Galaxi Stella

Indentity: Serah Kinhouser
True Name: Galaxi Stellazea
Age: 400+ (looks 21)
Sex: Female
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Bombadier Blue
Skin: Between Buttercream and Bronze
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Weight: 163 pounds


STR 12 (+2)
DEX 20 (+10)
CON 12 (+2)
INT 20 (+10)
WIS 18 (+8)
CHA 18 (+8)

Fort +3 (+1)
Reflex +6 (+1)
Will +4 (+1)

Defense +3/+2 (+6)
Attack +0

49 PP spent


Bluff 6 (+2)
Computers 10 (+5)
Craft Electronics 18 (+13)
Craft Mechanical 18 (+13)
Diplomacy 6 (+2)
Disable Device 10 (+5)
Escape Artist 12 (+8)
Knowledge Arcane Lore 18 (+13)
Medicine 9 (+4)
Notice 10 (+6)
Sense Motive 8 (+4)
Sleight of Hand 14 (+7)
Survival 7 (+2)

21 PP spent


Artificer (+1)
Attractive 2 (+2)
Exotic Weapon Training: Kusari Gama (Scythe with Chain) 2 (+2)
Minions 5 (+5)

10 PP spent


Fire Control (Magic/Power) 5 (+10)
Water Control (Magic Alt Power) 5 (+1)
Air Control (Magic Alt Power) 5 (+1)
Light Control (Power) 5 (+10)
Blast: Controlable Element (Power) 5 (+10)
Electrical Control (Power) 4 (+8)

40 PP spent

Born in the 17th century, Galaxi lived a unique life. Her father was a warlock, her mother was a witch. Having two parents in the arts of witchcraft and wizardry, she naturally took it up. What she didn't know was that some people feared her powerful family. Galaxi couldn't make any friends except with one little girl a little younger then she that worked for her family. The little girl's name was Cosmekala Farishkin. Galaxi
and Cosmekala became close friends. As they grew up together, they grew closer and closer, and one day they shared their love with each other. Galaxi discovered that Cosmekala was more then a teenage girl, she was a teenage girl with an extra piece of equipment not suited for girls, in other words, she was a hermaphrodite. Galaxi, knowing that Cosmekala would love her in more ways then one, ordered her subservient friend to undress and make love to her master. Cosmekala gladly did this, and there love was finally complete.

One day, they headed into the woods behind their house to make love again for the umteenth time. They found a stream and Galaxi ordered her to join her in the stream for love making. Cosmekala gladly did so. What they didn't know was the stream was owned by a number of naiads, who watched
them in the waters, when Cosmekala and Galaxi finished making love, the naiads appeared and granted them a gift. Galaxi was giving longevity and extended youth. Cosmekala was granted a power over any emotion she could choose. Cosmekala's choice was Lust, so she could have control of how much she wanted Galaxi to want her sexually.

Many years later, Cosmekala was in her forties, while Galaxi, also in her forties but looking like she was still sixteen, sat by the stream they made love at many years ago. Cosmekala told her lover she had a terrible vision, about her own death. Galaxi began to cry, saying she didn't want her to die. Cosmekala held her friend and promised her she would return one day, in a new body, but with everything she remembered her as. Galaxi smiled and kissed her lover passionately one last time, not knowing what fate would befall her the next day.

Galaxi found Cosmekala's village shack being burned as a bandit tried to escape. Galaxi called upon the elements around her to burn the bandit to the bone with the fire he started, and used the water from a well to put out the house fire. With the bandit dead, Galaxi rushed inside to find that her lover and long time friend has been murdered. Galaxi cried for days, even after she asked the naiads to bury her nearby the stream that was so important to them.

It is the modern age, Galaxi has changed her names several times past the ages, and now has taken up the name of Serah Kinhouser, the electronic repairwoman and mechanic. She can fix just about any sort of mechanical or electronic device. Behind the scenes, though, she is an artificer and lower scene heroine (she doesn't go to the big crime sites, but she does get the bad guy whenever she can at sites where drug deals happen and such). Just recently she met up with her reborn lover, who is now called Cindy Rudsworth, age 18, graduated from Epitome Highschool last year. She remembers her past life, and knows Serah will treat her well.Serah, by day, works as an employee at Parts and Prongs Electronics, a large electronics buisness. But by night, she Returns to being Galaxi Stellazea, witch heroine with the powers of witchcraft and magic to deal with the low life criminals that dare do bad buisness in her town.

Casual: She looks like a goth: Black top, Black miniskirt, spike-studded-knuckle gloves with fingers cut out of it, and black goth styled High tops.

Hero: She wears a very scantily clad attire. Mesh leotard with portions of black opaque spandex covering her areolae and crotch, and also wears a cloak to conceal her body. She may look like a villian, but her intentions are heroic in nature. She uses her magic of the elements and of light to defeat her foes, sometimes conforming the energy into a blast of the appropriate energy.

Minion Stats
PP Amount: 75

Minion Name: Cindy Rudsworth
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Hair: Platinum Blond
Eyes: Amber Gold
Skin: Fair Apricot
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Weight: 157 pounds

STR 12 (+2)
DEX 18 (+8)
CON 17 (+7)
INT 16 (+6)
WIS 16 (+6)
CHA 20 (+10)

Fort +5 (+3)
Reflex +3 (+1)
Will +3 (+0)

43 PP spent

Bluff 9 (+4)
Craft Artistic 16 (+13)
Diplomacy 9 (+4)
Gather Info 8(+3)

6 PP spent

Attractive 8 (+8)
Ambidexterity (+1)
Contacts (+1)
Fascinate (+4)
Improved Initiative 3 (+3)
Jack of all Trades (+1)

18 PP spent

Emotion Control (One Emotion: Lust) 8 (+8)

8 PP spent

PP Earned.
Saturday, April 23rd - 1 PP for week.

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