14:29:24 Niiro enters this room
14:29:30 [Chaia] o/ Niiro
14:29:42 Hitoshi pats Chaia.
14:29:48 [Niiro] o/
14:29:59 Chaia tickles Hitoshi.
14:30:51 Vilksen listened to what he had been told about his age he simply chuckled. "If I keep working myself like this then yea I'll be very old." Vilksen said before looking at the photo and smiled as he remembered. But upon the term of LeBlanc Vilksen seemed to be distant but he looked back at Novia. "So the headless man we have been fighting is Ichabod?" Vilksen said in suprise as Kina seemed to grab a short novel from one of the shelf of the library and began to read from it. "If LeBlanc is back then this will go into a even tougher battle than I thought." Vilksen said as he tought to himself for a bit and sighed as he held the bridge of his nose.
14:31:33 Hitoshi tries to hold back his laughter form the tickling.
14:31:38 [Hitoshi] from*
14:31:59 [Viktoria_Stein] Laughter Form, go!
14:32:33 [Red_Novia] Hitoshi is the First Mate of Laughter
14:32:57 Kalte enters this room
14:33:38 [Viktoria_Stein] o/
14:33:40 Kyra‘ enters this room
14:33:48 [Kyra`] bleh
14:33:55 [Kyra`] I’m starting to just not wanna game anymore
14:33:57 Viktoria_Stein pictures him making a Stein face, collapsing and convulsing in maniacal laughter.
14:33:59 Hitoshi thought he was collateral.
14:34:00 [Chaia] weebee Kalte, Kyra. o/
14:34:06 HustinSax enters this room
14:34:07 >[HustinSax] » Welcome to Shibusen!!! For further information, please seek out /whois Soul[RP]Eater (Soul [RP] Eater). The Mods, Hitoshi and Viktoria_Stein, will gladly answer any and all questions. Right now, all positions are free to play. If you're thinking of a witch, though, do talk to one of the moderators directly. Please and thank you!! Have fun and enjoy your tenure here at DWMA!! (P.S. Additional setting and time frames are within the room profile! Any further ponderings and hit one of us up, A.S.A.P.)
14:34:08 [Hitoshi] Kyra. o/
14:34:15 [Viktoria_Stein] Pourque?
14:34:16 [Chaia] o/ Hustin
14:34:26 [Viktoria_Stein] o/ People.
14:34:27 [HustinSax] Howdy ma'am
14:34:43 HustinSax tilts hat brim down briefly to all.
14:36:23 Chaia dropped her chin into her hands. It was nice to talk with people about this, finally, instead of getting vague answers and told to go and hide places. "So what's that have to do with Akane and I? Or with Ichabod hunting down students? Is it because we aren't doing our jobs well enough?" But she blinked, "Actually, now that I think about it. There were rumors that two of the girls that were murdered were witches. Is that what he's doing? Nn, that wouldn't make any sense. Akane isn't a witch and neither am I." Her ankles crossed beneath the table while her eyes fell towards the books that had been gathered. There weren't any reports about Ichabod Crane or any of the Headless Horseman variants hunting witches. Maybe they really were myths, then. Legends that were made up from random sightings and slip-ups. The thought made her want to groan. None of this was making any sense!
14:43:35 [HustinSax whispers to Viktoria_Stein] how much info do i need in a profile? usually prefer to rp things more than, yanno, detail everything in em if ya don't mind, ma'am?
14:44:29 [HustinSax whispers to HustinSax] test
14:44:58 [Viktoria_Stein whispers to HustinSax] Well, generally requires specifics, basically. Name, age, if you're a meister or weapon, your rank, partner. If you're a weapon, what form do you take? And any known techniques.
14:45:13 [Red_Novia] "It has to be. Why he lives in such a state I do not know, but it might be a spell of Leblanc's. I can't think of any other reason he'd do such things as slaughter students." She said to Vilksen, shaking her head sullenly. Her attention shifted to Chaia as she began to speak. Novia was quiet as she divulged her information, and then her icy blue eyes scanned upward with a huff. " It's the million dollar question. But killing anything Shark deems a threat fits the MO. Potential or otherwise. She was a terrifying woman. She held no allies and her plans were insane. She devised ways to completley destroy a soul and render it non existant. No cycle, no balance. That's why we had to put a stop to her. She struck out against random targets. Witches of different bloodlines, students with heterochromia. Special abilities to their souls. Like Perception, like Anti- Demon. It was all figured to test eash case to see if the methods of destrcution was universally sound. Which is.." <C>
14:45:33 [Red_Novia] She paused and looked at Chaia with another look. "She's not doing this for herself anymore because she's targeting specific people, with specific traits. Chaia…" She said, lacing her hands together on the table as she leaned in. "What can you tell me about Healing Wavelengths?"
14:46:04 [Red_Novia] *Targeting specific people, with specific traits, through Ichabod**))
14:48:51 Viktoria_Stein slips people Cheez-Its.
14:49:23 [Red_Novia] Is it a god tier box of salty ones or roll tier box of unsalty ones?
14:49:55 [Viktoria_Stein] They be juuuuuuust right.
14:50:29 [Red_Novia] Roll tide then
14:50:43 [Niiro] \o/
14:51:28 [Chaia] roooooolll tiiiiiiide
14:51:41 Vilksen thought for a moment before reaching into his pocket and pulling out his handkerchief and wiped his face. "Unlike other people some people have the special abilities of such as anti-demon but why use Ich he has a ability as well but could it be that she just saw us as a threat and knew that by using him would put us on edge?" Vilksen said to Novia before turning to Chaia. "The two other students that were killed weren't witches because I sent off their souls and they were pure human souls." Vilksen said as he ran his hand through his hair. "But could it be that we were the cause of this? Our failure to kill the witch."
14:52:15 [Viktoria_Stein] ~~~~~o//~~~~
14:52:57 Chaia stared at Novia for a long moment. The idea that there were students being targeted by this guy for their specific traits might have made some sort of sense, it was as good a theory as Chaia had come up with thus far. Yet there were other factors, too. Factors that she didn't quite bring to light in the conversation. Maybe because it took a veering turn towards her, those oceanic eyes swimming to meet the redhead's that stared across the table from her. That question sounded as though it should be familiar, but Chaia didn't answer right away. Was she playing coy? Maybe she didn't know. Her gaze slid towards Vilksen in a glance before she dismissed him for being tired, <b>"Healing wavelengths?"
14:53:03 [Chaia] </b>
14:53:05 Chaia coughs.
14:53:20 [HustinSax whispers to Viktoria_Stein] alrighty, if you don't mind a gander at myself, think I got most of it roughed out so it don't seem like too much of a ghost town
14:54:09 [HustinSax whispers to HustinSax] test
14:54:30 [Viktoria_Stein whispers to HustinSax] You're good, dear. ^ ^
14:55:12 Viktoria_Stein whisks off to update the room profile.
14:55:30 [HustinSax whispers to Viktoria_Stein] thanks
14:55:41 Soul[RP]Eater enters this room
14:58:29 [Vilksen] Hi room. :)
14:58:56 Soul[RP]Eater upnods.
14:59:37 [Kyra‘] I hate humanity right now q.q
15:00:37 Nishiki enters this room
15:00:56 [Chaia] o/ Nishiki
15:01:13 [Nishiki] Oye. o/
15:01:25 Chaia drapes about Kyra’s shoulders. nuzzles~
15:01:52 Viktoria_Stein destroys humanity for Kyra.
15:02:29 [Viktoria_Stein] o/ N-N-N-Nnnnnnnnn—ishiki.
15:03:21 [Kyra‘] -Takes a peaceful nap with humanity destroyed, and uses chaia for warmth-
15:03:46 Chaia is just used. ;_;
15:03:48 [Viktoria_Stein] It’s what cats plan all along, anyway.
15:04:04 Soul[RP]Eater exits from this room
15:04:18 Helena_Law enters this room
15:04:38 [HustinSax] so where ya varmints be at?
15:05:04 [Red_Novia] "I have to repeat this is all extraordinary circumstance, and I could be wrong. But… there's something in my mind that tells me I have to be right. What could be more infuriating than to send an old friend, turned against us? Posession was one of her specialties, and I doubt his decapitated state could be preserved by anyting less than a powerful witches magic. The motive is there, the tools are familiar." she said to Vilksen, eyeing Kina across the way enjoying her books. A moment of envy for the girl as Novia returned to Chaia. Her ignorance goaded a similarly vague reaction from Novia, it could tell Chaia that this woman had masked her emotions carefully when necessary. "A Healing Wavelength is a source of power that can disrupt and nullify any foreign evils to a victims soul. Madness… possessions. Magic." She said, her head lilting. <C>
15:05:15 [Red_Novia] "If Shark had a servant like Ichabod at her command, it might be wise of her to attack students that could disrupt that. Break her hold of a pet monster. How in the world she knows this is again a brick wall. But i've pulled up records on all the aformentioned victims. Perception. Anti-Demon. Healing. All obstacles to her plan she wanted out of the way. If it's her plan. I'm still not ruling out her working for something greater. Something…. more sinister than I'd even like to guess at. But," she paused and gripped the sword she hugged tightly. "If Ichabod comes after you again, it cements the idea you have something integral that Shark want's out." But she was getting to an underlying fact at this point. Hesistation kept her from peaking it at the moment.
15:09:49 [Chaia whispers to HustinSax] in the academy's library right now. ^ ^
15:10:09 [HustinSax whispers to Chaia] thanks
15:11:20 [Viktoria_Stein] Somewhere in town?
15:13:04 [Red_Novia] Oh! Sorry Hustin! I, Chaia and Vilksen are huddle at a table in the library
15:13:21 Chaia already whispered it to her but yeah. Sorry Vikbby, we're in the library.
15:14:07 Viktoria_Stein doesn't know things, dun mind her/
15:14:17 Chaia hugs the Viktoria
15:15:14 HustinSax was staring at the mirror finish of one of the library windows as the wanted poster came out of it, caught between two fingers as she unfurled the paper to view the name Ich(whatever), she'd tilt her hat down as she examined the writing ~Dead or Alive~ branded at the top of the sketch made of it. She'd then roll it up to a more narrow tube, before lighting one end of it with a spark to burn it out, like some sort of Mission Impossible reference as the message was (self) destructed. Problem was? The smoke. It would make the fire system go off above the Cowgirl as she tilted her hat down to cover her form mostly as the sprinkler clouds with smiling faces worked on her. Still, her luck wasn't that bad as she overheard the conversation from the kids table, the jingle of spurs, and the creak of leather giving the quiet announcement that she was there, leaning against a bookshelf, hat tiltted down, and dribbling little bits of water next to the kids table… Just listening for now.
15:16:14 [Kalte] What's going on?
15:16:29 [Nishiki] No idea.
15:16:31 [Chaia] mostly just talk about Ichabod.
15:19:53 [Chaia] What the tits is up with these adorable android commercials???
15:20:01 [Chaia] omfg. /stalks off to youtube.
15:20:30 [Chaia] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnVuqfXohxc
15:20:35 [Chaia] This. What is this cuteness.
15:20:37 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] question did the sprinklers go off in the library?
15:21:10 [HustinSax] Death themed sprinklers… clouds with faces rain just on the fire spot, aka Hustin
15:22:57 Vilksen had thought for a moment before closing his eyes and sighing. "Next time Ichabod comes then I shall fend him off with your assistance since you were ordered to help." Vilksen said as he stood up seeming to have felt a lot better after having sat down and slowed his body. "I won't have another student fall to him and when we meet with Shark I'll make sure we end the fight once and for all." Vilksen said with a large smile as he placed his handkerchief back in his pocket and pushed his glasses up and chuckled and looked to Novia. "That's unless your to old." Vilksen said as Kina giggled as she was listening in.
