Grace Donnivan


Description: Grace's unkempt red locks conceal a fetching mesh choker, fitting the curve of her throat. The front sports a small silver pendant, her name engraved into the trinket.

Age -1: A breakthrough. What had been years of research into the underground abberant populace known as Lycanthropes finally came to fruition: the isolation of the genes that the virus replaced to replicate, and with it, the power wrought by the ability to change into the forms of animals. But science had its darkside. With funding cut, and their program shut down, two doctors turned to the only choice that had left to advance their research and to ensure that their gene isolation was, indeed, what it claimed to be. Three long months of gene-splicing, and careful analysis later, they were ready to begin their one and only practical trial: a lycanthrope with none of the drawbacks, and all of the benefits. A true shapeshifter.

Age 0: Grace Donnivan is born to her parents, Doctors Jeffery Donnivan, and Elizabeth Arkwright.

Age 2: Jeff and Liz note that their daughter seems fascinated with their pets. She spends her days playing with them, and seems to be more communicative with the family dog than she is with her own flesh and blood.

Age 3: Grace is diagnosed with a brain disorder. Unnatural development of Brocca's Area has rendered her mute: unable to speak, though still able to comprehend and write.

Age 7: Grace excels in her studies, taking classes beyond her level. Her fascination with animals only seems to grow, and the family has accrued a collection of pets that Grace takes care of diligently. She has few, if any human friends, spending her freetime playing with, and 'talking to' these animals.

Age 12: Onset of puberty. Grace's parents take her to a horseshow in a nearby town. When a wild bull breaks free, and almost tramples her, her latent powers manifest, and she turns into a field fox.

Age 13: Studied by her parents, her powers slowly begin to be understood. They enroll her with a special tutor to hone her mental prowess, to learn to control them.

Age 16: Mother dies of an aneurism at the age of 38. The sudden death crushes Grace. She drops out of her classes with her mentor.

Age 17: Senior year. Grace is still the introvert she's always been, with few friends, but an exemplary academic record, complete with over 3 years of volunteering at the local animal shelter. She majors in biology, seeking to become an advocate for animal-friendly scientific practices, as well as seeking an understanding of genetics, to unravel the mystery of her own power and affliction.

LOGS (Fuck, I'll make sure to include time and players from now on ;.;)
Log (4/7/2011): .5 PP
Log (4/8/2011): 1.5 PP
Log (4/8/2011): .5 PP
Log (4/8/2011): 5.75 PP
Saturday: 1 PP, TOTAL ACCRUED: 9.25 PP
Spend 6: -6 PP
Log (4/9/2011): 1.5 PP
Log (4/9/2011, 4-5:30pm PST): .75 PP, Post-sex cleanup with Will and Grace.
Spend: -5.5 PP TOTAL: 0/11.5 (1)
Log (4/9/2011, 9:00pm-3:00am PST): 4 PP, Epitome Forest with Will, Grace, and the fairy. Subwave with Will, Grace, and Naomi. Trip home with Will, Grace, and April.
Log (4/10/2011, 10-10:30am PST): .25 PP, Clothes explode at video club with many.
Log (4/10/2011, 1:30pm-5:30 PST): 2 PP, in the park with Will, Myth, Sarita, Grace, and Aisling.
Log (4/11/2011, 1pm-6:30 PS): 2.75 PP, at school and Myth's home with Will, Myth, Sarita, and Grace.
Spend: -4.5 PP Total 3/19 (1, capped)
Saturday: 1 PP
Log (4/16/2011, 8:30pm-1am) 2.25 PP, soooo many people.

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