Character Creation And Rules


  • The Gentle(wo)man's agreement - You agree to play well with others when joining this site, both IC and OOC, in roleplay and rollplay.
  • Persistant World - Epitome City is always running, and something could potentially always be happening within it. Events and stories can be run at any time, and you can interact with others at your leisure.
  • All characters must be approved before being played. If your character has not been approved, do not go IC with that character yet.
  • Lethal Damage - Player Characters can not choose to inflict lethal damage instead of nonlethal. You must knock someone unconscious, as per the rules, before inflicting Lethal damage. NPC's, however, can do lethal damage to you as they please.
  • Death If you're killed by another PC (Not a GM), you lose 1 PP. This loss can't reduce you below the amount of PP you created with. You recover from Death to the Dying condition after 1 day in real time, and must recover from that condition normally thereafter, unless you're aided by someone with a power. You can alternatively choose to recreate, making a new character with half the PP gained since creation from the prior character, to be added to the new character. The extra PP does not add to the minimum at creation (and can be lost by future deaths), and is calculated after the -1 PP.
  • Characters - You can have a maximum of two characters. You can't play more than one character at a time.
  • Replacing Characters - You can only remake 1/month
  • Hero points aka Victory Points- Hero points cannot be used in pvp, and only certain aspects of luck control can be used in pvp. The luck feat can only be taken 4 times.


  • EC uses Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition, Core book only. You can find it by CLICKING HERE
  • Powerlevel 10, 150 Powerpoints aka Character points to start, maximum Trade-off of Attack/Save and Dodge/Toughness of 5. These trade-offs are global, not on a per-attack basis. You can exceed these caps with feats (Power Attack, All-out Attack), but can not stack feats to get multiple of the same bonus (can't use Power Attack and All-out Attack together to increase your damage with both, only one or the other). The average of your saves (Fort/Ref/Will) can not exceed the PL.
  • Drawbacks have a cap equal to Starting PP/10. You can take more than that in Drawbacks if you wish, but anything beyond the cap doesn't give you extra points.
  • Ranked Feats have a cap equal to the Powerlevel of the game. Ranked Skill Feats (and feats that directly relate to skills, ala Fearsome Presence) have a cap equal to the PL+5.
  • Hero Points can't be used in PvP. This means you can't use a Hero Point when attacking another player to improve your attack roll, recover, or do anything else to help or hinder yourself or your opponent. The only exception to this is the Luck power.
  • Alternate Power - Can only be added as a power feat to 2 powers, and can only be applied up to 3 times per power. These by their nature will be looked at closely and judged heavily. If it looks like an attempt to game the system, you will be forced to change and/or remove it. This is your only warning to not abuse this feature.
  • Triggered - This power feat can be taken, but it can't be taken to trigger things before a battle has begun. You must set up the trigger during combat.
  • Penetrating & Impervious - Both are hard capped at the PL of the game, and ignore shifts above the PL. Even if you shift your power above the limit of Penetrating and Impervious, you must pay the full cost (+1/rank), even though there is no effect past 8. When the game's PL rises, however, the higher ranks will begin to count. Impervious now stops damage equal to its rank or less, instead of less than its rank.
  • Autofire - You can make it a +2 mod for a 1:1 ratio, but can't raise the extra damage cap.
  • Linked - Can only link a maximum of two powers together.
  • Perception - Can only be taken for powers with a base damage rank of PL or less, ignoring shifts. You can not sneak attack, autofire, or crit with perception-range attacks to add to their damage.
  • Metamorph - Can't be taken.
  • Alternate Forms - You can only take the Action flaw twice (to go from Free to a Standard action). Keep in mind this will be scrutinized closely.
  • Innate - Innate is only for powers that are basic aspects of not only you, but your species. For example, the wings on a bird would be innate, low level flight. The flight of super man would never be considered innate. If a power can be altered, lost, or modified in any way, it is not innate. If normal people of your species wouldn't have access to it, it is not innate.
  • If there is something you want to use (from MnM 2e) in a book besides the core, it must be approved by a GM (and have a good reason for its inclusion).
  • There are many power combinations (high levels of Regeneration and Immunity) and individual powers (Duplication, Shapeshifting) that are incredibly powerful. Expect to have a GM request a change to your character if they are deemed unfit for the game. Also keep in mind GM's reserve the right to request such changes even after approval.
  • Grappling - You do not get to perform a grapple maneuver on the same action you start a grapple, if you're doing so as a part of an attack (using the Improved Grab feat). If you spend your action *just* trying to grapple, you do get to perform a grapple maneuver when you start the grapple, assuming the normal check succeeds.
  • IMPORTANT If you try to get a sheet approved that is just a bunch of numbers with no details about the character past name, hair, gender, height, and weight, your sheet won't be looked at. You must include some semblance of a bio so that there's context for your sheet.


  • Every player gains 1 PP every Saturday after they've been created and approved. This is not subject to any sort of cap, beyond how long the game has been going.
  • Roleplaying - Interacting with another player grants .25 PP/half hour of RP. Smaller increments are rounded off (always round down).
  • Events - A good way to gain PP as well as get your character involved in the plots and going-ons within EC, events can range from 1-5 PP depending on just how much you did and how well you did it.
  • Maximum PP Gains - There is a global cap on PP gained. For every 7 days the game has been going, you can earn a maximum of 6 PP from Roleplaying, Events, and Awards all combined (but not including the 1 PP gained for free). Feel free to ask in forums, we will officially start when players join in.
  • Logging - All characters must include logs of their RP on the wikidot. You must include the date, time, participants, and PP gained.
  • Running Events - Players can run minor events and help provide content for the setting. Read This post to find out more about running events as a player, and the rewards therein.

Character Approvers: Quicksilver

To begin creating a character, first you must Register to join the wikidot and have access to the forums. To create a page for your character, simply edit the URL in your internet browser. Remove 'character-creation-and-rules' and type in the name of the page you want to create. If it isn't taken, you'll be able to create the page from there.

I have made a Character Sheet that you can use, simply go down to the bottom of the page, click on '+Options', then click on 'Page Source'. Copy and paste the template to your newly-created page, then simply fill it all out as you go along. Once you've filled it out, show it to a GM to get them to approve it. Once it's approved, it'll be added to the list of characters and you can being roleplaying with everyone.

Use of the sheet or similar wikidot format with PPs broken down is mandatory, mythweavers, along with excel sheets do not have a history that GMs can look through for suspect changes, and thus are not EC legal.

If you have any questions and there are no GM's on the server (or they're all busy), you can post any question or concern you might have to the forum in the appropriate forum board.

Post Creation

  • Powers - If you want to take a new power after you create, you need to get it okay'd by a GM. Any will do (doesn't have to be one that can approve characters). Things like immunity, regeneration, shapeshift, alternate powers, and similar powers should have some sort of explanation as to why you're obtaining them, not just because it makes your character stronger. This is especially true to trying to do things like applying affects insubstantial or innate to powers.
  • Shifting - Changing certain aspects of your character (For example, lowering your dodge focus to instead raise your defense which gives you a better base Defense) is acceptable, but also needs to be cleared with a GM just to let them know. Keep in mind that the same caps you had at creation remain true even after it. This applies to other things as well, such as traits from an alternate form 'bleeding' off into your base form (gaining claws even as a human, etc).
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