11:34:38 [Vilksen] Gives Novia a cookie.
11:36:35 Red_Novia adds it to her sub sandwich, as she is starving
11:38:09 Cecedi enters this room
11:39:27 [Teon] Ugh…my fingers are cold and achey
11:39:52 [Cecedi] Place them in warm water or sit on them~.
11:41:19 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] sounds awesome Viksen
11:41:20 [Joan] Place them someplace warm
11:41:36 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] basically her rp is a Scythe Marshal, so would be fun to have a deputy or similar team
11:41:39 [Red_Novia] The butt is the oven mitt of the body, fyi
11:42:07 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] ok
11:42:38 [HustinSax] Added the copy paste of the log in my profile, using an old wiki
11:42:55 [Joan] Yes it is.
11:42:59 [HustinSax] I'll try to do it daily
11:43:16 [Joan] I gotta say that time thing seems like it could be a bit op.
11:45:01 [Joan] Basically speeds you up by x10 and everyone else gets slowed down x10
11:45:23 [HustinSax] ah, just was referring the 6 shooter and matrix reference, didnt really think on the math
11:45:50 Teon thinks about what to post.
11:46:31 [HustinSax] in play, its all RP tho, doubt Sax will ever have to use it, and people can totes silver age rule and just tough it out or whatever they like
11:46:38 Cecedi sits in a corner and waits for Hitoshi.
11:46:49 [HustinSax] i.e. You'd technically never hit the Flash… but he does get hit in hero genres
11:47:57 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] by the way this is what the new person looks like. http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/305/5/f/avabel_online_character_art__gunslinger_artemis_by_lucifer_leviathan-d84ybi3.jpg
11:48:06 [Joan] Right
11:48:13 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] nice
11:48:23 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] draw it yourself? or a good find?
11:49:38 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] wish I could have drawn it. Found it in deviantart
11:50:01 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] nonetheless, good eye
11:50:24 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] whats the name? I like Drax Deadeye
11:50:30 Red_Novia exits from this room
11:50:58 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] referring to his one eye that sorta looks dead
11:51:18 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] and his keen shot sense
11:51:49 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] I like the last name but I was thinking for the first name Ryker.
11:53:48 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] Ryker Deadeye sounds cool too… tho, one syllable to 2 syllable, or vice versa is generally my naming sense, works well for some reason
11:54:00 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] Ryker the …. would also be cool
11:54:37 Red_Novia enters this room
11:55:00 HustinSax tilts hat to Red.
11:55:41 [Vilksen] Wb. :)
11:55:41 Akiba blinks.
11:55:41 [Red_Novia] herro
11:55:53 [HustinSax] RPing i took a bounty on yer alt Ichabod
11:56:03 [Vilksen] Three people at the same time. :)
11:56:06 [HustinSax] just so you know there's a Scythe Marshal on his tail
11:56:39 [Kyra‘] hmm
11:56:42 [HustinSax] good Transistor pic
11:56:46 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] Ryker the Shadow?
11:57:18 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] nah, sounds too rogue-y… that guy looks like a future cowboy more than an assassin type
11:57:24 [Red_Novia] Thanks! I thought shed make a good SE character pic. And okay! Ichabod will relish the impending roundhouse kicks
11:57:58 Akiba is gonna be after Ichabod, too. For reveeeenge.
11:58:20 [HustinSax] hmm, i think /whois ?? is a chibi version of ya
11:58:29 [Cecedi] Heh.
11:58:39 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] Ryker Bloodshot because his scar on his eye could have made his eye red.
11:58:48 [HustinSax whispers to Vilksen] thats a good one
11:58:57 [Red_Novia] Aww. Supergiant has amazing artists I must say
11:59:16 [Red_Novia] He should join Ichabod in the Zombie CLub
11:59:31 [Akiba] It
11:59:36 [Akiba] It’s a possibility. He's pretty bitter.
12:00:34 Vilksen will succeed in ending the murders no matter the cost.
12:02:52 Teon shakes his head and noms on a sugar cookie.
12:03:13 Akiba debates on what to do…Kind of wants to get on Dying Light.
12:06:13 Joan does handstands.
12:06:29 Red_Novia is about to take a forever nap after midnight shift and DMV fun
12:06:36 Cecedi claps for Joan!
12:06:45 [Red_Novia] Whoever wants to RP Ichabod, we can def. do it tommorow?
12:07:08 [HustinSax] sounds good, get to flex some Soulful Sax powers
12:07:23 [Vilksen] Sure.
12:08:49 [Red_Novia] Yeah, im just too pooped to party today. Ill catch yall tommorow though
12:09:53 Chaia enters this room
12:10:54 [Vilksen] Hey Chaia.
12:11:16 [Chaia] howdy!
12:12:22 Akiba is afk for some video games. Will be back.
12:12:31 Chaia clings to Akiba.
12:13:33 Vilksen had been asleep for most of the night but would occasionally wake up and get back to work. But today he had to teach class so he had to prepared. He looked around he bedroom seeing it's darkened color while Kina seemed to be still asleep but woke up when Vilksen stood. Vilksen grabbed his coat and Kina walked over and assisted. "I will set up the classroom you just go and check on the girl." Kina said as she fixed Vilksen's tie while Vilksen chuckled. "You sure you can get the classroom ready?" Vilksen asked as Kina nodded with a smile. "Alright I trust you." Vilksen said as they made their way out of the underground of DWMA. Kina went down a hall and toward the classroom while Vilksen made his way to Chaia. He had been having people watch over her while he was away and they would report to him of any activity of Ich or Chaia. He didn't want a student to be in danger and he was taking extreme measures to keep Chaia and her friend safe. He made his way over to where Chaia was training and leaned on the wall»
12:13:48 [Vilksen] Near Chaia and he smiled as he watched her train. He noticed that she was trying to train in transforming and fighting without a Meister. "You know even Kina has trouble with that. All she can transform is her hair into the metal string but it's still very difficult." Vilksen said with a light chuckle. Even Chaia would notice that Vilksen was looking much better than yesterday.
12:13:59 Niiro enters this room
12:14:11 [Chaia] o/ Niiro
12:14:17 Joan waves to Niiro
12:14:44 [Niiro] 'Sup?
12:14:54 [Vilksen] o/
12:15:09 [Niiro] o/
12:15:27 [HustinSax] does the death legion have a symbol?
12:15:45 [HustinSax] maybe Lord Death's face with the circle/slash red drawn over it like some no smoking sign?
12:17:00 [Chaia] noooo clue. ^ ^
12:17:31 [Red_Novia] Why not a mobius strip with a bloody sword through it? Break the cycle of death and whatnot
12:18:06 [Red_Novia] okay okay, im going to bed. seeya guys
12:18:09 Red_Novia exits from this room
12:18:22 [Joan] Death with a skull and crossbones.
12:18:48 [Joan] I hope Stein gets on so I can be approved for evil things
12:19:08 [Teon] >_>;
12:20:18 [Joan] IE: Not randomly blowing things up.
12:20:48 [Vilksen] Everything go boom!!!
12:20:58 Noir enters this room
12:21:14 [
Noir] where is the one they call ichabod
12:21:15 [Chaia] oh dear.
12:21:24 [Chaia] he actually just went to bed. d:
12:21:31 [Niiro] Just missed him.
12:21:31 [Noir] wtf it's 3pm
12:21:36 [
12:21:39 [Chaia] was exhausted. said he'd be on tomorrow.
12:22:16 [Noir] ;< i'll have to catch him then.
12:23:06 [Joan] ded
12:24:25 [Niiro] rip
12:24:42 [Niiro] So what's going on IC'wise?
12:24:43 Vilksen pats Noir and Joan.
12:26:33 [Chaia] he'll need your help tomorrow apparently, almondo. o:
12:26:40 Teon lies across Joan
12:27:18 Joan is lied across, and patted upon the head. Feels younger than she is.
12:27:53 Cecedi is still in the sad corner, waiting for Hitoshi ;-;
12:28:28 Teon pokes her stomach from boredom
12:28:44 [HustinSax] is the train area in or outside?
12:29:24 [Chaia] it's the dance studio, inside the academy itself./
12:30:48 [HustinSax] AH…. ah well, ponders
12:32:18 Chaia was panting by the time Vilksen approached. It was as good a point as any to finally take a break. Turning about she would face him with a smile that was broken only by her need to breath while her body calmed down. Her hands went to her the tops of her thighs and she bent, a shuffling step forward helping her walk it off. A small shake of her head came before replying, "I really don't know if any of this is helping. When I first came here I couldn't find a meister I
was set up with an instructor who was teaching me how to fight on my own." Running the back of her hand across her brow she straightened. Talking was helping, "After I found Akane I didn't think I'd need to work on this sort of stuff again but after that night— Well, I think it'd best I'm able to take care of myself in case a meister isn't around."
12:32:59 [Chaia] it's* not it'd. Blargh.
12:38:37 Vilksen chuckled as he heard what Chaia said and he walked over to her and placed his hand upon her head. "Doing what your trying to do isn't just for when your Meister isn't around it is also used to protect your Meister when they can't protect their selfs." Vilksen said before taking a step back. "I want to show you something." He said holding out his hand to Chaia. "Transform." He said as he smiled. As being a powerful Meister he can be able to change his soul wavelength to wield her.
12:38:43 [HustinSax] Teon, I could train you
12:38:51 [HustinSax] similar style and all
12:40:01 Viktoria_Stein enters this room
12:40:22 Chaia attaches to Viktoria's leg.
12:40:42 Cecedi attaches to Viktoria;s shoulders.
12:41:11 Viktoria_Stein becomes a mega-morph. Checaitordia.
12:41:13 Vilksen hugs Vik.
12:41:29 [Niiro] Vik. o/
12:41:56 [Viktoria_Stein] Niiro o/ Vilksen o/
12:42:10 Teon waves
12:42:32 [HustinSax] As part of her thing being a Scythe Marshal, she actually had to fill in some hours chaperoning the kids in the training area. Mostly to make sure people didn't get out of hand and similar as she put her hat down to cover her eyes, and basically settle for a nap, the creak of the leather holsters and the rattle of metal drowned out from the jingle of spurs, and further drowned out by all the training. Her leads had dried up in trying to find Ichabod, but the thoughts of capturing him floated through her mind space as she took note of Chaia, Vilksen, and similar. Considering her contract nature, maybe, Teon was assigned for some apprentice hours during training chaperon time?
12:42:33 Kyra‘ Clings to Vik in general
12:43:16 [Vilksen] Dog pile on Vik!!!!!!!
12:44:52 Viktoria_Stein observes that Teon reminds her of a Jolteon Gijinka.
12:45:14 [Joan] SPOT ON
12:45:19 [Teon] Cause it is one.
12:45:39 Teon is cute
12:46:10 Cecedi demands Teon only eat berries and cupcakes.
12:46:58 [Teon] But I’ll get fat.
12:47:29 [Cecedi] So? You can work it off.
12:47:57 Viktoria_Stein dubs Teon "Grease Lightning."
12:48:10 [Chaia] huehue
12:48:11 [Vilksen] XD
12:48:17 Viktoria_Stein drives right into the Dangah Zone doing this.
12:49:57 [Chaia] Uncertainty flashed across her expression. She was worn out but one more transformation wasn't impossible. It was what the implications were that gave her pause. Was he going to try and wield her? She hadn't synchronized with someone since the fight with Ichabod— and even trying to recall that experience made her queasy. Thus her reply was laden with hesitation, her eyes darted off to the side and towards the ground while her answer came slowly, "I'm not so sure. Working with someone else…" One arm came across her form to capture the other in a rub, her entire posture angling that shoulder towards Vilksen. Obviously she wasn't too fond of the idea, unspoken as it was between them.
12:50:21 [Vilksen] Although I do have a Gijinka account. The name is ~Shade
12:50:32 [Viktoria_Stein] Oh, Pokekingdom.
12:50:55 [Viktoria_Stein] I used to play in that… then it collapsed for a while. I was there when it was awesome. ^ ^
12:50:55 Teon is always in the zone.
12:51:06 [Joan] gujunku
12:52:58 Teon types
12:53:01 Akiba scratches his chin.
12:53:12 Chaia scratches Akiba's head.
12:53:51 Akiba blinks.
12:53:56 [Viktoria_Stein] My project! *Squeaks happily*
12:54:04 Akiba is getting his fatass on. Got an enormous bowl of Cheeseburger Mac here.
12:54:32 Chaia exchanges ear rubs for chzbrgrmc.
12:55:09 Akiba is not trading/selling his mac. That shit is gold.
12:55:20 Chaia shoulder rubs?
12:55:27 Chaia washes his back in the bath?
12:55:53 Cecedi secretly has sushimi.
12:55:55 Akiba needs his maaaaac
12:56:18 Niiro sliiiiides next to Akiba for some mac.
12:56:53 Vilksen thought of why she said and understood what she meant. "I wasn't trying to partner up with you. But simply show you my soul." Vilksen said as he chuckled and he made a circle over his stomach with his hands and soon even Chaia would be able to see it no matter that she might not have soul perception. "Haven't done this in a while." Vilksen said with a smirk. "Don't transform just focus on my wavelength." He said and if she complied then she would notice a slight brown tint to it.
12:56:54 [HustinSax] For some reason, I imagine the meister/weapon relationship can get quite lewd. Vilksen, "Just let me hold your big shaft!" Chaia, "Nooooo~"
12:57:07 [Vilksen] Short T_T
12:57:11 Akiba powers up. Hair turns gold. Uppercuts Niiro.
12:57:27 [Akiba] Heh, you should see when someone resonates with me, Hustin.
12:57:28 [Vilksen] Lol
12:57:43 Viktoria_Stein applauds. I give you…. 9000 +…
12:57:58 Akiba fist-pumps.
12:58:03 Niiro goes flying. Team Niiro blasting off agaaaaaain!
12:58:08 [Niiro] Ding.
12:58:12 [HustinSax] haha
12:58:44 Teon 's resonation isn't good.
12:58:46 [Akiba] I always wondered, in Pokemon, what kind of lightning attack was so powerful that it launched multiple people into the stratosphere.
12:58:47 Epzoea enters this room
12:58:56 [Akiba] Ever seen Aqaurion?
12:59:05 [Niiro] Apparently whatever Pikachu was doing.
12:59:13 Renfield enters this room
12:59:15 [Epzoea] Why white women in here?
12:59:17 [Viktoria_Stein] o/
12:59:26 Joan thumbs up.
12:59:27 [Akiba] And if Pikachu could use that on Team Rocket, why not just beat every opponent by putting them in space?
12:59:28 [Viktoria_Stein] ….
12:59:30 [Epzoea] I am looking for a white woman
12:59:40 [Kyra‘] I’m probably gonna be alittle laggy
12:59:42 [Epzoea] Viktoria
12:59:45 [Epzoea] Hello white woman
12:59:46 [Teon] …
12:59:53 [Epzoea] *Pets white woman*
12:59:55 [Akiba] Where the white women at?!
12:59:56 [Kyra‘] I got my game open in window mode so my Disciples get there Disciple buff.
13:00:04 [Niiro] Oh lol this guy again
13:00:04 [Renfield] ’Lo all.
13:00:05 [Kyra‘] …
13:00:16 [Epzoea] *Puts a cookie in Kyra’s mouth* White woman sssssh
13:00:20 [Viktoria_Stein] Ren!
13:00:30 [Renfield] Vik!
13:00:55 [Epzoea] Viktoria's anus must be HUGE
13:00:58 [Niiro] 'Sup Ren?
13:01:23 [Teon] What's with this guy targeting this rp? -shakes head-
13:01:25 [Cecedi] hm…
13:01:28 Renfield is discovering Youtube has a lag to likes, has an interview tomorrow anddd…aside from that?
13:01:30 [Renfield] Jack all, yo.
13:01:35 User Epzoea has successfully been kicked away.
13:01:46 [Cecedi] Ha…
13:01:52 [Epzoea] Who the fuck just did that?
13:01:53 [Niiro] Because he's 14. That's all.
13:01:59 Renfield also gets moneys tomorrow as well from previous work, even if most is going towards rent for the next two months.
13:02:03 [Niiro] Just /ignore him and you're good to go.
13:02:20 [Epzoea] Yo
13:02:23 [Epzoea] Viktoria
13:02:29 [Epzoea] Your white anus ass kicked me out?
13:02:29 [Viktoria_Stein] ^ ^
13:02:32 [Viktoria_Stein] Better.
