heading level 1 Auriel

True Name: Auriel
Public name: Aurieana Ivanova
Race: Angelic?
Age: apparant 18-22, (variable)
Sex: Female

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Short Description:

Upon laying eyes upon the eternal beauty of this angelic figure, one would feel at once a sense of awe… and of dread. In spite of porclean skin, unmarred and more perfect than a photo-op plus extensive airbrushing… she radiates an aura of unease to anyone human.

She is tall, over six feet, and her body is somehow both slender yet powerful at the same time… superhumanly so. Of course, all of this would most easily be seen if one were to see her body when it -isn't- clad in full body plate mail armor that is a blue-steel shade, inscribed with glyphs that are always aglow… inscriptions in latin and greek coat her armor.

Everpresent on her angelic form is an over-large longblade equally imbued with artistry, the blade -looks- like it needs two hands to wield, but Auriel wields it as if it were a feather in one hand… woe to one who tried to lift it's prodigious weight by human means alone…


Auriel awoke one foggy night, in an alleyway… the pavement under her shattered under her back, in a small crater. She rose to find herself having no memory of herself beyond her name, and an inkling of her nature, gleamed from her armor and sword glyphs and inscriptions, all of which are about punshing the unjust and protecting the weak and downtrodden.

The next morning there was a gang of criminals found broken and bleeding inside of a ravaged convenience store they had tried to rob. The owner seemed terrified, saying an angel stopped them… a terrible, terrible angel of God.

She now finds herself drawn to Epitome City… where her heart seems to lead her… there is much, much evil here…

It wasn't long, however, before she noticed a nagging emptiness inside of herself… something wasn't right… she felt… she felt -alone-… and even her sense of purpose did not fill this empty place… As she added the solution to this emptiness to her to-do list, she looked down at the local whorehouse down below… sin an decadence at its finest… she saw a prostitute hooking a john… and in moments the two were in a dark alcove, playing to their own dark desires… fixated Auriel watched with unblinking eyes…

The next morning, the pair were found quite dead.

Aurieana, however, had seen the one sin… and to her confusion… found herself jealous of it's bounty… that was two months ago…
Auriel has changed since that night… and perhaps not for the better.

Her piercing and cold sapphire-blue eyes regard anyone with an aloof disdain, often the only true portals to her emotions, as she is curiously lacking body language recognizable to all but the most keen eyes.

But one would not consider her -angelic- if they weren't to witness the woman's blindingly snow white wings in use: a wing span fully her own height in each direction, sprouting from just between her shoulderblades, the majestic plumeage ripples with powerful muscles… yet even under all this mass and armor, she seems to walk as softly as a breath of wind across the ground… that is, until she feels like abasing herself with gravity properly…


Alternate: Her less auspicious form is identical to her normal self minus the wings, the armor, and the sword is little more than a pendant attached to a silver-blue chain necklace about her slender neck… she seems to have lost a lot of her height, standing at only 5'9", she retains her limited expressions and maintains her flawless beauty… but that aura of unease is quite gone, and one might be able to notice the soft curves of her athletic body beneath a tight olive-drab leather jacket, which zips all the way up to her chin. Her pants are oddly enough tight-fitting camo materiel and pattern, woodland, with a few loose pockets for utility. She sports this garb in any weather and location, almost all of her body covered but her hands, and her still beautiful face. Her blonde hair falls down in a shimmering blonde cascade across her back, stopping between her shoulderblades, a marked difference over her angelic form, which has her hair well past her waist.

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