The Walsh and Statler Apartment Complex

The Walsh and Statler Apartment Complex is the apartment building owned by Frankie Steiner. It has large rooms with big windows and outside porches. Lacie Kismet and Nichole Ashfield are roomates in a top-floor apartment, with Nichole laying claim to the inner bedroom, lit only by a skylight.

Physical Qualities

The Apartment Units themselves are rather large at almost 900sqft per unit; there are roughly five floors; but only three have full six unit compounds. Currently only one tenant is in any of the units; most of the rest have nothing within them; not even your basic amenities.

The rooms listed have Amenities and are available to Move in:

First Floor

1A, 1D, 1E

Second Floor

2D, 2E

Fourth Floor

4A(Inhabited by a family of Human-sized termites), 4C, 4D

Each of these apartments is not connected to any other save through electrical wiring; for the most part however the building is really a Storage Place. Most of the rooms are being set up as Shelves or Boxes; allowing for most if not all the categorizing a large collection of Items.


Roughly the same size as a small suburban home at 12,000sqft and having generous and plush making; this suite is supposedly for the person who owns the apartment complex. Frankie, having no use for such a large space that isn't near his office; has decided to give Lacie Kismet and Nichole Ashfield a decent, but less than expensive, rent to pay to stay there. "They're nice girls and needed a place to stay.", was Frankie's reaction to hearing about Lacie's predicament, and when Nyx herself asked to stay with, he only stipulated a split in coverage and didn't ask for any details.

So he's letting them stay for an almost scandalous price, that is, if he wasn't making money off having solved two minor capers involving goblins…


Currently living in the apartment complex itself are four tenants, a joint affair in the Pent House involving The Intrepid, Sexy, and utterly Delicious Lacie Kismet and the dark, mysterious, and provoking Nichole Ashfield (Not really that but I needed stuff to go on).

On the Forth Floor lives Petr the Guardian of a rambunctious tyke called Ami, not that Frankie admits to liking Ami and finds Atomic Commie to be interesting.

A work in Progress

Until this is filled, I, Frankie, will be working on simply making this worth the time of day. I need more tenants goddamnit! Dx


The Third Floor

Steiner Private Investigative Services INC.

Frankie Steiner, works in roughly the same place he sleeps. This allows him to keep an eye out for others in his building while he attempts to garner back his wealth. Of course he's been currently successful in three cases involving low profile occult phenomena but other than that he is low key as of the moment. Very few people know of his business: Currently.

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