• Pathfinder is the default rule set for skills, experience, hit dice, and rules. 3.5 Stuff must be approved for your concept on the forums before allowed in play.
  • Abilities are generated using 32 point buy, use this calculator to lay out your starting scores
  • Characters begin at 1st level. (May change as player base levels)
  • At first level, a character begins with max HP of their full HD plus con modifier. For each level afterwards, instead of rolling for HP, they would recieve the following hp based on their hit dice d4 hit die: 3 d6: 4 d8: 6 d10: 8 d12: 10 in addition to any HP gained due to Constitution.
  • Starting gold at 1st level for all character types is 200 gp.
  • All characters receive a free Traveler's Outfit
  • Please create a character utilizing the character template example Here or directly edit and copy the Character Template and add it to the Characters page
  • You must provide a picture
  • All alignments are permitted
  • Multiclassing XP Penalties and Mutliclassing Restrictions for the Monk and Paladin are removed
  • You can vault an infinite amount of items, but can only bring so much to bear as your Wealth by level This is to keep game balance where multiple GMs are allowed. Call it magical interference, the limit of body slots, or similar when you have excess gp, and when you get bumped up, consider it a payout bonus from the last adventure or similar.
  • Level Adjustment must be abided by, including Pathfinder LA. Ask if you do not know how to calculate Pathfinder level adjustment.
  • Action Points are in use.
  • You agree to treat others as you want to be treated… This includes making the game fun for other people, keeping matters you disagree with another party to private channels when possible, not being overly critical in public forums, and enriching the story with as much energy/fun you can bring to bear.


  • You may make 2 versions of your sheet, once you exceed 6th lvl. Check out E6 Dual Progression.
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