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Name: Jungwoo
Birthday: 10-9-1981
Location: Minnesota, US
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IC Information:
Name: Murphy Lawson
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Altered Human
Age: 23
Alignment: Good
Code Name: Miss Fortune. Reporter name: Lacie Kismet
Affiliation: None (unless there's a pre-existing Hero TV affiliation)
PB: Alyson Hannigan

Background: Murphy Lawson, aka Lacie Kismet is a reporter for the local Hero TV station in New York. A relatively obscure cable channel, its main feature is covering fights by the powered people, mutants, or similar extraordinary individuals, yet trying to give them a softer side of humanity as they do so. Mostly based off a love of the old comics where heroes were the true blue type, as well as dramatic tension scene and effects, it tries to rate heroes by a system of points as well as how much flair they bring to a scene.

Murphy Lawson was a very unlucky person, much like her namesake, "What can go wrong, will go wrong" was a motto she had from the start of her younger years, up until a few years back. First off, being cursed with a rather slow thyroid as well as eating when she was stressed, meant her weight was always a battle for this teen as she grew up as an outcast in the high school life due to he obesity. Secondly, she had bad luck… I mean, really, really, bad luck.

This ranged from things like, general clumsiness, or just getting rained on only when she walked outside, or nearly improbable acts of misfortune to her person. Of course, she went through a big "Poor me syndrome" as this occurred daily in her life, in fact, so much so, she wanted to commit suicide as she figured she was a waste of air if she had no friends and had all these terrible things happen to her.

Like her namesake though, "what can go wrong, will go wrong" especially in a suicide attempt on herself as she laid on some train tracks to end her own life. Unfortunately, a super powered fight was occurring near her, and they knocked the train out of the way before she could get hit. Fortunately, while she had survived the attack, it made her realize that life was worth living again, and, well, heroes were awesome…. While they may have had powers, the villains and heroes, one decided to try and protect people, while the other had decided to use their powers for their own selfishness… And thus, Murphy came to realize, that self pity was just another selfish thing she did.

Feeling alive again for the first time, despite all the teenage emo-ness that generally ran through most teens, she tried her best to lose weight, going to the doctor, exercising, dieting, even joining the gymnasitcs team and starting to write her feelings away as advised by her psychologist. And while bad luck plagued her constantly, she kept thinking that despite all the bad luck, she was alive today, even if her life was riddled with issues… it was still great to be alive.

Of course, as she did the gymnastics, and started to get more and more agile by training, she noticed a few things… At times she'd almost slip while she was on a high beam, yet as she flailed, she'd catch herself and not impact in a deadly manner, despite her general clumsiness. Or other things like when she had gone rock climbing, and the cable had broken off, and she fell, luckily, to some students re-arranging some mats below so she didn't get seriously injured.

Thinking this weird coincidence at first, but ever since the suicide attempt, she grew more and more bold with her daredevil actions and survived unscathed through it, she started to brag to her friends that she was such…. Of course, no one believed her, thinking her an attention monger as she did indeed abuse the fact she was so confident in her own ability to survive.

So, she finally tried to prove it one day. Dragging out Lacie (who was a bit of an attention monger herself) as well as the clique she was in. Again, Murphy did the trick of standing on the tracks, confident her powers would save her as she stared down at Lacie, and the girls gathered… She'd brag about how a hero would save her to Lacie, as the other woman just laughed and mocked her craziness…. And indeed, to the outside, it would seem like that.

Again, though it occurred just as quickly, *SKREE! CRASH!* the train went as another powered fight plowed into it… Of course, as Murphy turned to brag to Lacie, she could only stare in horror as bits of the train had pierced the females gathered and killed them. Leaving her the only one alive.

Seems that karmic forces had balanced at this point in Murphy's life, and she became acutely aware of just how her powers worked now… All that bad luck, or minor mishaps had accumulated to save her, but since she had used it all up frivolously, fortune had tipped its scales and killed any potential friends she had… Not to mention the stigma of being the only one left alive.

