NAME: Elle Sinclaire
AGE: 24
HIGHT 5'10"
WEIGHT 125lb


She had been born and bred for her role in life, genetically engineered, raised in a lab, then a barracks. She was art of a new unit, perfect soldiers, trained, their DNA enhanced and altered, regimens of drugs and syrums that changed their bodies in dramatic ways. Free will stamped out in most. Some grew inhumanly strong, some could even go as far as concealing themselves from the naked eye with but a thought. Elle Sinclaire, or 'Sin' as her codename was, she was fast, very very fast.

Perhaps it was her over active metabolism or simply some freak occurrence of science, but the drugs that were meant to bend her to their will did not take quite the hold they wanted. She endured for so long, it was all she knew, that hard life of endless training. She had a weak bond of companionship with those of her unit, it was perhaps all that had kept her around for so long. It was thier first real mission, a trip onto American soil, a training exercise, a joint operation with some American forces that gave her opportunity. She was a scout, but when her commanders lost contact, she was far from them. She just ran and ran, covering countless miles in minutes. She left her life behind, she wanted to start anew. The ship that had been implanted under her skin had been cut out of her shoulder, all her things left behind other than the rifle she knew so well. She was on her own now. On the run.

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