Vital Information

Name: Rachel Greene
Alias: Razor
Age: Mid 20s
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 128 lb.
Eyes: Brown (Red as Razor)
Hair: Blond
Origin: Mutant
Story: N/A
Hero Points: 1

Physical Description

Rachel Greene is a tall woman with a rather slim build. Her blond hair is cut short and choppy, and her eyes are a deep brown. Her breasts are of average size and her limbs are very long, giving her a graceful, if fragile, look. She is fond of wearing formal and business outfits.

As Razor, Rachel's eyes turn a bright red, and her skin becomes ashen. The bones in her fingertips grow to 9 inches in length, shredding the skin and muscle around them. Her teeth likewise become sharp and pointed. In this form, she is just as likely to injure herself as she is others, and thus her form tends to take on multiple slashes and cuts as she touches it. Her clothing is generally shredded beyond repair.


Rachel Greene's powers came into being at puberty, like so many other mutants. Her first transformation was incredibly painful, and she blacked out from it. When she awoke, she found that she could not bring her claws to her skin without ripping the flesh. Her parents found her and immediately took her to a doctor, who informed them that she was losing blood due to her mutation. When she was placed into the hospital and given blood transfusions, her mutation receded, and she was once again normal, but not for long.

Rachel's power manifested a second time in her first year of middle school, when a bully had been giving her a hard time for a week. Her anger kept growing until reaching the tipping point, and when the bully slammed her locker shut, she ripped his heart out. Acting on instinct, Rachel ate his heart, and found her mutation receded that way. This was at a time when nobody was in the halls, and when her body returned to normal she rushed to the girl's locker room to clean up. No one found out who had killed the boy, the Rachel's parents had their suspicions.

Rachel went on through high school and eventually college, but there were various instances here and there of her losing her temper and someone being found with their torso ripped open. She took to wearing black as that covered the color of blood. As she grew older, Rachel took to wearing formal and business outfits in an attempt to keep herself calm. When she graduated college, she moved to Epitome City, hoping to start a new life.


Rachel is the most normal person you will ever meet, and when she is in this form, she only has the skills she picked up from life.
As Razor however, she is stronger, faster, more agile, and extremely dangerous. As mentioned in her physical description, Razor has 9 inch claws that are sharp enough to cut through many materials. The drawbacks to being Razor however, is the constant blood loss. Razor can only return to being Rachel by drinking enough blood to recover that which she lost.

Statistics Block

RACHEL GREENE Power Level 10
Str 10 Dex 20 Con 10 Int 25 Wis 20 Cha 20
Skills: Computers 5 (+12), Diplomacy 5 (+10), Intimidate 4 (+9), Knowledge (Business) 5 (+12), Knowledge (Civics) 8 (+15), Knowledge (Current Events) 3 (+10), Language (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish) 6, Notice 4 (+9), Perform (Keyboards) 5 (+10), Perform (Sing) 5 (+10), Profession (Lawyer) 5 (+10), Sense Motive 5 (+10)
Feats: Attractive, Connected, Eidetic Memory, Fascinate (Diplomacy), Startle
Powers: Alternate Form 5 (Agility, Claws, Enhanced Senses), Immunity 10 (Mental Effects), Regeneration 14
Combat: Attack +8, Damage +0, Defense +3, Initiative +0
Saving Throws: Toughness +10, Fortitude +4, Reflex +5, Will +0
Abilities 45 + Skills 15 (60 ranks) + Feats 5 + Powers 44 + Combat 22 + Saves 19 - Drawbacks 0 = 150


These powers are only available in Razor's alternate form.

Game-play Logs

Power Points Earned/Spent: 0/0

  • 1.5 hours with Selena (Playing) +0.75 PP: Rachel was wandering the streets of Epitome city early in the day when she was approached by Selena. Rachel proved immune to Selena's mind reading, and was soon offered a place to stay, though Selena only wanted a victim. Rachel followed and the two were confronted outside Selena's home by four toughs interested in something more than petty cash. Rachel gave the leader more then he bargained for by ripping out his heart. Selena managed to enthrall the other three and have them attack Rachel, they too fell. After some negotiation, it was agreed that Rachel would become Selena's retainer.
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