She became more and more of a recluse after this incident, blaming herself and her powers, writing more and more as she tried to relieve herself of the stress and guilt of what she did. Still, the visits to the psychologist, along with the aid of her loving parents, finally made her more or less whole as she went off to college in New York.

There, she kept working out hard, trying not to get too close to anyone lest she accidentally hurt them, yet still craving that interaction with others… Because she knew if she got 'lucky' who knows what would happen to them in return for the love she received. So despite being very charismatic, and fun to be around, mostly remained a crazy exerciser as well as writer in her offtime from class, wondering how to deal with it.

Maybe, just maybe… she could find some other heroes, or someone else who knew how to control powers to keep herself from ever doing it? So she took up the two passions of her life, and combined it to join Hero TV as she learns, and hopes to find a mentor for her powers.

(What is your character's story? What made them into the person they are on-screen? Tell us about their childhood, their family, their friends, how they got their powers or came to hate mutants, what jobs they may have had before becoming the governor. We want to get to know the character. If they're high society, we want to know why. What made them lean toward the good, evil, or neutrally chaotic side? We require more than one paragraph for a character history.) Please note the game is not a Marvel Year One game, so when applying for an FC please include some of the character's canonical history upto our cut off of right before Avengers Disassembled/House of M. Also please note if you are making a student, Xaviers is NOT public knowledge at this time.

Personality: Always an optimist, believes in the end, luck can be controlled. Likes: Heroics, Getting the latest scoop Dislikes: Oppression of free speech

(Tell us about the inner workings of your character. What makes them tick. Give us a paragraph or so explaining their fears, dislikes, and mental hang-ups, as well as whether they're extroverted or introverted, whether they're happy with their life or discontent, etc.)

Resources: (We should be able to guess what your character would have access to based on the application, but here is your chance to let us know about anything specific you want your character to have, like that 69' Chevy that has hover capability and is bullet proof. We'd also like to know about how much money your character would have access to? Are they poor? Street rat stealing for food? Middle class? Rich? Tony Stark level billionaire?)

Powers: Luck Control. There's a sort of karmic balance in everything Murphy tries to do with her powers… The more she needs to use them, the more the forces of fortune tries to balance itself out until she's neutral again. A good example is, while she could strain herself and cause a bolt of lightning to come out of a clear blue sky nearly impossibly, she'd most likely suffer a similar accident or tragedy in her personal life if she hadn't built up a reserve of 'misfortune.'

That said, Murphy has extremely bad luck in everyday life, ranging from the usual clumsiness acts like tripping on her own feet, to always getting splashed with water, or a swarm of birds trying to attack her.

(What are your characters powers. Please do not list something like "Fire Generation" and leave it at that. Please go into detail. How hot does the fire get? How long can your character maintain the flame? If you can create a shield with your powers, how much damage can it take before breaking? If you can fly, how fast can you fly? Hyper Senses, how far can you hear? See? Please remember that building up your powers can be half the fun. We love running Tiny Plots for such things. Not every hero started out with insane powers, most of them worked for the control and power they have. Even Jean. Also, we would like to know about any weaknesses connected to the power, if there are any.)

(Note: Students at Xavier's will not be able to start out with strong powers, they will start off at a student level, which means that they will not have full control over the powers. There will be accidents, things going wrong, overexertion, etc. Also, the Wizards MUST approve all power progressions.)

Skills and Talents: (Does your character speak another language, do you know martial arts, are you good with mechanics, are you a musician, or can you hack the Pentagon? This is where you list all non-power related skills. These should be evident for the most part in your background, but if there is anything you specifically want us to take notice of, it's best to list it here. Also remember, if your character is only eighteen, it is highly unlikely they are a black belt in three different martial arts and know five languages. Please have fun, but keep things realistic as realistic as things can be in a comic book world. Realistic to your /character/ and the Marvel universe.)

Possible NPCs: (This is an optional one, which we will love you for filling out. If your character has any family or friends that you feel inspired to explain, please do. If there is a dark nemesis or group of enemies in the background you want to flesh out further, do so here! We'll be sure to take note and may bring them back in future plots.)

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