to Morphea, so maybe rivals or some school drama
13:14:52 [Myriad] Once I get a block of rp time, we should maybe rp a class or training together?
13:15:26 [Carth] Morph, you're free to go and such now
13:16:48 Leo enters this room 13:17:00 [Morphea] Sounds good Myriad. Thanks Carth! 13:17:42 Leo floats.
13:17:48 [Leo‘`] I’m down for some rpin, yo
13:19:09 [Leo‘`] Anyone else?
13:20:44 [Myriad] If I didn’t have to go Leo, I would
13:21:09 [Leo] K 13:22:58 [Minuet] Will post, yes! 13:23:23 [Leo] A human computer talking with an above genius level….
13:23:28 [Leo‘`] That would be a very interesting conversation
13:24:05 [Myriad] lol, Minuet’s conversation skills are interesting without her genius
13:25:48 [Leo] After you, Minute 13:28:02 [Leo] Carth?
13:28:33 [Carth] Gimme a few. I'll post in soonskies. Dealing with groceries
13:29:00 [Leo‘`] I’ma jack yo groceries, bro
13:35:13 [Minuet] Ping. Like any large mansion converted into a boarding school, the particular Institution of Higher Learning that one Minuet Solstice Kelley, also known as Majorana Fermion, also known as Minuet Solstice Kelley attended had to its name a large and well-furnished common room. Today, Mina had taken over a small corner of it with some task she seemed rather heavily focused upon, one which involved a pair of mechanical gauntlets, an array of small screwdrivers, a power drill, a laptop computer, and a smartphone. As was always the case with Mina, she sang as she worked, half-humming, half-actually-singing-lyrics. "It's a god-mm-mm-mm affair, to the mm-mm the mousy hair…" Whatever it was she was doing, she seemed quite cheerful about it. She'd make a minor change to something, check something on her cellphone, record something else, there was a rather consistent pattern to it. The main question was why here, in a rec-room type environment, rather than somewhere more
13:37:19 [Minuet] — classically conducive to engineering projects? And the answer to that, of course, was that she couldn't observe the people around her with nearly so much variety if she was in a laboratory somewhere. "But mm-mm-mm is yelling no, and her papa has mm-mm-mm go…" She hadn't actually dressed in the morning, which meant she was still wearing the Cthulhu sweatpants and oversized tee shirt she usually slept in. And fuzzy slippers. Fuzzy Cthulhu slippers, because that's how Mina rolled. (She did, occasionally, opt for the fuzzy King In Yellow slippers instead. Occasionally.)
13:41:09 [Myriad] Well, one of the slippers had been replaced by the King in Yellow version as Myriad would roll away from the foot, and up to the pool table, at first playing like normal as she replaced the white ball and -click clacked!- hit the other balls into their respective holes. Once bored of playing with herself and her balls (like so many male mutants, hur hur hur) she would make her surface sticky and roll around. Maybe Minuet had the King of the Yellow thing, but she was the Prince of the King of the Universe as the Katamari Damacy lolled around to the humming. Eventually, it would stop with most of the rec pieces and similar close to Minuet, giving, well, a weird helix-like globe/rubber band ball look with the different colors and things. Really though? Myriad was just practicing her shapeshift stuff while Minuet diligently worked on SCIENCING! and would remain as just an object in the background for now.
13:41:24 [Leo‘`] I thought you couldn’t post!
13:42:00 [Myriad] i cant, was just gonna place myself as a giant furntiure piece next to Minuet
13:42:28 [Myriad] thats my last post^ for now, mwahhaha~
13:42:46 [Myriad] Minuet can npc me for a katamari bal
13:43:47 Myriad shuffles to afk
13:44:26 Leo shuffles to post 13:47:52 Dilan Returns from Ubrb with fresh brownies 13:50:22 [Myriad] ¥mobile 13:51:48 Leo snatches up a brownie and munches on.
13:51:50 [Myriad whispers to Dilan] weeba
13:52:23 [Dilan whispers to Myriad] Cheers
13:55:18 [Dilan] =| Rudeness
13:55:38 [Leo‘`] Rude for not sharing
13:56:27 [Dilan] If I weren’t sharing, I wouldn't have highlighted the facts I had brownies >.>
13:56:37 Myriad is the brownie. … screams silently
13:56:40 Leo noms on. 13:56:52 [Leo] Sounds hawt, Myriad
13:56:58 [Minuet] …can we have less OOC? <3 I find it super distracting when I'm trying to post.
13:57:29 [Leo‘`] :First thing one would do, was pop his standard prescription medication once he awoke. Thankfully he didn’t wake up with a migraine this morning which was unusual, but Leo wouldn’t complain. Six pills down the hatch, he cleaned up, showered up, got dressed and stepped out of his room and headed straight for the commons, hands shoved into his pockets as the sounds of pool balls bouncing around the table reached his ears. He didn’t enjoy the game, wasn’t his cup of tea, he preferred his studies over anything else. Now at the bottom of the steps and into the commons, his eyes fell upon Minuet, another genius at the School, far above his level of course, but both had interesting conversations, or rather could have them, right? The book case was his first stop, grabbing a blank covered book, one which he’d stuck there the other day to keep away from his roommate…whom was a complete and utter slub. (Think Toad…). He needed a new roommate, but they wouldn’t let him shack up with Rave. Weird, right?
14:03:18 [Minuet] "If you keep pretending to be my slippers, you’re eventually going to get laundered," Mina commented offhandedly to Myriad. Her roommate had, in Mina's estimation, a somewhat unhealthy fixation with becoming articles of her clothing. It wasn't so much that she minded as she realized it could cause problems elsewhere in life. Ah, well. It was a rather minor concern, really, especially considering how completely and utterly fucked mutantkind was in the long run. Which brought her back to her current project! Indirectly, of course. This one thing couldn't possibly alter the course of society enough to bring about a sustainable path to a more peaceful future. But every piece had a role, and the master plan had to begin somewhere… "Hello! You!" She had never actually met Leo before, something something something didn't get out all that much. "Come! I need an extra pair of hands. It'll be Scienterrific, I promise." She liked that word - scienterrific. She was also pretty fond of the word —
14:04:01 [Minuet] — mathemagical. Actually, she just liked portmanteaus in general. Funducational. Thunderdouche. Enormoose. But scienterrific was definitely her favorite.
14:09:25 [Myriad] The balls and pool cues would rattle/click to morose code the affirmative on her statement. -Yep. But your feet look so cold.- Still ever the helpful sidekick to the science heroine she would poke out a tentacle with a weird slim 3 finger grip at the end toward Minuet as one of the sticks would stack around to form out the letters 《HI》 to Leo as he came close. otherwise it was back to being a fancy helix statue
14:13:03 [Leo‘`] Brb
14:14:09 [Myriad] I’ll duck out for bit too. mobile is tough. sorry Minuet
14:21:14 Dilan Boogies
14:26:02 Leo enters this room 14:26:12 Leo sulks at his net..
14:32:26 [Carth] i red light a lot lately
14:32:39 [Leo] I haxed yer interwebz 14:33:18 MentalMedic enters this room 14:39:18 [Dilan] Alright... Somewhat tired of hiding in Brotherhood base soooo -Types- 14:39:41 Leo brow raise.
14:43:06 Morphea isn't sure she likes her alias.
14:43:20 [Morphea] sounds like some disease I think !
14:48:21 [Carth] lolol
14:49:26 [Dilan] How does one catch Morphea?
14:49:45 Morphea licks
14:50:21 [Dilan] e.O
14:52:29 [Leo‘`] With sugar cubes
14:53:44 [Morphea] Morph is just to.. weird. Morpheus - more dreams. Morphous meh.. argh!
14:54:02 [Morphea] I guess we don’t need a name right away. I should registered under a name instead. !
14:55:41 [Carth] lolololol
14:58:07 [Morphea] well at least I have a pic now!
14:58:09 [Morphea] xD
14:58:35 Dilan Thumbs up
14:58:47 [Minuet] (…hi, Jenny!)
14:59:37 [Morphea] Ha.. I knew some one would recognize her.
15:00:49 [Morphea] Derma .. that sounds better, or Dermis?
15:00:59 [Carth] noooot really
15:01:07 [Minuet] Flux?
15:01:27 [Carth] better.
15:01:39 [Morphea] Lamina?
15:01:56 [Morphea] Flux hmm
15:02:03 [Minuet] Protean?
15:02:22 [Carth] really should have just used the characters name instead of an alias or nickname lol.
15:03:56 [Minuet] ;D Zygon?
15:04:12 [Morphea] I know. I was trynna be a cool kid!
