Secutek Headquarters

SecuTek is the highest level of commercial grade security that exists in Epitome City. Their technology and training makes them the perfect choice when going against even super powered foes causing a 50% drop in super powered crime since they came into buisness. Currently they are suffering from attacks from the underworld in an attempt to shut them down as well as injunctions from Cityhall for some of their less legal practices, such as fielding fully armed tanks.

SecuTek Headquarters consists of a false front, the section of SecuTek that deals exclusively with clients, and its hidden entrance where its technology and training is developed in secret. It is filled with state of the art technology as well as a database filled with information on the cities baddest of the bad possibly to develop weaponry catered to each villain.

Important Members:

Currently little is known of SecuTek personel as they are keeping their upper management secret so limit their exposure.

Hiring SecuTek: (GM approval)

SecuTek is rather expencive, often buisnesses will band together to hire the more expencive packages.

Single Guard: Wealth DC 20
Bronze Team: Wealth DC 25
Silver Team: Wealth DC 27
Gold Team: Wealth DC 30
Black Market Security: Wealth DC 35, Gather Information 30 (To even know it exists)
-Black Market Security consists of technology and weaponry that is otherwise illegal to field. They demand secrecy from their clients.

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