History: Currently only going to show the information that would be acquirable, information about the nature of his powers shall be omitted until people begin to see them.

Having recently moved to epitome city, his records show him having lived in england, france, poland, canada, and from many different states in the U.S. He's always seen wearing black gloves over his hands, the official reason being due to some major burns he suffered as a child, to hide the marks. Aside from the notice of burns, his health record is perfect, and he seems to have no illnesses, or sicknesses. The contact information on his parents is almost non existant, though they have arrived at nearly every parents/teacher conference, as well as having shown up at a few school events. He tends to be a bit nervous around others, has a habit of talking to himself, and tends to be a bit clumsy around the opposite sex, as well as having to make frequent escapes.

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