15:04:17 [Dilan] Why not wait til somebody gives you a nickname in character? S'what I did
15:04:37 [Carth] Zygon
15:04:42 [Carth] like from Doctor Who? O.o
15:04:43 [Dilan] Portal Jockey Void Isn't too bad
15:04:50 Leo‘` has no cool nickname
15:04:59 [Minuet] Yes, Carth. ;D
15:05:02 [Morphea] I will. I’m gonna register / change her first name as it's already taken
15:05:09 [Dilan] Leo = Funny Man
15:06:43 Carth : Another afternoon of working out and running tests. Which of course left Carth just a little tired. But even then, he still had a lot of hours left in the day. Carth drank his recover drink while he sped-read through Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. While Rocket and Q had actual things they were doing in school, Carth was working on two Masters degrees in Philosophy and Biology. Easy stuff, really. Since he could read an entire years worth of Material in an hour, tops. With all his reading done and his workouts complete, Carth had precious few options ahead of him. He could go into the city and find something to do. Oooooooooooor. Watching a movie? Television? Try to bond with the students? That could work a lot better. Popcorn was poppin' and the movie was about to play. The Raid. Because really, it was fun to watch people beat eachother up. Carth wore simple pair of red converse sneakers, navy blue jeans, and a grey Shirt with a Golden Dalek on it. Simple simple simple. -C-
15:06:45 Carth : While his popcorn was poppin, Carth plopped himself down on the sofa as the movie started.
15:07:51 X-Men enters this room
15:08:44 [Carth] Hopefully more people show up by tonight so I can kick off a lil mini eventttttt
15:09:33 [Leo] *brow raise* 15:09:45 [Leo] As if the Firebug hasn't tried that enough?
15:10:56 [Carth] An actual thing.
15:11:29 Begonia enters this room
15:12:32 Begonia exits from this room
15:13:21 [Carth] mostly, when Switch and maybe Priscilla. then a couple others. Magneto will make his first move in the chess match
15:16:32 Morphea exits from this room
15:25:09 [Minuet] Will be back soon. Off to buy potatoes and leeks and cream. Soup! :D
15:58:45 Emochia enters this room
15:59:41 [Carth] heya
15:59:58 Emochia salutes
16:07:29 [Dilan] 'Elloa Emochia o7
16:07:52 [Leo] EMO 16:07:53 [Leo] CHIA
16:07:57 Leo‘` slumps on
16:12:14 Dracarys enters this room
16:12:44 Rocket_Girl enters this room
16:13:19 [Dilan] ’Ello Rocket G, Dracarys o/
16:13:39 [Dracarys] Staying out of trouble, Void?
16:14:10 Rocket_Girl waves! \o
16:14:45 Priscilla_Blake enters this room
16:15:20 [Dracarys] Prissy *nod*
16:15:42 [Priscilla_Blake] Hello Drac.
16:15:44 [Dracarys] Cupid, meet Void, Void, meet Cupid
16:15:59 [Dracarys] Void is our own personal storage
16:16:09 Resonance enters this room
16:17:10 [Carth] hey alllll~
16:17:18 [Resonance] o/
16:17:45 [Priscilla_Blake] Helo Carth.
16:18:02 [Dilan] I'm always out of trouble
16:18:40 [Dilan] Also hello Priscilla and Resonance /o/
16:19:10 [Rocket_Girl] o/
16:21:25 [Resonance] oy
16:21:28 [Resonance] Anything going on?
16:21:42 [Carth] about to try to kick some things off
16:23:54 Minuet returns!
16:24:02 [Resonance] wb
16:24:03 [Dilan] Welcome Back
16:24:10 [Rocket_Girl] o/
16:24:21 [Priscilla_Blake] Welcome back.
16:26:56 Maddie enters this room
16:27:05 X-Men : The great game of chess was about to begin. For months Magneto laid low and established everything he needed to begin to put his plans into action. Xavier had a good sense of what was going on and began to move publicly and privately to stop what he believed the mans plan was. But, everything was about to boil up to the surface. In two days the Senate and House were set to begin voting on major legislation concerning Mutants. There were a slew of laws and regulations. Some crafty senators and members of the house slipped in language that would allow Mutants to be used to become weapons. Others wanted mutants to register their powers to prevent crimes. Debates raged. Moderate members of both parties were unsure. While both extreme sides the parties had their own plans. Both had plans of their own. Magneto himself had emerged from the Shadows to call a Meeting of his Brotherhood of Mutants. All members of The Brotherhood were to attend a meeting in a large room within th
16:27:12 X-Men : All members of The Brotherhood were to attend a meeting in a large room within their underground base. Magneto, despite his older age was still tall, muscular, imposing, and strong. He wore the outfit of old, complete with the colorful helmet on his head. He would wait for all the members to arrive. He had waited this long. He could wait just a little longer
16:28:40 [Dilan] 'Ello Maddie o7 -Types-
16:28:42 [X-Men] 'lo Maddie. Any questions Direct them to me or Carth

16:30:01 [Maddie] o>
16:33:36 [Dracarys] ANND bugger, Switch is offline :/
16:33:46 Dracarys is typing away, hushes other BH's
16:37:48 Dracarys the foreboding general had already been there, standing just afew feet behind Magneto to his right. He’d gotten himself into a bit of trouble this past week, but he’d had a spot of trouble getting some recruits, and the fact that some cockroaches ere getting on his nerves. Arms crossed over his chest, he’d already received his lashes, but had yet to give Magneto the good news. But the likely hood of him already knowing, that a member had returned to their fold probably. Now all they needed to do was wait. “Bodae’s been missing, should this be concerning?” he asked, turning his attention toward their defacto leader. The lighter in his left hand was flicked….and snapped closed several times. Bodae knew things, he knew their locations, he knew various other secrets about their base and its location, who knows what the drunkard had already spilled…
16:37:52 [Dracarys] Short, but w/e
16:37:59 [Dracarys] My time's limited, yo
16:39:00 Dilan | Breakfast was exactly what he needed, sticking true to his word he decided to venture out intot he outside world and taking a long walk in the area to know exactly what kind of terrain he was hiding within. An uneventful walk for sure but it got him the fresh air he needed and the time to think. By technicality, he was still reported missing from the hospital by the authorities and the thought of returning home to his parents daunted him. 'Parents? You mean Prison?' He did steal both a car and an ATM just the day before, chances were that his face would be recorded down for a detective somewhere to investigate. Another brain wave hit, was there such a prison for Mutants specifically and could they hold the kid with his own universe in his pocket? Theories aside, Dilan made his way back into the compound, slyly and silently until he was walking down the corridor that led to his room while toher Brotherhood mutants headed in the opposite direction. "What's going on?" <C>
16:39:03 Dilan Clearly he missed the memo and decided to ask a passing mutant who hesitated at first but hastily told him about the summoning to the grand hall of their base under Magneto's orders. 'Megneto huh?' Dracarys mentioned such a name at some point of their conversations. By pivoting on his heel, Dilan made his way with the thinning crowd of Mutants until he reached the hall and even then he refused to take a seat. Instead he edged to the outside of the chairs and slowly made his way forward before slumping on the wall while eyes scanned over the General talking to the man of the hour. Arms hanging while hands remained in his pockets, Dilan waited tos ee what the man of the hour had to say.
16:39:07 [Dilan] To see*
16:41:00 [Priscilla_Blake] Almost done.
16:41:06 [Dracarys] Allrighty then
16:45:32 [Priscilla_Blake] They were summoned as all the members new not to keep Magneto waiting too long. With the news of one of their own being trapped within Xavier’s sanctuary Cupid was torn between obligation to her leader’s priorities or Segway into retrieving Bo? She knew better, they all knew better. Priscilla left her room as she watched her siblings shove into the room waiting for Magneto’s speech. She leaned against the wall, her fingers twirled within her teal strands. Her lavender eyes darted between Drac and Magneto. Dilan…she was oblivious to him until introductions would be exchanged. She rested her chin onto her shoulder. Everything was on hold, nothing else mattered and all was forgotten about. Magneto was the Captain of the varsity football team and all the rest wanted to live in his shadow. Magneto was not a mere chess piece, he was the creator of the entire game. <e>
16:46:50 [Dracarys] Kiss his ass just a bit more Cupid »
16:47:12 -Mikey- returns out of nowhere.
16:47:29 [Dilan] Welcome back Mikey
16:47:31 [Dracarys] Hello Spandex-Men
16:47:48 [-Mikey-] Spand-… What?
16:47:52 [Priscilla_Blake] I totally can.
16:47:57 [Priscilla_Blake] Just wait until the hair flip.
16:48:20 Dilan Snickers
16:48:27 [Dracarys] You look like a goody Goody, so you must be one dem SpandeX-Men
16:48:58 [-Mikey-] …. Their suits are made out of spandex?
16:49:12 [Dracarys] You didn't….know that?
16:50:04 [-Mikey-] Why would I know what their stuff is made out of?
16:50:57 [Dracarys] Common knoweldge from Marvel buffs
16:51:59 Rocket_Girl rocks 'dat Spandex, yo.
