Ms. Heather Sarahson (Kassieopiea)

Ms. Heather Sarahson
Kassieopiea (online pseudonym)
Gender: Female
Age: 22 years old
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 92 lbs
Hair: Long, Blonde
Eyes: Blue/Green
Profession: High School History/Debate/Speech Teacher
Status: Single:

Heather J. Sarahson was born… yeah, about 22 years ago, to a pair of nice, boring lower-middle-class parents who'd never quite finished college, but had it on their mind to do their damndest to make sure their first born (and only) child did! With a fanatical devotion to education, history, and reading, as well as politics, these two ungraduated parents created a penultimate nerd! … who just so happens to not even remotely look the part, whenever she's not dressed as a teacher. After attaining three separate master's degrees, and one doctorate, at the age of 22, Heather has accomplished more than most people have in twice the time… although she's quite qualified to teach at the University level, she finds herself very much prefering to teach in High School. She night-lifes as an online columnest and anonymous political analyst, with a growing following on the Interwebs. Her natural beauty, prodigious intellect, and a spot or two of unnatural mind-manipulation are helping her advance in both of her fields… although her limited moral compass prevents her (ussualy) from abusing her supernatural abilities.
She is known to have a strange weakness for curiousity, which gets the best of her at the absolute most inopportune moments…

(Ignore until needed)

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