Effect: Shapeshift
Action: Standard
Range: Personal
Duration: Sustained
Save: Will
Cost: 4
Flaws: Limited to listed traits (-1), Uncontrolled (-1), Concentration Check (-1), Standard Action (-1)

You have 5 power points per rank in this power to apply to mutations you gain. You may roll D20 on the Mutation Table a number of times equal to your rank in this power, or until you make a roll you do not have enough points left to gain the ability normally, and gain the abilities rolled. Any mutation you gain typically comes with a significant physical alteration as well. This power includes the Uncontrolled flaw, since the GM has control over what powers you gain. This power also includes the Involuntary Transformation drawback, requiring you to make a Concentration check or Will Save to willingly transform, or to maintain the form or resist transforming respectively, should the GM decide to trigger the power or turn it off. It is also common for a player to buy some of the mutations they gain so they can have them more permanently. In this case, you gain the power in your normal form. It should usually have Limited to while in mutated form (-1) on it, but it is not necessary if you can justify having the power available without activating all of your mutations. Any trait gained with this power is considered Innate. You cannot gain more powers than twice your Meta-Mutation rank. If you would, you must either give up the new power, or give up an old one. To build a custom Mutation table, see the bottom of this document.

Extras: Affects Others (+0/+1), Controlled (+3), Rage (+1), Contagious (+1), Disease (+2) (Contagious and Disease versions both typically include a Side-Effect of some sort)
Feats: Feral
Flaws: No Powers (-1), Permanent (-0), Tiring (-1)

Feral: When you use this feat, you may choose to take a penalty to a mental trait to gain 2 points per point reduced to spend on Mutations, and can make an additional roll. Since this power is usually Uncontrolled, the GM may choose to use this to give you extra powers. This can cause you to become very animal-like in behavior if your trait is reduced enough. This feat can be activated up to 3 times per day (any more and the forced transformation is too stressful on the body within that time period), and you can gain up to 10 points from one use of this feat. You recover lost points at a rate of 1 per 20 minutes. You can take this feat multiple times, each additional time increasing the number of uses of this feat by one.

Mutation Table

D20 Physical Description Game Effect
1 Horrific Appearance +6 bonus to Intimidate checks (2 features)
2 Predatory Claws Claw Attack, Mighty Damage 1 (2 points)
3 Enhanced Senses +2 bonus to Notice checks and checks involving tracking. (1 feature)
4 Suction cups on hands and feet +4 bonus to Climb checks and +1 bonus to grapple checks (2 features)
5 Slimy +6 bonus to Acrobatics (or suitable alternative) checks to escape grapples or bindings (2 features) and using Acrobatics untrained (if you don’t have it, 1 feature)
6 Thick, warty or scaly hide +1 Toughness save (1 point)
7 Supernatural agility +2 Dexterity (2 points)
8 Poisoned Fangs Bite Attack, (Str) damage, poison (See below for explanation) or re-roll
9 Bulging Muscles +2 Strength (2 points)
10 Supernatural Reflexes Improved Initiative as a bonus feat (1 point)
11 Powerful Legs +4 bonus to Jump checks. (1 feature)
12 Enlarged Eyes Low-light vision or re-roll (1 point)
13 Spines Automatically deals +1 damage per round while grappling or being grappled. (4 points per level, 1 level)
14 Multiple rows of teeth Bite attack, Mighty Damage 1 (2 points)
15 Chameleon Skin +4 bonus to Stealth checks. (1 point)
16 Swift-Footed +10 ft. speed (1 Feature)
17 Unnatural Size Gain 2 ranks of Growth (3 points per level)
18 Stunted Growth Gain 2 ranks of Shrinking (1 point per level)
19 Acidic Blood When damaged by a slashing or piercing weapon, the attacker suffers +1 acid damage. (4 points per level, 1 level)
20 Hyper-mutant Roll twice more, re-rolling any 20s. Alternatively, roll on Power Table.

Poisoned Fangs: The closest conversion for this ability that I can think of is the following: Mighty Damage +0 (Bite), Drain Con (Poison (+1) (Cost 2 per level +1 feat), Power Rank equal to half the power level of the user + Con bonus) This means that a rank 8 character is guaranteed to have rank 4 Poison, and if they have a Con bonus, it will get even stronger, representing their bodies natural ability to generate a more potent poison. The Mighty Damage effect represents a linked damage effect, rather than an additional effect, linking your unarmed damage with any effects you have that increase Bite damage and inflicting that much damage when you inject the poison into the person.

Power Mutation Table

D20 Power Game Effect
1 Morph Gain 2 ranks of Morph or re-roll (1-3 per level)
2 Blast Gain 4 ranks of Blast, applying only appropriate descriptors for your character, or 2 ranks of blast with Area or re-roll (2 or 3 per level)
3 Super-Senses Gain 2 ranks of Super-Senses (1 per level)
4 Super-Movement Gain 1 rank of Super-Movement or re-roll (2 per level)
5 Alternate Form Gain 4 ranks of any Alternate Form or re-roll (5 per level)
6 Density Gain 3 ranks of Permanent Innate Density (3 per level)
7 Extra Arms or Legs Gain up to 2 rank of Permanent Innate Additional Limbs. You may choose an additional Feat or Extra for it or re-roll (1 per level)
8 Viral Gain (half your power level) ranks of one of the following: Drain <Ability>, Fatigue, Nauseate, Confusion, or Paralyze. Rank +1 per Con Bonus. Bite or Scratch to infect. May have Poison, Disease, and/or Contagious, or applicable poison/disease effects or re-roll (varies)
9 Strike Gain 4 ranks of Mighty Strike (unarmed), or 2 ranks of Mighty Strike as a weapon or with extended reach/thrown or re-roll (1 per level + 1 feat)
10 Super-Speed Gain 1 rank of Super-Speed, and 1 appropriate power feat (5 per level)
11 Leaping Gain 3 ranks of Leaping (1 per level)
12 Super-Senses Gain 2 ranks of Super-Senses or re-roll (1 per level)
13 Spines Gain 2 ranks of a Damage Aura or re-roll (4 per level)
14 Matter-Eater Gain ranks of Matter-Eater equal to half your Power Level + your Con bonus. May gain Stomach Storage extra, or Matter-Spitter power. See below or re-roll
15 Concealment Gain 2 ranks of Visual Concealment with Blending (-1) and Passive (-1) or re-roll (2 per level)
16 Control Gain 3 ranks of 1 type of Control (Move Object) power, and 2 appropriate Alternate Power feats or re-roll (2 per level + 2 feats)
17 Growth Gain 4 ranks of Growth (3 per level)
18 Shrinking Gain 4 ranks of Shrinking (1 per level)
19 Flight Gain 2 ranks of Flight with Gliding (-1) or re-roll (1 per level)
20 Hyper-Mutant Roll twice more, re-rolling any 20s. Alternatively, roll on Mutation Table
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