15:23:11 Viktoria_Stein belatedly hugs Chaia.
15:23:33 [Chaia] better late than never!
15:23:39 [Chaia] … unless it's your period.
15:24:08 [Kyra‘] o.o
15:26:34 Renfield enters this room
15:27:49 [Chaia] o/ Renfield.
15:27:56 Ciel enters this room
15:28:03 [Renfield] Hello!
15:28:23 [Chaia whispers to HustinSax] You’re in the library?
15:28:27 [Chaia] \o Ciel
15:28:29 [Hitoshi] Hola.
15:28:49 [HustinSax whispers to Chaia] yep, close to the table, just listening like a creeper with a wet form
15:28:55 [Renfield] Hows it goin'?
15:29:13 [Vilksen] o/ Ren Ciel.
15:29:22 [Ciel ] Ello
15:29:59 Kurose enters this room
15:30:49 [Chaia] o/ Kurose
15:30:52 [Chaia] More frowning, more consideration, more thoughtful expressions. Eventually her eyes would sidetrack downwards, sinking her gaze into the table while her attention turned inwards. Novia's ideas seemed to carry a lot of consideration for the blonde weapon. There was just one thing that still bugged her about all of this. She didn't bring the question to light either, letting the pair talk as Vilksen steered the conversation towards some cheesy flirtation. That renewed her smile, if only because watching old people flirt is adorable. She pushed back her chair. By then there was a new entry to their little group, the jingling manner with which she approached while drenched ruining any attempt at subtlety she might have been aiming for. Chaia stared for a few long moments, eyes running over that cowgirl getup not once but twice before she eventually threw out a greeting, "Uh
15:30:56 [Ciel ] I came to check in, I have company over and it would be very rude of me to rp while they are here, just letting everyone know im alive. ^-
15:32:22 Renfield plays the 'I'm still alive." song from Portal for Ciel.
15:37:13 Red_Novia chuckled softly, seeming to unernergized to put sound to her laughter. " Amos would probably get pretty mad if he heard you call me old." she said, holding her spouse as he was between her arms. But it was true, in a way. They were older than then. Wisened, and dragged back into an old fight they thought was finished. "But we will need to meet Ichabod again. When he strikes… well we might have to-" As Hustin drew Chaia's attention, Novia stopped all dialouge. A small tug on Chaia to get her attention. "Keep this between us for now. The more people know, the more unexpected problems." She said to the young blonde, and scooted out of her chair, booked shut and slid to Chaia, if she wished to read it. "I'm going to bed. Sleep does the mind good, hm? My phone is on me, and I can be there if you two need me." she said, pointing out the fresh cup of coffee to Vilksen once more before beginning to walk away, giant sword hugged tight to her chest.
15:37:45 [Red_Novia] Im IRL going to catch a nap before my midnight shift starts, so I bid yall adieu
15:38:23 [Chaia] Sleep well. ^ ^
15:38:48 [Hitoshi] Good night sweet Red.
15:39:06 [Red_Novia] night night
15:39:26 Red_Novia exits from this room
15:39:27 [HustinSax] cya Red
15:42:23 [Vilksen] I have to go just post that I took the coffee and left. See you guys tomorrow.
15:42:34 [HustinSax] "Howdy ma'am, don't mean to interrupt, but might interested in that Ichabod fellow," one hand went to the brim of her hat to tilt it downwards in greeting, the other hand brushed one of the revolvers at her hip, before placing it on a more neutral spot in the same fleshed area. "Name's Sax, Hustin Sax…." the brim would be tilted upwards so her whole face showed before giving a lopsided smile, showing teeth on one side, while the other kept its tight lipped way. "Don't suppose any of ya know where the varmint called Ichabod is though? If'n ya don't mind me interrupting your swell wagon corral here."
15:44:52 [HustinSax] cya Vilk
15:45:11 [HustinSax] Sorry Chaia if I chased em all away
15:45:41 [Chaia] Happens to me all the time, love. Null sweat.
15:45:53 Jami enters this room
15:46:01 Chaia should probably be the one apologizing.
15:46:04 [Chaia] o/ Jami
15:47:05 Jami exits from this room
15:47:32 [Chaia] bye Jami.
15:47:37 Renfield exits from this room
15:47:47 [Chaia] bye renfield.
15:48:54 [Hitoshi] A summoner has disconnected.
15:49:23 [Chaia] Story of my life.
15:49:28 [Viktoria_Stein] Whoa…
15:49:33 [Chaia] Two of my placement matches had disconnects. D:
15:50:04 Viktoria_Stein peeks around.
15:51:52 [Chaia] Swell wagon corral? Chaia's smile was sheepish. Is that even a real accent? It wasn't in her nature to be rude, though, not intentionally. As the other two dismissed themselves with flirtatious talks about coffee and butt sex Chaia stood, appraising the cowgirl and her sodden attire. A small cant to her head and a bubbly reply, "Well, you heard them. I'm not permitted to really talk about it!" The comment earned a sharp shhh from another student, towards which Chaia angled an apologetic wave. In a quieter voice she went on, shuffling a step closer. "Um, pardon my asking but are you alright? I don't remember it raining outside."
15:52:49 Viktoria_Stein spits her water.
15:54:19 [Viktoria_Stein] "Butt sex"
15:55:40 Hitoshi gigglesnorts.
15:55:55 Viktoria_Stein thought of Family Guy instantly… "Cowboy buttsex.."
15:56:34 [Chaia] Nope.
15:56:38 Hitoshi does not regret his tagfail
15:58:09 [Viktoria_Stein] You Rebel. :x
15:58:27 [Chaia] skill shots OP.
15:59:30 [HustinSax] ~Drip drip.. drip~ The last of the droplets had gotten off her form as she placed the hat brim back up further now, the other hand would reach inside her vest, and QUICKDRAW her badge, "Don't worry there ma'am, I work for Death City, Scythe Marshal Sax," tapped the badge with her other free hand to indicate the officialness of it. "Any information ya got tho on it darlin', would help in the matter, else I can go through more official channels, just wanted to try the more civil route." Too bad she couldn't read minds, else she'd make a comment like, ~Don't make me go all broke back mountain on your friends~ though that would probably end up like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8VNOB5puck
16:02:18 Helena_Law dies.
16:02:29 [Viktoria_Stein] Bahahahahahaha!
16:03:15 [HustinSax] (assumes they watched it)
16:04:23 Viktoria_Stein has watched Brokeback Mountain… and this… I just… hahahaha.
16:08:03 Chaia didn't drop that diabetic tone of hers as she replied. Seriously, the girl's voice could have made Willy Wonka smile, "Sorry, but their orders come straight from Lord Death himself. Maybe they're the ones you'd want to be asking about all of that— I sort of just do what they say." She didn't seem ashamed of it in the slightest either. They were there to protect her and Akane, at least so far as Lord death had reported, and because of that her suspicions were quelled for the time being. Now there were ideas of a new, more foreboding threat out on the loose and in the end Chaia just wanted two things. She wanted to protect Akane and fight evil. The whole grey area that Ichabod had just been thrust into was still new to her, thus she was going to stick to her bases and tell this girl to find her information elsewhere.
16:09:22 [Viktoria_Stein] That makes me want to watch it again, but I don't have it in me to cry like a baby at the end - because I will. ;_;
16:15:17 [HustinSax] Nodded along, as she tilted the hat back down, and put the badge back into her vest area, "Good answer there ma'am." The smile showed more fully on each side as Sax turned to leave. A wave of her hand as she turned her back to the girl, "That said, if ya got any clues," a card would be held up in the outstretched hand, and then flung to lang with a -tink- sound as the edge hit the surface to stick/vibrate slightly with that backwards trickshot, "Call me maybe?" with that, Carly Rae Jepsen would mosey along to the sunset, least for now, "Just.. don't become a tumbleweed to the winds of fate ma'am… ain't nuthin' worse than being one of the cattle waitin' to be slaughtered," the lighthearted tone, turning dark, as her form gathered more shadows due to the relative distance of walking away as the -clink clink- of spur sounds followed her departure. (small note, there'd be a pause to listen to responses from each speech blurb).
16:15:32 Meiri enters this room
16:15:36 Meiri curtsies.
16:15:42 [HustinSax] lang = land*
16:15:46 [HustinSax] howdy Meiri
16:15:53 Chaia blinks.
16:16:31 Chaia kicks tK in the mouth.
16:16:46 [Chaia] weebee Meiri.
16:17:04 [Meiri] Thank you ma'am.
16:22:50 [Chaia] Well that about summed up this scene. Considering how Akane was still sleeping or doing whatever it is that Akane does Chaia figured it was about time for some lunch. Stifling a yawn and packing up her things— she was still carrying her duffel from her morning exercise— she would make to exit the library some time after the cowgirl herself did. The woman's curious attire and badge plagued the blonde weapon's thoughts. Was Lord Death really so disorganized? If this person was hired by him to do something and this teacher was doing the same thing then it was painting the master of the academy out to be some absent-minded goofball. Which maybe he was, Chaia had only NPC'd met him once and that meeting hadn't been precisely revealing. "Maybe Akane was right and this is all just another test," she murmured upon making it through the doorway. Maybe she should hit the gym before getting lunch after all.
16:25:35 [HustinSax] hehe, sorry for cutting it short, getting a bit distracted… Plus IC wise, i dont think Sax would continue to pester a student, she's all old and stuff
16:25:56 [HustinSax] fun rp tho
16:26:07 [Chaia] ^ ^;
16:26:24 Viktoria_Stein wants to RP.. but papers…. D:
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16:42:51 Chaia snorts.
16:43:22 [Meiri] ’La Adventure'
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16:44:17 [Viktoria_Stein] Woo… Los Angeles Advenutre?
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16:55:39 [Viktoria_Stein] I cross my fingers that fate will be kind.
16:57:01 Hitoshi yawns
16:58:21 Chaia grabs Hitoshi's tongue.
17:00:14 Viktoria_Stein should make a post, shouldn't she?
17:00:38 Chaia shrugs.
17:01:42 Viktoria_Stein is really tired of these motherf-- papers. >.<
17:02:00 Chaia burns all the papers. ever. situation relieved.
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17:02:23 Viktoria_Stein dances on their funeral pyre.
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17:07:45 Viktoria_Stein was sweating. Droplets rolled from her temples, slid along her cheek bones, and would drip from her chin onto the floor, making it slippery with each prancing step she took. Left, right… It was this successive, rapid motion that she was doing, left fist striking first, then right. There was a wincing every time her fingers dug too far into the suture down the center of her palm. Unlike her typical injuries, it was still red and angry, and now and then, it would ooze blood of pinkish fluids — and presently? It burned from perspiration falling into it. But, the thing was? Viktoria didn't care. She was a girl possessed, colliding with that weightly bag and growling in frustration. What she was saying was lost to the deafening strikes. Cropped bangs were pinned to the side of her head, and the tiniest of ponytails was formed at the base of her skull, the hairs atop her skull growing slightly longer than what the norm for her, but…. No regrets. That was her
17:09:04 [ANNOUNCE] Thanks Ophelia‘. "I like you Los Angeles, bitches. Also Grace can’t one up me! :) "
17:09:33 [Chaia] so inspirational
17:09:35 Chaia was deeply moved.