16:53:51 Dracarys flicks Emochia
16:55:40 -Mikey- exits from this room
16:57:50 Maddie exits from this room
16:58:48 X-Men : Magneto stood in front of the group. The pyro General behind him. How good of him to finally obey an order. His stupidity could have cost them more than he would ever know. But, he also had to blame himself. Afterall, Magneto had in his service a dog on a leash. Ready to bite anything if one wasn't careful enough. While such a creature had its uses, it also lacked vision and was seemingly blind to anything that wasn't directly in front of it. Which meant that anyone with vision, like Magneto… would easily be able to control him for the most part. He would make the man suffer for a great many things after today, but for now he needed him in as good of shape as possible. And breaking the mans fingers wouldn't helpd. Today, the board was fresh. His victories and losses against Xavier and the X-Men were were leading to this day. The first pawns were about to be moved. In a dark room, with light only above a simple chess board, he sat across from Xavier.
16:58:54 X-Men : Old Friend… Care to play yet another game? he asked with a smile. Xavier could only smile back. Of course, Erik… For old times sake the refined English accent responded. This may well be our last one…. All things come to an end. But like everything else. This game shall not be a short one. The Streets of New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami… The sounds of protests. Shouts. Chants. Signs line the streets as Police scramble to maintain order. This is the backdrop of the world as we head into these last two defining moments. Snarky Facebook posts. Satirical Comics. Vitriol in the press. Pundits Debate and attack each other on FOX, MSNBC, CNN, and so many others. “For those of you who do not know me. I am Magneto. Leader of the Brotherhood… and the man that will bring about Mutant Supremacy” he said calmly. With a smile on his face. He carried himself with a certain charm and charisma.
16:59:02 X-Men : Far from the Mustache Twirling villain he had been portrayed as. Notable members were here. Lessers filed in. Newfaces were abound. “<B>We've been quiet and building up to this point for quite some time. We refrained from fighting to gather our strength. And let the humans act from a position they believe is safe. For those of you who do not read the papers… or watch the news. In two days… very important laws will most assuredly be passed. Neither us nor Xavier and his X-Men want these laws passed. They will bring suffering and humiliation to any and all members of our kind. They seek to bring us under control. Many have begun to see us not as a threat. Or as freaks… but as dangerous weapons that they want to control and use for their own purposes…</I>” he said. Looking around the audience that had gathered. “We will show them that we are not tools for their control…”. A sinister smile crept across his face.
16:59:10 X-Men : “The last several months I've keep forging alliances with small groups across the country. Today, they will begin to wreak havok in the streets of various cities”. What was the goal of all this? What was the plan? Only the two men sitting across from each other playing a game of chess knew. “Quite a bold move, Erik… Do you really think this course will work?”. Xavier would ask smiling. “Charles… if you fail to stop me, I will only grow stronger. But even if you stop me… I'll still be able to win the fear generated by both our kind and humans alike…” Erik would respond. A chuckle from Xavier “Well then… I will make sure your gambit fails both ways” Charles said as a knight moved across the board. Back to the Room. “To that end. Everyone has been divided up and assigned to different cities. ”
16:59:19 X-Men : Make your way there as soon as I say. The other groups I spoke of, will begin the festivities. You will serve merely as backup. When the X-Men or any other groups show up to stop you. Defeat them… It is important that the world see that not even the mutants who work to help them… can win this battle”. Magneto turned around. “I have sent ahead to New York a new ally. Dracarys. Pick whoever you want to bring to New York… When the fighting begins. You know what to do…” he said and walked towards a metallic wall which opened for him then closed behind him. Names then flashed on the walls. Sending various members to cities all over the United States. “Quite the dangerous gambit indeed… Erik”.
17:00:26 -Chris clears throat.
17:00:46 Bodae enters this room
17:00:49 [Dilan] 'Lo Chirs o7
17:01:08 [-Chris] Hey there.
17:02:53 [Dracarys] WAIT WAIT Xavier's here?!
17:03:51 [Dracarys] KEep him out of my head »
17:05:01 [X-Men] No. It's just a thing. Those scenes are like a seperate little thing. Dark Room with two men playing chess. It's just to keep with the 'its part of the game' thing.
17:18:55 [Dracarys] Dog on a leash?Is that how he really feels about him? Well shit! So he was that rabid dog just waiting to unleash hell upon humanity. He could totally accept that…For now he remained quiet as Magneto made his whole spheel about this….this law that was to pass….what was going to happen, all that shit. With a snort, he’d give that famous sadistic twisted smirk as he simply nodded. So, the dog was to be unleashed. But to what extent? Previously to this, he’d been holding back, going easy on the humans, as to not…cause too much of a commotion and ruin the plans of the Master of Magnetism. AS the man left, the stared toward three particular people…. “Cupid, Switch, Void…gear up.” He spoke. He spoke before turning on his heel and walking off out the door. Back up, huh? That’d work, they’d use and utilize Void here to get there without being seen, great to have your own pocket vehicle, rigjt? Sides, eh could drive that Cuda there quite easily and get them there to their specific spot, Drac [c]
17:19:12 Dracarys Drac loved the high ground, a lot….[e]
17:26:29 Dilan Listened carefully to each word of the speech given by his new Leader. 'Mutant Supremecy.' That what he called it? Dilan remained fairly neutral in expression throughout the talk and leaned off when it concluded. Was he bought? Did he believe in their cause? Dilan concluded that he was now one of them and this law was going to be affecting his life just the same way his own little Universe did. Aready, the general called his name out, along with Switch and another that he wasn't all too familiar with. "Gear up?" He had everything he wanted, it was a matter of summoning it with his mind and producing it in reality. Regardless, Dilan picked up pace to catch up with Dracarys' exit towards the back and gave himself a chance to glance at the one he called Cupid before shooting her a light nod. He was prepared to give out his name, his slave name and swallowed to compose himself. "Void, it's a pleasure."
17:28:51 [Dilan] The first time I ever went to New York I got myself alittle miniature version of it and now I'm debating on taking the real thing <.<
17:29:25 [Dilan] Talkin' about the Statue of Liberty btw >.> Not New York itself
17:30:25 Jens enters this room
17:35:29 MasterChief enters this room
17:38:51 Jasminne enters this room
17:39:13 MasterChief 's just lurking, no autographs please. ))
17:39:47 Dilan Has never played Halo, knows of the man via internet
17:40:01 Penance enters this room
17:40:30 [Priscilla_Blake] She pulled from the wall as she nodded her head, acknowledging the dog himself before walking out of the room. Cupid walked back into her room as she packed a bag, a girl could never leave without a few accessories. Her vials of poison were typical but the heels she would be wearing? Why just bring one pair, two would be preferably since blood stains are a bitch to get out. Girls who run in heels are the ones to fear, if she can be that coordinated to not fall she will certainly punch you in your face followed by taking off her heel to only stab you in an eye. A fierce bitch does not put fashion on hold and she will keep it looking classy even if things get ugly, that is the whole concept of selfies. Even at a funeral girls have to keep it cute. Cupid pulled up her hair (You know things are serious) So back to her bag. The vials were packed, her spare heels are packed, and perfume was it essential? <c>
17:40:49 [Priscilla_Blake] Prissy sprayed the vanilla mist into the air as she walked into the transparent cloud. Her uniform consisted of dark blue skinny jeans. She wore a black tunic that fit modestly along her feminine form. Her sleeves fit loose along her inked arms. Before she left she looked into the mirror, puckered her lips and added another layer of sheer gloss before tossing that into her pink duffle bag. Cupid balanced onto one foot as she put on her glittered pumps. Now that she was done packing all her critical equipment she slung the bag over one shoulder, her purple quiver full of arrows, and naturally her bow was clenched in her hand. One last look before she walked out the door. Granted she wasn’t going to run. She walked slowly, each leg crossing tightly in front of the other. She took a few minutes longer to get there, it was all worth it. <c>
17:41:47 [Priscilla_Blake] Before she made it to meet with Void, Drac, and Switch she had to keep it in dramatic fashion, so she placed her bow between her legs, to break her hair free, and as she walked to join the group, in her head a badass theme song was playing as she entered. Something classic like Toxic from Britney Spears? Hmm maybe something more fierce? So anyways…she stopped walking, the jam in her head stopped playing granted no one knew what was going on, even if Xavier got inside her head he would just be watching a music video. Her lavender eyes rolled up Void’s form before looking up at Drac. "What about Bo?" She spoke softly, nearly whispering. A real lady commands the room with just a bit of a hair flip…and she wasn't ready for that move just yet. <e>
17:49:16 [Dracarys] Gotta jet sorry folk, date night, bb asap
17:49:42 [Dilan] Do we just make for New York?
17:49:52 [X-Men] mhm
17:51:11 [Priscilla_Blake] Wash your hands Drac!
17:53:45 X-Men : Once everything was in beginning to get in place, mutants on both sides of the picket lines would prepare. The Pro-Mutants and Anti-Mutant sides were both big. At a time when Social Activists defended everyone, Mutants were no exception. To say that Mutants were Universally Despised these days isn't accurate. Certain religious groups did. As well as some others. But most of the hate stemmed from people who feared the unknown. To many, Mutants were weapons that could he harmless but at the same time… they could be dangerous and lead the the deaths of Millions if not billions. Tell me, Erik… what do you have to gain from the passage of the Bill? Xavier would ask. Oh Charles.. The ability to say I was right. More and more sheep would gather in my flock… What every man who wants power wants…. Smile on his face. More power. Charles couldn't help but smile. The higher you build that tower, Erik… will only hurt more when you do fall.
