Epitome city characters

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VV All characters below this point are characters from previous incarnations of the game, and only here as references, if people wish to reuse their characters. These are not legal characters. VV

*AnnaTHomas* Anna Thomas Sexy Psionic

*Kask* Matthew Armstrong Jericho

Quicksilver (Choco): Lacie Kismet - Lucky Intrepid Reporter | Genesis Artist mom and super strength kid. | Manly

Morvan: Conscience - Made up of those little guys on your shoulders
Vashtid - The little demon guy on the right, and Thebian - The little angel guy on the left
The Ranger

Neko Alicia: Gunnhildr Lady Dragon

Antares003: Taishiro Kensuke

Mithran: Alexander Thorn Nariko Ouroboros (Villain)

Siam: Brickhouse

Arelius: Slipstream; Leviathon (Villain), Killshot (Villain)

Amp: The Ballad | The Scotsman

Rhade: Druid

Xel: Thora The Goddess of Thunder!

On Standby:
Beatrix Potter (Hero/Independant) - An oil spill given life.
Eddy and Sammy (Hero) - A technopath and his cellphone.
Dream (Independant) - A ghostly character who enters peoples dreams.
Rachel Greene (Villain) - A woman with sharp claws and a bloodthirst.
Nichole Ashfield (Hero) - A young woman with control of shadows.

Thanos: Aaron Extreme Boxer (Martial artist) Everard Youth Pastor who is host to the Angel of Judgement

Frankie: Frankie Steiner - Tough as Nails Frankensteinian Detective; Hoxterye - A cobbling Elf with Issues; Moriarte, Space Cop - Red Alien who is STRANDED, Crim Chaotic Nordic Warrior Demi-God, Hecktor Mad Scientist. BELIEVE IT!

VK1342: Korvath

Atomic Communist: Atomic communist, Sydney

Frogg: Galaxi Stellazea 400+ year old Witch with Youthful face

Ami: Ami Locke

Avarna: Weiss Hero, Tantrum Villian

Pip: Jessica Mer-Shapeshifter Ice Samurai! | Sapphira the Unknown Villain! | Joi Twi'lek Jedi from a TV universe. Believe it.
Another unknown Villain. | Syndicate

Miakis Shard(Villian, technically) Easily Bored Martial Artist

Sayge Starbringer Cosmic Knight, Warp Quantum Flux?, Galitora, Galitora (Teen), Afterthought

Selena Selena Cassandra

Jujun Jujun June Yami

Iris Iris Paragorn Is what some would say "suffering" from alcoholism….

Tark Paul Sanders 3/28/11

Warsor Sasha Borinset Ageless Russian looking for something

Nayomi Felicity Welles, Actress

Rivers "Dash" Freehan Everyone has a breaking point.

Shinrar (rarnihS) Officer Shinrar - EPD

Grand Titan Jack & The Titan

ZigZag Lorelei Chen aka 'Number Eight'

Kally Sin

The huntress

Public NPCs

Thora's Number One Fan Girl and her toy, Thora Dollie(tm) She is 8.

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