Epitome City

Throughout history there has been stories. Myths of people, men and woman alike, who were extraordinary. Legends of heroic deeds, and of horrible evils. Were they just exceptional humans, or were they something more? The truth has been lost to time and blurred by what passes for history, but the truth is still there somewhere, dissected and muddled amongst the lies and fairytales.

Approximately sixty years ago, the world as we know it exploded into the supernatural. Those things of fantasy, those movies and comic books came to life. The first on-record human capable of flying without any mechanical assistance was Private John, First Class, within the United States Military. There are still black-and-whites of him flying side-by-side, matching the speed of the best planes of the era. Unfortunately, large numbers of superhumans didn't seem to manifest until the very end of the war, after the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There's a debate to this day that such a tragedy could have been avoided, if only they'd waited for when, it seemed, all of the meta-humans revealed themselves at once.

Sixty years later and there has been a mixed reaction amongst the world population regarding people with abilities no human could possibly have. For the most part, they are accepted, although most countries have enacted a no-tolerance policy when it comes to punishing criminals who happen to have otherworldly powers, typically enforcing the harshest punishments allowed for their crimes. Ordinary citizens, while sometimes mistrusted for being different, are generally accepted by society.

And then there is Epitome City. While other parts of the U.S. have tried to show acceptance for such people, the rapidly-growing city based in New York has become the world's most highly-populated city containing accounts of such people. Job incentives are given to those with special skills and abilities, for those of the mind and drive to use them for the greater good, from upper management positions within corporations large and small, to sanctioned law enforcement aids. Unfortunately, it also means that a lot of the higher-profile criminals happen to converge, but it can't quite be helped..

Player Characters

PC's within EC are generally considered 'special'—you're likely one of a few people who can do what you do, if not the *only* one. Be it having a super suit, actual powers, or just the sheer determination and capacity to fight crime despite not having powers, there is something that sets apart the average person and the character you play. Having some kind of power is not, in general, a common thing.

Epitome City is a low-fantasy modern setting PW. The year in the game is the same as in real life, and generally speaking time passes at the same speed. As a superhero game, keep in mind it is not D&D. It is not a fantasy or medieval setting. Creatures that exist in D&D like dire rats, centaurs, orcs, elves, dwarves and similar beings don't exist. There might be a person that was changed to be what effectively amounts to an elf, with a magical inclination with pointed ears and an unearthly grace, but it isn't because they *are* an elf, and were born as such, it would be a result of something that turned them into that.

While powers in public are not looked down on, characters might receive mixed reactions from NPC's around them by showing off their abilities. Mental powers (mind control, telepathy, mind reading, possession) are things that people look at negatively, and in some cases even fear.

Below is a list of some of the settings in EC which have been fleshed out and given more detail. Likely they're central places where PC's might be found, for one reason or another. To add to the list below, simply write up what you have in mind and show it to a GM for approval. If they find it worthwhile, they'll award you 1 PP for your contribution to the setting, and add it to this list.

Hero Hangouts

Junk Yard
Magusspire Apartments
The Walsh and Statler Building: Located two blocks from Town Square. Also houses Steiner Private Invesigative Services Inc.
Town Square
Palmer's Apartments

Shops and Stores

Parts and Prongs Electronics: An electronics store for all your electronic needs.
Steh-FAHN's Clothing Shop where you shop for clothing you see.
Thrift Store: The store that literally has EVERYTHING.

Work Places

Exhilaration! Studios - A Cable channel studio, featuring the latest news of the heroes.
SecuTek Headquarters - The Highest form of Commercial Grade Security Available, Also accused of using blackmarket weaponry.
Aero Inc.
Epitome Burlesque Theatre - A place where sexy remains without exposing exhibitionist


Epitome High School - One of the local high schools, noted for having more than a couple supers among its ranks, as well as having won a few of the local sports events recently.

Alternate Dimensions

Edge of Existance - Outside of time that interacts with the world through whispers. Residents feel themselves ripped out of existance.

Maps of EC


The Were - What is a zooanthrope?

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