17:53:48 X-Men : Lets just hope this fall doesn't happen then, shall we?. The two chuckled. Slowly more pieces moved across the board. We can't dance forever, Charles… sooner or later… the pieces will start falling. That's when it happened. Someone on the Pro-Mutant side fell down. A bullet in their chest. The police scrambled to keep order. There were shouts of murder. Both sides pushed against eachother. Brawls were breaking loose in the streets of New York City. Meanwhile? News reports from across the United States showed similar videos. Mutants killing humans. Humans killing Mutants. Mutants killing mutants. Total Anarchy was breaking loose. “What you are seeing now are live images from the protests in New York” a man that sounded like Brian Williams would be saying on TVs across the United States. Meanwhile, at the X-Mansion: Attention All Students and X-Men… the computerized voice sounded. Message from Charles Xavier incoming.
17:53:55 X-Men : “My apologies for not being there. I've been in Washington trying to prevent a great number of things. But it seems that cooler heads haven't prevailed yet and there is violence and bloodshed. All students and X-Men are hereby put on alert. Suit up and head to New York and prevent the bloodshed from going further. Carth and Rocket will lead the missions. I only wish I could do more”. The voice ended there. And students were now rushing to gear up. Doors would open to allow students to get to the Lower levels. To the X-Jet. Where Carth would be standing.
17:55:18 [Dilan] Well it's all kickin' off then eh?
17:55:36 [Priscilla_Blake] I have to go to bed soon. Work at 4 am.
17:55:59 [Dilan] Guess that means I'll be the one driving
17:56:03 Dilan Types
17:56:23 [X-Men] Aaaaaaack. No Drac, no Prisc, no Switch. I had hoped there would be more BH. OH well. I'll make up some.
17:56:40 [Priscilla_Blake] Sorry.
17:56:47 [Priscilla_Blake] xoxo
17:56:51 Dilan Shall represent!
17:59:40 [Carth] Alright Students and X-Men which of you are taking part?
18:00:53 [Minuet] Oh! Hi! Hello! :D
18:04:32 [Jens] Count me in.
18:05:20 [Carth] sweet sweet. Y'all plus Rocket. Dilan for BH along with the NPCs i'm going to roll out. Got it.
18:07:27 Dilan Was beginning to ponder just how many he was gonna have to take into the Void as he carried on to follow the General and the others outside. THey were to get to New York, one of the fastest ways would be to go through to his Universe and keep moving but alas a drive there would mean less physical strain on Dilan. While formulating a plan, the smell of Vanilla reminded him of the god-awful cookies his Sister used to make at home and watched as Cupid entered the scene with her own glare to him. His attention turned away, hands set out in front of him as the outside breeze picked and through a small tear in reality came a swirl of the black car that soon fully materialised in front of them. "One of you drive." Dilan spoke through short breaths before jumping in the back, sitting behind the driver and awaiting til somebody decided to kick the car in gear to speed towards the City. IT wouldn't take long to get there at the stupid speeds they were driving and ideas for a plan on havoc were discussed. <C>
18:07:30 Dilan Void remained quiet, staring out the window as they began arriving at the busy traffic and the shout of rioting ahead brought a tought to the young man's mind. "Drop me off here, I know what I'm doing." Kudos they were under Dracarys' orders but he wouldn't want to launch a fireball and give away their position did they? Dilan cared not for the car, the hothead would probably blow it up anyway and thus the Mutant began making for the streets. How many Brotherhood would get a chance to join him on his own idea? The plan formulating wasn't perfect but it was an idea regardless. It involved getting into the pit of the action with the riots and draining their resources was essential. Void had a knack for stealing things and now was the chance to do so… In Chaos.
18:09:17 Rocket_Girl is entering? Ah… oh… New York.
18:10:34 [Minuet] Actually, Mina kind of hated the uniform. Like, really a lot. She had plans in the works for a better one, but there were certain tests she had to do on the experimental material she was developing for them. Solsticium, she was going to call it. Nevermind that it wasn't actually a new element, and that she hated that her middle name was Solstice. She'd work on her quark-gluon mesh later. Tonight, here she was reporting to the X-Jet, as bright and cheerful and singing as ever. And what was she singing? Why, the most appropriate song imaginable, a favorite of hers. "And they'll be FIGHTING CRIME trying to SAVE THE WORLD here they come JUST in time! The POWERPUFF GIRLS!" Her work earlier in the day had paid off greatly, as she was wearing (in addition to the stupid X-uniform that she so detested) a strange pair of apparently mechanical gloves. Her, ah, electrostatic charm quark dilation gauntlets. No, the name had nothing to do with the function. It was technobabble. —
18:11:52 [Minuet] — Deliberate technobabble, because she rarely felt like explaining what her work was or why she did it. She'd gotten very good at technobabble, indeed, part of her brain had probably been cordoned off as a dedicated Technobabble Generator. Regardless! Saluted Carth. It was time to do this thing. The thing where crime was fought and worlds were saved, just in time.
18:12:56 Rocket_Girl should make her appearance known. *Steals Minuet*
18:13:23 [Minuet] Gah! Everyone is always trying to steal me!
18:13:42 Rocket_Girl is the perfect mentor. Pish-posh.
18:14:52 [Carth] Now hurry up and build Ultron, you two.
18:15:18 [Minuet] We'll do it this afternoon, MOM. <3
18:15:32 [Rocket_Girl] Right now, we have somewhere to be! xD
18:18:06 Rocket_Girl goes off to type. No need to wait. Everyone coming along on our side go ahead, and I'll adjust accordingly.
18:21:50 Jens The last thing Jens expected to interrupt what began as another peaceful and humdrum day was Professor Xavier's warning words. Precious relaxation was hacked away from dinnertime as students and X-Men alike geared up for the massacre that awaited them outside mansion walls. Between poofing into his room and squeezing into standard black-leather outfits, the teleporter hurried to join the sea of fellow mutants to the lower levels. Time to find Carth and Rocket, where they awaited to command separate missions. The form-fitting suit wasn't too agreeable for someone who preferred loose shirts but protocol was protocol. For once, Jens' contagious grin took a backseat during this rather serious situation. But his childish behavior hasn't sunk like the Titanic just yet
it remained afloat, albeit barely at this point. There were familiar faces here and there, some he frequently engaged in active conversations while others played a more ”extra'' role, and Jens took to weaseling near middle row -
18:22:32 [Jens] where he had a good view of overseeing shorter heads. All eyes on the two leaders for what was, for some, their very first mission.
18:27:52 X-Men : Once everyone was assembled Carth smiled at those who came. Of course, not all the students would. Some were not trained for combat just yet. But still some did show up. “Alright. Here's the deal. There are likely trained members of the brotherhood in that crowd, waiting for us. They've been quiet up and now we know why. Here's the plan. Rocket here will provide intel and coordinate the groups. “<I>Mina and Jens. You're with Rocket. She'll coordinate the two of you and use her skills to relay information to you two.. The two of you are on crowd control. Help the police establish order. Just watch out… There's a lot going on and there have been gunshots tired. Stay sharp..” he said. “I'm going to act as the swing man. I'll help with whatever I see. Communicate and stay alert. Alright?” he said and motioned for them to follow him into the Jet. Once they were all set up, the Jet would take off through the underground runway and emerge somewhere away from the mansion. -C-
18:28:40 Carth : Once everyone was assembled Carth smiled at those who came. Of course, not all the students would. Some were not trained for combat just yet. But still some did show up. “Alright. Here's the deal. There are likely trained members of the brotherhood in that crowd, waiting for us. They've been quiet up and now we know why. Here's the plan. Rocket here will provide intel and coordinate the groups. Mina and Jens. You're with Rocket. She'll coordinate the two of you and use her skills to relay information to you two.. The two of you are on crowd control. Help the police establish order. Just watch out… There's a lot going on and there have been gunshots tired. Stay sharp..” he said. “I'm going to act as the swing man. I'll help with whatever I see. Communicate and stay alert. Alright?” he said and motioned for them to follow him into the Jet. Once they were all set up, the Jet would take off through the underground runway and emerge somewhere away from the mansion. -C-
18:28:42 Carth : It wouldn't take long to get there, luckily. And soon they would be flying above what could be described as a slight warzone. There were fires. There were was violence all over. “Alright. Stay Sharp” he announced. “Keep 'em alive, Rocket” he said with a two finger salute to his teammate as the Jet would hover above the ground a small ways away from most of the action. Carth lead them out. “Alright. Lets get to work, okay?”. He adjusted his goggles and shot down the street.
