Quicksilver said yes to shifting Attack focus to Attack Special
Took part in Kask's event. 2PP
Carnival of Fear set up .5pp
RP 5/5/11 1.25pp
Frankie's event 2.5pp
Kask's followup event 2 pp
Rp 5/9/11 -hart .25pp
RP 5/9/11 - heather .50pp
Event 5/10/11 -Quick silver GMed 1.5pp
RP 5/11/11 -Samantha,Crudix 1.25pp then just Samantha for .75pp
5/12/11 Quicksilver said i can change 4 pps from attack focus to something else
5/16/2011 1700-1900 Samantha. and ward, 1.0pp
5/16/2011 1930-2300 Samantha, valicent, others 1.25
5/17/2011 1700-2000 Samantha, hart, others 1.5
5/20/2011 Samantha, Zemirah, Gabe 2.5 pp

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