13:02:51 [Renfield] LAstly: Berserk, lotsa Berserk.
13:03:11 [Niiro] So. Anyone seen Toto?
13:03:19 Viktoria_Stein looks left.
13:03:24 [Cecedi] Hmm.. Almost tempted to just take a few hours to create a proper more easy to play character..
13:03:24 Epzoea exits from this room
13:03:26 Viktoria_Stein looks right.
13:03:35 [Vilksen] In the morning but he was AFK
13:04:12 Epzoea enters this room
13:04:13 [Cecedi] Who here has skype and wants to help me :3
13:04:26 [Epzoea] I have skype
13:04:29 [Epzoea] Let me help you
13:04:50 Teon has skype, doesn't know if he'd be of much help.
13:04:52 Epzoea exits from this room
13:05:03 [Renfield] <_<
13:05:06 [Renfield] …Er…
13:06:01 Elios enters this room
13:06:07 [Joan] wikitiki
13:08:02 [Viktoria_Stein] o/ Elios.
13:08:22 [Elios] Viktoria o/
13:08:27 [Vilksen] o/
13:13:08 [HustinSax] sorry Teon, gonna duck out a little
13:13:33 [Teon] Ok then. =/
13:16:04 [HustinSax] feel free to post, should be back soon enough to respond
13:16:18 [HustinSax] just, will be a little slow in case you didnt wanna be rp locked
13:16:20 Renfield doodles about.
13:16:45 [Viktoria_Stein] Okay…. Talent Show should start a wee bit after six.
13:17:13 Viktoria_Stein has to cover a stupid shift. ;_;
13:18:31 Joan exits from this room
13:18:32 [Kyra‘] I can’t see the time right now q.q
13:18:35 Meiri enters this room
13:18:38 Meiri curtsies.
13:18:41 [Vilksen] Ok
13:18:58 [Viktoria_Stein] EST it's 4:20.
13:19:26 [Kyra‘] thank you
13:19:34 [Renfield] ’Lo Meiri.
13:19:52 [Niiro] 4:20 blaze it.
13:20:16 Renfield saw a comment like that coming!
13:21:16 Viktoria_Stein smokes her imaginary crack.
13:21:54 [Teon] Smoke weed everyday
13:21:57 [Kyra‘] Nu!
13:22:09 [Kyra`] -Bops vik- Bad Stein! >:L
13:22:24 [Kyra`] -takes away Viks experiment tools-
13:22:45 [Renfield] At least it was just imaginary!
13:23:24 Niiro laughs at the image of Vik having a Meth lap.
13:23:26 Viktoria_Stein doesn’t smoke weed. ;_; And I mean….. the only drugs I can afford are imaginary.
13:23:37 [Kyra‘] Nu drugs for you vik >:L
13:23:40 Viktoria_Stein has a lap covered in methamphetamines.
13:24:23 [Kyra`] Dun make me take Hitoshi away.
13:24:40 Lota enters this room
13:24:43 [Viktoria_Stein] ;_;
13:25:05 [Viktoria_Stein] TT_TT
13:25:45 Renfield snorts.
13:26:19 Viktoria_Stein has a permanent thundercloud placed above her head.
13:27:18 [Niiro] Moral of the story kids: Don’t talk doing drugs or a cat will take your bonesaw away.
13:27:23 [Kyra‘] Q.Q
13:27:51 [Renfield] Exactly!
13:27:53 Euxuse enters this room
13:28:06 [Euxuse] *Jumps on Viktoria’s back* WHITE WOMAN
13:29:03 [Euxuse] hm
13:29:33 [Viktoria_Stein] There are some twisted morals..
13:29:57 [Renfield] Right?
13:30:18 [Euxuse] Lol white woman funny
13:31:32 Euxuse exits from this room
13:31:38 Euxuse enters this room
13:31:39 [Viktoria_Stein] Ren, you got yo' talent ready?
13:31:49 [Euxuse] STFU WHITE WOMAN
13:32:14 [Renfield] Well I know what I'mma do, but I havent types up stuff, ya.
13:32:53 Niiro lides over to R. Gets all hush hush. Whatchu gon' do for your talent
13:32:59 [Niiro] glides*
13:33:08 Viktoria_Stein will work on the entry post when she gets back to kick it off. But y'all can prep and get stuff gearing for yourselves if you wanna'
13:33:25 [Renfield] Knife tricks with a very small knife/swiss army knife
13:33:54 Euxuse exits from this room
13:33:58 [Viktoria_Stein] Because swiss.
13:34:36 [Renfield] Shut up!
13:34:41 [Renfield] …>:/
13:34:57 [Kyra‘] I’m still doing acrobatics
13:35:22 Viktoria_Stein wraps an arm around Ren.
13:35:52 Renfield looks down at Vik.
13:35:54 [Renfield] …Yes?
13:35:58 [Viktoria_Stein] Shhh, it'll be okay.
13:36:17 Chaia is gonna beatbox while Niiro raps.
13:36:20 Lota asks anyone if they want to join Dumbledore's Army her flower shop. She pays well!
13:36:26 [Renfield] …Wut?
13:36:53 [Viktoria_Stein] Poo… okay guys, I have to jet. ♥
13:37:05 Kyra‘ Totally signs up for Dumbledore’s army the flower shop.
13:37:14 [Chaia] Be safe, Vik! ♥
13:37:21 [Kyra‘] bye bye vik
13:37:28 [Viktoria_Stein] Should be back a little after six… so long as the replacement shows up. I’ll kill them if they don't. BE READY FOR AWESOME.
13:37:28 [Renfield] LAter.
13:37:53 [Kyra‘] Dun worry
13:37:59 [Kyra`] I’ll take really good care of Hitoshi ^^
13:38:15 [Renfield] o_o
13:38:37 [Viktoria_Stein] Bye bye, Chaia, Kyra — ohgawdsomebodywarnhim.
13:38:44 Viktoria_Stein waves! o/
13:38:44 Niiro just noticed what Chaia said.
13:38:47 [Kyra‘] >:)
13:38:48 [Niiro] Clever girl.
13:39:00 [Chaia] Hehehe.
13:39:21 [Kyra`] -Glomps Niiro- OMG Jurassic park reference words! I LOVE YOU!
13:39:53 Kyra` Understands you may not of been intentionally referencing jurassic park but you did, so it counts.
13:40:06 Chaia attacks Niiro from the side.
13:40:26 [Chaia] Oh! Speaking of mute music, though, have you checked out the Sona chunes on the League page?
13:40:30 [Kyra`] -Glomps Chaia to cause raptors are fucking awesome-
13:40:34 [Renfield] Badger boy, sandwhiched by a weapon and a cat!
13:40:37 [Chaia] I haven’t looked at them. Was wondering if they were any good.
13:40:46 Niiro is attacked by cat and boob. Didn't stand a chance.
13:40:52 [Niiro] Oh they're pretty legit.
13:41:39 [Niiro] I find it cool that you can listen to them in game instead of the League music if you so choose.
13:41:48 [Niiro] Via the note icon.
13:42:34 [Chaia] WHAT
13:42:37 [Chaia] DIDN'T KNOW THAT.
13:43:29 Meiri is stuck in curtsy mode
13:44:01 [Renfield] …
13:44:08 Renfield half bows to Meiri.
13:44:21 [Cecedi] pie.
13:45:01 Lota quarter bows to Meiri
13:45:41 Kyra‘ Frees Meiri from Curtsy mode by glomping her
13:45:47 [Vilksen] Hey Meiri
13:46:17 Meiri is tackled!
13:48:13 Kyra` nuzzles and cuddles Meiri and her bosom!
13:48:20 [Meiri] !!!
13:48:23 Kyra` P brb gotta eat
13:48:29 [Kyra`] :P*
13:48:39 [Kyra`] Dun !!! me! I’m a kitty. I'm allowed to do that :)
13:50:50 Teon sips tea
13:51:06 Vilksen drinks tea with Teon.
13:51:45 Chaia gets in on that tea action.
13:52:03 [Chaia] …. while finishing off Akiba's cheeseburger mac.
13:52:43 Vilksen looks to Chaia. "Sugar?"
13:53:28 Elios perks up at the mention of tea.
13:53:49 Lota also has tea to offer.
13:54:35 Renfield exits from this room
13:54:39 Elios scoots closer to Lota.
13:54:47 [Vilksen] Tea ery wher.
13:55:02 Lota offers Elios tea.
13:57:37 Elios kindly accepts the tea. Offers Lota side dishes for their tea.
13:58:52 Cecedi exits from this room
13:59:36 Lota sips the tea herself, waiting for the mind-altering potions in the tea to take effect
14:00:20 Elios hopes it's a good one.
14:02:06 Alexander‘ pokes his head in
14:02:27 Silvan enters this room
14:02:43 Elios pokes Alex’s head with her fan.
14:03:57 Hitoshi enters this room
14:04:52 Hitoshi strides in
14:05:36 Silvan cooks marshmallows.
14:06:55 HustinSax jingles in.
14:06:57 Elios leans in and trips Hitoshi.
14:07:00 [Elios] Whoops~
14:07:22 Hitoshi is tripped, falls down and just chills there.
14:07:31 Chaia uses Hitoshi as a seat.
14:07:33 [Chaia] hi starly
14:07:52 Silvan sits on Hitoshi, shares smores with Chaia.
14:07:57 [Alexander‘] aaaaaaye
14:08:17 Chaia loves s’mores!
14:08:55 [Vilksen] S'mores!!!
14:10:41 [Lota] Did someone say smores!?
14:10:48 [Silvan] Indeed.
14:12:06 [Vilksen] S'mores and tea.
14:14:18 [Sangriel whispers to HustinSax] well done profile. and great picture
14:15:09 Sangriel enters this room
14:16:18 [HustinSax whispers to Sangriel] thanks
14:16:50 Teon slumps
14:18:31 [HustinSax whispers to Sangriel] yours looks cool too
14:18:55 [Kyra‘] :Steals Hitoshi away and takes very good care of him just like she promised
14:19:32 [Sangriel whispers to HustinSax] why thank you. I might end up adjustuing it soon and see if i can fit here.
14:20:49 [Vilksen] Oh my. :)
14:21:26 Teon ponders posting
14:27:07 Hitoshi is stolen? What’s this about?
14:28:25 Kyra‘ Does things to Hitoshi. Secret things, that will surprise vik later.
14:29:23 [Chaia] like paint his nails and put glitter on his handle.
14:32:12 Elios watches casually.
14:36:03 Teon nibbles on another cookie
14:36:48 [Chaia] Someone just brought me apple piiiiieeeee.
14:36:52 Chaia rolls.
14:43:00 [Teon] I have cheesecake
14:43:00 Elios paws through the roster. Needs to find herself one of them so called weapons.
14:43:10 Kyra` enters this room
14:43:17 [Teon] >_>;
14:43:27 [Alexander`] yawn
14:43:28 [Silvan] <_<
14:43:40 Kyra` Back to doing things to Hitoshi IN SECRET! -Makes sure no one can see-
14:44:23 Elios sips her tea and looms over Silvan and Teon.
14:44:47 [Meiri] rape
14:45:53 Silvan offers her some of his beef jerky?
14:46:37 Elios wiggles nose. Politely declines the offer.
14:47:38 Silvan so much fr the ravanous meister! Must be full.
14:48:29 Elios grins. Isn’t quite hungry for that, Silvan.
14:48:47 Teon “Wow, really cute! Hey, wanna go on a date?” “Oi! I wanted to ask that!” “Hey, don’t hog her!” Pushed around from person to person in the center of a group of four students as if he was a lifeless ragdoll, a sigh came from his parted lips followed by a groan of annoyance. “Qing ting xialai! You’re making me late!” His wrists were grabbed from his outburst. “Aww, c’mon. Can’t we just go on one da—” Cut off by a foot to the face, Teon’s left leg was raised in a very flexible position and the kick was enough to daze the troublemaking student and force him to release his grip. Following up his attack, he turned and lashed his left leg out into a side-kick that struck the foe’s gut and forced him to tumble back a few meters comically. The sudden display of resilience struck fear into the remaining students and resulted in their retreat, which left Teon to straighten and dust off his yellow and black schemed clothing. Darn it! His favorite custom kimono top was nearly »
14:48:53 Teon » ruined! What was with their persistence too?! A quick check of his exposed midriff and a minor adjustment of his skirt and he was done and off to his class that probably began without his presence. If it didn’t, then he couldn’t just take his leisure time and keep them waiting, which resulted in him making a straight beeline to the training session. Coming to the door, he skidded to slow down, but couldn’t do so fast enough and… the result wasn’t good. Crashing through the entrance, he rolled forward a couple of times with a comedic trail of smoke behind him before he finally came to a rest. “That…wasn’t planned.” Rubbing his head and straightening his multicolored locks, he dusted himself off. ‘Must be a stroke of bad luck.’
14:55:24 [Kyra‘] on 9Dragons the words 9Dragons, Shoalin, and power are censored
14:55:38 [Kyra`] like wtf
14:55:59 [Kyra`] You censor the name of your game on YOUR game. You censor the name of one of the clans you can join, and you censor power? Really? Power
14:56:24 [Silvan] Sounds silly.
14:56:49 [Kyra`] Even the people who own the game
14:56:55 [Kyra`] Like Acclaim
14:57:06 [Kyra`] The name of there own company is censored and they own the fucking game
14:57:21 [Kyra`] well Gamecampus owns it now, but it’s been censored since acclaim owned it
15:01:07 Elios click-clack. Click-clack. The ever familiar sound of heels on tile rang down the hallway as she made her approach. Late to class? Perhaps. Although a fashionable entrance was always worth a bit of grief from the teacher. A brief flash of black and yellow beside her announced another students need to get to class. As the (fe)male darted inside she'd continue her casual walk. Dressed in a black and silver corseted dress with matching heels and stockings. Simple, fashionable, and easy to move in. Lips parted to exhale a bemused sigh as the two-toned weapon crashed through the door. Stepping around him moments later. A brief, curious glance was given as she passed by. There was no greeting however. No time to chit-chat and be idle. Instead she'd move to claim a seat. Gloved hands would spread her books out casually before collecting the one she required. Even if any brisk words were given to her for being late they'd simply be met with a pleasant smile and a soft spoke 'Sorry sensei' before resuming —
15:02:12 Elios her work. Perhaps a few curious glances would be shot in the womans direction but no one seemed perturbed by her tardiness. Students were often late to class for one reason or another.
15:03:56 Silvan Wanders as always, only this time he wandered with a purpose through the new streets of Death city. The purple cloaked male stopping here and there to ask for directions to the quiet obvious giant building with a skull upon its front. least… he was soon enough there, looking at the comical building with a hidden raised eyebrow. "Is this seriously death academy..? looks nothing like I expected for the infamous god of death to own..' Sighing the male wandered along poking head into the building then slither his way to look for a front desk, an owner, a teacher.. anyone really. "Hello?"
15:26:59 Talion enters this room
15:30:17 Teon Watched the female that walked around him with a perked eyebrow and shrugged afterward, his curiosity dwindled and his need to get the class over with rising. He then moved to take his seat at a vacant desk where he reclined to relax in order to pass the time by. Closing his eyes, his ears listened intently to whatever the instructor had to say, but he found the lessons dull and monotonous and wanted to take a more hands-on approach—wanting exhilaration and to carry out his duties instead of sitting around and not contributing. Word had gone around about some headless man that attacked three times and murdered a staff member and a student; the thought of it was invigorating. That’s who he wanted to face! To take a fiend such as him out would be the epitome of justice and students would no longer have to worry… at least that’s what he thought.
15:37:48 Elios she quickly found herself in the same boat. Lectures, usually, were quite teidious. This one was no different. However when an attack on the students and faculty was mentioned she'd perk up. While her expression remained flat and nearly void of emotion her mind was racing. Pondering over what steps could be taken to intervene. When his ever so long winded speech began to subside she'd collect her things. Locking an arm around her books and promptly setting off towards the door. As their teacher questioned where she was headed her gaze would flicker over to him. "To go hunting of course", with that she'd make her exit. There was always a problem with hunting people though. No weapon. A small set back but one she'd simply have to make up for. Heading down the hallway she'd pause when her gaze landed on whom appeared to be a new arrival. Crimson gaze flickered over to weapon for a moment before speaking up. "Everyones in class right now. You should probably just go into one and ask the teacher for help if —
15:38:39 Elios you're new". Adjusting her books to her other arm. Helping out the newbie was fine. It wasn't like the killer was on a time limit or anything.
