How To Become A Dm

Remember that GMing is a privilege, not a right.

  1. GMs should advance plot or a story.
  2. Always add to the fun for everyone, not just themselves.
  3. Try not to use their character in their own games, except as a plot device. Example: You don't want to show off your own character, have them either get KO'd, fight other bad guys off scene, etc. Its just good etiquette.
  4. Never make advantages for your own characters from your events.
  5. Have fun, you're another person at the table with the talent and will to want to lead other PCs, be confident, firm, nice all at once to your PCs.
  6. When possible, plan your event ahead of time and place a date/time in the "Events" forum. This way, PCs can try to make the time slot and join up your adventure, as well as a GM can expect to see some PCs.

Finally, after every event, I'll require GMs to get a scribe from one of the PCs to post under "Events" forum so I can see from a player's perception it was worthwhile.

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