Abilities 42+ Skills 23 ( 92 Ranks) + Feats 15 + Powers 32 + Combat 8 + Saves 0 = 120pp

(Stats based on being Tiny sized)
Real Name Annysia
Height 11 In
Weight 4lb,
Eyes Blue
Hair Brunette

PL 8 ( 120 pp)

Abilities: str 2, dex 26, con 10, int 16, will 16, cha 24,
Feats: Well Informed, Attractive, Evasion, Hide in plain sight, Jack of all trades, Ritualist, Set-up, Improvised Tools, Facinate (sing), Dodge Focus (2), Distract, Luck 3,
Skills: Bluff (8+5=15), Knowledge (Arcane Lore) (8+3=11), Disable Device (8+3=11), Escape Artist (8+8=16), Investigate (4+3=7), Gather Information (8+5=15), Notice (8+3=11), Search (8+3=11), Perform: Sing (8+5=15), Sense Motive (8+3=11), Sleight of hand (8+8=18), Stealth (8+8+8=24),
Stun 8 (sleep) Sleep Dust (16PP) (DC 18)
Flight 4 Wings, (8PP) (innate) (( 100 MPH))
Shrink 8 (8PP) (down to Tiny)

Combat: +2, Grapple -6
Defense 18 (14 flat-footed),
Init +8
Saves: Toughness +0, Fortitude +0 Reflex +8 Will +3

History: Annysia is from the magical realm. After having a disagreement with her parents over how a proper young Pixie should behave she left in a huff. As she played in the forest she came across a portal and still feeling very rebellious she ventured though it without a second thought. Only to find out it had dumped her in Epitome City.

Weekly PP gain: 2

Annysia showed up in Ward's apartment, and after causing much trouble for the magician disappears into the vents of the apartment. The next day Ward and Annysia seem to come to terms, before Suzaku and Jane come home and all new sources of mischief are explored. (1 PP)

In an effort to give himself a few days of respite, Ward purchases and assembles a large dollhouse for Annysia to occupy She immediately moves in and makes herself at home even going so far as to model the new (barbie) clothing purchased for her (.5 pp)

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