Edge Of Existance

The Edge of Existance

Though this is written as an alternate dimension nothing could be further from the truth. This "world" as we call it is the space just barely within reality itself, the pull of oblivion. Whispers from this relm occasionally touch reality with their weakened cries. This place is beyond time


The Edge of Existance usually exists as a barren white field void of description, but powerful souls can temporarily shape it to suit their needs. Those within it describe it as a anesticised experience as your senses dull within this zone.


-Time, pain, and suffication effects do not function, as well those within it do not age. Time may still be used to time travel outside of The Edge of Oblivion
-Distance is purely subjective, those who know about it may use half their rank in will saves as "Fly".
-Due to its distance from oblivion those within this space are torn appart. Every hour the subject remains they must make a Toughness or Fortitude save, whatever is highest, at DC 20. Failing this save drains the user of one Toughness and fortitude with no way of regaining it while within the Edge of Existance, requires percistant healing outside the Edge of Existance however, those who fall to 0 or lower toughness and fortitude perish regardless of any immortality they may be granted. Each successful save brings the DC up by 1, a failed roll resets the DC to 20. Those immune to Oblivion itself are also immune to this effect.

Traveling to the Edge Of Existance:

Those who know about it, which is rare knowledge indeed, can use time travel to escape.


-Whispers: The Edge of Existance is home to whispers, similar to ghosts they represent people, creatures, gods, worlds, and entire timelines that were erased from existance, these are rarely too threatening but whole collections of Whispers have been known to form formidable creatures.
-Wanderers: Creatures who have been sent to oblivion but have yet to pass through. While many of these exist it is the very nature of this place to keep disimilar creatures appart. Wanderers who share a similar soul often find eachother. Rumors have it that some Wanderers have been here for eternity immune to the ravages of oblivion.
-Faunts of Oblivion: The most dangerous of all inhabitants of this zone are faunts of oblivion, while more of a force of nature then a living being these creatures have impossible endless shapes and their very touch sends those to oblivion. They can be stopped but never truely killed.
-The Mirror: The very appearance of the Edge of Existance is a murky reflection of the soul to unclear to make anything out. Occasionally the reflection becomes clear and reflections of the very soul take new life.

Important Denizens

-Cronos: A Goddess taking upon the name Cronos after her father who escaped to the Edge of Existance rather then facing the might of Zues. She is barely a whisper of her once glory. She choses to use her remaining power ensuring that the Earth's river of time flows as long as possible before she ultimately faced oblivion. Those who are close to her do not suffer the ravishes of the Edge of Existance and she is known for her occasional bout of mercy. Cronos despite her seemingly favored possition knows very little of the world below, she can see obstructions in the flow of time but cannot see their cause.

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