Galaxi Stellazea

Character: Galaxi Stellazea
Player: Frogg
Public Identity: Miss Serah 'the Goth' Kinhouser
Age: looks to be 22, but possibly older. (She doesn't even know her real age anymore)
Sex: best way to put it, She's a female , but also has a little male in her (O+>)
Height: 5'6"
Weight 159 pounds
Origin: Magick
Hair: Black
Eyes: Bombadier Blue
Skin: Bronze, but she makes hereslf look more fairer

STR = 12
DEX = 20
CON = 12
INT = 18
WIS = 18
CHA = 16

Toughness = +2 (+1 with Leather Armor)
Fortitude = +4 ((+3Base) +1)
Reflex = +7 ((+2 Base)+5)
Will = +8 ((+4 Base)+4)

Attack Bonus +4
Defense Bonus +3 (+2 flat footed)

Initiative = +5

Hero Point 1

Acrobatics 9
Bluff 15
Climb 4
Computers 9
Concentration 10
Craft (Artistic) 15
Craft (Electronic) 15
Craft (Mechanical) 15
Diplomacy 11
Disable Device 4
Disguise 3
Drive 7
Escape artist 9
Gamble 4
Gather Info 13
Handle Animal 3
Intimidate 6
Investigation 4
Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 15
Knowlwedge (Technology) 9
Knowledge (Theology/Philosphy) 8
Language 1 (english for free, Latin as second language)
Medicine 9
Navigate 7
Notice 6
Perform (any) 3
Pilot 5
Profession (Electronic Specialist) 15
Ride 7
Search 9
Sense Motive 8
Sleight of Hand 9
Stealth 5
Survival 7
Swim 1
Equipment (3)
Atractive (5)
Uncanny Dodge (1)
Evasion (2)
Elusive Target
Tough (3)

Weather Control (Magic) 6 ranks
Fire Control (Magic Alternate power) 6 ranks
Water Control (Magic Alternate power) 6 ranks
Plant Control Control 6 ranks
Blast (Force) 6 ranks

Secret (She is a hermaphrodite, and afraid those who look upon her type as 'freak' would hurt her. Secret is only trusted to those she loves)

Addiction (Sex…she needs it at least once every 3 days. Usually taken care of by her lover/minion)

Weak Point (BALLS! She hates to be kicked THERE)

Obsession (Needs to be with women…doesn't like men too much unless they have something she needs. She is obsessed with Women becuase she desires them, especially if they are willing to give it up)


She looks like a goth, talks like a goth, so must be a goth, right? Well, that is what she claims to be. Her long silky black hair runs down her back until it reaches her midback. She usually puts her hair in a single braid, or a dual-ponytail style of hair. One or the other, she doesn't care. Galaxi also has beautiful bombadier blue eyes (much like the color of Clint Eastwoods's eyes) that sparkle in moonlight. She loves wearing black, whether it is her usual black dress and gloves (with red metal studs in it) when she goes to work, or the short skirt and mini-top when her and her minion/lover goes out on a movie date. She also wears black skull earrings made of onyx, expertly crafted by her own hands (even though it took her many tries to get it right. She doesn't wear high heels, perfering to where black platform shoes instead (to boost her height up to 5 foot 9 inches) Strange indeed, but she is a strange woman after all. IN her normal attire such as this, she goes by the name of Serah Kinhouser. She appears and actually states she is 22, but she knows that she is much older then that.
But when danger is about in the city, she goes out to support whichever side she deems is more important to her. She isn't a hero, nor is she a villian…she hasn't decided who she want to be yet. In 'Villhero' mode, she wears the attire her mother wore those many many years ago. It consist of a revealing black lacy mesh top, with a large circle of black leather covering each areola. She wears a large dress collar outward over behind her head, black and gold in color. For the lower portion of her body, she wears a black dress, split up the sides to mid-thigh, along with a few sashes hanging off a spikey belt. Each wrist is covered by spiked bracelets. In addtion to her clothing, she weilds a single, exotic weapon: A kusari-gama, or scythe and chain. She expertly weilds this against non-magical opponents, or foes that do not have regenerative capabilities.


Galaxi Stellazea, as the birth name given to her by her Witch mother and Warlock father, was an enigma during the time she was born into. Having both male and female genders confused not only her parents, but the mid-wife and doctors as well. But they chosen a female name because that was what they wanted, a girl. Galaxi was born during the Cancer-Leo cusp, a time of four days, the last two days of Cancer and the first two days of Leo, and therefore shows traits between both signs. She lived a fair life, nothing good nor bad. Her parents taught her everthing they know about magic, and she also discovered some powers not of her parents, such as teleportation and isolation sounds in an environment.
When she turned 14, something happened to her that she knew she couldn't deal with by herself…the 'attraction' stage of puberty. Galaxi had a best friend named Cosmekala, and both were having changes in there bodies that knew needed attention. One day, after school, Both Galaxi and Cosmekala went into the woods near their home, to a small stream, and did something togethe3r that brought them together as a couple. What they didn't know was the stream was enchanted with a spell where 'when love is discovered, then lives will be forever changed', and it was changed for them.
Cosmekala was given the gift of future sight, telekinesis, and emotional control. Galaxi was granted the gift of longevity, the gift of a throughly extended life. Though they didn't know it, their love granted them curses, instead of gifts.
Cosmekala saw her own death happen many years before it came to be. She told Galaxi this, and asked her to grant her one wish: To love her until she died. Galaxi promised her this, and they loved eachother. Galaxi wanted to give Cosmekala a child, but it never happened.
20 years later, Cosmekala was 35, and was at the stream with her lover when she told Galaxi that her time was soon. Galaxi, being still so young, looking not even 1 year older, held on to her dearest friend pleading her not to go. Cosmekala couldn't keep the promise, but offered her one last session to prove that she loved Galaxi more then her own life.
Three days later, Cosmekala died her own home, stabbed by a bandit. Galaxi cuaght the bandit after the act as he tried to burn the hut down, and showed him the mkeaning of 'well done'. She then ran into the house and pulled Cosmekala out, where she cried over her body for days.
IT's been over 400 years since then, Galaxi has changed her name several times during the many decades, and has even taken a job as a electronics specialist in this modern era. She has even found many lovers over the centuries, but none has compared to her first, with the exception of her roommate, Cindy. Cindy looks alot like Cosmekala, and even loves like her, but 'Serah' knows that she isn't Cosmekala, because Cosmekala had many gifts that the mortal woman she is with now doesn't have.
In a city where love, lust, and companionship mixes in one, there stands a lone figure on the roof every night, remembering days past, looking to days of the future, and always staying where the present cannot keep up…


total PP earned: 0 PP
total PP spent :0

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