17:13:08 [Viktoria_Stein] — philosophy!! In a white, halfy sleeveless shirt and low-riding shorts that came nearly to her buttcheeks (thank you, modern spandex), this was probably the most skin Viktoria had ever shown. Ever. No, there were no lines to oggle her as if she were some fascinating creature, but it had definitely …. earned her some peculiar stares, as if she were crazy. The bodily atrocities she revealed to the open caused some to gag, a few to go bug-eyed, and the rest to not even twitch a lid. The welt raised, bisecting her abodomen on either side, the interlaced stitches and multitude of scars along her hip bones, betwixt them, and reaching to where back would inch themselves upward… And then disappear beneath that white covering. Her left hand she took precaution with after a moment, and would turn to wrap a bandage about the center when Chaia entered. From where Viktoria stood, the blonde's expression was unfathomable, but then, she was missing her glasses, too. So what could be done, really? Not a -
17:15:05 [Viktoria_Stein] — thing!!! Rather than make a fuss, she'd shoot Chaia a wave. Then… go to tackle the bag again before pausing, and facing Chaia a second time. This would be where she motioned her over, a … happy mien made for a creepy Stein. It was eerie, the half-grin she was sporting, and the cast in her orbs. But … don't question things. Just.. go with them. "Hey, Chaia. No Akane today?" -E-
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17:16:05 [Chaia] all the awkward.
17:16:16 Viktoria_Stein feels honored, being raped by the site, itself.
17:16:56 [HustinSax] global banging.. not just a warmup anymore
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17:22:35 Meiri exits from this room
17:30:25 [Chaia] Please, trying to intimidate Chaia by being creepy was going to take more than a smile. Rather that the blonde was too gullible to realize that a smile from anything could be taken as intimidating; smiles were for kindness and fuzzy feelings on the inside! Thus instead of being completely weirded out by the sight she lifted her free hand in a wave and grinned right back at the Stein. Even if she had the cray-cray eyes there was nothing bad about a smile! Ambling on over Chaia would let her gaze follow the other girl's movements. The scars and stitches and other afflictions to Viktoria's skin pulled some of her attention away but what truly threw Chaia for a loop was to watch the Stein exercise. It was the very last thing she expected the petite meister to be up to, though in the end it was something all meisters probably did. Perhaps that it was a Sunday… "Nope! I'm not sure what's been up with her lately. What about you? Your ch
bonesaw, he isn't with you?"
17:33:06 Joan enters this room
17:33:19 [Chaia] o/ Joan
17:37:11 Viktoria_Stein wasn't intentionally creepy, y'know? Sometimes it was just… The fact she actually let her mouth twitch that way? Hmm! Oh, but the fact she exercised? That was the strangest part? Well, admittedly this wasn't her favorite form, but there was pent up… something inside of Stein, something she ought to release 'afore it gets the better of her. An unstable mind would throw the whole triumvirate OFF, causing that triangular mantra to collapse in on itself! If she wasn't dwelling within a sound mind, it was safe to say her soul was off-kilter, and her body would follow suit in whatever corrupt things she would have it do, should something as icky as madness seep through her. Madness… There it was, again. That word. It made her reflect back… Well, this certainly wasn't the time for introspection!! Balancing a shoulder onto the punching bag, she'd take in the sight of Chaia, whom she hadn't seen around in quite a while. They'd both been off doing Meister and Weapon things -
17:41:42 [Viktoria_Stein] — and it was bound to cause that separation. There hadn't been a breathing for either duos, in their unique worlds living through similar hells, yet ages apart all the — "Oh, Hitoshi? I… he stayed in today, I think. Said he wanted to be left alone, so I gave him some space. I was hoping I'd run into you and your Meister, because I have a proposition for you." There it was, her getting-to-business face taking over, and her tone becoming less informal and cheey, moreso a … searching quiver would layer onto her vocals. "We're wanting to go on a mission in Mexico, something about the local legend there going from eating goats to… maiming people. With everything that's gone on at Shibusen, I didn't want to be so far away from" family. People who could need them.. "the school. So we've signed ourselves up, and there might be another Meister along… maybe… but I was thinking you and Akane would be perfect fits." There it was. Was that so hard,
17:42:03 A-Starry_Eyed_Child enters this room
17:42:08 A-Starry_Eyed_Child exits from this room
17:42:16 Renfield enters this room
17:42:34 [Viktoria_Stein] — Stein? "That's why I was sort of hoping to see you guys at the same time, to get a unanimous vote. Do you think she'd be down?" -E-
17:42:41 [Joan] o/
17:42:42 [Chaia] weebee renfield.
17:42:51 [Renfield] Speak of the (German) and he appears.
17:43:01 Renfield pops collar, tips his invisible hat to Chai (Late).
17:43:38 Viktoria_Stein could have used "Devil" there, too. ^ ^
17:43:53 Renfield forgot to put the word, for some reason.
17:44:15 A-Starry_Eyed_Child enters this room
17:44:16 Viktoria_Stein doesn't know it in German. ;_;
17:44:19 [Viktoria_Stein] o/
17:44:20 A-Starry_Eyed_Child exits from this room
17:44:30 Renfield also throws out, he really hates wireless mouses -_-
17:44:39 Chaia loves them.
17:44:46 [Viktoria_Stein] That's why you have a laptop.
17:44:56 [Viktoria_Stein] And no need for a mouse.
17:45:13 Renfield 's randomly went on the fritz, no reason is using his perfectly, albeit right click fidgetty, corded one.
17:45:31 [Renfield] Teufel is devil btw…
17:45:39 [Renfield] …A german word that for once, doesnt sound demanding/angry.
17:46:28 A-Starry_Eyed_Child enters this room
17:46:34 A-Starry_Eyed_Child exits from this room
17:46:44 A-Starry_Eyed_Child enters this room
17:46:51 A-Starry_Eyed_Child exits from this room
17:46:57 [Viktoria_Stein] Sie die verdammte Teufel bist.
17:47:07 [Viktoria_Stein] Naw, sounds relatively angry to me.
17:47:34 [Renfield] Just the word I meant, you Swiss ninni.
17:47:36 Renfield types, btw.
17:48:16 [Viktoria_Stein] TEUFEL sounds like "Truffle" which makes me think of "Truffles" from Chowder, hence.. it is intimidating.
17:48:17 A-Starry_Eyed_ChildsMother enters this room
17:48:46 Chaia didn't seem any worse for wear. Already the bruising along her throat was difficult to spot, its visibility only made such because her skin was so pale to begin with. While it didn't quite match some folk's, its nature made certain ailments and 'atrocities' more visible than others. Her jacket was zipped up. Black with yellow stripes along the sleeves and large enough to almost cover the fact that she too was wearing short-shorts. Her hair hung in a wavy frock about her face and shoulders, framing that sea green gaze in sandy blonde trusses. Her feet were clad in ankle socks and what looked to be the lousiest pair of sneakers an athlete had ever laid eyes on. They had most definitely seen better days. At the mention of searching for them both Chaia's expression had softened towards curiosity and after the proposition it lit back towards that smile. So bubbly and cheerful,
17:48:50 [Chaia] "I think that'd be great! I'll have to ask Akane of course but I'm sure if I can find her then she'll be all for it!"
17:48:52 [Joan] Someone can't decide if they want to leave or enter.
17:49:01 Renfield facepalms.
17:49:09 A-Starry_Eyed_ChildsMother exits from this room
17:50:01 a_goat enters this room
17:50:14 Viktoria_Stein puts her palm in Renfield's face.
17:50:36 [Viktoria_Stein] o7
17:50:54 george_bushs_helicopter enters this room
17:51:03 george_bushs_helicopter exits from this room
17:51:33 [Viktoria_Stein] Trolls.
17:51:33 [Renfield] …
17:51:38 Renfield has a palm in his face
17:51:42 Renfield licks it!
17:51:53 [Renfield] Salty.
17:52:49 a_goat exits from this room
17:53:15 Viktoria_Stein sprays anti-septic into his throat.
17:53:16 Branogan_McHawke enters this room
17:53:30 [Viktoria_Stein] That was my bleeding, oozing hand, you vampire.
17:53:32 [Renfield] X_X
17:53:45 [Renfield] Oh excuse me then:
17:53:51 [Renfield] Salty and coppery*
17:53:53 Branogan_McHawke exits from this room
17:54:43 VagrancyIncarnate enters this room
17:55:00 [Renfield] Nom nom nom!
17:55:16 [Viktoria_Stein] Germans always were bloodthirsty.
17:56:02 [Viktoria_Stein] Not so much as like…. Henry VIII or Mary, Queen of Scots. But you know… Vlad the Impaler has a pretty sexilicious death toll. But his was for (originally) more honorable reasons.
17:56:22 [Viktoria_Stein] Too bad he was Transylvanian.
17:56:39 [Viktoria_Stein] Bismarck, though..
17:56:41 Renfield is German and related to Vlad…Double wammy!
17:57:08 Renfield “Oiii…” Said Renfield. Work work work work work! Thats all his weekend had been, really. Not the fun DWMA kind either! Just deli and money work. He needed it bad of course, but heck, was it ever draining. “I thought Church kept people from fucking eating meat and bread, not forced them to.” He grunted, eyes half open, a unlit cigarette plopped in his mouth, work apron over his shoulder and oddly enough, black rings under his eye. “Owwwww…” Those black rings were for a reason, however, as was the throbbing in his head. Hangover! He'd 'spent' (which meant he swiped beers when no one was looking from random locations and left money to not 'steal') a good fifty bucks gathering as many Death-Beers as he could before 7PM then promptly heading back to his apartment, putting them in the crappy fridge he had and drinking all of them. Why the access of alcohol all by his lonesome? To forget a thing or two, thats why! “Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow…” Even though-
17:57:17 Renfield - with every step it hurt (and was quadrupled because of the busy work day), but whateves, he hadn't drinken that hard (or that many, almost twenty by himself) since he was fourteen, really. “Hmmmmmm…” Now where to go now? He had hours until tomorrow and there wasnt…Well actually there was one thing. His brow twitched and his head, much to its protest, tilted up to look at the Academy in the distance. He frowned, huffed through his nostrils. “No gauruntee, but might as well see.” What was that? Who knew! But he headed towards those DWMA grounds anyway because why dafuq not yo?!?!
17:58:42 Viktoria_Stein feeds him to the Russian Bear.
17:59:07 [Renfield] Putin?
17:59:10 [Renfield] Lenin?
17:59:12 [Renfield] Stalin?
17:59:25 [Renfield] …Fucking evil Russians and there 'in' at the end of their names!
17:59:52 [Viktoria_Stein] Lenin was bad, but even Lenin didn't want Stalin.
18:00:05 [Renfield] I know, but still!
18:00:16 [Viktoria_Stein] Coulda' had a "Trotsky" if Stalin hadn't run him from the country and caused his death.
18:01:28 [Viktoria_Stein] Reagan x Gorbachev for the win.
18:01:45 Viktoria_Stein is gon' sliiiiiiiiide afk real quick. Skip meh.
18:01:51 [Chaia] …
18:02:25 Chaia rp's with herself, then.
18:03:58 [Chaia] "Oh yes Viktoria, I'd love to go on missions!" < Impersonates the Stein's voice, comically exaggerating her cray cray eyes > "Whell das great Chaia we's gona 'ave a good time, yo!" "Yes we are mama. Yes we are."
18:04:39 Renfield might be going on that, isnt sure…weapons not around/busy x_x
18:05:52 [Chaia] Vik and Chaia are in the dance studio/gym/whatever.