18:40:43 Matrix enters this room
18:46:55 [Rocket_Girl] Ah, ah, aaaaahhhaaaa! Eureka!!! The glorious suit…. she'd made a few minor touch ups, and now.. Voila! It was perfection, and it was perfectly her own. Synchronized to her heart beat, to her blood pressure, to her sweating and more, it was quite literally like a second layer of epidermis. It clung that tightly, to every lithe curve and feminine hollow she possessed, save for… certain, padded areas. Couldn't be having children strutting around like that, and she aimed to be a role model in every aspect - thus her gear, though thought provoking, was at least kind enough not to dip deeply into the crevices which need not named here, forever branded into the innocent minds of those about her. But that was …. a distracted train of thought. What was the focus of this paragraph was the technological genius that was her suit! While she didn't have the intellect of those who were… mutant in their processing, nor those who were Steven Hawking, but bound and cursed by misfortune… —
18:47:24 [Rocket_Girl] There was definitely an ingenious air to this creation. Creations for her took weeks of methodical adjustments and planning - between meeting with children and discussing their capabilities and future plans in the world of Mutants — that is, a society verging on collapse and held tenuously together by … What? The X-Men? It was a difficult gamble, because they were feared rather than respected. It took good actiosn to counteract the bad, but the feats with which were demonstrated and caused to create the terror were …. difficult to reverse. To say the least… But alas, her suit was primed! The energy was radiating from shoulder pads as she scampered toward…. Well, she knew Carth was waiting, and the children accompanying them. She was to keep them alive? Of course… that was easier said than done. Dependent upon the pair, it could be hell, or it could be a travesty. And she was banking on travesty…. From the ether, Rocket emerged. Geared in her latest prototype, she was… beaming! There was —
18:47:37 [Rocket_Girl] Carth. "Oi, 'ay theyah everyone! Am Oi a lilate? Sahrry, sahrry. Doanknow wheyah the time wean…</I>" …. Pause, people singing, she would then let her gaze lay upon the duo that was with them. "Oi, I know you two, but it's a pleasyuh goan on 'is miss'n widdya. No worries. You'll come home alive.. soonto th' jet then?" Because yeah. Time to get rolling, this player has stalled too much!!! -E-
18:47:56 [Matrix] Psst. I'm on the jet with you guys. But I won't be posting in until next round after Rocket.
18:48:10 [Carth] -thumbs up
18:48:29 Rocket_Girl gives a thumb's up.
18:48:40 [Carth] Okay. Dilan. Thanks for being patient. I'd say you should go ahead and throw your post in here? Or do you wanna wait till everyone is on the ground
18:49:07 [Dilan] Hmmmm I can squeeze another post out… Begin my form of havoc
18:49:14 Dilan Types rapidly
18:49:35 [Rocket_Girl] Dilan makes, "There goes the neighborhood," possible.
18:49:56 ( Dilan flips a coin => Fail )
18:49:59 [Dilan] Ouch
18:50:02 Dilan resumes
18:50:18 [Carth] got'cha brah
18:51:05 Rocket_Girl drop kicks that tagfail.
18:58:35 Dilan Picked up pace somewhat as he he got closer and clsoer to the brawl. It was clear to see the madness of it all, the humans fighting against the mutants, the mutants fighting back and even the humans fighting their own kind. The Police was beginning to fall tot he overwhelming crowd of civilians and must've rejoiced in their heads when an armoured truck swerved from around the corner before coming to a halt with a loud screech of the tires. Men in riot suits and shields poured out, leaving Dilan little chance to run along the pavement towards the truck. It was a hassle to weave through the rioters as they swarmed all at once and managed to disturb the defensive line they wanted to set up. 'Now!' Forcing himself to fall through, Dilan followed with the crowd that made for the truck with the intention to tip it over but most of the civilians met with mace and police batons. He couldn't just run up, hug the side of the van and make it disappear but nothing stopped him from being knocked into it. <C>
18:58:37 Dilan 'Terribly sorry.' Dilan swung a wild punch at a member of the public that was brawling off against an officer, an elbow connecting to his face and the Mutant stumbling back unto the side of the truck and hands falling flat. Instantly, the mental strain began and the blood that would pour abnormally from his nose was easily masked by the blood from his cut lip. A man began screaming in the truck, the driver it seemed as the side of the truck began swirling inwards before disappearing into nothingness and the surrounding officers caught off guard by the disappearing truck. This gave the protestors another chance to push while Dilan fell back on the floow while raising his hands defensively in case the stampede connected with him. He was good for playing victim but alas he needed to get up and press on. Void was pretty sure there were more trucks in the city and damn certain they'd be in full use today.
18:58:40 Dilan Exhales
18:58:47 Asp enters this room
19:02:34 Dilan Adds 1 truck plus Driver on his Void list
19:04:00 Rocket_Girl wonders if this is just another term for hoarding. *Totally teasing*
19:05:40 [X-Men] Mina, Jens, Carth, RG, (maybe Matrix), Dilan. For now. I'll be posting in on here with things. ANd things will break down as we get into interactions
19:05:41 [Minuet] Three-fingered salute through her scienterrifically mathemagical gauntlets, delivered to Rocket. Yep, it was really just a matter of waiting to hit the ground, wasn't it? "Come home alive, yes. I'm quite certain of that." Although she'd gone through exactly 17,446 possible outcomes wherein every single one of them died, and at least three times as many possible outcomes wherein one or more of them died, Minuet was exactly genre-savvy enough to be optimistic about the mission before her. Riots, violence in the streets, probably evil mutants who proudly wear their evildoing on their sleeves. (Noted Evildoer: If Found, Please Return to Evildoers Anonymous.) "I shan't bother you with probabilities right now." It was probably for the best. The thing about probabilities when going into very violent situations was, well… actually escaping from violence unscathed was far less common than the movies ever portrayed it. Death and maiming happened often, not just when it would've been dramatically —
19:06:13 [Minuet] — appropriate. Everything tended towards entropy, and one's structured and organized insides tended towards entropy more than usual when sharp/fiery/explosive things were directed at them.
19:08:41 Rocket_Girl has to be stepping out after this round for good old fashioned sleep.
19:09:00 TheMadHatter enters this room
19:09:13 [Asp] Hatty~
19:09:16 Asp licks him
19:09:23 [TheMadHatter] <3
19:13:34 Sphinx enters this room
19:14:12 [Dilan] 'Lo sphinx o/
19:14:24 [Rocket_Girl] o/
19:14:26 [Sphinx] Hey there!
19:14:45 [Resonance] Hi Hatty!
19:14:51 [X-Men] Hey y'all that just entered. Ask me any questions. But please do refrain from OOC'ing right now ^_^ Thankies!
19:15:21 [TheMadHatter] Hello! and I won't ooc anymore, I am just going to lurk and observe)
19:16:33 [Myriad whispers to X-Men] whazzup?
19:16:40 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] heyo
19:16:48 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] Hello
19:17:01 Dottie enters this room
19:17:05 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] whazzup my science schwiggle?
19:17:42 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] Some mixture of a rather slow-moving metaplot thing with RIOTS AND VIOLENCE in New York
19:17:59 [X-Men whispers to Myriad] Trying to run a small event. Riots in New York. BH are helping to make things worse. X-Men and students are on the way to stop the badness
19:18:09 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] Ah Metaplot uses HARDEN
19:18:19 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] and people being hurtful to me in Reality-World
19:18:30 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] awww, -pet pets-
19:18:46 [Myriad whispers to X-Men] fun fun
19:18:56 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] Which miiiight kill my participation tonight. We'll see.
19:19:13 [X-Men whispers to Myriad] You could say you've been with Mina this whole time if you want
19:19:30 [X-Men] 'lo Dottie. If you have any questions, send 'em my way. Otherwise feel free to watch what's going down atm
19:19:35 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] well, if where's there rain, there's shine.. and if there's precipitation, there might be participation.
19:19:51 [Myriad whispers to X-Men] cool
19:20:18 [X-Men] Asp: New York City is currently going through a huge riot that resulted from protests over upcoming Mutant Legislation. Should you and Res want to do anything.
19:20:46 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] Heh. I like in Seattle, so there's almost always precipitation, at the least~
19:21:02 [Dottie] Aye aye, Cap'n.
19:21:08 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] mew
19:23:20 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] Psht. I'm only happy when it rains. :)
19:23:30 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] Carth says i should be with you if I wanted too, i figure i'd be one of the spare spandex suits
19:24:10 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] if ya get KO'd i'll just make ya puppet fight
19:24:19 [Asp] Thanks Profile Dude
19:24:20 Magnus enters this room
19:24:22 [Minuet whispers to Myriad] …that sounds dangerous.
19:24:37 [Myriad whispers to Minuet] hehe, and yoga-ish
19:26:37 [X-Men] Jen. You there?
19:26:39 Magnus feeds on the vehemic energy and smokes.
19:27:12 [Carth] Okay. We'll skip him for now. -works on a thing real quick-
19:27:21 Dottie bums one from Magnus and observes.
