Recent Events

Reported in Newspaper. Two dead, both corpses were women found in the bathroom of separate Night clubs on the same night, both had no identification on their persons and both had their faces removed. A third corpse was found behind another Night Club. The police are starting to warn nightclub goers not to go home with anyone.

Ground Breaking News Hundreds died as a being of unknown origin or manner attacked a hospital! All power was cut off from the hospital initially causing some deaths, and then as patients were being evacuated from the hospital this creature came storming down it killing everything in sight. "I could feel my heart racing as I watched, I was one of the lucky ones" One patient of the hospital reported as he was forced to witness the blood shed and listen to the agony. When power was finally restored it looked as if hell itself had came to the hospital, in addition a upper floor seemed to have a massive hole blown in one of the walls. More to come later!

More news from the Faceless Killer. A corpse was thrown into the window of the E! Studio yesterday night, the owner is being question if this was a targeted attack or the random happenings of a copy cat killer. We still haven't received any word from the police but it seems clear that E! Studios has something to hide.

Last night a major superhuman brawl happened at the substation just outside of Epitome City. The cause was from Gunnhildr being challenged by a professional mercenary named Leviathon. He threatened to destroy the substation if she didn't come. It didn't take long for her to arrive and several other superhumans. From news copters in sky; they caught more than just two giants battling but supposed heroes fighting among themselves. The reason is unknown to us at this moment as to why they were. The victor of the brawl was Gunnhildr but one of the mini-stations was destroyed. Leviathon vanished after his was KO'd. The remaining superhumans fled the scene as the copters arrived.

** In Recent News** A giant squid attack filmed by ameteur cameraman 'Donnie Givafok'. The tv shows a badly blurred thrashing of water and a zoomed out view of bolts of white energy heading for the grey bathtoy-like thing, tenticles thrashing about and the camera shaking like he's got some kind of problem dialing phone numbers. Another figure bursts from the water as a large blade from a downed helicopter which he then focused on and then back to the giant splash from the figure colliding with the other, the blade taking off a free standing tenticle. The splash rains lightly over the lens and then he lowers it and uses his top to clean it, making it impossibly blurry to see. They end the footage there for obvious reasons. Reports from eyewitnesses say there was far more than just the squid to see.

Tectonic activity in the Antartic spiked today as the charts went off the scales - scientists hazard a guess as to what was happening beneath the continent but the shock was pinpointed to a area just south of argintina. The area was cordoned off due to radiation - so patrol boats have claimed and no further information so far has been revealed.

The popular kids and adults tv show; "Joi the Jedi" has been cancelled for no listed reason.

Big news in EC today as crazed madman only known as "The Herald" Murdered three important figureheads of epitome city today on live television before instigating a citywide riot. However, the 'reapers' Disappeared as quickly as they came, leaving another television broadcast from a figure calling himself a "Messiah!"

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