Various Nightclubs exist around Epitome City. Some of them are in cookie-cutter buildings, but a few are built uniquely and with different purposes.

Hero's Fort: 15th St. and Holden Ave.

Hero's Fort is a decent, but cheap nightclub. The music is current but not much else is. Inside feels like the seventies. Normally it requires patrons be of legal age to enter. The bouncer is Marco, and he has a very good eye for fake ids and disguised patrons. On busy nights though, he'll be more concerned about how many people are leaving then on who is going in. The club knows how to handle this as they ask for ID for alcoholic beverages on these nights.

Mistress Piggey's: Statler Way and Waldorf Lane.

This is the elitist club, within the Kermit Pond gated community. It has a cover fee of $500 and requires a referral from current club goers. The alcohol is always made to order and the music is generally considered high class. The booths feel more like a fancy restaurant as waiters and waitresses bus tables. Any misunderstandings among guests are handled quickly, usually with the barring of the parties from the club.

Odin's Hall: Midgard Rd. between Hel St. and Asgard Way.

One of the few themed clubs in town. They have is dressed very much like old Scandinavian Festhalls. The only requirement to get it is that patrons look as though they belong in Scandinavian myth.

The Haunt: Grieve St off 11th Ave.

This night club is dingy at best. Any crowd is welcome but it mostly resides to the underbelly of the city. If your looking for information on a criminal you might want to check here first. There are dancing girls going at most any time of night, and the alcohol is cheap. ID's usually aren't checked very often and police aren't all to welcome here.

Dark Downtown Rave N Crave: Corner of Jamesdio Boulevard and Midsummer's Night Street

A gothic club meant for the nightlife and night people. Dressed in blood red and Black, with black light florescent tubes across the ceiling. The dance floor is for the rave fanatics, and the bar is for the ones taht want something to eat or drink. there has been a lot of controversy whether this is a hotspot for vampire on hot vampire action, or just a site for those 'other kinds' of vampire. Goths love this place for it's dark and dreary nature.

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