19:27:27 [Myriad] Not on my list anymore
19:28:51 Magnus gives her the one he lit up, because indirect kisses are manly.
19:29:36 Ryse enters this room
19:30:18 [Myriad whispers to Ryse] heyo
19:30:39 [Ryse whispers to Myriad] Hey there :)
19:30:43 Carth : The team should begin starting to clear out and calm the crowd. Through the connected Comlink, Carth speaks to the group. “Matrix you work with Mina and any of the other students that are enroute. Calm the crowd down and be prepared for any complications” he said as he shot through the crowd, grabbing weapons and throwing them into sewer drains, pushing people off of eachother. Doing general damage control the best way he could, quickly. Right now, it was the students turn to get their first major piece of action. But where were the Brotherhood mutants that instigated all this? He kept looking. Right now, it seemed human on human with no real uses of power showing up.
19:31:24 [Rocket_Girl] Errr.
19:31:35 Rocket_Girl reappears. ^ ^
19:31:36 [Myriad whispers to Ryse] I think you were under a different alias, but glad ya found a pic
19:32:08 [Ryse whispers to Myriad] I was, and now I'm here. I registered under her name, not Alias.
19:32:32 [Carth] Just in time for your post
19:32:48 Rocket_Girl will make something really quick.
19:32:55 [Myriad whispers to Carth] hey Carth, not sure if you wanna try this.. but I've ran big events with big post orders by giving a time limit between the event post and everyone else reacting to it, people can whisper each other for team work, etc, but that way you're not waiting 2 hours to get through a round.
19:33:40 [Myriad whispers to Carth] as inidividuals do not hold up the post order then
19:34:51 [X-Men] Also. Everyone. Lets not take too long between posts. Try to get everything in a post within 10 minutes. Of course sometimes more needs to be said. But it'll help us get through things faster if posts are shorter and quicker to the point. Thanks~
19:35:19 Myriad was something, on someone on the scene. /legit post.
19:35:26 [Ryse] Someone whisper me details? so I know stuffies! )
19:35:27 [Carth whispers to Myriad] Yeah. haha. Good point. I should have made that point earlier.
19:35:48 Dottie gives Myriad a thumbs up.
19:36:19 [Myriad whispers to Carth] its cool, i usually did 20 minutes, and as I read the people's reactions, would add into my post i was typing up, etc, worked pretty darn well
19:36:39 [Carth whispers to Myriad] I do that too.
19:36:42 [Myriad whispers to Ryse] People mad at mutant registration act, riots happening
19:36:54 [Resonance] ((will be posting, but not within interaction, just via outside observation.))
19:37:19 Magnus observes as well, charging aura to be manly later.
19:38:11 [X-Men] Thanks for cooperating. And again. Thanks for keeping the OOC down ^^
19:38:44 [Rocket_Girl] [ Within the Jet ] "I'll have utter control routing you guys. Anything you need, you just link up with me, and I should be able to manage something." Blue eyes were locked on a screen compiling data, crunching numbers one after the other after the other, and clearing and adjusting map routes. How to send them, how to send them.. She wondered if they had their projectors, or would she have to …. speak the correct pathway. Hrrrrm. "Mina, you there? Do me a favor - sending you these coordinates. Need you to translate them to your partner there." There would be a brief pause, and then the static would fade as her voice rang through in a set of numbers. It wasn't binary, just…. numbers. And then she would disappear from the other end, as if the connection with her had snapped. Really, she didn't like the idea of being traced… tracing was bad. And thus…. Rocket leaned in her chair, and crossed her arms, monitoring the signals of each teammate, and preparing to —
19:38:54 [Rocket_Girl] — intervene is necessary. -E-
19:39:09 [Rocket_Girl] ** if.
19:39:23 [Rocket_Girl] My literacy. Okay, I'm out. Have a good night, everyone. ♥
19:39:26 Rocket_Girl exits from this room
19:41:05 [Resonance] Well shit. So much for the food experiment going on without a hitch. What the fuck was with the sirens and shouting. “That's it, I'm taking a look.” He'd been enduring it for several minutes now and things were just getting louder and louder, closer and closer. He was on the fifth floor of the apartments down the street and when he walked out onto the balcony, it became clear things had escalated pretty quickly. “What the fuck?” Did this have to do with the mutant registration legislature being discussed? Probably. Blue eyes scanned the streets, signs, tipped city property, fire. Wait, was there no fire? Oh, yeah. There it was. Reid sighed and his shoulders dropped a little, the hot bowl of homemade Japanese-style ramen was about half finished and held in his left hand, chopsticks in the right. “Hey, Asp,” he turned and walked back inside sliding the glass door closed, “You know all that bullshit that was happening yesterday?” He moved back to the table, “It's back,<C>
19:41:18 [Resonance] with a vengeance. Starting to look like the evil John Mclain of revolts out there. Probably has to do with the registration shit.” The bowl was set down again, “Fair warning for if something come smashing through the balcony door or hell, the front one. It's not looking pretty.”
19:43:02 [Myriad] if anyone wants the original setup post, i have it and can whisper it
19:45:33 [Matrix] Appearing from a secluded space in the jet, Matrix was suited and ready for action. Her steely eyes scanned over the students and she took Carth's instructions in stride. "Mina, try not to let the numbers override your instincts. That's a big part of what we do." Nodding to the others, she darted out of the jet with the intention of pacifying this riot as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Contrary to Mina's abiity to calculate all possible outcomes, or perhaps her inability to not calculate them, Matrix's decisions and actions came entirely from a place in her gut. She felt the sparks in the air, the electric vibrations of the people around her and perceived how they felt. That was enough for her. As she weaved through the crowd, she harmlessly stunned a row of rioters with a streak of static that she left in her wake. Subsequently she was able to wrest away weapons, of which the metal choices she managed to polarize to the ground while she continued to lead the students through the process of easing the -
19:45:43 [Matrix] burden on the police.
19:47:09 [Minuet] (Bleh. Brb. Skip me if necessary, sorry. I'll try to post back in next round.)
19:47:23 [X-Men] Mina, Jens, Carth, RG, Matrix, Dilan, Profile Posts. Until we break into groups
19:47:49 [Dilan] Hmmm
19:47:54 ( Dilan flips a coin => Pass )
19:48:33 Dilan Types
19:51:08 [Myriad] Just to clarify? the jet isn't there yet right?
19:51:54 [X-Men] It's there. Hovering and letting kids off
19:57:05 Sunny enters this room
19:57:17 Dilan Decided to drop back at the number of crowd charge on through, stumbling and using others as a means to keep on his feet before a hard shove threw him off the road to the pavement. ”Asshole!” Still Dilan couldn’t exactly blame them for the mess that appeared to be growing even beyond their control. Right now, the mutant was glad to be sporting his own clothes instead of the obvious insignias and mannerisms of the usual member of the Brotherhood. He was hidden in plain sight, masking him as another civilian and his actions were going unnoticed. It was then that he saw it, hovering above between buildings and dropping off mutants in questionably fashionable spandex that brought a grin to Dilan’s face. ’I see what he means now.’ The protestors widened their space, bringing the fight to the sidewalk and making it difficult for Dilan to navigate through while the hum of electricity filled the air and a line of humans fell to in a stunned state. ’Shit.’ <C>
19:57:19 Dilan Aside from Dracarys, this was the only other elemental mutant he had seen and she appeared to be making progress through the riots. ’Think, think, think!’ Without warning, Dilan shot off in a run when the second armored van came into view and the first plan happening as it did the first time only now, hooking a civilian that protested, knocked back against it and the van disappearing only this time he remained on the floor and slapped the sight of pain across his face. ”Help!”
19:57:42 [Dilan] Whoever answers to his call.. Whisper me
19:57:56 [Sphinx] Quick second, where is everyone standing as of present moment?
19:58:13 Myriad had no fear, and had experienced some of Carth's speed the either night. Thus the semi speedy mimic shapechanger of skittering mindset would hear the order to calm down people, and just go off the plane first with a cry of, "LERROOOY JENKINS!" her form? Well, a bouncy ball blessed with a little bit of superspeed as well as super rubberiness as she smacked into the side of people's head rioting and ping ponged back and forth. Of course, the yell from a relatively small rubber ball sounded like someone on helium, and actually controlling super speed for the first time was anything but easy, so who knows where she would really end up? Either way, calming down the crowd meant basically just knocking them out to the child-like mind of Myriad.
