Dream, a child-like entity without a physical body that can enter dreams.

Vital Information

Name: Dream (Alias)
Age: Unknown, appears 7
Gender: Female
Height: Average for apparent age
Weight: N/A
Eyes: White
Hair: White, long, straight
Skin: Pale
Origin: Alien (Dream Entity)
Story: Sleep Walking
Hero Points: 6

Physical Description

Dream is a young looking girl of average height and build. Her hair is long and straight, and a blue-tinted white. Her eyes have the same color as her hair. Her complexion is very pale. She wears a simple, white gown.


Dream's first memory is of waking up in a dark room above a bunch of sleeping people hooked up to machines. She left because she found them boring and followed whoever and whatever interested her, which turned out to be quite a lot. When she first tried interacting with the world however, she found she couldn't touch it, and this caused her despair, as she was alone. Then one night, while looking at a sleeping child, she reached out and touched her, and discovered she could enter peoples dreams.


Dream does not exist in the physical world, though she can experience some aspects of it. In the physical world, she isn't bound by the same restrictions as humans. She does not require food, breath, or sleep, nor does she age. She can also fly through the air and pass through obstacles.
Dream also has the ability to enter peoples dreams and shape them to her desire. This grants her the virtual ability to become anything she wants or do whatever she wishes… so long as the owner of the dream allows her to. However, dreams hold memories, and some dreamers may wish to keep those hidden.

Statistics Block

DREAM Power Level 10
Str 10 Dex 10 Con 10 Int 10 Wis 20 Cha 15
Skills: Gather Information 3 (+5), Notice 5 (+10)
Feats: Attractive, Beginner's Luck, Luck (5), Eidetic Memory, Fearless
Powers: Concealment 10, Dream Control 10, Dream Travel 10, Flight 1, Immunity 11, Insubstantial 4, Luck Control 1, Universal Translator
Combat: Attack +0, Damage +0, Defense +10, Initiative +0
Saving Throws: Toughness +0, Fortitude +0, Reflex +0, Will +15
Abilities 15 + Skills 2 + Feats 9 + Powers 91 + Combat 20 + Saves 10 - Drawbacks 0 = 149


Game-play Logs

Power Points Earned/Spent: 2/0

  • 1 hour with Alexander (GMing) (+1 PP): Dream came across a fight, and seeing Alexander unconscious she entered his mind. She found memories of the saddest parts of his life replaying over and over. She began to communicate with the part of Alex that knew he was asleep, and he showed her more memories as she dived deeper into his mind to find him. Eventually, she found the real Alex in the maelstrom of memories, and began to piece together memories with a positive emotion, showing that Alex was not as weak as he felt he was. When asked who she was, she replied that she was a friend, and let his dream fade.
  • 1 hour with Galaxi (GMing) (+1 PP): Dream came across a sleeping Galaxi, and entered her dreams. She was ignored initially, until she removed a manifestation of Galaxi's first lover. Galaxi proceeded to chase her, whereby Dream turned the world into a pack of wolves hunting a white deer in the woods. When this ended, Dream tortured Galaxi with fake memories of her killing Cosmekala until Galaxi woke up. She never revealed why she did it.
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