18:05:55 [Chaia] Talkin'.
18:06:31 [Renfield] Are they dancing with each other?
18:07:00 [Chaia] … lol.
18:07:08 [Chaia] go read the wiki. you'll understand. d:
18:07:23 Renfield trys to remember…
18:07:27 [Renfield] Its been a while x_x
18:18:22 [Kalte] They're doing kama sutra.
18:18:34 [Hitoshi] o
18:18:40 [Renfield] Yowza.
18:20:14 Viktoria_Stein comes back to the Kama Sutra?
18:20:30 Viktoria_Stein is flexible, but…. not that flexible.
18:22:11 [Alexander‘] well. today you gonna learn
18:22:53 Viktoria_Stein smacks her lips, "Mhmmmm. You gon’ learn tuh-day.</I>"
18:23:01 [Viktoria_Stein] Oh.
18:23:04 [Viktoria_Stein] Welll….
18:23:07 Hitoshi found that funnier than need be.
18:23:33 [Alexander‘] way to mess up, Ferenchie
18:23:33 [Viktoria_Stein] ♥
18:23:44 [Alexander`] Frenchie, too
18:23:54 [Viktoria_Stein] Who are you, Alex. Rizzo?
18:25:19 Viktoria_Stein turns into John Travolta.
18:26:28 [Renfield] Oh my.
18:26:33 [Alexander`] lolololol
18:28:27 Viktoria_Stein can still hear the synchronized snapping and gum chewing..
18:31:09 [Renfield] <_<
18:32:07 [Viktoria_Stein] "Beauty school drop-out…. Go back to high school…"
18:33:58 [Renfield] Silly.
18:34:32 [Viktoria_Stein] Now I have to watch Grease again..
18:36:28 [Renfield] Good job.
18:39:37 Viktoria_Stein just noticed the bruises lining Chaia’s neck, and it made the girl stop whatever she was about to ramble on with to simply regard what she had before her eyes. Pale skin was a bitch, for lack of a better term, getting everyone in trouble because it revealed what one did not want known. From here, they were faint brown splotches about the ring of her neck, and it wasn't as if she was making this observation subtlely. No, she was very open about noting the difference in her appearance, but that didn't mean she'd verbally inquire. There'd been an attack at the school - it made Viktoria get the idea that well.. Chaia had played a part. She'd met that vicious killer, then? The voiceless psychopath that preyed upon children? In a world of black and white, he was tipping towards the inky pool. While it could be confirmed he'd taken out witches, the deaths of the counselor and that student hadn't been waranted, and neither had been possessed with the magicks. It had been purely malicious. —
18:40:09 [Alexander‘] lolololol
18:43:32 [Viktoria_Stein] — and nothing would change her stance on that. Whatever he might have been once, he was no longer, and if Viktoria could become stronger, she would personally execute him for trying to slaughter her. Unfortunately, the skill differences were something that pushed her. She wasn’t anything special, and the sooner she realized that, the sooner she could do something about it. Finally, she let her eyes fall away, and would smile at the girl's bubbly words. "Good. I think Hitoshi would be glad to hear that. There was another boy, a Renfield. Have you met him? I never found out if he had a partner or not, he kind of just… stormed off. So I mean — hard to say what he's doing." This would be where her fists would fall, and she'd let her arms swing limply. "Anyway, you came here for a reason, I'm sure. What sort of training were you gonna' get in?" There was no cray-cray eyes or ghetto rap talk. Naw, Viktoria was being … friendly. -E-
18:43:42 [Viktoria_Stein] The culmination of my effort.
18:53:30 Renfield “Urk…Urk…Urk…” The stairway up to hell, thats what the DWMA staircase felt like at the moment. “Who the fuck needs that may goddamn stairs?” Apparently Death did, or whoever was calling himself Death (Renfield in a way, believed Death wasnt 'Death' because…Wtf, perceived image of Death itself living?! No way!) and at the moment this was killer for Renfields hungover scrawny German ass, but eventually he made it to the top stare. A heavy sighed left his lips…Now where to? “No ones hear on Sunday…” He muttered to himself, or so he thought that was true, but possibly wasnt. His brow twitched and he moved forward. “Its not gonna change.” He told himself again, but he headed in that same direction. “Watson and Sherlock.” And a handfull of minutes later, he was right in front of the Death Bullitin board like yesterday, only this time, without company. He squinted looked things over. Yup. He just sorta looked at it with a drab frowning look, cigarette-
18:53:32 Renfield -still unlit held inbetween his lips. “…Maybe I can just crawl down the stairs.” Be better then walking with this hangover! Randomly, he turned and sat his ass beneath the bulliten, sighing, arms draping around his knees. “…Five minutes of cool first.” Because hangover=overheat!
18:59:32 [Chaia] "Well I'm sure we'd be happy to have him along as well if you are! Though having someone along who doesn't have a partner
surely he has one. Otherwise it might get a little awkward, ehehe." A simple shrug of her shoulders. Though they were apparent Chaia was making no attempt to hide the marks and if she seemed to care about the other girl's staring she gave no sign of such. It was true, she was there, and until recently she hadn't shied away from speaking to anyone about that fact. Actually— she hadn't really had the chance to speak with anyone about it. Vilksen had more or less just asked her what time it went down and bossed her around while Novia had done little more than share her insight on Ichabod and ensured she'd be there to help. Both had looked more tired than a couple of pancakes fresh off the skillet last she had seen them, too. Beyond that Akane had all but blown her off and there just hadn't… really… been anyone else she had spoke with since then.»
18:59:41 [Chaia] The question, "I've been— Hey wait. Weren't you wanting to try something the last we spoke? Before Kyra, back then, in the classroom."
19:01:10 Renfield should ask, just 'cus its been a day or two; Setna been around?
19:03:03 [Hitoshi] Not that I know of.
19:03:37 [Chaia] I think she was on the night before last. But you were around the last I saw her online, Ren.
19:04:46 [Renfield] x_x
19:12:24 [Viktoria_Stein] Same here…
19:12:42 Viktoria_Stein randomly pops in… This stray cat, he's tugging on my heart strings.
19:13:27 Renfield might just have to go a route he planned for since the beginning -_-
19:13:32 [Hitoshi] Is it that saddening? o3o
19:13:52 [Renfield] Kitty.
19:13:55 [Viktoria_Stein] Yes.
19:15:01 [Viktoria_Stein] My heart is splintering! I brought him in like a week or so ago, but he wanted back out. I keep putting bowls of cat food for him, and tonight he was sitting on the front stoop, soaked and with an eye infection, and his fur is all dirty… and his leg is screwed up, so he's limping really badly!
19:15:28 Viktoria_Stein plops in a corner and cries.
19:15:59 [Viktoria_Stein] I tried to put Neosporin on the eye wound, but he wouldn't let me. ;_; My cat was sitting on the porch hissing and growling the entire time.
19:16:02 [Renfield] :/
19:16:11 [Nishiki] ;-;
19:16:36 [Viktoria_Stein] He ran off again, and it's breaking my heart! He's such a gorgeous cat!
19:16:38 Nishiki offers comforting cuddles?
19:16:57 [Viktoria_Stein] And so sweet and mild, and he doesn't even bite. T_T
19:17:23 [Hitoshi] Isn't that the Garfield looking cat? Or am I thinking of another cat?
19:17:48 [Viktoria_Stein] Same cat, dear. The orange, fluffy cat who sort of looks like Garfield.
19:18:03 [Viktoria_Stein] I could kick my old neighbors for leaving him behind.
19:18:13 [Viktoria_Stein] And by kick, I mean slaughter.
19:19:02 Alexander‘ enters this room
19:21:58 Hitoshi is supposed to be the voice of reason for Vik but abandoned cats.
19:23:05 [Helena_Law] It calls for drastic measures. >_<
19:23:18 Renfield nods.
19:23:19 Viktoria_Stein for once… doesn’t drop kick her alt.
19:24:11 Renfield once had that situation with a cat.
19:24:27 Renfield wound up keeping him and called him Sushi, was a siameze cat.
19:24:44 [Viktoria_Stein] Honestly, the cat is wonderful!! I would steal him and take care of him if I had the money for it! ;_; But I don't want to leave him for dead.
19:25:15 [Viktoria_Stein] My cat, Loki, hates this cat, because this cat kicks his ass.
19:25:27 [Renfield] e_e
19:25:37 [Renfield] Sushi was an alley kitten, as my mom put it.
19:25:45 Hitoshi just imagined the Garfield cat slinging Loki around like the Hulk in The Avengers movie.
19:25:56 [Viktoria_Stein] ….
19:26:03 Renfield thinks he one day came home with the side of his ear split…we did not live in like, some catastrophic sort of area either.
19:26:04 Viktoria_Stein blinks.
19:26:32 [Viktoria_Stein] This is why you're the voice of reason.
19:26:46 [Viktoria_Stein] And Loki got the tip of his ear bitten off.. I just.. don't know by what.
19:26:48 [Hitoshi] ♥
19:27:12 [Viktoria_Stein] He's fine, now, and it's a pretty cool looking battle scar.
19:27:21 [Viktoria_Stein] ♥
19:28:15 Renfield sadly has to give Sush away when he and his mom moved ._.
19:28:31 [Renfield] But…he was a good one, always hopped up and (with claws) kneeded my lap before I went to school.
19:28:51 Viktoria_Stein would have taken Sushi if she had ever lived near you and known you and the cat specifically.
19:29:06 Viktoria_Stein would take the cat if you mailed it to her, too.
19:29:24 [Viktoria_Stein] Well, I'd want to take the cat…
19:29:53 Viktoria_Stein wants to name a cat Vladimeow Purrrrtin.
19:30:16 [Renfield] <_<
19:31:04 Hitoshi facepalms.
19:31:07 [Viktoria_Stein] And a goat Chewsef Baaaaalin.
19:31:17 Kenny enters this room
19:31:18 [Viktoria_Stein] A puppy Adwoof Hitgrrr.
19:31:22 [Viktoria_Stein] o/
19:31:41 Kenny waves.
19:32:01 GTerok enters this room
19:32:06 Viktoria_Stein puts her palm in Hitoshi's face. O.O
19:32:12 [Viktoria_Stein] o/
19:32:13 Renfield stares.
19:32:29 [GTerok] White people are stupid
19:32:56 [Hitoshi] Well that was random.
19:33:10 [Viktoria_Stein] White ALL people are stupid.
19:33:14 Hitoshi moves the hand from his face. >L
19:33:14 Renfield smells troll!
19:33:28 [Renfield] Someone ated my post.
19:33:41 Viktoria_Stein O.O's him.
19:33:49 Hitoshi burps. It was delicious.
19:33:58 Hitoshi deadpan stares.
19:34:04 [GTerok] Hm
19:34:09 [Renfield] ;_;
19:34:20 [GTerok] *Squeezes Viktoria's cheek* White woman think she smart lol
19:35:09 [GTerok] What the hell just happened
19:35:13 Viktoria_Stein shrugs… Whacks off Hitoshi's hand and sews it onto her wrist.
19:35:29 Kyra‘ enters this room
19:35:34 [Hitoshi] Well there goes my hand.
19:35:41 [Viktoria_Stein] 19:34:20 [GTerok] *Squeezes Viktoria’s cheek* White woman think knows she smart lol
19:35:42 [Kyra‘] o.o
19:35:43 User GTerok has successfully been kicked away.
19:35:52 GTerok enters this room
19:35:58 [Kyra`] I’m not stupid! Q.Q
19:36:04 [Viktoria_Stein] Yes. There goes your hand, indeed.