19:58:33 Dilan Is technically on his back in the middle of a Riot after taking a second Armored Van
19:59:14 Z enters this room
19:59:48 [Ryse] Posting )
20:00:15 [Ryse] Having been let of by the Jet, the uniform clad figure moved among the crowds quickly, soon doing her best to calm them down, group by group. Though it wasn’t an easy job. Some were rational still and understood the motion of her words. While others, well they were more into actual violence and as such she’d have to fight back. Luckily her hand to hand skills were quite quick and solid, she knew where to hit as to not severely hurt someone or kill them, but enough to knock them out. Hair was free flowing in a golden hue, while her face clearly showed she believed in what she was doing, though before every action she had to say something, as if it was a part of her moment. “Ah’ll show you not to punch me..” and she’d fight back, her accent becoming more thick with time. Though after one particular strong hit, she began to shift her form, —
20:00:19 [Ryse] removing a layer of skin, and of course the outfit she wore soon disintegrated leaving her in the form of solid rock. A highly feminine form, but of granite that moved with the heavy burden yet packed a solid punch if needed. The change encouraged the crowd near her gasp as they watched and began to back off, giving her the freedom to move elsewhere to deal with the next group. It was then she heard the “Help Me..” coming from close by and instantly she began to move, layer peeling again as she shifted into adamantium. She couldn’t take the risk of being shot, or anything as she searched for the voice, soon coming to the male upon the ground. Unaware of his affiliation, her shiny, naked yet not quite form peered down at the male. “Hey… Let me help you..”
20:00:45 [X-Men] Mina, Jens, Carth, RG, Matrix, Dilan, Myriad, Ryse, Profile
20:00:52 Asp ☣ She'd given up on chopsticks, it was a fork for her, and a spoon. The sirens, she could hear, and the TV she had shut off, just because the news was making her ill. Mutant legislation. Whatever. She was leaning against the wall when he headed to the balcony, and her answer to the madness was moving her foot and pushing the balcony door open, still slurping the very last of her noodles, before setting the bowl aside. Oh, and setting a little iPod dock out there. This needed theme music. Harlem Shake would work. Ahh, there it was. "What's the legislation about now? Did they refine it? I mean, it depends on what everybody's got shoved up their ass. I think a bus disappeared. Or a van did. What's with all the fucking fire, you think?" Level of Fucks Not Given: All time high. Then again, that was just Aspen. It wasn't bothering her, at this moment, so she could…something. Not care? Not take it seriously? Did it matter? "Can we throw skittles at them? Or is that one of those 'No, that's -
20:01:03 Asp — dick move.'?" ☣
20:02:04 [Myriad whispers to Sphinx] BouncyBall: in the crowd here, hopefully, else the lack of superspeed control means im out of country, maybe the pyramids =P
20:02:44 Z exits from this room
20:03:44 Epitome enters this room
20:03:56 Sphinx waited patiently as the jet moved through the air to take them to there designated location, her eyes closed as she concentrated. She didn't speak much, so while others might be ready with excitment around her the petite form of Sphinx would be silent. When her eyes would open a pair of violet glowing eyes would be seen, her hands moving to unstrap herself as the bay doors had been opened. Upon her first step her form would vanish beneath a cloud of black smoke, the ball of dark mass swirling in circles in one spot for a moment before shooting off outwards into the crowd. She would stay low, but when she reached the ankles of the crowd there would be loud gasps as some of the forms attempted to move out of the way. When the smoke would spiral upwards her form would be seen again, leaving her a small space midst the crowd. She ducked her head when she was nearly hit by an oncoming object, watching it hit the ground with a thud. Another man rushed her but this time attempted to strike her, which in turn<C>
20:04:17 [Sphinx] in turn brought her to take a step back. Grabbing ahold of his arm she spun him around, tossing him to the ground and simultaneously taking his weapon from him and tossing it away. <E>
20:05:54 X-Men : “Oi… Looks like some of the X-Men decided to show up”. Two men stood atop a building watching everything going down. “Aye… only a matter of time till the police step their game up too” another said. It was believed that once the situation hit a point the police would be coming down with the full weight of the Para-Military might. The National Guard might even come in at some point. They weren't here to get into a war. Not yet. They were to do as much damage as possible and show the humans what mutants were capable of, in this short amount of time. “There's the fast one… He's harmless to us…” one said. The other looked at the others that were joining. “Hows that other Brotherhood Brat doing?”. The other man, a telepath scanned the City. “He's doing good…”. The other man smiled. “Good… I'll make a move, then”. As Dilan would run into Ryse, Carth shot about. The other man leapt into the air and came crashing down in the center of everything. -C-
20:06:10 X-Men : Walking towards Mina and her friend. A protester ran up to him, and the man punched him away. Sending the man flying. Second of thought… Before he shot out running with incrible speeds towards Mina. “ALLO'” he said with a low class English accent before trying to bury his fist in her face. The result of a full blow would send her flying into a nearby building.
20:08:33 [X-Men] Ryse and Dilan are free to post in their own order now. SInce they are away from the group.
20:09:59 [X-Men] Mina, Carth, Matrix, Myriad, Sphinx, Profile. For the others.
20:14:12 [Minuet] To Matrix, a flared nostril, a coy smile. "Numbers are important. Recognizing probabilities allows one to introduce elements to alter them before the wave-form collapses into discrete observable reality…" Which was as much talking herself up as anything else. And… she had very little time between hitting the ground and coming under assault. (She'd seen that eventuality coming, though.) He was fast, fucksake he was fast. Begauntleted hands came up as quickly as she could raise them - barely, barely quickly enough to protect her face. Fortunate. And at the contact of the speedster's fist, the gauntlets flared to life, which allowed her to oh so cleverly redirect all that energy and momentum he had built up straight down into the street. Probably carrying him along with it. She wasn't unscathed, though. Working model, working prototype, would need to work on the capacity. Short version: Mina hit the ground as well, though she quickly forced herself back up. Diagnostic reports —
20:14:58 [Minuet] — cheerfully informed her that her gauntlets were still operating at 89% capacity. Well, how badly could this possibly go? LET'S FIND OUT. Rocket had given her coordinates, and those were Mina's new mission. Onward!
20:17:05 [Sphinx] gtg
20:17:43 [Myriad whispers to Sphinx] [Superball]: toodles~
20:19:04 [Resonance] Of course that's what Asp did. Cold neutral, that one. “You know what throwing Skittles would do? Bring them over here, where they will bother you.” He shook his head and slid a seat over by the balcony to sit across from her and look outside. Harlem Shake….again. It immediately made the muscles in his neck and sides tighten a bit. Great, she'd psychologically conditioned him to think he was going to get his ass kicked when he heard this damn song. “The registration act is a crock of capitalist military bullshit. It's being pushed under the guise of being for the 'safety of the population', but it's really just getting tweaked as much as possible to make mutants into tools and super-soldiers. That bus blowing up or whatever due to that dipshit exploding or throwing a fit or whatever it was didn't help things. It's pretty imminent it's going to pass I think. When it does…well things will change. I imagine they'll push harder for a 'vaccine' to 'cure' us and eventually make it illegal not to<C>
20:19:16 [Resonance] take it. That's Reid Churchill's Political Forecast, brought to you by This Ramen Was Fucking Delicious.” He finished his and leaned back a little, “It'll probably start a war. Probably what those Brotherhood morons have been blowing shit up for.”
20:22:18 X-Men : Fast. Fast. Fast. Do everything fast. Carth was disarming everyone he could. Pushing people to different sides of the street. Picking up police officers and giving their Batons, shields, whatever he could find. The chatter on the comm. Sphinx and Ryse were among the students who also showed up. “Stick together, everyone”. He even knew that Mina's friend Myriad was with them. Which was good because he caught out of the corner of his eye a mutant heading towards them. Hopefully with the help of Matrix this wouldn't be a major issue. Still not a lot of mutant activity. He knew there had to be a couple others. Probably all waiting for the right moment to strike. But, because there weren't huge death-dealing mutants.. they were actually getting things cleaned up. Now they just had to keep this up. “Police are starting to get things under control on fifth” he said, racing about. “Anyone need any assistance?!” he asked. -C-
20:22:35 X-Men : Having to stop in a back alley for a moment to eat some food bar he occasionally had to eat when using his powers. Eyes watching Police run around, pushing people into their houses or slapping handcuffs on them. There was some gunfire sounding in the distance, still.
20:22:39 [Carth] BAH. Move that to me
20:23:43 Dracarys be home in 30ish
20:27:04 Asp ☣ Harlem Shake slid into Snakes on a Plane and she was leaning on the balcony, chin in her hand. Scarlet eyes were full of…whatever…it looked like she was angry and amused at the same time, but the color threw off that sort of feeling. "Riots aren't gonna help, and neither is starting a war. They want to take out the act, they need to take out the members of congress. Super soldier thing won't pass, not after like…what was it? Oh yeah, that training incident with the kid who got smacked down by his drill sergeant and accidentally fried the fucker. Cures won't work, that's like saying vaccines cause fucking autism. If they want to deal with genetic engineering, they're gonna end up killing a shitload of normal people. Are we really that fucking scary?" ☣
20:30:24 [Matrix] It was no lost observation when the speeding mutant assaulted Mina. Matrix cursed herself for letting the distance between her and the students expand so much in her singleminded process of mollifying the crowd. As she doubled back, she met face to face with a baseball bat swung by one of the rioters. Suddenly she was on her back, looking at the afternoon sky with enough stars to form her own Zodiac twinkling in front of her face. Although resilient, she wasn't invincible or even as durable as some other mutants. But she had an ace up her sleeve, so when her own human assailant decided to take a moment to gloat over his captive mutant, she reached up and grasped his leg, draining the electrical impulses from his nervous system. Though she refrained from doing so lethally, despite her enmity, the energy sink was enough to floor the man and restore Matrix to good health. The bruising on her face healed and she sped off toward Mina and Myriad, making it a point to vanguard them as the mutant male who had -
20:30:36 [Matrix] accosted Mina dusted himself off. His countenance with fearsome and enraged; Matrix cracked her knuckles, static popping between her fingertips.
