Lady Luck has nothing on her, though maybe that's a good thing.

Vital Information

Name: Lacie Kismet
Alias: Murphy Lawson, Lady Luck
Age: Mid 20s.
Gender: Female
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Origin: ???
Story: N/A
Hero Points: ???

Physical Description

Why you may ask does Murphy wear such, revealing clothing? Body differences and his own perverted nature. Really, if you go from a rather fat nerd, to a very slim and athletic female, its easier to hide the tight clothing underneath bulky clothing, but not vice versa, not to mention he feels very warm in his female form all the time.

As for her heroic identity? Lacie has decided on a body suit, since she needs ease of movement, and to keep her identity a secret, color contacts and a small bit of white hair extension she adds, along with gel to give it the blown out look.


Originally, Murphy Lawson was a producer of a failing TV cable channel and nerd who couldn't make ends meet, as well as being down on his luck in general. Thinking up a new scheme through use of sex as a medium to get people to really view his shows, he was tracking a very good looking female (well more like stalking…) Who turned out to be a Meta-Human. This, like many things in life for Murphy, seemed to mimic his namesake of "what can go wrong, will go wrong." Struck down by one of the reflected superpowers, he awoke later as the woman he was tracking.

Turns out though, her powers were reversing things on people, and for Murphy, who did seem to have powers attracting bad luck, being trapped in her body gave him more control of it. Now, occasionally shifting from both himself to herself (especially when there's heightened emotions or stress involved), or vice versa, hilarious hijinx ensues with gender confusion in the mix…. Sitcom material? Or just another effect of being Murphy? Either way, Lacie Kismet/Murphy Lawson is ready to find some supers, as well as try to make her TV channel a success by interviewing them.


Lacie Kismet has control over luck… in a limited fashion. It's more like karma follows her and does whatever is appropriate to keeping her alive, or punishing her in humorous fashion for bending luck to her will.

Statistics Block

LACIE KISMET Power Level 10
Str 6 Dex 8 Con 24 Int 8 Wis 8 Cha 18
Skills: Computers 1 (+0), Language 1 (Japanese), Notice 15 (+14), Gather Information 11 (+15)
Feats: All-out Attack, Dodge Focus (8), Equipment, Inspire (5), Seize Initiative, Evasion, Luck (4), Power Attack, Well Informed.
Powers: Blast 10, Deflect 10, Immunity 1, Luck Control 2, Move Object 10, Probability Control 10
Combat: Attack +1, Damage -2 (Unarmed), Defense +10, Initiative -1
Saving Throws: Toughness +15, Fortitude +13, Reflex +13, Will +13
Abilities ?? + Skills ?? (?? ranks) + Feats ?? + Powers ?? + Combat ?? + Saves ?? - Drawbacks ?? = 155


Game-play Logs

Power Points Earned/Spent: ???/???

  • Log 1
  • Log 2
  • Log 3


Lacie has the following Awards

  • Oh no, not again: Having the worst luck of any character.
  • Thank you, God!: Having the best luck of any character.
  • Wait… WHAT!?: Having two awards with conflicting descriptions.


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