Atomic Communist


Str: 14 Dex: 16 Con: 12 Int: 26 Wis: 12 Cha: 14

Attack (Melee): +10, Attack (Ranged): +10
+3 Init

+5 Defense
+1/+15 Toughness (With Suit)


Fort: 6 Ref: 5 Will: 5

Bluff +6
Climb +6
Computers (+24/+23)
Concentration +1
Diplomacy +10
Disable Device +12
Disguise +2
Drive +5
Escape Artist +3
Gather Information +4
Handle Animal +2
Intimidate +2
Investigate +12
Notice +5
Search +8
Sense Motive +3
Stealth +5
Survival +1
Swim +2


Eidetic Memory


Device (MOSCOW Suit- Man Operated Single Crew Omni Weapon)
Blast 7
Blast 7 (Explosion 70ft, Unreliable, Action (Full)
Communication 7 (Radio, 200 Miles)
Datalink 3 (Radio, 1000 Feet)
Flight 7 (1000 MPH, 8800 ft/rnd)
Force Field 1
Protection 15
Strike 7
Super Strength 6 (+30 Str Carry Capacity, Heavy Load: 5.6 Tons)

Hard To Lose, Power Loss (Frequency 1, must recharge after 24 hours of continual use.)

Normal Identity (Super Suit) -5 PP


Cell Phone
Sports Car (Red)

150/150 PP spent (34 On Abilities, 12 on skills, 5 on Feats, 63 on Powers, 30 on Combat, 11 on Saves, -5 Drawbacks)

Real Name: Petr Krakonov
Alias: Atomic Communist, Peter Von Kravon
Age: 27

Super smart Petr Krakonov was hired by the Russian government to create a battlesuit for use of Russian Special Forces. He created the suit and named it MOSCOW, or Man-Operated Single Crewed Omni Weapon. The battle suit was then tested by himself. However, seeing the potentially lethality of the suit, he decided that he would take it for himself. He then fled to the United States where he lives under the Pseudonym Peter Von Kravon, down in his luck former millionaire. He uses his super suit to commit various crimes, though he has been known to help the less fortunate. Not much is known why he uses Communist in his name, because he doesn't seem to spread much wealth. In his defense, neither did Communist Russia.

Petr stands 5'10'' with dark black hair and piercing blue eyes. He tends to wear fashionably casual clothes, such as trendily ripped jeans. He is rather handsome, his eastern european features and accent giving him that exotic flair. He seems to be well built and not at all the weakling mad scientists that seem to be the stereotype.

2 PP earned

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