13:38:00 [X-Men] 'lo Onyx. If you have questions and stuff. Whisper me or Carth
13:38:28 -Onyx- nods. "Just watching for the moment."
13:39:02 [Myriad] "Oooh good idea," considering her friend list was just Minuet at the school, she shook her head at the question, "Oh, I bet we could stick one in Rave's, she seems the type to brush her hair a lot," and with that, the pantsing to panty drawer adventure would begin, with them ending up at Rave's door way with the last pair of pants. It was like a reference for Mount Doom or something as they reached the door and had the one pants to rule them all.
13:39:39 Dilan Returns
13:41:56 [Myriad] (pardon the FF Avalon, but, I figure we could use something else after this last prank)
13:42:19 [Avalon] o.o The what nao?))
13:43:33 [Rave] >.>
13:45:48 [Myriad] Fast forward to Rave's room
13:45:56 [Myriad] i bet it has more security than Carth's
13:46:44 [Avalon] Hope not, since I am just gonna have him rinse and repeat to get inside this one. The real fun comes when my post is done. XD))
13:46:55 Avalon would grin when she liked the idea and spoke of Rave. That would make it even more fun! Wandering with Myria to the door of Rave's room, the male would look at them curiously before he would do exactly as he did before to get into the room without causing a ruckus. "Come on! You put the pants away, I need to find the brush. It will be so much easier if I can do that." He would move around, looking everywhere he could for Rave's hairbrush, and if Myria wished to help, he would not argue. Once the brush was found, he would take the hair from the brush, pulling it free from the bristles calmly. Once he had enough, he would actually slide the strands past his lips and within a couple seconds swallowed it. Avalon would narrow his eyes as he felt a sharp tinge in his body. The Hunger. However, as long as Myria kept herself away from him, it would merely look like he was feeling sick for a moment as he bent down and held himself up against the wall. His body felt the new material and integrated it fully.»
13:46:56 Avalon would need only a few moments before his body would shift, changing and forming away from what Myria was used to at this point. Once it was done, Avalon now looked exactly like Rave. In a normal circumstance, Myria may have gotten a nice eyefull of the girl, but the male was able to control his transformations fine, and so as the female body formed, so too did her outfit he saw earlier. Running fingers through her hair the female would smile towards Myria. "Much better. If you ask me, it won't be as worrying if two girls are running in and out of female rooms, but if I remained a man, I would have to worry about causing too much attention."
13:50:55 [Jasminne] It was a joke right? Well, Jasminne took it as such regardless, and he seemed none too pleased for the audible scoff his threat conjured. And the friend that had blocked her path of approach had a mind of his own. This wasn’t a mafia movie where the lackeys didn’t bark unless their ‘owner’ gave a gesture. ”Heh—eyy! Get the fuck off me!” The bag perched on her shoulder was ripped off and taken. He even gave her a mild shove. The action caused her to take a step back toward the stairs from which she had ascended only moments before. ”Give it back,” she warned. Jasminne’s hands hadn’t wavered from her sides but they had now curled into fists. And it the boy’s turn to scoff at the sight of such a slim girl looking for a fight when she was clearly outnumbered by way of friends up there. Below their feet the treble shifted to a new song. The light show did as well. Strobes threw off actions—even sitting still all the bodies up there seemed to vibrate. It increased the tension. Then the industrial -
13:51:08 [Jasminne] - sprinklers were tripped. Jasminne grinned.
13:51:27 Myriad clapped a bit and then said, "Oooh, you gotta eat them to turn into them, but doesn't hair taste weird?" She would nod along to his explanation, "What's even better is if you don't get her drainy drains power, is to wear her most revealing outfit and flirt with the students," would nod along to her wisdom, "After all, then she can like totally balance out her reputation of being unobtainable hotness then," again this train of logic was a TERRIBLE idea but Myriad was also terrible at thinking things through it seemed. With that she would dig around Rave's room to find a scandalous outfit to take Avalon out? Eh whatever, she'd wait for his confirmation on this plan to improve Rave's reputation.
13:55:14 Magnus enters this room
13:55:15 >[Magnus] Welcome to the Keep. Please try to be pleasant and polite. Forum. Also, beta-testing for Fallen Citadel here.
13:56:19 Avalon would give an embarrassed smile. "Sorry, I get the whole package when I turn into someone else. I have her powers, but if I use them, the change will not last as long. As I am now, with how much hair I ate, I can probably stay like this for about an hour if I don't use her powers." He explained. "Also, hair is hard to swallow, but it doesn't taste bad. Not sure why, it seems I am unusual in that respect. As for outfits…" He would simply shift, her body once more seeming to move as if the clothing upon her was alive. It would only be a moment before she was wearing a bikini. Hair was pulled back and tied into a ponytail. "I could just run around like this, but I would feel bad if I gave her a reputation as a tease…" He admitted before letting the female form return to normal. With a nod, Avalon would smirk. "Let's finish putting the pants in panty drawers and then find something else to do!" The female voice announced quickly before running out and hoping that Myria would guide the disguised male.
