Often very serious and straight foreward with how he feels; he has a problem not telling the truth- that and he is easily angered though he cools faster and is not as quick to strike his enemies like the bastard his father left him to be normally would be. Very introspective when alone and seems to be- rather… Distant.


Crim is an exceptionally tall humanoid capable of feats of strength almost on par with the demi-god, now god, Heracles. He is a swarthy skinned man with dark, red, hair and piercing blue eyes- though his skin is dark due to spending many, many years under the sun it's unblemished with wrinkles or with damage usually associated with such a thing. He speaks the Old Nordic Languages Fluently and is capable of speaking Latin. His body is impressively arrayed with muscle, although his hip is wide and his waist equally so; it is in such a way as to show the powerful scope of his muscles. Although not as defined as they should be, he is none-the-less a work of art when it comes down to movement, he is also big; and when speaking of such he rivals most Heroes for height even if he is to be the villain of a story- although with this said his face has a harsh, dark line that bisects one of his eyes; opposing that of the Odin's own, he holding no supreme wisdom or sorcery. He is scarred, his body bearing the marks of wars past- and, now? Thrown into the world he doesn't understand he is nude- every hairy inch of his body seen… And hopefully pleasing the inner lust of most who look upon him. Also, he's got a big, fracking, sword… That is currently lost…

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