Amelia Ashamandi

Character Sheet

AGE: 40

Amelia Ashamandi. Lamia. Shopkeeper in De Lassan, a moderately sized town outside of the capital city of Resshad, the seat of Ni'Varia's empire in her homeland. The lamia quite enjoyed life under the succubus' rule, despite the odd ruling here or the really high taxes… well… everywhere. But there was little need for any such things, as long as she was able to procure the reagents for her creations, being a resident expert in magical artifice. Being that she was living on the land of a magical tyrant, she would often see adventuring parties traveling through her town for some end or another. More often than not, she sees them off with a smile, and a few untaxed platinum richer.

However, that was all brought to an abrupt end when one group of adventurers ended up seeking shelter within her atelier for a night, paying her decent coin. She woke up to find her shop in ruins and her tenants swamped in the bodies of Ni'Varia's men. With little else to do at this point, considering that she was now just as much a criminal by association, she joined the party, and offered them her services at a discount as they marched on the capital and attempted to strike down Ni'Varia on her throne. The succubus and her guard proved to be a difficult fight, one that ended with both sides lying strewn about the floor, paralyzed, unconscious, dying, or dead, with the succubus and the lamia tied in a magical duel as each tried to pile on more power than the other to end the battle for good. Both had large reserves to draw from; Amelia having the stamina inherent in her race, while the succubus had her demonic reserves, almost equally as inexhaustible.

Once the both of the combatants were at their limit, an unexpected side effect occurred, caused by the strange mix of demonic magic and the lamia's strange brand of motion alteration. The two together somehow created a rift, pulling all present through it into parts unknown. If the lamia awakens, she will vow to find the party she had joined, having grown attached to them during her time with them, find the succubus, and make things right.

Amelia is a breed of lamia often round in the desert or other warm, sandy or rocky areas. Her voice carries a slight accent to it and her skin is slightly tanned from her time out in the sun. She shows a fondness for jewelry and accessories, and has found a liking for modern fashion, despite her inability to wear anything below the waist other than skirts, with a bit of practice. In fact, if one were to avoid seeing her copious snake tail, she could pass as a human around her twenties, albeit one with pointy ears.

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