15:41:59 Minerva‘ enters this room
15:42:44 Minerva` snatches up Niiro.
15:43:23 Silvan perks up as he finally was someone willing to bother with his presence. Turning with a bow of his head, fixing his hood a bit soon after he speaks to Elios. "Is that so? I was worried this place had become barren just as I had came here." Those purple eyes stare at the woman with a curious question. "I am Silvan westwood, fair greetings miss. But if i must bother a class, would I need to sign any agreement or pay anything to be here?"
15:44:36 Niiro flails.
15:46:35 Meiri watches
15:47:13 Teon sips tea
15:51:23 Viktoria_Stein hates everything.
15:51:58 [Chaia] weebee Vik. o/
15:52:28 [Viktoria_Stein] o/
15:52:45 [Silvan] p/
15:53:29 Kyra` Presents to majorly upgraded Hitoshi to Vik
15:54:33 Viktoria_Stein is old school.
15:54:55 [Viktoria_Stein] But I need to get this show on ’da road!
15:56:25 Viktoria_Stein goes to work on stuff.
16:04:08 Alexander‘ sneezes himself awake again
16:04:17 [Chaia] g’morning starly. :D
16:08:20 Talion enters this room
16:14:03 [Meiri] goog
16:15:33 [Chaia] le
16:15:41 [Talion] eh.
16:23:24 Silvan exits from this room
16:23:30 Silvan enters this room
16:23:49 Viktoria_Stein pokes everyone with a stick.
16:24:02 Silvan is a stick.
16:24:13 Viktoria_Stein had a phone call. Words are being put down now.
16:24:18 [Kyra‘] ?
16:24:22 Talion wants to burn the stick. ]
16:24:42 Meiri makes a noise
16:24:53 Chaia makes more noises.
16:25:11 Hitoshi exits from this room
16:25:15 Hitoshi enters this room
16:25:29 [Chaia] bye hitoshi hi hitoshi.
16:26:08 [Hitoshi] bye chaia hi chaia
16:26:40 [Elios] >_>
16:26:42 [Viktoria_Stein] Don’t burn my special stick.
16:26:48 [Viktoria_Stein] <_<;;
16:27:06 [Talion] |8
16:27:22 Silvan hands Vik some smores
16:28:37 [Meiri] Brb
16:28:44 Viktoria_Stein is setting the stage.
16:29:08 Chaia scoots stuff around.
16:29:28 Hitoshi pulls curtains and preps props.
16:29:38 Vilksen makes allot of NOISE!!!
16:29:53 Vilksen gets the cameras.
16:31:16 [Meiri] brb
16:31:30 Silvan devours the bufett
16:31:51 Vilksen thinks about posting into his classroom.
16:32:03 Kyra‘ Kidnaps Hitoshi again. "Gotta turn him back to normal cause Vik didn’t like meh surprise Q.Q"
16:32:11 Alexander‘ prepares to judge the Talent of the school.
16:32:24 [Alexander`] Verdict: There is non
16:32:28 [Viktoria_Stein] What talent?
16:32:42 [Viktoria_Stein] Ayyye, exactement.
16:32:45 [Alexander`] late on the draw, Frenchie
16:33:01 [Kyra`] Q.Q
16:33:01 Vilksen is a judge too
16:33:16 Viktoria_Stein is bringing stuff back to life.
16:33:31 [Viktoria_Stein] While Hitoshi does Soulja’ Boy in the background.
16:33:38 [Viktoria_Stein] Shirtless
16:33:41 [Alexander‘] 0/10
16:33:55 [Talion] [ I seriously want to touch Vilksen’s facial hair. ]
16:34:21 [Viktoria_Stein] Just do it.
16:34:57 [Hitoshi] Wait. Is this really a thing?
16:35:26 [Kyra‘] SHH!
16:35:32 [Kyra`] No talking while I downgrade you >:L
16:35:50 Viktoria_Stein doesn’t know… we actually never discussed if we were doing something together or….. @_@
16:36:09 [Viktoria_Stein] God dammit. We're failures.
16:36:33 Kyra‘ Bops Vik "You are not"
16:36:48 [Vilksen] Will allow the touching of his beard.
16:36:54 Hitoshi is apparently not allowed to speak.
16:37:06 [Vilksen] Shhh toto
16:37:13 [Viktoria_Stein] She was doing naughty things to you while the both of us were away.
16:37:26 [Alexander`] lolol
16:37:54 [Viktoria_Stein] "Upgrading," takes on a whole new meaning.
16:38:14 [Talion] I wonder if your facial hair feels just as creepy and eerie as the vibe you give off.
16:38:34 [Niiro] ^
16:38:34 [Vilksen] Nope it’s soft and nice.
16:38:49 [Kyra‘] I didn’t do naughty things!
16:39:14 [Viktoria_Stein] "Soft and nice" like your insides..
16:40:31 [Alexander‘] bahahahahaha
16:40:55 Vilksen still has a puppet of Vik.
16:41:21 [Hitoshi] ….Why do you have a pupper of my meister? e Ae.
16:41:38 [Vilksen] I have a puppet of everyone.
16:41:51 [Talion] Kinky.
16:41:51 Kyra` Is done turning Hitoshi back into a normal Bonesaw
16:41:59 [Kyra`] Not me you don’t >:l
16:42:13 [Chaia] He has a puppet of Kyra. @.@
16:42:27 [Chaia] … he was working on it… with a picture he took of Kyra…
16:42:43 [Vilksen] EVERYONE. >:D
16:42:49 [Kyra‘] When did he take a picture of me?
16:42:57 [Viktoria_Stein] In the shower when you were alone..
16:43:05 [Vilksen] When you were with your Meister.
16:43:09 [Kyra`] …
16:43:10 Elios blinks slowly.
16:43:16 [Kyra`] Vilk your gonna die…
16:43:31 Talion changes his picture.
16:43:31 [Vilksen] You have no idea. :)
16:45:25 Elios approves, Talion.
16:45:31 Elios sips her tea.
16:46:12 [Talion] Thank you.
16:46:56 [Elios] Welcome.
16:47:20 [Silvan] Hum.
16:48:09 Red_Novia enters this room
16:48:21 Malum enters this room
16:48:57 Red_Novia planks and rolls into view
16:49:24 Chaia sits on Ichabod.
16:49:57 Malum loves on his new pic.
16:49:59 [Malum] fuck yeah
16:50:57 [Talion] Eugh, I finally figure out who I want to make.
16:51:13 Malum loudly purrs.
16:51:14 [Viktoria_Stein] Woooo!
16:51:27 Viktoria_Stein throws confetti at Talion.
16:54:15 Red_Novia parks where she is sat upon
16:55:15 Chaia ruffles Novia’s hair. that'sagoodvillain.
16:56:12 Ciel enters this room
16:58:06 [Vilksen] o/
16:58:11 Kyra‘ Devours Novia’s Soul Food
16:58:44 Ciel settles daintily on a random person's lap.
16:58:50 [Red_Novia] I do in fact have food Kyra. Spooky point award you a slice of pizza
16:59:17 whowhatwhere enters this room
16:59:39 Kyra‘ Nibbles on the pizza
17:00:24 [Viktoria_Stein] [ Auditorium ] People were gathering in the circular room enmasse; teachers stood with glasses glaring and arms crossed, darting eyes following the torrent of students who shuffled in. The high of excitement was contagious, it floated from one youthful face to the next, spreading like a loose pathogen out for blood and death. Except usually happiness was a positive thing — usually. In their mirth, they chattered to one another about what they were going to do, and how they thought they would rank. Some would do acrobatics, others would recite poetry, some would act, others would do parlor tricks. The cliche and the clicher didn’t begin to cover it. Why was nobody going for interesting? Teachers were bored and placid, wanting a taste of excitement. Their hands ached to wield their weapons and slice through Kishin - not monitor pubescent ammateur Harry Houdinis!! Ah, but that was exactly what they were doing. The entire congregation of staff was centering in this —
17:01:08 Renfield enters this room
17:01:52 Nishiki enters this room
17:02:55 [Vilksen] Room order?
17:03:08 Renfield seems to have come by at the right time.
17:05:15 Vilksen nods
17:07:34 [Viktoria_Stein] — grandiose and populous margin. There were hundreds there, laughing and sweating. Parents had come, locals had made an allottment in their busy schedules to witness the infamous Shibusen attendees work their magic - some literally - so they didn't have to spend a prolonged period doing some menial task they hated yet another day in their pointless, extra existence. This was promised to be extravagent and the pinnacle of thrills! The murmurs were swelling and the curtains were drawn, the black shadows seeping from beneath them only another allure. The dazzling white lights hanging o'erhead were shimmering on the wooden highrise, jutting proudling at the center of the room, surrounded by levels of seats at an angled slope. In the recesses of the room, extending from floor to ceiling with convex curvature and transparent lines of razor-edged glass was a mirror. Not just any mirror, but perhaps the most embellished and giant constructed mirror the school had seen. In scrolling font was the numbers which —
17:10:28 whowhatwhere exits from this room
17:12:50 [Viktoria_Stein] * scrawled font were the numbers (because bad grammar is bad) in which "dialed" Lord Death, Shinigami-Sama. There was an apparition of the humorous mask there, stretched and peering intently. That nasally voice called amicably, "What's up, what's up, what's up?" The entire student body waved simultaneously, made wolf-whistles and boisterous cheers at the presence of their one and only! One never saw the being unless they specifically requested him, and went the extra measure to speak to him. So to have his personal attendance was a rarity - thus a hot commodity. With him, the red-headed and slightly aged Spirit Albarn was beaming, and then leering at a stray passerby of fine figure, drooling and making cooing noises -
Hyaaaah. Well, scratch that. He had been. There in also swept a lanky, white haired Meister hand-in-hand with a pretty blonde. Both were grinning and chattering, and behind them trailed two children of the same age. A blonde boy with glowing green
17:14:51 Malum enters this room
17:18:29 [Viktoria_Stein] — eyes and a pensive smile was clung to by a brighter platinum haired girl with golden orbs. They took four seats in the farthest seats, right at the base of the mirror. To the center of the stage emerged a blue-skinned and perpetually grimacing form of the barrel-chested Sid Barrett. His sweatband was glaringly white, accentuated by the accompanying shine from above. "Ladies and gentlemen, give me your attention now. We're gett
- HEY. Show some respect and quit talking, will you? That's something I did when I was alive, knew when to keep my mouth shut. It was the kind of man I was!!! Pay attention. We're gettin' ready to start." Oi…. Sid, everyone! With that, the muscular man would give the crowd his back and disappear in the cylindrical confinement of curtains. A beat of silence and then that white crashing of harmonizing voices would resume, and even Lord Death would be idly discussing something with Stein and Spirit, his undertones slipping through here and there. -E
17:20:54 [Alexander‘] bahahahahaha
17:22:51 [Niiro] Dat Sid doe.
17:23:28 [Kyra`] -Pokes Nishiki-
17:25:48 [Nishiki] Hi.
17:26:51 Alexander` is doing judge things.
17:27:18 [Teon] >_>
17:27:36 Renfield watches Deathbattle before Rping…
17:33:51 [Vilksen] Might not post too busy.
17:33:57 Lota would come by the school for what had been a very publically advertised talent show, interested in seeing what talent would be presented by the young hopefuls of Death City….. or at least thats what she told people. Truly her reasons were a lot more…..sinister? No thats not quite the right word. Lets just go with different. She smiled and marveled at Death as he stood conversing with a death scythe and the magnificent Stein Sr. My oh my this was a dangerous place for her, but she’d blend in as she had for some time now, eagerly awaiting the final act. Finding her seat and plopping down in it, she crossed one leg over the other and sipped at her punch, opening the directory to see the skits that would be performed, wearing a flowing dress looking like a flower at her shoulders and trailing down into a skrit broken into several strips. Elegant, but without restraining her freedom of movement should anything…..unexpected, happen.
17:35:24 [Kyra‘] Nishiki?
17:42:45 [Renfield] Well that was unexpected…
17:42:58 Renfield thinks for a moment.
17:43:47 [Alexander`] I will post when the Talent needs to be evaluated
17:46:22 Lota goes back to watching her movies
17:50:06 [Lota] I wish Ewan McGregor were in more movies.
17:53:06 [Kyra`] Can I post?
17:53:25 [Hitoshi] Uno momento. I’m about to throw mine out.
17:54:01 [Silvan] just tell me when my turn is :3
17:55:33 Hitoshi Hmm. It appeared Shibusen was preparing for something extravagant,and it ttracted the attention of nearly every resident within Death City. Excitement was in the air, along with nervousness and slight fear. Why? There was talent show going on of course! Students scrambled this way and that, making final preperations to their routines, or finding that friend, or group they were planning to take part in the talent show with. Sid's announcement that the Talent Show was getting ready to get underway, would bring the main man himself, Shinigami-sama's attention to the curtain. An exciteable bounce in his tall, lanky form, and that mask would tilt ever so slightly to the right. <B>"Oooh! I wonder what the students are gonna do! I hope one of them does one of those cir-"<B> The mask would turn, and Shinigami-sama saw something that at this point, he should have grown used to but always found himself being irritated by. That being the Death Scythe Spirit, oogling some young women that was way out of his league.
17:55:55 [Hitoshi] That large red vein would appear on his mask, and the eyes would slant, to show his anger. Along with this, one of those comically large flat, four fingered hands would unfurl from his side and shake angrily, before rising and coming down with terrifying force atop Spirit's head. This move, was what was known as the legendary Shinigami Chop. <B>"If you don't stop staring at those young women, I'll be foreced to use my Shinigami Chop on you, Spirit-kun!"<B> All jokes aside, on with the talent show! However, all was not what it seemed to be here at Shibusen, for something..or someone was lurking in the shadows, watching from afar within what looked to be a crystal ball. This induvidual lurked on the outskirts of Death City, their hooded figure concealed from view, and hands concealed by the long sleeves of the cloak. They overlooked this talent show with disgust, a an audible gagging sound ecaped their lips. "Thoon they'll begin the Talent Thow…" It seemed this induvidual had a…comically bad lisp,
17:56:15 [Hitoshi] or speech impediment. Didthis make them less..ominous? "They'll thrike when the time cometh…and Thinigami will be no more!" Cue evil laughter here. Alright back to the talent show at hand! "Let's get this party started!" Shinigami-sama would call out amongst the crowd, and with that, the spotlights of the stage would fall onto the first performance! One had to wonder just how they would wow the crowd. Would they give a perfomance would flourish and style? Or would they fall on their face and fail? Only time would tell..
17:56:32 Hitoshi managed to tagfail twice. Hangs his head.
17:57:12 Viktoria_Stein just happily lost a bet, too.
17:58:32 Viktoria_Stein dies.
17:58:48 [Renfield] ?
17:58:58 [Hitoshi] \o/
17:59:08 [Teon] Dat lisp.
17:59:48 [Renfield] Meh?
17:59:52 Kyra‘ Was quiet, yet nervous. Despite her normally outgoing personality this little school event had even her on edge at the moment. She was actually afraid of messing up though she had practiced her routine so many times over the last few days that she could literally do it with her eyes closed. So why was she nervous? No there was more to it. Peeking out she seen all the people watching, perhaps stage fright, and even knowing she lacked the same support many other students had by there parents being there. Her parents ofcourse wouldn’t be found in the audiance, they were long gone. However the only relief she had was knowing her friends were there. Atleast she could rely on the for support right? Who knew really. Still it wasn't her turn to act just yet, and she decided it best to continue her practice until it was indeed her turn. Heck it would likely take time for her stage act to be set up anyway. Unless they had some plan for it. <C>
18:00:16 Kyra‘ Still as her name was finally called she waited for her stuff to be set up thanks to the help of those hosting and working on the talent show. When revealed the stage would have numerous thin bamboo like poles sticking straight up, and bolded to the top of some of these were other things such as swing bars and even a tight rope. Her act was acrobatics, and balance really. After all she had the talent from being a cat spirit, so why not use that for her act right? When it was finally her turn she would come bounding out from above the poles. Almost like a cat like pounce, were she would land ontop of one of the poles with one foot, before doing a flipping cartwheel over to another. After landing on one foot again, she offered a wave to the crowed, and even a small curtsey to the crowd. After this she would giggle and begin her act, starting off with a few simple back flips across the poles, only to catch herself with her with her tail on one of the swing bars. <C>
18:00:45 Kyra` Swinging herself up using the momentum from her tail and landing crouched atop the bar. Giving a soft but audible purr, giving she had a mic on to make sure it was heard. After this she jumped up to the tight wire, and prepared herself, performing a quick cartwheel out onto the wire, then offering another curtsey. Her act was simple, really just to show off her balance which was one of her big talents. With this she would fall backwards and land on her hands atop the poles once more, bouncing from pole to pole using her arm strength. With the last hope she would twirl up like a spiral and flip onto her feet once more. After this she jumped to the far side of the poles, gathering a few things, which ended up being smaller hand held sticks with plates balanced atop of them. This was the final part of her half of the act however as she balanced the plates around as she moved about the poles, eventually ending once more atop the tight wire. <C>
18:00:50 Kyra` After this she would fall back as a spotlight shined on the second person in this act. She was simply the first half really, and now it was her partner Nishikis turn. As she fell her form shifted and twirled eventually ending up in her simple but elegant katana form, which would fall into Nishiki’s hands. From there it was as simple as them using soul resonance, so that Nishiki could gain cat like stuff such as balance, for his half of the act. Since her parents wern't here, and she couldn't impress them she made it her goal to impress Lord Death, and his guests.<E>
18:01:00 [Hitoshi] Dont hate on mythery perthon's lithp.
