Gang of throw away npcs fuck up downtown (Galgaliel or his son may come to help if pcs need it)

** Gang member escaped or the tech some used are traced back to Strategic Technology Initiative

STI is broken into by Elijah and Hamael to steal nanotech for omfg big bad zuriel.

Traps are laid and stuff.

Make PCs use skills

School attacked by Hamael,Elijah,Nathaniel AND Galgaliel to kidnap a were, angel, or demonic type character for experimentation.

Investigation people might discover the source.

(1-3 Events)
Zuriel finishes her breakthrough for her absolution plan, a nano virus which unleashed will rewrite all 'normal' human dna to remove disease and 'perfect' their genetic code. It also will remove all desire to fight or any sort of conflict. This may take more than one event but hints will be dropped for the pcs to go after her. She plans on unleashing it in EC on a limited basis for testing. The pcs will find the aftermath of one of these tests, Galgaliel's mortal son will be a victum.

PCs may convince galgaliel to aid them but ham will kill him.

The Demon Dice Gang
Tasha d20
John d12
Wendy d10
Bertha d8
Kevin d6

Accompanying every save and attack roll is the corresponding dice, when they max roll they get the following bonuses

d20 = +5
d12 = +4
d10 = +3
d8 = +2
d6 = +1

Friendly NPCs:
Cpl. John Murphy
Dr. Anna Walters


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