13:57:15 [Nym‘] Is there an approval process, or can people just dive in?)
13:57:29 [Carth] Gotta talk to me.
13:57:42 Leo`` points to the man behind the curtain.
13:59:21 Dilan Types
14:01:08 [Myriad] "Oooh bikini time huh?" and then as it shifted back, "Oh well. For the next adventure time though," she would be thinking as they walked along the hallway, probably both Leo and Xavier might hear her quicksand like mind thinking ~There’s a kid that almost never…~ she would actually say those previous words aloud, her thoughts as fast as her speaking, "…comes out of his room. So I'm thinking we should totally sneak in, take pics with us in it, and message him, or play some pranking blackmail." This was of course referring to Leo's lounge area, aka his room, aka his fortress of solitude, aka it didn't get enough sunlight due to him keeping the door closed all the time to might smell a bit musty with his mind terrors and sweating and all.
14:01:41 Rave had watched him as she would see him move his hands out in front of her. This caused her to slide her hands back for a moment as she looked toward Carth fully. "Carth, I rather not right now. I just got control over the one I got. I know you mean well. But I don't want you to feel drained from it. Especially with how much you eat." It was then her gaze linger toward the inside of the kitchen. Noticing those were missing, she had that unease feeling at that. What was going on, she hardly felt like this. Looking to Carth a moment. "Isn't it your job to show the newer people around?" asking curiously. Curling her fingers into a fist along her lap. It was then her gaze linger up toward the windows of the rooms, she knew which one was hers so she glanced a bit. It was that unease feeling that made her look.
14:02:14 [Magnus whispers to Jasminne] hmm, you facing some mafia eh?
14:02:28 [Magnus whispers to Jasminne] who's all posting to you?
14:03:10 [Leo] SHOORT INC! 14:03:36 Leo Finaly decided to go see the professor. He ignored just about everyone on his way there, unless he bumped into Rave, not literally I assure you. If he did, he’d give her a wave and a smile, letting her know he’d be seeing the Professor. Xavier’s the only one he could actually see about this. Pushing further down the hall he’d finally reach the professor’s office and knock three times. Even though he probably didn’t even need to bother knocking, a man like Xavier probably knew he was already here before he even reached that very floor in the first place!
14:04:18 [Myriad] excellent, our timing is perfect then Avalaon-Rave, tho Leo might wave at ya or bump ya
14:06:19 Leo‘` noms on ribs…
14:06:26 [Avalon] XD Guess it depends on which Rave he waved at already.))
14:06:37 [Myriad] heheheh
14:06:49 [Avalon] He could see both, which would be hilarious!
14:07:09 [Jasminne whispers to Magnus] No. Just some stupid college kids actually.
14:07:14 [Myriad] one passes by, "hey Rave" and then he reaches kitchen, "Uh hey Rave"
14:07:17 [Jasminne whispers to Magnus] And Dilan will be I think. That’s it.
14:07:21 -Phoebe- enters this room
14:07:46 X-Men : Blah blah blah. Man with the plan. Knowing of all things. Blah blah. Of course he knew what was about to happen! “Yes come in” the refined English Dialect came smoothly from his lips as he set a book down to look at Leo. “Problems still, Mister Godfrey?” he asked and gestured for the boy to sit down on a chair in front of his desk. “I was hoping to avoid this, but as there has been no progress made in this area, I'll have to go about placing mental blocks on certain parts of your mind. You'll be able to use your powers. But only read the minds of those who you concetrate on… It'll be more difficult for you… but building up the mental strength to use your powers this way will help you be able to only hear the voices you want to hear…” he would wait for the boy to sit before he would wheel around the desk to where he would be sitting.
14:08:07 [Rave] I wish you guys luck with that, Leo knows Rave and how she dresses :P)
14:08:48 [Avalon] XD Avalon is dressed as Rave is right now. :P He would need some telekinetic prying to figure out which was which.))
14:08:53 [Carth] 'lo Phoebe. If you have questions whisper myself or The RP Profile.
14:09:36 [-Phoebe-] Was already typing your name in as you said that.
14:09:39 [Rave] :P
14:11:06 [Magnus whispers to Jasminne] ah fun, was hoping you had some criminal element confrontation, Magnus runs that sort of biz
14:11:24 [Rave whispers to Magnus] *gives kudos to his profile*
14:11:40 [Magnus whispers to Rave] thanks =)
14:12:01 [Magnus whispers to Rave] yours is good too
14:12:19 [Rave whispers to Magnus] welcome, and thanks.
14:12:33 Avalon was in the halls, while the other Rave was outside, so as the two walked through the halls to perform their little prank. Of course, when Leo saw him and waved, Avalon drew on the minor memories of Leo that he gained from eating Rave's hair. A mimic of the slight sigh that escaped her lips. "Hello Leo." She gave a faint smile as she passed. When they stopped in front of Leo's room, Avalon would think a moment, arms crossing under her breasts. "Well, we could probably do that, but we don't have a camera…" He spoke simply in the female voice. It was kind of amusing that Xavier allowed these two to get away with all this thus far. "We don't want to get in too much trouble though." The female Avalon spoke towards Myriad in regards to her option of blackmail. They could still go inside, look, and take pics if she had a camera to use.