18:01:17 [Lota] mythtery*
18:01:45 Viktoria_Stein is cackling so hard.
18:01:59 Meiri curtsies, is back.
18:02:00 [Kyra‘] o.o
18:02:05 Akuma enters this room
18:02:10 [Kyra`] wb Meiri
18:02:11 Akuma exits from this room
18:02:30 —Noir enters this room
18:02:54 [Renfield] What KYra said.
18:03:14 Nishiki will assume that’s his cue.
18:03:17 [Alexander‘] lol
18:04:14 [Viktoria_Stein] Yeeesh. Go be supportive of your kitty!
18:04:23 [Renfield] Er, when’d be good to post, offhand?
18:05:07 Nishiki reads and types.
18:05:24 [Renfield] That name…That Owl…
18:05:28 [Renfield] Noir! :O
18:05:45 [
Noir] ;Salutes.- Howdy, howdy. ;3
18:06:33 Renfield feeds a mouse!
18:06:49 [Kyra‘] o.o
18:06:53 [Alexander`] ooooh. she cute
18:07:47 Noir squack
18:07:56 —Noir flies in and scoops up the mice.
18:07:59 [Teon] Hi Noir.
18:08:04 [
Noir] Howdy.~
18:08:18 Renfield is R, only full named yo!
18:08:29 [Noir] WAA~ R <3
18:08:33 [Kyra`] Guys shhhhhh
18:08:45 [Kyra`] pwease q.q
18:08:54 [
Noir] >~>
18:09:09 Renfield shuts it, not before hugging the owl real quick though!
18:11:34 Lota wonders if she has any allies yet
18:16:51 Akiba slips in.
18:17:10 [Viktoria_Stein] You…
18:17:26 [Akiba] Hn…?
18:17:53 Viktoria_Stein is going to make a zombie out of you.
18:18:10 Chaia calls dibs on Akiba as a pet.
18:18:11 Akiba wonders if that’ll be accompanied by an inspirational montage.
18:18:19 Lota is gonna make a boquet out of Viktoria
18:18:45 Viktoria_Stein 's birth flower is chrysanthemum, so… if you must..
18:18:48 Renfield does ask angain, to be safe, when'd be a good time to posssst?
18:19:02 Lota is gonna make her a boquet of daisys
18:19:37 [Noir] Oh, who all is fighting Ichabod tomorrow?
18:19:44 [Viktoria_Stein] And sure! There will be horrifically graphic images collaged together as parts of the process. Mhm. And… if you'd like, you can slip in before or after Nishiki.
18:20:05 Renfield will do after, probably will wait a few rounds/posts before doing his 'act'.
18:20:21 [Renfield] Wait, is Ich doing a raid again or…that the assignment? o_o
18:20:48 [
Noir] I'm not sure, he just told me he was fighting, so I'm going along and fightin' with him as his ally. Since he still has my arm.
18:21:20 [Renfield] >_> <_<…
18:21:27 [Noir] If I said I was paying attention to what he was saying I'd be lying
18:21:27 Renfield will totally be there…has some stuff to develop!
18:22:08 —Noir brb
18:24:38 Teon will let others go first >_>
18:35:02 Nishiki "C'mon. It won't be that bad! We have this in the bag!" Nishiki would ay reassuringly to his weapon, standing beside her on the other side of the curtain while they waited for their act be set up. It was obvious she was wracked with nerves, after all…her tail swayed frantically behind her as if she were anticipating something any moment now. Then there it was, her name was called to begin the first half of their act. He'd give her a thumb up, and send on her on her way. "Good luck!" He would say break a leg out there, but he did want her to do such a thing because that would be bad. Well her act began, and she certainly gave them a show with her feats of balance and acrobatics. This was almost second nature to her after all, being a cat and all. She'd approach the end of her half of the act, which was signaled with the balancing of the plates on sticks. That was his cue to show up! The spotlight fell on him, and he'd give the crowd a grin and a wave, running towards where Kyra was intended to
18:35:11 [Nishiki] fall in her weapon form. He'd make an overly dramatic tuck and roll, catching her in her sword form while falling to one knee, and almost immediately, his senses became more in tune with being cat like. He felt quicker, and felt as if he had a better sense of balance and improved reflexes as well. He'd look up at the falling sticks and plates, and immediately, he'd outstretch his hand, catching the plate in his hand, and from there he would toss is upwards once more. The stick was soon caught within his hand, and he's leap up, landing upon one of the bamboo shoots with one foot. Then then Kyra was brought around, and Nishiki would place the stick onto the flat of the blade, only for the plate to land back onto the stick in surprising fashion. He'd balance t on the katana, while balancing on the bamboo shoot, and this is where he would begin to jump from bamboo to tight rope, tossing the stick and plate into the air once more. Landing on the tight rope, he'd attempt to balance on the rope, but he'd temporarily
18:35:24 [Nishiki] flail his arms, as he lost his footing on the rope. It eems that even though they were doing good so far, Nishiki wasn't quite as catlike as he'd like. They'd have to practice more with this. He'd fall, but cat's always land on their feet right? He'd take the sword, and go into a spin, falling into the middle of the bamboo strewn about the stage, taking the katana and cutting them all in one fell sweep, causing them to fall all around them. He'd then reach up, outstretching his hand and catching the plate that was previously tossed up, then he went into a bow, to conclude the act. It wasn't as flashy as he liked it to be, and he knew Kyra would be upset with the mess up, but hey, at least he tried! From there he'd exit the stage, and allow the next person to begin their act.
18:39:47 [Renfield] Hmmmm…
18:39:58 Renfield will be a minute in posting, gets his act out of the way.
18:40:12 [Viktoria_Stein] Oh, Ren, what's the fun in that?
18:40:31 Akiba doesn't have to do anything. He is the act. Reclines.
18:40:39 [Renfield] Well, I figured this was a 'Act by post' thing?
18:40:54 Teon pushes Akiba over.
18:40:58 [Kyra‘] -Curb stomps Akiba’s private parts-
18:41:12 [Renfield] Or should wait'till next round? o_o
18:42:15 [Viktoria_Stein] There caaaaan be conversation. ^ ^
18:42:57 [Renfield] 'K!
18:43:09 Red_Novia wonders aloud if anyone is going to enema their butts with paint and shoot it onto canvas
18:43:24 Lota …… rewrites her act
18:44:22 Renfield “Hm.” Well it had been sudden, truth be told, but at least his hangover was gone from yesterday! Oddly enough, he stood out for the occasion, no because he was spiffy looking but the exact opposite, really. He was garbed in a tank top of all things, somewhat baggy black jeans and he only wore socks, not shoes. His hands were crammed into his pockets and at the moment he was being a bit 'dark and mysterious' from the crowd, moreso he could stay out of sight and out of the way. He looked down at his feet, toes wiggling. He looked up though at one point, trying to spot a thing or two, maybe someone but he didnt. Eventually acts were and he turned his head. A literal cat girl was there, acrobatic as hell and then a fellow who seemed to know her. “Oh…” He said, Meister and weapon! How handy. He smiled a bit meakly and applauded when it was all over and necessary. My, that must of taken a bit to rehearse and get right! He inhaled a breath of air and exhaled, head turning this way and that after-
18:44:32 Renfield -the act before nodding…He was waiting his turn, toes and fingers wiggling a bit as he did so…
18:44:43 Renfield stopped reading that at 'enema'.
18:44:45 [Renfield] Nope.
18:44:50 Renfield jet packs away.
18:44:57 [Hitoshi] If only there was some kinda pirate captain that could do that, eh Red?
18:45:07 [Teon] O_O
18:45:49 Viktoria_Stein cackles mischeviously…
18:46:06 Red_Novia will drink to that, Hotshi
18:46:12 [Red_Novia] Hitoshi*
18:48:24 [Viktoria_Stein] Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of red rum.
18:48:35 Renfield stares.
18:49:42 [Silvan] mmmm chocolate pie<3
18:50:22 Hitoshi wonders why the rum is always gone.
18:51:10 [Alexander‘] Bish gets a 2/10
18:51:17 [Alexander`] *Nish
18:52:00 Chaia will now forever see Hitoshi’s name as Hotshit.
18:52:20 [Nishiki] LOL
18:52:46 [Renfield] <_<
18:52:54 [Viktoria_Stein] Chaia saw it, too? xD
18:53:18 Hitoshi sits in a corner.
18:55:55 [Renfield] ?
18:56:13 Silvan pats the sat Hitoshi on the back and offers some of his pie.
18:56:21 [Red_Novia] Off to work, seeya guys'
18:56:23 Red_Novia exits from this room
18:56:45 Teon bangs his head against something.
18:58:17 [Kyra‘] -puts a pillow over what ever Teon is banging there head against-
19:00:10 [
Noir] Damn it.
19:00:15 Noir shakes fists.
19:04:32 [Viktoria_Stein] Go Medieval on his arse next time, Noir.
19:05:29 [Viktoria_Stein] .. Your foe is weak. Finish him!!!!!
19:05:42 [
Noir] why is it that i automatically thought of monty python
19:05:49 [Kyra`] o.o
19:05:57 [Renfield] Why not?
19:06:51 [Lota] I fart in your general direction.
19:07:11 [Noir] i’d be the 'tis but a scratch' guy and jack would be the one cutting me up LOL
19:07:57 [
Noir] Any hoo~
19:07:58 [Noir] ha get it
19:08:01 [Renfield] Actually it'd be either or.
19:08:01 [
Noir] hoo cause im an owl
19:08:10 [Renfield] …Since you know, he doesnt have a head!!!
19:08:11 [Hitoshi] A scratch!? Your arm's off!
19:08:21 [Kyra‘] I gotta go Goodnight. I’ll remain logged in so i can see posts
19:08:46 [Hitoshi] o/ Gnight Kyra!
19:09:04 [Meiri] 1
19:09:10 [Chaia] 2
19:09:15 [Noir] LOL. I don't have an arm, he doesn't have a head. We're a bunch of amputee bad guys.
19:09:24 [Renfield] Night.
19:09:29 [Renfield] Exactly!
19:09:30 —Noir waves.
19:10:29 [
Noir] Alright! Now to work on Noir's profile. Maybe I'll do a new edit for her.
19:11:55 Teon works on his "act"
19:14:07 [Viktoria_Stein] Ooh!
19:14:22 [Viktoria_Stein] Mardi Gras is coming up… Like next Tuesday up. x0
19:14:56 [Renfield] Huzzah.
19:15:02 [Lota] Only 5 days until I drink myself to tears alone! Cheers!
19:15:36 [Hitoshi] So many parades, so little time.
19:15:51 [Chaia] ^ Mardi gras in a nutshell.
19:15:51 [Noir] They just had Gaspirilla in Florida.
19:16:10 Viktoria_Stein isn't going to New Orleans, sadly… But I am making jumbalaya and drinking myself stupid.
19:16:12 [Lota] We just had some winter solstics shit in Michigan
19:16:40 [Renfield] Nifty!
19:17:00 Hitoshi doesn't live that far from New Orleans so he's probably gonna be hanging out there
19:17:14 [Lota] Motown Winter Blast. Thats it
19:17:24 Viktoria_Stein can make some kickass jumbalaya… but some sea food in it. *Dies*
19:17:27 [Hitoshi] Last time someone pelted a coconut at the guy next to me off of a float. I laughed my ass off
19:17:55 [Lota] Really!/ Last time I pelted a coconut at some guy on a float!
19:18:19 [Hitoshi] Huh. Small world.
19:18:36 [Lota] Not really. I just wanted to seem relatable
19:18:38 Viktoria_Stein wonders what alcohol she shall procure…
19:19:01 [Renfield] Whiskey!!!
19:19:16 [Lota] Vodka and Rum
19:19:29 [Hitoshi] ^
19:19:33 [Chaia] tequila is the partyhol.
19:19:39 [Renfield] >:/
19:19:39 Viktoria_Stein hates Vodka.
19:19:46 [Renfield] WHISKEY!!!
19:19:48 Renfield flailsSSS!
19:19:50 [Viktoria_Stein] And… Tequila makes me strip.
19:20:09 [Chaia] see? perfect.
19:20:19 [Renfield] Its true, or so she has said.
19:20:21 [Viktoria_Stein] Not if I'm alooooone!
19:20:22 Hitoshi gives Vik Tequila.
19:20:24 [Renfield] Right?
19:20:29 [
Noir] i'm bad with alcohol
19:20:46 Viktoria_Stein unbottons her lab coat.
19:20:53 [Viktoria_Stein] Button…
19:21:00 [Minerva‘] Noir… JELLO SHOTS AND CORN HOLE.
19:21:02 Renfield stumble,s swears, and curses the Swedish a lot.
19:21:04 [Viktoria_Stein] Damn. Imaginary alcohol is bringing me down.
19:21:07 [Renfield] Apparently.
19:21:11 [Noir] NO LOL
19:21:18 Alexander` is finally home
19:21:18 [
19:21:20 Chaia facedesks.
19:21:29 [Alexander‘] now give me Talent to judge.
19:21:35 [Lota] I opnce mixed white wine and flavored rum and called it a Rainbow Suckerpunch
19:21:35 [Chaia] Stef murdered us at that gaaaame.
19:21:41 Teon is going to goddamnit!
19:21:43 Viktoria_Stein is stripping, damn it.
19:21:54 [Minerva`] Whatever!! We did good!! ROFL
19:21:57 [Noir] I’m still mad that we didn't get to go on that chair ride up the mountain
19:22:07 [Chaia] LOL
19:22:18 [
Noir] I complain about it to james like once a week.
19:22:35 [Chaia] it's 'kay. we all fit in the hot tub.
19:22:35 [Noir] NO, MIN, YOU DID GOOD
19:22:53 Lota was hoping someone would ask her why she called it a Rainbow Suckerpunch
19:22:58 Meiri parties in her little under-DWMA home
19:23:11 [Minerva‘] I’m just glad you weren't crazy enough to go in the creek. xD
19:23:33 [
Noir] I'm sure if I was you would have totally came, too.
19:23:38 [Chaia] that water was so cold. vv
19:23:53 [Noir] I wanna go back to Gatlinburg so badly. WE ALL HAD SO MUCH FUN.
19:24:02 [
Noir] Despite Min and I getting sick >
19:24:22 [Chaia] … can we not… talk about that please. >>
19:24:22 [Minerva‘] I HELD IT LONGER!
19:24:42 [Noir] It’s funny because I leaned in to give james a kiss and was like 'i gotta go inside bye'
19:24:43 [Minerva‘] I almost got away with it… Shouldn’t of had that last fireball.
19:24:46 [
Noir] LOL
19:24:48 [Minerva‘] Baaaaaad idea.
19:24:50 [Noir] CHAI YES
19:24:52 Silvan the confused hunter looks as people flooded past him only to yelp as he is taken with said flood to the meating spot but to save himself he hops off a few people and runs to a wall and hops onto a light fixture. "What in the twenty hells is going on..?" he grunted befopore once more looking around in an attempt to find a teacher as instructed by the little woman named Elios.
19:24:53 [Chaia] LOL
19:25:17 [Chaia] naw. was Jason’s lady killer punch.
19:25:28 [Chaia] y'all fucking drained that shit.
19:25:53 [
Noir] I don't even remember drinking it that much.
19:25:58 [Minerva‘] Nuuuuu.
