Magusspire Apartments

Magusspire Apartments is a four story apartment building, named after the obelisk that sits in front of the building. The obelisk is purple crystal and has many etchings on it from when the Mystical Magus lived here in a small house. Now that house is gone, but the spire still remains. The building's interior is plain and simple, a light blue wallpaper, and many artworks by artist with the preferance of fantasy artwork. Each floor up is about another 75 monies a month, with a base cost of 200 monies (monies replaced by dollars, rupees, whatever the currency is in Epitome City). The roof has a garden and an fountain. Found on 1465 Xanus Boulevard.

Serah Kinhouser (Galaxi) and her minion/lover/roommate Cindy Rudsworth live here in apartment 306. They are currently seeking a roommate for their extra bedroom

Galaxi/Serah has started a buisness as an Inventor/Artificer, and has called her Buisness Kinhouser Kreations

Serah/Galaxi's and Cindy's Apartment

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