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Are you in for the excitement and exhilaration of sex, supers, and smut? Well come join ExhilarATION! Studios where exciting opportunities for almost any career awaits. E-studios is an equal employment opportunity and does support discrimination and harassment equally.

The workplace of Murphy Lawson, Lacie Kismet, Sasha Redfield and Margaret Reese currently, as well as various NPCs related to a cable channel.

Murphy Lawson is a producer for the place, he's known for being a geek, a chauvinist, and unlucky.

Lacie Kismet is a reporter for the place, she's known for being very good looking, very chatty, and clumsy.

Sasha Redfield is a new camera person that is hired for Lacie.

Margaret Reese is a camera person, as well as general assistant for the studio.

News items of note:

Lacie Kismet has reported on the following so far:

  1. The public appearance of Gunnhildr as a superhero fighting 2 villains, a speedster and a powerhouse type.
  2. Alexander Thorn, son of Maximillion Thorn (a billionaire), an exclusive for E! Studios.
  3. Lady Dragon and Action Frank, crime fighting duo.
  4. Reported about the Grey Guard as witness by Kevin (no name given yet, just the description).
  5. The aftermath of fighting Mold Master and his minions.
  6. Zachariel, angel from another dimension.
  7. Thora, Aaron, Frankie for interviews. Though its a bit edited to keep out some personal information from it.
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