19:26:12 [Minerva`] I didn’t drink that much of it, either.
19:26:15 [Noir] I remember dropping my chocolate bar and being so sad like I almost cried
19:26:56 Viktoria_Stein has to get to bed. ;_;
19:26:56 [Minerva‘] ROFL. The chocolate.
19:26:58 [Chaia] ^ #mylyf
19:27:08 [Chaia] dat triple stamp.
19:27:16 [Minerva`] Oh god, zach’s face after.
19:27:23 [
Noir] Ni-night :3
19:27:29 [Noir] I thought Chai was gonna kill me
19:27:30 [Minerva‘] Never had I felt so bad.
19:27:32 [Chaia] night Vik. o/
19:27:32 [Viktoria_Stein] Have fun, everyone! ♥
19:27:33 [
Noir] I was scared for my life
19:27:34 [Renfield] x_x…Night Vik.
19:28:09 [Chaia] it was a real possibility.
19:28:12 [Minerva`] He had a big butt in his lap, which probably saved you Noir <3
19:28:17 [Chaia] i had nam flashbacks.
19:28:41 [Noir] chocolate covered nam
19:28:43 [Minerva`] We still rocked face at cornhole doe.
19:28:50 [
19:28:57 [Chaia] ^
19:29:04 [Noir] We should have played beer pong
19:29:07 [Minerva`] Fucking Noir pelting them
19:29:09 [
Noir] Then I would have been okay
19:29:32 [Minerva‘] I thought I was gonna be stoned to death by sacks of corn.
19:29:46 [
Noir] wait there was corn in those
19:29:47 [Niiro] "Don’t know how to throw a sack"
19:29:59 [Noir] niiro nO LOL
19:30:09 [Minerva‘] ^
19:30:34 [Renfield] <_<
19:30:54 [Renfield] Oh my.
19:31:02 [
Noir] I wanna go camping.
19:31:17 [Chaia] so much cheaper.
19:31:32 [Chaia] but really the cabin wasn’t that expensive. it was all the other shit.
19:31:47 [Minerva‘] Like?
19:31:55 [Chaia] booze. v
19:31:58 [Minerva`] Well, the jerkey was pretty damn expensive.
19:32:00 [Noir] Yeah, the cabin wasn’t a bad price at all. I mean, if we do something like that again, we could always just go grocery shopping and cook at the cabin.
19:32:06 [Chaia] the kangaroo jerky.
19:32:08 [Minerva‘] Mmn, that too. So was the spaghetti.
19:32:11 [
19:32:36 Viktoria_Stein exits from this room
19:32:49 [Minerva‘] Wait, since when does a vegetarian turn!?! I’m so confused.
19:32:55 [Minerva‘] NOIR!!!! THE PIZZA.
19:33:00 [Minerva`] Was so good.
19:33:34 [Noir] I was so sad that I was too hungover to eat, you have no idea. I cried for months over that.
19:34:06 [Chaia] she still cries sometimes in skype.
19:34:45 [Renfield] …Y’all are silly.
19:34:45 [Kyra‘] Anime and Video games are good for you! (If you actually pay attention) Dun care what any hippy who ha physcologist says >:L
19:34:48 [Minerva`] At least the candy was good.
19:35:33 [
Noir] anime and video games will ruin u
19:35:45 [Minerva`] I was sad we couldn’t get into the damn Aquarium, that was some bs.
19:35:46 [Noir] That was such a fun trip.
19:35:50 [
Noir] I KNOW.
19:35:51 [Kyra‘] Anime and Video games are why i’m such a good person today.
19:35:54 [Niiro] anime n vid gaems r bad 4 yew
19:36:18 [Kyra‘] If it wasn’t for video games and Anime teaching me how to be a good person. I would likely be an asshole today
19:36:19 [Noir] the japs r brainwashin tha u-th
19:36:42 [Kyra‘] I’m 22 >.>
19:36:51 [Minerva‘] Maybe that’s why we decided to go into the creek =D
19:37:16 [Minerva‘] Fuck dem assholes, charging our broke asses. We’ll go in the creek instead!
19:37:25 [
Noir] Yeup c:
19:37:35 [Noir] I had so so so much fun.
19:37:55 [Alexander‘] Really? If I drew thigns from Video games, I’d do drugs, steal cars, sleep with hookers then beat them up for their money
19:37:57 [Minerva‘] Me too. Though I still couldn’t find your hair dryer.
19:38:11 [
Noir] I brought a hair dryer?
19:38:18 [Noir] What?
19:38:27 [Minerva‘] You said you had one!!!
19:38:29 [Minerva`] xD
19:38:33 [
Noir] I DID?
19:38:41 Teon guesses he's posting now.
19:38:59 [
Noir] If I did things from anime I'd be a tentacle monster.
19:39:13 Minerva‘ zips her lips so people can post.
19:39:25 [Chaia] LOL ALMONDS WHAT
19:39:28 [Chaia] WHAT WHY
19:39:29 [Chaia] WHYYY
19:40:13 Teon Ah, the talent show had finally arrived, but with it came a fit of nervousness as he wondered if his act would be good enough and if anyone would be fond of it; memories of his parents flooding back—especially their disapproval of his views. Fortunately for him, he assumed that they weren’t in the audience as he was certain that they wanted nothing to do with Shibusen—even his father whom was a former Meister. Seated backstage, he took deep breaths and looked around to see various deep in preparation for their turn to shine in the spotlight. Witnessing the first act for the night after the announcements and such were made raise the audience’s level of excitement, he stood from his chair and straightened out his clothing in preparation for his turn.. Giving a glance toward Renfield and then the other students, he folded his arms into the lengthened sleeves of his kimono top and exhaled a shuddering breath as he wondered what their acts were. No! He had to worry about his own and only his own! He could »
19:40:42 Teon » do this—he was sure of it! Grinning, the young weapon closed his eyes and the cheers for the first act and the cacophony of chattering students behind the curtain appeared to vanish for a small moment until he awakened them to view the end of Kyra and Nishiki’s act. Walking forward and onto the stage once it was cleared, he viewed the massive audience that had him nearly freeze in place—a river of sweat running down his form comically until he regained his bearings as a piano rose onto the stage. Standing in front of the instrument, it matched his yellow and black color scheme that he had going. With a shy and polite wave and a rather playful chuckle to combat his nervousness, the youth seated himself at the piano and scooted forward where he’d be closer to the microphone; his slender digits lightly caressing the piano’s keys as they trailed toward the sections they needed to be where he could begin to play. Teon had a feeling that Kyra and Nishiki’s act would be a difficult one to »
19:40:59 Teon » follow—especially since he was a solo act, but he kept his confidence. With another deep inhalation of breath, he exhaled and began to play. Soon after a small interlude, his voice filled the area thank to the microphone in calm, delicate vocals with a seemingly neutral quality to them until he reached the chorus where he went up octaves as his playing swelled dramatically. With glances toward the audience, he could catch some shocked expressions, but he didn’t want to misinterpret them and continued with his playing until it came to an end. Chuckling inwardly, he felt his anxiety wash away now that it was over and arose from the piano’s seat to walk in front of it. positioning his right foot in front of his left, he bowed with his arms outstretched and practically skipped to get off stage as quickly as he could. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjkxkUuR-Ug refereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeensuuuuuuuuuu!!)
19:42:20 Teon goes back to Markiplier ^^;
19:43:56 [Hitoshi] Teon just earned 10 points for knowing Markiplier.
19:46:34 Chaia exits from this room
19:47:28 [Kyra`] just gonna go back to bed. Bye
19:48:23 [Teon] Watching Muddy Heights….wtf?
19:50:02 Silvan smirks at the sight and song giving a clap afterward before moving to scoot away from his current perch on the wall.
19:57:45 Teon thinks its rather quiet for a room of 14 people.
19:59:24 [Alexander`] Teon gets 3/10
20:00:17 [Silvan] hmm. Might go play something else or read a book… its far too silent
20:00:55 Renfield exits from this room
20:01:20 [Teon] You suck, Simon.
20:01:20 Meiri gets up there and sings skyreach :I
20:01:35 [Alexander`] 1/10
20:02:05 [Meiri] fuk u
20:03:15 [Teon] With judging like this, I can see why it’s silent.
20:03:47 Noir exits from this room
20:03:50 —Noir enters this room
20:06:47 [Silvan] Mm.. meh… I'ma go doodle.
20:07:05 [Alexander‘] Excellent. Good job team.
20:07:57 [
Noir] Woohoo team.
20:08:37 [Noir] test
20:09:39 [Silvan] Alexander gets a 1/10 !
20:10:07 [Alexander`] You tried. At least you can go to bed knowing that
20:11:53 [Silvan] But i’m not tired D:
20:18:14 HustinSax tilts hat in greeting
20:19:13 [Alexander‘] Yooooooo
20:20:23 [Teon] Ni hao.
20:23:47 Chaia enters this room
20:23:56 [HustinSax] so anything rustling, or should i start something?
20:24:10 Silvan tired of the random songs and dances, feats of acrobatics and sometimes horrid accidents.. the hunter simply wandered off to hang upside down from his right leg from a lamp in the main hall leading outside, said leg formed ina chain and firmly latched on the wall.
20:24:42 [Teon] Supposed to be a talent show, but it’s pretty dead and the judging is a buzzkill
20:25:27 [HustinSax] mods ok if we npc death legion acts?
20:25:40 [HustinSax] or that sorta their exclusive thing?
20:26:49 [Akiba] Sorry, I'm hre. What's going on..?
20:27:14 [Minerva‘] Wb Chaia.
20:27:27 [Alexander`] I wouldn’t do it unless you get mods permission
20:28:27 [Chaia] thaaanks.
20:28:58 [Minerva‘] Weeeeelcome.
20:29:19 [Alexander`] Hiii MagsChannnn~
20:29:41 [Chaia] starlyyyyyyyyyyyy
20:30:37 [Alexander`] Hiiiiiiii
20:32:58 [Chaia] helloooooo
20:33:14 [Alexander`] My hipster roommates are watching Garden State
20:33:17 [Alexander`] -_-
20:36:53 [Chaia] lol
20:37:00 [Chaia] better call saul is on tv!
20:37:36 [HustinSax] Maybe it was Ichabod’s modus operandi, since he was a headless person that Hustin was called to the scene of the crime. A student, probably a NOT judging by the very little soul development from the corpse at the base of the steps up to Shibusen… Probably off to the talent show or whatever else was happening when whatever had jumped her. The thing that made Hustin think it was Ichabod was due to the fact the limbs were drawn and quartered out, but there was no sign of the head, as the cowgirl tilted her hat respectfully to the dead. She wanted to think there was a trail to follow, but considering the direction of the blood, and how neatly it was shaped to form a compass that pointed everywhere, she could only grit her teeth in frustration as a Scythe Marshal, and hope it was just Ichabod doing this, rather than some new unknown force.
20:39:09 [HustinSax] "Get this cleaned up before the students git out of the show, we don't want them to see this," and depending on the speed or similar, maybe it would go unnoticed, maybe not.
20:50:47 Meiri exits from this room
20:50:52 Joan enters this room
20:50:56 [Joan] So who wants to RP.
20:52:19 Akuma enters this room
20:54:25 [HustinSax] Sure Joan, feel free to start it, i dont think i can entice anyone
20:54:27 [Silvan] Rp is always nise.
20:55:49 [Silvan whispers to HustinSax] i have no idea where you are, so i had no idea where you might be xD But im hanging upside down as if dead just outside the school, bored.
20:55:50 Joan types
20:56:23 Alexander‘ exits from this room
20:56:33 Alexander` enters this room
20:56:36 [HustinSax whispers to Silvan] base of the steps up to Shibusen
20:57:11 [Silvan whispers to HustinSax] Okay so I can see you from there, got it.
20:58:00 Silvan raises an eyebrow from his spot, wondering what the commotion is about so far down the stairs.. but he grunted and stays in his lazy hunt state.
20:58:51 [HustinSax whispers to Silvan] don’t worry about it pardner, i'll post to Joan here
21:03:25 Joan Pale skin, white hair – red eyes. How long had she looked like this? How long has it been since her caramel skin had turned to a pale gray tone. How long had it been since her deep pools of blue turned into a harsh crimson red that sat in the darkness like a hungry predator. Just how long had it been since her dark locks of hair had turned into such a ghostly white? She certainly couldn't remember the last time she had looked at herself in the mirror, often not bothering to actually check herself. Simply relying on routine and second nature to dress herself in the mornings. Part of her didn't want to see herself after what she had done; the other part was eager to see the change in power. While she noticed the obvious cosmetic change, the physical change was getting there. Every week she was getting stronger from hunting down corrupted humans and taking them down with her bare hands. Using her unique wavelength to push all of the human souls they have eaten and take them for herself. (C)
21:04:57 Joan Something she doesn't particularly delight in doing; the human soul doesn't taste good. But she needs them, there's no other path that she can take. A cigarette was put out into the marble surface of the sink as the dying embers lost their faint glow, stepping out of the bathroom of the motel and shutting off the light as she stepped into the filthy premise she had slept in last night. Her nightmares had been getting more vivid lately, and she wasn't sure if it was the anticipation of meeting her goal or the consequences of feasting on a human soul. How long would she be able to hold coherent thoughts? If she were to reach her goal, her ascension, would the remnants of herself still be there to feel? Currently, Joan was 'stationed' in Capri, Italy. She often missed the days where the DWMA would pay for her travels; but that wasn't an option anymore. Now the DWMA would pay to see her dead, while she only wanted to see a single person suffer. There had been reports of an evil human stalking these (C)
21:05:56 Joan streets, and Joan was set out to find it and 'exorcise' it for her own use. She adjusted the cross along her neck, a hand coming up to shield the light that washed over the beautiful waterfront town. Wherever it was, she'd find it eventually.
21:13:52 [HustinSax] Sometimes the job came to you, and sometimes you went to the job, Scythe Marshal Sax after getting a dead end on the Ichabod case least for now, had gotten the wanted poster to hunt down Joan along with the imprint of the Soul trail from Lord Death. As it winded, got corrupted, and ended up in the city of canals the steel horse (bull) she rode jetted over the water, splashing it around her as she got off. (reference: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2013/323/f/6/zenescope_s_calgary_expo_2013_exclusive_cover_by_jamietyndall-d61bcxz.jpg) The spurs clinked as she arrived, the badge glinting in the dull moonlight, little realizing that there was about to be a much more nefarious target between the two pairs of girls soon as Joan was hunting something bigger as Hustin called out, "Halt Joan!" to the still night air, drawing probably unwanted attention to their position, "Scythe Marshal Sax… here to rustle you up by order of Lord Death," the click of the hammer of her revolver going back,»
21:14:00 [HustinSax] along with her flashy entrance would give Joan ample time to probably get away if she wanted…. But as mentioned, sometimes the hunted, became the hunter, and vice versa if whatever Joan was after came at them both.
21:14:31 Teon types.
21:15:59 [Joan] It's uh. Daytime
21:16:25 [HustinSax] ^insert sun glints off badge
21:16:49 [Joan] There you go
21:21:33 [Joan] Should I wait for you to post, Teon?
21:22:04 [Teon] Almost done.
21:25:37 Teon With just endless disappointment occurring, he didn’t remain at the talent show to see any other acts or who was victorious. Instead, he walked through the desolate halls of the school toward the front entrance to make his exit and get a bit of fresh air. “Maybe I should treat myself to something. I could use a good cookie right now.” Thinking to himself, he grinned at the thought of devouring a sweet treat and chuckled giddily to himself before setting off in an energetic jog. Unfortunately, it didn’t take him wrong for trouble to approach him as he heard the sounds of an engine and witnessed someone jetting over a canal of water. What was that? It looked…cool and he totally wanted one! It’d definitely make it easier to get around. Teon’s train of thought was halted when he witnessed the rider of the strange machine dismount to confront someone whose name rang a bell as it was said. “Joan?” A quizzical expression came to his face as he tried to remember where he heard the name »
21:25:42 Teon » before. Teon kept a reasonable distance away from the females, but still remained cautious and within earshot.
21:27:46 TheQuestion enters this room
21:28:04 HustinSax wonders if she should name one of revolver, The Answer
21:28:37 Silvan as Teon wanders out among the stone near him, he dropped down with a firm 'THUNK' of metal on stone. But of course he got up with a simple. 'Greetings!" as he wandered along toward the two females, curious about the going ons.
21:28:43 [TheQuestion] Joan excuse me?
