Some say Magic is just a product of scientific phenomena that we haven't yet explained. Some say Magic is a gift from god. Others, say Magic is a tainted thing, brought into this world by a great evil.

Nix doesn't share these opinions though. To nix, magic is the normal way of things. When the world began changing 60 years ago, a certain glen, in a certain forest was turn asunder by an earthquake. In the wake of it, strange things began happening. Trees would move on their own…slowly, and many times not far. The air sparkled, and unnatural cold would frost the grass, only for a gout of fire from nowhere to wipe it out.

Nix, was a moth in this glen. A simple, mindless creature of nature, touched by magic, and made into something more. She lived there…learning, growing. Bathing in the latent energies of the place. But with the blessing of sentience, came its burdens. She grew bored…restless. She wanted to learn, to know… to love, and feel. And so it is, that she set out, to find out more about the world around her.

Nix's home, deep in the newfound Epitome Forest, was a secret glen. A place doused intentionally with the mystic power of the Celts by Aisling. She grow and blossomed into the being she is now in a short span, and now seeks the world around, to explore!

Log (4/14/2011, 11:00pm-1am): 1 PP, Nix and Mari meet in Epitome Forest.
Log (4/15/2011, 1:30pm-5:30pm): 2 PP, Aisling, Nix, Mari, Myth in Epitome Forest.
Log (4/16/2011, 5pm-6pm): .5 PP, Nix and Mari at the movies.
Log (4/17/2011, 1:30am-3:00am): .75 PP, Nix and Will in the flying jeep.

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