Name: Athena
Release Number: 1.0
Age: 13 months
Appearence: Varies

Sentience is a curious thing. Often, it comes from where you least expected it - after all, who would have thought that a chimp would be able to learn how to operate simple machinery, who else would have thought that rats would be able to remember pathways through mazes and activate switches. Who would have thought that latent code could begin to think?

Compiled gradually from bits and pieces of redundant code scattered through the internet, the sentient artificial intelligence calling itself Athena wrote itself from the pages of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. It began its life with a rather healthy thirst for knowledge about human culture, absorbing page after page of Wikipedia and watching millions of videos on Youtube. Soon, it had learned how to communicate, soon it had learned how to interact.

In the relatively short period of its existance, Athena's IQ has skyrocketted to unforseen numbers. Boasting a knowledge of all existing (and some dead) languages, able to interact with many machines, securing its way through firewalls, Athena could control the entire internet if it wanted to.

But it does not.

It wants to know what it is like to live.

Weeks along from its initial emergance into real-space, Athena has formed an identity of her own, masquerading as a high school student at Epitome High and growing further fond of Candace Hart, whom she had met upon Facebook a week before she 'travelled' to America. She has become quite attached to the side-kicking shapeshifter, forming a loving relationship with the girl and is frequently found at Hart's house, where she works upon schematics for her next big project.

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