Maximillian Thorn, CEO of Thorn enterprises. A company that produces some of the great technological marvels of Epitome City.
He is father to local Junkyard owner Alexander Thorn, from an affair with now deceased secretary.

Anastasia Thorn, Wife to Maximillian Thorn. Uses the technology and funds available to her to attempt to take control of the city.
As the Villain Lady Virus she has sent many robotic minions to remove the bastard child of her husband from existence.

Steh-FAHN, FABULOUS clothing designer and fashion genius. There is no task too large for Steh-FAHN. He once clothed Apollo, putting Aphrodite to shame. He hears his name no matter where it is invoked. He is apparently precognitive and telepathic, as well as able to create clothing with such speed and precision that no other tailor can compete. He has a young assistant, but she may not last long if he keeps leaving her alone in rooms with naked men.

The Sings: a family of Korean-Americans with punny names.

Dr. Caleb Faustus is a mad scientist with a taste for ice cream, specializing in nanotechnology and cybernetics. He's also effing crazy. Seriously. Trying to gather a team of supervillains to match the superheroes to boot.

Dr.Dead is a criminal mastermind who is on verge of making Epitome City his new home. (in progress)

Mr. DJ (Danzel Johnson): Owner of Parts and Prongs Electronics. Lover of Coffee, Buisness, and Channel 69. He's a big fan of Lacie.

Mr. Gerald Barrington (Big G): Supervisor and Owner of Magusspire Apartments. He is a large man, weighing 400 pounds even. yet he is in some sort of shape if he can move up and down those stairs easily.

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