Kamen Rider Tenhou
NAME: Kiyoshi Kotarou
ALIAS: Kamen Rider Tenhou.
AGE: 16
**METAPHYSICAL TRAIT:* The Bearer of the Sands of Hell and the current Kamen Rider Tenhou.

Character Sheet

Kiyoshi Kotarou never got along with his friends, his family, or even his dog, even when he was young. For years he always felt like something was off about everyone else around him. From his parent's divorce to his friends not getting along. Many things would bug him, nag at him, something about his world being off and wrong and he could never understand why. Regardless, he managed to live a normal life, before, finally fed up with it all, he ran away from home at 16, dropping out of high school and becoming a wanderer. He was always good at mahjong and gambling, and so he ended up winning games off of the Yakuza for money to live off of.

Sadly, real life is not Akagi. At some point, Kiyoshi had pissed off the wrong sore losers, Yakuza who gladly beat him to death, leaving his dying body out in the middle of some forest to bleed out broke, alone, and dead. Lost, in a haze, weak, delirious, Kiyoshi crawled his way to an old, Japanese temple… and found Death waiting for him. Death looked over Kiyoshi… and saw potential. Death offered Kiyoshi a deal; a last game of Mahjong, and if Kiyoshi won, he would take on Death's charge, and get to keep his life. If he lost, well… Kiyoshi would be dead, then. Kiyoshi, with no other path, agreed.

They say the sands of Hell are magical sands. When one is closest to death, one is at their strongest. Kiyoshi won the game against Death, and Death held his side to the bargin, taking Kiyoshi's death by Yakuza away from him. But, Death's touch is terrible indeed. Kiyoshi's mind opened, and it all clicked, why everything was off; because everyone had their own selfish, sick reasons for doing what they did. Divorces were over money, not children or love. Kids didn't get along over petty, pointless reasons. More and more, Kiyoshi was exposed… and enlightened, one could say, with a sense of the divine, one too great for his puny, mortal head.

But that's not all. Death dropped a mahjong set, in an old, bone case, and where his injuries once where, Kiyoshi felt the Sands of Hell, which he was now charged with bearing. Death ordered Kiyoshi to take both up and become Kamen Rider Tenhou, one who battles the Cheaters of Death.

For some reason, he's end up in Epitome City, and going to school, too… how did this ever happen?

Kiyoshi is… well, attractive. It's part of being a Heisei-Era Kamen Rider; very fit, thin, and a well groomed face, intentionally messy hair, and a face that break hearts. Short black hair, brown eyes, slightly tanned skin, and always well dressed, he could be confused for a model.

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