19:36:09 [Hitoshi] Not you, Kyra.
19:36:10 [GTerok] Yo who's a mod in this room?
19:36:15 [Renfield] 'Lo Kyra.
19:36:17 Viktoria_Stein raises a hand.
19:36:20 Hitoshi pets with his other attached hand.
19:36:32 [Kyra‘] Nope Q.Q
19:36:33 [Viktoria_Stein] Hitoshi’s hand.
19:36:38 [Kyra‘] -Sulks in the corner-
19:36:41 [GTerok] WHERE IS THE MOD?
19:36:52 Nishiki enters this room
19:36:56 Chaia wraps Kyra up in a flying dive tackle from the aether.
19:36:59 [Renfield] …?
19:37:00 Lota enters this room
19:37:01 [Nishiki] I’m the mod.
19:37:08 [Chaia] I'm a mod.
19:37:19 [Renfield] I'm Sparticus.
19:37:20 [Hitoshi] I'm a mod.
19:37:24 [Renfield] …Woops.
19:37:30 Viktoria_Stein is a mod.
19:37:53 [GTerok] *Puts cookie in Viktoria's mouth* White woman eat ^_^
19:38:12 User GTerok has successfully been kicked away.
19:38:23 GTerok enters this room
19:38:35 [GTerok] lol
19:38:42 User GTerok has successfully been banished.
19:38:42 GTerok exits from this room
19:39:04 Renfield expected that'd happen.
19:39:10 [Hitoshi] If he comes back, just //ignore him
19:39:19 Viktoria_Stein is great at that.
19:39:29 Viktoria_Stein has selective attention.
19:39:40 Hitoshi puts away his banhammer on that note.
19:39:44 [Viktoria_Stein] Oh, dear… do you want your hand back?
19:39:53 [Kyra‘] -Sulks despite the hugging tackle-
19:40:00 [Hitoshi] Nah. You can have it.
19:40:06 [Viktoria_Stein] At least he gave me a cookie.
19:40:08 Renfield flicks the roof of his move.
19:40:12 [Renfield] Fucking burning pizza.
19:40:13 Chaia nuzzles and huggles and loves all over Kyra.
19:40:14 Renfield grumbles.
19:40:23 [Chaia] Whosamissusgrumpygills?
19:40:41 Lota is a mod?
19:40:45 Lota hopped on that bandwagon
19:41:03 GErke enters this room
19:41:04 Nishiki would pet Kyra, but Chaia as it all kinda of covered.
19:41:33 [GErke] *Stuffs another cookie in white womans mouth*
19:41:35 Lota still has a help wanted ad in Shibusen
19:41:45 User GErke has successfully been banished.
19:42:09 Viktoria_Stein blows on her ban hammer.
19:42:16 [Renfield] <_<
19:42:20 [GErke] *Slaps white woman* Nope
19:42:38 [Hitoshi] Oh hey. The ban dodge.
19:43:04 [Hitoshi] There we go
19:43:28 User GErke has successfully been kicked away.
19:43:38 Viktoria_Stein shrugs.
19:43:47 Viktoria_Stein has ignore status on.
19:43:54 [GErke] White woman shrugging lol
19:43:55 Viktoria_Stein suggest everyone else do the same.
19:44:27 Hitoshi goes to find a replacement for the hand he once had.
19:44:34 [GErke] Hm
19:44:38 Viktoria_Stein gives him her other hand.
19:44:40 Renfield has seen/heard/partoke of worse!
19:44:41 GErke exits from this room
19:44:53 [Renfield] …though the partaking was for people whod eserved it, at least.
19:45:11 Renfield rubs chin in thought.
19:45:16 Viktoria_Stein does not tolerate disrespect and trolling.
19:45:42 Renfield noticed.
19:46:23 [Viktoria_Stein] ^ ^
19:46:24 [Hitoshi] Well I mean, if the trolling is all in good fun and the person getting trolled is trolling back I can tolerate it.
19:46:36 [Hitoshi] But if it’s just just anger someone I hate it.
19:46:45 [Hitoshi] just to*
19:46:52 [Renfield] Those were the cases.
19:47:10 [Renfield] …Or against pedophiles.
19:47:16 Viktoria_Stein does all in good fun. ^ ^
19:47:27 Viktoria_Stein doesn't do people irritating her.
19:47:38 [GErke] Hm
19:48:08 [GErke] Yeah Engrish
19:48:11 [GErke] that makes sense
19:48:27 [Nishiki] Brasil?
19:48:31 Renfield is still technically IC, if anyone wants somethin' to do/interract.
19:49:08 Viktoria_Stein doesn't even see a post. O.o
19:49:14 [Viktoria_Stein] But I have to go here soon.
19:49:17 Chaia posted too. d:
19:49:23 Renfield points up!
19:50:03 Viktoria_Stein stares at the clouds. :3
19:50:41 [Renfield] -_-
19:51:08 [Kyra‘] brb
19:51:17 [GErke] *Laughs and enjoys himself*
19:52:09 GErke exits from this room
19:52:12 [Viktoria_Stein] Sorry. :)
19:53:17 Renfield grunts.
19:54:43 Viktoria_Stein huggles Renfield.
19:55:32 Renfield pokes Vikr epedetly. "Wheres the on/off button/switch?!"
19:55:57 [Renfield] Vik*
19:56:28 Viktoria_Stein is turned on, turned off, turned on, turned off… turnedonturnedoffturnedonturnedoff…. Cue explosion.
19:56:28 Hitoshi casually moves over, and plucks Vik off of Renfield.
19:56:44 Hitoshi is also caught in the explosion, but shows no form of damage.
19:57:05 Renfield was hugged into the explosion x_x
19:57:10 Renfield is all black colored and chrispy!
19:57:10 Kamber enters this room
19:57:14 Kamber exits from this room
19:57:14 Kamber exits from this room
19:57:30 Viktoria_Stein stands there, covered in soot and her hair standing straight up, with black streaks laced through it. Bride of Frankenstien style.
19:57:48 [Renfield] >_>
19:58:01 [Helena_Law] Not to be confused with Franken Stein.
19:58:18 [Viktoria_Stein] That would be worthwhile incest.
19:58:25 Renfield stares.
19:58:33 [Lota] FrankeN Stein? WHATS HER FATHER!
19:58:36 [Lota] Huehuehuehuehue
19:58:56 Hitoshi makes no comment.
19:59:20 Renfield goes over there.
19:59:33 Viktoria_Stein giggles and burrows into Hitoshi’s shirt.
20:00:10 [Lota] Thats*
20:00:57 Viktoria_Stein is making a fortress in the meantime.
20:01:07 [Viktoria_Stein] Talent Show TOMORROW.
20:01:19 [Viktoria_Stein] Be there, or be square, bruh.
20:01:22 [Renfield] Talent show?
20:01:25 Lota Does sick magic
20:01:51 [Viktoria_Stein] Yeeeees.
20:02:09 Viktoria_Stein is actually having Lord Death… attend.
20:02:16 [Viktoria_Stein] Sort of.
20:02:24 [Viktoria_Stein] First major plot point.
20:02:30 Hitoshi 's shirt is busy being made into a fortress.
20:02:31 [Renfield] ._.
20:02:39 Renfield thinks.
20:02:43 [Renfield] …Nope, no talent.
20:03:03 [Viktoria_Stein] You're German.. make it a comedy act. xD
20:03:04 [Hitoshi] You can cut some things with your knife
20:03:11 [Renfield] That doesnt…
20:03:12 [Hitoshi] Renact Fruit Ninja
20:03:12 [Renfield] What?
20:03:15 [Renfield] -_-
20:03:42 [Viktoria_Stein] Ooooh! Fruit Ninja!
20:03:46 [Viktoria_Stein] Do it.
20:03:49 [Kyra‘] Can i pester lord death?
20:03:57 [Viktoria_Stein] Tomorrow? Maybe.
20:04:29 Kyra` Will totally pester lord death and make him show her affection! Cause Kitty wants affection -nods-
20:04:51 Viktoria_Stein marries Kyra off to Kid Death.
20:05:41 [Kyra`] -Hisses-
20:05:57 [Chaia] …
20:06:13 [Kyra`] You want Kid to die?
20:06:17 [Renfield] >_>
20:06:24 Kyra` Is the most unsymetrical person alive
20:06:34 Viktoria_Stein thinks Shinigami-Sama is the more attractive of the two, anyway.
20:06:48 [Kyra`] I wanna see under Lord Deaths mask >:L
20:06:53 Renfield snorts.
20:07:16 [Kyra`] Ren be jelly.
20:07:25 [Kyra`] ANYWAY
20:07:26 Lota is also fairly unsymmetrical
20:07:43 [Alexander`] He’s only Mask
20:07:44 [Renfield] Wait, what?!
20:07:45 Kyra‘ Huggles Chaia and Vik, then Pounces on Nishiki and curls up on him falling asleep.
20:08:00 Renfield isnt fricken Jealous!
20:08:05 [Renfield] Also, I’m not Jelly!
20:08:07 [Chaia] Nope.
20:08:10 [Kyra‘] ♥ Goodnight ^^
20:08:11 [Renfield] …Just inc ase you were actually calling me that.
20:08:20 [Renfield] GOODNIGHT.
20:08:21 Collin` enters this room
20:08:25 Nishiki pets his kitty.
20:08:33 [Nishiki] Nighty night Kyra!
20:09:20 Renfield waves
20:09:32 [Collin`] Hoy
20:11:50 [Viktoria_Stein] COLLIN.
20:12:00 Renfield nods.
20:12:04 [Viktoria_Stein] You’re gonna' come show off skill t'morrah, yeeeah?
20:12:07 [Collin‘] ME
20:12:34 [Collin`] When abouts? I have work until later
20:13:07 Viktoria_Stein has to leave at later. ;_;
20:13:31 [Viktoria_Stein] It might stretch a couple of days to make allowances for schedules.
20:14:02 [Collin`] That’s be swegginh
20:14:11 [Kyra‘] -has no more exp events that she knows of so i’m good-
20:14:33 Renfield just doesnt have a talen x_x
20:14:37 [Viktoria_Stein] I mean… if it stretched all week, I wouldn't care. So long as everyone gets an opportunity to join if they so please.
20:15:16 [Kyra‘] -Is doing acrobatic stuff-
20:15:20 [Collin`] Ren learn to play four chords on the Gutair/Piano.
20:15:26 [Collin`] Play every song ever
20:15:50 [Hitoshi] Play Freebird!
20:15:56 [Collin`] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOlDewpCfZQ
20:16:00 [Renfield] -_-
20:16:03 [Viktoria_Stein] ….
20:16:15 [Viktoria_Stein] WHAT HITOSHI SAID. JUST DO IT.
20:16:27 Lota puts a help wanted sign over her help wanted sign
20:16:33 Collin` will be preforming "Wonderwall" on the Ukelele
20:16:54 [Chaia] obvs Ren should be our front for a cover of something rammstein
20:17:15 Renfield stares.
20:17:50 [Renfield] Just…
20:18:00 [Renfield] …
20:18:05 Renfield pats Chai (Late).
20:18:09 Viktoria_Stein sees what you did there.
20:18:12 [Lota] Are non-students allowed to apply?
20:18:54 [Viktoria_Stein] … Maybe? Possibly? With the murders going on, the "application" would be strenuous.
20:19:56 [Chaia] …
20:22:19 [Lota] Murders? I don’t know nothin bout no murders
20:22:24 Viktoria_Stein is having RL pants probs.