20:35:15 Dracarys steps through his front door…
20:35:44 [Dracarys] So, who's ready to die?
20:36:06 [Magnus] Come at me bro, I'll wreck ya
20:36:40 [Dracarys] oh?
20:36:50 [Dracarys] Will do, once you actually classify 'sissy's tuff
20:36:55 [Dracarys] Sound fair?
20:37:05 [Matrix] Dracarys
20:37:30 [Myriad] [Superball]: sphinx is out… posting
20:37:45 Dilan Took in a sharp breath when somebody had finally answered his call and offered to help. His eyes fell on the man that landed mid-crowd and glared back to the woman. ”What are you people?” An act he was willing to play for the moment but stretching a hand out to her to help him up. Almost instantly when she grabbed his hand, both would begin to feel weightless in their bodies while the ambience in the riot began feeling off and the two would inexplicably warp from reality into a darkness that wouldn't allow anyobdy to even see their own hand. This darkness was shortlived as the cosmic abyss above them began filling with stars and colors that swirled inwards like some sort of nebula or galaxy. The two would eventually land on a cold, marble floor and the still air became somewhat cold. "Terribly sorry about that." His scared voice was now composed and Dilan could be seen several yards away. "You're trying to stop what everybody has a right to do… Protest." <C>
20:37:47 Dilan Sure it was unpeaceful but if humans were hurting humans then what was the issue? Mutants didn't need to get involved and yet this was all part of the Brotherhood's plan it seemed and while Dilan was new at this, he was establishing his roots and beliefs.
20:37:54 [Dilan] Sorry Ryse, connection >.O
20:38:38 [Minuet] […okay sorry everyone have to go. :x Apparently tonight is for breakdowns! Assume Mina goes and finds coordinates and/or does something off-screen…]
20:38:56 [X-Men] Mina, Carth, Matrix, Myriad, Profile
20:39:16 [Dracarys] Carth?
20:39:17 [Dracarys] *flicks*
20:39:34 [Carth] If you need something whisper me.
20:39:36 [Myriad] [Superball]: The baseball bat would also hit a HOMERUN STRIKE with Myriad as she was bouncing from person to person, and not close to Minuet except to see her being assaulted as she ass-phalted the speedy enemy before her. Coming back with the blow, she'd streak toward the guy and yell out, "Gomu GOMU JET NET!" the momentum from mimicking the super speed of Carth, along with getting struck with a bat, and finally trying to splatter against the prone form would lead to try and basically net the guy with her rubberness, figuring he might be one of those tough guys who hulked out or similar, so went for the entangling route… If successful, he'd find himself pinned and whatever force from his struggle would bounce back, because >
20:39:45 [Myriad] [Superball]: sticks and stones may break my bones, but I'm rubber, and you're glued to the ground, neener neener neeener.~
20:39:55 [Ryse] No worries!
20:41:24 X-Men : Magneto stood in a room. Watching the events on various TVs. “Good…”. Other News Channels were reporting that an emergency session of Congress was to be held… And the Bill expected to be passed without resistance now. There was no 'tell' on Magnetos face. Are they really just pawns to you?. Erik would smile, looking at Xavier from across the table. Everything is just a pawn, Charles… Even you have your own. A bishop would slide across the table. “Sometimes you have to let your opponent think they've won…” they said together. Back in New York the man did indeed follow with Mina as she used her little device to drag the man with her. The man wasn't a speedster. Just really strong. Which meant that running was a lot better. The girl disappeared. But now he had some net-thing on him? “Ah. Fuck” the Brotherhood mutant yelled and tried to rip of off. As he charged at Matrix, trying to shoulder-ram her into a nearby building.
20:45:19 [Resonance] “To us? Of course not. To the ambiguous 'them' we may as well be the goddamn devil. All of us are Satan and only 'they' get to be Satan. It's easy for an individual to poke holes in the ideas of a council of idiots. Meetings: Because none of us is as dumb as all of us.” He'd get up and move over next to her leaning with one arm and peering over. “Oh look, the two clubs are fighting again.” He sighed and looked at her instead, “I guess it's pretty worrisome. Heard through the grapevine (internet) that there will probably end up being a deadline that if you don't register after that you're a felon. So we'll all have choices to make. Personally, I don't like the idea of possibly having my powers considered government property. Not to mention mutants like you whose powers are…well more a part of themselves than something they can actually 'use' on tap.” His head canted to the side watching more of the fight. The act was coming whether they liked it or not, and there were plenty of mutants all<C>
20:45:24 [Resonance] over the place.
20:46:48 [Ryse] His hand would told the cold adamantium form she was in, solid in the grip, her body impenetrable by weaponry, bullets and an of course punches. But, the lights went out. Literally and her grip released as she felt her world spin. Fear etched in her stomach as she could only think of some evil villainy having brought her into a portal of hell, or something of equal force. Yet, the voice that called out to her was like a beacon as the stars and glitter began to fall away, leaving her in a place she did not recognize in the least. Eyes of cobalt quickly shifted around the area, taking in the white marble and the over all sense of void. While in this form, or any form other than “human” she didn’t need to breath, so oxygen or temperature didn’t affect her at all. But the sense and eeriness of being pulled from the street to here.. “What you do?” She questioned, her elegant features turning toward the male’s way, her eyes blinking with steel like girth, her —
20:46:54 [Ryse] full body had become the metal, though she still retained her shape and features. “Where ya’ll bring me too?” Her voice started to rise as she moved closer to the male. “Ah ain’ t gonna answer anything you bring up until you tell me where ah am and let me get back to where ah’ belong. Start talking..” As she bridged the distance between them, her fingers curling into fists.
20:47:47 [Ryse] told = touch*
20:49:13 ( Dilan flips a coin => Pass )
20:54:01 Asp ☣ "Fuck that noise." That was the closing part of her side of the conversation, and she grinned, her teeth gleaming for a moment. "How are they gonna tell if I'm a mutant? Test my blood? Good luck there. Check my physicality? With how body modification is lately, how are they gonna tell? Or like you, shitheads that look fucking boring as all fuck. Those people disappeared." Pointing down to where some metal chick and a kid had just up and vanished, though she couldn't see how, where, why. "This is just a load of bullshit, and I'm not a soldier, and I refuse to be an experiment. But the happy happy joy luck fuck club and the total brotherhood of dick wagglers aren't any better. Staying neutral isn't something we can do. We'll get ripped apart. Well, you will, I'll be just fine." ☣
20:59:09 Dilan Pondered at the cold touch of the metal woman, now in the darkness of his world and the stars illuminating the tow below, Dilan felt a tug at his top lip and rolled his shoulders. "How rude…" Her curling fists were spotted, feeling the tension rising between them and a hand raising only for one of the Armoured vans he had taken off the street to be heard coming from behind him and his bodyelevating rapidly to allow the car to drive full speed into her. The driver of the van was still inside, throat in sever pain fromt he screaming and panic of being in the darkness for so long. Dilan remained int he air and rather cautious while attempting to keep dominence. "You're gonna wanna start talking if you wanna get out of here, I'm not entirely unreasonable but I'm not about to be pushed over in my world." In truth, he knew that taking her back without a short break would cause some intense damage once he made it on the other side, <C>
20:59:11 Dilan plus the fight they were engaging in now could do wonders of damage and Dilan was prepared to leave her in there should things get too nasty. Better to leave her unconscious in such a world rather than alive where she may find the failsafe.
21:01:54 [Dracarys] Posting in in about 10-15, had some shit to handle
21:06:38 Resonance snorted, “Fuck you, Asp. You know I can handle myself, and I only look boring because I like to keep a low profile.” He protests too much. “As for how they test you, Sergeant Thighs, that's not the part you make a decision for. It's whether or not you register willingly, or you lay low and stay confident you can't be found out.” He kept his eyes on her, “Humans are resourceful and they'll find a way. We both know they will. Technology thrive when it's aiming a harmful end at someone. You've made it clear you don't want to sign up, which puts us on the same side I guess. You don't really like either side of the line of sand, which again puts us on the same side. It's bullshit, yeah; but unless you wanna start an Assassins Guild of some kind and go after the big wigs in charge we're just going to be sitting around doing what we do while the world burns around us.” He smirked, “Guess that's just another Monday to you, huh? It's actually happening right now.”
21:08:47 [Myriad] [Superball]: sorry all, early morning so gonna bow out, say I just formed around Minuet to protect her more.

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