21:28:59 [HustinSax] hmm… aren't we all in italy?
21:29:28 [TheQuestion] Joan?
21:30:15 [HustinSax] she's typing i think, so prolly not responsive yet Q
21:31:05 [Silvan whispers to HustinSax] I'f im right then she is SUPPOSED to be in italy.. but isn't..
21:32:00 Joan Well she had barely walked out of her hotel, and already a commotion had been made about her presence. Were all meisters nowadays this flashy? She stared for a few seconds, her eyes glazing over as she took in every bit of their physical appearance. She must be from a cowboy-themed restaurant or something. She folded her arms, a single eyebrow raising in appearance. Lord Death was pretty quick to try and tie up any loose ends, now wasn't he? How typical of him, jumping the gun because someone might potentially become as powerful as him. Joan used to be a meister at the DWMA, a couple years ago – in fact she was one of the greats. All occupations have hazards, hers more than others. It's a little different though when your boss causes the 'accident'. The moment the 'bang' would pierce the silence, Joan's body would step left once. The bullet gliding mere inches away from her head as the tiny gust of wind it'd produce would flicker those albino locks of hers. Her red eyes unmoving, (C)
21:32:58 Joan staring at the woman with a rather…intense glare. Unless another bullet was fired, she'd breathe in to speak. “I would appreciate it if you would leave me be. No reason to get yourself hurt.” She said, hands curling into fists at her sides. She was getting stronger and faster, she could definitely feel the difference. A few weeks ago, that bullet would have probably smacked her right dab in the head. She'd reach up and grip her cross for a moment, before visible wisps of smoke-like energy began to form around her upper torso. Almost like another person breathing out in the cold air, small puffs would appear and vanish. "I have other business to attend here."
21:33:07 [HustinSax] (didnt shoot, just cocked the hammer)
21:33:41 [HustinSax] (but I'll roll with it, sec)
21:33:54 Renfield enters this room
21:34:22 [Joan] Oh. I misread, I'm sorry.
21:34:27 [TheQuestion] JOan, are you JubileeFrost?
21:34:37 [Joan] No.
21:34:46 [TheQuestion] Joan, is it possible I could take a sample of your feces to study?
21:34:46 [Joan] That person doesn't exist.
21:34:50 [Alexander‘] <.<
21:35:11 [Renfield] …
21:35:13 [Renfield] Lovely.
21:35:25 [TheQuestion] ?
21:35:40 [TheQuestion] No it’s for a rp idea
21:35:41 [Teon] It's him again.
21:35:45 [TheQuestion] To see if she has parasites
21:35:56 [TheQuestion] Who? *Confused*
21:36:30 Renfield lifts a hand in greeting, btw.
21:37:06 [TheQuestion] Greetings
21:37:14 [TheQuestion] Joan, could you answer me please?
21:38:04 [HustinSax] Considering the students, and possible collateral casualties, Hustin did some thing out of character for herself, shot first at a person who's back was turned to her to try and disable the dangerous Joan right away, the bullet that went off with a BANG ended in a whimper as it hit the wall behind her, obviously a stun round or similar. The other hand would go to her brim, and tilted it downward as she said, "Sorry ma'am, love to normally leave you alone fer a nice stroll through the city, but you're wanted… ALIVE by Death himself, so kindly come with me before you git hurt here ma'am," another hammer cock. "And this one ain't a stun round," the lopsided grin could be seen from her upraised brim now, the teeth on one side showingoff from the sun, as the other tighter half was shaded. "Pardners… get out of here and get your teachers! This is a shoot out at high noon, and no place fer varmints as yourself!" would call out to Teon and Silvan, yet still keeping a bead on her first target of Joan as to not>
21:38:13 [HustinSax] lose her in case she decided to dash.
21:38:52 [Renfield] Whats goin' on IC?
21:39:11 [HustinSax] Hunting down Joan
21:39:28 [TheQuestion] he would lean his head down and study Joan's fecal matter under a microscope, "Interesting"
21:39:33 [Niiro] I think they're just hunting down Joan during the- yeah.
21:39:43 [Renfield] o_o…Witch?
21:40:30 Renfield apologizes for leaving before x_x…Wasnt sure if stuff was done for the night or not
21:40:32 [TheQuestion] "Joan you have several parasites in your feces…" he nodded and continued to examine her fecal matter
21:40:32 [Joan] Nope, corrupted human.
21:40:35 [Joan] How about that.
21:41:03 [Renfield] Indeed!
21:41:14 Renfield has rage issues…wonders if that counts.
21:41:20 [TheQuestion] Indeed! Joan you need to eat well cooked meals!
21:41:29 Silvan raises an eyebrow beneath his hood at the warning. "What teacher? I haven't found a single one or anyone to talk to past you and people around town." The hunter grunted, flicking an arrow into his right hand and up & down. again and again. "But if she is wanted, I can help if need be.. Or attempt to."
21:42:15 [Joan] Oh I didn't even realize you were there Silvan.
21:42:19 [Joan] I thought your posts were OOC.
21:42:31 [TheQuestion] laughs at Silvan, and shows him a sample of Joan's fecal matter
21:42:41 [Teon] Same.
21:43:04 [Silvan] ( oh xD, I try not to post OOC unless its in whispers or im obviously being ignored.)
21:43:19 [TheQuestion] I'm rping )
21:43:35 [TheQuestion] in IC, i'm just showing you Joan's feces )
21:43:40 [TheQuestion] in the rp )
21:44:46 [TheQuestion] Yeah
21:45:19 TheQuestion exits from this room
21:45:23 [Joan] Teon's post.
21:45:29 [Alexander‘] >_>
21:45:45 [Renfield] ?
21:46:07 [Joan] http://memeorama.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/minimum-trolling.jpg
21:46:11 [Alexander`] Guess I’m the only one that didn't block that dude lol
21:46:29 Renfield did.
21:46:38 [HustinSax] they feed on any attention, so i didnt wanna feed anything
21:46:42 [HustinSax] but silence to em
21:47:05 [HustinSax] worst case, room hop to the ooc lobby and inform em
21:47:14 Vilksen slides on in trying to be sneaky.
21:52:52 Teon ‘s blue eyes watched the occurrences intently, taking in Joan’s movements, which were incorporated into his own mind. The female was quick and he was sure that she’d be a difficult foe, so he prepared himself for the worst. Digits curled beneath the concealment of his lengthened sleeves and he soon heard Sax’s command to leave the area to get a teacher. Seriously? Just no! He didn’t become a Two-Star weapon for nothing and it was practically an insult to all of his efforts; it was his duty to remain and prevent evil from harming the innocent.. “You’re underestimating and insulting our capabilities. I didn’t become a Two-Star weapon just to run away.” Giving Silvan a glance, he closed the distance between himself and Sax and stood firm; stubborn and it’d be useless to tell him to retreat at this point. Teon also had the thought that their greater numbers could increase their odds, but he didn’t want to make the mistake of underestimating Joan. ‘I’m shaking…could it be fear or is it »
21:52:59 Teon » excitement? It’s been a while since I’ve been in a situation like this.’ Thinking to himself, he hoped that he could be of use and he uncurled his fingers with a calm exhalation of breath before his features shifted to a stern expression and a gust of wind expelled 360 degrees from his feet as his sizeable soul radiated strongly and brightly to anyone with Soul Perception.
21:53:26 [Teon] Or just whisper Fam.
21:58:54 Joan wouldn't move a single inch as the woman spoke, why exactly was she wanted alive? So Shinigami could shove her into a prison to live out the rest of her days as an animal. A couple meals of bread and broth a day and mere minutes of sunlight unless they decided if she was 'better' or not? She didn't believe Lord Death had good judgment to begin with. “Well. I doubt you'll be bringing me back there. So go home.” She said, her head tilting to the side. Why try and do something like this? There was no reason to go through the struggle, just leave her be. She wasn't targeting the DWMA as a whole, she just wanted to destroy Lord Death with her newfound power. She'd rest her hands in her pockets now, before turning and walking towards the nearest street. No point in standing around, she needed to get her soul and get out of Italy. “Tell Lord Death I said hello.” She said, waving a dismissive hand at the group. She needed to hunt down this pre-kishin before the children were to get it first. (C)
21:59:37 Joan She just needed her human souls, and she wasn't going to take it from someone who was already alive. She wasn't one to kill innocents, only those who were already corrupted.
22:06:03 [HustinSax] [ : : .] REVOLVER would go off again, this time, intending to maim as she thought any drag out brawl with the students who wanted to help would end up with more pain, so better to disable Joan as quickly as possible. Nothing fancy, just a direct and telegraphed attack from the revolver with the punch and kickback that would make Teon standing by's Soul ripple from the aftermath of the blow, along with blowing air pressure around them in a WOOSH as the blonde hair was whipped back from the wind as she kicked forward with another shot from her spurs BANG the bullet ballad began as she went from another angle, this time above Joan to get the bead whatever way she dodged, the last 4 shots aiming to corner her with the ricochets as Hustin landed in front of her path as the dust cloud where Joan was from the crackshot and trick shot bullets should take her down. The marshal, adjusted her hat as she stood from her 3 point crouch, the empty shells ringing down the clouded area as she looked for where her>
22:06:21 [HustinSax] target should be downed from it, but at least blocking the obvious egress out as she scanned.
22:08:39 —Noir enters this room
22:09:20 [Renfield] 'Lo Noir.
22:09:31 HustinSax tilts hat to Noir
22:09:35 —Noir waves.
22:09:57 [Joan] Hustin
22:10:01 Renfield holds a mouse out to!
22:10:10 [Joan] Please explain what happened in your post because it's…really confusing.
22:10:39 [HustinSax] Shot Joan, jumped into air, shot again from mid air to hit with ricochet shots to corner any dodging
22:10:42 —Noir chirps and wobbles over to eat the mouse. nom~
22:10:52 [
Noir] I have a question, Hustin.
22:10:57 [HustinSax] landed in her pathway away from her with relative trajectory
22:11:20 [Noir] "-Bullet Time: 6 seconds turns into 60 seconds for the user. " What does that exactly mean? Like.. time gets extended for the user? So whereas something that lasted 6 seconds now lasts a minute long?
22:11:22 [HustinSax] hmm?
22:11:53 —Noir pushes Chaia off a cliff.
22:12:04 [Alexander‘] Don’t bully Mags
22:12:13 [HustinSax] Its just a matrix/revolver reference, kinda "move very fast" for a little bit
22:12:29 [
Noir] Oooh. Wouldn't it be written the other way? 60 seconds turns into 6 seconds?
22:12:50 [HustinSax] but as I said to Joan, its silver age rules, so even the Flash gets hit by whatever even tho technically he couldn't get hit
22:13:24 [HustinSax] Hmm, maybe, not great at math, lol
22:13:40 Renfield squints.
22:13:52 [Alexander‘] The user perceives time at 10 times a slower rate
22:13:53 Chaia screams the whole way down.
22:13:56 Chaia then splats.
22:14:08 [Alexander`] rip in peace Mags
22:14:18 Chaia rips in peace.
22:14:26 [Noir] That seems kinda counter-productive.
22:14:28 HustinSax imagines her farting now
22:14:42 [Renfield] Beat me to it.
22:14:55 [HustinSax] silent but deadly
22:14:56 Chaia ’s butt is sacred thankyouverymuch.
22:15:12 —Noir perches on top of chaia's head. squacks.
22:15:16 [Renfield] The Butts.
22:15:37 HustinSax worships the almighty buttocks… worshipped by Ass-tecs everywhere
22:15:48 Joan has titecks
22:15:55 Renfield points.
22:16:09 [Alexander‘] Like. Fry when he drinks 100 cups of coffee. He sees everything moving slow as hell, but he’s really just going that much faster
22:16:10 [Renfield] Oh look, hooters!
22:16:13 Renfield points at Noir!
22:16:16 [Renfield] :B
22:16:32 —Noir ruffles her owl boobs.
22:16:41 [Renfield] …It was,,,
22:16:45 [
Noir] LOL
22:16:49 [Renfield] Well that went the wrong direction.
22:16:52 [Noir] R IS FOR REGRET
22:16:56 [Renfield] Story of my lifffeeee.
22:16:57 [HustinSax] but still a hoot
22:17:03 [Renfield] /dramaticness.
22:17:08 [
Noir] badum tsss
22:17:14 [Renfield] R is for Ravaging!
22:17:16 [Renfield] …And Relish.
22:17:22 [HustinSax] R is for Rectum
22:17:29 [Noir] Oooh. So that kinda move is good for like, seeing something and dodging it. Gotcha.
22:17:33 [HustinSax] and Arrrr you glad it was a pirate reference?
22:17:43 [
Noir] Like oh hey it's really slow and I'm really fast.
22:17:44 [Silvan] (and Red rum.)
22:17:44 [Renfield] -_-
22:17:50 Renfield 's former name was 'R'.
22:18:01 Renfield just…took out the 'name mystery' this time.
22:18:02 [HustinSax] For team Rocket?
22:18:21 [
22:18:23 [HustinSax] I used to use initials… but then it seemed lame
22:18:37 [Renfield] Goddammit Noire, lookw hat you've done.
22:18:40 [Alexander‘] That’s because it is
22:18:40 Teon Listening to Joan, it appeared that she strangely didn’t want any trouble, which was odd from a target of Shibusen. Did she truly want to spare their lives or was she just confident that her abilities were enough to incapacitate them if she was pushed too far? Either way, her calm exterior didn’t sit right with him. The shot that rang out didn’t falter his stance and his soul strangely didn’t ripple as it divided the residual shockwave instead; Teon remaining o standby as he observed Sax’s opening offense. Considering that she was more experienced, he had no choice but to have her take the lead and he witnessed that experience in her form of attacks and movements. ‘She really doesn’t want trouble, but we can’t just let her be. She’s…wanted. I have to be ready for an opening.’ A sudden shift occurred beneath his sleeves as barrels protruded from the sides of his wrists.
22:18:48 Renfield used it for actual purpose IC/Story wise, not for the hey!
22:24:59 Joan How typical, the students and individuals who worked underneath Lord Death were annoyingly persistent. All they had to be told was: “Go find this person and beat them, bring them back so I can do whatever I want with them.” It was almost hard to believe that she had respect for such a person at one point in her life. That was all gone now, and she had no reason to look back. There was nothing left for her at the DWMA, only bitter emotions and disappointment. Another shot rang out, as Joan looked over at the woman – her body falling limp with her movements as the bullet would guide itself once more mirror inches away from her head. This cowgirl was getting a little frustrating, she shouldn't lose her cool however. She might overdo it and accidentally kill the woman, and that would make things all the worse for her. She would be all but ignoring the other individual who had flexed his spiritual presence moments ago; he was younger – she thought. She'd only need to teach him a lesson, ~
22:25:06 [Joan] but this other one seemed more hell bent on trying to shoot her. Which seemed fatal, all around. Another shot would bounce, slicing into her cheek a little and causing a small spray of blood to splatter along her face. Her pain had been numbed years ago, this was nothing. She'd swiftly duck into a nearby alley, beginning a sprint.
22:29:18 Silvan a thick sigh rolled from what he thought the only male. arms crossing as he didn't even bother giving chase inside his wrist and hand on his left arm melted into a bow, right with an arrow an took ar at Joan's back. Pulled back and let the arrow fly through the air with what could only be described as the speed of a rocket. "Troublesome, First time I meet people and first time i'm forced to shoot at someone…Twas i get for looking for people I suppose."
22:29:40 [Alexander‘] tK REALLY likes to Redlight on me
22:29:58 [Chaia] it’s just playing games to keep you interested, starly.
22:30:02 [Chaia] red light green light.
22:30:23 [Renfield] Stop, go, stop, go, go, stop!
22:31:20 [Noir] with your powers combined chaia is captain cougar man
22:31:38 [
22:31:46 [Chaia] LOL
22:31:55 [Renfield] …
22:31:59 [Renfield] That doesnt even rhyme
22:32:07 [Renfield] Should of been 'Ladies over four and zero'.
22:32:10 Renfield nods sagely.
22:32:13 [Chaia] clearly ren has never watched captain planet. D:
22:32:27 [Renfield] I have Goddammit!
22:32:29 [Alexander‘] EARTH
22:32:29 [Renfield] >_<
22:32:48 [Noir] all the different elements can just be different older ladies
22:32:51 [Alexander`] WIND. WATER. HEAAAAAAAART
22:32:59 [
Noir] heart is the milf
22:33:09 [Chaia] GIRTH. THIN. HOTTER. HAWWWWT.