20:22:52 Hitoshi blinks.
20:22:55 [Viktoria_Stein] Annnnnnnnnnnnd, I dunno. I suppose you could apply.
20:23:11 [Renfield] …That video was fucking brilliant, Collin.
20:23:24 [Collin‘] Damn straight it was
20:24:11 [Renfield] LATTE*, BTW, becaus eI cant spell or know words worth a shit X_X
20:24:38 Renfield falls.
20:25:06 Renfield thinks he’ll do some swiss Army knife stuff with the sharpest blade.
20:27:01 Viktoria_Stein is in little kid sized pants…. It was a laundry day, so I put on a size six, oi…
20:27:19 Viktoria_Stein is wearing a belt and still failing.
20:27:43 Viktoria_Stein breaks the universe.
20:27:50 Lota just wants to mind control all the students!
20:28:07 [Viktoria_Stein] Actually… Lota…
20:28:12 [Chaia] dat Sarina alt doe.
20:28:32 Renfield head tilts.
20:28:42 [Viktoria_Stein] Remind me to discuss an idea with you tomorrow.
20:30:02 [Lota] ….Can we discuss it now? Tomorrow Imma be wiped, might not even be here
20:31:06 [Alexander‘] lol
20:31:28 Viktoria_Stein trips up the stairs.
20:32:30 [Hitoshi] My meister, ladies and gentleman. She can trip going up the stairs.
20:32:37 [Hitoshi] That’s her talent.
20:32:45 Chaia applauds.
20:32:51 Viktoria_Stein bows, and then slips and tumbles down them.
20:33:00 Chaia gives her an encore.
20:33:04 Collin‘ gives a standing ovation
20:33:14 [Renfield] >_>
20:33:19 Hitoshi gives a standing ovation.
20:33:21 [Renfield] Boooooo, not enough flipping!
20:33:24 Renfield thumbs down!
20:33:28 [Hitoshi] Collin beat me to it. Dammit.
20:33:48 [Chaia] Simfield.
20:34:19 [Chaia] also… yeah… standing ovations make more sense. *coughs* >
20:35:49 [Renfield] Right!
20:37:16 Alexander` drinks his tea
20:37:32 Viktoria_Stein whispers important information to Alex.
20:38:38 Renfield doodles about.
20:38:44 [Chaia] ^
20:39:13 [Renfield] ?
20:39:17 Collin` whispers sweet nothings to himself
20:39:45 Viktoria_Stein feels he should be more committed to himself.
20:40:22 [Renfield] o_o
20:40:23 [Hitoshi] Did you guys hear? Collin is cheating on himself with…..himself!
20:40:52 [Renfield] OMG.
20:40:58 Renfield texts everyone about it!
20:41:15 [Collin`] Not like I have anyone else to cheat with.
20:41:28 [Hitoshi] ….god dammit Renfield.
20:41:39 [Hitoshi] The moment I read that, my phone went off and I was like: "No fuckin’ way"
20:41:54 [Renfield] :D
20:41:59 Renfield lol'd.
20:45:00 [Renfield] Timing!
20:45:15 Viktoria_Stein blows up phones.
20:45:30 [Renfield] D:
20:45:39 [Alexander‘] important to things?
20:45:54 Hitoshi is not sure if she meant blowing up phones via text messages or actually blowing them up.
20:46:13 [Collin`] She is a Stein
20:46:36 [Renfield] Both, possibly.
20:47:21 [Viktoria_Stein] Successively. Selectively. Subtlely… Secretly.
20:47:49 [Renfield] >_>
20:48:31 [Viktoria_Stein] And by subtle… your pillow is going to catch fire.
20:49:15 Hitoshi opens his mouth to comment, and just…shakes his head instead.
20:50:03 Renfield is not surprised.
20:50:24 Viktoria_Stein doesn’t mean to surprise. It's not in the memo.
20:50:54 [Hitoshi] And noone ate dinner that night…
20:51:01 Renfield snorts.
20:51:22 Lota doesn't have Naota to Rp with her. Anyone wanna RP?
20:51:36 Cecedi enters this room
20:51:43 [Viktoria_Stein] o/
20:51:58 [Cecedi] Greetings~
20:52:44 [Renfield] 'Lo.
20:53:02 Hitoshi waves to Cecedi…and is vaugely reminded of Shaco.
20:53:21 Viktoria_Stein automatically thought of Harley Quinn due to the hat.
20:54:45 Lota is reminded of the Clown.
20:57:04 Cecedi wanders a bit too close to Hitoshi in that awkward dramatic walk of 'his' "How are you this fine day, lads and lasses~?"
20:57:25 Lota asks again if anyone wants to RP.
20:57:43 Hitoshi would RP Lota, but he's probably about to go hit the showers.
20:57:55 Hitoshi isn't at all bothered by the wandering clown.
21:02:36 Renfield exits from this room
21:08:31 Viktoria_Stein burrows deeper into the Hitoshi shirt fort and passes out. G'night, everyone!
21:08:37 [Viktoria_Stein] ♥
21:09:29 Hitoshi had given up on retrieving his shirt from Vik.
21:09:46 [Cecedi] welcome back
21:09:57 [Viktoria_Stein] Wait… takes snapshots of him shirtless and THEN passes out. Teehee!
21:10:10 [Viktoria_Stein] ♥
21:10:14 Hitoshi poses!
21:10:24 [Viktoria_Stein] SRSLY.
21:10:29 Viktoria_Stein dies.
21:10:32 Viktoria_Stein exits from this room
21:10:40 Helena_Law exits from this room
21:15:46 Lota watches Joan curiously
21:17:20 Leuce enters this room
21:17:25 Leuce exits from this room
21:17:30 Joan looks at Lota
21:18:10 Lota thinks Joan looks like a villain-in-waiting
21:18:37 Niiro enters this room
21:19:23 Joan just can't hold all these human souls.
21:19:43 Lota would like to recruit her.
21:19:43 Cecedi loves pie.
21:19:56 Niiro is gon' have to tussle with these here villans.
21:20:13 Niiro …takes that back, because he has no meister. >L
21:21:26 [Joan] Recruit me into what?
21:21:42 [Alexander‘] nothing interesting
21:21:45 [Cecedi] The lollypop guild~?
21:21:51 [Lota] My forces
21:22:08 [Alexander`] As I said
21:26:37 Teon enters this room
21:28:08 Cecedi exits from this room
21:28:16 [Joan] Your forces of?
21:29:02 [Hitoshi] o/ Teon
21:29:14 Lota is making an army against Shinigami
21:29:38 [Joan] You’re making an army against a titan who has an army.
21:30:06 [Teon] And monsters in his basement.
21:30:17 [Lota] You presume I'm not a Titan in my own right.
21:30:35 [Alexander‘] She presumes right
21:30:45 [Niiro] TITANS ARE MY TRIGER!!!
21:30:49 [Joan] You’re a witch with a flower shop.
21:31:01 Lota could be near Mabaa in power
21:31:14 [Joan] Doubtful
21:31:34 [Lota] And Medusa was Shibusen's nurse. Tabusa and Taruho were in a karaoke bar in Shibusen
21:31:42 [Teon] Power isn't everything.
21:32:00 [Lota] Shaula also lived right under Shinigami's nose
21:32:40 [Joan] And how's Medusa doing right now?
21:32:55 [Lota] Fairly well. her plans came to fruition nicely
21:33:01 [Joan] And failed.
21:33:15 [Joan] A blooming flower will still die without water.
21:33:29 [Lota] She didn't fail, actually. Everything she set out to do she accomplished
21:33:38 [Joan] And failed.
21:34:13 [Lota] …..No, not at all, actually
21:34:25 [Lota] Perhaps Asura and Crona failed, but she succeeded.
21:34:43 [Joan] So your plan is to die and let someone else do your work?
21:34:48 [Joan] And then fail.
21:34:58 [Lota] No, my plan is to live and let others do my work
21:35:20 [Joan] Just like Medusa did?
21:35:26 [Chaia] I come back and it's just Sarina and Joan goin' at it.
21:35:31 [Chaia] Yeeeeup. Back to League.
21:35:44 [Joan] nooo
21:35:46 Joan sips Chaia tea.
21:36:15 [Teon] All we need is mud.
21:36:18 [Alexander‘] don’t leave me Mags!
21:36:26 Chaia clings to Starly.
21:37:08 Alexander‘ sips tea
21:38:50 Lota sips her tea as well. Makes a fine tea with all her plans flourishing in the desert, just like she will.
21:39:51 [Alexander`] Boooooring
21:40:16 [Chaia] ^
21:42:21 [Lota] Well we’ll see what you all say after the Talent Show.
21:42:24 Teon shakes head.
21:43:06 [Alexander‘] about the same
21:43:32 Chaia will probably say the same thing. >>
21:43:42 [Teon] Incompetent foes always feel the need to talk.
21:44:03 Lota has nothing better to do since no one in this room RPs
21:44:13 Joan teaches Teon how to tango.
21:44:29 [Joan] You’re quite pretty for a boy!
21:44:53 [Alexander‘] yeah
21:45:04 [Alexander`] there has never been rp in this room ever
21:45:08 [Teon] Um… thank you?
21:45:10 [Alexander`] you’re right
21:45:10 [Chaia] everrrrr.
21:45:30 [Lota] Prove me wrong. lets RP
21:45:50 [Alexander‘] I’ll pass on playing with you
21:46:03 [Lota] Or do you have your foot too far in your mouth?
21:46:05 Chaia has better things to do than watch someone stroke their own ego. srynoty.
21:46:09 [Lota] Yeah, thought so.
21:46:20 [Chaia] me too. hence… no RP.
21:46:34 [Alexander‘] I’d gladly to with anyone else
21:46:52 [Teon] It's why I'm not rping and I'm diverting most of my attention to The Avengers.
21:47:12 [Teon] OOCly egos are a turn-off.
21:47:32 Chaia wouldn't mind if it was only OOC.
21:47:35 Chaia knows it isn't.
21:47:49 [Lota] Right, because you've RP'd with me
21:48:03 [Teon] And, out of politeness, I would oblige Lota's request, but I don't see a purpose for my character being in a flower shop.
21:48:25 [Chaia] I don't have to. Almost everything you ever type about is about what your character can do IC'ly. >
21:48:44 [Lota] SO what can I do ICly?
21:48:49 [Lota] Since you're so informed?
21:48:56 [Chaia] Rival Lord Death, apparently.
21:49:09 [Chaia] Oh wait, this is where youa argue that you're only 'hinting at it'
21:49:11 [Lota] Said I could be. Never said I was
21:49:22 [Alexander‘] hah
21:49:24 [Chaia] No thanks. /end
21:49:45 [Teon] Wow, that prediction was creepy.
21:49:51 [Alexander`] hahahahahaa
21:49:58 [Lota] -shrugs-
21:50:00 [Niiro] Not gonna lie. That’s pretty creepy.
21:50:19 Chaia has been on tK for awhile.
21:50:34 [Alexander‘] Mags just knows the type
21:50:46 [Teon] I have too, but that…
21:51:05 [Niiro] Chaia is obviouslly some kind of seer.
21:51:19 Chaia drinks Chai Tea all the time, duh.
21:51:20 Lota has also been on TK a while.
21:51:31 [Teon] In my opinion, when a person hints at something, they usually are what they hint.
21:51:54 [Teon] There is no maybe.