14:13:07 [Leo] *twithc* 14:13:16 [Jasminne whispers to Magnus] Why? So I can make it easier for you to write? You must not be a very imaginative rper then. *shrugs* 14:13:16 [Avalon] XDD)) 14:13:22 [Myriad] hahaha 14:13:37 Leo pours acid on his eyes
14:14:04 [Avalon] XD Guess he doesn't find Rave that attractive after all.))
14:14:27 Dilan : Could say that New York was left in a big mess. He could also say that he contributed and aided in his General escape. Alot of people were pissed, rumours had it their the Brotherhood's ruthless leader wasn't too pleased and so Dilan decided that it was best to avoid the compound unless called in. Dilan's work wasn't completely ignored within the ranks of the Brotherhood however and the name Void was flung around enough to earn him respect of some of the minor of Mutants in their little group. With the mindless chit chat of one or two fellow Brothers, Dilan discovered a way to get rid of the last Armored truck in his Pocket Universe. Ryse had pummled the engine and rendered it useless after all. 'Build 43, blue roof and come alone.' Was the message he received earlier that morning, taking no risks he dipped out alone in a pair of dark jeans, grey and black hightops while sporting a crimson hoodie under a black jacket. <C>
14:14:29 Dilan His usual blue beanie was replaced with a grey one and earbud headphones pumped music in his ears. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUGzY-ihqWc) The Mutant waited, patiently so in an alley next to the assigned warehouse and shook his head slowly to the bass which managed to block out the rave going on on the warehouse further down the path he had yet to take. 'They're late.' Being punctual himself, Dilan hated to be kept waiting but it wasn't exactly like he simply dump the van in the water. The offer for parts was good, turning it down would be a waste so he waited and occasionally glanced at the entrance to the rave whenever the doors opened for drunks to wander in and out while
14:14:37 [Rave] Nah just a guy trying to pull Rave off xD)
14:14:59 [Magnus whispers to Jasminne] Was just trying to feel the scene, no worries bitch.
14:15:26 [Avalon] XDD Hey! Anatomically, he IS Rave! Sadly, he doesn't have enough material to mimic her memories, personality, and mannerisms, so he had to use what he remembered of her from the kitchen. :P))
14:15:42 [Myriad] hehe
14:16:55 Carth : Oh yeah. Something stupid was happening indoors, wasn't it? Stupid kids. Being stupid. But oh well. The X-Men and the Teachers didn't really care until they did something against the rules. But the Pranks were harmless. Just sure to piss people off. But that sort of thing is to be expected when you fill a house with stupid teenagers. Stupid Teenager things. “Drained? I haven't felt tired since I was thirteen… I kind of forgot what it's even like to be drained of energy…” he laughed a little. “Myria seems to be taking care of things.. For whatever that's worth” he said with a shrug. “It's not my job. I do it on occasion… buuuuut… I think it's better when the students socialize together…”. Read: So they don't always bother me with their problems. Carth drank another can of soda. “Who loves Orange Soda?” he questioned himself with a spot on Kel impersonation. “Carth loves Orange soda..”. Quietly not loudly, though.
14:16:57 [Jasminne whispers to Magnus] Make your own if you're not feeling mine bitch. lol
14:18:19 [Leo] mhmmmmm 14:18:23 [Leo] IS IT TRRUUUEEEE!!!!
14:20:58 Myriad waved to Leo as well, nothing suspicious except that maybe Myria had a reputation of being a prankster, and well, why would she be hanging out with Rave? Kinda like the class clown hanging out with the princess of the school, it just wasn't socially acceptable! Either way, they would make their way to Leo's and she'd stand by the door, "Yeah, totally didn't think this through," she would sigh, "I guess its fun to be in someone else's shoes, but I guess we'll leave it alone," she put her hand to the door and caressed it. "Maaaaybe… can you write like Rave? I think Leo likes her a lot, but, yanno, that whole I'm a hermit vibe doesn't do him any justice, we could totally play matchmaker!" and then turn into a marker to write on his door for a love message if it was so confirmed on her plan.
14:22:07 [Magnus whispers to Jasminne] lol
14:23:13 [Rave] skip me a moment)
14:24:49 Avalon would smile. "It's alright." Avalon assured Myria. When she spoke of writing like Rave and leaving a love note on the door, he thought a moment. "I could, yes. I have enough of her memories to provide that, and her body, but…" When he was about to speak about not having something to write with Myria quickly changed that and almost immediately the female dashed away several feet, shaking her head quickly. "No touching! Remember?" She exclaimed. There were two powers working against Avalon right now, both Rave's and his own. "I could do it with blood, but I don't think it would have the same effect…" The woman's lips pouted slightly before shaking her head. "Well, we should go find something else to do instead, unless you still want to look inside." Eyes turned sideways to look at the door with a grin. Did she? Did she really? Who could say. Luckily for Rave, she wouldn't have a note left on Leo's door in her handwriting.
14:25:40 harddrugs enters this room

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