22:33:09 [Alexander`] GO PLANET
22:33:15 [Noir] LOL
22:34:11 [Renfield] e_e
22:34:29 HustinSax gave it a brief moment’s thought as the woman took to the side alleyway and she saw the arrow going for Joan's back, the exit was cut off right? A sharp whistle as she called her steel ride from earlier as she jumped on it like a stepping stone for the higher vantage point with a whip CRACK sound as she got the last distance by wrapping around a gargoyle. Running as fast she could along the alleyway's path, she would TRY to drop down in front of Joan again, with her relative speed, assuming the other woman wasn't quicker than Sax. If was was there, the usual, tilt of her hat would be given, as her first revolver was empty, and the other hand went for the one at her side for the typical QUICKDRAW contest cow folk were famous for. Otherwise, the tilt of the hat was a respectful response to the fact Joan outran her.
22:35:04 —Noir sits on R's head and chirps.
22:35:29 Renfield pats the OWl.
22:35:31 [Renfield] …Hooter.
22:35:35 [Renfield] That is your new nickname.
22:35:39 Renfield nods sagely, again.
22:36:23 [HustinSax] such wisdom
22:36:34 [Teon] Kaepora Gaebora is a better name.
22:36:47 [HustinSax] Also enjoys Owlicious
22:36:50 [Renfield] Damn straight.
22:37:29 [Teon] Do you want to hear what I said again?
22:37:41 [Renfield] <_<
22:38:08 Chaia lol'd.
22:38:17 [Chaia] 'Cause you know… Rhetorical questions.
22:38:31 [Teon] http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0u4uwwbqM1r6rtjh.gif
22:39:42 [
Noir] Has anyone seen Wolf's Rain?
22:39:51 [Noir] There's a creepy ass owl in it, I feel like that'd be Alora.
22:39:57 [
Noir] ER
22:39:58 [Noir] NOIR
22:40:00 [
22:40:01 [Teon] Skip me. I'm too tired to keep posting.
22:40:12 [Noir] Alora is on Gaia >3>
22:40:57 [
Noir] not what i wanted to find but not disappointed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p-orKF8Zf4
22:41:22 [Renfield] Witch Owl, Owl Creep.
22:41:24 [Renfield] Perfect!
22:41:47 [HustinSax] Witch Owl… Harry Potter reference
22:42:39 [Renfield] Wasnt meant to be, bust as Nes says: "OK!"
22:45:52 [Noir] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYtldnVOHc0
22:46:25 [HustinSax] Hey Joan, next post will be my last as well
22:50:00 [Renfield] Joan of Arc…Or the Arc.
22:50:01 Renfield nods.
22:50:01 Collin‘ enters this room
22:51:06 [Joan] Yeah, it’s pretty late.
22:51:14 [Joan] We'll stop here
22:51:32 [HustinSax] alrighty, gonna resolve it as she outran then
22:51:50 [HustinSax] for the less rp lock option
22:52:01 [HustinSax] night all, been fun Joan, Teon, Silvan
22:52:14 [Silvan] mmkay then
22:52:15 [Silvan] Joooan
22:52:25 [Renfield] Rest well!
22:52:29 [Silvan] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAhKlSNL-3A
22:52:36 [Silvan] my ideal on your theme
22:52:52 Collin‘ fed so bad tonight. How are y’all keeping up?
22:53:19 [Joan] That's horrible
22:53:19 Renfield is quite gooood.
22:53:30 Renfield pats Collin', gives a…Roll(in').
22:53:42 [Silvan] Whaaaat
22:53:47 [Silvan] its a good song.
22:53:48 [
Noir] it's okay chaia feeds badly every night
22:53:56 [Chaia] …
22:53:59 [Chaia] D:
22:54:01 [Noir] hue
22:54:05 [Renfield] THE BAD FEELSSLSLLSSL.
22:54:05 [Chaia] huehue
22:54:07 [
Noir] c:
22:54:10 [Collin‘] Hue hue
22:54:10 Renfield table flips.
22:54:39 Chaia was sitting there, goes flying.
22:54:52 [HustinSax] I just listen to RWBY when there’s a combat scene.. rest in peace Monty
22:54:54 [Renfield] Why were you sitting on th-
22:55:01 [Renfield] …You know what? I dont think I wannt know.
22:55:03 [Renfield] You and your…
22:55:12 [Renfield] Good studious/work habits that involve tables!
22:55:16 [Renfield] >:/
22:55:19 [HustinSax] She likes the feel of hardwood
22:55:23 [Alexander‘] hah. I remember when I leagued
22:55:32 [Chaia] under my butt
22:55:38 [Noir] o0o0o0o
22:55:48 [Silvan] Ren.. you destroyed the yummy cake i put there :<
22:55:54 [Collin`] Smire not league, same idea though
22:56:10 Renfield had some in reserve, gives Sil his.
22:56:25 Chaia will just lie on the floor ’till Akane finally shows up.
22:57:15 [Alexander‘] Far as I’m concerned they are all pretty much the same game. But at least the popularily of MOBA crap forced Blizzard to make theirs. Which is decent enough
22:57:45 [
Noir] I played Smite with my exboyfriend's family like all the time.. his mom beat me all the time in it.
22:58:03 Renfield plays Steam games!
22:58:08 [Renfield] …Mostly strategy and RPG's.
22:58:14 [Renfield] OR a combo of the two.
22:58:24 Niiro tried Smite. Sucks at it.
22:58:37 [Noir] i play mlg sims
22:58:37 Teon plays fighters and racers
22:58:59 Renfield suks at MOBAS, tried LoL…Uninstalled it.
22:59:02 [Niiro] mom get the camera
22:59:13 [Collin‘] I normally play MMOs so Smite feels natural
22:59:21 Niiro needs to get back into Mahvel vs Capcom
22:59:38 [Silvan] I wish i could play stuff with people
22:59:44 [Silvan] thats why i came here..
22:59:52 Renfield is currently playing…Crusader Kings 2 and other PAradox games (outside of Victoria 2…Because FUUUUUCCCKKK that), on and off with 3DS RPGs and…Valkyria Chronicals.
22:59:52 [Alexander`] I played SC2 WoL. Might try Grey Goo. Original C&C goodness
23:00:00 [
Noir] I can’t wait until I either get my laptop fixed or a new one. I miss gw2. I just wanna play it u3u Or get back into ff14.
23:00:21 Noir had a msi gaming laptop. pooped out like 3 months after getting it.
23:00:29 [Renfield] Daw.
23:00:31 Renfield pats Hooter.
23:00:41 [Collin‘] Poor Noir
23:00:44 [
Noir] you make me feel like i need to show my boobs and serve chicken wings
23:01:03 [Chaia] oh dear.
23:01:05 [Niiro] Pff
23:01:07 [Noir] LOL
23:01:14 [Teon] I never understood that place.
23:01:26 [Teon] Went once and their chicken was terrible.
23:01:28 [Renfield] To bad you know…
23:01:30 [
Noir] There is a hooters in florida that has my baby picture hung up on the wall, no joke
23:01:31 [Renfield] I fucking left out the s!
23:01:34 [Renfield] >:/
23:01:37 Collin` likes boobs
23:01:39 [Niiro] People normally go for the girls. S’bout it.
23:01:40 [Alexander‘] i played GW for so long. I was in some pretty great Halls Winning guilds baha
23:01:46 [Renfield] …Although I MUST say..
23:01:50 [Teon] Most overcooked, dry shit I’ve ever tasted.
23:01:55 [Renfield] I am conflicted if making you 'feel' that way is a bad…or good hing.
23:02:00 Renfield rubs chin in thought at that.
23:02:05 [Noir] LOL
23:02:16 —Noir smacks r over the head with a raw fish.
23:02:32 [Niiro] NOIR NO
23:02:35 [Niiro] PUT NAMI DOWN
23:02:37 [
Noir] WGAT
23:02:47 [Renfield] Ack >_<
23:03:12 Renfield is at least honest!!!
23:03:15 [Teon] I report u.
23:03:16 Renfield nods proudly!
23:03:29 [Noir] ok guys lets rp a game of league
23:03:39 [Niiro] gg ez
23:03:41 —Noir afks at loading screen.
23:03:54 [Renfield] Can I motorboat whats their names chests?
23:04:01 Niiro reports whole team for feeding
23:04:02 [Renfield] <_<
23:04:03 Collin‘ DCs after BM-ing
23:04:10 Chaia breaks out the buffet.
23:04:15 [Niiro] brasil?
23:04:27 [
Noir] um y r u reporting me i am t h e best playur u feedur noob butt
23:04:39 [Chaia] 1v1 me scrub
23:04:46 [Noir] i main garen
23:04:47 [
Noir] fight me
23:04:47 Renfield does the thing everyone doesnt want himt o do, dies a lot.
23:04:49 [Renfield] I WIN!
23:04:49 Niiro rages after hitting 50 Teemo shrooms
23:04:56 Renfield runs around!
23:05:09 [Silvan] i played a pathfinder game based off LoL 6.6
23:05:16 [Silvan] twas interestin’
23:05:19 Chaia heatbutts fleeing enemies over walls.
23:05:29 Teon feeeeeeeeeeds
23:05:42 [Noir] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pi5x9LgBdMQ
23:05:47 Niiro throws out lantern for noone to grab
23:05:51 Silvan sets Noir on his head.
23:05:52 [
Noir] "my grandma just died" "well, she isn't going anywhere then"
23:05:58 Chaia builds boots first.
23:05:59 Collin‘ condecends you guys about not following the Meta
23:06:01 Noir squacks.
23:06:07 [Niiro] Omg I love that video
23:06:17 —Noir gives first blood to enemy turret.
23:06:29 [Niiro] NOW PUSH. PUUUUUUSH. "IT’S A BOY"
23:06:37 Chaia chooses Revive and CV for summoner spells.
23:06:38 [Renfield] I have no idea what I am doing!
23:06:41 Renfield runs in circles!
23:06:56 [
23:07:05 [Chaia] wgat
23:07:15 [Noir] my favorit
23:07:16 [Noir] chaia
23:07:18 [
Noir] league
23:07:29 [Noir] wanna play league
23:07:33 [Chaia] yes
23:07:41 [
Noir] u can have the family jewels
23:07:44 [Renfield] Fight me IRL FGGT!
23:07:45 Noir flexes as taric.
23:08:06 [Niiro] outrageous
23:08:10 [Chaia] truly, truly
23:08:57 [Teon] Been fighting people since I was 13 EYARS old!
23:09:00 Renfield will Gurilla warfare all the 8holes in his way to LoL stardumb!
23:09:25 [Niiro] Ha! Your name is Todd! No wonder you're so mad!
23:09:43 Alexander‘ blinks
23:10:23 Niiro pets R.
23:10:34 Chaia pets all the regret.
23:10:49 Renfield stops.
23:10:52 [Renfield] …Dafuq am I doing?
23:10:55 Renfield walks away!
23:11:12 [Silvan] ;-; can i league with you?
23:11:47 [Joan] Ah
23:11:49 [Joan] Got it, Joan’s theme
23:12:09 [Joan] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFLutNRJa0s
23:12:48 [Niiro] "If you want to fight me IRL, I'll give you adress after game. BUT BE WARNED! I. Do. Lift."
23:13:35 [Teon] Alguno habla espanol.
23:13:39 [Chaia] Yeah sure Silvan. :D
23:13:57 [Niiro] <B>NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!<B>
23:14:06 Niiro punched the / in place
23:14:13 [Silvan] o/
23:14:14 Collin‘ is gonna go wallow in his defeats and get some rest. TTYL mates.
23:14:32 Joan pushes Niiro to listen
23:14:34 Collin` exits from this room
23:15:04 [Renfield] Cant you see we’re busy being obnoxiously fake-trolling!?
23:15:12 [Renfield] What could be any more sacred!!!!????/
23:15:24 [Niiro] That'll do R. That'll do.
23:15:58 [Renfield] ._.
23:16:04 Renfield slumps.
23:16:34 Teon sits on Chaia
23:17:55 Chaia tickles Teon.
23:18:11 Renfield feels like a pig for some reason now, like, a literal pig…
23:18:21 [Alexander‘] <_<
23:18:27 [Renfield] One that just went through an amazing journey of herding sheep, and befirending dogs.
23:18:30 Renfield rubs chin.
23:18:36 [
Noir] silvan you joinin?
23:19:20 [Silvan] almost forgot
23:19:21 [Silvan] NOIR
23:19:26 [Silvan] I NEED THINE SKYPE
23:19:28 [Noir] WGAT
23:19:54 [
Noir] You needa go through Chaia, i’m on my phone and can't add
23:20:08 [Silvan] SO WE MIGHT HOOT AT EACHOTHER- okays
23:21:41 [Renfield] Hooter one, Hooter two.
23:21:42 [Renfield] …
23:21:46 [Renfield] ……Hooters.
23:21:49 [Noir] hoot
23:21:52 Renfield adjusts glasses.
23:22:18 [Renfield] Yes!
23:22:24 Renfield Captain Falcon thumbs up.
23:22:41 Joan looks smug
23:23:01 [Renfield] Smug as a rug that squished a bug without a handy tug?
23:23:59 Teon belatedly wiggles from the tickles.
23:24:23 [Joan] yes
23:25:06 Renfield offers a fistbump! "Here here!"
23:26:07 Joan throws Renfield!!
23:26:55 Renfield was thrown!
23:27:07 [Renfield] <B>I REGRET NOTHINNNNNNNG/B>!"
23:27:21 [Renfield] …EXCEPT THAT TAGFAIL!
23:27:24 [Renfield] /thump.
23:28:45 [Joan] oh
23:28:47 Joan zips up her shirt.
23:29:04 [Renfield] …?
23:29:09 [Renfield] o_o
23:29:26 Teon nibbles on a cupcake
23:29:50 [Alexander‘] yay Redlight City -_-
23:29:58 [Alexander`] Roommates are probably killing the connection tonight
23:30:27 [Renfield] :/
23:30:57 [Teon] Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao
23:31:07 [Renfield] Mooooonnnnspeak…
23:32:25 [Alexander`] Haaaaaaaaaaaaai
23:32:36 Alexander` smacks Teon "One MORE thing"
23:33:44 [Teon] Aiyah….
23:34:23 [Renfield] <_<
23:34:25 [Renfield] Y’all are silly.
23:35:27 [Alexander‘] Don’t. Correct. Uncle *Hits*
23:37:15 [Teon] Do reseaaaaaaaaaaaarch.
23:39:47 [Alexander‘] guess the cool kids club is too busy playing league
23:41:41 [Renfield] ._.
23:41:44 [Renfield] Possibly!
23:44:20 Teon has League, but never plays it
23:44:34 Renfield was never cool or int he middle to begin with, is always laaaaame.
23:44:53 [Alexander`] I play it occasionally
23:45:00 [Alexander`] It’s just such a boring game
23:45:39 [Teon] I played it once or twice; doesn't capture my attention that much.
23:45:57 [Teon] The hype is strong with it like WoW
23:46:40 [Alexander‘] Because it’s such an easy to access game. Casual players have more fun with it. Which means the community is very annoying and stupid
23:49:15 [Teon] Lol. I've had more fun playing DUST 514
23:52:03 [Alexander‘] well Today seems done. Tiiiiiiiiime to watch something and pass out
23:52:04 [Alexander`] nighhht
23:54:48 Renfield exits from this room
23:54:55 Alexander` exits from this room
00:17:56 [Joan] YUS
00:18:20 [Joan] I got a picture edit
00:41:24 Niiro claps
01:11:37 [Chaia] FUCK.
01:20:41 [Niiro] I’ve seen some shit.
05:15:00 Vilksen enters this room
05:15:13 [Vilksen] o/
06:10:33 [Vilksen] …..
06:28:30 Elita enters this room
06:29:23 Elita exits from this room
06:29:23 Elita exits from this room
07:03:25 [Vilksen] ..
07:24:13 [Vilksen] -_-
08:15:22 Vilksen rolls
09:11:27 Vilksen looks around.
09:17:28 Noir enters this room
09:21:39 Alexander‘ enters this room
09:21:45 Kyra` enters this room
09:22:42 Niiro enters this room
09:23:17 [Niiro] o/
09:23:49 [Chaia] \o
09:24:12 [Kyra`] o/
09:25:16 [Alexander`] Ayee
09:29:39 [
Noir] o/
09:33:22 [Teon] Heyo
09:34:03 [Vilksen] Hey o/
09:34:13 [Niiro] How’s everyone today?