21:52:22 Lota is a witch, and is as powerful as a witch would be. I.E., powerful enough for meisters and weapons not to tamper with until they’ve collected 99 souls
21:55:55 Lota is also the only person evern sorta like a villain in this RP thus far
21:56:11 [Alexander‘] after Ichabod
21:56:18 [Niiro] Ichabod.
21:56:40 [Lota] Huh. And here Viktoria was telling me I was the only one
21:58:07 [Teon] There were others that said they may be villains, but never acted on it.
21:58:09 [Lota] Is he one of the rogue Meisters/Weapons mentioned in the profile plot or is he an independant villain?
21:58:42 [Niiro] He’s rogue I believe.
21:59:19 [Lota] Ahh, then that would be why. I'm supposedly the first of that group
22:01:10 Teon chews on a sugar cookie
22:01:25 Lota offers a trade of tea for a cookie
22:05:02 Lota also learns Spatial magic because its like the only non-unique magic there is.
22:05:31 Teon doesn't take tea from strangers.
22:06:02 [Lota] Do you give cookies to strangers?
22:06:43 [Teon] No, cause they're mine.
22:06:55 Lota makes an elaborate plan to steal a cookie
22:08:35 Lota enacts the plan immediately by walking over to him and saying "Please may I have a cookie?"
22:12:11 Teon counters by scarfing them down.
22:12:40 Lota cries a little.
22:15:13 Teon is triumphant.
22:16:03 Lota was even gonna make him a flower crown.
22:16:09 Lota sulks back to her flower shop
22:17:53 Teon is allergic to most flowers.
22:18:19 Lota could've made a hypoallergenic crown
22:35:21 [Collin‘] That moment when you think everythings been dead but really you redlighted almost an hour ago
22:35:27 Teon pokes the room
22:36:00 Lota puts a vase of flowers iN Teon’s room so the pollen gets everywhere and his allergies get really bad.
22:37:26 Teon doesn't really use his room
22:38:09 Lota is foiled again.
22:47:47 Teon thinks of things for the talent show
22:49:45 Lota does as well
22:49:53 Joan does a handstand without her chesticles falling out.
22:51:11 Lota applauds
22:51:26 Collin‘ contemplates going Autonomous, and Joan’s breasts anti-gravity
22:51:27 Lota also accuses her of being a witch
22:51:36 [Collin‘] And breasts in general
22:51:59 Joan isn’t a witch.
22:52:21 Lota Tells her to prove it
22:53:18 Lota also asks her why she shows more of one breast than the other
22:53:32 Joan says the coat flew open.
22:54:24 Akuma enters this room
22:54:43 Lota asks her how her stits don't break free when the coat is open
22:54:44 Akuma exits from this room
22:54:50 Naota enters this room
22:54:54 [Naota] Hey.
22:55:08 [Collin‘] Hoy
22:55:24 [Naota] How is everyone tonight?
22:55:31 Joan exits from this room
22:55:35 Lota is alright. Could use some RP
22:55:38 Meiri enters this room
22:55:44 Meiri retreats to doing maidly things
22:55:48 Naota is you’re partner Lota.
22:55:50 [Collin‘] Thinking about breasts and Automation
22:56:36 Lota knows. Asks Naota if he’d RP.
22:57:18 Naota bows and smiles. "My please, Lota-sama. Will I be working at the shop as well, Ojou-sama?"
22:57:38 [Lota] Your accompaniment would be wonderful
22:58:57 HustinSax tilts hat in greeting.
23:00:06 Meiri curtsies.
23:00:14 Lota had made a trip out of the city to her greenhouse for a few reasons; primarily to let loose her soul protect and practice her spatial magic, but also to further grow her flowers. Only this morning had she come backa fter spending two days there, returning to the shop she'd left Naota to run in her absence, humming softly and pausing outside to touch up the display a bit before moving in, tome tucked under her left arm. "I'm back, my trusty partner. I trust everything went well in my absence?" She'd waste no time moving behind the counter into the back room, a break room for all intents and purposes, to shed her coat and set her book down before coming out to check and make sure all the flowers were in-stock and presented, glancing to Naota as she did, awaiting his response.
23:01:28 [Teon] Zdravstvuj.
23:03:37 Lota invited anyone else to join
23:10:34 [HustinSax] Spurs clinked as her heels hit the ground near the greenhouse, the tilt of her hat giving a little shade to the sunlight refracting and spilling into the place as Hustin would say to a passerby, "Pardon me ma'am, don't suppose ya know this fellow?" she held up the wanted poster of Ichabod, tapping her badge labelled ~SCYTHE MARSHAL~ for credentials. The passerby would shake her head, before departing as the cowgirl -clink clink- to the scene as the metal rattled on her person from the spurs, the sway, and the six shooters. Figuring the headless man might have an ailment or similar that required potions, maybe, there was a lead to be had for her bounty of Ichabod as she patiently waited at the counter for the owner or clerk to come back, tilting her hat down as she leaned against some surface. Once either Lota or Naota appeared, the brim would be tilted up with a finger from below, and then a, "Howdy ma'am…." and similar line of questioning/introduction as before.
23:10:44 Meiri flattens her skirt
23:11:01 Naota looked at her and smiled as usual. "Flowers are watered, herbs are trimmed and everything else on this list is finished as always." Naota was always left on duty when the "Boss" was out and about. A butler that followed to his code, lean, tall and sometimes confused with a woman. Quite, silent, loyal and smart are other miscellaneous qualities of said weapon. Mostly speaking in Japanese and English rarely when he is bothered. Hues looked over to his Ojou-sama in curiosity. "How was you're mission, Malady?"
23:11:04 [HustinSax] (or sir^ for Naota)
23:11:19 Renfield enters this room
23:11:47 [Collin‘] Hoy Ren
23:12:17 [Renfield] Hello hello hello!
23:12:53 Meiri curtsies to Renfield
23:14:39 [Alexander`] aye Ren~
23:15:36 [Lota] Smiles softly, though it turns into a short pout when he calls her Malady. "Please, just Lota or Lotus. Garnish it with formalities if you want. Calling me Malady makes me sound like I’m toxic." When she found everything in order she'd pace over to the counter, then glance over her shoulder as Hustin walked into the streetside shop in Death City. She'd give her a once-over and then smile and spin to face her. "Welcome~ to the Desert Rose. How can I help you miss?" She's fold her hands over her lap and glance to Naota, giving him a gaze to expect more questions once they were alone again.
23:15:39 Renfield bows.
23:15:43 [Renfield] How'd it hangin'?
23:15:58 [Renfield] how's*
23:17:10 Teon spins in place just to do it.
23:19:08 [HustinSax] "Might warm welcome, just like the desert namesake ma'am, same fer you being as pretty as a rose," would raise her hat brim up as she flashed the badge with the other hand, "Scythe Marshal Scythe here… don't suppose anyone's been coming down for some odd potions recently? Or maybe dressed like this man," she held up the sketch of Ichabod with the poster labelled ~WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE~. Once done, she'd give a half sided smile to Lota, once side toothy, and the other side tight lipped, "If'n ya don't mind giving me a little oasis of information that it ma'am," as her hat was taken off, and placed in front of her sternum with the free hand in a slight lean/bow motion.
23:19:17 [Collin‘] ’Oy Ren, I've been contemplating Automation. What're your thoughts?
23:19:22 [HustinSax] whoops
23:19:30 [Collin‘] Actually anyone want to weigh in
23:19:40 [HustinSax] Scythe Marshal Sax
23:19:59 [Renfield] Automatation?
23:20:04 [Renfield] Wats dat? o_o
23:20:10 Lota pulls Alex aside and asks him what a Scythe Marshall is.
23:20:39 [Collin`] Automation, like Justin from the show. No Meister needed
23:20:58 [HustinSax] Yeah, its what i picked, seems like we had enough normal pairings
23:21:24 [Renfield] OH, like…you can choose a weapon but wont/dont?
23:21:33 [Collin`] I’m thinking of switching to it, havent been having any luck partnering up
23:22:06 [Renfield] Hm.
23:22:08 [Renfield] Do it.
23:22:16 [Renfield] Someone comes along, bonk, start shit, see were it goes.
23:22:23 [HustinSax] and Lota, its something I made up. So disbelief or believe as you will, nothing official from the mods
23:22:31 Renfield is thinking of doing that himself since…Setna has not been on/is bust.
23:23:30 [HustinSax] figure someone assigns hunting down Ichabod tho, so Hustin Sax is on it
23:23:55 Teon thinks there are a lot of gauntlet/punching type weapons.
23:24:08 [HustinSax] they wanna FIST everyone
23:24:27 [HustinSax] maybe themselves, maybe to others… but that desire remains for the all powerful gauntlet types
23:24:52 Meiri sweeps.
23:24:55 [Collin‘] Yeah I became number 3 of the punching ones when I joined. Took too long drafting
23:25:31 HustinSax has Meiri make a knuckle sandwich out of Collin
23:25:36 Renfield is givin’ Set 'till this Friday, then, dunno.
23:25:39 Lota makes Meiri a flower crown'
23:26:32 [HustinSax] (has to look at her profile to make sure she didn't choose gauntlets, i made this hastily)
23:27:09 Teon is good with pole weaponry and swords.
23:28:16 [Alexander‘] Scythe Marshall. no idea. lol
23:28:58 [HustinSax] just theming it to the Cowgirl theme… she’s autonomous, so yanno, least that death scythe level i figure
23:29:58 [Lota] I don't think anyone's allowed to be Death Scythe level yet except like… the two people that -are- Death Scythes
23:30:31 [HustinSax] my lore is only from the anime, thought the autonomous were powerful
23:30:42 Renfield has a Swiss Army Knife.
23:30:49 [Renfield] Peeps be scared, yo!
23:31:10 [HustinSax] especially of that corkscrew attachment.. gets under your nails
23:31:11 [Lota] Wasn't Justin and Giriko like… the only two Autonomous weapons
23:31:18 [Lota] And Justin was -actually- a Death Scythe'
23:31:24 Renfield roars.
23:31:26 [Renfield] Meow!
23:31:42 [Collin‘] In the anime Justin is a death scythe and autonomous but they also said he was autonomous from the very start not upon becoming a death scythe
23:31:53 [Collin`] They explained it more in the Manga
23:32:00 Teon has this http://www.amazon.com/Wenger-16999-Swiss-Knife-Giant/dp/B001DZTJRQ/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8
23:32:24 [Renfield] Fuuuuuuuuuu-
23:32:31 Renfield is one-upped ;_;
23:32:34 [HustinSax] interesting… not to argue too much lore, but the direction was, be powerful, be solo, be helpful to death city as a marshal/bounty hunter type
23:32:41 [Lota] Yeah but he wasn’t inherently powerful from being an autonomous weapon then
23:32:42 [Collin‘] #Pleb
23:33:23 Teon could use a pole weapon for his lightning-esque theme.
23:33:36 [HustinSax] so, themed it after Justin, cuz he seemed similar, just working for the good guys
23:34:10 [Collin`] Justin just happened to be powerful and unweildable being a guillotine and all
23:34:35 Renfield points to Meiri, who is a halberd, a sort of pole weapon.
23:34:35 Lota ponders trying her mind altering formula on Sax.
23:34:44 [Collin`] Also it’s good we're based off of the Anime not Manga. Justin is kinda a dick in the Manga
23:35:03 HustinSax could dance on a pole for Teon, but that's the extent of her pole working.
23:35:09 [Lota] DID SOMEONE SAY HALBERD!? http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/souleater/images/c/c3/Tsugumi%27s_Weapon_form_-1.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width/1000?cb=20140410223950
23:35:37 Renfield yowzas at Hustin.
