Chara sheet:
Just the Devices:

Cyns mother knew she was gifted the day she rewired her cribs mobile into a crude motor. Her mother found this out when the crib passed her on the walk to the grocery store. From then on, it only got weirder…Cynth had a prodigious mind (definately genius level-her brain worked so much faster than most of those around her, and her body could usually keep up) , usually reading the texbooks within the first ten minutes, then acing whatever tests she was given in school, and failing to do any homework whatsoever. Found it insufferably boring….she'd much rather be combining the washer and dryer at home into a transformer. Which still got the whites white! Until it shorted out and tried to eat the cat. That kind of thing plagued her early devices….a tendency to fail spectacularly. (Not a tendency to eat cats). But she didn't give up—and her mother never stopped trying to give her a relatively normal childhood. Not even after she made a heat ray out of the blow dryer. (Devoted mother, she was-Cyn would've gone insane without her. So now she's become a bit protective of her mother. )

She tested out of high school relatively young (after a bit of an incident involving the principals computer, a box of Erector Set pieces, and spontanious AI appearence, it was sort of a necessity) and began working part time as a technician at a local modeling agency to finance her more esoteric hobbies-her many inventions, and occasionally using them to slap down a would be mugger. She's been working on, and tweaking, most of her devices (and herself-to the point of creating a complete neural connection to her Backpack system.) for years—she's even created a basic AI robot buddy backpack! Of course, her technician duties have been put on hold, since she's been hired as assistant and bodyguard for the new up and coming model, Gemini….and now she's on her way to Epitome.

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