Alicia Hairn

Character sheet
AGE: 21

Another contribution to the 'rich asshole' section of Epitome, Alicia Hairn represents the newest generation of the old Hairn family. The Hairns have had a bit of a history of interbreeding with demons along their long and somewhat sordid history, with children like Alicia being the result of such a union. Her mother, an unmarried woman, had summoned a demon(an onii of the incubi persuasion) and mated with it to produce a child. As such, Alicia could almost be considered to be a succubus all of her own. That said, her human side tempers her body's needs and prevents her from acting like a proper monster, although her appetites are often vast, and she spends much of her time at least slightly drunk.

A student at the local college and a part time worker at a bar in a nightclub, Alicia seems to take her time really finding a proper occupation. Of course, with the job she has and the people she meets through school, her appetites have more than enough to be sated. Her grades are so so, and her work at the bar is half spent outside of it.

Her demonic traits are something easily missed to the uninitiated. However, regardless of effort put into her figure, she looks very fit for someone her size, the definition of muscle tying in very well with her feminine curves. However, should she decide so, she can take on any series of demonic traits, calling from either her onii parentage, or some of the more traditional demons. That said, she generally doesn't, unless she feels it would only help her situation.

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