09:34:41 [Chaia] goooooooooooood
09:35:25 [Alexander‘] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qMtsir0l9k&feature=youtu.be
09:35:28 [Alexander`] 11 minutes into this
09:35:37 [Alexander`] I think this is what losing your mind feels like
09:35:42 Malum enters this room
09:36:27 Vilksen is tired. Buts is up to Rp. :)
09:41:22 [Noir] before the video loaded i thought it would have been matthew mcconaughey from magic mike goin ’alright alright alrightttt'
09:41:58 [
Noir] are you okay LOL
09:43:00 [Alexander`] I am now
09:43:03 [Alexander`] not
09:43:30 Noir pats.
09:44:51 [Alexander`] I keep hoping he’s going to say something other than 'Alright'
09:44:57 [Alexander‘] But he just doesn’t
09:45:00 [Chaia] xD
09:45:40 [
Noir] That's the worst kinda hope.
09:49:34 Noir flails.
09:51:15 Malum enters this room
09:53:36 [Alexander‘] There goes tK
09:53:42 [Alexander`] Redlighting again
09:54:34 [Alexander`] HE FINALLY SAID IT AT THE VERY END
09:54:48 [
Noir] aren’t you glad you watched till the very end?
09:54:56 [Noir] a delightful way to spend 30 minutes.
09:56:45 [Alexander‘] My roommate walked past my room. Heard that. Popped his head in and was like "What the hell, Matt"
09:57:01 [
Noir] LOL
09:58:54 [Alexander`] p_q
10:04:46 Teon made the mistake of clicking the link…
10:05:50 [Alexander`] bahahahahaha
10:06:11 [Teon] I didn’t even think it was looped at first. I thought it was an outtake and he was purposely saying it over and over.
10:07:09 [Teon] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbdflriheIM Your roommate will like that.
10:08:09 [Alexander‘] I sure like it thus far
10:10:11 KnightOfWill enters this room
10:10:36 [Vilksen] o/
10:11:17 [KnightOfWill] Anyone play DragonAGe in here?
10:12:03 Vilksen played one
10:12:23 [Noir] I was having mixed feelings about getting the newest one.
10:13:26 [KnightOfWill] Hm the new one is good I just want to know what MLP is like
10:13:41 [KnightOfWill] It’s also harder than the first one lol
10:13:52 [Niiro] Wait….what does MLP have to do with Dragon Age?
10:14:01 [Teon] I only played the first.
10:14:58 [KnightOfWill] Multiplayer
10:14:59 [Chaia] the new dragon age is multiplayaaa
10:15:02 [
Noir] …my little pony?
10:15:15 [Chaia] no.
10:15:27 [Alexander‘] bahahahahahaha
10:15:31 [Alexander`] bahahahahahahahahahahaha
10:16:12 [Teon] -shudders-
10:16:37 [Teon] Just imagining it…
10:16:44 [KnightOfWill] Wish these kind of games came out when I was a teenager
10:16:51 [KnightOfWill] so I can just play them all day
10:17:05 [Vilksen] Misses ps2
10:17:43 [KnightOfWill] PS2 would have been better if they had Front mission 5 included
10:17:55 Teon has ps2
10:18:10 [Teon] And PS3 and a Nintendo 64
10:18:44 [KnightOfWill] PS3 bleh…
10:18:48 [KnightOfWill] N64 was good
10:19:41 [Noir] ohhhh my goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
10:19:43 [
Noir] im so hungry
10:19:57 [Teon] Eat something.
10:20:01 [Chaia] am about to go out to luuuuunch.
10:20:05 [Noir] ur not my dad u can’t tell me what to do
10:20:16 [
Noir] justkittens.
10:20:47 [Noir] there's like nothing here and every time we go grocery shopping we seem to be counterproductive in that
10:20:50 [Teon] -cracks belt- U talkin' back to me?!
10:20:56 [
Noir] D
10:20:57 Noir
10:21:01 [
Noir] D:
10:21:19 [Teon] How can you be counterproductive in the grocery store?
10:21:44 [Noir] WELL
10:21:50 [Teon] Whenever I go shopping, half of the inventory is gone. >_>;
10:21:51 [
Noir] we end up buying stuff like cupcakes and pokemon cards
10:22:02 [Niiro] Noir always manages t odo the impossible.
10:22:12 [Niiro] to do*
10:22:35 KnightOfWill exits from this room
10:22:43 [Teon] …I want a cupcake now…and a xy deck
10:22:45 [Noir] im kim possible and chaia is the naked mole rat and niiro is wade
10:23:03 [Kyra‘] WHo is ron?
10:23:08 [Teon] Speaking of cards, I need to think of a new Yugioh deck.
10:23:37 [
Noir] nobody ron is currently available, auditions start tomorrow
10:23:54 Chaia rolls around naked.
10:24:13 [Noir] oh my gosh i used to play magic and at my campus where everyone would play cards the yugioh and magic people would always fight with one another
10:24:23 [
Noir] over which game is better
10:24:32 [Niiro] https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/b1/a2/9c/b1a29cfc678803a270b5ab0b8310eb5d.jpg
10:24:40 [Teon] My college, EVERYONE plays magic and yugioh
10:24:47 [Noir] LOL NIIRO YES
10:24:50 [Teon] I don’t bother because their decks be OP.
10:24:50 [Chaia] lol
10:25:05 [Teon] LMAO
10:25:19 [Alexander‘] I played YuGiOh. I quit last year. Had an invite to Nationals and everything. bahaha
10:25:40 [Teon] http://40.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lqar6mBSrV1r1eamoo1_500.png
10:26:03 [
Noir] http://www.quickmeme.com/img/e3/e3627ad410fc32e931900ef7f0b6e5cf641ae291dac7fe51348db04d702823c1.jpg
10:26:24 [Teon] People kept saying that I should go to tournaments cause I somehow managed to take out more OP decks, lol
10:26:26 [Chaia] LOL
10:26:28 [Chaia] wtf.
10:26:59 [Noir] people at tournies get wayyy too into it
10:27:10 [Teon] Banishing and/or taking over their monsters for 1-2 turns.
10:27:18 [Teon] That’s why I never went.
10:27:34 [
Noir] i used to play yugioh back when i was like in middle school, and that is when i stopped. when tuners came around. because this kid jumped up and screamed and acted out snychro-summoning his monster.
10:27:50 [Noir] synchro*
10:27:54 [Teon] … .
10:28:10 Niiro could only imagine how hilariously awkward that was.
10:28:18 [
Noir] i've never been more petrified. i had no idea how to react.
10:28:29 [Noir] i felt like he was the real life yugi
10:28:47 [Niiro] Your ass was gonna get mind crushed
10:28:48 [Teon] Lmao
10:28:53 [Teon] Was his voice deep?
10:29:06 [Teon] Did he have spiky, gravity defying hair?
10:29:09 [
Noir] no he was like 12
10:29:22 [Noir] so imagine a super pitchy pre-puberty voice
10:29:22 [Kyra‘] I woulda countered his syncro-summon and made him cry >:L
10:29:50 [
10:30:00 [Noir] I ONLY HAD KURIBOHS
10:30:03 [Teon] I was able to cancel syncro summons…
10:31:53 [Teon] Everyone at my college relies on them or overlays.
10:32:25 [
Noir] yeah i pretty much only collect pokemon cards now
10:33:17 [Kyra`] I never really use Syncro anymore or Overlay
10:33:27 [Kyra`] If i do play I use other things ^^
10:33:47 [Teon] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyUluO-1vwY <—-that…..lol
10:34:07 [Alexander`] I played WinZekts when Fire Fists were big. Just Sat on Centipedes and Flies plussing all day long
10:36:26 [Kyra`] I use zombies ^^
10:39:25 [Teon] I used Lightsworn, Six Samurai, and Gem Knights.
10:44:11 Teon hopes something happens today
10:57:27 Malum enters this room
11:00:18 Teon waves
11:00:30 [Vilksen] o/
11:01:10 [Vilksen whispers to HustinSax] hey Hustin you there?
11:02:57 [Kyra`] The talent show is still happening
11:03:04 Meiri enters this room
11:03:08 [Kyra`] You all just randomly stopped rping last night
11:04:29 Malum enters this room
11:04:42 Malum yawns.
11:04:50 [Malum] The only talent I have is torturing things.
11:04:57 [Teon] Really? I thought it died.
11:06:22 Meiri curtsies
11:06:51 Kyra` Glomps and nuzzles Meiri
11:07:04 Vilksen bows to Meiri.
11:07:32 Teon nods to Meiri.
11:09:44 Meiri is tackled once more!
11:10:29 Vilksen wonders if anyone is up for a bit of Rp?
11:14:32 Malum leans on the wall and vomits profusely.
11:14:36 [Malum] I could rp soon.
11:15:29 [Vilksen] Ok
11:16:03 [Teon] Same.
11:18:13 Lucifer* enters this room
11:19:14 Lucifer* is Vilksen.
11:22:42 Lucifer* exits from this room
11:31:30 Malum was more than a little bloody at the current moment, with all that was going on he had a talent show of his own going. "And this goes here, this there.." H arranged the chipmunk corpses side by side in the little stage, tying invisible strings to them soon after. He hummed to himself as his white hair was flicked out of his eyes with a bloody hand. "Now for the lion.." The petrified cat began to hiss at Malum who lifted it up by it’s tail and placed it in the middle of the little arena with a frightened mouse as the gladiator. "Come on, give your audience a show!"" He prodded the cat with a finger and motioned to the dead birds he had sitting in tiny little bleachers he had made himself. He clapped and cheered as the cat instinctively jumped ont he mouse, tearing it limb from limb in it's own form of play. "Good! Good!" His eyes went from cat to mouse and settled on the cat which he grabbed up by the neck and held to his chest. "Such a good kitty."-
11:34:47 Malum - "The strong prey on the weak, right?" He cooed, holding the kitten up by it's belly, almost correctly. "My mother had three boys. Arachne was her name. Me and my brothers just wanted to live happily with mommy after Papa died. Asura was our dad's name, you see. Lord death didn't want us to be happy and he was strong so he PREYED ON THE WEAK, THAT'S HOW LIFE WORKS, RIGHT?" He asked before slamming the cat into the brick wall on his side over and over and over again. "Lord death killed my family! His meisters killed my weapons and brothers! YOU KILLED THE MOUSE AND I AM STRONGER SO I KILL YOU!" He laughed and tossed the carcass away from him, wiping his bloody hands on his pants before sighing and snapping his fingers. "What a pity…you died too fast. Now I'm bored." He began to walk away, leaving his circus and the mutilation behind to make it out into the main roads. He had yet to find a weapon, yet to infiltrate and now he had a mess to clean up before he went back to -
11:35:40 Malum - that god forsaken school. Malum's hair and eyes completely contributed to his mental state, at the moment they were glazing white and red, he was completely aware of his past and had nothing but murder and torture and pain on his mind, it would take a bit or a slap to the head for his hair to change along with his mentality into a harmless meister.
11:38:57 [Teon] SILENCE! I keel you.
11:39:22 [Malum] -Shoves Teon in the sandbox.-
11:39:47 Teon makes a sand fort.
11:42:01 Vilksen was sitting upon the courtyard of the school with Kina sitting across from him as he felt the wind blow past feeling it move through his hair and bringing with it a sweet scent. "Vilksen?" Kina asked as Vilksen opened his eyes and looked to Kina. "Yes Kina." Vilksen said as Kina put her hands together. "Are you alright?" Kina asked as she twirled a piece of her hair. Vilksen though was confused by her question before closing his eyes and sighing. "Yes I'm alright." Vilksen said lying to Kina. Vilksen wasn't alright because he even was afraid of the next battle with Ich if he were to lose them another life would be lost and he would blame himself for it. Vilksen then felt arms wrap around him and looked to see Kina was hugging him. As she did he began to pat her on the head. "Thank you." Vilksen said as he had a smile come across his face as he pushed his glasses back up.
11:52:22 Alexander‘ exits from this room
12:05:14 Ichabod enters this room
12:05:29 Teon A waste of time…it was all just a waste. Why did he even try—why did he even go to a place like that? Usually he had other things to occupy himself with and wanted to focus on improving his skill and making a difference and, even though a social event seemed fun, he questioned if it was the right choice to go to it. ‘Failed as usual. Probably bad luck from something…or maybe it’s fate telling me something.’ A sigh escaped through his parted lips as he cast his sights upward toward the skies in thought “You’re an embarrassment! Why do you even exist?! You’re never going to amount to anything with that stupid mindset of yours” The words of his father’s berating echoed through his mind, but it just wasn’t his father as his mother took part in it as well. “We accept nothing less than success. One mistake just proves how insufficient you really are—look at your siblings! Have they made mistakes?!” Running a hand through his hair, the young weapon groaned to himself. »
12:05:34 Teon » “I need a snack. Probably should have gotten something at the school.” A loud growl rumbled from his stomach and sent shivers through his person from how loud it was. He must really be hungry to be surprised by his own hunger. However, he heard something peculiar and his curiosity got the best of him, which lead him to walking toward the origin of someone shouting to see someone walking onto the main road in front of him; a glance made toward the direction the stranger came from to see a significant amount of mutilation. What happened there? Should he notify someone? Could he deal with this himself? Was the person walking away responsible? “Hey, what happened?” Calling out to Malum, he crossed his arms to place on a confident façade that covered the fact that he was nervous as hell.
12:13:02 Malum dripped blood from his hands, his face, his clothing and only more was to come as he picked at the stitches on his lip. He stumbled and staggered, his white hair pushed behind his ear when he heard someone calling out to him. "Mmm? Someone is calling me?" He didn’t turn around, he instead bended backwards far enough to break someone of normal lineage's back and stared at Teon upside down. "What does he want?" His hands came over his face, pushing his stoic expression into a smile as he twisted around and finally turned to face him. "What do you want?" His fingers began to twinge and he drug his hand up his shirt to pull out a dagger from it's holder on his chest. "You saw…you saw, right?" He whispered, dragging himself forward with tears in his eyes. "I hate killing people but you saw, I have to kill you now so just stay still, okay?" He giggled and rushed forward, his dagger being gripped in one hand and backed with the other. On his way to stab Teon his hair -
12:14:35 Malum - changed from white to black and his eyes snapped to purple which left him gasping and falling to the ground, the dagger clattering out of his hand and splaying across to Teon's feet. Malum coughed and landed on his face in the dirt, regaining himself only to shake his head and look up at Teon with a confused expression. "Who are you?" His eyes went to the dagger and he let out a little whimper, pushing off and away from Teon while staring at him with fear. "Please, don't hurt me."
12:20:24 Lota enters this room
12:20:50 [Vilksen] o/
12:21:04 [Lota] Malum another villain?
12:22:06 Vilksen heard from the wind voices very faint but there. He stood up with Kina as he sensed the two souls and made his way down the long stairs and Kina transformed and he saw the boy with another. One was on the ground bloody while the other stood with a dagger at his feet. "Stop whatever you are doing." Vilksen said as he stood in a battling stance and looked to Teon. Kina in her weapon form looked to Malum. "Are you ok are you hurt?" Kina asked as Malum would see her in the glove speaking to him. "State your name." Vilksen said as he stared at Teon.
12:22:13 [Malum] Oh hunny, I was the main villian when the rp started a looooong time ago.
12:22:40 [Malum] Me and Creprum and Obscurum.
12:23:13 [Lota] Oh god those three again
12:23:20 [Lota] This isn't even the same RP, or did you re-join?
12:23:27 Chaia enters this room
12:23:35 [Malum] Clearly I rejoined.
12:23:42 [Kyra‘] wb
12:23:47 Teon grins.
12:24:11 [Chaia] thanke kyrabby
12:24:18 [Lota] So now we’ve got three spearate villain groups
12:24:28 [Vilksen] Hey Chaia. *gives her a cookie.*
12:24:40 Chaia devours said cookie.
12:24:51 [Teon] Don't know if they really qualify as groups yet.
12:25:03 [Teon] Anyway -goes to post-
12:28:26 [Lota] Well there's the plot group, there's Ichabod, and now the three loverboys.
12:28:40 [Malum] Loverboys?
12:29:10 [Lota] Yeup.
12:29:23 [Malum] I have no idea who they are.
12:29:35 [Malum] Because Crep and Obs are dead.
12:29:54 [Lota] Oh really? Huh.
12:30:16 Lota ponders if Malum is worth the trouble of trying to recruit.

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