2nd Generation Characters

This is the list of current and active characters playable in Epitome City.

¤ (OOC Alias on OpenRPG)
[-] Character, linking to their sheet. One-line description.
[-] Character, linking to their sheet. One-line description.

If the character has an x within the brackets, there is an issue that needs addressing.
If the character has an o within the brackets, it is approved and available for play.

All characters below this point are characters from previous incarnations of the game, and only here as references, if people wish to reuse their characters. These are not legal characters.

¤ Adran
[o] Kinetix

¤ Amalkamis
[o] Trever

¤ Archie
[o] Ward Cambell
[o] Dina (Frankie approved)

¤ Ashton
[o] Damien Frost

¤ Avarna
[o] Tonla Kal'ni-Ra
[o] Annysia

¤ Choco
[o] Candace Hart - Shapeshifting Sidekick
[o] Gabriel Cobain - aka "Paladin 13" an agent of higher powers.

¤ Drazel
[o] Zachariel

¤ Flynn
[o] Kevin Wong (Jujun)
[x] The Minotaur

¤ Frankie
[o] Kevin Lauchester

¤ Frogg
[o] Galaxi Stella (Jujun)

¤ Gruegirl
[o] Dizzy

¤ Heather
[o] Aurieana (Frankie Approved)
[o] Heather

¤ Hypocritique
[o]Karl (Frankie Approved)
[o]Erika (Frankie Approved)

¤ Iratus
[o] Velvet

¤ Jenna Queen
[o] Jenna Queen
[o] Samantha Braddock

¤ John
[x] Tank (Jujun) (Frankie - Not accepted until Further Notice.)
[o] Rhazul

¤ Johnreaper21
[o] Alexandercorvan (Jujun)

¤ Jujun
[o] Jujun
[o] The huntress

¤ Kadath
[o] Yukon m2as5

¤ Kain
[o] Derek Myers
[o] Reptilia

¤ Kally
[o] Elle

¤ Kana
[o] Cynth (Jujun)

¤ Kask
[o] James Shanks

¤ Kyri
[o] Omni

¤ Laertes Ursus
[o] Absolute Zero
[o] Will

¤ Lana
[o] Valerie

¤ Longhair
[o] Grace
[o] Nix

¤ Meat
[o] The Engineer

¤ N
[o] Suzuka
[o] Victoria (Jujun)

¤ Nalei
[o] Naya
[o] Roesary

¤ Nayomi
[o] Charmeine
[o] Athena

¤ Neko Alicia
[o] Nilheeya T'lesel

¤ Nizhoni
[o] Shadow Cat

¤ Nyx
[o] Alexander

¤ Pip
[o] Myth
[o] Sapphire (Jujun)

¤ Riggs
[o] Sarah Hale

¤ Rusty
[o] Alex Crowley

¤ Sara
[o] Kayla (Frankie Approved)

¤ Sayge
[o] Naomi
[o] Afterthought

¤ Selena
[o] Sarita
[o] Aneles

¤ Shigeo

¤ Shinrar
[o] Alden

¤ Silver
[o] Silver
[o] Lauren (Frankie Approved)

¤ Soul
[o] Jason Massanova

¤ Takuto
[o] Zerimiah (Jujun)

¤ Tark
[o] Paul

¤ Thanos
[x] Faith
[o] Aaron

¤ Unicorn
[o] Action Frank
[o] Aisling

¤ Violetta
[o] Sybell Bell
[o] Alicia Hairn

¤ Voiden
[o] Voiden (Jujun)

¤ Xel
[o] Warlord (Jujun)

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