23:36:07 HustinSax winks
23:36:08 Meiri is indeed a halberd!
23:36:48 Teon bows to Meiri.
23:37:05 [Renfield] e_e
23:38:26 HustinSax shoots Naota between the legs…. the ground that is.
23:38:53 Meiri curtsies to Teon.
23:39:22 Lota puts a flower crown on Meiri's head
23:39:36 Hitoshi blinks.
23:39:39 Meiri politely declines, has learned her lesson.
23:39:57 [HustinSax] hehe, the store front is a nice touch for Lota
23:40:14 [Renfield] o_o
23:40:26 Lota tells her this one is for free.
23:40:46 Teon pokes Meiri's sides from boredom
23:41:00 Meiri eeps and giggles!
23:41:56 Teon cheers; celebrates with chocolate milk
23:42:00 [HustinSax] "Think yer clerk up and headed fer the hills there ma'am," would indicate with her hat to the room list.
23:43:29 [Lota] He always does this…
23:44:14 [Renfield] >_>
23:44:37 [HustinSax] Sorry if'n I scared him off
23:45:08 Teon lies across Meiri
23:45:17 [Collin‘] You know what show has a really good soundtrack?
23:45:32 [HustinSax] RWBY?
23:45:35 [Collin`] Generator Rex.
23:45:41 [Collin`] And RWBY yes
23:45:50 [Collin`] Too bad about Monty
23:46:01 [HustinSax] Guilty pleasure… not a great soundtrack, but love Monster High recently
23:46:17 [HustinSax] yeah… crazy, at 33 he died ^ reference profile
23:46:22 Lota giggled and blushed lightly at the compliment. "Well thank you very much, you’re sweet." Moving her hands behind her back she'd pace closer to inspect the badge, then tilts her head. Scythe Marhsall? She'd never heard of it… And she certainly wasn't Shibusen CIA or anything like that. "Potions? Sorry hun, I only sell flowers, nothing else." She'd study the picture next, then gasp. "Oh is that the boy I heard made such a ruckus up at Shibusen the other day? I was here when it all happened but I heard commotion and such. Though I went out of town shortly after, to attend my greenhouse. So if he had come by since, I wouldn't have seen him." She shrugged a little, stepping back a pace with nothing else to inspect. "Sorry I can't be much more help."
23:46:28 [HustinSax] bless his awesome artist soul
23:49:34 Meiri pets Teon, sitting on the floor.
23:49:45 [HustinSax] "No worries ma'am," would place her hat back on as she adjusted the brim to keep eye contact, after all, it was kindly to make sure you could see what people were doing. "Maybe my information was a bit off, seein' as yer such a bright personality amongst the dull garden of posies in this 'ere field… Just, heard some rumors this was the place to go in case you were about to carve yer own tombstone fer any ailment." She would keep a steady gaze on Lota, the dull glint of her badge on her chest as she said this, casually…. complimenting and questioning statement at the same time for any tells.
23:54:07 Teon naps, purring like a kitten.
23:54:56 Lota blinks at her, then chuckles softly. "I have no idea what you mean…. I mean, I have all variety of herbs and flowers, I suppose people could take that and do what they will with it, but all I've ever maid with them is crowns, boquets and tea." She trailed a hand to brush her bang back over her temple behind her ear. "You might want to ask around more, maybe you can find whomever is utilizing my ingredients to make potions or whatever it is you're looking for. At least I'm presuming its not a nice cup of tea." She'd move behind the counter now that Naota had excused himself.
23:59:44 [HustinSax] "Course ma'am.. maybe they were referring to puttin' daises or other lovely bouquets on them dirt piles," she'd give a wry grin, before tilting the hat brim down respectfully. "Still, fer a florist, must say yer knowledge of the school life is quite high.. many of them pass through here I'm thinking?" she would pause for the answer, and then continue on her own way after the answer, giving a backward wave, as she threw one of her cards that landed in the perfect slide in front of Lota as she did this. "If'n the situation changes… call me maybe?" the upraised hand would finish the wave after her little trick shot, as the spurs clinked and she headed for the sunset. After all, even if her hunch told her something was off with a florist so well informed, didn't mean there was anything else she could press for information without an official Death Lord warrant.
00:00:55 [HustinSax] (sorry for the cutting, just don't see Hustin hanging around a greenhouse all day working her bounty, not that Lota isn't pleasant =) )
00:01:40 [HustinSax] (that said, a scene change is fine if we wanna continue rp in another locale)
00:03:48 [Lota] Understandable, I'm eating
00:04:35 [HustinSax] nod nods, feel free to make an exit post. Not sure who's all about, but gonna do a combat scene if nothing else pops up.
00:05:46 Renfield exits from this room
00:06:12 Collin‘ exits from this room
00:07:23 Lota "I do see some students from time to time, after all I accept help from the School, and my dear Naota is a student there. But most of it is just hearsay. You live in Death City, Shibusen is the gossip. Just ask the ladies at the park." She continues to hold the smile, watching her go and then sighing softly, moving to the back room to grab her magic tome and open it on the counter, reading at it innocently enough, studying the magic within for her next practice session.
00:07:47 [HustinSax] thanks for the rp Lota
00:08:31 [HustinSax] think I’ll just leave it at that too… no one's about at this high noon time
00:08:38 Noir enters this room
00:10:05 [Teon] It's 3:09AM here
00:10:23 [
Noir] where is the one they call niiro
00:20:29 Meiri compliments Noir's picture!!
00:21:22 [Meiri] I'm so jealous of that edit it's fantastic ;^;
00:21:51 Niiro enters this room
00:22:00 Niiro uppercuts his internet.
00:22:35 Niiro then proceeds to question why he's even here at 2:30 AM.
00:26:16 Noir enters this room
00:26:34 [
00:26:38 [Noir] MOMMY IS HOME
00:26:53 [
Noir] Oh thank you Meiri, by the way. <3
00:27:31 Niiro deadpan stares
00:27:37 [Niiro] ….
00:27:54 [Niiro] Oh…OH. OH IT'S YOU. HI.
00:28:02 [Noir] OH
00:28:04 [
Noir] OH IT'S ME
00:28:42 [Niiro] We're in a lame steam group?
00:28:54 [
Noir] Yeah some congo line group
00:29:36 [Niiro] Oh that group with Ichabod. Forgot that existed.
00:30:03 [Noir] Where is the horse man at? He still has Noir's arm >:c
00:30:17 [Niiro] Oh he's asleep, and also evil.
00:30:45 [
Noir] Can I come back into the rp and follow him around, squacking?
00:30:53 [Noir] it'll be awesome
00:31:09 [Niiro] Don't ask me, I'm not the mod.
00:31:17 [
Noir] You aren't mod?
00:31:42 [Niiro] NOOOOOPE!
00:35:52 [Meiri] nop
00:37:33 [Niiro] just chuck testa
00:39:22 [Teon] O_O
00:58:10 [Noir] woops.
00:58:14 —Noir exits from this room
00:58:15 [Meiri] wopz
00:58:17 —Noir enters this room
00:59:01 [Niiro] Oops I did it again.
00:59:24 [
Noir] *queue Britney*
00:59:32 [Noir] QUE*
00:59:37 [
Noir] Been on tumblr too long
01:00:23 Slowpoke enters this room
01:04:07 Meiri dances.
01:04:52 Lota also dances
01:05:08 [Lota] http://i.imgur.com/jAInXG2.gif
01:08:33 Niiro flops off to bed. 'Night everyone.
01:08:40 Niiro exits from this room
01:14:36 gredavin enters this room
01:15:00 gredavin exits from this room
05:19:09 Vilksen enters this room
05:19:41 [Vilksen] o/
06:12:09 [Vilksen] …
06:16:44 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] you there?
07:03:52 Vilksen yawns.
07:11:40 Hitoshi tumbles in
07:41:38 [Vilksen] Hey toto.
07:54:06 Laughing Man enters this room
07:55:03 [Vilksen] o/
07:55:24 Vilksen exits from this room
07:55:34 Vilksen enters this room
07:59:09 lurkr enters this room
07:59:12 Chaia enters this room
08:01:12 [Vilksen] Hey Chaia.
08:01:49 [Chaia] howdy.
08:08:17 [Vilksen] How are you?
08:08:50 [Chaia] gooooood
08:13:16 [Vilksen] What did I miss yesterday when I left?
08:54:36 Alexander‘ sneezes himself awake
08:57:14 Vilksen pats Alex. "Hey."
09:01:08 —Noir enters this room
09:01:32 Yahiko enters this room
09:02:04 [Vilksen] o/ you two. :)
09:02:19 Yahiko waves!
09:02:32 [Yahiko] good morning! how’s it going?
09:06:10 [Teon] Heyo.
09:09:32 Kyra‘ enters this room
09:15:07 Alexander` enters this room
09:20:29 Yahiko exits from this room
09:21:09 [Vilksen] Slow
09:22:22 [Vilksen] o/ kyra Alex
09:31:04 [Alexander`] yoooo~
09:31:45 Akiba enters this room
09:49:12 Teon rolls about
09:50:49 [Vilksen] Anyone up to Rp?
09:55:23 Red_Novia enters this room
09:55:43 Red_Novia exits from this room
09:55:54 [Vilksen] Hey Novia.
09:56:10 [Vilksen] :(
10:24:13 [Kyra`] Opening my game in windowed mode sucks q.q Computer is laggy, but i need to watch out for my Disciples
10:26:26 [Teon] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zODBSCi7rp4
10:28:47 Malum enters this room
10:32:47 [Chaia] lol, that video.
10:32:51 [Chaia] hi malum.
10:33:48 [Teon] Lost it at the cat lick and the short vid after
10:34:09 [Chaia] xD
10:38:57 [Alexander`] maaaags~
10:39:03 [Chaia] starlyyy
10:39:19 Vilksen enters this room
10:39:55 [Vilksen] o/
10:40:45 [Chaia] \o
10:42:17 Vilksen gives Chaia a cookie.
10:42:30 Chaia devours it.
10:43:00 Wormwood enters this room
10:43:27 [Chaia] o/ Wormwood
10:44:07 [Wormwood] oi
10:45:47 [Vilksen] Hey worm
10:46:07 [Wormwood] lo
10:46:39 [Vilksen] Anyone up to Rp?
10:47:35 [Chaia] About to get Chaia’s training in for the morning. :D
10:49:27 [Vilksen] Ok. Will assist.
11:14:43 The_Eye enters this room
11:18:05 [Vilksen] o/
11:22:41 [HustinSax] o/
11:23:57 Joan enters this room
11:25:13 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] question are you a weapon or a Meister?
11:25:20 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] weapon
11:27:44 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] ok. I have an idea.
11:28:33 HustinSax tilts her hat brim to Joan.
11:28:42 Joan waves.
11:30:30 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] I'm creating a new character and im going to later use him and he is a weapon and has three transformations he can become a sniper a sword and a combat knife. And I was thinking you and my new character can be a weapon team.
11:30:44 [Vilksen] Hello Joan.
11:31:13 Red_Novia enters this room
11:32:18 [Joan] Hello Vilksen.
11:32:31 [Vilksen] Hey Novia.
11:32:45 [Red_Novia] Heyo
11:34:38 [Vilksen] Gives Novia a cookie.
11:36:35 Red_Novia adds it to her sub sandwich, as she is starving
11:38:09 Cecedi enters this room
11:39:27 [Teon] Ugh…my fingers are cold and achey
11:39:52 [Cecedi] Place them in warm water or sit on them~.

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